Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Is A Strong Woman With Disability Who Take Fight4justice To LEYF, HMCTS, CPS, CJS Career Criminals Abusers, Trolls, Social Media Cyberbullying Criminal 30/12/21

Without Prejudice June O’Sullivan Is In League With Richard Harty 2010 A Voice Of A Child Research Men In Childcare Prove LEYF, UEL Responsible For Reviews ET Refuse AWS Govt My Petition Inquiry In EYFS Samantha Jone Reference To Be On Grenfell Tower Inquiry 29

Without Prejudice UK London Stockholm Syndrome Teach Me To Advocate On Behalf Of Voices Silence By Legal System HMCTS CPS CJS MOPAC DBS Protecting LEYF, UEL Abusers Social Media Target Me For 30/12/2021