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Dean School of Education and Communities
Richard Harty is Dean of the School of Education and Communities.
MM Updates: Mervelee Ionie Myers was made a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment that is entrapment after the second miscarriages of justice resulting from https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 for more. My history is wrapped up at the Townhead Baptist Church where my mother’s eulogy/remembrance that I wrote got an ovation after I heard mum’s story in January 2014. I said my final goodbyes on 22/1/2014 and my stories are documented in cyberspace to be verified

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Action Plan
We will have a number of 15 sessions (subject to review)

Allegations Destroy Lives 7th November 2017
Starting Out In The Early Years Sector – Lambeth College to KINGS College Hospital NHS Years 2003 – 2008 – to LEYF 2009 -2015 and Another Miscarriages of justice at the Employment Tribunals.
I was working in South Norwood as a Preschool Leader, who did not seem to be going anywhere, therefore I have my eyes opened looking for the ideal opportunity, working closer home. I spotted the adverts for the workplace nursery at Mapother House Day Nursery, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Because of work commitments, I asked Tom to go collect the Application Forms for me, which he duly complied. We are very much a team, looking out for each other from the time we were introduced in 2001. Just to reiterate, my most lasting relationships which led to two marriages are by introductions. I filled the application, Tom went to drop it off and the rest is history as far as I am concerned, from April 2003 to November 2008, when I was forced to resign.
Just to reflect on my life, from the time I decided to enter the Early Years Sector, applying to study at Lambeth College. I applied for a lower-level course, but during the interview and assessment procedures, was encouraged to do higher level studies. The rest is history, and you can verify if I am a credible witness by checking my CV on the worldwide web. My life is an Open Book as that’s the way I was raised, with Christian upbringing that see me weathering the storms of life. I was headhunted straight out of Lambeth College where I achieved a Student of the Year Certificate. All my Tutors encouraged me to go to University. However, my personal life was in shambles as I was experiencing marital problems. Not only due to the fact of me wanting to better my chances, but because my ex was a Controlling Freak and an abusive husband.
Therefore, I did not let that deter me from pursuing my dreams. To this day, despite the agony of my childhood traumas started from the time my Father was struck down with Parkinson’s, giving up was not an option. I was Room Leader, where my natural flare for leadership was enhanced, liaising with other professionals. But all good things must come to an end when I noticed certain patterns in the workplace. I was verbally abused by one of my colleagues, who threatened me because I asked her not to shout at a child. In the end she blamed the incident on stress, which I honestly didn’t understand much about at the time. But I was more concerned about the way the incident was handled by the owner. She accused me of instigating the matter. Strangely enough the colleague was a young girl who attended Lambeth College with me, and who I supported, like I did for others.
Mentoring and coaching as well as editing their work was part and parcel of why I left Lambeth College with a Student of the Year certificate, despite being one of the older students at the time. Along with the behaviours of others who were questioning my qualification, authority, experiences, etc, I decided it was time to move on. I have been searching for the ideal post since. After one incident too many, when I had seen another colleague, who was pregnant, got into an argument with the owner, I decided it was time to leave. I was tired of shedding tears after been picked on for things that were none of my making and having to justify my practice and defending myself from allegations. I was working with a Teenage Girl call Joelle Lax, who had a scooter that she rides to work, more about her later and the roles she played in my life at different stages.
I resigned at the spur of the moment after one provocation too many. But it did take me a little time to get a job. I applied for a post at Westminster Children Society, now LEYF, but was not successful. However, I know because of my childhood traumas, which were inclusive of the signs and symptoms of my Dad’s Parkinson’s, I was not any good at interviews. Therefore, I tried to stick to the same routines as much as possible to save myself disappointments. They are part of my Early Intervention Strategies, along with my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD). I was not unduly bothered about not finding a job immediately, because I was still doing my Early Morning Cleaning Job to top up my wages. I am astute about money like my Mother, because of my circumstances.
I got a job close to where I used to live in Lambeth and realised, I was only the prop, doing the work, but not getting the benefits. But by this time, I realise that this is the way the systems work, and I just tried getting on with the job, because I was benefitting from every single experience. I was featured in magazine because of my enthusiasm for INCLUSION. But once more the spectre of jealousy raised its ugly head and the backbiting started. I started job hunting and handed in my resignation. However, the Manager convince me to reconsider, and I did. But the ambiance did not last for long, and I once more decided to get out of the toxic environment. I did not thrive well in such toxic environments with even more toxic colleagues who viewed my passion for my work as threats to their incompetence. Whist I was doing interviews, I signed to an Agency, owned by the Mother of a former Lambeth College student.
The most jobs I was sent to, was to the company I had recently resigned from, at other branches. I realised that I would not be able to manage on Agency work alone to pay my way. I started feeling down, but at the time did not know that this was due to my childhood traumas of having DEPRESSION. I did not know that all these years I developed DEPRESSION and my mood swings were the results of my mental and physical disabilities. I was so relieved to get the job of Preschool Leader that I jumped at the opportunity. Although the business did not really get off the ground, I am thankful for the opportunities I was presented with. The first of which was the interview with the OFSTED Inspector. Gaps were identified and I undertake trainings to fill the gaps. This was when I started my stockpiling and building up my Professional Development Plan – PDP in earnest in 2002 – 2003.
I recalled working with this child who was into his Schemas at the time. I was curious as I identified some of the theories from studies that I could put into practice in my work. I was learning new skills as I was responsible for drafting the Policies and Procedures. At the same time my Information Technology Skills were limited to the little I learned at Lambeth College. I invested in myself and got my first computer, teaching myself at home. I handwrite my assignments at Lambeth College and recall having to pay the Princely sum of Thirty-Five Pounds (£35.00) for my Community Assignment because it had to be Word Process. But I did not regret spending money to better myself. I used the Nursery World Magazine to help with my research. Therefore, I was not surprised when I was browsing through a copy and had the most revealing moments of my life about Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND – Autism Spectrum Disorder).
I had started documenting my observations, and take my findings to the Director, before speaking to the parent. I was instrumental in providing the Mother with information to share with the Professionals to help with her child’s development. The Mother was a Student, studying in the UK and was not aware of her child’s development and learning milestones, delays. I was privilege to work with another child with disability that could not be seen with the naked eyes, but the Mother chose to be open and honest with me and I was grateful. Getting the chance to put theory into practice must have been the catalyst that spurred me on to want to find out more about my own experiences, and that of my first child. He was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities at a young age. Probably if I did not stand my ground, he would have been sent to some institutions and not have the chance to be the person he has turned out to be.
