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Mervelee Myers Fight4justice, Honours Women Everywhere

How to overcome Injustice in the society that protect abusers

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Myers-Tomlinson

The Moral Right of the Author has been Asserted after Winsome Duncan stolen my Manuscript and Send Police to Section me from a Malicious Report on 30th October 2017.

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Notes Updates 14/12/2021: Winsome Duncan who published this Book without my consent has done more to make me a victim of HMCTS & CPS & CJS that presided over two miscarriages of justice and used Emotional Regulation Treatment as entrapment to protect LEYF abusers.  

Dedication                                           10


FOREWARD                                            11                                                                            

COMMENTARY                                      15

PROLOGUE                                             16


CHAPTER 1                                             25

The Changes Started After The Death Of Mum  

1 Identifying the conditions of mental health.

  • Doing the Research.

CHAPTER 2                                            85

My Roles As EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator – LEYF

2 Self-Awareness of mental health.

  • Managing my deficits and limitations.
  • Self-reflection.

CHAPTER 3                                        135

The HMCTS Presided Over Second Miscarriage Of Justice After Bereavement and Losses

3 The effects of toxic environments and relationships.

  • Losing control.

CHAPTER 4                                  171

Discrimination Is the Accepted Norms To Protect Those With Friends in High Places

4 Dealing with work-related matters.

  • Defensive practice.

CHAPTER 5                                    237

5 Handling trauma.

  • Impact of counselling.

CHAPTER 6                                     257

My Teacher Taught Me To Develop Resilience From an Early Age

6 Raising concerns.

  • Passive aggression.

CHAPTER 7                                   271

Participant in Employment, Mental Health and Diabetes Research

7 Challenging injustice and social equality.

  • Taking a stance.

CHAPTER 8                                   366

Representing Myself at Two Employment Tribunals & Employment Appeal Tribunal after Allegations Used to Trigger PTSD

8 I was made a Criminal by those who Stole my Intellectual Property and Image Rights

  • Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to create for others
  • My Father the Storyteller
  • Writing as Therapy

CHAPTER 9                                     390

Becoming a Social Media Influencer Before I was Targeted by Facebook

9 Treated less Favourably than an Animal

  • My websites
  • My YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Google My Business & Google Maps

CHAPTER 10                                 419

My Fight4justice Campaign an investment

10 Great Britain is a Racist Society

  • Targeted by Winsome Duncan
  • Targeted by Barrister Ryan Clement
  • Targeted by Scammers & Trolls

CHAPTER 11                                    429

Discrimination is Against the Law

11 My Empowerment is my Armour against Weapons of Hate Crimes

  • The Police & IOPC & MOPAC
  • DBS
  • The Judicial Ombudsman

CHAPTER 12                                     443

The Impacts of Cyberbullying and Institutional Discrimination on my Disabilities

12 On the road to recovery.

  • Finding a support network.
  • Accepting myself.
  • Giving back to society.

CHAPTER 13                                    453                 

Mental Health & SEND Advocate

13 Whose Mask Of Sanity Expose Abusers

  • June O’Sullivan – A Voice of a Child
  • Richard Harty – Men in Childcare
  • Fitzrovia to Luton Street
  • Media
  • Individuals & Organisations

CHAPTER 14                                       457

Mervelee Myers Discovers The Link Between LEYF 2010 And The UEL 2021

Whose Mask of Sanity Expose Abusers

  • Professors Endorsement

CHAPTER 15                                          489

My Contributions To British Values

  • Professors Endorsement

CHAPTER 16                                            497             

Windrush Generation

  • – Dr Maria Hudson
  • – Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkins
  • – Mrs Gloria Cameron
  • – Dr Juanita Cox

CHAPTER 17                                             512

Stephen Lawrence’s Legacy

– My Children And Grandchildren Missing Out

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About the Author                                     532

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This book is dedicated to my mother; she was a strong woman, who took on many roles when she faced challenges.

Mervelee Myers Tributes to Perline Louise Chambers-Nembhard

  1. Fear Factors Mum’s Death https://youtu.be/7ccXGF3589E
  2. The Capricorn Mother https://youtu.be/DJLTvsaXBok


I was Mervelee’s tutor when she registered on the Edexcel Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (QCF), as a Teaching Assistant. The LSA course lasted five months, from January – May 2016. When I first meet Mervelee, she was a bit reserved and told me she is more of a background person. However, I could identify Mervelee as a more knowledgeable practitioner from the beginning, by the way she engaged, socialized, and interacted with her peers. Mervelee’s peers could also identify her for being a cooperative, reliable, and dependable professional, who supported and was willing to share her knowledge as a learning partner.

