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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

OctSobpceor1n 211,d8 920a1m65  · Shared with Public


Ok had lots to do so had to keep away from SM 4 a spell. But not a ting eina dis Big Bad Unforgiving World could mek me nuh Tun Up fi mi #2Son Master Valdin Allan LEGISTER. Nuff Love & Respect mi WB – Mama Ratty NEMBHARD. Gosh Maam-Jesse mi Satiday Lou Mama must be beaming with much pride fi si har Satiday VAL taking the World Stage by Storm. Gaga Street Townhead Westmoreland Jamaica 10: Dem kno Demself UK 0!

Naheel Julene Brown Legister is with Valdin Legister and Richard Washington.

OctSobpceor1n 211,d8 920a1m65  · Team Jamaica…. One God, One Aim, One Destiny…. Destined for great things…. U17 World Cup 2015 great things are yours for the taking.

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ON THIS DAY8 years agoActive

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Opcutc0obenr 05g921, 2d08m13  · London  · Shared with Public


Glimpsed me SON Valdin Legister & Nephew Veralton Nembhard in 1 Group Photo & had 2 go & Pick them out fi help Big Up my STATUS on FB!!! So now I have 2 wait on the approval of Yardie Sports fi let dem guh? Well I a guh meekly wait & murmur not!

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ON THIS DAY8 years agoActive

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

O6tacu9tober 2138,s ot2r7013d11i0  · London  · Shared with Public


OK so am not even spending any time on SM! Have 2 much 2 catch up wid…? Friday is going to be 1 Hell of a Day & Night & I have 2 plan in advance yah maama!!!1 ShareShare

ON THIS DAY8 years agoActive

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Otc7tobn65er 2r1819tc,f 2f01883  · London  · Shared with Public


Me cum fi cum wish me Cuz HBD & can even fine im! Well since me nuh hab nuh Time fi spare fi luk him up? Im we haffi tek it pon me page yah sah… Suh me Cuz Howard Nembhard if U still link up wid me…? Here’s to wishing U a Happy Birthday & all things Precious & Wonderful! Have a fab day wat’s lef a it & when 2morro cum start di counting in days till it tally up 2 anedda year! XXX NEMBHARD!1 Comment2 SharesShare

ON THIS DAY 8 years ago Harold DixonMervelee Ratty NembhardctOc2to3be30r 21,1 20g1e30  · 0:00 / 2:30 Central Bank of Jokes(CBJ) Fan Page  · ctOc2to3be30r 19,1 20g1e30  · LMAO…We bet u guyz will laff… Have fun!Share

ON THIS DAY9 years ago Active Mervelee Ratty Nembhard ctOc2to3be30r 21,1 20g1e20  · Shared with Public PROUD to have known this YL… Another 1 of my PPP with attitude!!!11Monica Nembhard, Judith Gordon and 9 others5 Comments3 SharesShare

ON THIS DAY9 years agoActive Mervelee Ratty Nembhard ctOc2to3be30r 21,1 20g1e20  · Shared with Public Am on the mend & ready 2 guh backa Wuk…?113 Comments2 SharesShare

ON THIS DAY10 years agoActive Mervelee Ratty NembhardctOc2to3be30r 21,1 20g1e10  · Shared with Public Have lots on my plate – Party 2moro night even thou I have 2 go search out Garments 2 fit… Den me haffi go Bust me Brain fe full AF!!!!The3 Comments8 SharesShare

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