That’s why I am an advocate of INCLUSION, and refused to allow anyone to discriminate against me, taking my job of safeguarding to be paramount. During the period I realised that although I was doing the work and my Intellectual Property was responsible for building the brand, I did not have much say in the matter. From thence I became aware of the discrepancies in the laws and legislations, governing the Early Years Sector. However, this was to be made clearer in my next job. When they want to keep you underfoot, they make sure you do not have a status. It doesn’t matter if you are the one building the brand like I done whilst studying at the Open University. The business wasn’t picking up and I was looking to secure my future and I started job hunting again.
KINGS 2003 to 2008.
I will not write too much about KINGS excepting to say, I learned the hard way about discrimination using allegations. This was the workplace where they used my vulnerabilities to trigger and exacerbate my childhood traumas into the beginning of the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that was to blight my life forever. My stories are documented in Cyberspace. I am part of the research of Dr Maria Hudson recommendation to ACAS. I have some of my Defensive Practice over the years to back up my story that I am a credible witness. This is despite throwing out resources that I could probably auction to go towards my PENSION. I was let down by the establishment and systems that I thought were in place to protect me, then as they have done now.
That’s why I am not going to be the Voiceless Vulnerable that mostly everyone is telling me to become and leaving everything to GOD to deal with. My Father used to say every tub has to sit down on its own bottom and my Mother said every heart knows its own sorrow. It took the death of my MOTHER, the way I was discriminated against in two workplaces that triggered my childhood trauma into PTSD to get counselling on the NHS that is responsible for starting the discrimination. Now I finally realise what my Mother meant about every heart knows its own sorrows, because Mama experienced Mental Health Conditions throughout her life. But she dealt with it the way she dealt with everything in her life. Showing the world, the face they wanted to see and by which she was judged. Even us her children judged her because we did not understand her. That’s why knowledge is power and ignorance bliss.
But counselling helps me to know more about the Strong Woman who was my Mother. This was in addition to what I learned from her best Friend Ms Connie Jordine-Legister and my elder breda Balis Alexander Sylfrazier Nembhard. That’s why I am an Advocate of INCLUSION and will be until the day I am no longer able to write about my experiences. Living in a society where discrimination is rife and prevalent in workplaces can cause the best of us to end up MAD as a hatter. That’s why we have children as young as that 18-month-old Baby killed and the death covered up. Because knowledgeable and passionate Early Years Practitioners like me, can be destroyed by allegations. All for trying to make the lives of others better and not having families going through what I went through because of lack of knowledge.
The Role The Daily Express Played in my Education
I was introduced to the Daily Express by my Tom, as I said I benefit the most from introductions. That’s why I am going back to some headlines in the Sunday Express 5th November 2017 making comparisons to how I have been failed by the establishments and systems from 2004 to date. Page 5 – Camilla Tominey: How rape claims nearly destroyed the Socialist party. Comparisons can be made with the number of concerns I raised within and out of workplaces about the discrimination that leave me labelled a CRIMINAL from 2015, leaving me unable to getting back into working. Because of a six-line reference flagging safeguarding. Refer to Dr Maria Hudson recommendation to http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers.
Page 5: Tatler says sorry to Daisy over slur. But http://www.leyf.org.uk can get away with the discrimination that ruined my life after I get back from burying my MOTHER, because they have friends in high places. I was sent from pillow to post as they used every contingent policies and procedures to breach the Rules of Law, OFSTED Standards and the EYFS Welfare Requirements. In the end when I was left to represent myself at the Employment Tribunal, they can preside over another miscarriages of justice and join in to affirm the discrimination. When I tried starting a Petition using information posted online at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2400047-2016, my Petition is rejected. Now can someone please explain this to me.
Page 11: Left-winger lost her job fairly over George jibe. If anyone chose to do the research going back to Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12, they can make the comparisons of how allegations are used to destroy lives. And how the Employment Legislations are not fit for purpose, as recommended to ACAS. I was told by http://www.voicetheunion.org.uk that there was nothing an employee can do, because the discrimination is written in the contract. That’s why the ET Judges allowed LEYF to get away with not reviewing and updating the contract I signed in 2009 in line with the Equality Act 2010. Yet my Medical Reports were accepted when there was a malicious act of Terrorism against me, by Winsome Duncan of http://www.peachespublications.co.uk to get me sectioned. Leaving my vulnerable husband on his own.
Page 13: Attacked girl, 7, dies in hospital. The number of provocations I endured in workplaces, triggered my PTSD. The allegations, led to my self-referral to KINGS Occupational Health, fearing I was going MAD, like my Auntie. Or about to commit CRIMINAL Offences like my breda, who died in prison, http://www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/southwark. However, prior to the self-referral, I raised concerns within and outside the workplaces, but all my whistleblowing under the Protected Act by an employee with Protected Characteristics, was to set me up to face discrimination. And later blacklisting and networking that ruined my career and left me dealing with Mental Health Conditions. Because I experienced more bereavements and was going through the menopause, had a Cancer scare on top of the allegations.
Pages 18-19: Mental Health CRUSADE. DANNY BUCKLAND talks to millionaire Adam Shaw about his obsessive disorder and how he is campaigning to make mental health education compulsory from primary school. ‘I was driven to the brink of suicide… now I want to save the next generation’. If you look on Mental Health and Parkinson’s websites, you will find some of my stories. They were written during the times I was on Medical Suspension from work. Or during the time I was trying to clear my name from the allegations that destroyed my career and nearly drive me to the brink… However, suicide do not enter my thinking, because it is against my Christian upbringing. But why is no one taking any of my concerns over the years seriously. Now the ET Judges compounded the matter of discrimination with their judgement and refusing to accept the fact from the Experts contained in the Medical Reports.
Some of my Defensive Practices are in Cyberspace, documented in Open Letters to government, solicitors, unions, and newspapers. Page 25: British woman facing death penalty in Egypt. The discrimination I have been facing in the UK from 2004 is more than a death sentence. If I was not a resilient person, whose experiences help make me the person I am today, I might have given up already. Despite everyone with their good intentions telling me to pray and leaving it all to GOD, I will not be doing any such thing. I have my meltdown moments, sometimes I revisit my childhood when I was so scared because of the experiences that caused my childhood traumas. But I know without a doubt I am a stronger person. I don’t even use the Passive Aggressive Behaviours that I relied on during provocations from I returned from burying Mama Lou.
Otherwise, I probably would be dead when Winsome Duncan maliciously called the Police and Ambulance services to my home on the 30th October 2017. Therefore, I will be holding PM Theresa May to her pledge about AVIVA Review about Mental Health Conditions.
Dem a go tiyad fi see mi writings cropping up all over the available platforms that I can share my stories. One blow mi blow Sityra, one blow mi blow. Sityra and her Mooma, she did, and she bury, she bury dung a river side.

