Tech Don’t Lie via Facebook – 13/7/2018

The Equality Act 2010 & GDPR 25th May 2018

It’s official I speak, read and write English and Patios (Patwah) Edited 13/7/2018
Wat a gwaan? Time fi bring supn up2date. Mek dem tan di wid dem drawers (knickers/underpants) a show. You nuh see di man dem tek ova, sometimes mi wawn tell dem fi pull up dem trousers. If it was when mi coulda run…? But dese days we can’t run from gun (what is happening with Facebook community standard?) See di crablouse dem tun pon Raheem Sterling. Does the fact he was born in Jamaica have anything to do with this kind of reporting from the newspapers? Refer to to understand why, I am asking the question.
Pure badmind and grudgeful cause dis. Put mi in mind of LEYF Nurseries,  The Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, After the DWP make an utter fool of the government, blundering their way with the implementations of the universal credit. They started breaching the Rules of Law. When challenged they send for me to do interview to stop me sorting my EAT. The DWP got away with me not been able to prepare my Racism claims Using underhand tactics in denying me my basic human rights.
The DWP overstepped the boundaries just as the Windrush Generation stories were making headline news. Threatening me with criminal record, if I did not attend their interview. I attended the interview and give them my questionnaire. I am still waiting to hear from them. However they have gone one step further by breaching the GDPR. Here is how the DWP went about behaving like Robert Mugabe and other despot leaders. Access Denied You don’t have permission to access “” on this server. Reference #18.d6d3dead.1530619220.d9f948.
It is obvious that the DWP have not done trainings with staff about the GDPR. Ms Barbara Clarke didn’t know what is is/was. Niether did she know that HMRC, is the acronym for Her Majesty Revenue and Custom. The HMRC breach the Human Rights Act and Data Protection Act when they went into to use my data for their own unscrupulous plots. I have the correspondences just in case any individual, organisations, establishments, systems and Legal Entity is going to question my credibility. Or even my status re prestige.
There were plots orchestrated by my former employers LEYF to deny me my entitlement not to be discriminated against. But this goes back even further when I experienced my first nervous breakdown in a toxic workplace. I was part of That’s why I am challenging anyone who decides to collude in discrimination of vulnerable employees. These are some that are cohorts of the former employers LEYF. Voice: the union for education professionals, London, whose Employment Solicitor wanted to keep my documents despite not giving me advice to help me. I get more advice from the person who directed me to her than what she gave me.
That’s why I know to use “Without Prejudice” because I have no legal trainings excepting my research. Nursery World Magazine, editor Liz Roberts began a campaign from the time they excluded me from the Nursery World Forum on where I used to make contributions. I was asked for advise about my Homemade Books and Jamaican dialect. But I bide my time and waited. But worse was to come when I was targeted by 2 young white men at the in 2017. In 2018 I was assaulted by a young white girl at the same venue. This was provoking me to act unprofessionally.
When the plot backfired, the next day the CEO MBE June O’Sullivan put her plot into action. Little did they know it too was doomed for failure. She has started going about confessing, but she will have to answer at the enquiry into the running of the Early Years Sector that I am calling for in the petition. Because the Employment Appeals Tribunal, will not get away with the caveat they are imposing on me.  It ws the Occupational Health Doctor who LEYF sent me to when they trying to dismiss me from my job as unfit for work advise me. She advise me to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out why I react to situations they way I do. This counselling was done at
Bates Wells Braithwaite, decided to become a thorn in my flesh once the ET reserve judgement was online. The must have forgotten about my Open Letter? But nothing surprises me these days about how unscrupulous some are willing to become. I am hoping they get the message, finally after getting Facebook and Twitter Legal Team to contact me? Because Facebook obviously did not seem to have read my response and that I keep challenging them each time they breach the GDPR. UNISON, is one of the most corrupt of unions. Everywhere you go, you here stories of how UNISON discriminate and sell out their members to the employers.
I have since gotten back in touch when they overturned the government law to charge employee fee to take employers to the Employment Tribunal. Of course they are using the get out claus. Capsticks, Wimbledon, will be getting the treatment like the others and I will make sure find the website since Facebook lock me out of my account.  HCT Group, that make me part of their statistics of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment in Impact Report 2016 Changing Time, Lasting Impact p.9 did not allow me to do the training to get back into employment. Connex Education, et al… were some of the cohorts of LEYF that treated me like an idiot. I make sure to put my concerns in writing. That makes it clear that I refuse to be discriminated against by bigots.
Have to make sure Winsome Duncan: Author & Public Speaker, gets her pound of flesh. After that email response about black tearing down another. I have the misfortune to meet up some of the most ungrateful black people in my life since I come to the UK. They will cut your throat before the water warm. Winsome Duncan the Likkle rass bloated thief a plan big sinting a posh hotel. The Millennium Gloucester Hotel, where famous people like JT Foxx Fan Page, Gerry Robert, Andy Harrington – Jet Set Speaker, et al keep their sessions. So Winsome Duncan must be rolling in the money after she was groomed by how to scam the vulnerable.
I intend to take her to Judge Rinder to collect the money she scammed me for my book. And the rest that she borrowed with her sob stories. I have since had confirmation from the “Proofreader” that my book have potentials. But I will leave that until my return. I am only hoping the powers that be at Chelsea Football Club, London Borough of Southwark, will act about her criminal and terrorist activities? I am back in touch with the Police. Therefore I am looking for to be investigated properly.  I will be ensuring there is no breach of safeguarding to raise concerns when it come to vulnerable children or even adults.
She take me off my Facebook as adminstrator for, but still nothing was done after rasining concerns to Facebook. But the GDPR is very much here since the 25th May 2018. Only hope the Metropolitan Police Service and the other UK government Services will be waiting for her the same way they rush to my house to section me after the malicious report? The same way they at the DWP have been hounding me to come for interview. The same way they said they don’t know of me at my address and giving me different names. The same way the Ministry of Justice UK and the Employment Tribunal Law is making a monkey of the Rules of Law.
Please make sure to read my post from the 29th May 2014. Then #JudgeFreer, #MsFennel and #MrDixon will know that what they have written in the online judgement at mean that they have been properly hoodwinked by the criminals at LEYF who are Modern Slavery Masters and Mistresses.
Now Facebook is making an arse of themselves as they have allowed money to let them change from what was/is the focus of Facebook when it was launched. Bringing people together across the globe. Instead they have sold out to the highest bidders and alienating those who can benefit the most from Facebook. Is it any wonder that they are making headline news for the wrong reason? Wednesday 11 July 2018 “Facebook fined for data breaches in Cambridge Analytica scandal”. Yet Facebook have the nerves to tell me about Community Standards after I challenge them many times. In retaliation they tried denying me access to my data that I need to clear my name. I have no alternative but to issue them with a grievance.

