LinkedIn Discrimination18 July 2019

Mervelee Myers
Here is a list of some of the terrorists involved in the discrimination of Mervelee Myers after set out to destroy my career and life after the death of my mother.
1. The must give account for all that was allowed to take place during the 2 miscarriages of Mervelee Myers in the Uk.
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Hi Mervelee,

529 people looked you up in the last 90 days. See who they are with a free month of LinkedIn Premium. Updates by Mervelee Myers 18/7/2019: What the terrorist at LinkedIn needs to find out is why 529 people looked me up in the last 90 days?  

Don’t miss out on your chance to meet your next employer, customer, or business partner. Updates 2019: Is LinkedIn saying what evil Liz Roberts said when she sent me an email? That they are not aware of the way ruined my career and destroyed my life? All they need to do is look at my publications from June 2012.   
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Here are some documents that will be of interests: 1. Scan_20171216 (2) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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LinkedIn The Terrorist Restricted My Account On Behalf Of LEYF Psychos 2019

We hope you enjoy looking back on your memories on Facebook, from the most recent memories to those long ago.
 2012 – 2019.  Ervin, Valdin and 4 others. London, United Kingdom
2 years ago.  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about my future in London, United KingdomJuly 15, 2017 at 11:45 PM

Russell Grant Taurus: Beware of posting angry remarks on social media. The internet is forever. The last thing you want is for these words to come back to haunt you. If you were been bullied or stalked, file and official report. Ask for a raise.
Since my story is all over Social Media, I am not bothered about the above.
In additition to my Fight4justice campaign, I now have, in the making.
By the time I am up and running, I am expecting to break even. LEYF Nurseries decided to give me a 6 Line Reference barring me from getting work. Therefore I am using brand #MERVELEEMYERS to take back myIntellectual property that was invested in their organisation from 1st September 2009 until the end of the Employment tribunal Case Mrs M. Myers v LEYF Nurseries 3rd March 2017.

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INSPIRED THINKING! Stop Stretching Me, 2 Thin!
2 years ago.   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about friends and family in London, United KingdomJuly 15, 2017 at 12:55 AM

Russell Grant Taurus: Doing domestic chores feels satisfying. Take this opportunity to stock the pantry, prepare some meals for the week ahead and tidy your surroundings. When you have everything you need at your fingertips, it will deepen your enjoyment of home.
Can someone PLEASE tell my breda Mass Balis to get in touch?

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Another Gift to @LEYF. Please note there were no reasons for Expletives, but I Chat & Write Patois/Patwah. When dem chat eina fi dem MT, I don’t let it bodda mi. Like when Neil King come to Gill Springer 30.7.2015 & don’t realise I know dem did a chat mi… Then @LEYF-BIB chat bout BL! Jesus U nuh see dem(

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard. 

Why are sum peeps dead set pon making life suh blinking hard fi oddas…? Each time I input into di blinking senti, eh guh oba ina di odda box & di whole freaking ting poil up…! Gawd dun know I hab nuh time fi dat? Den dem complain when I duh me own ting! Watch yah mon, me nuh hab neither THYME nor SKELLION fi waste at dis Psychological Mo… Patience was not 1 of my Virtues eyeda & me nah guh ride nuh Jack-Ass at fi me age in case me drop off & bruck up & me bones cawn heal! Gone pass 12 mid night & doan reach anywhere yet…? Me gawn a me bed>>>>

We need to examine our Conscience!

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Nelson Mandela

“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest” ~ Nelson Mandela from the launch of the ‘Make Poverty Histo

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My Heartfelt wish to @LEYF from the Bottom of my Passionate Patriotic Professional Heart. For 5+ years of the Best Working Time of my Life in the UK at Luton Street Edgware Road. Now the Psychopaths take over @LEYF has lost its way. I will make Representatives to the New PM to launch an Inquiry into the Operation of @LEYF & if need be make some Recommendations. Since the only Professionals I know from my time at @LEYF, I will be recommending Gary Simpson & Rachel Parker to be in Charge. I am Passionate about Children & Young People getting the Best Outcome. UNCRC Articles…

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says '"As future leaders of this country, your challenge is to foster a nation in which all people, irrespective of race, colour, sex, religion or creed, can assert social cohesion fully" Nelson Roliblabla Mandela'
Nelson Mandela

“As future leaders of this country, your challenge is to foster a nation in which all people, irrespective of race, colour, sex, religion or creed, can assert s

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Going to finish my Training to do my Volunteering… Sure there are People out there who will appreciate some of what I have to offer…? Others have been like Highway Criminals who rob U of every vestige of Ur offerings & when they believe U are not of use to them any more try to Destroy & Ruin Ur Life. They are allowed to do it, because U are Nutn as far as they & their Thieving Cronies are concerned.

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Nuff RESPECTS 2 Moi 2 elder Bredas who are holding dah Fort on dah Home Front wid MAMA…!

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Glad 2 learn dat Moi Funeral Loving Breda was at Deacon ROWE yessiday…

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7 years ago   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Valdin Legister and 2 others.

Had Moi Usual chat wid Moi MAMA & she teking Moi 4 Moi Likkle Breda…!!!

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Dun sum of dah Wuk… Su let Moi put I’self eeina dah Kitchin gu Coo dah Staples…!!! Caan live by Bread alone…?

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Samantha N Russell is with Marie Claudette Leclerc.

July 13, 2012 at 9:32 PM

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