MM will occasionally submit content for our wellbeing packs (SLWS will let MM know topics ahead of time)

                      CHAPTER 6

Copyright My Intellectual Property & Image Rights & CPDPP
Hi Mervelee,
Thanks for your recent email and for all the information.
If we’re able to do something, we’ll get back in touch with you.
All the best,
The team at Camberwell Clarion

On Wed, Nov 10, 2021 at 1:21 PM Mervelee Myers ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com wrote:
Good day
My name is Mervelee Myers, and I live in Bermondsey. My husband is Arnold Tomlinson and has his property at Wilson Road Camberwell SE5 8PB. He is 98 years old, and I would love to contribute his story to your publication.
Awaiting your response.
Mervelee Myers

TB will check in on MM Book of poems submission/process
Chris Haydon MM Advocate Figh4Justice Against LEYF and UEL 21 October 2021
Thanks Chris! To say am disappointed is an understatement. I have nowhere else to turn. So, I will lick my wounds and pray that God keeps me and my husband going.
Kindest regards.
Mervelee Myers.
From: Chris Haydon Sent: 22 November 2021 12:23 To: ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com
Subject: Trustee application / project support
Dear Mervelee,
We write to thank you formally for your interest in applying to become a trustee of Community TV Trust. The standard of applicants was very high and we have now made our decisions. Unfortunately, you were not successful this time. We wish you well with future endeavours.
On the matter of potential project support for your filmmaking ideas, we have also now reflected on the document you sent us. The subject matter is complex and outside our expertise and so we must decline to be involved.
In addition, we have a full slate of productions running through till next summer and beyond.
Thank you again for your interest.
Yours sincerely,
Chris Haydon. Director. Community TV Trust. http://www.communitytvtrust.org. 07970 970 715
specialists in community media, media production & training for broadcast, online, schools, community
Regd. Charity 1081912 Company No. 03796670

Good morning Chris
This is Mervelee Myers, and I believe the advert in the Paper for Community TV Trust seeks Trustees was my final chance to find someone with the knowledge and expertise to help me share my story of how 29+ years of my life has been taken away after the death of my mother. The fact I was an influencer on social media creating a “Community Hub” where others can get information must be considered. Because along with been stripped of my rights not to be discriminated against, the HMCTS presided over the second miscarriages of justice after I experienced bereavement and loss again. My stories are published in cyberspace and have been used to make me a victim.
I spent 7+ years believing in the Legal Systems to give me justice investing to have my voice heard. Instead, I have become a voiceless vulnerable by the media that have used my intellectual property and images to capitalise on and make money. My photos are online, and I am captured doing interviews most time spontaneously promoting inclusion. My biggest opportunity came at Windrush 70 when my passion and commitment in extoling British Values see my photo portrayed across the world and published.
Instead of Mervelee Myers getting support to clear my name from my former employers and CEO June O’Sullivan who sanctions the discrimination in Southwark at the BIB Nursery. I was pushed over the edge, made a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment. The day that June O’Sullivan came to BIB on 29 January 2015 to trick me to breach the Social Media P&P she came with a new Trustee. I have no idea about being a Trustee until I see the advert. Strangely enough I was at Southwark Women’s Hub because of the ERT entrapment.
I will wrap up my pitch for you to give me the opportunity to share my story saying I have enough resources to help be the change that is needed. I want to be the voice of former colleagues working at LEYF under Modern Slavery. I sent the report to The Guardian in 2018. I was in the South London Press 28 May 2004 and in October 2021 Barclays repeated the same discrimination again. I was defrauded of my money that I deposited at the Tower Bridge Road branch of Barclays and was traumatised by the treatment. I was published in the Nursery World Magazine July 2011. Was on Sky News September 2011. Meet Michael Gove at LEYF annual conference November 2011. Was the only employee shortlisted for post of lead Early Years Practitioner and did not get the job leading to a meltdown. Despite doing the work of 3-4 staff I was never promoted to benefit from my qualification and experiences building LEYF brand. I was endorsed by Dr Chris Pascal and Professor Tony Bertram on LinkedIn on 22/9/2015. This was the date I was called to CO to be forced to sign a resignation.
The rest of my story is in cyberspace yet when I did not become the HCT Group Impact Report 2016 of 1 in 5 suicides are associated with unemployment. When HMCTS and other Legal Entity colluded to push me to the edge. The CPS and CJS collobarated with IOPC, JCIO, BSB, SRA, Legal Ombudsman, CCMCC, CLCC, MOPAC, DBS to make me a victim. Am now the proud owner of a Criminal Record and forced to become HCT Group second stastistic of 600,000 elderly people in the UK say they leave their homes once per week or less. With my internet profile I know this is a traversty. But despite investing to have my voice heard am slowly being pushed over the edge. I was advised to use my assignments for my first book at Lambeth College. I was scammed and my manuscript stolen by the person who sent the Police to section me.
I see those who discriminated against me online and I feel awful because my voice has been taken away by those colluding with the discriminators. I will wrap up saying Richard Harty of the UEL must be exposed as the mastermind of Men In Childcare that has put children at risk of safeguarding. I done “A Voice of a Child” research for June O’Sullivan in August 2010. I was curious why the blogger of Men In Childcare jumped ship to another Early Years Provider. When I contacted him via LinkedIn, he claimed not to know what am talking about. LinkedIn stolen my account and is involved in activities with those putting children at risk of safeguarding. I only connected Men in Childcare to A Voice of a Child research when Richard Harty called my mobile on the 29/9/2021 to threaten me. I have been removed from the UEL, but not before I captured data that will make the murder of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter part of my story. After threats via email from the UEL, the Police was sent to my home on 21/10/2021.
I am positive we can produce podcasts when you can accommodate to cover the productions you are working on. I am prepared to invest in my projects and the platforms to have my stories heard. Am sure the fact I was ITV News page one for Windrush 70 would be a start. I can use my role as a Cultural Abassador for promotion. Here is my proposal for your production.