Mervelee was appointed by her group to lead the presentation for the first group project. It was evident that Mervelee is a natural leader and influencer, who is willing to spend time supporting her peers to reach their individual potentials. I encourage Mervelee to continue using and sharing her knowledge to empower others. Mervelee was open and honest with me about her Mental Health Issues and informed me she was undergoing counselling. Mervelee said she did not want any misunderstandings, as some days are worse than others and very bad. She was determined to get back to good health and into working.

Mervelee established positive relationships with her peers, encouraging them to do their best. Her sense of humour was appreciated, especially as she was the Mother Figure for the group. Mervelee talked about managing her disabilities with diet and exercise, without relying too much on medication and was an inspiration to all. Her work was above the required standards, and she took great pride in the presentation of her assignments.

Mervelee expressed her wish to do further studies and was planning to enroll on the Higher-Level Studies programme, to gain her Teaching Qualification/Assessor Award after she was advised to volunteer. Mervelee has done volunteering and was featured in HCT Group Impact Report 2016 on two pages. I know she is ready to be back into working as she expressed how work keeps her going. The acceptance by her peers enabled Mervelee to regain some of the self-confidence she lost over the time she experienced her personal crisis. We are continuing the collaborative working partnerships developed using our shared visions and knowledge to promote inclusion, empowering others to reach their potential. Mervelee is growing from strength to strength and regaining her confidence.

Mervelee confided that she finds it difficult going back into a toxic environment, where she will be judged by others and feel threatened. The unfair treatments have left Mervelee feeling vulnerable. Mervelee said her vulnerability caused her to question her abilities and function as a more knowledgeable reflective practitioner, who developed the listening ethos. Mervelee said she was advised about the benefits of a career change after contacting Prime Minister David Cameron via an Open Letter. She was put in contact with the Department for Education. She decided to return to studying to gain the necessary qualifications to get back into employment.

Although her confidence was destroyed after the years she spent managing her hidden disabilities, to become a graduate at 50-years-old, she wants to get back working. Work keeps her going and gives her a sense of self-worth. As a Counsellor, I have been supportive of Mervelee’s endeavors and determination to get back into working, even if not full-time. Mervelee’s peers were supportive of her, and those with whom she volunteered were grateful for her help. They have given their blessings to Mervelee’s future endeavors. I believe Mervelee Myers can manage an Early Years Setting, with her qualifications, Training, experiences and passion she has shown for her subject area, whilst doing the Teaching Assistant course. Mervelee continues to empower herself to the highest levels, with her ongoing Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP).

I can vouch for Mervelee Myers as a professional, who is passionate about accomplishing and achieving whatever she sets out to do. Since meeting Mervelee, she has shown her professionalism, to be cooperative. She uses her initiative to empower those she works with in whatever capacity. I would highly recommend Mervelee Myers.

Danielle Williams – Tutor/Assessor 

Richard Harty must be investigated

  1. Richard Harty of UEL is a Red Flag for Men in Childcare https://youtu.be/L6m553DodR4
  2. Richard Harty Panic https://youtu.be/6-Znc7I7izc
  3. Murder Analyse A Viper’s Nest of Paedophiles (UK-2020) Shirley Oaks https://youtu.be/IugYTmFOIpM


This is the story of my transitional journey, which started after the death of my mother, who experienced dementia. My mother met her challenges throughout her life, as a loving daughter, wife, mother and friend. In the latter stages, she was struck down by dementia and despite me making the diagnoses from the United Kingdom and hearing about her behaviours which were causing concerns to the family. I was not prepared, when I got home from my son’s wedding, to find mama as the vulnerable woman who relied upon others for meeting her every need. However, most painful of all, was the fact that mama did not know her only daughter.

I was comforted by the fact that I had the opportunities to help my mama to revisit her life, when she was the strong woman. Taking care of the need of others, at the expense of her own emotional wellbeing. A glimmer of recognition came the day I was leaving Jamaica, when she told my son, ‘She did not come to say goodbye’.  It was then I realised this was our final physical goodbye and the next time I saw my mother would be in death. My name is Mervelee Myers, this is my story.


