Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Meet Mr. Tony Cealy At Walworth Living Room Pembroke House Did Theatre Of Oppressed Sponsored By Cardboard Citizens How Did I Become A Criminal Need ERT 30?

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Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Police Brother Texchus Veralton Nembhard Is 69 Years Old LEYF HMCTS CPS CJS Social Media Career Criminals Cyberbullies Can Learn Lessons How Writing Is/Was Therapy From Dad Stricken With Parkinson’s Am On Website 20/9

Doston 24.05.2015

As I am in the mood for writing, paying tributes to the persons who are important in my life, it is Doston’s turn to be given the once over. Doston was the 3rd born of my parents children. As I’ve stated before, most of my memories are from the age of 4+ years old, leaving the years before that vague. Therefore my tribute will consist mostly from the time we moved to GaGa Street. Doston’s story will contain some interesting titbits I learned about myself years ago from another of my bredas, by another mother and father. Granty Papa aka Henry Salabie said he grew up at our home in Townhead because, his mum Ms Ethlyn Grant worshipped the way my Parents especially my dad raised their children. Dad was strict and a no nonsense man who ruled his children by the Bible’s teachings. So Granty spend his days at our home and made the transition to GaGa Street with us.

Granty Papa told me that I was a tiny baby with a big appetite and probably an even bigger pair of lungs when I want my own way. One day I was left in the care of my 2 bredas; Doston and Byron as was the norms, the older siblings helped to look after the younger. This day in question it was the turn of Doston and Byron to care for their only baby sister me – RATTY, until Mama comes back. Naturally when I started crying, I was plied with the bottle, but still nothing seemed to appease me. So after doing everything in the book that was known by 2 bigger bredas, they were left baffled to the reasons for the crying. As luck would have it, it was time for nappy change. When the latch pin that was used to pin the (bird die – back then that was the nappy), my bredas made a gruesome discovery.

My side was pinned up in the nappy and that was the reason I was crying. But because I had no way of communicating, because at this stage, crying was my way of communicating. And believe me when I say that to this day the least little thing still cause me to shed bucket loads and you’d think I am only a big cry baby. Since all I could do was cry, naturally they thought the greedy little baby with the big appetite was hungry again. Luckily for my poor bredas, it is not now because someone might have reported them to the Political Correctness Brigade for Baby/Child Cruelty. Or even worse someone who have it in for them might have gone to make allegations to ruin their lives forever like what happened to me 2 times now, since I am living in the UK. As soon as you stand up for your values and beliefs someone will see you as a threat to their incompetence’s and lack of knowledge.

Therefore one cannot be too careful and be on their guards, looking over their shoulders for the evil and vilest of persons who are intent on setting/stitching us up. When they are out to get you for whatever reasons their prejudices minds conjure up, because you are a true professional and passionate about your vocations in life. Nobody takes time to recall the contributions you made all these years for which they have been giving you accolades up until a month ago. Instead they will be lurking in corners, trying to set you up, trying to get you to do something so they can get you for breaches in the trap they set for you. Believe me this is no fancy fairy tale make believe story that is part of my repertoire of my vivid imagination.

I am saying this because I know as a Family WE do have Vivid Imaginations that we use to get out of some Dire Straits most of the times and Doston is even better at it than I am. Therefore I am beseeching everyone to be on your guards, read the fine prints in every little piece of paper you sign your name to and don’t get outsmarted. Remember when you sign that piece of paper, you are basically giving up your RIGHTS to any form of Human Life that you are entitled to. It is even worse when they decide that you don’t suffer fools gladly and have a mind of your own. If your face don’t fit and you are not prepared to forgo the values and principles by which you were brought up and by which you chose to live your life. Despite their craftiness they cannot let me lose the passion nor get me to stop giving of my best for any cause I believe in.

When I was home – JA for my #2son’s – Valdin Legister’s wedding and was talking to Sonia Powell, she mentioned that she used to live in thatched house. When I spoke to Doston, he told me we lived in thatched house too at Townhead. However although I recalled exactly where we lived at the time, with the McIntosh & Colquhoun as our neighbours and Ms Lou & her beau Mass Witney living across from us. I remember Mass Witney because he was this Strapping Red-Skinned Man, whom I believe may have a fondness for the bottle and had to be transported home when he had one, too many to drink…? I have absolutely no memory of the thatched houses and can only recalled the carts moving our houses to GaGa Street and events and life after that. Doston talked about how some of the houses caught fire when people used the Kitchen Bitch to kill mosquitoes. In some cases the houses could not be saved and everything went up in flames. I have to give thanks that my family was blessed in many ways.

Although I have some vivid memories of my family and people in the local communities, there are some pieces missing that I have to rely on others to fill. I have always known my breda as a tailor in the early days. He sat on the veranda at home and sew, until he got his own house and sat at the window in there sewing and looking out to see those passing by. He always had the radio turned up high and I guess this might have been some form of motivation and company for him sitting there on his own working away at his trade from dusk till dawn. Anyhow there were other aspects of his life that I only know about because we are a Story Telling Family. We inherited this trait from our dad and not mum, because mum did most of the beatings and dad the talking throughout our lives. Doston was the one who begged Mama to give me a second chance. However don’t get mum mad because then you’d not hear the end of it…?

We will chat about the good the bad and the indifferent and not afraid to take the Mickey out of each other and ourselves. However we would not intentionally say are do anything to knowingly hurt another person at the same times. Because as we all know the saying, word is wind, but it can also be a powerful tool in the wrong hands that can ruin a person’s life or leave scars that cause much pains and sufferings. Sticks and stones may break my bones but word is wind can sometimes have reverse effects and lead a person to do things that uncharacteristic of them. There are a few reasons in our family why some of us did not finish our schooling and Doston’s reason might be funnier than the others, because it smacks of egoistical self-centredness more than anything else. And believe me Doston is exactly that kind of a person who is all about “Me, Myself & I…” first and foremost in everything he does to this day. But in a kind of nice way, because by the time he finishes with the hard luck story your heart will have to melt.

However not finishing our schooling did not have much of a negative effect on us at all I believe. I had to laugh like I usually do when I heard the reasons for Doston not finishing his schooling. And his story in a nutshell was he had a sore foot which took long to heal. By the time the sore healed, Doston said he felt like an Old Big Boy because of the length of time he was away from school. He decided not to go back because he did not wished to be ridiculed. Doston said he had 2 choices; to go chop cane or learned tailoring from his elder breda Balis. He chose the easier options, because he didn’t fancy working in the boiling sun in the cane fields. Doston claimed he was basically a lazy person who will always opt for the easier way out, so it was easier for him to learn tailoring.

Doston made a decent living from doing tailoring because he was one of the best in his heydays. He was ambidextrous like dad, using the scissors in both hands and writing with his left. Dad used the machete in both hands and write with his right. He built up a valid customer base and had to turn away customs in the busy seasons. Some of his customers especially those living abroad would save up materials for him to sew on their visits home to take back. My breda BYRON, the younger one to Doston would always say since sewing is Doston’s trade and how he makes a living, he’d always pay him to sew his trousers when he came home. I learned to sew with my hands from Primary School because we did needle work. I later graduated to the sewing machine and could do some sewing like my mum. The last uniform I wore to Secondary School, I sew myself because the dressmaker was too busy. She helped me by cutting it out and left me to do the rest. However I believe if a vocation is not your calling, then you are not going to get far or be able to make a living from it. Working with young children was always my passion and I’ve done it most of my life.

Like any family, we’ve had our ups and downs and as Latoya Nembhard-Samuels says to me the other day. We are a dysfunctional family, however no matter what happens and we are ranting and raving at each other. But when the time comes for us to support and be there for each other, we will drop everything and run to our family’s aid. Doston always say every one of us can go abroad and leave him at home, all we have to do is make sure he is looked after. We all have our soft spots in our hearts and Doston is no different, even if he has to make his points with some drastic threats that we know he is not Man Enough to carry out. He has had to make a few changes in his life over the years and managed to move with the times, and he successfully made the transitions every time.

Along with the tailoring; he worked as a Market Inspector in Savanna-La-Mar. With the decline in the tailoring trade over the years, he started doing farming and tailoring for back to school and the occasional sewing for those who still prefer tailor made wear. Some people still prefer the tailor mad instead of the mass productions that don’t really match up to their standards. Doston has had to be industrious even when he does not always make some sound judgements. But we are all humans and entitled to make a few mistakes and learn from them. I have made some serious errors of judgements which I prefer to view as another part of my lessons about the rules of life. He has driven taxis and his main focus now is farming that he use to supplement his income.

I live to see the day when my breda Doston can plant to make ends meet, because I remember back in the days when he used to say he is not going to the bush, because his grounds are at the shops. Back then he had money, but with changing times and industries we all have to do what we have to do to make a living to keep body and soul together. He has been doing an excellent job of changing with the times and moving on. Our yard is kept up to stands similar to that of Dad, but there are other shortcomings in his make-up that I don’t think will ever change. But we have to be prepared to accept him as he is and work with his best features instead of trying to change him completely and making his life a living hell here on earth. It is not wise to judge a book by its cover because every one of us is unique, different and special in our own ways.

Doston was diagnosed with diabetes years ago and makes 3 of us siblings with the condition, including yours TRULY. Don’t know what it is but we 3 have much in common from spitting images of looking like our Mama to being darker in complexion and we: Doston, Texchus and Ratty are the ones to inherit the diabetes. I always thought that the diabetes was on Mama’s side of the Family because my Granny got strokes before she died. Uncle Esley Saunders also had strokes, was blinded and paralysed before he died. I learned more recently however that diabetes also run in Papa’s family as an auntie had infantile diabetes in her 20’s. Mama was only one step away from getting a massive stroke, but she always got to the doctor or treatment in time. My word my Mama was a Miserable one, and I am exactly the same.

I will say whatever it is that is bothering me and if you don’t take heed I will speak my mind. Some might chose to say I am dismissive of authority, saying derogatory things about them or even gag me to stop me from voicing my concerns. But you know what even if you don’t hear me saying it out loud, I will be cussing in my heart if you go out of your way to trouble me and then tell lies on me to ruin my character and blacken my good name. Therefore I am going to rebel when you put a sanction on me of being uncooperative, unprofessional, confrontational, intimidating and lacking empathy. Because you are judging me without even knowing who I am and prefer to be prejudice and hold a grudge against me for only you know what reasons. Like me Doston is not on medication for his diabetes and manages it with bush, aloe vera, single bible, etc… Because we are a family of doers and Researchers, who don’t just sit back and expect others to do things for us without lifting a finger. We are our own Bush Doctors, Counsellors, Obeah Man/Woman and all round Busy Body who likes nothing better than to take care of ourselves as we love life to the max. We have had our share of witnessing sufferings in our lives, so we try not to leave ourselves opened to call down sufferings on ourselves if we can help it.

We are not bad minded and grudge-full of the achievements of others but instead celebrate with them. We would never think of depriving another person of what was rightfully theirs because we know what it is to struggle and do without some of the basic amenities that some take for granted. We are hard grafters who believe you get back from life what you put in and life owes none of us a favour as we have to go out and forage for ourselves and not take the credit for other people’s hard work when we made no contributions. Doston worked like a Mother and Father for his 4 Daughter’s and like any one of my Siblings. Back in the days when Doston’s money was flowing, he’d buy his children the best of everything. The Silly Man would change the girl’s uniform every term when they were going to High School, but I am sure he can look back without regrets and be proud of the investments he made towards his children’s education. We are Proud of our Offspring even when we might not say it enough for them to hear us. But we take it for granted that they should know we love them even when we don’t say it enough. Give us a chance and you’d have to tell us to stop talking when it comes to the subject of our family and the children in particular.

WE are who we are in the NEMBHARD Family, a happy go lucky bunch of people striving for the Best. But none of us are BAD APPLES, so please take that back or I will be Ramming It Back Down Your Ignorant Throat if you are not careful. And my Family and Friends will back me 100%, because you don’t know me like they know me?

Happy Birthday Doston. XXX all the CLANS.

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Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Reviews Shake Up Government Systemic Discrimination By LEYF Cohorts At HMCTS CPS CJS As Children Young People Adults Must Be Protected From Abusers Of Richard Harty MIC Nexus Health Group Acting As Pawns

The https://www.gov.uk must #act about #LEYF and the #systemicdiscrimination in the UK The Nexus Health Group needs to review how they deal with patients with SEND and going through the aging processes. My experiences started after I was discriminated against by my former employers. This is/was the 2nd time I experienced “Multiple Discrimination” after bereavement and losses which started whilst I was working at a workplace nursery of the NHS.
The GP who sent me on leave, later refused to give me a medical report and I faced a barrage of discrimination from the LEA, Southwark Council SEND Section and those involved in the 1st miscarriage of justice by the HMCTS. I had to pick myself up and start all over again despite I was a graduate of the Open University where I studied 2004-2009 where I graduated 2 weeks before my 50th birthday.
With my online profile and my contributions to “British Values” and the repetition of the discrimination after the death of my mother. The world must be made aware about the role of the NHS in destroying my health and ruining my career the 2nd time. I am on a mission to break down the barriers and changing the exclusion of people made vulnerable.
Decima Road Surgery is responsible for treating me with disrespect and allowing the University of East London to get away with denying me access to studies to repair my mental health.
The Disability Form was not filled correctly by the GP. I took the form in to get it redone and I never got it back. The GP who called to speak to me, label me aggressive the same as the Locum who called me 2 times, because those involved failed to do their duties.
I have had to put in complaints since I was diagnosed with high cholesterol to get my medication.
I went to the Colposcopy Clinic on the 27/8/2022 after jumping through hoops to get the appointment. I was coming from the Dentist, stopped at the Surgery to find out if they got the letter for the prescription. I was told they did not receive it. I gave my letter to be copied. When the GP called, the red flags were present as she sounded as if she did not know what she was talking about. She said she would call me back. I prepared my “Defensive Practice” ready for the call. She was true to form accusing me of being AGGRESSIVE and she would end the call.
The next day I phoned the mobile number on the response to my complaint. Only for the person to be abrasive saying this is her private number. Why did this person send her private number and say I can call her directly about the complaint? I have had enugh of the systemic discrimination because I refuse to accept the hate crimes of HMCTS and CPS and CJS.
So the Criminal needing ERT have my Fight4justice campaign to address 30 years of oppression in the UK after my contributions and my image was page 1 of ITV News for Windrush 70. I can be found online in social media and other platforms. Those responsible will be named like how I was asked to do video for BAME community to take COVID-19 vaccine. My 99 year old husband is TRAUMATISE

Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Take Up My Position To Break The Barriers Of Discrimination LEYF With Friends At HMCTS CPS CJS Impose Via Criminal Record Need ERT Those Involve Name On My Platforms Get Ready For 100th Arnold Tomlinson Celebration 30


Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Spend My Money For Google To Make Me A Voiceless Vulnerable Victim For LEYF Cohorts Abusers

Denied my Entitlements via Discrimination
This is what I think of you
Dear Mervelee,
I hope you are well. Thank you so much for applying to become a mentor with The Kids Network. Refer to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 because those involved will be on the lists of PERVERTS to be BARRED.

We regret to inform you that on this occasion we will not be proceeding with your application to become a mentor at this time. If you would like feedback, please do let me know. So refer to www.open.ac.uk and https://youtu.be/5irCkGIrCRo for why I watched you sat behind your computer pretending you are my SUPERIOR. Not even sure you were born when I came to the UK and started as a CLEANER.

I am also aware that you have received an email invite to our training this Saturday. I want to apologise for having for sending this through before we came to an outcome. See you are a half idiot and probably of the MINDSET of www.leyf.org.uk PAEDOPHILES. I wanted to let you know this outcome before you committed to a full day of training on a Saturday. Let me share my good news with you Intellectual Imbeciles I will be commanding the world as a Cultural Ambassador in We Deya Niyah Bingi BAND. Here is a taste of what I have online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g for more of my INVESTMENTS.

Thank you so much again for your support, if you are keen to support The Kids Network in other ways, I’m more than happy t

Sign up

Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Averted Grenfell Tower At Alma Grove Housing For Women Judge Freer Gave Samantha Jones Reference For GT Panel Samantha Gibbs, Trina Philbert Cohorts Target Me On Behalf Of Debbie Gilchrist Will Be Exposes As The Racist Terrorist Bigots Left Me A Victim Of Abuse Breach Equality Act Protected Characteristics The Police Were Involved 13/12/2021 4 Blacks Slaughter Bermondsey

Let me put on record that I called to the speak about my concerns and was number one in the queue before I was cut off saying it was busy.

Please check my record to find out the issues. Because there was a meeting on Monday 20/6/2022 with Trina Philbert and  a mediator from Adult Social Care. Ms Philbert came to the meeting to continue the TERRORISM of Samantha Gibbs, and cohorts at Housing for Women. Ms Philbert is aware of the concerns for my safety that I will attach. Because H4W in playing the SLAVE MISTRESS in pretending they are not aware of the issues around my safety best check my record from I signed the Tenancy Agreement in December 2000.

H4W will be exposed as the TERROR CELL they have become.

Kind regards

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.  