  1. I am a black woman with disabilities, and I have been involved with research as a participant of Employment, Diabetes and Mental Health because of discrimination. I am online engaging in activities.
  2. As a disabled black woman who has been targeted by the Police on behalf of scammers and LEYF, I want to be part of Let’s Talk. Then we can understand Dr Maria Hudson’s research paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination”. As the recommendations to ACAS were not implemented and Dr Juanita Cox is doing another project about the Windrush Generation and failing to get back to me.
  3. Because the Police is RACIST and set out to target me in my home, making attempts on my life.
  4. As an EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Mulitigenerational Approach Facilitator I can be part of working in schools too.
    Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my long proposals and report. I decided to write my plans as with the passage of time everything is getting blurred and fear the DEPRESSION leaving me unable to function. Then I remember waiting 10+ years for my father to be rescued from Parkinson’s disease by death. And during those years I lost my faith in God, same as I lost trust in HMCTS, CPS and CJS.
    Regards. Mervelee.

Refer to Mrs Gloria Cameron’s CASE Dismissed for the comparisons in how Mervelee Myers has been treated by HMCTS & CPS & CJS to protect LEYF and cohorts.

On this day 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard WORK here I come all ready to carry on…
On this day 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard recommends Globe-Theater.
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard just do #therapy. Am #singing at the Globe-Theater tomorrow. Am a #Saint until I #face the TERRORISTS?


When I say https://www.facebook.com not going to FUCKING #threaten me I #mean it. Go look for the TERRORISTS at LEYF Nurseries #LEYF and #prestigeousHOC to mess wid.
When BLOODKLAAT #Fakebook nuh know who di FUCK dem a #threaten? Di SCUMBAGS lika some a di #haters pon yah!
Had productive day. 2moro it’s doing Tom’s bizznizz. Have 2 get advice at the CAB. Can’t believe 2018 come catch me wid #LEYF 2You and Valdin Legister 4 Comments
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ON THIS DAY. 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Here’s Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Ethnicity Estimate #updated from Ancestry. #Nigeria – 60%. Benin & Togo – 13%. #Cameroon #Congo & Southern Bantu Peoples – 12%. #Ghana – 7%. England Wales & North-western europe – 5%. #Mali – 2%. #Norway – 1%.
I don’t know if the #Chinese is in this.
When I tell people about my Multiple Identities that cause me to be so mix-up mix-up, they might not realise why I am #unique. But look at the #percentage of my Nigerian Ethnicity and you don’t have to ask any questions about me anymore.
Now I will have to go do my #research about some of the countries I know hardly nothing except the #name about. Told you am doing #therapy. I invested in my Fight4justice campaign against #discrimination that #blighted my family from way back to Biblical times. So Ervin Nembhard, Amly D Nembhard, #Ashter’s offspring #Texchus, #Byron offspring Dostan Nembhard and #Balis offspring with Ann Chambers the chickens coming home to roost.
So not leaving out my Kevin Murray and Valdin Legister. I will take #freelessons to set up YouTube in due course.

Good morning,
I hope this email finds you well and thank you for registering to attend DPC2019. I’m getting in touch to discuss your registration application for the event next week on 29 & 30 October.
Our registration team have #flagged your registration as potentially #contravening our registration policy which is set out at the beginning of our Registration form. This may be because you have registered as a Healthcare Professional rather than Commercial Attendee (for which there is a #charge), or because the registration team have identified that you may not meet the entry criteria outlined in our Entry Policy, which is shown at the beginning of the registration form. If you feel that your #registration has been flagged incorrectly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me using the contact details below, and I am more than happy to discuss and find a #resolution where possible.
If you are planning on attending #DPC2019 next week, please be aware that, until resolved, your registration will be placed on hold.
Many thanks in advance for your understanding.
Kind regards,
Toby. Toby Baker. Event Director. Diabetes Professional Care.
T: 023 80 20 19 87, M: 074 966 990 10, E: toby@diabetespc.com
Here’s an example of why I am not leaving home today. As a result of this #email, I did not attend this year. After the way they are trying ways to trick me. Like what happened at the Nursery World Show at Business Design Centre in 2018. When I was #assaulted by a young white girl. The next day June O’Sullivan LEYF Nurseries #LEYF plot backfired. But I was #tatgeted by 2 young white men in 2017. One of whom was with Liz Roberts when she thought I’d passed their stand and would not check to see.
Healthcare Publishing & Events Ltd. Registered in England & Wales, Registration Number 08914745. Registered Address: 16 Peterscroft Avenue, Ashurst, Hampshire, SO40 7AB
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Ervin Nembhard and 7 others.
I hope the #family of a total stranger don’t mind me using this to create #legacies? I found my #purpose as I told my new #bredaRobertRichards yesterday. I listened to stories of the way I was raised. How many of us allowing #Facebook to radicalise us?
0:36 / 1:10