Digital Footprints 10/7/2018

I have to empower myself to defend my integrity

Community Engagement Division Re: Community Safety – Keeping our young people safe. Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council, Monday 9 July 2018, 7pm.

Resulting from my commitment to getting involved in Communities of Practice:,,,  If you need to find out more about me, you only need to type my name into, and you might be as surprised as I was when I realised the information out in cyberspace about me.

That’s why I am empowering myself to be the best citizen that I can become in making valuable contributions to the running of the communities. I have to be proactive, using my initiatives in taking back control of my life to right the wrongs of the oppressive employers and the Employment Tribunal that destroyed my life. Not once but twice here in the UK. I was part of  Now I am at That’s why I am trying to set up to have a voice.

To help in dispeling the myths and falsehood spread by individuals and organisations that are without moral compass and corrupted beyond beliefs. This will help me in telling my stories about my experiences and that giving up was not an option at Where my Fight4justice will serve as a reminder of how have been trying to take away my data at with the misuse of my data by Facebook colluding with terrorists cells. I have had and I am slowly getting around to sorting it out.

The following is addressing issues that exacerbated my disabilities and my mental health conditions in particular. I will not make any apologies to anyone who have gone out of their way to discriminate against me. Either directly or indirectly, it’s even worse if they set out to use my vulnerabilities against me.

Letter to the Metropolitan Police – Southwark

Good day

It was my privilege meeting with you at Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council on Monday 9 July 2018.

I will be travelling out of the UK from the 15th – 26th July 2018. However I would like to put on record that I want there to be an investigation into how I was treated from the time Winsome Duncan, made a malicious call to the Police. This resulted in the Police and Ambulance Services visiting my home on the 30th October 2017 to section me.

The way how Police Lulu and then Police Godwin Piddick went about handling the case is diabolical and akin to terrorism. But surprise of surprises the Metropolitan Police behaved even worse like some of the corrupted Police in the West Indies, where I am from that live off bribes.

My Fight4justice started with my former employers that triggered my childhood traumas into PTSD. But I am been treated this way because of the stance the government took in treating the Windrush Generation like criminals.

Please go to to see why I am been used as a scapegoat? The entire government departments, the establishments and systems are operating like some mafia bosses and gangster’s molls. But I will take on Facebook that misuse my data to get at them.

Thanks very much as I am about to lift the lid on corruption wherever I know it is taking place.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Student of Year Awards Lambeth College (1977-1999)

CEO Long Service Awards – LEYF (2014)


Facebook Double Standards 2018

This is how I have been dealing with institutionalise discrimination from 2014, after Dr Maria Hudson Research 2010?

Your account has been temporarily locked
We’ve detected suspicious activity on your Facebook account and have temporarily locked it as a security precaution.
It’s likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook. This type of attack is known as phishing. Learn more in the Help Center.
Over the next few steps we’ll walk you through a security check to help secure your account, and let you log back in.
I will talk each sentence at face value and address same because Facebook is intent on discrimination on the instructions of whoever is paying them to deny me access to my data from February 2010 when I joined officially. Might I now refer Facebook to GDPR – How to be ready and 20 GDPR myths debunked Toni Vitali, Head of Regualtion, Data & Information, Winckworth Sherwood Just in case Facebook is in any doubt about my intention to challenge discrimination by breaking down barriers? I have done 2 more trainings about the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
Your account has been temporarily locked. Is Facebook aware that they have just breached the GDPR? If in doubt go back and review how many times they blocked me out of my account from November 2016? They have been at it as recent as up to a week ago and each time I challenged them.
Institutionalise Discrimination
Let me show how the estblishments and systems are colluding with to deny me my basic human rights.
The Employment Tribunals. Find the evidence at to read about my Fight4justice My website is in the making at More can be found at I am to be found at
If you need any more proof about institutionalise discrimination look at
Access Denied
You don’t have permission to access “
Reference #18.d6d3dead.1530619220.d9f948.
I have no need to say much else except I am waiting on the DWP to answer my questions after I attended the interview on the 15/5/2018 at the Peckham Jobcentre. My universal credit journal contains the discrimination by the DWP from the time I was forced to go on benefits.
We’ve detected suspicious activity on your Facebook account and have temporarily locked it as a security precaution.
Facebook knows this is bullshit. How many times since November 2016 have they blocked me out of my account?
It’s likely that your account was compromised as a result of entering your password on a website designed to look like Facebook. This type of attack is known as phishing. Learn more in the Help Center.
If Facebook was practising their Community Standards they would know that this is bullshit also. I don’t use anything out of my comfort zones because of my disabilities. If any phishing has taken place on my account Facebook is responsible and I will tell them why I am saying this later. But if they need prompting, they encourage me to put names of at least 5 persons just in case I get locked out of my account. Now Facebook locking me out with some flimsy excuses?
Over the next few steps we’ll walk you through a security check to help secure your account, and let you log back in. 
This is a trick by Facebook to keep me locked out permanently. Tell Facebook I will not fall for their silly tricks. In case Facebook needs reminding, the GDPR gives me rights to my data anywhere they are stored.
I used the Freedom of Information Act for Subject Access Request of my data from and None has been forthcoming to date. Just in case Facebook think I will fall into their trap they can keep me out of my Facebook as long as they wish. I use Facebook for therapy to help me deal with my disabilities. Maybe they want to answer why they are exacerbating my Mental Health Conditions? I spent from March 2016 to date informing about the discrimination I face at the hands of the cruel establishments and systems. They refuse to act on my concerns.
Well Facebook has been discriminating against me until a few weeks ago. Maybe Facebook want me to write a book about how they have sold out to the highest bidder at the expense of the vulnerable employee who LEYF destroyed? Then they can tell me about their #CommunityStandards and how they manage to contradict themselves and practicing double standards?
I will not be bullied, harassed and intimidated by Facebook!   I have written Open Letters to the UK Government, 2 Prime Ministers. To To To And many other individuals and organisations are guilty of colluding with the discrimination. They will be named in due course.