Sent from Mail for Windows

From: Repairs Coordinator
Sent: 27 June 2022 12:23
To: ratty.nembhard1956
Cc: Repairs Coordinator
Subject: RE: Breach of Environmental Regulations

Good afternoon

Thank you for your email.

Please can we be provided with a bit more information with regards to the concerns for this tenants safety as the information provided is not very clear.

Kind Regards


Property Services Officer | Property Services | Housing for Women Housing for Women | Sixth Floor, Blue Star House, 234-244 Stockwell Road, London, SW9 9SP Direct: 020 7501 6120 | Email: donna.simpson@h4w.co.uk | Web: www.hfw.org.uk Follow Us: Twitter  Facebook  LinkedIn Tel: 020 7501 6120  Fax: 020 7924 0224
email: info@h4w.co.uk 85 years of empowering women
Please consider the environment before printing this email.
​By including any personal data in your response to this email, you freely consent to this being used and stored by Housing for Women for the purposes of service delivery in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. All information and attachments included in this email are confidential and intended for the original recipient only, it may also be legally privileged.  Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of or acting in reliance upon this information, by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited.  If you are not the intended recipient then please do not use or publish its contents, contact the sender and then delete.  The sender does not accept liability for any errors or omissions.​ Housing for Women Limited is a Registered Social Landlord registered with the Regulator of Social Housing (No L0970); and is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (No 211351); and is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales (No 00420651). The registered office is at Sixth Floor, Blue Star House, 234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP.

From: ratty.nembhard1956 <ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com>
Sent: 27 June 2022 11:44
To: Repairs Coordinator <repairs@h4w.co.uk>; Ratty.Nembhard1956@gmail.com
Subject: Breach of Environmental Regulations

Can Housing for Women act about the safety of MERVELEE MYERS at 16 Alma Grove Bermondsey London SE1 5PY.

Kind regards 


Sent from my Galaxy

Without Prejudice Systemic Discrimination Leave My Husband And I Traumatise Victims Of Elder Abuse Waiting To Die To Cover HMCTS CPS CJS Hate Crimes Against Black Vulnerable Disabled People Who Contributed 22/3/22

Celebrating Mothering Sunday 2022 To Honour Theresa Salmon

Mervelee Myers

Fight4justice Advocacy

22/03/2022 14:17:10

Table of Contents

1. In Honour of Theresa Salmon of Bermondsey. I started a Project with Theresa Salmon at BIB and collected information after signing an agreement with her. The discrimination sanctioned by LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan a former Mental Health Nurse who wants to be remembered as a disruptive influence must be considered. Based on the fact I conducted the “A Voice of a Child” research project for her in August 2010. This is/was after I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s research paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination. I was page one of ITV News for Windrush 70 and because I contacted Dr. Juanita Cox to participate in the Windrush Generation Oral History on behalf of my husband. The fact that Theresa Salmon died in hospital after giving up according to her son, Michael. I want to continue my Fight4justice campaign because of Mrs. Gloria Cameron’s CASE DISMISSED.

2. The UK Is a Racist Society Where Discrimination Is Hidden with The Policies & Procedures Of Employers & Government Legal Entities

3. The Judiciary of England and Wales & Criminal Justice System & Crown Prosecution Service Cover for LEYF and Cohorts Abusers.

4. Mervelee Myers is the target of Systemic Discrimination covering for LEYF and cohorts where attempts made on my life from Winsome Duncan who was groomed by Barrister Ryan Clement to find vulnerable BLACK people online for them to scam, sent the Police to section me on the 30/10/2017. The evidence online is my “Defensive Practice” about how HMCTS and CPS and CJS colluding to make me and my husband victims of the Laws, Legislations, Codes of Conducts and Practices. 

In Honour of Theresa Salmon Bermondsey Resident, I Meet at BIB Nursery Who Gave Up the Fight In December 2021  


Published 1 October 2014MM Arguments: When I was given the CEO June O’Sullivan’s Long Service Award. Who is responsible for the changes when LEYF say they have no data for me?

 The Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics

 As a participant in www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers  by Dr Maria Hudson for the Policy Studies Institute “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” when I was interviewed at my home in 2010. This was the year the Equality Act was implemented. I started working with LEYF on 1/9/2009, however the Contract I signed was not updated in line with the Act. The point am making is I am viewing the above as a threat, the same kind of threat as why PC Holly Sweeney was sent to my home on 26/1/2021 to deliver the envelope. Like the visit, the letter is/was delivered to exacerbate and trigger my PTSD on my mum’s DOB. Everything the Police is doing is geared towards impacting on my mental and physical disabilities. The fact I was arrested unlawfully is another factor to be taken into consideration. At every stage from the time PC Holly Sweeney called me on 29/11/2020, threat of ARREST was used. Therefore, the fact that the Police came to my home to SECTION me on 30/10/2017 after refusing to act on my concerns will be another of the Hate Crimes listed against the Police. I have a Chronic Anxiety diagnosis from 18/7/2006. As a result of LEYF discrimination from I transferred to BIB 23/7/2014 to sending the Police to MURDER me on 30/11/2020 is an indication of the kind of TERRORISM the Police is involved in.

As a participant in http://www.radar-cns.org  Mental Health Research I had CBT counselling at www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/southwark  after I was advised to seek counselling to find out why I react the way I do to certain situation by www.healthmanltd.com  Dr Laura Crawford.    


You are charged with the offence(s) below.

On 16/04/2021 at 9:30 you must appear at the courthouse at CROYDON COURT 10, Croydon Magistrates Court, Barclay Road, Croydon to answer the charge(s).

If you do not attend, the court may hear the case in your absence and may issue a warrant for your arrest. If a warrant is issued for your arrest, you may be held in custody until you are brought to court.

MM Updates: In line with Discount for early plea I have made use of the circumstances that made you plead guilty to send my plea to the Prosecutor and the Court. Since the Solicitor is advising me that there is nothing in law for me to plead guilty with explanation, I refuse to be led like a lamb to the slaughter on the 16/04/2021 at Croydon Magistrates Court. My naivete in believing in the procedures of the Rules of Law has left me to conclude that I have no trust in the Judiciary of England and Wales and the Criminal Justice System.

Police Bail

If you are on Police bail for the offence(s) you do not have to return to the Police Station and your Police bail has been cancelled.  MM Arguments: Refer to IOPC Claim: Number: F21YM135 Andrew Truby Lawyer FOR THE DIRECTOR GENERAL Independent Office for Police Conduct Date: 24 October 2019. Claim Number: F45YM082 Date: 29 November 2019. This why the Police came to my house to MURDER me on 30/11/2020. DEAD MAN or MERVELEE MYERS TELLS NO TALE.

Advice and Help

If you need advice about what to do you should get help from a Solicitor or Advice Agency at once. If you cannot afford a Solicitor, you may be able to get free advice about your plea, or how to apply to the Court for a Representative Order so that you can have a Solicitor at the Hearing. Do not wait until you first come to Court. If need any general advice about the Court, contact the Court Office at Croydon Magistrates, Croydon Law Courts, Barclay Road, Croydon, CRO 1JN 0207-8059851. MM Updates: No one answers my call, however, I made a recording and posted online as my Defensive Practice against HMCTS TERRORISM.  


2       Criminal damage to property valued under £5000

On 28/11/2020 at BIB without lawful excuse, damaged Advertising Banner, Wall, Flooring and Entrance to the value of £1062 belonging to BIB intending to destroy or damage such property or being reckless as to whether such property would be destroyed or damaged CONTRARY TO SECTIONS 1(1) AND 4 OF THE CRIMINAL DAMAGE ACT 1971 H.O. 149/None None CD71039.

 MM Updates: Refer to http://skynews.co.uk  and www.nurseryworld.co.uk  and http://communityplaythings.co.uk  and www.resourcesforautism.org.uk  and www.morellomarketing.com  and www.adwords.google.com  and http://www.myvision.org.uk  and www.parkinsons.org.uk  and http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio  and http://jamaica-star.com/article/20161128/jlp-breaks-pnps-dominance-westmoreland  and Windrush 70 www.itv.com/london  and https://www.hfw.org.uk  and Professor Tony Bertram – EECERA https://www.eecera.org  and Dr Chris Pascal www.crec.co.uk  and https://www.diabetes.org.uk  and https://www.macmillan.org.uk  and JA 53 https://youtu.be/NwdEddlilw  and https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/

Why Did LEYF Fail to Report my Visit of 11/11/2020?

Please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g  to view my investments telling my story about LEYF and HMCTS discrimination.

Check my YouTube & Websites to know why LEYF and cohorts from HMCTS & IOPC & JCIO & CCMCC & CLCC must be charged for Discrimination & Hate Crimes against Mervelee Myers after the death of my mother. I have been divested of my other Social Media Accounts. I was targeted by a James Jones and locked out of Facebook for 3 days. Realising that this was the final plot in the HATE CRIMES to take away my PASSION of using WRITING for THERAPY, I refused to fall for the TRAP.

Reviews Online

The Catalogue of ABUSE in the reviews are there from I was sent 3 of them by Winsome Duncan who later sent the Police to SECTION me.  I applied for Additional Witness Statement during the Adjournment but again this was rejected. Same as https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards  in 2017. 

Charge authorised by:  Name    HAWKINS. Officer    PC. Collar number P236802.

Prosecution Contact:  Walworth Police Station, 12 – 28 Manor Place, Southwark, London SE17 3BB

Tel:                                                                                        Date:

Statement of means

Please ensure you fill in and bring the enclosed Statement of Income and Expenditure to Court. If this information is not provided, you may be ordered to pay a fine which is more than you can afford. MM Updates: There was no Statement of Means Form enclosed. 

Discount for early plea

The Court, when passing sentence on you, will consider giving you a lower sentence if you enter an early guilty plea.

The amount of any discount will depend on how early you indicate your plea, as well as the circumstances that made you plead guilty.

If you wish, you can write to the Prosecutor and the Court as soon as you have been charged and you are sure you want to plead guilty. If you intend to see a Solicitor, you should speak to your Solicitor first.

You can tell the Court how you will be pleading at any hearing of your case, even if your case may have to be heard at the Crown Court. MM Updates: This was sent to the Court & Prosecutor as advised. 

Nothing stated here is intended to persuade you to plead guilty.


This is another catalogue of contingent Policy & Procedures to deny my Rights. The UNCRC Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedom without discrimination on any grounds.

Find my Image Rights & Intellectual Property from I done “A Voice of a Child” Research for June O’Sullivan in August 2010 to find out why HMCTS must be exposed for the discrimination which affected, impacted on, and changed the lives of my husband and I after the death of my mother in 2014.

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate

Date: 28 February 2021.  


Action Plan – Transparency, Accountability and Trust in Policing

Date published: 13 November 2020

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has published an Action Plan to improve trust and confidence in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and to address community concerns about the disproportionality in the use of certain police powers affecting Black Londoners.
The Action Plan has been developed following a series of consultations with more than 400 individuals and groups that either work with or within Black communities. The work was undertaken in response to concerns raised about the disproportionate use of police powers, including stop and search, the use of force and Taser. Communities told the MPS and City Hall that they wanted to see increased transparency in police actions, decisions and communications; a police service that better reflects the city it serves; and improved community monitoring and involvement in reviewing the disproportionate use of police powers and complaints.
The Mayor recognises the progress made by the MPS since the Macpherson Inquiry more than 20 years ago. It is more transparent and more accountable than at any time in its history and is more representative of London with more than 5,000 Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic officers, up from just over 3,000 a decade ago.
But it is clear more needs to be done. City Hall figures show Black Londoners have less confidence and less trust in the MPS than white Londoners and that there remains a persistent disproportionality in the way certain police powers affect Black Londoners.

The Mayor wants all communities across London to feel they are able to trust their police service and have confidence that the police use their powers to keep them safe. It’s crucial that the police are trusted to be able to use their powers to bear down on the scourge of violent crime in our city – which has a devastating effect on families and communities, and which the Mayor and the Met police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, have made it their top priority to tackle. From City Hall, the Mayor commits, as part of the action plan, to invest £1.7 million to develop greater community involvement in police officer training and in the recruitment and progression of Black officers in the MPS.    

Taking action

The Action Plan – which the MPS has welcomed and has committed to take forward actions specific to the police service – focuses on:
An overhaul of community monitoring structures to ensure that London’s diverse communities are better represented – Black communities will have an even greater role in monitoring a wider range of police powers, including stop and search, the use of Tasers and complaints. There will be greater community involvement in scrutiny of the MPS – particularly including the Territorial Support Group and Violent Crime Taskforce. The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) will produce a quarterly race equality audit of the Met’s use of its powers and launch a three-month project with communities to co-design and launch this new scrutiny process.  

ON THIS DAY 6 years ago   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

I have known my TOM since 2001. We’ve been together thru thick & thin & I’ve seen him cried when his breda Langford died in the Care Home at the age of 90 yrs & he swore he did not get the proper care? Then he cried again when breda Egbert died aged 80 yrs & recently he cried when his elder breda Percy died age 92 yrs. He last saw Percy in 1956 when he travelled from Percy’s home in Kingston to board the ship to England. I saw my Husband with tears in his eyes yesterday after I got in & this morning b4 I left. So, I am going to fight with all the Weapons at my disposals to save my beloved TOM from any more such Hurt & Pains. Remember I told U, I am an AFRICAN-JAMAICAN & I believe in that story about why We Jamaicans are who we are – Our Experiences & Rebellion on the Slave Ships.

May be an image of 2 people


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard  is with 

Ta Sha   and  3 others  at Southwark Registrar Office Peckham.  May 21, 2014  ·   · 

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ON THIS DAY 7 years ago My Emails are piling up, so if U have contacted Me recently, I’ll be in touch soon!

Never a Dull Mo in my Chosen Career & if I Follow my Mind I Will Always be on the Right Track! The Consummate Prof Who I am Delivered & Justified my Practice as the Reflective Practitioner who Developed the Listening Ethos. OFSTED came & Luton Street TEAM Worked Collaboratively Applying Top Down & Bottom-Up Approaches to Our Practice. I am Buoyant Waiting to Find out the Outcome.

No photo description available.

ON THIS DAY 9 years ago  Have 2 live up 2 my Promises 2 see Moi Wash Belly mek an HWoaL… So, Exercise Bike here Moi cum!!! Haffi get the BMI in order…

Arta ober 2 YEARS sumady actually realized how CLEVER Moi is…? Tekking de P!$$ or wat… PATRONIZED he he he!!! Moi tek de BackHanded Compliment wid a pinch a SAUL…


Stricter oversight and scrutiny of the ‘smell of cannabis’ used as sole grounds for stop and search –Stop and searches with grounds solely based on the smell of cannabis will be subjected to London-wide scrutiny panels and body worn video footage is being made available to communities for further scrutiny to ensure officers are not relying on the smell of cannabis alone when deciding to stop and search, and use grounds based on multiple objective factors.2
Research into stop and search using Body Worn Video (BWV) footage – Academic research to be undertaken of a sample of body worn video footage to understand better the nature of stop and search interactions and the behaviour factors of officers or individuals that lead to escalation in the use of force.
Public scrutiny – The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, together with a panel of community members, will scrutinise the work of the MPS. Londoners could also submit questions to be answered by the MPS Commissioner and senior officers. 
Pilot project to review vehicle stops and call for mandatory data collection – The Mayor has asked the MPS to launch a new year-long pilot project to review samples of vehicle stops to identify any disproportionality relating to ethnicity. The Mayor has also written to the Prime Minister to request it be made statutory for the police to collect and publish data on ethnicity for all road traffic stops as part of the Home Office Annual Data Requirement. The letters also asks that the Codes of Practice supporting the Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act – under which street searches are carried out – be extended to cover road traffic stops to more clearly define the limits of the powers. 
Improvements to training and diversity in the MPS include
Developing community-led training for police officers – The MPS has committed to increase community input by default into specific aspects of the training given to new recruits. This will be made possible by City Hall investment of £1m per year.  
Challenging aims for Black police officer recruitment – The MPS want to see as many as 40 per cent of new recruits from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic backgrounds from 2022. The Commissioner has also decided the MPS will immediately re-introduce the London residency criteria for most new recruits and will be supported by £300,000 of City Hall investment to encourage young Black Londoners to consider a career in policing.
Delivery of the Action Plan starts immediately, and City Hall will involve communities in regular meetings to review the progress made towards the Action Plan’s objectives, the first of which will be in February 2021.  

Read the Action Plan  

You can read the Action Plan as a .pdf publication or as an online publication

Read the news release and quotes about the Action Plan.

MOPAC has also produced an Equality Impact Assessment for the Action Plan. Bottom of Form

Mervelee Myers Response Our Decision About Your Complaint

MOPAC Police Complaint Reviews Team

21st Floor West, Empress State Building, Empress Approach, Lille Road, London SW6 1TR

Email: ComplaintReviews@mopac.london.gov.uk

Mervelee Myers will comment on only sections of this document that are relevant. 


Dear Mrs Myers,

Our decision about your complaint

On 14th December 2020 we received your complaint. Thank you for taking the time to raise your concerns with us. You raised concerns about the necessity for your arrest on the 29th November 2020, the use of force used to carry out this arrest, and the lack of protective equipment used by the officers involved, to help keep you COVID safe. MM Updates: How can PC Neil Solliss expect me to treat him with any respect when he gets the first paragraph of his decision wrong? Refer to https://www.lamethcollege.ac.uk   Student of Year Certificate 1997-1999.  