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             Luke Burton

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling excited. My life was sorted #40yearsago. My #1Son Mr Kevin Murray!
1000 Bells
WE NEED 1000 SHARES!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!! SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Remember I am here to add to the #History if needed. I have to take every opportunity to use my #CreativeTalents that LEYF Nurseries & the #Establishment want to deny me. I am #Passionate about feeling #Proactive with Kevin Murray in Townhead where my #MOTHER was #Born at #CaneyHewlingTown across from the #TownheadPrimarySchool. The #Values were #Nurtured at the Townhead Baptist Church. Time for the change in Westmoreland!
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating success. #ModelMURRAYFamily!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Vandileete Turner. Model Family
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is thinking about friends and family.
Kevin Murray much admired & respected #YoungerAuntie!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Marcia Murray Royal. Auntie Lilieth Murray-Haughton

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating success with Valdin Legister and Mertie Bernard.
The life was #Sorted40yearsago! So why did I change might I ask LEYF Nurseries & the #Establishment that have the need to breach the Data Protection Act 1998? My Fight4justice will make sure the answers are made clear. No more of LEYF Nurseries getting other #Organisations & #Companies to do the #DirtyWork of #ModernDaySLAVARY by way of the #DiscriminationofzVulnerable!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is at Andria’s gate – Meylor.
Me & the Young MEN – Valdin Legister & Kevin Murray
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For the #Attention of those who need to update their #Satelite in Westmoreland?

TB to contact Jillian & Julie
Julie is to provide me with contact details either via phone or email. I have given her all my contact phone numbers. That way Julie just don’t believe she can send me a message at the last minute to change my appointment. Despite what HMCTS & CPS & CJS believe am not a criminal. The paedophiles are at the UEL and LEYF putting children and young people and vulnerable adults at risk. Julie has no rights to change my appointment at short notice. I am not a prisoner in my own home at Julie’s beck and call. I am my 98-year-old husband’s carer and have to accompany to his appointments

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is at Me back verandah. Ratty, Donnett, Kevin JNR, Kevin.
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Did not get to bed till @3thismorn. Need to replenish. Intend to start the new week right.

In 2008 during 1 of the most difficult Transitions in my life I was made a VICTIM! It carried on & on up to this year when I heard 1 DSWT Gal calling up my name, when she thought I wasn’t present? Decided to cut my losses & make a Run for it to save me from myself! But there comes a Time when 1 has to Stop the Running, take a Stance & Stop Allowing DSCB to Stop Turning U into a VICTIM to Salvage their Egos… For all those who never had the Courage of their Convictions, I will not hold nutn Against them?! This Adopted Country of mine is a Bitch that caused us to Change into the Unrecognisable Beings who sum have Become! So after finally getting the Courage to Emancipate myself from Mental Slavery & the Humiliations that sum of my own Sisters (BDB) have done to me, to keep me Cowering in the Corner… I put my foot down once & for all & mek the Blood Suck-ASSES see that I am made of Sterner Stuff than dem? Who me, I am my PAPA & MAMA 1 Gal Picknie & I had to Fight like Rass for Survival! Free at Last!!!!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Valdin Legister and 5 others.
Heard the News about Ur Likkle Mishap!!! Remember I told U 2 rest b4 embarking on those LJs… I’d be Devastated 2 Loose U 2!!! Speedy recovery now Mr HumBug & U r always im my THOUGHTS… Judith Gordon and Dahlia Duhaney
My Brother BYRON Died Age 56 Years Old With Colon Cancer
At one stage after my mother did and I was targeted by LEYF and cohorts I thought I would not celebrate my 56th birthday. 7+ years on am a shadow of my former self, made a criminal needing Emotional Regulation Treatment to cover for LEYF. Now it turns out that the “A Voice of a Child” research I did for LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan in August 2010 is linked to Men In Childcare. The reason Richard Harty the Dean of the University of East London panicked and called to threaten me on the 27/9/2021. The Paedophile Mastermind did not do his research and must have taken the words of June O’Sullivan’s abusers in the cults operating out of the HOC Nursery word for it. Because HMCTS & CPS & CJS & DBS tied me up with Emotional Regulation Treatment. The world will know soon enough who needs the ERT.

Happy Teenage Birthday to my Niece Ms Sarah-Kay Nembhard, she of the BYRON Clan! Have a blessed day MDN & I know without a doubt my Dear Breda Walford BYRON Alburney is somewhere smiling down at U on this Ur Special Day! He was so very Proud of U & would want the world to know about & bask in Ur continuing Progress! XXX auntie Ratty & the CLAN.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

                CHAPTER 7 

I Was Advised To Use My Assignments For My First Book At Lambeth College & My Manuscript & Publications Stolen
So today is yet another BD on my AGENDA!
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling excited. Just leaving enough time to get to my destinations as trying to do Ur bit can prove a PiBS (Pain in the Back Side) if 1 is not careful! I recalled being told years ago that whatever Ur superior asked U 2 do U do! So, when I who is dere to challenge the wrongs ventured to asks “So wat if the superior is wrong…?” I was told that U don’t question U do cause dey are di SUPERIORS! I have since larn dat when dem sey JUMP, U doan even bodda 2 ask how High, U just JUMP?