Depression Is A Condition…

Here is more than the proof saying I am a credible witness, too bad for LEYF

Shared a memory. 6 mins · 

Depression 14th July 2016

Today I have to tackle a subject that is close to my heart, “DEPRESSION and the spectre of DISABILITY” – Mental and Physical. The reasons are many as I have had to cope with my “#HiddenDisability” that were eventually triggered and exacerbated into this full blown Depression over the years, Google and Google AdWords are some of the places that my stories can be found in cyberspace. Yesterday I was #paralysed with all the symptoms of Depression resulting from events over which I have no control. Before people start to judge me about issues for which they have absolutely no knowledge, I would entreat them to take a little time to be in my shoes for just a second of my #traumatised life. The Maudsley Hospital is where I eventually got counselling to help with my disabilities triggered into PTSD in 2 workplaces. Some might think Depression is the preserve of the Celebrity, Rich and Famous. However this is a total #myth perpetuated by the Media and my husband Daily Express of choice.

The Celebrities are only knowledgeable about how to use their Mental Health Conditions to benefit their recovery and make money on the side. And they have the Media and Tabloid Press to help them #market themselves to a wider audience. As I learned via studies, those who equip themselves with the knowledge about any of life’s issues are the ones who reap the most benefits for themselves and families, MQ: Transforming mental health. That’s why these days I am making it my business to be my own Self-Promotor as no one else is that interested in what’s best for the other individual Policy Studies Institute and Acas. Dr Maria Hudson (2012) University of Essex. Research Report: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds. My younger brother Ervin Nembhard Nembhard, puts it precisely when he told me to make sure I look out for and do what’s best for me. Without a shadow of a doubt, I can see the sense in what he told me a few weeks ago. Now 2 years coming up.

Yesterday I had another Melt-Down as I just could not deal with the amount of pressures directed at me from every corners, LEYF Nurseries. I don’t know what I have done to deserve all the bad things that have been happening to trigger the Depression as soon as I think I am in control. I know getting into a state is not good for “mine or my husband’s Disabilities and Progressive Health Conditions”, but when the “Black Dog – Depression” attacks, I have no powers to ward off the attack and just have to go with the flow. Mine and my husband’s entire lives are affected. I can’t eat, sleep or function properly to carry out normal day to day activities. Being his “Carer is detrimental to his overall Health and Wellbeing” if I am in a Depressive State and unable to care for him.

If my husband starts worrying about me, like what happened over the past year from October 2014 to date, then there is every likelihood he starts getting “HYPOS” regularly. If I am unable to perform my “Statutory DUTY of Care”, I am condemning both of us to sufferings that I refuse to think about owing to my “Traumatic Childhood into Adulthood” that changed the course of a promising life. That’s why I probably developed the “Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (#OCD) behaviours” as coping mechanisms? I use whatever #interventions I can muster to get me going. As I have been letting it known, I Cuss Bad Wuds, like a Trooper to alleviate my “Stress as a form of Therapy”. Barring that I might end up provoked and frustrated into Committing Criminal Offences over the years Employment Tribunals London South.

Worse still I would not be able to cope, ending up in the Slammer like my brother. The sad thing about my brother ending up and DYING in #Prison, is that he never have the sort of #resilience like I do. So he did what he thought was best at the time and went to church to wait for the authorities. My only hope is he had time to reflect on the circumstances that dictated the decisions he had to take, he became remorseful and forgiving for what he was provoked into doing. I on the other hand will never commit a Criminal Act, unless they Criminalise Cussing Bad Wuds? So when I feel down and out and unable to cope, I go into Bad Wuds Cussing Mode so as not to let the “Devil use me to do his will”, Passive Aggression.

If anyone want to claim responsibilities, LEYF Nurseries, for my Bad Wud Cussing Modes, they are welcome as I don’t pick, chose nor refuse when I lose control. The things that set me off at any given times is the way matters affect me about the little things… Like not knowing why I am being singled out for “DISCRIMINATION of the magnitude that happened to me on 2 separate occasions in the UK”. Last week after getting myself out of a spell of Depression, I was so happy with my achievements. I went out into the public domain to celebrate what is good about being British, #Britishvalues. I was brought back to earth with a bump with a letter on which my whole life depends. This letter contains information about whether I have “a roof over my head or is going to find myself homeless” again.

So I dropped everything to get the matters sorted, because when you have been in certain situations, you don’t want to revisit them. I was at the Job Centre Tuesday and Wednesday Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, when instinct told me that the information I was receiving was not addressing the questions needing answers. I got on the telephone. But I have to be “Assertive and when my Disability – Chronic Anxiety is triggered” this bring out the Passive Aggressive Behaviours in me. Sorry folks I need to go do my Research about how not to be “Passive Aggressive” to anyone. I just discovered that along with all the “Lovely Descriptive Narratives” used to describe me by BIB & #LEYF, I am Passive Aggressive. Poopa Jesus if only my Dead Parents would have known what was to happen to their one GIRL, they might have offered some “Protection from the Grave”?

Sadly for me, when I studied The The Open University, I was told that if you are asked any questions pertaining to your job and you do not know the answers, you should promise to find out from someone in authority who should know. A worker should never tell a parent in my job in the early years sector that they don’t know, promise to find out. These days it is the norms for even those in authority not to know the roles and responsibilities in their “Job Descriptions and Person Specifications”. Hence the reasons I am in the position I have found myself in and prone to full blown Depression. My Hidden Disability –which was exacerbated and triggered into Depression came about only because I am passionate about my work and wanted to do my very best as a result of my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) behaviours.