My role was to review your complaint and, in accordance with the Police Reform Act 2002, consider how your complaint should be handled. In reaching this decision I took account of guidance issued by the IOPC on the handling of complaints.

This guidance and other information about complaints handling can be found on the IOPC website at https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk/MM: Let me make it clear that the IOPC is corrupt based on my dealings with Ratna Khanam Our Reference: 2019/119249 and Force Reference: PC/7/19 Casework Manager IOPC Email: ratna.khanam@policeconduct.gov.uk  with the unprofessional conduct.

Where appropriate, this matter has also been considered by the relevant Appropriate Authority (AA), who is an officer or member of staff who has delegated authority from the Commissioner, to approve how your complaint has been handled and the actions I have taken. MM: How about the AA deal with Claim Number: F21YM135 Andrew Truby Lawyer For The Director General IOPC 10 South Colonnade, London, E14 4PU Tel: 020-7166-5046. 

Should your complaint be ‘Logged’? Yes ☒ No ☐

If ‘Logged’, ‘Must’ or ‘Should’ it be recorded under Schedule 3 PRA? Yes ☒ No ☐

If recorded, ‘Must’ or ‘Should’ your complaint be investigated? Yes ☐ No ☒

Relevant Review Body (RRB): MOPAC

Logged and Recorded, handled otherwise than by investigation.

This means that we have ‘Recorded’ your complaint under Schedule 3 PRA but have determined that it does not meet the criteria where it either must or should be subject to a formal investigation. This does not mean that we have not looked into your concerns, but it does mean we have handled your concerns in a reasonable and proportionate manner.

MM:  Please refer to Claim Number: F45YM082 and why I resorted to this measure because of the Hate Crimes of the Police from the time they refuse to act on my concerns about verbal threats. But turned up to section from the malicious report of http://www.peachespublications.co.uk who was groomed by https://www.ryanclement.com,  both of them BLACK.

Complaint Allegation(s) and Officer(s)/Staff identified where relevant.

Complaint Number 1

Allegation Officers identified Holly Sweeney P255654

1 B3-Power to arrest and detain: You were arrested after explaining you couldn’t attend the police station owing to other commitments and weren’t given an opportunity to change the date/time to negate the need for arrest.

2 B4-Use of force: You are complaining about the way in which you were arrested, stating officers acted like hooligans, leaving you bruised, owing to the way you were handled.

Holly Sweeney P255654.  Nikki Wright P240060

3 B9-Other policies and procedures: The officers did not wear or offer any Personal

Protective Equipment when dealing with you, putting you and your family at risk of COVID.

Holly Sweeney P255654.  Nikki Wright P240060. Harry Stack P255641. Ben Godfrey P255842

Reasonable and Proportionate Handling

I have taken the following steps to address your concerns, which I consider to be both reasonable and proportionate in the circumstances, to address the matters described above. MM Updates: The www.collins.co.uk  Definition of Reasonable: 1. Sensible 2. Not excessive 3. Logical.   Definition of Proportionate: Being in proportion.  

Where I have not pursued a particular line of enquiry, this is because I believe this would not be reasonable or proportionate, taking into consideration all of the circumstances. MM: As you can note from the time, I sent the definition of HOOLIGANS to you via email I realise you have not attained the Prime much more the Specific areas of the EYFS www.ofsted.gov.uk  curriculum. 

My actions take account of the guidance provided in the IOPC Focus guide on the reasonable and proportionate handling of complaints.

I have provided a summary of the information obtained as a result of each of the steps taken.

In order to deal with your complaint, I have reviewed the following documents:

 Your original complaint.

 An email chain between you and I, dated 7th to 14th January 2021 (where you have detailed your concerns further).

 A copy of the custody record from when you arrived at custody and where your

detention was authorised – reference: 01MS/5510/20.

 The Crime record relating to the offence you were arrested in connection with –

Reference: CRIS 3031780/20

 The incident log relating to your arrest, otherwise known as a computer aided dispatch (CAD) record 5862/29NOV20.

 A statement completed by the arresting officer PC Holly Sweeney on the 30th

November 2020, whilst the incident would have been still fresh in her mind.

 A use of force form completed by the assisting officer PC Nikki Wright.

 Body Worn Video (BWV) footage of attending officers, PC Holly Sweeney, PC Nikki

Wright, PC Harry Stack and PC Ben Godfrey.

 Linked crime record 3033060 20, relating to a similar incident between you and the

same alleged victim.

 Linked custody record 01LD/8600/20, relating to your arrest for the separate incident.

 I have not spoken with the officers as I was able to draw inference from the video footage which was clear and audible.

Crime report 3031780/20 was recorded on the 16th November 2020, relating to an allegation of criminal damage which occurred Sunday 15th November 2020 whereby you were named suspect for the offence.

Police have an obligation to investigate all allegations of crime in a reasonable way, and to

remain impartial in any investigative process.

As a named suspect, police recognise that your account is fundamental in helping prove and disprove the allegations against you, so an important and often essential part of the investigative progress. It is also essential to recognise that obtaining your account runs a risk where your answers may incriminate you, so in order to protect you, you are awarded certain rights, details of which can be found in the police codes of practice (C), contrary to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE). I attach a link to this record for your attention here:

Usual practice when dealing with named suspects is for the officer in the case (OIC) to make attempts to deal with the suspect within 48 hours prior to being circulated as a wanted person on the Police National Computer (PNC).

MM Updates: Here are my websites: https://www.google.com  Search Engine will send you to my WordPress and https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site.  Here are my YouTube: 1. My Website: http://www.youtube.com/Channel/UCBcqloBmT16XFBLAOPdvtFw  Custom URL https://www.youtube.com/c/RattyNembhardGaGaStreetRebel  at your service from 2012. Number 2: https://myaccount.google.com/b/107858638420456774272/email   recently. 

The crime report shows PC Holly Sweeney was assigned as the OIC on the 17th November 2020. MM: Why did PC Sweeney failed to act from the date she was assigned? Please refer to http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352  for why I will take the Police to pieces for their Hate Crimes against me from 30/10/2017.  

In your complaint, you have stated that you received a phone call from some who sounded female and introduced themselves as a police officer on the 29th November 2020, asking you to attend Walworth Police Station on the 1st December at 10am. You explained you could not attend at this given time, owing to a pre-arranged Drs Appointment where you were booked in to get a “flu jab”. During the conversation of trying to get the officer to compromise, she called you a “criminal” and hung up.

As an organisation, we are fully aware that we police by consent and are victim focused but not victim led. As a named suspect, the OIC had already passed the 2-day recommended period to try and speak to you before circulating you as a wanted person, meaning time had already been given where possible evidence could be concealed, and an alibi or defence devised. MM: Please refer to websites and YouTube for why in treating a Building better than MERVELEE MYERS the Police is covering up https://www.southwarknews.co.uk/news/coronavirus-london-early-years-nurseries-unite/#.XpQfd4vU6lc.mailto and the Reviews online and conversation in one of my videos with a parent near to BIB LEYF.   

In her statement dated 30th November 2020, PC Sweeney confirmed being the officer who called you, stating “I explained she was an outstanding suspect (Not a criminal as you state) MM: Here again is Racial Profiling to be found in https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 and that she needed to visit Walworth Police Station for an interview”. PC Sweeney described your response as very calm initially, where you stated you had a doctor’s appointment at 10:30hrs so the date would not suit you. MM: PC Sweeney is a LIAR and must be related to some of those involved with www.leyf.org.uk  terrorism after I got back from burying my mother. My stories are on https://www.facebook.com  PAGES which are PUBLIC. PC Sweeney then states “I tried to suggest some other dates, however, Mrs Myers declined this invitation and started screaming down the phone, saying she wouldn’t be visiting a police station. Her manner was very aggressive, and this is what led to the arrest enquiry”. MM: Why did I call the Number on 30/11/2020 then? For there to be no ambiguity, I recorded the call and in the Public Domain as my Defensive Practice against the Police who turned TERRORIST from, they visited my home on 30/10/2017. Refer to www.ico.org.uk  SAR 2018. There are other videos in the Public Domain supporting my arguments that the Police is colluding with LEYF to use updated Immigration Law to deport anyone with a Criminal Record to their country of origin in 6 months instead of 12 months. That is why Inspector Patel keep commenting about how FIT I am and if I have a “British Passport?”

What this means is although PC Sweeney was under no obligation to change the required date and time, she was willing and attempted to be reasonable in finding alternative appointments for you to attend a police station for an interview.  MM: Why is it stated in paragraph 1 that my arrest was on the 29/11/2020? What was the date and time I was given over the phone on 29/11/2020 and why did PC Sweeney and her THUGS turn up at my house on 30/11/2020? Let me tell you, to MURDER me and claimed I committed SUICIDE under the Mental Health Act 2015. I was already made a victim of www.hctgroup.org  Statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. Unfortunately, her suggestions were met with your refusal, which is evidence to suggest you would not come freely, meaning your arrest would now be necessary, in order to investigate the allegation promptly and effectively.

MM Updates: What was PC Holly Sweeney doing from she was assigned the case 17/11/2020 to calling me 29/11/2020 to attending my home 30/11/2020? May I say making plans to MURDER me under cover of June O’Sullivan 14 LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture. Well, it was at www.aoug.org.uk  Lecture October 2015 it was revealed to me how June O’Sullivan turned psychopath and sanctioned discrimination against me. Contrary to s.24 (5) PACE, details of which can be found here:


CAD5862/29NOV11 shows PC Sweeney generated an arrest enquiry for your arrest at approximately 7:14hrs on the 29th November 2020, recording your arrest as necessary for a prompt and effective investigation and to prevent any further damage to property.  MM: Refer to the Reviews online and www.personnelconsultancy.com  letter to Employment Tribunal LondonSouthET@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk  about submitting Additional Witness Statement when I got hold of the 3 Reviews about the abuses at LEYF during the Adjournment since the ET claim am not a credible witness. The rest of this document will show how the ET/EAT LondonEAT@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk are guilty of breaching the Rules of Law when Justice Ingrid Simler who sent my claims to the EAT Disabilities with caveats joined Judge Shanks and Judicial Ombudsman Paul Kernaghan saying I made up disabilities. The www.judicialombudsman.gov.uk was another using the Rules of Law against me. Yet Justice Simler was in the www.express.co.uk advocating on behalf of CRIMINALS not to be DEPORTED to Jamaica. Now the Police is involved in making me out to be a criminal after I was threatened with Criminal Record by http://universal-credit.service.gov.uk/journal/add-journal-entry-write-content/SERVICE_ISSUES/

This log shows no arrest enquiry was carried out that evening and at approximately 2:35pm on the 30th November 2020, the record shows you had been arrested. MM: Can the Intellectual Imbeciles who provided this report explain the discrepancies in the first paragraph to here? I studied 2004 – 2010 with www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies  and worked in partnerships with Communities of Practices.  I was published in www.nurseryworld.co.uk in July 2011 and represented LEYF as a consultant at Mark Allen Group. On http://skynews.co.uk on 5/9/2011. Meet government Ministers and represented LEYF at www.respublica.org.uk Clubbing Together: The Hidden Wealth of Communities ResPublica. Work in partnership with http://communityplaythings.co.uk from 2012 to 2016 when they changed because of LEYF.

BWV shows all attending officers including PC Sweeney who was a double crew unit with PC Harry Stack. Also assigned was a marked police van unit, staffed by PC Nikki Wright and PC Ben Godfrey. MM: Why was a being treated differently from LEYF staff who discriminated against me from the time I returned from burying my mother?

The image shows you open your front door and invite the officers in, before walking back into your home, allowing the door to close behind you. MM: What is the purpose of saying allowing the door to close behind me if you stated I invited them in? I done International Theatre Of Oppressed training with www.cardboardcitizens.org.uk  and they sponsored me for training at www.morleycollege.ac.uk  too. Must state I was sponsored by http://unison.org.uk for the Health & Social Care Level 2 course at the Open University because at some point this will be relevant. The officers entered and eventually located you in the front room on the ground floor, sat at a computer at the far end of a room.

MM: Is Neil Solliss saying they visited Alma Grove without doing checks to find out which house I live in? So, did the Officers went upstairs as this Stupid Person is alluding to? Here is the proof that PC Holly Sweeney did not do any investigations and relied on Racial Profiling and Hate Crimes from the ET/EAT Judgments to visit my home to MURDER me to claim I committed SUICIDE. Where is the far end of the room located? For the information of this RACIST IGNORANT Police, at the window where I looked out and see the Police on the visits to my home 30/10/2017, 30/11/2020 and 1/12/2020.  For your information I was homeless because of Domestic Abuse and rescued by www.hfw.org.uk  so why should the Police get away with coming to TERRORIZE me?  

You appeared to be actively engaged with the computer and completely disregard the officers, avoiding any eye contact whilst facing away, seemingly unaffected by their attendance. MM: More reference of Racial Profiling as I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator. I discussed my intentions with Professor Tony Bertram EECERA https://www.eecera.org  and Dr Chris Pascal OBE www.crec.co.uk  at LEYF Big Childcare Conversation 19/9/2015. I was endorsed on https://www.linkedin.com  where I was an INFLUENCER. Can PC Solliss have a guess at why I am refused access to my account?  

PC Sweeney then informed you of the allegation and you remained disengaged. MM: Definition of Disengage: Release from a connection. Can PC Solliss explain this for me to understand please.  If PC Sweeney was not illiterate and ignorant, she would not have gotten herself in this situation. Why did she not offer me a copy of the first interview?  She continued to inform you that you were under arrest and fully cautioned you and yet you remained focused on your screen and appeared to ignore PC Sweeney and the important information she was explaining to you.

MM: All am saying is PC Sweeney is not even a good LIAR. Can this stupid person go back to read my complaint and any other materials relevant to this case? After inviting them in my home, I was relieved they had come because no one answered the phone and by this time the triggers for my PTSD were exacerbated www.healthmanltd.com  advised me to seek CBT to find out why I react to certain situations the way I do when I was sent on Medical Suspension in breach of the Contract I signed on 7/10/2009. Here is I know more about Parkinson’s disease than most… 3/4/2015 when I was on Medical Suspension in breach of the Contract I signed. Other websites used my publications. My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s Disease – Updated 17/8/2017 https://plus.google.com/100939131463790195264/posts/YoJDpGvhGMG published on my website and Social Media. PC Sweeney suggested you would benefit from putting on some shoes and you told her you would not be going with her, telling her you have a doctor’s appointment the next day at 2:30pm, (a different time to that you provided by phone).

MM: Please go back to previous paragraphs to see how you are contradicting yourself. My 10-year-old grandson would do a better job than you. I was a www.jbsf.org.uk  Basic School Teacher in Jamaica. PC Wright tried to assure you that you would be released before then, so would not affect your appointment.

MM: Since LEYF set out to destroy me  www.nelsonmandela.org  and www.nelsonmandeladay.com  and archive.nelsonmandela.org  “It is so easy to break down and destroy. The heroes are those who make peace and build.” Nelson Mandela during the 6th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, Walter Sisulu Square, Kliptown, Soweto, South Africa, 12 July 2008. The year I had the first nervous breakdown after the death of my brother with Colon Cancer. After which I joined www.cruk.org  Race For Life.

You maintained your stance, saying she can interview you in your home. PC Sweeney explained this was not possible and you began to use your phone.

MM: More proof of how the Police intention was to MURDER me. Evidence to support my argument was day after the ET ended at www.nurseryworld.co.uk   Show 2017 I was stalked by 2 White Men on behalf of Liz Roberts Editor of Nursery World Magazine who excluded me from Nursery World FORUM on LinkedIn where I was an INFLUENCER. I was the one doing the talking asking if they come to interview me. That’s when PC Sweeney shouted, they were here to arrest me. I turned around to get a letter about the Meeting at Southwark Police Station and she said she was not here for that either. Anyone with any sense knows that Phones are locked, and codes must be keyed in. I picked up my phone and was told am not allowed to use it, and I put it down.  Refer to www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/  for clarifications as I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety in 2006 because I do not have Medical Diagnosis for www.parkinsons.org.uk  in my DNA and later found out I have Atypical Parkinsonism.   

One of the female officers reminded you that as you were under arrest, you were advised to stop using your electronic devises and PC Nikki Wright explains to you that if you do not cooperate by going with the officers freely, they will have to use force and you replied telling her they’d have to drag you.

MM: Obviously, this is from the visits of the 2 PCs who visited my home on 1/12/2020. I have no conversations with any other Officer inside my house except PC Holly Sweeney on the 30/11/2020. Everything happened in a flash. Because 3 ICT Equipment were left on until I returned home. The 2 PCs who visited on 1/12/2020 were the ones acting like hooligans until I told them I would not allow them to treat me how I was on 30/11/2020. When my husband asks me to turn off the ICT they said I didn’t have time but I insisted and they calm down after I informed them I know my RIGHTS www.victimsupport.org.uk  in 2000 when I ran to Brixton Police Station 367 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7DD Tel: 0207-326-1212 Crime Reference: 1239892/00B Reported 8/9/200. Walworth Police Station Crime Reference Number: 30132321/04 Southwark Police Tel: 0207-233-6633 Date: 12/4/2004 for support. As can be verified from the second interview when PC Holly Sweeney referred to my Meeting at Southwark Police Station. I made clear I lost trust in the Police.  I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers   “The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds.”