Dedicated to Valdin Allan Legister a son who was influenced by his grandmothers http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio I supplied the information in 2011 when I was browsing. My son was an unknown referee at the time. He endorsed my work Colleagues in 2011 when I was on holidays in Jamaica. 2011 was a pivotal year for me when I was published in the Nursery World Magazine in July for transforming Luton Street Community Nursery working in partnership with colleagues into a beacon of best practice for the world to emulate. By September https://skynews.co.uk visited “The Cost of Childcare” and Mervelee Myers was one of the major contributors with the child of a colleague. The parent writes me and my colleague a letter for our contributions to her child’s development. I have several recommendations from parents I worked with at Mapother House Day Nursery. Am I not allowed to use them to clear my name of being a criminal needing ERT that is entrapment after the Legal Systems colluded against me?

Nelson Mandela is one of my Motivators

I created the Legacies from I joined social media before I was aware of Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others”.  I started a Community HUB on Facebook providing extensive coverage of news from my local communities after coming back from my “Family Reunion” in 2009. Despite what happened to me after the death of my brother with colon cancer in 2008 in a toxic workplace, I had made certain decisions about continuing to build on the foundations left by my family and friends who were no longer with us. My Facebook was where people go to be informed. I have 18 Facebook pages that were created for therapy to write especially since the death of my mother and the discrimination that denied me my entitlements and strip me of my dignity.

I was sent memo by the CEO to join SM to contribute to her blog. This is how I joined https://www.linkedin.com in 2012 and can recall one of my first publication was about tolerance. I later developed as an influencer because of my role at work as the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator who was in great demand for my Homemade Books. It is a fact I have it on record/photos that the CEO took one of my Homemade Books to develop into a Teaching & Learning Tool on the day Sky News visited Luton Street Community Nursery. My colleagues were disappointed that I was not acknowledged or compensated, but I guess my trust in others left me exposed to exploitation as will be proven at the end of my book and others I am planning to publish. Matters took a turn that is/was indirect and direct discrimination when I was excluded from the Nursery World FORUM and sent email by the editor Liz Roberts. I must make it clear how emails played a crucial role in providing the evidence that I will be using to clear my name from the time I sent an email to the Senior HR on 14/3/2015 the eve of Mothering Sunday in the UK. I was endorsed by Dr. Chris Pascal www.crec.co.uk and Professor Tony Bertram https://www.eecera.org  on LinkedIn the date 22/9/2015 I was sent to CO by the manager at New Cross Community Nursery for a chat with Neil King. When I arrived, I was harassed, bullied, and intimidated by NK to write a resignation. But if the Former Employer was not so hellbent on getting rid of me before the date they gave me after I appealed the Disciplinary Hearing. They would have known I cannot write my name under such pressures, much more a resignation. But this is how the FE go about discriminating against former employees. This was done to Karen Walker in 2013 when the changes started happening at the FE, after the CEO was bestowed with an MBE. It was no coincidence that the Senior HR who was present sent me a LinkedIn request on the date I was called to CO when I was endorsed on LinkedIn by the persons, I introduced myself to at Middlesex University at LEYF Big Childcare Conversation. The CEO came to the group I was with, turned her back on me, when I acknowledge her, claimed she did not recognise me.  See my entries on social media to verify my story from when I was targeted and learning that the discrimination was sanctioned. Facebook gave the FE access to my account on 18/9/2015 in breach of the Rules of Laws before I attended Middlesex University on the 19/9/2015. On the 22/9/2015 I was suspended verbally at CO because I could not write a RESIGNATION because of my disability in the Chronic Anxiety diagnosis of 18 July 2006 to do my Health & Social exam for the Open University sponsored by http://unison.org.uk that was to overturn the government ET Law in 2017 for employees to pay fee to take employers to the ET. The question I would like to be answered is who is benefiting from my Intellectual Property and Image Rights via my publications on LinkedIn since I was refused access to my account?

Twitter has suspended my account because of trolls and persons involved in corruption in governments in the UK and Jamaica. I was contacted by Twitter Legal Team on behalf of Bates Wells & Braithwaite when the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 was posted online. The judgement made me a victim and whilst I had faith expecting to get justice, I ended up made a CRIMINAL needing ERT that is entrapment. However, as I said to the Dean of the UEL in the recording the seven (7) years I spent trying to get justice will be counted towards my empowerment. When I meet the professors at Middlesex University, I told them about my plans to gain my SEND Teacher Qualification before returning to Jamaica to contribute to promoting inclusion. Instead, I have spent the past 7 years a victim of institutional discrimination becoming the self-fulfilling prophecy in my letter to the Senior HR that I am slowly striped of my dignity and dying slowly. Yet the law in making me a victim is protecting abusers of children.

