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Hi Mervelee,

Please find the agenda below for our scheduled appointment on Thursday 6th of January at 10am:

  1. Discuss common problems with experiencing feelings
  2. Introduce stress response: Fight/ flight
  3. Discuss coping Skills: Thinking Skills & Action skills
  4. Identify personal coping skills currently in place

Let me know what you would like to add to the agenda too J


Jillian Mctaggart

Assistant Psychologist

CSTR Programme – South London

St Andrew’s Healthcare Community partnerships

Email (secure NHS): jillian.mctaggart@nhs.net  

Email (CSTR mailbox): sah.londoncstr@nhs.net 

Website: www.stah.org   

Registered office: St Andrew’s Healthcare, Billing Road,

Northampton, NN1 5DG.

Charity no: 1104951 

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