You then got up out of your seat and made a clear attempt to leave the room, trying to walk straight past the officers whilst shouting that you wished to speak with your husband. MM: As I have said the Officers did not have many interactions with me except for PC Sweeney I won’t swear, I have not been arrested before, so therefore is/was unaware of the “Arrest Procedures” and these were not explained to me. All I can say if this were the case why did one of the Officers not explain they would have to accompany me to speak to my husband? The 2 Officers who came on the 1/12/2020 explained one would have to accompany me to the toilet and put her foot in the door in case I escaped. When my husband questioned this, I told him she was doing her job. PC HOLLY SWEENEY and her TERRORIST THUGS are LIARS, and this is the Queen’s Language www.ofsted.gov.uk  use of Mother Tongue. 

 It is clear from the image you were aware you were under arrest and were being obstructive, and resistive to the arrest. At this time, you had been informed you were under arrest and fully cautioned and you had made it clear you would not be cooperating. You were now making attempts to walk off and both officers stopped you by holding you by your arms whilst you continue to scream out for your husband and attempt to break free. The officers then place you into handcuffs and PC Wright asked you to stop resisting explaining to you that it would not hurt if you assisted rather than resisted. In her use of force notes, PC Wright has stated “female was actively resisting arrest and trying to leave the room. MM: I refuse to waste my time with IDIOTS and refer you to http://www.radar-cns.org  as I was a participant in Mental Health Research.

She was struggling with officers and tensing up, making her difficult to restrain. MM: Definition of Tense 1. Emotionally strained 2. Stretched tight 3. Make or become tense. Can these IDIOTS go back to all I have written and consult http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk  for why I complained about HHJ Parfitt. Because I had to call the Ambulance out on 3/9/2020 because I could not control the SHAKES in my body.  My history about the role POLICE played in my PTSD is in the Public Domain. The fact my brother done a CRIMINAL ACT and waited in CHURCH for the POLICE would give an idea about our relationship with Police. We were brought up to RESPECT their AUTHORITY. Finally, one of my brothers was a Police Officer and I helped with his test.

Force was used to apply handcuffs to secure her, thus protecting officers and assisting the arrest and preventing disappearance. MM: These Officers obviously need COUNSELLING as they were unable to carry out the MURDER they got paid for and suffering Delusions of Grandeur. At the Nursery World Show 2018 I was assaulted by a Young White Girl wearing LEYF shirt who tried to grab my phone. I did not know her, but I managed to get photos when I noticed her taking an interest in me. I walked away and when she didn’t get my phone, she ran off in the next direction saying she was going to call Security. I was not the aggressor, she was. The next day I paid to go to June O’Sullivan’s Seminar to ascertain which of my Intellectual Property she was making money from. That is when the plot to get me taken away unfolded. I did not go back to the Nursery World Show after, it had become a Hostile Environment where my PTSD can be triggered and exacerbated to make me a victim. That is exactly what happened when the www.met.police.uk  send the TERRORIST THUGS of Holly Sweeney, Nikki Wright, Harry Stack and Ben Godfrey to carry out what LEYF Brown NOSERS had not managed before. But why did they make so many blunders, because of my Parents GOD protecting me https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/?  

Whilst struggling with the female, she took hold of the handle of my Taser, so I used pain compliance techniques on her fingers to release her grip”. 

MM: It is obvious who needs to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act 2015. Can I get explanation for how I was struggling with the female and took hold of the handle of my Taser at the same time? Considering by now my Chronic Anxiety would have been triggered and I would be SHAKING and unable to function, normally. It is obvious this person who made this statement is a CONTRACT KILLER and I missed ending up like George Floyd on 30/11/2020 in my home. Because no one would be able to give a different account from these PSYCHOPATHS. I wrote Open Letters to 2 https://www.gov.uk  Prime Minister. David Cameron’s intervention led me to gain qualifications and I would like to include websites for the benefit of these IDIOTS. Unit 3: Equality, Diversity, And Inclusion In Work With Children And Young People.


1. Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity – www.creid.ed.ac.uk

2. Department for Education – www.education.gov.uk

3. Equality and Human Rights Commission – www.equalityhumanrights.com

4. Inclusion – www.inclusion.ngfl.gov.uk

5. Teachernet – www.teachernet.gov.uk  as part of LSA Training. 

It was Theresa May Government that rejected https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards  that we can have Police Officers coming to my house to MURDER me and making up such an excuse about me grabbing Taser and having to use force to get my fingers off. Sometimes my fingers do not even work. Once again PREMEDITATED and why Sergeant Patel keep referring to “How FIT” I am/was. Racial Profiling for the Intellectual Imbeciles.     

She has further stated that her use of force powers came from s.3 Criminal Law Act 1967 and provide a link to the full details of this act here:


PC Sweeney has explained in her statement “PC Wright and I tried to verbally stop her walking past, but Mrs Myers raised the tone of her voice and continued to push passed us. MM: My MAD HEAD now my PTSD was triggered says as soon as I got up off the chair, I was grabbed by 3 Officers and handcuffed. I started calling Tom when I was grabbed by the 3 Officers because by this time I was in a PANIC and fearing for my life. My husband was not aware of what was happening in the living room until the male Officer went to the kitchen to ask if he is Tom. By this time, I was taken to the van. The male Officer came out after to sit in the van with me. Whilst the Females were in the house. My husband told me later than PC Sweeney searched my bedroom.   

I stopped this by taking hold of her and then placing her in handcuffs to help take her to the police station” She has referred to s.117 PACE, details of which are provided in this link here:


I can see from the image that you had clearly made attempts to obstruct the constables and resist arrest and any force used to secure you was reasonable and necessary. It is clear you would not have gone with the officers freely and only once secured with handcuffs, did you stop resisting, confirming to me the effectiveness of placing you in handcuffs. I am satisfied the officers would not have been able to secure you safely had you not been handcuffed. MM: The Equality Act 2010 The Equality Act prohibits discrimination against people with a disability, whether this is physical or mental impairment. The impairment is expected to last 12 months or more and impacts substantially on a person’s day to day activities. LEYF and the Judiciary of England & Wales, the Metropolitan Police amongst other individuals and organisations are responsible for denying me my ENTITLEMENT after the death of my mother. Refer to JA https://youtu.be/NwdExddlilw and My Song https://photos.app.goo.le/SY7mJqQXF3WL3HV4A and more on YouTube. Section 60 of the Equality Act 2010 relates to the use of health questions during recruitment exercises. I adhere to the Contract I signed but Disclosures in my FILE used to trigger my PTSD. I have been refused access to my FILE and LEYF claim not have any data for me. Yet LEYF using my data from the time my email was used to make online DBS application.    

The BWV shows you walking with the officers to the caged area of the van where you were placed inside. Whilst being placed inside, I heard you say words like “these are squeezing”. Although it isn’t clear what you were referring to, I feel it is reasonable to assume you were referring to the handcuffs. The only officer who appears to demonstrate any sign of hearing you is PC Sweeney who responds with “mmm mmm”, a verbal sound I recognise as meaning “yes, I hear you”.

MM: Is this not proof of disrespecting me and falls under the Protected Characteristics of the Equality Act 2010.

However, she continued to allow you into the van making no attempts to check the handcuffs. This in itself could be considered as a failing to look after you whilst under her care, however, when placed into the handcuffs just a couple of minutes prior to this, PC Sweeney has confirmed in her statement that the handcuffs had been checked for tightness and double locked to prevent them tightening further, and BWV supports this. This means she had considered your welfare and I am confident this would not have changed in this short period of time from you being placed in handcuffs to being walked to the van.

MM: May I refer this stupid person to the Equality Act and do the research at http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com as Holly Sweeney and her TERRORIST THUGS did not stop to find out about my disabilities.

Although rigid handcuffs can cause discomfort, I am satisfied they were checked to confirm they would not cause any unnecessary harm or discomfort other than that which is unavoidable, so do not feel it was necessary for her to check these once again, so soon after. MM 18/3/2021: What will MOPAC come up with considering SARAH EVERARD kidnap and murder? Let me say I told the male Officer who was sat in the van the handcuffs were hurting me, first time am aware of saying it. But if PC Sweeney’s response to hearing me saying it means there were no due regards about my welfare considering COVID-19 and the implications.  Let me direct you to www.southwark.gov.uk/covidsupport  and covidsupport@southwark.gov.uk  for why PC Sweeney did not care about my welfare because I was not expected to be alive to tell any tales like SARAH EVERARD. She never asked me about any disabilities and when I was in the van parked at Walworth Police Station I started SHAKING and that is when she flippantly asked, “By the way Mervelee do you have any COVID symptoms?” I said is that not too late to be asking. I was SHAKING because I was half naked and my PTSD was triggered. I explained to the male Officer who I called over to inform him I had to call the Ambulance out on 3/9/2020 because I could not control the shakes. What ensued after is in my complaint, I will not repeat myself.  Must I direct your attention to Section 60 of the Equality Act 2010 and http://www.acas.org/uk/earlyconciliation  that I tried.  The United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. After taking away my job which affected my mental and physical disabilities LEYF made attempts on my life. The final by the POLICE on 30/11/2020.

BWV shows the officers continued to show a duty of care towards you and your husband after your arrest too. PC Wright returned to your home once you were secured in the van, and she spoke with your husband to confirm he would be safe if left and asked for any medication you may need whilst detained.

MM: My husband told me it was only the male Officer who spoken to him when he came in the kitchen. The 2 Females did not talk to him and did not come in the kitchen. Tom only knew what was happening when the male PC went to the kitchen. My husband said he made toast for me at the time. He said PC Sweeney was in my bedroom searching.  The Police entered my home thinking I was on my own, not aware my husband was here.  Refer to the REVIEWS online for the impact of ABUSE on children, parents, and employees.

Custody record 01MS/5510/20 details you are arriving at approximately 2:56pm (23 minutes after arrest), and the log shows your detention being authorised. This means the custody sergeant who is independent of the investigation, but there to ensure your needs are met, has confirmed your arrest to be necessary. The use of force has also been logged, along with any medical concerns, and the record shows there to be no immediate concerns regarding any marks from the handcuffs.

MM:  Apart from the Nurse who else had any conversation with me about my injuries? PC Holly Sweeney asked how I was feeling. I told her like punching someone, but I do not do physical, I use Passive Aggressive Behaviours and had actually been provoked when I told the male PC about the last time, I had to call the Ambulance on the 3/9/2020 and again 8/9/2020 when I was feeling SUICIDAL for the first time. Because of the sudden death of my neighbour who was someone I could relate to when I was feeling down. I write, and they would star in their own show. Before I was taken into the Station, did I ask to use the toilet? When was I allowed to do so? Did they find out about any disabilities? Refer to www.diabestes.org.uk  and www.desmond-project.org.uk  and www.heal-d.co.uk  too. 

In your email dated 12th January 21, you informed me your GP had a record of your verbal account relating to bruising you received to your arms. In my email dated the 13th January 21, I asked you to confirm your GP had not seen any injury, explaining it would not be necessary to gain this document, as it would not confirm an injury, just your account, so would be no different than you giving me a description directly, rather than your GP giving me your account indirectly. I also asked for any photo evidence you had, relating to these injuries. You replied and confirmed the GP had not seen the injuries but referred me to obtain the images from the GP as you had submitted images so they should be on your record. I reminded you that I would require you to provide me with these images directly and this is because I do not consider it reasonable to request these images from your GP as this would prolong this outcome unnecessarily and also use up time from your GP’s surgery by asking them to provide details you already have.

MM: WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION ME ABOUT MY CREDIBILITY WHILST ALLOWING THOSE PAID ASSASSINS TO GET TOGETHER TO MAKE UP THIS REPORT? No different from Judiciary of England & Wales Career Criminals. Here are the contacts for the GP NHS Decima Street Surgery & Artesian Health Centre, 6 Decima Street, London, SE1 4QX. Tele: 020-7403-3618 decimastreetsurgery.co.uk   Full list of partners can be found at www.princessstreetgrouppractice.co.uk/practice-information/nexus-health-group-partners/.    Office   

At this time, you have not provided me with any images and because your GP would only be able to provide the verbal account you have already given, I do not feel it necessary to speak with your GP as I would only be interested in what he knows and not what he’s been told. Because I have nothing other than your account and the custody record to compare this against, I am satisfied any bruising would have been unavoidable owing to your behaviour which I witnessed on BWV.

 MM: Once more you are using RACIAL PROFILING and let me remind you about the ET/EAT Judgments and the Protected Characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 and refer to my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site  where you will be named as a RACIST bigot who discriminate on all grounds. 

Furthermore, science recognises force to be when two objects interact, creating a force upon one and other. It is fair to suggest that your force of resistance was met with the officer’s force to restrain you and not the other way around. 

MM: For your benefit refer to http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352  Behavioural Sciences… As it backs up my arguments about the POLICE OFFICERS operating as PAID ASSASSINS under cover of the IOPC Policies and Procedures. MM 18/3/2021: Like the force of the Serving Police Officer who is charged with kidnapping and murdering SARAH EVERARD? 

I am sorry to hear you suffered bruising but must remind you that it is important you comply with officers and their instructions and not to physically resist, and any concerns you have, can be looked into in due process, such as the complaint system you have since chosen.

MM: The entire https://www.gov.uk  Legal Systems are CORRUPT. Let me list them 1. HMCTS: JCIO http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk  2. BSB www.barstandardsboard.org.uk  3. SRA www.sra.org.uk  4. CCMCC www.moneyclaim.gov.uk  5. CESLtd www.courtenforcementserviceltd.co.uk …  MM:  Is this depraved Neil Solliss is of the same opinion about the above sentence after the murder of SARAH EVERARD?

If there was any doubt regarding the necessity to arrest you, it would be fair to question why PC Sweeney felt arrest was necessary to prevent further damage. MM: May I remind you about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. Here is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g because I will be focusing on my Fight4justice campaign, and the Police will feature in them. MM: Now we have SARAH EVERARD closer to home. I was arrested on the 30/11/2020. What does this say about the Ignorance of those involved in covering LEYF ABUSE and possibly PAEDOPHILE RINGS? 

Crime report 3033060/20 shows a separate allegation of criminal damage, reported on the morning of your arrest, and prior to your arrest, where it was alleged that on the 28th November 20 (The day before PC Sweeney phoned you), you re-attended the location of the previously reported crime and committed a second act of criminal damage. MM: Am going to tell you in my Mother Tongue that you ARE A RASSKLAAT LYING LIKKLE DUTTY BOY for making this statement and I will make a video dedicated to this alone with all my Defensive Practice. Let me deal with the fact I was called after 5 0’Clock on 29/11/2020 a Sunday. This time would be dark so I would not be out of my house at this time. I have records of contacts with my family abroad as well as my stepson. On the 30/11/2020 I called the number and did a recording which was posted online. Therefore, the Police just DEFAMED my character and believe me those involved will be named from 30/10/2017.

This shows PC Sweeney to be forward thinking in her decision making, albeit a little late. MM 18/3/2021: Is this why the Police failed to act about concerns raised about the Police Officer who is charged with the murder of SARAH EVERARD? My Defensive Practice is in cyberspace for all to know how I have been targeted after the death of my mother.

I am satisfied this was a legitimate reason to arrest you. MM: In due course it will be proven why PC Sweeney failed to carry out any investigations as can be revealed from the REVIEWS and why the MEDIA and HMCTS covering for LEYF.  MM 18/3/2021: It is sad that SARAH EVERARD has to become the sacrifice for the world to wake up about Police RACISM and BRUTALITY of the VULNERABLE.

When addressing this time frame, I can see this 2nd report was made to police approximately 7-8 hours prior to PC Sweeney arresting you.  MM 18/3/2021: The bungle by the Police is evidence of why I was treated this way. As can be proven I am charged on the 15/11/2020 when I walked past BIB going about my legitimate business.

It would be reasonable to suggest that if PC Sweeney was aware of this 2nd incident, you could have been further arrested for this at the same time, reducing the necessity to arrest you again at a later date, something you state in your complaint you aren’t happy about. MM: Visit my websites and YouTube to find out PC Sweeney is a DUMB BIMBO who is like LEYF Leaders-Manager unable to string 3 words together to form a SENTENCE. She might be part of LEYF ABUSE RINGS in the reviews online. Unfortunately, you are hardly any better than her.  Refer to https://www.macmillan.org.uk as I appeared in the Facebook Advertisement. I am all over the web see www.itv.com/london page one for Windrush 70. Why do you think I was page 1 and Theresa May was page 2? Find June O’Sullivan online making a fool of herself.  

As the arresting officer, PC Sweeney would have needed to conduct enquiries including a check on the PNC, to confirm you have no other outstanding matters. MM 18/3/2021: Is this why the Serving Police Officer can get away with kidnapping and murdering SARAH EVERARD?