The unfair treatments started at King’s College Hospital “Kings Day Nursery Mapother House” where I worked from March 2003 – November 2008. I started studies with the #OU 2004 after I thought I landed what I considered my Ideal Job. I “intended to retire at Kings or return to Jamaica” whichever came first. However I had no inclinations how my life was to change over the next couple of years, despite me doing everything I thought to #protectmyself. Part of enhancing knowledge, involved me applying and promoting best inclusive practice from studies into the work places I was fortunate to be in. I made contributions to enable Kings to become a Beacon of Excellence in London Borough of Southwark. I was not prepared for the way my life was to change at Kings.

I must admit I am still naïve, trust, and respect and take each and every individual at face value to be genuine with no axe to grind. But “my naivety always seem to be my downfall” each time the HATERS strike. So KINGS, where my Depression was triggered became a distant memory over the years. Until I returned to South London after 5 years, and it was like I was schedule to relive my nightmare. Only this time the nightmare was worse than the first, and I have to come to terms with accepting who the perpetuators are in this sordid affair. The things that got to me were the similarities in the events and the persons involved. Like at KINGS, I was used and abused, my knowledge confiscated and used for others to accept the accolades and benefit in their career.

Once they got what they wanted by using me to build up their organisation to Beacon Status, then they set about kicking the ladder down to prevent me from climbing and abandoning me. I wouldn’t have minded if they had left me to pick up the pieces and get on with my life. But no, instead they were intent on total Destructions. “I begged, pleaded, bend over backwards and kiss arses, because I knew my situation”, but to no avail. From studies I now learn about transitions that can impact on one’s life and I have learned the hard way to my detriments. The patterns that run in my “transitions are inclusive of sufferings of sicknesses, bereavements after deaths and then being ganged up on and treated unfairly” on more than one occasions because of my knowledge, values and beliefs, Equality Act 2010.

This happened with my Dad who was struck down with Parkinson’s Disease at an early age” – approximately 49 to early 50’s when he was made Redundant from working. Dad lived to the age of 62 years old as “his family witnessed Parkinson Disease stripped him of every shred of Dignity” and made him a shell of his former self. My Uncle Dudley was brutally murdered at his home in Clarendon one Sunday morning was the next to go. We heard of his death on the news in 1976, the year my 1st son Kevin Murray, was born. My uncle Terah, Cardene Chambers dad, who was murdered at his home in St Catherine at the age of 50 years old was next to go. I heard about his murder on the news as well. He was instrumental, helping to bring about the COOP at Bernard Lodge Sugar Company.

Uncle Terah is the 1st of my relative to be buried on the Family Land. I remember every moment of my Grandmother’s actions as if it is yesterday, on the day they brought her son’s body home to be interred in the yard. This led to my “Grandmother being left Broken-hearted, took his death to heart and succumb to one of the strokes” which took her out of her suffering after 2 years. Grandma and Dad died a month of each other February and March of 1980. When Dad died it was more of a relief to his family than anything else. My brother died at the age of 37 years old in 1994, but I did not get to attend his funeral. He made all his funeral arrangements and I was able to contribute to that financially if not in person.

The thing about it, is my brother knew about his eminent demise and made all his plans. On reflections that was “brave of him as he kept going saying he was going to live forever, even when he knew he was dying”. Maybe I would have been “Cussing Bad Wuds about being cheated out of life”, at the age when I have such great plans to transform the lives of others? There was the case of my “other brother who died of CANCER”, within 3 months of a 3- 6 months life span diagnosis. That was one of the most difficult periods of my life because of the upheavals and turmoil contrived by some unscrupulous people with whom I work and their cohorts in a toxic environment. I asked for support resulting from studies. This was viewed as threats of the incompetence of some in authorities from some quarters.

When the same patterns of behaviours that happened at KINGS started at BIB – Myers v LEYF, not long after I returned from burying my MOTHER. I was not overtly worried as I thought that these things happened but once they get to know the “Jolly me, who is Mervelee Ratty Nembhard – Mervelee Myers” things would fall into place. The rest of the story is history for those who have been keeping up to date. I have been thrown into full blown “Depression, have a Nervous Breakdown, had Counselling” and being trying to get back control of my life. But my life has not been easy and last night I had a relapse. So I am getting threats from left, right and centre and I need to do my RESEARCH about someone’s Intellectual Property before too long.

But not to worry I will get there as I have weathered many storms in my – 60 years on God’s earth. These days I don’t take nothing or no one for granted because people are Fickle. I prefer to do things my way so when I “CUSS to help me be in control of the DEPRESSION”, so I don’t have to commit Criminal Acts, I don’t have to seek anyone’s approvals. If anyone want to “disown me and keep their distance as some have done, they are welcome and good luck and good riddance” to them. If they can do without me, I can do without them too and one less thing for me to “Stress about”. My PARENTS to whom I owe any obligations are DEAD and my children can stand on their two feet and be independent of me.

On a sound and positive note I still have my “Best Friend who understand when I explain about my Melt-Downs”, and will not judge me, even if she has to promise to get the “Jaize to wash out my Mouth”? I found another Ally in a Friend who knew me in my “Teens as a Care-Free, Feisty, and Happy Go-Lucky Girl”who I have forgotten I ever was. I am more than grateful for the rediscovery as I am having my morals boasted by this person who probably knows me more than how I remember myself in those carefree days. I know I can rely on someone to be there to tell me to “cry if I feel like crying, pray when I am not too cross with the GOD that keeps putting me in these Soul-Destroying situations and Cuss Bad Wuds” if that help. I know I don’t have to pretend to be someone I am not and I am more than grateful.

Therefore when I am having my “Melt-Downs because I am trying to be in control of the DEPRESSION”, I know I can’t afford to be taken out. Because I have my TOM to think about, and he is affected by the same things that affect me. He is at the stage where the least thing will affect him and I don’t want to have anything on my conscience because of something I should have done and didn’t do because I am DEPRESSED. So my Fight4justice is for me but more for Tom because he has had to suffer for no fault of his own.