Mrs Connie Jordine-Legister – Refer to Social Media

Mrs Perline Louise Chambers-Nembhard – Refer to SM.

Father Alverie Michael Legister – Refer to SM

Wife Naheel Julene Brown-Legister – Refer to SM

My Grandchildren – Refer to SM

Extended Legister-Nembhard Clan – Refer to SM


I would like to acknowledge Mr. J T Foxx: This was the first self-development conference I attended, which gave me an insight about business opportunities that I have been missing out on. Ruky O, who I met at the J T Foxx conference, gave me a copy of her book.

Thank you to Carole Ann Rice, for her Monday columns in the Daily Express newspaper and their focus on mental health campaigns. I would like to acknowledge my tutors at Lambeth college, who first planted the seeds of writing a book, when I studied 1997-1999 and graduated with a Student of the Year Award. Some of my tutors told me my assignments could be made into a book, years ago.  Here I am today, a debut author, doing the work myself after I was ripped off by Winsome Duncan.

A special thanks to the Gerry Roberts team, for their inspiration and giving me the confidence to write this book. However, I must make the reader aware of my journey thus far facing discrimination in the pursuit of getting justice and the impacts on my mental and physical wellbeing since I set out to be an Author.  Gerry, you are correct. I am an author, who has been writing from the time my father was stricken with Parkinson’s disease and I find solace and comfort writing about my experiences when I had no one to talk to. Once again, the tables are stacked against me as I face rejection and abandonment like what happened in my childhood and early adulthood when I became pregnant.

Danielle Williams, you gave me the confidence to know and believe that I have the knowledge and experience. When you told me that I can teach your class, I was moved beyond words and humbled. Sad to say that Danielle Williams joined those who abandoned me under pressure from those who targeted me making me a voiceless, vulnerable victim in the end.

I was not allowed to do the training with HCT Group although I was featured in the HCT Group Impact Report 2016. Because HCT Group work in partnership with London Early Years Foundation.  My photo across from the statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment was used by Barrister Ryan Clement, Winsome Duncan Employment Lawyer to groom Ms Duncan to discriminate against me.

My disabilities have been used to discriminate against me with two miscarriages of justice after I experienced bereavement and losses after the death of my brother with colon cancer in 2008. But to have even worse happening to me after mum’s death is hard to understand because I empowered myself. The biggest shock of all is after exhausting the Employment and Employment Appeal Tribunals, the Small Claims Court, the Bar Standard Board, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Judicial Ombudsman, I am facing even more discrimination to cover up abuse in the Early Years Sector.

My brother advised me to go back to studies to help with my mental health. Only for me to be kicked out of the University Of East London by a Richard Harty who called to threaten me on the 27th September 2021, the date I resigned from LEYF with the second nervous breakdown in a toxic work place. I was threatened by the UEL Legal Representative Mary Mitchison and others via emails after I was targeted by Tanya Cotier, a female and an Indian Security beside the plaque dedicated to Black Lives Matter on the 5th October 2021.

I was rescued by a Black Security Officer who was inside and witnessed what was happening. Richard Harty claimed he did an investigation, and I was removed, and he sent the funding I applied for back. I went through all the channels and was given a Disability & Dyslexia Teaching and Learning Support Requirements along with a Mental Health Practitioner. Susan Davies is on record sending me threatening emails too.

I was at Peckham Women’s Space, meeting Jillian McTaggart who was assigned as the Emotional Regulation Treatment Entrapment Persons from the HMCTS and CPS and CJS colluded to make me a criminal. Luckily, I stayed over for a Book Reading when I answered my phone to a PC Conway who was abusive, harassing and intimidating me.  I handed the phone to the person in charge and have a written report of what was discussed.

When I got home my neighbour told me about the visit to my home by PC Conway and a female Police Officer. They were trying to force entry to my house. The UEL contacted the Police to say I told them I was feeling suicidal when they were forcing me off campus. But this was the 5/10/2021 why did they wait until the 21/10/2021 to send the Police. Considering the Police visited my home on the 30/11/2020 under cover of the LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture to murder me to say I committed suicide, is using SUICIDE to deny me my rights not too farfetched?

