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Mervelee, here’s your 2021 Timeline update You’re receiving this email because you turned on Location History, a Google Account-level setting that saves where you go in your private Timeline. Location History data also helps give you personalized information on Google, including better restaurant recommendations, and suggestions for a faster commute. You can view, edit, and delete this data anytime in Timeline. Explore Timeline   Location History: ON Manage Settings Your places in 2021 1 Country/​Region   2 Cities   99 Places   1 new 62 new Your travel in 2021 2% around the world Total travel Low-emission travel* 598 mi 557 mi * Includes walking, cycling, public transport, and other typically low-emission options. Learn more about climate change   Your 2021 trends Travel Walking 292 mi (143 hr) Jan May Sep Dec Driving 41 mi (5 hr) Jan May Sep Dec Transit 265 mi (44 hr) Jan May Sep Dec See all trends Your 2021 trends Visits Shopping 90 hr (25 places) Jan May Sep Dec Food & drink 2 hr (5 places) Jan May Sep Dec See all trends Highlights Cities visited Croydon   New London   Highlights Places visited Windrush Square   New Shuttleworth Park   New Blue Anchor Library   New St John’s Smith Square   New Peckham Library   New See all visited places Your all time data 2 Countries/​Regions   10 Cities   246 Places   Manage your Location History Visit your private Timeline to view, edit and delete your Location History Go to your Timeline Pause your Location History Visit Activity controls anytime to pause your Location History Go to Activity controls Did you like this email? You received this email because you opted in to Location History. If you don’t want to receive summaries about your visits and activities, unsubscribe here. Google LLC
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Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Will Anoint Myself Children’s Advocate Against LEYF, UEL MIC Masterminds Richard Harty, June O’Sullivan To Protect Those UK Government Rejected Petition For Inquiry In EYFS HMCTS CPS CJS Will Get My List After CLCC 16/1

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Stompie Garden (T-34/85 tank) 



Croydon Magistrates' Court 
2021-04-20 • Barclay Road, Croydon ... 


Let me share my positive experience at the Croydon Magistrates today and leave the negative for another time. I am starting with the Security I wrote about on my first visit on the 16/4/2021... 

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