Tomorrow I dust myself off and start all over again. If one has not been in a situation where they experienced any sort of #debilitating conditions then they won’t know what I am trying to say. I told the Counsellor that I don’t mind becoming a Case Study in my Fight to cope with DEPRESSION, if it help one person to understand and come to terms with the Demons that try to take over and Destroy Lives, Andy Harrington – Jet Set Speaker. My life have always been an open book and no one needs worry about me claiming anything I share to be my Intellectual Property as I am yet to find out what that is. I am too busy trying to get my life back and beat down the barriers of Ignorance, that can cause others to be bias, judgemental, and stereotypical and willingly label others because they are lacking knowledge.

For me WRITING is a form of #Therapy that I am using to tell my Stories. As I am sharing my life experiences, about how one can be affected by matters such as Disability, Love, Caring, Not Caring, Living a Full-Filling Life and just being thankful for the small mercies and blessings that we have been granted by GOD. Yes for anyone wondering, I have a Love/Hate relationship with the GOD whom I don’t seem to understand and know enough about. The GOD that allows the terrible things that happened and led to the DEPRESSION. But yes I sometimes view this as another way GOD is using me to make a difference. I have to take that round about journey to get to where GOD intends me to end up?

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Tribunals. Upon researching MERVELEE MYERS, I was surprised with my findings. I am included in Dr Maria Hudson of Essex University Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds.

This research was carried out for the Policy Studies Institute. It was used by Acas and I know for a fact that this was the reasons that Claimants were charged Fees to take their Employers to Court. But despite the recommendation put in place, nothing has changed. Because I had to represent myself again, when another Union Voice: the union for education professionals sold me out. My Racism claims were strike out after been sent back for considerations, by a #JudgeMartin, I will be researching asap.

The DWP cause me no ends of grief and I am still waiting for my claims re Universal Credit to be sorted out. Then HMRC got in the act breaching the Data Protection Act 1989 and claiming they did not know about me. I have been in Contact with the 2 PM David Cameron and Theresa May and Neil Coyle MP. I have written Open Letters to the Daily Express, Bates Wells Braithwaite, VOICE the union, by the way they still charging me #fees. Now they trying to get me to sign away my rights to my membership.

Resulting from the discrimination, including blacklisting and networking, I am unable to get a job. It is beneath my dignity to be forced to live on benefits, so I am empowering myself to start my own business. I am #investing in myself and is about to #publish my first book. Writing and photographing are two of my hobbies that I am hoping to use to kick-start brand Mervelee Myers as an #entrepreneur.

Everything is on hold until I get closure from the Employment Appeals Tribunal?

6 Years Ago

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Seems like RATTY haffi go tek a Self Imposed EXILE from FB…? Just so unuh Understan, Only RATTY knows her SECRETS!!! Will cum back when Moi get har INVITE…?

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard My granny used to say, “If it’s going you run go and look? If it’s coming you sit down and wait”? I am waiting on LEYF Nurseries, the Employment Tribunal ServiceDepartment for Work and Pensions – DWPWinsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence CoachMetropolitan Police Service and the Ministry of Justice UK to get closure.


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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Now they know why I am weary of the hypocrites on Facebook? So I read and digest and when mi ready mi drop mi words fi dem. Throw mi corns and mi nuh call nuh fowls. I have been flying solo most of my life.


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Defensive Practice – Disabilities

The Daily Express columinst states “Tech Don’t Lie”!

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Dealing with the #stigma of Mental Health

Hi Mr Jeory
I have been following the Mental Health campaign in the Daily Express Sunday Express over the past weeks with keen interests. This matter is of grave importance to me because of personal experiences I’ve encountered throughout my relatively short life. The reasons I am making contact is to congratulate the team on taking up the fight for people who have been faced with Mental Health issues and do not have any forms of sounding board to air our circumstances and situations in dealing with conditions that are considered as TABOO. I since have my Fight4justice because of LEYF Nurseries discrimination 23rd July 2014 to 27th September 2015.

Maybe if I share a brief account of my own personal experiences you will begin to understand why I have become a #sceptic of all gift wrapped packages. From an early age I was confronted with the #tragedy of witnessing my dad’s decline which lasted for over ten years. He had Parkinson’s disease along with some other health conditions. However it was the Parkinson’s that caused our family the most concerns as it affected every aspects of the family welfare. I can recall the shakes at the beginning, until his total loose of mobility and everything else that is eventually destroyed as a result of the deterioration in his health.

As a teenager I began to question my #faith, asking why my dad who had lived and served God had to suffer so much. The onus was left on my poor mum to take on the reigns of responsibilities that was once my dad’s as well as her own job as a mother. In the end my mum was faced with caring for my dad over the next decade. And her mum for a shorter period, but who died within a month of my father in 1980. My granny eventually succumbed to one of her many #strokes. Imagine my own devastations when I realised my dad’s condition was #hereditary, and from an early age I began to get some of the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

To cut a long story short, I immediately have to alter my life, and I know I was prevented from achieving my full potential because of my DNA over which I had no say. Therefore with time I learnt to adapt to my condition and refused to become a VICTIM, and have always been aware of my #deficits and #limitations. However I recognised I had problems with my family situations and was only able to give it a name DEPRESSION after coming to the UK. After deciding to take up studies to improve my prospects of securing gainful employment to make a better life for myself, I was destined to start on a transitional journey of empowerment. I always joked about the fact that I managed to pick up all the #defects from the both sides of my FAMILY.

Now I have seen in today’s edition about the role expected of #workplaces in supporting their employees who have experienced Mental Health. However my arguments are totally against sharing your predicaments with your employers as this can be used to ones #detriment. Employers and others that are corrupt, can place a Label of #DeficitModel that is used to discredit a person when one is at their most VULNERABLE. At this point am talking from personal experiences when I Self Referred because I was concerned about matters affecting my work, and for which I needed some answers. This was used against me, and in the long run when I needed the support of my GP from Landor Road Surgery, because I had told him about my Parkinson’s disease I was given a kick in the teeth.