When I did not become HCT Group Impact Report 2016 first statistic, I was pushed over the edge to having suicidal thoughts, arrested unlawfully, made a criminal to cover the abuse reviews that the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement from the three reviews Ms Duncan sent me. I was unable to access LEYF website at the time.

A special thanks to my husband for his support and understanding. Without him, this book would not be possible

CHAPTER 1                                   25

The Changes Started After The Death Of Mum    

1 Identifying the conditions of mental health.

  • Doing the Research.

1 Identifying the conditions of mental health

Doing the research

The Mental Health Act 1983 is a law that is designed to protect the rights of people who are assessed as having a ‘mental disorder’. This is a term used to describe any disorder or disability of the mind, including dementia. The Act explains in what circumstances, and for what reasons, a person may be detained in hospital, and what obligations healthcare and social care providers have to the person.

This factsheet looks at the parts of the Mental Health Act that cover the process of someone being detained in hospital against their will (sometimes referred to as ‘being sectioned’), challenging someone’s detention, guardianship, and after-care services.


  • The sections of the Mental Health Act n Challenging a detention under the Mental Health Act n What happens when a section expires?
  • Guardianship
  • Lasting powers of attorney, deputies and the Mental Health Act n The key roles n Other useful organisations.

The Mental Health Act 1983 and guardianship

The sections of the Mental Health Act

There are over 100 parts to the Mental Health Act, known as sections. Some of these sections allow people to be detained against their will, which is where the term ‘sectioned’ comes from. When someone is detained under the Mental Health Act, both they and their nearest relative must be informed of their rights, what is happening and how this relates to the Act.

The Act only applies in England and Wales. It does not apply in Northern Ireland, where the equivalent legislation is based on the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986.

The following sections are likely to be the most relevant to people with dementia and their carers.

There are over 100 parts to the Mental Health Act, known as sections. Some of these sections allow people to be detained against their will, which is where the term ‘sectioned’ comes from.

Section 2 – Detention for assessment in hospital

Section 2 of the Mental Health Act allows people to be detained in hospital to have their mental condition assessed, in situations where the person themselves refuses. This can happen if health professionals think that they are behaving in a way that places their health at risk or is a danger to themselves or others. Examples of when people with dementia may be detained under section 2 include serious cases of self-neglect and where the person is behaving in ways that challenge, such as being aggressive. A person can only be detained for a maximum of 28 days. They can of course be discharged sooner if appropriate.

An approved mental health professional (AMHP) and the person’s nearest relative both have the legal power to have someone admitted to hospital under section 2 of the Mental Health Act (see ‘The key roles’, below, for an explanation). However, it is very unusual for a nearest relative to do this. Instead, every local authority has a duty to provide a trained team of AMHPs specifically to carry out this role. If you are concerned about someone and feel that they are a risk to themselves or others, contact your local authority social services department.

Once this has been done, two doctors must agree to the detention and sign medical recommendations that say why the person can only be treated in a psychiatric hospital. The doctors must assess the person within five days of each other. One of these doctors must have specialist experience of working with people with a mental disorder. The second should normally be someone who knows the person, such as their GP.  The AMHP or nearest relative must then admit the person to hospital within 14 days of the date the medical recommendations were signed.

Once the person is in hospital under a section of the Act, they will not allowed be to leave the hospital until they are discharged and will be closely supervised.

Section 3 – Detention for treatment in hospital

Section 3 of the Act allows someone to be detained in hospital to receive treatment. This might apply to someone who has already been detained for a period of assessment and who then requires treatment. It could also apply if it is clear from the outset that the person will not accept treatment voluntarily. Section 3 of the Act allows someone to be detained for up to six months in the first instance. After this, the section may be renewed for a further six months, and then for a year at a time.

As with detention under section 2 of the Act, both an approved mental health professional (AMHP) or the person’s nearest relative can apply for someone to be detained to hospital (see ‘The key roles’, below). However, the AMHP cannot admit someone to hospital under section 3 if the nearest relative doesn’t agree to this.

The process for detaining someone for treatment under the Act is broadly the same as for assessment. However, the doctors must make sure there is appropriate treatment available for the person in hospital before signing the medical recommendations. If there is not, then it is likely that the person will not be detained. Treatment might include psychological therapies such as problem-solving therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), specialist mental health nursing, medication, and care.