As mentioned previously, the PNC cannot be updated for 48 hours, because the OIC must first make other attempts to deal with you before circulating you nationally as a wanted person. MM 18/3/2021: Is this why the Police making sure I cannot contact them by not taking incoming calls? 

I am satisfied PC Sweeney would not have been aware of this 2nd incident from conducting a PNC check so cannot hold her to account for this. MM: Delaying tactics used to cover up my intended MURDER refer to my contributions in www.express.co.uk  Mental Health CRUSADE. Find Owen Pyle in the Daily Express for his boasting on https://www.twitter.com that since suspended my account. This was about an incident at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Another system police use to carry out checks is recognised to police as the Integrated Information Platform (IIP). This is an internal police search engine system which cross references many other police software, including the system used to record crime (CRIS) records. MM 18/3/2021: Is this why none of my complaints were addressed by the Police from the time I called about Winsome Duncan and Barrister Ryan Clement verbal abuse? But coming to SECTION me on their malicious report on 30/10/20217?

It is fair to say a check on this system should show any outstanding crime reports where you are named as a suspect, however, this system updates approximately every 24 hours, and because the crime report was recorded within 24 hours of your arrest, this report would not have shown in any search either. MM: How about checking my videos of the date I arranged the Meeting with Owen Pyle, Tammie Tebboth and Kevin Webster at Southwark Police Station. What happened will convict the POLICE as RACISTS and HATERS against BLACK PEOPLE and WOMEN with DISABILITIES like how they visited my home 2 times 30/10/2017 and 30/12/2020. Is this coincidence?

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. I’m sure arrest cannot be a pleasant experience so having to endure this twice in as many days must have been very upsetting for you. MM 18/3/2021: Is this why 2 Police Officers come to my house on 8/2/2021 to ask me if I was involved in any CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES in the past 12 months? This is my Crime Report: 4153/08Feb21 when I recorded 2 BUMBLING IDIOTS with their consent in line with GDPR 2018.

Sadly, I cannot look to any officer to find fault, but rather an outdated system which I’m sure most officers would happily have updated. MM: The outdated System that cost GEORGE FLOYD his life I suppose?

Sadly, constant budget cuts means that police have to remain with such equipment until upgrades can be issued and hope this goes some way as to explaining why you were arrested twice. MM: I will hold www.metpolice.uk  for tracking down those mentioned in the REVIEWS online and those from my ET/EAT Cases and arrest them forthwith for ABUSES to children, young people, and vulnerable adults.  

In the meantime, I will make sure the Police involved from 2017 when they came to my home to section me on a malicious report. The definition of DEFAME Attack the good reputation of. The POLICE is responsible with LEYF known ABUSERS and Winsome Duncan and Ryan Clement known SCAMMERS for ruining my career and destroying 28 years of my life. My Mental and Physical Health affected and a PRISONER in my home denied my ENTITLEMENT and since COVID-19 unable to carry out normal day to day activities. MM 18/3/2021: I have not heard from the Police who told me they would contact me in 10 days. Who is the Police blaming for their NEGLIGENCE in having a Serving Member of the Police Service charged with the murder of SARAH EVERARD?  

I can see from the BWV that no officer had been wearing any Personal Protective Equipment (face masks and gloves), when attending your address. MM:  Refer to the REVIEWS online to know how ABUSERS operate. The CEO-MBE June O’Sullivan showed how she lost her “Mask of Sanity” from the time she started getting rid of the Women in Leadership with Karen Walker in 2013. She became a psychopath in control of a diverse workforce where she can practice becoming a “Disruptive Influence”. Neil Solliss is a LIAR saying he can see anything on BWV. The Officers did not put their BWV on like how they did not use PPE because I was not expected to be alive. I would be SARAH EVERARD who would not be heard about.

It has been made clear to all AS officers on a regular basis that officers must wear these and offer these in situations where close contact cannot be avoided. It is reasonable to suggest officers conducting an arrest enquiry would be aware close contact would be required so find it hard to see how or why officers attending your home, would not have considered this. MM 18/3/2021: Neil Solliss is so ignorant reminds me of why I was doing the job of 4 Employees at LEYF then June O’Sullivan decided to destroy me because I am/was more popular than her on Social Media and the internet.

Not only do they put a risk on you and those in your home, but they also put risk on themselves and their colleagues and families too. MM 18/3/2021: They did not care because I was to be DEAD like SARAH EVERARD.

Although this would not have been a legal requirement at the time the officers attended your home, this was a police policy and police officers are reminded to follow powers and policies. MM 18/3/2021: Refer to the ET/EAT Judgement and how every Rules of Law was breached. Hiding my Medical Reports and claiming I made up disabilities. 

I have spoken with the officer’s line manager who has identified this as an isolated matter so feel it is appropriate, I ask him to address this matter in a manner he feels appropriate and thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

MM Updates: Won’t waste my time because you people are DEAD walking and only interested in collecting ASSASSIN Money from www.leyf.org.uk. Same reason all my claims do not strike out sent to Central London County Court for Designated Civil Judge to impose Restraint Order. Turns out HHJ Marc Dight had a misconduct and HHJ Parfitt replaced him. Watch this space as my Fight4justice continue until am DEAD.


Schedule 3 Proportionate handling

Allegation Number 1 

Officer Wt. No. P255654

Allegations Decision Service provided acceptable Action debrief of original incident. 

Rationale: The officer in the case has made attempts to deal with an investigation by way of interview without arrest, however, you have made it clear you would not attend without arrest and furthermore, were alleged to have committing further offences, supporting a further need to arrest you, to prevent further damage. MM: You are nothing more than ILLITERATE person unable to read to the levels of the EYFS.

MM 18/3/2021: As borne out in charging me for 15/11/2020 when I walked past BIB going about my legitimate business will prove that in addition to the issuing of ECRO. The Judiciary of England and Wales and Criminal Justice System have embarked on DISCRIMINATION on all grounds in breach of the Protected  Characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 to target me.

2 P255654.  P240060 Service provided acceptable explanation provided.

Rationale: The officer has clearly verbalised to you that you were under arrest and under caution. You were given a reasonable opportunity to comply with instructions to go with the officers but resisted this by attempting to walk away, requiring the officers to restrain you in order to secure you. MM: Am sure you are wishing you had not done a report like this. What were the Officers doing at my home on the 30/11/2020? I was asked to come to Walworth Police Station on 1/12/2020 at 10:00PM? How about making the BWV available?

3 P255654. P240060. P255641. P255842 Service provided not acceptable Informal action by line manager. MM 18/3/2021: For all I know if this Manager is anything like those at LEYF who were involved in the discrimination. I am positive that Holly Sweeney will end murdering a VULNERABLE person like the Officer charged with SARAH EVERARD and the manager will give her a pat on the back for a job well done. Am calling for him/her to be investigated too. 

Rationale: The officers have attended your home with the understanding they were there to carry out an arrest, meaning close contact would be likely and unavoidable. No officer has made any conscious effort to adhere to police policy which is to wear PPE in such cases and to offer this to you too. The line manager knows of no other incidences regarding this and will take action as their line manager to prevent repeat occurrences. MM: Is it any wonder SAFEGUARDING is not prioritise and abuses in the REVIEWS are covered up. 


Throughout the handling of this complaint, we have carefully considered whether there are any opportunities for learning or improvement.

Learning identified? Yes X

If yes, details are:

All officers have entered your home, equipped with Personal Protection Equipment, to help fight the COVID related pandemic. There have been many internal reminders for officers to insure they wear face coverings and gloves where close proximity is unavoidable. Officers are reminded to offer this protection to the people they are dealing with. It is clear from the image this did not happen and as an isolated incident, I have decided to inform the officer’s line manager, to deal with this matter in the way they feel appropriate, to prevent further occurrences. MM: You will be starring on my YouTube for DEFAMATION of character and taking LEYF Money to come to my home to MURDER me.

Your right to a review


If you think you have a reason for this decision to be reviewed, the Relevant Review body

is the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). You have 29 days from the date of

this letter to make your appeal. The 29th day is 15th February 2021. Appeals received after

29 days may not be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances.


MOPAC Police Complaint Reviews Team

21st Floor West, Empress State Building, Empress Approach, Lillie Road, London, SW6 1TR.

Name, Rank / Grade: PC Neil Solliss

Unit: Professional Standards Unit, As BCU

Name of Appropriate Authority: Inspector Nikki Babb

GDPR – Any personal data submitted in the course of making a complaint will be processed and used to provide an outcome to that complaint. Any right to Review will mean that the MPS will provide that data to the Relevant Review Body for the conducting of that review.


A To Z Of LEYF June O’Sullivan Becoming A Psychopath 9 January 2021 

The Collins Pocket Dictionary www.collins.co.uk website

Psychology 1. Study of human and animal behaviour

2. Informal person’s mental make-up

Psychopath Person afflicted with a personality disorder causing him or her to commit antisocial or violent acts.

The Daily www.express.co.uk Taurus: Although you wouldn’t usually pay attention to gossip, you could learn a lot from listening to what’s being said on the local grapevine. Someone’s views are very different to what you had expected. This could make you see things in a new light.  

Here are facts to verify my arguments about why my horoscope is key to my survival.

I started reading my horoscope after the death of my brother with cancer after which I joined www.cruk.org as a fundraiser.

During the space of three months, I learned so much about my family history whilst I was completing my www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies study when in 2006 I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety for my Health & Social Care Level 2 examination. I could not get a www.parkinsons.uk diagnosis as a disability because I did not have a Medical Diagnosis.

After the death of my brother allegations were used to trigger my traumas at https://careers.kch.nhs.uk and I had a nervous breakdown.

Despite raising concerns with http://unison.org.uk which sponsored my Health & Social Care course with www.open.ac.uk in 2006, I was not supported.

I raised concerns with various https://www.gov.uk bodies including www.ofsted.gov.uk and www.crb.gov.uk as later it will become relevant how www.disclosure.gov.uk is responsible for neglecting their duty in safeguarding by covering up for www.leyf.org.uk when my email was used for online application.

In 2008 after the death of my brother https://www.jobs.nhs.uk used allegations to trigger my traumas and fearing that I might end up like my brother who committed a criminal act when no one listened to his concerns, I self-referred to Occupational Health and was passed fit to go back to work.

I will end with https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/record-retention-and-disposition-schedules when I applied for Subject Access Request 10 April 2018.

Signing a Contract with Westminster Children Society (WC)

Finishing studies to becoming a graduate was my greatest achievements in 2008, but by this time I suffered a nervous breakdown and was targeted by Local Education Authority, Ofsted, Local Safeguarding Board, Southwark Council SEND Section, UNISON, CAB, ACAS, and https://www.capsticks.com that represented Kings College NHS Foundation Trust at the Employment Tribunals.

I was blacklisted and networked against and having to rebuild my career from the bottom. But I was in even more shock when after getting a job at Peckham Settlement working with 2 former colleagues from KINGS who were treated unfairly by manager Glendalyn Aboagye and left before me would turn around and do the same to me. Basically, I was there propping up others climbing up the career ladder, using my intellectual property, and pretending as if they were doing me a favour.

I graduated from the www.aoug.org.uk with a Foundation Degree In Early Years May 2009 and that is how I was put in contact with Alev Sagnak by Augusta Foster we worked at KINGS as part of the intake of Mapother House Day Nursery in 2003. When I explained how I was been treated at Peckham Settlement, Alev told me that her company was recruiting. I had done an interview in 2001 but was not successful.

I applied, went, and did the interview in May and knew before the interview was over, I had gotten the job. The Panel of Neil King, Tina Georgiou and Marion Breslin was impressed. 


I had accepted the job disclosing about my disability and acknowledging that I can only work with over 2’s because of my back. This was agreed by the Panel, yet when I started at Fitzrovia Community Nursery I was working in the Baby Room.

The Second Miscarriages of Justice by the Employment Tribunal Against me

ET Case Number: 2300047/2016 Page 13 Paragraph 97-99 is misrepresenting the fact and clearly shown that HMCTS second miscarriages of justice is a deliberate breach of my Human Rights and the recommendations by Dr Maria www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers was not implemented by ACAS.

Why Was Fitzrovia Community Nursery Mentioned by Hilda Miller at the ET?

Paragraph 97. The next issue is an allegation that in October 2014 the Claimant was told by Ms Kelly when at BIB nursery that she had to be on the floor with younger children when she worked. MM Arguments: Its obvious that despite taking 5 months the ET Panel was just as confused as Mr John Fenton of www.personnelconsultancy.com who represented LEYF as a Lawyer before disappearing after the Adjournment. Since it has been agreed that the matter was sorted out and I started working in the Preschool Room in September 2014. Why are we talking about October and Baby Room?  Refer to the Long Service Award of 15 October 2014.

Paragraph 98. The Claimant alleges that Ms Kelly was not aware that it had been agreed with the Area Manager, Ms Maria Freeman, that she should work with older children. The Claimant’s claim is that this situation persisted to September 2015. MM: Its obvious the Panel spent 5 months copying the Respondent Summary, otherwise how can Area Manager Maria Freeman decision in 2010 have anything to do with Ms Lynne and my working up to September 2015 when I resigned with the second nervous breakdown? If this is the case, we will have to consider why Joelle Lax spoke up for my transfer from Fitzrovia to Luton Street when I was targeted by Maria Goncalves. Why has JL ended her employment with LEYF and retrained as a Driving Instructor? Refer to www.ico.org.uk SAR LEYF claim not to have any data for me and that is why am refused access to my FILE containing DISCLOSURES.

Paragraph 99: The Tribunal refers to its conclusion relating to the first issue above and that when the Claimant first started at the BIB Nursery, she raised with Ms Kelly that she had a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and Diabetes. Because that matter was raised, the Claimant was not required to lift babies or change nappies and was transferred to the preschool are after three days.

MM Arguments: Here is more proof that the ET Panel copied the Respondent Summary as I could not say to Ms Kelly, I have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

1. I visited BIB before I started and had an initial discussion with Ms Kelly and disclosing about my Disabilities in line with the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics because of my experiences at KINGS. Studying with www.open.ac.uk means I must adhere to Ethical Guidelines. But my vulnerability and the fact I am a Lay Person is/was used against me then and now.

2. I did not put Parkinson’s disease as a disability in my claim. Yet https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones argued the EAT on that ground. 

3. Here is more proof of the conscious and unconscious biases of the ET Panel about not lifting babies and changing nappies. What does have Parkinson’s have to do with that if you are competent to carry out your job in line with Ofsted Welfare Requirements? I have my Chronic Anxiety diagnosis from 2006 and I went on to graduate from the Open University. But most importantly the training I completed and representing LEYF as can be verified. I worked competently until LEYF used the Disclosures in my FILE to target me from 23 July 2014 until 27 September 2015 when I resigned with a nervous breakdown. Refer to my contributions to www.express.co.uk Mental Health CRUSADE. 

I did not lose the ET/EAT as HHJ Parfitt claimed at CLCC and am waiting on http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk to address my complaint.

Transferred to Luton Street Community Nursery

I was recognized by Joelle Lax because we worked at William Wilberforce Lambeth Walk Day Nursery. I was headhunted out of https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk in July 1999. She advised me about my rights when I was targeted by Maria Goncalves and Maria Freeman at Fitzrovia Community Nursery https://www.facebook.com/memories/?source=bookmark so I could not complete the Probationary Period. She spoke on my behalf for my transfer to Luton Street.  This was where I was destined to find my niche and be empowered. 

Meeting OShana – Lisson Green Nursery

Meeting Oshana was to be the start of my working in partnership with a manager and team that was to be the empowerment I needed to fulfil my passion of working in the Early Years Sector. Considering what is happening at LEYF I must put on record about what I was told about the allegations used by LEYF against OShana as proof that LEYF operating the Modern Slavery Thriving in the UK in the report to www.theguardian.com after attending a Guardian Live Event in 2018.

Significant Dates and my Contributions – April 2010 Transfer to Luton Street

From day one this was the kind of chaos reported in the reviews sent to me by www.peachespublications.co.uk before she targeted me. Because I had no access to LEYF website. But I thrive on these challenges and got on with the job, of doing 3-4 person’s work. I only ever raised concerns when other people unreasonable behaviour affected how can carry out normal-day-to-day activities that can impact on the Contract I signed. As can be verified from https://fight4justiceadvocay.business.site after the second miscarriages of justice by the Judiciary of England & Wales.  

Participant in Research

Employment Tribunal: I was contacted by Dr Maria Hudson who conducted the interview for “The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds” in my home www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers. Unlike others I was not contacted about the outcome and came across it on the internet since I am targeted by LEYF and HMCTS and https://www.gov.uk Legal Systems. 

Mental Health Research: I have done http://www.radar-cns.org/ and was in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq102uOLUAY and this link was sent by faith.matcham@kcl.ac.uk for my participation. I was advised by www.healthmanltd.com to seek counselling to find out why I react to certain situations the way I do. I had 12 sessions with www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk yet the Respondent did not comply with ET Court Case Management Order of Judge Elliot June 2016. My Medical Reports were left out of the Respondent Bundle and I handed to Judge Freer in Court.

Diabetes Research: Started out with www.desmond-project.org.uk inclusive of www.slimmingworld.com and www.heal-d.co.uk the latest.