This caused so much havoc in my life that at one difficult period I thought I would have been swept overboard by the tide of upheavals and #emotionalbaggage I was left to deal with. My unfair treatment further exacerbated my DEPRESSION that I found it hard coping with life. Even thou I had swallowed my bitter medicine and moved on I am reminded daily of these unpleasant events in my life because they keep reoccurring at work. I have been placed on a system where I am been Networked against, so I cannot break the mould and move on. To make matters worse am now been penalised in my job for doing the work am paid for, and they try to get information about people so that they can use it against them.

I can recall when I first came to the United Kingdom a friend told me that in the UK never tell others the TRUTH as they can’t deal with truths only lies. I am beginning to see the reality only after too late to my #detriments. My life has been turned upside down in two workpleaces because of who I am. The first time at King’s College Hospital, after I experienced a bereavement. I have been targeted as well for my old fashioned ways of thinking, for my knowledge, values and beliefs and I feel #trapped without seeing a way out of my dilemma. For the second time I experienced discrimination in a toxic work environment after bereavement. The loss of my mother who suffered with dementia and that’s why I am a Dementia Friends. That’s why after giving those responsible the chance to make amends I am naming LEYF Nurseries. The others will be named in due course.

Although I will continue following your campaign I can’t help but say I will continue to hold my opinions and keep them to myself. By continuing to apply the early intervention strategies I used throughout my life. And finding solutions to help with my DEPRESSION without getting my #employersinvolved. Anything you say can come back to #haunt you at a later date when you least expect it. This is where self-fullfilling prophecy seems to blight my life repeatedly. Because the Employment Tribunal Service presided over two miscarriages of justice against me. This is dispite the fact I am part of Dr Maria Hudson of the Policy Studies Institute Research Paper Ref: 01/12. This was recommended to Acas, but not much if anything was done about implementations.

Even thou I have no one to share my concerns with I would prefer #die than involve people at work. This is because when concerns are raised they are shoved under the carpets by inexperienced Managers who lack knowledge, values and beliefs to deal with those concerns. Fore and foremost US older employees are treated with disrespects whilst facing all kinds of DISCRIMINATIONS over which we cannot do anything for fear of been LABELLED. This is borne out of the Employment Tribunal Law need overhauling. If in doubt read the Employment Tribunal online judgement at…/ms-m-myersv-london-early-years-foundat….

Since I do not have a voice and have no one to talk to I will be #brave and stop myself from becoming a VICTIM by finding my own #remedies. That’s why I have since set up Merveleeconsultancy to share my stories via my blogs at WordPress. I have been sharing my experiences via GoogleLinkedInTwitterFacebook pages and YouTube. That way I can help others whose life have been changed with discrimination. Some of those that colluded with my former employers are: London Borough of Southwark SEND Section. UNISON and Capsticks, WimbledonLocal Educational Authority and Ofsted. You would be surprised some of who will turn a blind eye when concerns are raised?

Other organisations, the establishments and systems will also join in to discriminate as birds of a feather stick together. They are intent on covering for one another. Some are to be found amonsgt the elite: Bates Wells BraithwaiteVoice: the union for education professionalsAdvising LondonConnex EducationNursery World MagazineHCT GroupCommunity Playthings UK, et al. Believe me you will be named if you dare to discriminate against me directly or indirectly. I have dedicated myself to breaking down barriers in order that I can help in promoting inclusion to benifit anyone in need, who experience discrimination in their lifetime.

The one good thing about this is I am a very #resilient person and refused to give up without a fight. I won’t make the same mistakes again by challenging Social Injustices and Inequalities. Because the forst time I was not prepared to fight the unjust systems in place that are stacked against us. But I got the opportunities to empower myself and grap it with both hands from the time I studied at Lambeth College. Then studying with the The Open University put the finishing touches to how I was prepared to take on those like Personnel Consultancy Ltd, The. The Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach who prey on vulnerable people.

The Metropolitan Police Service that’s prepared to act like terrorists to cover up the mishandling of my concerns. The UK government that rejected my petition into the Early Years Sector and the Ministry of Justice UKm acting like they don’t get trainings to deal with sensitive matters. But not forgetting the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP that deny me access to my Universal Credit journal. HMRC that breaceh the UK Data Protection Act. Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but…

Thanks for being my sounding board as this means so much to me especially when am at a low ebb in my life trying to stay in the UK coping with the decline in my mum’s health.

4 Years Ago

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Been Busy like Ms Bizzy Bee>>>> Watching & Waiting 4 whatever news is in store 4 me? My Lady Bird came visiting from yesterday – in my kitchen busying Herself as I write! Well 4 me She has replaced the Bats that came 2 my Home in JA all these years! She is my Mama Lou – Belief kills & Cures they say? The Last MEMORY I have of my MAMA – after spending the time with her & her not REMEMBERING her 1 Girl! She stood at the window & told my #2 son Valdin Legister that “I Did Not Come To Say GOODBYE!” Can U see that Smile on my Mama’s Face? She already Knew that was Our Final Meeting b4 the End Came! My Mama is my Inspirations in everything I do these days! So when things get on top of me, I am just reverting to Type! Mama will always Live in my Memory! Now I need to Finish that Tribute to MBF & I think I may serve her Memory even Better for the Effort?

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Fight4justice I think I have finally convince my husband I have to go home for Ms Connie’s funeral. Poor man is so scared of what LEYF Nurseries, the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP and the Employment Tribunal Service might do? Tell them to bring it on if they think I am afraid of any of them.

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DWP Deny Me Access 4/7/2018

How the UK Government is engaging in institutional discrimination against vulnerable citizens

Shared a memory. 1 min · 

Department of Works & Pensions.
Local Service Compliance
Peckham Jobcentre
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1JU

14th May 2018

Reference: 1-1713140609


I will be attending the interview and I am expecting to get answers for my questions about the procedures that were used to send me the letter for me to come to:
You must be available for this interview
On the date: 15/5/2018. At the time: 11:00 AM. At the office: Collyer Court Place Behind Peckham #Jobcentre

If I do not get the answers to my #questionnaire, I will have to seek Legal Advice about the way the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP and the former employers and other departments have colluded with my former employers London Early Years Foundation (LEYF to discriminate against me. This was from the time I was forced to resign from my job with a #nervousbreakdown on the 27th September 2015.