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
There was a Time when I set myself up as an ADVOCATE! More Fool Me? So, to undermine the work I do, this IFFWM used 2 ask “Why do U keep saying Children have SEN…?” She’d keep her distance, stand away from the action with pen & notepad in hand 4 about 5 minutes, then said “I have done my Observations & there is no evidence…” Well, this so-called IW claims she was a NURSE & HH by the NHS 4 her Post…! Suffice it to say no wonder the NHS is in such a dire strait? Every walks of Life U turn in Society History is Repeating itself & all they do is have another Case Review or Enquiry!
MM Updates 2021: This was to do with Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust where I had the first nervous breakdown.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with LEYF Nurseries and Employment tribunal.
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling important.
So, on my way from work & decided to be lazy because of the weather? Got on the bus & it came to a halt on Edgeware Rd. Eventually asked BD why we are not moving – Accident ahead, so started walking>>> Was just in time at the SoA asking if it was another cyclist?
Heard my kinda lingua coming from a biker who looked like a courier… Believe me & I quote “If U ever touch me bike, a U a guh en up ina dat Ambulance…” As he negotiated a path on the curve… To make matters worse I saw another fellow went up to this bloke & said “U want to try…, & another 1 cornered him on the other side pushing FIRE to the already heated Argument…?
I was glad when the Black guy rode off & the matter disintegrated? Got across the pavement
& saw this Chinese looking YL flat on her back, sum1 holding an umbrella to shelter her from the rain.
The Paramedics were already present, so I went on my merry way to let them get on with the job. I am praying & hoping her injuries are not life threatening? I am extra vigilant on the road especially since Walking is part of my Exercise Regime.
But I’ve seen so much recklessness on the roads, it’s amazing, as Drivers rushed thru PC when the light is green>>> I am not 2 sorry that I don’t drive sum times! I got the same bus 2 stops away from my destinations & the BD was like really surprised how far I’d reached! Pity he didn’t know that this OG usually walked the whole length from Luton Street to Tottenham Rd New Oxford Street?

4Karene Salmon, Judith Gordon and 2 others. 5 Comments. 2 Shares
Yesterday was a very relaxing day in another of LEYF nursery! Wow practice was 110% Beacon of Excellence… Got me some great ideas from Mary who once taught in Hong Kong to take back to Luton Street! Danielle & the team, BUUS & I am willing to cum discover sum more whenever U need support at Mickey Star! 1 of their team is heading off the JA soon, so have a fab time & njoy Ur hols!
Everything Capasetic & Ready fi PE 2moro!!! Well dah PRO will be tunning up dah Heat lika nubady’s Bizz….
ON THIS DAY 9 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard
Darned Bloody Good at my CRAFT!!! Even if I have 2 blow mI own TrumPET…?
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Only thing in Life that is Certain is Death!!!
London Evening Standard
Roman Abramovich today ruthlessly sacked the manager who led Chelsea to its greatest triumph just six months ago when they won the Champions League.
The axing of Roberto di Matteo takes the Russian’s bill for hiring and firing eight managers in nine years to £90million. Di Matteo was told about the decision in his office at the club’s Cobham training ground at 4am by club chairman Bruce Buck and chief executive Ron Gourlay. Full story: http://bit.ly/T3QTZx
They say CHARITY begins at HOME!!! Now it seems I don’t speak the Queens English when these People call soliciting MONEY for their Charities…
So now let mI get on with the jobs at hand…? Plz disturb only if L&D!!!

The Good Book is supposed 2 read – “Render Ur Heart & not Ur garms…” Well I’ll let it known that even thou I a prepared 2 compromise on my Beliefs… There is no way I will scrimp on the VALUES that make me who I am 2day & forever more!!!

10 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added 44 new photos to the album: KEVIN D. MURRAY November 21, 2011. Kevin D. MURRAY & Family
I don’t have to #airbrush my photos to post on social media. I am % natural. Down to the grey streaks. Going to wash my hair tomorrow. I will be getting ready to start back leaving legacy.
I can be ready for any occasion. I am #priceless and top of the range. The Employment Tribunal regulations and #LEYFnCohorts can only stop my progress for so long. I will be back to doing what I am good at. Connecting communities and creating legacy.

ON THIS DAY 10 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added a new photo to the album: KEVIN D. MURRAY November 21, 2011 — with Valdin Legister and 10 others .
The ACCOLADES have started coming in again!!!!

Gone & done it so have 2 wait until the EoW 4 the result…. Hope I am not OVERCONFIDENT!!!!

Wellbeing check ins every 2 weeks at Peckham Hub
MM Arguments I am offended by this assumption that I am to check in for Wellbeing Check at Peckham Space. This is coercive control and an insult to my qualification and personal experiences.
Good afternoon Hub Members,
Just a reminder that our Online Christmas Event will be held on Thursday 16th December between 3pm-4.30pm on Zoom.
The Zoom link is below: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83061280438
Meeting ID: 830 6128 0438
We would love to see you there to toast in the festive season together. With lots of festive themed performances and readings it will be a fun celebration!
Kind regards,

Please confirm your attendance for our scheduled session on Friday December 3rd at 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Warm Regards,
Janelle Reid
Licensed Associate Counselling Psychologist | Mental Health Counsellor
Stay Balanced | Life in Transformation
21 Rochester Ave.
http://www.staybalanced.info | @staybalanced2020

On Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 2:27 PM Mervelee Myers ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com wrote:
Hi Ms Reid
Can’t wait for tomorrow. So much happened since Friday, am positive I can compile a BOOK from your homework. Done a 5 minute with a 40+ year old lady and just discover she is a Public Figure. Am downloading the videos.