MM Arguments: Refer to ET Case Number: 2300047/2016 Paragraph 104-106.

Paragraph 104: The Claimant in cross-examination argued that she had difficulty undertaking work in the baby room because of her arthritis condition. The Claimant stated: “If I go down now, I have problems getting back up, back problems led to arthritis”. Refer to Decima Street Surgery & Artesian Health Centre  www.decimastreetsurgery.co.uk part of Nexus Health Group www.princessstreetgrouppractice.co.uk/… Consultation Text Date 2 December 2020 Telephone Consultation Dr Richard Holder Has history of knee and wrist OA – both were exacerbated by handling during arrest but symptoms settling down.

Paragraph 105:  However, the Tribunal was referred to the medical report dated 29 April 2015 which states: “Clinical examination revealed a good range of movement of both knees with no limitation likely to impact on her ability to sit, stand, move around or work on the floor as necessary and to lift or move children to safety in an emergency situation”.

MM Arguments: Is it any wonder I concluded that the ET Panel copied the Summary of the Illiterate John Fenton. Because Samantha Jones told the ET she did not prepare a Case. Then get an Adjournment with a quarantine for Contagious Disease and Mr John Fenton representing LEYF as a Lawyer conveniently was out of the UK for the Case. 

Health Management Medical Advice For Business

Worklife Support

Worklife Support Occupational Health: Management Referral Form (HM41) Refer to the Form to TeamA4@healthmanltd.com to see how LEYF continued using DISCLOSURES in my FILE to DISCRIMINATE against me. The completed Form was in breach of the Contract I signed on 7/10/2009 and was not updated in line with the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.

Paragraph 106: The Tribunal was also referred to the Claimant’s GP records in respect of which a page was missing. The Tribunal obtained the missing page from the Claimant and those notes do not refer to her arthritis condition as was alleged by the Claimant. MM: Is this not my evidence about the way I was treated by the Employment Tribunal from the time I submitted my Claim and the DWP claimed not to know of me. Therefore, had to pay and was reimburse. The purpose was for my Claim to be out of time as is/was the tactics used throughout leading up to taking a year to return an EAT File.  I was threatened with Criminal Record http://www.universal-credit.service.gov.uk/journal/add-journal-entry-write-content/SERVICE/ after they take nearly two years to sort my Hosing Benefit and I ran into debt. Throughout I maintained a Defensive Practice copying the Employment Tribunal in about the Respondent Non-Compliance of Judge Elliott’s Court Management Order. I handed my Medical Reports to Judge Freer at the ET. I represented myself as a Lay Person, yet the ET was party to exacerbating my disabilities from the outset.

The Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act prohibits discrimination against people with a disability, whether this is physical or mental impairment. The impairment is expected to last 12 months or more and impacts substantially on a person’s day to day activities.

MM Updates: Please visit my – Websites at https://www.wordpress.com and https://www.google.com and  http://www.myvision.org.uk when I published with www.adwords.google.com from 2012. YouTube at Creating Mervelee Myers’ Legacies https://myaccount.google.com/b/107858638420456774272/email and Mervelee’s YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Channel/UCBcqloBmT16XFBLAOPdvtFw.  Social Media: I have been targeted by https://www.facebook.com  on behalf of LEYF from 18/9/2015. Same as https://www.linkedin.com refused me access to my account. Now https://www.twitter.com suspended my account. But this will be done in a Podcast.

Section 60 of the Equality Act

Section 60 of the Equality Act 2010 relates to the use of health questions during recruitment exercises.

During recruitment exercises, Section 60 will prohibit employers from asking about the health of applicants:

1. Before offering work to an applicant MM: Read the Case Number: 2300047/2016 Reserved Judgment https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 why the Panel of Employment Judge Freer and Members: Ms D Fennell and Mr W Dixon should be charged for perverting the course of justice. 

2. Before including the applicant in a pool of applicants from whom the employer intends to offer work in the future – MM: Refer to my Long Service Award and www.ico.org.uk Subject Access Request because LEYF claim not to have any data for me. I have not been given my FILE and LEYF colluded with Social Media to deny me access to my accounts with my Intellectual Property. 

For example: It will not be permissible to ask questions that aim to establish how many days of sickness absence an applicant has accrued during previous employment prior to the candidate being made a conditional or unconditional offer of work. MM Updates: Because of the ET second miscarriages of justice, I was denied my entitlement. I have not had paid employment and unable to set up business or do volunteering because of LEYF 6-line reference flagging SAFEGUARDING. Yet Samantha Jones was given a reference by Judge Freer to be on www.assets.grenfelltowerinquiry.org.uk/inline-files/M… I found this out from her bragging to www.barstandardsboard.org.uk and over a year am waiting for the review by BSB.  The EAT was argued about www.parkinsons.org.uk and I do not use Parkinson’s disease as a disability. Because I do not have a Medical Diagnosis.

Contact details for agencies that can give advice on your rights in employment: Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service – ACAS: http://www.acas.org.uk Contact Number: 08457-47-47-47. I will do a Podcast about ACAS.

Equality Advisory and Support Services – EASS http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com Email: adviceline@equalityadvisoryservice.com Telephone: 0808-800-0082

The Role of Unions

Let me say http://unison.org.uk has let me down and when I contacted them in 2017 after they overturned the Government Law for employees to pay to take employers to the Employment Tribunal, I can share my response. Or maybe do a Podcast about the response. 

I am still charged by www.voicetheunion.org.uk fee despite not able to get a job since my resignation on 27/9/2015.

The www.moneyclaim.gov.uk is party to discrimination and this is another Podcast.

Transfer to Luton Street Community Nursery after meeting June O’Sullivan at Fitzrovia Community Nursery

Manager Julie Weise recognized my ability from the time we went out getting to know each other. OShana had informed me about Julie prior to my transfer.

Manager Empowered me

Projects and my Contributions to Building LEYF Brand as a Model emulated across the world: 1. Research “Voice of a Child” – For June O’Sullivan Presentation Reason I attended her Seminar at www.nurseryworld.co.uk/london  at NWS 2018 to find out which of my IP/CPPDP she was using making money. I was not prepared for what happened to me. On the Friday I was assaulted by a young white girl wearing LEYF shirt outside the Cooking Zone. I was taking videos of Chef Gloria who was disciplined by LEYF because she refused to lie about events at a wedding on 4/1/2015. On Saturday June O’Sullivan played her hand and I later learned she had planned to get me sectioned. Refer to www.met.police.uk that came to my house on 30/10/2017 after malicious report from www.peachespublications.co.uk and https://www.ryanclement.com who groomed her.

2. As EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator www.open.ac.uk I was responsible for the implementation of and delivering www.ofsted.gov.uk Welfare Requirements. Luton Street Community Nursery was the HUB on display for LEYF.

3. I was published in NW Magazine from July 2011 and represented Luton Street at Consultations at Mark Allen Group. Yet Liz Roberts targeted me and excluded me from https://www.linkedin.com Nursery World FORUM. I was an Influencer who was endorsed by Dr Chris Pascal www.crec.co.uk and Professor Tony Bertram https://www.eecera.org who I meet on 19/9/2017 at www.mdx.ac.uk when June O’Sullivan claimed not to recognise me. There was a Meeting at New Cross Community Nursery on the 18/9/2015 the same date that Facebook give LEYF access to my account.

4. I was on http://skynews.co.uk on 5/9/2011 representing LEYF “The Cost of Childcare”. No surprise I was page 1 of www.itv.com/london for Windrush 70. A. June O’Sullivan take one of my Homemade Books in good faith to develop as Teaching & Learning Tools. B. Staff/employees sent Memos to contribute to Blog. C. I joined and add others. D. Refer to June O’Sullivan’s Blog of June 2012 and compare with the Disciplinary Uncooperative Unprofessional Rude Intimidating Confrontational Aggressive -Lacking Empathy used to trigger my PTSD after mum’s death with www.dementia in 2014.

5. I was at A/C 2011 when Michael Gove of https://www.gov.uk was keynote speaker. None of this made any difference when LEYF discriminated against me despite the only staff shortlisted for Lead Early Years Practitioner Post. I meet Alastair Campbell at www.earlyyearsalliance.org.uk despite not working I was keeping updated. That is why when I learned that June O’Sullivan get Police to call me a Criminal on 29/11/2020 and entered my home illegally and arrested me unlawfully. Covering up the discrimination with the Margaret Horn Lecture am making sure the world knows about The Employment Appeal Tribunal LondonEAT@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk and www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment-appeals. Roles in the second miscarriages of justice denying me my entitlements, exacerbating and triggering my PTSD. I discovered that June O’Sullivan a former Mental Health Nurse is using DISCLOSURES in my FILE to discriminate against me.

6. Multigenerational Working Projects: A. Penfold Street Residential Home – Professional Photographer – Refused access to my IP/CPPDP – Cut out of photos, replaced for Promotions. B. Visit to http://communityplaythings.co.uk and working in partnership until 2016 when they joined LEYF discrimination. C. ResPublica Trust www.respublica.org.uk representing LEYF. D. Refer to my Report to www.theguardian.com in 2018.

7. Social Media: Publications and contributions to Blogs and Nursery World Forum. I was an INFLUENCER until LEYF get Social Media to target me. Reason I questioned Dilys Epton sending me https://www.linkedin.com Request on 22/9/2015 when I was called to CO to be harassed, intimidated, and bullied to write a RESIGNATION.

8. New Year Staff Party 2014: Proof if any needed that June O’Sullivan is not a Natural at carrying out certain duties. She was only interested in telling people to share on Social Media and how I decided to get the clip. At this time, I was not aware how much June had changed, same as how she changed Westminster Children Society to LEYF. Refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g for more. 

9. Visit to BIB 29/1/2015: I was the only BIB staff in attendance when June O’Sullivan was invested with her MBE. But I was treated with so much disrespect I felt like how Daniel must feel in the “Lion’s Den”. I discovered what I was been told about JO was true when she lied to me and tried getting me to breach the Social Media Policy & Procedures. I only understand what happened to me with www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/ and am still trying to come to terms with the deception.

10. Please refer to the Reviews online at https://www.google.com as they are involved in cyberbullying.

There are cover up of LEYF Discrimination from https://www.gov.uk Legal Systems to the Media, Organisations, and Individuals. It is time for the Government to act after my Open Letters, Reviewing the Employment Tribunal Services and rejection of https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards as I should not be a prisoner in my home with the deterioration in my Mental and Physical Health and that of my husband. Whilst LEYF is comfortable operating out of HOC Nursery that the ET Panel claim is PRESTIGIOUS place to work.

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open). Mental Health & SEND Advocate. Date: 09/01/2021.   

ON THIS DAY 1 year https://www.facebook.com/mervelee.myers/videos/1865628110137931/?t=3

0:06 / 2:37   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard I will not be a Voiceless vulnerable. My Defensive Practice proving that Social Media become a terror cell for all with a grudge against me.  Yes   

Amly D Nembhard   and  

Ervin Nembhard    please have the #time to go through with

Kevin Murray    as #madwoman   is like GUNNO and my Auntie Anita. Auntie #find the #cave and GUNNO #blow his TRUMPET when he is out… MM 18/3/2021: I used Social Media sharing stories about growing up in Jamaica not understanding about DISABILITIES. Once I studied matters became clear and I identified aspects of my Childhood Traumas. All can be born out in why my tutors at Lambeth College advised me to use my assignments as my first BOOK.

0:03 / 2:12 

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard     is feeling strong with   I will be doing exactly that to  

LEYF Nurseries   and cohorts. Public So #Facebook where is #SandySandy?

Daily Express RUSSELL GRANT Taurus: Be #ready to put your #ideas into #action. Get involved in a new work project as this will give you a practical outlet for your skills. Use your charm and you will win the #support of others by letting them see your #passion and commitment.

Valdin Legister your Mama Ratty going to chase up my #husband MONEY from the CCMCC and #RyanClement so make plans my #son.Tom will support you 100%.   Valdin Legister

Dr. Valdin A. Legister would be nice…..💭💭💭#CareerGoals!!!  1 Comment. MM 18/3/2021: My son and I have been DISCRIMINATED against in similar fashion. He in Jamaica and I in the UK.

Facebook    a monkey round me? From he wins as Councillor for Friendship Division Jlp Westmoreland Western, and I was congratulating him on his victory from me and his rightful #father! Mek Facebook go siddung.

The Story of Mervelee Ratty, Kevin Murray and Valdin Legister

With the latest trending news re Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, I Mervelee Myers-Tomlinson must put on record that I have not spoken to my son Kevin Murray since 5 May 2020. This date is my granddaughter’s birthday and there was a reason why I was called on that day. This was the construct of my son’s wife and her family to target me on my granddaughter’s birthday. The same way my son’s wife used the name Sandy-Sandy to take out a Facebook Page to disgrace me and my son and our family.  She was obviously making fun of my Father IVAN SANDYMAN NEMBHARD.   

Social Media Was Platforms I Used as Therapy Sharing Stories to Help Others

I was a Social Media INFLUENCER on Facebook and LinkedIn for a variety of reasons. I joined FB after returning from a Family Reunion I funded in 2009, the year of my 50th.    Not many knows of my journey with discrimination after the death of my brother BYRON with Colon Cancer in 2008. I reached rock bottom, faced networking, and backlisting and had to pick myself up and starting from the bottom working my way up. After challenging the miscarriages of justice which allowed King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust at Mapother House Day Nursery to get away with denying me my rights.

My Life is an Open Book

The amount of data online on the internet and web contain my Intellectual Property, Image Rights that should be proof of who I am and why I am passionate about taking on challenges.   With time my passion of breaking down barriers will come through. Those with their “Mask of Sanity” hiding their true self like June O’Sullivan will be found out.      

May be an image of 6 people and people smiling

Simone Simmie Dawson

Supporters of both major political parties campaigning in peace and having fun

Good to see this yeaaaaaaaa…If we can achieve this at a some pointless political dance, then why we cannot achieve the same in our day to day lives or in our communities? #UNITY  

5Valdin Legister, Thelma Williams and 3 others  3 Comments  5 Shares

ON THIS DAY 3 years ago    Mervelee Ratty Nembhard     Feels good to know #mymen have me in their thoughts. Thanks to Chester Pinder 4 checking up on Tom and I. #Friends4Life. I’m slogging on… MM: I meet my friend Chester Pinder at a 50th birthday and remain best of friend. He was at our wedding when one of my so-call friends let me down. 

 Mek dem tan deh, mi Cum a Henglad Cum larn say F.U.C.King ha part of the Queen’s Henglesh. So mi nuh know wat sweet dem? Dem say hif mi kiss teeth dem hoo… MM Updates: I would never know that LEYF would use disclosures in my FILE to discriminate against me. As not to end up like my brother whose story I shared I resorted to Passive Aggressive Behaviours to stay out of trouble. Once again, my vulnerability has been used against me. Seven 7 years after I wrote to Senior HR Dilys Epton on 14/3/2015 about the DEPRESSION I was experiencing at BIB. I am charged with CRIMINAL DAMAGE ACT 1971. I walked past on the 15/11/2020 going about my legitimate business and that was reason to collude with LEYF to trap me using my DISABILITIES against me. 

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   Lawd Dressus, dem yah people nuh tieyad fi pick up dem video sen dung me phone. Di F.U.C.King ting full till it soon #hexplode. Mi nuh hab thyme fi clear hit…  MM: I always HUMOUR to cover my Deficits and Limitations from the time my Primary School Teacher, Ms Una Perry teaches me to develop RESILIENCE.

 Update, I am on my #7thBlack ink, copying paper. Mi nuh hab no money & mi know it nah last. Any1 want 2 trade mi black fi colour or if mi cawn get a borrow? Mi sons wi #pay. Mi spen pon dem…. MM: I will focus on editing all I have written and make my dreams become reality publishing the BOOKS I was advised to use my assignments for by my tutors at Lambeth College.

Mi just a read #BWB letter dat dem send 2 Twitter bout LEYF. F.U.C.King libbatty teka all a dem. Mek FB tell dem bout mi. MM: Proof of how Social Media targeted me on behalf of LEYF and cohorts. With the murder of SARAH EVERARD, the world will be wiser to the DISCRIMINATION I faced after 2 miscarriages of justice after bereavement and losses. 

 Just wolf dung mi #soup & back pon mi job. If I get 1 of 3 Folders sorted. Mi know mi car-POOR-SePticK. Nuff a dem _dahesti-HATE I still, fi wah? Badmind & grudeFULL. MM: All involved with the discrimination of MERVELEE MYERS will be named in my BOOKS.

I’m eating my left over soup & Mass Tom #fending 4 himself. I must remind my son VAL 2 go paste back the marriage page in his Dad’s book. He & ANN can plan a X2 wedding. Mi up fi anything seen…. MM: I have always use my Wicked Sense of Humour as part of my Early Intervention Strategies coping with my PTSD.

Just an update, I am feeling the #twing in my back and I’m hoping the Siatica (sighhighattacka) give me chance? I have not prayed this morning & no horoscope…. MM:  How can the Judiciary of England & Wales and Criminal Justice System expecting to get away with the discrimination of Mervelee Myers with my data online.