I will not be making any more contacts via telephone or leaving messages for Ms Clarke or any other individuals. Because the DWP have not act in accordance with the Rule of Law by returning my calls or responding to my messages. So for there to be no #ambiguity about my intentions, or whether I am going to leave myself open for anyone to make #malicious allegations against me that could trigger my disabilities of Mental Health Conditions, I will be taking a #witness to the interview.

The Questionnaire

Benefit Review: If I am not available for the interview

Q 1: Is the DWP aware of any reasons why I might not be available for the interview?
Refer to:
A. The Equality Act, 2010: Employment Tribunal Judgement online at…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda….

B. UK Data Protection Act & Data Protection Act 1998 & the General Data Protection Regulations (#GDPR) to be implemented on the 25/5/2018. GDPR – How to be ready and 20 GDPR myths debunked Tony Vitale, Head of Regulation, Data & Information, Winckworth Sherwood LLP Winckworth Sherwood. Tony Vitale WinckworthSherwood

C. The Disability Discrimination Act & Mental Health Care Act, 2017. I am part of Mental Health research. Refer to Kings College London Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience Dr Faith Matcham Alexandra Booth & the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

D. Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015. I am part of statistics.
Refer to HCT learning centre HCTGroup Impact Report 2016 Data Protection Act Section 7 ICO The Metropolitan Police Service

Q 2: Would the DWP agree that for someone with Mental Health Conditions, this letter can be interpreted as direct and indirect discrimination, using my vulnerability against me?
Refer to the information and data in my Journal.

Proof of my identity:

Q 3: Where did the DWP get the information from that I can supply the data listed at page 1 and 2?
Refer to the errors and deliberate misuse of my name by the former employers, HMRC and DWP. Now I am having problems with my #identityand address.

Q 4: How did the DWP get the data that they have about me when I signed up to get benefits?
Refer to the DWP telling the Employment Tribunal Service they did not know about me when I was to get fee rebate.

Q 5: Did the DWP go about gathering information about me using #RacialProfiling from Social Media?
If so I will need access to the information other than what I supplied to the DWP about me. Refer to GDPR.

Q 6: What would the DWP do if I was unable to attend the interview for any of the reasons associated with Qs 1 – 5?
Refer to the problems with the Housing Benefits. And the paying of the Employment Tribunal Fees.

Q 6: Do I have to apply for Freedom of Information to find out what records the DWP have to prove my identity, if so please supply the details?

Q 7: In line with the GDPR, I would like copies of the data the DWP have about me please?
Refer to the GDPR Subject Access Request.

Other things we need to see

Q 8: Does the DWP have on record any other accounts for me other than my Barclays Bank Account?
Refer to account for benefit payments.

Q 9: Does the DWP hold information about my #Pension and are they aware of my current situation with former employers?
Refer to Universal Credit Journal with information about the former employers and the Employment Tribunal.

Q 10: Is the DWP trying to accuse me of being a fraudster, a criminal and #illegal immigrant?
Refer to the fact I have not been on benefits before and I have to because of #blacklisting and networking. I am part of HCT Group www.hctgroup.orgChanging Times, Lasting Impact page 9. 1 in 5 #suicides are associated with unemployment. I was refused training to get back into employment. Refer to Open Letters and my Social Media Fight4justice campaign Merveleeconsultancy

Q 11: Does the DWP have information that I have any other work, other than as carer?

Part of Research 
I am part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. Recommended to Acas: and

The Windrush Generation Stories:
In light of the Windrush Stories, this is clear evidence to back up my arguments that the DWP and other government departments are discriminating against me by exacerbating my disabilities.
Refer to: Glossary: Disability Equal Treatment Bench Book – November 2013.
What is a nervous breakdown? What are the Symptoms of a Nervous Breakdown? Copied from the internet 3rd April 2018…/mental-health/nervous-breakdown.

Q 12: Does the DWP have information about savings or investments, if so how did they obtain this?

Q 13: Does the DWP have information about property I own, and how did they come by it?

Q 14: What documents do the DWP have about my immigration status and Right to Remain, if so I would like copies of all data under the GDPR Subject Access Request?
Refer to…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda….
I am stating without a shadow of a doubt that the DWP is hell bent on discrimination against me because I #challenge their discriminatory practices from the time I was forced to sign for benefits. Refer to the data in the Journal. I am been targeted like the #Windrush Generation because I have shown that Modern Slavery practices are still accepted in the United Kingdom despite there is the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Please refer to the information in the Journal about the former employers and the Employment Tribunal. I am back at the Employment Appeals Tribunal th my case.

How certain is the DWP that I could have a copy of this letter?
A. Did it occur to you to send it to me by post?
B. Why did no one get back to me about the messages and the entries in the Journal?
C. Are you still claiming that my queries don’t warrant any response?

If You Have A Partner

All l am prepared to say on this matter is, I filled in numerous forms and was #interrogated by telephone before I was offered Carer’s Allowance. The DWP needs to get on with the job and stop discriminating against me because l am vulnerable, having disabilities, physical and mental. The only information I have about my partner is my #marriage certificate. Which I have brought here with me to the interview. Anything else you need you will have to get access to yourself. I have no access to any such data.

If You Don’t Have Something

Q 15: Did the DWP return any of my calls re:
A. Messages left on telephones?
B. Messages left via third parties?
C. Messages in Journal?

Q 16: Why would the DWP think I should take them seriously, by lowering myself to the unprofessional standards of the employees?
Refer to my qualifications and trainings.

If You Don’t Tell Us About Changes

Q 17: Can the DWP let me know who reported any changes?

Q 18: Does the DWP know what benefits I am claiming?

Q 19: Is the DWP ready to accept the part they played in #exacerbating my Mental Health Conditions over Employment Tribunal issues with the former employers?

Q 20: Why did the DWP take almost 2 years to sort out my Housing Benefit?

Are you aware that threatening to issue me with a CRIMINAL RECORD is discrimination under the Equality Act 2010, the Mental Health Act and the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015, and the GDPR 2018?
Refer to the Windrush Stories

External Partners – Profiling
I would like a list of the #external partners that the DWP used to do checks on me.
Refer to the GDPR

Q 21: Were you aware that the HMRC said they were not aware of me living at my address until 2015?
Refer to changing my name by #DeedPoll and what HMRC done.