Caller From UEL 29 September 2021 Must Come Forward 3 October 2021
Disability & Dyslexia Team
Teaching & Learning Support Requirements
Under the Equality Act 2010, the university has an obligation to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of student with disabilities including those with Specific Learning Differences (e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia). Student Name Mervelee Myers Student ID 2193537
Course of Study MA Special Educational Needs School Cass School of Education and Communities
Diagnosis Depression and Anxiety Date 06/08/21
PEEP No Risk Assessment No
Examination Arrangements 25% Extra time
Additional support exam room
In class tests As above; tutors to arrange rooms, invigilators etc.
Coursework UEL operates an inclusive approach to coursework. Therefore, there are no extensions to coursework deadlines. The Assessment and Feedback policy can be found here.
Support Workers N/A
Additional support in place Extended library loans

4th October 2021
To Whom It May Concern

Monday 27/9/2021: In light of recent happenings when I was called by a male sounding voice claiming to be from the University Of East London on the 27th September 2021, I have no alternative but to put on record that I think I am been targeted by people I have no knowledge about linked to the UEL. Please listen to the person on https://youtu.be/6-Znc7I7izc to find out why Mervelee Myers must make it my business to decolonise the UEL. Because I have on record that I was sent to the HOC Nursery when I raised concerns about the exacerbation and triggering of my Mental Health after the death of my mother. Tuesday 28/9/2021: Although ET17001 was online I made the decision to go into university to climatise myself with the processes of going out and about again. I had book to go out with the Elephant & Castle HUB Choir and was in such a panic I could not get off the bus. I am not sure if been with people bring on the fear after in Stockholm Syndrome lock down after COVID-19?

I was told by the tutor I am too advanced for the ET17001 she advised me to change to another Module on a Tuesday. She would talk to the Head and get back to me. I am still waiting. Then I see snide comments I know are directed at me.

Wednesday 29/9/2021: I had such a good time at ET7727 and noticed the board with “Decolonising the Curriculum” and take my photos to share my journey. Nelson Mandela states, “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others” and I have been doing this since I joined Facebook in 2009. I created my first website “My Vision” and YouTube in 2012. Before the CEO of LEYF sent memo for staff to join Social Media to contribute to her blog. I became a target of Facebook on 18/9/2015 when they gave LEYF access to my account. I created a Community Hub on Facebook. I was a LinkedIn influencer until my account was stolen by the cyberbullying criminals on behalf of the abusers. Fact Check the Reviews online that the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-216 refused my Additional Witness Statement. Theresa May Government rejected my petition for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector. I can go on forever, but I will let those concerned like Richard Harty do his research about https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site themselves.

I got home and the sight I witness makes me realise how much my husband endured the past 7 years. In the night he lost his dignity and wanted to cover his shame before allowing me to take over.

Thursday 30/9/2021: I stayed at home and do the cleaning up like I used to do to help my mother during the years when disability impacted on my family. I was the one, as an only girl who was mostly affected. I never had a childhood and developed TRAUMAS.

Friday 1/10/2021: Went into Barclays to realise the SCAMMERS, 3 women stitched me up like Big Boy and the Girl and the Duck. They called the Police on the criminal that the Judiciary Of England And Wales & the Crown Prosecution Service & the Criminal Justice System entrap with Emotional Regulation Treatment. Please check my Facebook Memories 3 October 2017 “For all I know I’m a target when even Criminologists are viewing my profile on https://www.linkedin.com. That’s why I am seeking help to find out what is PAVO.

In a nutshell the Police was called after I was locked in the Tower Bridge branch of Barclays. When the 2 Ignorant Officers came and realise, they were not dealing with an idiot like LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan they instructed me what to do. I was so stressed out.
I got home and that’s when the UEL is going to make out am responsible for not enrolling. I was sent a PASS which I am using to access UEL. Once again, I have to wonder if UEL have people in Leadership-Management like at LEYF?
I will end by saying the ball is in the UEL court and as of now I will be on my guard I will pay them the curtsey to respond to this before going public. Because I have been accepted on the Microsoft Business Project and whatever the outcome, I will benefit. Please tell Richard Harty it is obvious he is a bigot who needs to get involved in British Values. I can give him lessons for free. Or better still do the research about MERVELEE MYERS who was ITV News Page one for Windrush 70. I will also do the same for Barclays for calling the Police on me. What were they expected for them to come MURDER me? I have enough evidence for Police Officers to be charged with attempts on my life at my home and at Southwark Police Station. The UEL can either work with me or against me, it don’t matter as I am a PENSIONER from my time at KINGS College NHS Foundation Trust where I have the first nervous breakdown after the death of my brother.
The choice is the UEL. Regards Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Mental Health & SEND Advocate


Hi Mervelee,
200,000 total views of your photos!

Thanks for adding photos to Google Maps. Contributions like yours help others make decisions about the things worth doing and places worth seeing—keep it up!

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                           CHAPTER 8