 U know when U 1/2 way thru sorting the paperwork & Ur brain is telling U to give up, I’m saying to Satan, it’s #4yearsof_radicalisation I’ve been thru… MM: Proof that LEYF and cohorts will get their come-uppance.

I will not be a Voiceless vulnerable.  MM: At times I feel like giving up, but GOD brings me this far.  0:12 / 2:37

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard     added 30 new photos to the album: This needs to end, it’s 4 years — feeling emotional in 

London, United Kingdom   I am hard at work on my own #Agenda

Nelson Mandela 1. “To deny people their human rights are to challenge their very humanity. To impose on them a wretched life of hunger and deprivation is dehumanise them” 26/6/1990.  2.  “When you are a public figure, you have to accept the integrity of other people until there is evidence to the contrary” 3/5/1993.  3. “There are various standards by which to measure the significance of an organisation. One of the most important of these standards is calibre of leadership”. 4. If you want to make peace with an enemy, one must work with that enemy and that enemy becomes your partner”.  

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   is feeling strong with 

Valdin Legister   and 5 others  in 

London, United Kingdom     I will be doing exactly that to   

LEYF Nurseries  and cohorts.

0:06 / 2:12 

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard     I am still up and I’m going to rest my eyes because I can feel the strain. That’s why I don’t want anyone to tell me about forgiveness to

LEYF Nurseries   and cohorts. S/He feels it know it.

This is the second time I have been treated less than an animal in the Mother Country. What sort of MOTHER would treat a child like this over the past 4 years? My


will expose the corruption in the Early Years Sector. Those people from the Legal Entity who discriminate against vulnerable employees and are abusing their power of authority will be named in due course. 

A picture containing text

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard     All the #hypocrites jumping on my case about leaving everything to GOD, don’t know God like I do. As for those who thinks I’m waiting for their approval, they can think again. I am the one who has not grieved for my MOTHER coming up 4 years. Because of @leyfonline and their cohorts RACIST COWARDLY THUGS who are BIGOTS.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard  I can feel the #strain in my eyes, so I will better pack up and rest them. So why should I let @leyfonline get away with Modern SLAVERY practices?

 Had my BT that was due October. Need to stock up on PK for my back. This is going to be a long F4J going into next year. I come this far with God & an ETJ who saw my struggles wid di evil MBE. Suh who dem tink dem a fool wid dem chat? 


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard  is with  Department for Work and Pensions – DWP

 Started doing this thingy I found in the Sunday Express… Well have not cottoned on to the Maths section yet but exceeded word count on other areas! So, time to bush up the Old Brain as I try to reach Higher Heights in the other Phase of my Life! Train Your Brain is a good starting point I supposed?

May be an image of 1 person

Another High-Profile Celebrity gone & take their Life! Life is so Precious & why couldn’t she have found sum1 to confide in? At least I have SM when the Going Gets Grainy & Rough to Rant & Rave out my Aggro!!! I do not give a Toss about no 1 because I have my Life which is more than Precious 2 ME? I am expecting Great Things in My Life God’s willing!  MM Updates:  Here is why the Judiciary of England and Wales and Criminal Justice System must be taken to tasks and exposed for what they are. Career Criminals covering up for ABUSERS and possible PAEDOPHILES on behalf of a Narcists by the name of June O’Sullivan the Psychopath who wants to be remembered as a “Disruptive Influence”. After using my Intellectual Property and Image Rights to build BRAND LEYF.


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   is with  LEYF Nurseries

Was walking home from work when this bloke stopped me & asked if he could say supn to me… Gave him the go ahead & he paid me the BC of my Life which I have not heard in the longest while He asked if I was AFRICAN & said U are a Very Beautiful Woman! Ok suh me head almost swell up after all the things I’ve being thru these PW? The Icing on the Cake & there are still more GTAM! Trust in the LORD & He is bound 2 Deliver?

MM Updates: Imagine being labelled UURICA-LE and compared to African Margaret who abused children by Lynne Kelly Manager of BIB? Yet the ET Judge Martin strike out my Racism claims repeatedly. My Ethnicity Estimate: Nigeria – 52%. Benin & Togo – 23%. Cameroon, Congo & Western Bantu Peoples – 9%. Ivory Coast & Ghana – 7%. Scotland – 3%. Mali – 2%. England & North-western Europe – 2%. Sweden – 1%. Southern Bantu Peoples – 1%. Additional Communities: Afro – Jamaicans. South Central Afro-Jamaicans.    

No photo description available.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard    Got home L/N & Tom was inconsolable as his phone was either lost or stolen? It is PAUG, but I can understand his loss as I am still attached to the 1st mobile phone I got & still hang on to the # 14 years later. He wanted 2 go & get a NP but was tied in doors waiting on a call which never materialised!  MM: More information proving that Social Media was the platform I used as part of my Early Intervention Strategies and Therapy for my Chronic Anxiety. Until LEYF decided to use the Disclosures in my FILE to discriminate against me. Now all involved will know that my “Mask of Sanity” is based on my “Personal Experiences” that shape my life.

No photo description available.


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   is with    Department for Work and Pensions – DWP

My life does not always pan out the way I wish atal??? 8th is the KING’s Birthday, but I will not even get the chance to share his DAY. Doing long day at work on top of Staff Meeting. Jackass say de world no level!!!! Only hope He perks up 4 the Big Event-88 & counting…

 Spent last evening wid my Homie Mava Black British just b4 she tek off ova Waters! My Girl I’ll certainly missed all those fab years We shared thru Thick & Thin? Make the most of Pastures New & am even sadder that U will not be around 4 1 of di MID in my Life!

May be an image of 3 people


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   is with Valdin Legister  Westmoreland Mix   

 Anedda Hard week ahead, but Moi is up 4 any Challenges… A nuh de same day bucket go a well de Battam ago drop out…?

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   is with Employment Tribunal

Disya TIGER Mama is thinking of Moi Blessed Beloved Tiger CUBS on disya Special Mothering Sunday in my adopted Country – UK!!! LOVE U SONS unconditionally & Mum will always be there no matter what…

No photo description available.

Now bac 2 de Politricks & Religion as they Concern Moi… Why dem not paying de JA Pensioners dem likkle pittance? If sum adem nebba hab Family 2 help DAWG woulda nyaam dem Supper!!!

No photo description available.  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Now dat I’ve put more of my PAST 2gedder… Let me get on wid de House Wok b4 Tom extinguish my Lights on dis Mothering Sunday…? Lata zeen… 

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   is with Neil Coyle MP

Happy Mother’s Day to 1 & All across the British Isles!!! Savour every moment of this Special Day… I know my SD will come in May… when I’ll can reach out 2 my People 2!!!

No photo description available.

ON THIS DAY  10 years ago   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

 Can’t believe how COLD it was today!!! What with the rain & everything I had to postpone my shopping trip- disappointed indeed!!! That’s my plans going down the drains… Might as well watch Red Nose Day…???

ON THIS DAY 2 years ago     Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

#Good #night… Love U too, if U reciprocate the love…

 I’m too #busy searching for my next #soulmate to bother with Facebook & its antics? As God is my judge & not #JusticeSimler …

 I spend my time #texting Mr “Hello”. All he can do is ask me to stop. But I’m too clever for him to lose #interest!

 Goodnight @Facebook for Windows & #pre10dasses who do like dem nah read…

 After it’s #brandMervelee with Kevin Murray & Valdin Legister. I learn from ASHTER!

Need to respond to #GurpritKaur another idiot from the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA. Give me time I find the #loopholes!

Prepare rebuttal to #scammer Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach. That chtib don’t know me?

Mass Roland #Jeep is still there. It can be an #attraction, the same as Huskoodoo… Sum of us don’t know what we have got to?

Do U know of the #glory days when the #shop at Townhead was the #hub of the #Communities? I want to create… 1 Comment

#Creating Legacies about Mass Roland & Ms Bernice #Juke #Box. Any1 recall Breda David?

 Help #needed. Have this photo. Can’t remember who? Mind tell me it’s a person who stay #aside & take in the scenes… 1 Comment

So Facebook for Windows can #bar me as much as they like. Makes me more #determine. Ask LEYF Nurseries #LEYF

Dealing with #5years of LEYF Nurseries #LEYF crap. I moved on. I no longer rely on Facebook. My own website…

So now I see a #KarenWarren trying her #crap on Andy Harrington – Jet Set Speaker posts? Dat idiot bette

Dealing with #5years of LEYF Nurseries #LEYF crap. I moved on. I no longer rely on Facebook. My own website…

 So now I see a #KarenWarren trying her #crap on Andy Harrington – Jet Set Speaker posts? Dat idiot better go do her research first

Tell Facebook for Windows, I can find #loopholes in all the #radicalisation the put on me…

Here’s just one of two reasons I come to Facebook for Windows these days. To carry on the work I started when I decided to bring #2babies into the world. They are Kevin Murray and

Valdin Legister  Mi hab no need fi a run jostle or jockeying for position. I am #secured in my status of being #mother and knows when to step aside for the other mothers to be applauded. I was not always there from they were 16 & 12 years old. Why should I begrudge others for their roles?

A group of men walking down a sidewalk

Description automatically generated with medium confidence


A person sitting on the ground

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Valdin Legister

Some people are still stuck in their old ways, it’s not about who you know but who can and will get the job done. #RegisterwithLegister!!! 4Valdin Legister, Una Cherry and 2 others 2 Comments

So Facebook change from #compassion to #trolls behaving like Johncrows. Waiting for dead meat or for U to implode…

My old folks used to say, “when U want fi know Ur #friend?” Non is perfect, we all make mistakes. Wait for the shoe on the…

How many #realise that Dwayne Samuels might just need some1 to #talk to? We are busy fixing the world & missing that 1 person…

Sending this to   LEYF Nurseries   to use as training materials.

From morning I have dis #sugargrave. Ripe banana & oats porridge. I drink milk. Now dis ginger beer a tempt me, but will power is my mantra…. Working in progress…

I come in Mass Tom is off to his room. He asks if I’m sure I’ll manage to get the #paperwork sorted. Ah my darling husband, so considerate. Mi nah badda wid no 1 after dis….

Back from getting my hink, was just chatting 2MNBF Rob… I’m a bit sluggish from this non-activity. Can’t wait to finish…?

Mek mi tek myself orf Facebook. I need to hold a #Fresh and go buy black hink fi print han copy. DEAD-LIES…

Direct this to LEYF Nurseries ?

May be an image of 2 people and people smiling

The Safeguarding Association – Child Protection & Safeguarding

Could you spot faith based child abuse?  http://kateyoung.org/spot-faith-belief-based-child-abuse/

Can you imagine if all my FB Friends were to send everything, they fancy to me via messenger? Keep Dick Fuckery pon FB, I will decide if I want 2 b involved? Mi phone FULL again

 I learned another valuable lesson about taking on 2 much. So thanks again 2 #AlfredTaylor 4 his advice. Mi nuh hab nutn gence nobody. Mi CUSS & dun…

Getting F.U.C.King stress due 2 the paperwork. Making 2 many #mistakes that I can’t afford. I will have to pop out to buy BI later. I have 7 colours. Any1 can lend me money, til mi collect?

It’s gone 1:00 in the UK. I’m still up. Oh no, mi nah worry over nutn like wat dem a tink. Mi still deh _nda presscha wid paperwork

These days I don’t accept Facebook request until I make sure this is going to be a positive relationship. So, can Ralph Brown identify himself? I recognise Ms Buntin only…

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   is thinking about my future.

 Inspired Thinking “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen” Winston Churchill (1874-1965).

They have some people who think they are smart, so they pretend to be in your corner with their fake sympathy and if you are not careful #BleedUDry of every ounce of blood and don’t stop until they strip every flesh off your body.

Well my #OldFolks used to warn me about the #LibattyTekAsses, but you know what a dem damn glutnas self dem a fool.

I am in this business to #Care4Tom. When I go out and come back and ask if anyone call, he mostly get the initial letter of the person right and I have to work out that’s it’s #Chester and not #Charlie who called.

There is this other thing about making sure his #Food is ready. He can still make light breakfast but not much else. The saying “Once a Man twice a Child” is relevant to our situation, but I owe him my #DutyofCare. I am even more beholden since I took those vows on the #21stMay2014.

Therefore, I am going to do what Mass Tom recommend “Take Care of the Pennies and the Pound will look after itself”.

I will not do what #MsConnie said the woman told her husband after they got married… “You know how long me a wait fi dis (Wedding Ring) and anyone who wants to know the end have to subscribe to the #BOOK.

Oh I must finish with what #MamaLou warn me about “Husband leave Legacy for Wife only to let #SomeGinnal sweet talk them out of it…! Nobody nuh badda tink mi a #NanaFoolFool find nuh #MAN

ON THIS DAY 4 years ago      is celebrating recovery.

I have been through the change from #23rdJuly2014 at LEYF Nurseries

Now I want to make the changes with my     Fight4justice  campaign.

Nelson Mandela

“One of the most difficult things is not to change society – but to change yourself.” ~ Nelson Mandela from an interview with John Battersby, published 10 February 2000 #LivingTheLegacy #MadibaRemembered

www.nelsonmandela.org.   www.mandeladay.com.   archive.nelsonmandela.org

 Me totally! That’s why I am surprised about what’s been happening to me since the #23rdJuly2014 to date. I am disappointed that some still think they can be #Manipulative.

But you know what, they are letting themselves down. I am a #Survivor. I will stay in my small corner and do what I have to do for me. 

Taurus   Right?

#TaurusLife www.horoscopefan.com

 Reasons for my


campaign. I will see to it that the world know about the #Racism & #Agism I experienced at #BIB, #HOC, #NewCross

LEYF Nurseries

from #23rdJuly2014to3rdMarch2017 on top of all the breaches of the   

Data Protection Act 1998  ,  

Human Rights Act 1998,  

Equality Act 2010, #BritishValues & the Contract I signed 07.10.2009.

Nelson Mandela

“Those who help to perpetuate white supremacy are the enemies of the people, even if they are black, while those who oppose all forms of racism form part of the people irrespective of their colour.” ~ Nelson Mandela from an essay entitled “Whither the Black Consciousness Movement”, written on Robben Island, 1978 #LivingTheLegacy #MadibaRemembered #TakeOnRacism

I am hidden away in the back where I am most #Comfortable. Remember I told you “#Iam_Background_Person from morning. That means I won’t change anytime soon!

0:20 / 3:33

W1 Community Gospel Choir    was live.

Rejoicing with Poplar.  9 Comments

I was told that I look totally different today without my tie head. Since I have been hearing lots of different talk about this, maybe it’s time for a change? Only it won’t be that easy as I can’t visualise myself wearing a wig 24/7.

ON THIS DAY 5 years ago   Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

 Have to get about & see if I can ease pain in back. Work to be done

May be an image of 3 people

Today my cuz Vivian is being laid to rest in JA. This is my other granny Irene Mills-Nembhard who had to overcome much. She was blinded in 1 eye from baby. Have 16 children, raised 13. Lived to be 96, 10 years after my Papa. Buried some of her children. Making Patchwork sheets & stringing needle into old age. From a line of Dressmakers. The legend who produced my PAPA & his siblings. 4 sisters still alive. Auntie Everbless Ermine Bailey,

Ella Gordon  , auntie Telyn aka Icylyn Powell & Hortense she of Independent Nembhard.

No photo description available.


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard     is with   Valdin Legister


 Let me introduce my TA tutor Danielle Williams. Another strong Black Woman with the no nonsense Approach. She helps me pick myself up from the person who was unsure of my Identity after what was started at BIB, went to HOC & finished at New Cross when I had to run for my life.

I understand the plight of those who have done likewise since & b4. The difference is I developed a “Defensive Practice” that is proof & watertight. I am putting my life on the line to expose the culprits. The rot starts at the LEAVES with intake of new Area Manager who was sanction to trample over the Old Guards & treat us like a Piece of Shit stuck to the bottom of their shoes. Well, I am not that or what I was set up as in the Campaign to DISMISS me 5.1. – 27.9.2015. They drop themselves in it – my Granny used to say Cock Mouth kill Cock. Don’t know in Spanish or I’d send message to AM in Barking & Dagenham where she is hiding waiting for things to blow over. Dem can send JF back to the Consultation Drawing Board like mi Homemade Book taken to improve on as Teaching & Learning Tool.

I call the world when I need to chat to release my DISTRESS. When no one is tuned in I take to SM. My life turned upside down since October 2014 to now. Gone back to relying on Pain Killers for my back & Tom being my carer instead of the other way round.

My home is a mess & each time I start cleaning supn crop up. Everything doing my head in & I do not want to fall back into the DEPRESSION I just got out of.

But they think they can insult me telling me suddenly, they want to talk with their offer. I am mad with my Friend CP for falling for the silly tricks. When did u hear the opposition Solicitor doing things in ur best interests because we looking at 2017 & he will not get anything?

Is he telling me he is working for nutn & why did 1st Solicitors BWB drop the case?

Tom said this is nutn to do with money. I come this far on my own & I’ll see it to the end even if I don’t get a penny?

Then I take on VOICE the union. The others that discriminate against me 2003 to date can also watch their backs.