Since the DWP was unable to provide the Employment Tribunal with information and claimed that they did not know of me in 2016.

Q 22: What guarantee can you give me that I am not been targeted as a result of me taking my former employers to the ET?

Q 23: Is the DWP and other government departments aware that this is the second time I represented myself at the ET?
Refer to Dr Maria Hudson for the Policy Studies Institute. The first time I did not apply for benefits, because I had a second job. I was able to sustain myself until I found another job. This time I am unable to get a job because of the discrimination that the DWP is part of.

Review of the DWP
I will be writing a review and sending it to the DWP in my Journal and posting it on Social Media. This will add to the stories of how the government targeting the Windrush Generation.
So please hurry up and issue the CRIMINAL RECORD.

How is the DWP showing that it is implementing the GDPR?

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers
Mental Health & SEND Advocate.
Time to Change Champion:

1 Year Ago

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about my future.

After spending almost an hour on the phone, I am back on Facebook, trying to sort out my woes. Wat’s di mattah wid dem Jobsworth yah mon?

I have been telling everyone my #ADDRESS. But since LEYF Nurseries decided that they are going to make me into this #Uncoorporative, #Unprofessional, #Rude, #Intimidating, #Confrontational, #Aggressive #LackingEmpathy CRIMINAL, every establishments and sytems think they have been given the authority to jump on bandwagon.

So the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP deciding to try change the Housing Legislation on me that came in April 2016. But can’t the damn idiots see that I applied from November 2015. London Borough of Southwark decided to pay up, so what Dick Fuck are they waiting on, still investigating?

Then to add insults to injury the DWP informed the Employment Tribunal, they were not aware of me on 2 ocassions. The result I did not have enough time to prepare my RACISM claim. This was referred back and yet a Judge ruled against it. I will be doing my research, to find out why the recommendations from Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute were not implemented – AGGRESSIVE indeed. Please go do the research at Acas That’s why when they keep leaving messages on my house phone and mobile, I didn’t bother with them. As I told the lady who was my case worker/concilliator with LEYF, if I’d got any of those threatening calls from the ACAS Representative, then I would not be responsible for my Passive-aggressive behavior. Oh yes I still have a message from Mary Shannahan save on my phone and that’s one of the nicest ones, I lost the others on my other phone.

Then it was the turn of HMRC to come with their bullshit. But I have dealt with them with my #DefensivePractice for future reference.

There was an online Community Thing that was changed to Nextdoor. Despite trying to transfer my information, I am yet to get anything sorted. The refuse to accept me because the automation will not register my ADDRESS. Now what Dick Fuck do they want me to do, they are stressing me out and I don’t know what happened to my Data I registered on the privious website?

Now let them take me for a bloody idiot like #JohnFenton of The Personnel Consultancy Limited I did ask him on the 15th March 2016, if he was in touch with Bates Wells Braithwaite. I am going after all involved in the DISCRIMINATION from 2004 to date that caused the Nervous Breakdown. I know my deficits and limitations that resulted from the Childhood Trauma resulting from my Father Parkinson’s. My Fight4justice is in place to support why my Intellectual Properties are been used at MQ: Transforming mental healthGoogle and Google AdWords. I will not be leaving any stones unturned to get justice for myself and any vulnerable employees. Another one of the psychopaths down and out – Hilda Miller.

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Fight4justice So the fucking Department for Work and Pensions – DWP thinking they dealing with a frigging idiot. Let them carry on denying me access to the Universal Credit journal.


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Blacklisting & Networking

How the institutions continue to discriminate against me

Shared a memory. 4 mins · 

Good morning

Could you please stop from sending me emails from #Jobs4Schools – Mailbox.

This is more than ridiculous with the continuing #blacklisting and #networking against me from the time I decided to stand up for my rights not to be discriminated against – 2004 to 2010. This happened at King’s College Hospital. The discrimination was aided and abetted by UNISONLondon Borough of Southwark – SEND Section, Local Educational AuthorityOfstedCapsticks, Wimbledon and even Acas played a part. My GP from Landor Road Surgery will have to live with his conscience. But that goes out to all my former colleagues as well. Only one person have the courage and conviction to support me, but I won’t hold a grudge against the others. They have to protect their family.

Southwark Council SEND Section, the Local Educational Authority, Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and Ofsted colluded to destroy my career and trigger my childhood traumas into depression. If in doubt check Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12. For the Policy Studies Institute. Recommended to and Acas:

Then more recently look at the Employment Tribunal Service…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda… and you will understand why.

I am part of HCT Group statistics in yet I was unable to get a placement to do the #LearningSupportAssistant trainings. Even worse I was not allowed to do the trainings to get back into employment. This is as a result of the HCT Group partnership with LEYF Nurseries.

Flooding my emails with 10 jobs that I won’t be considered for because of is only wasting my time and exacerbating my disabilities.

Please take my name off your mailing lists in line with the GDPR For UK, or else I will be seeking legal advice.

Kindest regards.

Mervelee Myers.

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: Jobs 4 Schools – Mailbox
Sent: 30 June 2018 23:49
Subject: Your email alert.

Greetings from the jobs4schools team!

Here are some new job listings for you to check out.

Early Years Practitioner and 2 Early Years Assistant at

Best regards,
Jobs4schools Support

If you wish to unsubscribe from any further email alert, please <a href=”…“>click here</a>. Thank you.

5 Years Ago

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard I will not be discriminated against by LEYF Nurseries or anyone else…


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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard shared a post — with Valdin Legisterand 2 others.
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Thanks so much to Filmbysarah for taking an interest in me, a total stranger, she noticed at Run Regent’s Park 2018 – Team Macmillan. I am eternally gtateful for her supporting in promoting my work and helping me to develop new skills.
Hopefully, I can get her support in making some of my videos public after returning from Jamaica, God’s willing?

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To Sarah Elliott Filmbysarah. Hopefully you can get my interview from here. Haven’t yet worked out how to send it direct. So privilege to have some of your infIuence at the Run Regent’s Park 2018 – Team Macmillan.

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