June O’Sullivan’s Mask Of Sanity Reveals A Psychopath
Thank you for your email. The Wellbeing Service is currently closed, we are open Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm so will reply to your email as soon we are able to.
If you are in an emergency situation please call 999 immediately.
· If you are on campus and need urgent assistance, please call UEL Security on 0208 223 7771 who are available 24/7
· For Newham residents experiencing a mental health crisis out of office hours call the Newham 24/7 mental health crisis helpline: 0207 540 6782
· Samaritans – 116 123 available to lend a listening ear 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
· Hopeline – 0800 068 4141 for those thinking about suicide and those worried about someone else – or Text 07860 039 967
If you need to talk to someone out of hours then you can access Student Space
https://studentspace.org.uk/ has some great articles, videos and blogs specifically for students.
You can also access 1-1 support across three different mediums:
· Text support – text ‘STUDENT’ to 85258 for 24/7 support
· Webchat support – available 4pm – 11pm
· Phone support – telephone 0808 1895 260. Available 4pm – 11pm
As a student at UEL you can use your UEL email address to access free, confidential 24-hour online support. You can register anonymously with Togetherall, a clinically moderated emotional support community with creative tools to allow you to express yourself, psychological self-assessments and a range of programmes to help you improve your anxiety, mood, sleep, drinking or learn how to cope with loss.
This short video tells you more about Togetherall :
A quick look inside Togetherall – YouTube
Being Well, Living Well
Can be accessed here
Being Well, Living Well is an online toolkit that takes a positive and holistic approach to helping students maintain their wellbeing, providing practical tools and strategies for coping with and preventing wellbeing issues at university.
The Student Wellbeing Service intranet site provides additional resources and the NHS One You website provides lots of information on how to feel better in body and mind. The NHS Library also has links to apps designed to help improve various aspects of your mental health from mindfulness to anxiety management and distraction apps to keep your thoughts away from self-harm.
Do take care.
Kind regards,
UEL Student Wellbeing Service

Jillian McTaggart is a waste of space and am getting all the information I need about Emotional Regulation Treatment and use my letters from parents going back to 2008 at Kings College NHS Foundation Trust Mapother House Day Nursery to address who needs ERT. The world will know about the “A Voice of a Child” research I did for LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan in August 2010. That I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson’s http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpaper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” in 2010. Then I will produce my Form from the FILE LEYF refuse to hand over stating I know the triggers for my PTSD. I have not signed any contract with Jillian McTaggart am not her client. The cheek of her too.
I Joined 3 Choirs as Therapy Since LEYF & HMCTS & CPS & CJS Deny me My Rights
My name is MERVELEE MYERS, and I want to say how much the Elephant & Castle HUB has been part of my journey from the time I joined and Choir. I have engaged with other groups at the HUB, but the Choir has given me the chance to use singing as Therapy during the time I was going through a difficult phase in my life.
I am proud of my biggest stage performance at the Globe Winter Festival. Although I have been in the media and on TV before performing with the Choir take precedent. I can link this with my parents meeting at a Wake Night singing and Cupid strike and they spent the rest of their lives together.
Even when Mama Lou develop dementia and she forgot her only daughter, you could reach her with singing. I have not participated since COVID-19, but I keep informed via the WhatsApp group. I am back, but University means I might not get to attend regularly. But I am a lifelong member of the Choir. Just need to know if I am an Alto or a Tenor.
Thanks for the support during my time of inactivity.
MERVELEE MYERS at Mum’s Funeral

Discuss developing MM as motivational speaker
Refer to my Websites
This is another disrespect on the part of those thinking they are set over me to impose the Coercive Control of HMCTS & CPS & CJS. Refer to my investments in my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) from the time I attended Lambeth College.
ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is celebrating a healthy future on Earth.
Taurus: You’re determined to put on a real spurt at work and today’s developments will help you do just that. Mars is poised to trigger the start of a hectic period that is likely to work you off your feet. Call to hear why the spotlight is on relationships.
Well since I am my own #Boss & don’t have a job because of LEYF Nurseries, the spurt has to be about the Safeguarding of the #Vulnerable in my care – Mass Tom.
The hectic period have not stopped since I got back from burying #MamaLou in July 2014… So, nothing new here then?
However I think it is time the #SYSTEMS give me a break to get my life back on level pegging!
I would really like to know what sort of #Relationships the spotlight is on please?
Now I have to go #WriteaComplaint about that Light Bulb Casing that came crashing down yesterday. As I said to Mass Tom Judge Rinder would like to know what if anything I had done about it. With the way my life is at the moment, I don’t want any more #AllegationsLies cause me to go back where I am coming from #MentalHealthIssues Dead-Press-Ons?
SENCO Job Offer £46-55,000.00
As the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator at LEYF my work is representative of how I work in partnership with professionals to support children. I was endorsed by Dr Chris Pascal OBE http://www.crec.co.uk and Professor Tony Bertram -EECERA https://www.eecera.org who I meet at LEYF Big Childcare Conversation at Middlesex University on 19/9/2015. I was endorsed on https://www.linkedin.com on the 22/9/2015. But look at the pattern of the discrimination I was invited by Neil King to CO for a chat. When I got there everything was done to trigger my PTSD by Neil King and Dilys Epton. Is it any coincidence that Dilys Epton sent me LinkedIn request on the same date? No, she too was experiencing discrimination and reason for her response to my email/letter of 14/3/2015 raising concerns about my Mental Health. This was on the eve of Mothering Sunday. I have not grieved for my mother yet and have lost many since her death. But not only that there were attempts on my life by the Police. The Police PC Conway and a female standing outside my home calling my mobile after trying to force entry on the 21/10/2021. Is it any wonder I must safeguard myself from HMCTS, CPS, CJS, MOPAC, IOPC, JCIO, CCMCC, BSB, SRA, DBS and now UEL joining in the discrimination to make me a dead voiceless VICTIM of the UK Government? I was page one of ITV News for Windrush 70. Once again, my Images used and then I became the target. Refer to HCT Group Impact Report 2016 of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. This was used by Winsome Duncan http://www.peachespublications.co.uk and Barrister Ryan Clement https://www.ryanclement.com to send Police to section me on 30/10/2017. The Police who failed to take my concerns of getting verbal threats when I reported to them. The trails of Police TERRORISM and hate crimes against me are documented online or in the case of PC Conway from Peckham Police Station by Tonye. As soon as I was made the offer http://www.gov.uk/dbs acted to keep me the statistic of 600,000 elderly people say they leave their homes once per week or less. Refer to https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/? For why my online profile will nail the Career Criminals in the Legal Systems who are party to LEYF and UEL putting children at risk of safeguarding. Whilst restricting my freedom with Emotional Regulation Treatment because I refuse to be a VOICELESS VULNERABLE VICTIM.

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