Now I go cramble about & get things done. Set myself targets.

I’ll try to get photos of my cuz Vivian as cuz Everbless Ermine Bailey told me he’s been laid to rest today. On behalf of all my NEMBHARD Family from St Elizabeth my heart is with u at this sad time RIP Vivian the Rasta Man. Auntie Zerita from Balaclava was the head of Vivian Dynasty.



MM Updates: Refer to:

Sky News Cost of Childcare September 2011 http://skynews.co.uk  and

Nursery World Magazine Published July 2011 www.nurseryworld.co.uk  and

Community Playthings UK worked in partnerships 2012 to 2016 http://communityplaythings.co.uk  and

Resources for Autism Volunteer 2015 after LEYF breach the Contract I signed on 7/9/2015 www.resourcesforautism.org.uk  and

Charity Meetup Morella Marketing www.morellomarketing.com  and

Google AdWords  www.adwords.google.com  and

My website http://www.myvision.org.uk  and

Walk for Parkinson’s www.parkinsons.org.uk  and

Supply Data for Valdin Legister http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio  and

Funding my Son Election Campaign http://jamaica-star.com/article/20161128/jlp-breaks-pnps-dominance-westmoreland  and

Windrush 70 www.itv.com/london  and https://www.hfw.org.uk  and

Professor Tony Bertram – EECERA https://www.eecera.org  and

Dr Chris Pascal www.crec.co.uk  and

Diabetes Diagnosis https://www.diabetes.org.uk  and

Macmillan Cancer Support https://www.macmillan.org.uk  and

JA 53 https://youtu.be/NwdEddlilw  and 

Pembroke House Volunteer https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/

But you know what, they are letting themselves down. I am a #Survivor. I will stay in my small corner and do what I have to do for me. 

Taurus   Right?

#TaurusLife www.horoscopefan.com

 Reasons for my


campaign. I will see to it that the world know about the #Racism & #Agism I experienced at #BIB, #HOC, #NewCross

LEYF Nurseries

from #23rdJuly2014to3rdMarch2017 on top of all the breaches of the   

Data Protection Act 1998  ,  

Human Rights Act 1998,  

Equality Act 2010, #BritishValues & the Contract I signed 07.10.2009.

Nelson Mandela

“Those who help to perpetuate white supremacy are the enemies of the people, even if they are black, while those who oppose all forms of racism form part of the people irrespective of their colour.” ~ Nelson Mandela from an essay entitled “Whither the Black Consciousness Movement”, written on Robben Island, 1978 #LivingTheLegacy #MadibaRemembered #TakeOnRacism

Direct this to   LEYF Nurseries ?

May be an image of 2 people and people smiling

The Safeguarding Association – Child Protection & Safeguarding

Could you spot faith based child abuse?


Can you imagine if all my FB Friends were to send everything, they fancy to me via messenger? Keep Dick Fuckery pon FB, I will decide if I want 2 b involved? Mi phone FULL again

Yet Samantha Jones was given a reference by Judge Freer to be on www.assets.grenfelltowerinquiry.org.uk/inline-files/M… I found this out from her bragging to www.barstandardsboard.org.uk and over a year am waiting for the review by BSB.  The EAT was argued about www.parkinsons.org.uk and I do not use Parkinson’s disease as a disability. Because I do not have a Medical Diagnosis.

Contact details for agencies that can give advice on your rights in employment: Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service – ACAS: http://www.acas.org.uk Contact Number: 08457-47-47-47. I will do a Podcast about ACAS.

Equality Advisory and Support Services – EASS http://www.equalityadvisoryservice.com Email: adviceline@equalityadvisoryservice.com Telephone: 0808-800-0082

The Role of Unions

Let me say http://unison.org.uk has let me down and when I contacted them in 2017 after they overturned the Government Law for employees to pay to take employers to the Employment Tribunal, I can share my response. Or maybe do a Podcast about the response. 

I am still charged by www.voicetheunion.org.uk fee despite not able to get a job since my resignation on 27/9/2015.

The www.moneyclaim.gov.uk is party to discrimination and this is another Podcast.

MM Updates:

Here are my websites: https://www.google.com 

Search Engine will send you to my WordPress and https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site

Here are my YouTube:

1. My Website: http://www.youtube.com/Channel/UCBcqloBmT16XFBLAOPdvtFw 

Custom URL https://www.youtube.com/c/RattyNembhardGaGaStreetRebel  at your service from 2012.

Number 2: https://myaccount.google.com/b/107858638420456774272/email   recently. 

The crime report shows PC Holly Sweeney was assigned as the OIC on the 17th November 2020. MM: Why did PC Sweeney failed to act from the date she was assigned?

Please refer to http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352  for why I will take the Police to pieces for their Hate Crimes against me from 30/10/2017.  

Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Take Control Of My IP/CPPDP/IR Used To Build Brands Made Me Victim Need ERT Cover LEYF UEL Abuse Rings HMCTS Said Made Up Disabilities FOS Emma Martin- Hamilton Equality Act 2010 5 Protected Characteristics Breach My Rights Deny Entitlements 2/3

Dear All,

Thank you for your involvement last year in developing our Trust strategy, Aiming High:  Changing Lives 2021 – 2026.

During that process, you said one important way we needed to measure the success of the strategy was through personal experiences. Therefore we are co-producing qualitative measures and would like to invite you to join one of our workshops. 

Attached you will find the:

–       Flyer

–       Information Sheet

You can register to join one of the workshops via Eventbrite here

If you are not able to attend a workshop, please complete an online survey here

Help us by circulating this information to your networks and join the conversation online via social media #HelpShapeOurStrategy #PartnershipEvent @MaudsleyNHS

Best wishes,

Anisa Singh
Engagement Support Officer

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Planning and Equality Team | Maudsley Hospital | Denmark Hill | London | SE5 8AZ
Mobile: 07712390747

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust provides the widest range of NHS mental health services in the UK. We work closely with the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London. We are supported by Maudsley Charity. We are part of King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre.

Whilst it suits me to email now, I do not expect a response or action outside of your own usual working hours

Without Prejudice Name HMCTS Career Criminals Presided Over 2 Miscarriages Of Justice They Are Guilty For Mervelee Myers Not Able To Finish Project Theresa Salmon Of Bermondsey Died On 27/12/2021 She Gave Up Unlike My Fight4justice Against LEYF 29+

26 February 2022 FB Memories

s with Ervin Nembhard and Andrea Nembhard.

May 31, 2020  · 

Shared with Public


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is in #therapy whilst the world #defending the BLACK MAN name #GeorgeFloyd whose life was snuffed out.

Here’s the POEM I wrote in a few minutes. Part of it #sitting on the toilet because my #disabilities are #triggered from recent happening.

Mervelee Myers Life Matter

It’s a pity

Its taken the loss

Of another life regardless of Race

This time a Young Black Man

By the name of George Floyd

To help me share my Stories about DISCRIMINATION

Its a pity

I didn’t know my Mother’s death with DEMENTIA

Would lead to another BREAKDOWN

Six years of LOCK DOWN

Preparing me for coming out

Like my Auntie Anita from the CAVE

Or GUNNO who blew his SAXOPHONE

But like Ella Fitzgerald with her VOICE

I have taken SOLACE with Writing

My Sister-in-Law said

I am Proud of You

You have always been reading

Its a pity when I am overwhelmed

By the Discrimination

Condoned by the Legal Entities

Of the Judiciary of England & Wales

And I turned to Facebook Memories

All I can see is evidence of the Discrimination of HATE

But my Sister-in-Law encourages me to

Keep on writing

One of my Son’s will Publish my work

I have invested in myself

My Websites and YouTube

Will be my Legacies

Therefore am focusing on Creating My Legacies

Not only on Joblessness and Mental Health Issues

So there is no more near

Missing out on Mama’s Stories

Of a lifetime of SACRIFICES

For her Families

From the time she lost she lost part of her THUMB

Husking a dry Coconut

Caring for her FATHER with CANCER

Who held my SISTER who was DYING

Pregnant with another CHILD

Seeing another not thriving

Loosing her Father with Stomach Cancer

And loss of the Child who wasn’t thriving to Colon Cancer

My Fight4justice continuing

To honour my MOTHER

And those who DISCRIMINATE

I Forgive, but not Forget.



For being my MOTHER!

And my FATHER for Choosing her for US!



4Andrea Nembhard and 3 others






What Changed Since Mervelee Myers Got 3,706 Views On Issues The JA PM Adressed With TVJ In The Company Of My Son 31/5/20

What Changed Since Mervelee Myers Got 3,706 Views On Issues The JA PM Adressed With TVJ In The Company Of My Son 31/5/20


Mervelee Consultancy Fight4justice


Mervelee Consultancy Fight4justice

Mervelee Consultancy Fight4justice




The IGDS RCO UWI Jamaica Notice Mervelee Myers Passion About My Dedication To Bringing Change For Future Generations 1/6/2020

The IGDS RCO UWI Jamaica Notice Mervelee Myers Passion About My Dedication To Bringing Change For Future Generations 1/6/2020




Mervelee Myers Advice Is Not To Let Anyone Brainwash Them To Disrespect Their Family And A Mother In Particular 1/6/2020

Mervelee Myers Advice Is Not To Let Anyone Brainwash Them To Disrespect Their Family And A Mother In Particular 1/6/2020


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Mervelee Honours Theresa Salmon Bermondsey Lady Meet At BIB #LEYF My Project Must Celebrate May DOB


Mervelee Honours Theresa Salmon Bermondsey Lady Meet At BIB #LEYF My Project Must Celebrate May DOB

Mervelee Honours Theresa Salmon Bermondsey Lady Meet At BIB #LEYF My Project Must Celebrate May DOB  24m


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Mervelee Honours Theresa Salmon Bermondsey Lady Meet At BIB #LEYF My Project Must Celebrate May DOB


Mervelee Honours Theresa Salmon Bermondsey Lady Meet At BIB #LEYF My Project Must Celebrate May DOB

Mervelee Honours Theresa Salmon Bermondsey Lady Meet At BIB #LEYF My Project Must Celebrate May DOB 


We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago.

 We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago

. We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on

 Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago

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12 years of friendship with Ervin Nembhard

Celebrate your friendship by looking back on the memories you’ve shared.

Mervelee and Ervin

Friends for 12 years




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On this day 1 year ago

Mervelee Ratty NembhardFebruary 26, 2021  ·  Shared with Public Public

I think Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is #finally reaching that #stage in my #journey when the #Facebooktrolls can’t #touch me with their #hates


On this day 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardFebruary 26, 2020  ·  Shared with Public Public

Mi a go a my #bed now. Tell #samanthajones har #corner dutty. #Jail nah miss her RC in 2020.

1Mertie Bernard

1 Comment


On this day 3 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardFebruary 26, 2019  · Shared with Public Public

Can’t do wat mi need fi do pon dis. Might as well go #tidy me kitchen & go lidung. But then I #wake up & torment…

On this day 3 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

On this day 3 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardFebruary 26, 2019  · Shared with Public Public

I’ll #beg God to teach me to #forgive those uncomfortable with my #Personal Challenges”. Tells me all I need to know abt them…

1 Comment

On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added 30 new photos to the album: I will not be Broken — feeling determined with Valdin Legister and Leroy Nembhard in London, United Kingdom.

February 26, 2018  · 

I will not be #broken






5You, Valdin Legister, Rose Thompson and 2 others



4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is in BermondseyFebruary 26, 2018  · Shared with Public Public

So they might think they know about my life, but they don’t. The only person who knows is my husband. I am feeling total #responsibility for what is happening to us. Do #LEYF think this is fair after the hell they put me through since I came back from burying my MOTHER.

Today I went back to my childhood. Seeing my Tom willing me on. And having the #tremors like my Father used to get because of his Parkinson’s. Now the #EmploymentTribunals is penalising me for my DNA.


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On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty NembhardFebruary 26, 2018  · London  · Shared with Public Public

When they know how to use Ur vulnerability against U. Claiming that U have 2 abide by the contingent P&P. But use the loopholes in z laws 2 discriminate. It’s against z #

2Fully Green and Arian Murray 2 Comments

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Taurus: You’ll learn a great deal from an encouraging teacher. When a concept eludes you, ask for clarification. People will be happy to stop what they are doing to give additional help. They have faith in your abilities which makes your confidence soar.

Evaluation: I am going to ask for clarification right now. I don’t believe the rest.






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In the space of a short time, I experienced a little bit of the #4Seasons. Wishing I could have been afforded the same kind of Basic Human Rights from LEYF Nurseries, the establishments and systems after the valuable contributions I made building brands in the Early Years Sector?

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Mervelee Myers is #alive & well, thanks to Father GOD. As of today I’m going forward knowing I’m #blessed.

2Valdin Legister and Narvel Stewart

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Daily Express Lori Reid Taurus: People are losing their tempers this week, so you’d be wise to keep out of the line of fire. Socially, a situation reaches a turning point and tells you it’s time to head in a new direction. Bide your time because stepping back is the new way forward.

My word, if I tell anyone that I only started paying attention to my #Horoscope since this matter of #DISCRIMINATION started and I only became aware of it from the #5thJanuary2015. But it actually started from I got back from Jamaica after attending my #2Son Valdin Legister wedding and saying my final goodbye to Mama in January 2014.

But it became widescale from the #23rdJuly2014, sanctioned by the Leaders & Managers at the Organisation I worked from #1stSeptember2009.

My brands, Intellectual Properties, CPPDP are all over Facebook & Social Media LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Nursery World Magazine, LEYF Nurseries, et al…


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Mental Health Issues

February 26, 2016 with Mirwais AhmedzaiNaheel Julene Brown Legister and 4 others

Ongoing in my campaign #FIGHT4JUSTICE.

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Mental Health Issues

February 26, 2016

Ongoing in my campaign #FIGHT4JUSTICE.

6 years ago  Mervelee Ratty NembhardFebruary 26, 2016  · Shared with Public Public

Just got out of the clouds. Hear JLP won at my final Counselling session at King’s. Stressed all week so going to sleep off this headache & tec di F4J to di Li-Odd Tea-Fing Mad-ah-Fukk-Asses. They will never forget the name Mervelee Myers. If Capsticks are still in operation they better take note. Am on a Mission to get them all. The NHS redeem itself so is exonerated from the exposure. All others watch this space. Its called Therapy

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Another Stalwart from Townhead Westmoreland Jamaica WI. Cousin Turbetha Dixon-Johnson quoting a Bible scripture. I was impressed as I have let myself down in my Christian duty & got lost along the way? It brought some joys to my Soul when Cuz came to sit & chat with my son Valdin Legister & I after MAMA’s funeral! By the way does any1 know why they call Ms Turb MICE? Would love to hear…!

0:08 / 0:34

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On this day 8 years ago Keneisha Peart updated her cover photo. February 26, 2014  ·

On this day 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard February 26, 2014  · Shared with Public Have a Blessed Day Every1 – even my De-Tractors, ze Plot-ASSas & ze Down- & Out BM&GF r included? U c I am an Ad-Vo-KATE of INCLUSION regardless>>>

On this day 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard February 26, 2014  · Shared with Public Was at the BS yesterday when I witnessed this bloke going on with his antics – Tin of Lager in hand. Every1 looking at him as if they r scared. Next thing he started singing a catchy JA song & jigging so I looked at him & smiled! This must have given him a GS, so he came over to chat? Asked him bluntly if he was PISSED, but he didn’t seemed 2 undastand, so I mentioned Drunk? He claimed I was disrespecting him, so I set him straight… Well I am not afraid to speak my mind as every1 should know by this! Since he started the conversation I am no prude & will entertain his discourse! Told him he could be my son & he looked MR & all? What is this World coming to if U can’t express Ur Opinion when it is asked for? I AM 1 BIG SOFTIE AT HEART & HATE TO WITNESS INJUSTICE IN ANY FORMS. MY SONS KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE & CARE>>> Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Valdin Legister and 8 others . June 19, 2011  · Shared with Public Happy Father’s Day 2 the 2 most important Men in my life Kevin Murray & Valdin Legister.  Thanks 2 Lloyd & Alverie (Michael) 4 affording me with the privelege of being Mother to 2 such Lovely Sons who have now become Fathers!!!  Love the 4 of U to the Max!!!  Respect all the time…

 On this day 10 years ago  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard February 26, 2012  · Shared with Public My collectors Mentality tun up trumps again…  Tom is benefitting from de ExB me hab a tun coatstand ina me LR…  Stabilizing his Sugar!!!  Tom is back 2 getting de Garden ready!!!

On this day 11 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard February 26, 2011  · Shared with Public Am I becoming lazy…??? Need to catch up on work 4 work as am falling behind….  Can’t afford to be complacent, need to stick to the expected high standard!!!!

On this day 11 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard February 26, 2011  · hared with Public March Lists: Latoya Nem-Samuels-2, Right Hon Arnold E. Tomlinson-8, Val’s Dad –  Alverie Legister-11, Balis Nembhard-15, Trevor Tomlinson-22.  Memorial: Elsie Chambers-6.3.80, Byron Nembhard-27.3.08, Ashter 1994. Display your photos with Portal Portal lets you display your favorite Facebook photos in your home.

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