Section 117 – After-care services

Section 117 of the Act deals with after-care services. These are the services that must be provided to someone when they are released from detention under the Mental Health Act. Local authorities and the NHS have a joint duty to plan for after-care services for people who have previously been detained for treatment under section 3 of the MHA and who require them.

After-care support is not means-tested. This means that everyone who needs it will receive it, regardless of their financial situation. It must be provided free of charge, and this includes care in the person’s own home and paying for care home fees.

There is usually an upper limit on how much the NHS and a local authority will spend on an individual’s care home fees. The NHS and local authority will normally tell you what the limit is. Often, they will provide a list of care homes in the area within this budget and families can choose from this list.

However, if someone wishes to move into a different and more expensive care home to that chosen by the NHS or local authority, they can choose to pay a top-up fee. This means they can pay the difference between the amount the NHS or local authority are willing to pay and the cost of the person’s chosen home.

It is possible for after-care support to be withdrawn if the NHS and the local authority together decide that the person’s needs have changed. To receive after-care, the person must have a continuing requirement for support. This support must meet a need connected with the person’s mental disorder and reduce the risk of a deterioration of their mental condition. If this is no longer the case, the after-care support could be withdrawn and the person’s care needs reassessed on a means-tested basis, meaning they may have to pay for some or all their care costs. If you are concerned that after-care is going to be removed inappropriately you should seek legal advice.

Challenging a detention under the Mental Health Act

If you believe someone is being wrongly detained under a section of the Mental Health Act, you can challenge the decision. This can be done in one of four ways.

  • Ask the health professional in charge of their care (known legally as ‘the responsible clinician’) to discharge them.
  • Ask the hospital manager to discharge them. The manager will hold a meeting (called a hearing) with the people in charge of the hospital and other hospital staff. There is no time limit for when this hearing should be held.
  • Talk to the nearest relative. They have the power to discharge the person, however they must give written notice to the hospital and the discharge can be overridden by the doctor on medical grounds.
  • Apply to a First-tier Tribunal in England or a Mental Health Tribunal in Wales. A tribunal can hear cases where the person or their representative believes that they should be discharged from hospital. They have the power to discharge the person if they feel that they no longer need to be detained. Staff on the hospital ward, an independent mental health advocate (IMHA) or the hospital’s Mental Health Act administrator can help put people in touch with a solicitor to represent them at the hearing. The Law Society of England and Wales also has a list of solicitors who are accredited to represent people at these hearings – see ‘Other useful organisations’ for details.

You can try all of these options at the same time to challenge a section decision, you do not need to try one at a time or follow any particular order. (Alzheimer’s Society 2015).

Personal Perspective:

I was forced to do research into mental health conditions, from a personal perspective. The following chapters of my book will reveal intimate details. Due to the personal circumstances of how I came to deal with the mental health issues, I realised that there were other factors which were having an impact upon my transitional developments since puberty. In Honour Of Strong Women Everywhere will go a long way in highlighting some of the myths and old wives’ tales, associated with mental health. One of my mantras about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), is that in some rare cases, SEND Conditions cannot be seen with the naked eye. Many people who have experienced mental health issues, will discover that there is evidence of this starting in childhood.

It took me enhancing knowledge via studies, my working experiences and even (Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper) that I was a participant in “The Experience of  Multiple Discrimination” which I came across online when I was doing research to represent myself at the Employment Tribunal the second time. I was abandoned by the union that continued taking my fee, five (5) years after I could not get a job. Because of the blacklisting and networking that happened the first time after the death of my brother with colon cancer. Allegations were used to trigger the PTSD and mental health conditions that I managed with Early Intervention Strategies and Holistic Approaches after studying with the Open University. It took the unfair treatment at work and the advice of (Laura Crawford of Health Management 2015) to seek counselling to find out why I react to certain situations the way I do. When I was sent on Medical Suspension in breach of the Contract I signed on 7th October 2009. To be a participant in counselling, for me to find out how much one’s life can be affected by mental health Issues.

Therefore, I would advise everyone to educate themselves about the issues that may impact upon how one is able to live a fulfilling life. I grew up in rural Jamaica, some of my family  were affected by disabilities, prolonged sicknesses, and suffering, as well as poverty. Without knowing what was happening to me, my father was struck down with Parkinson’s disease, from an early age. I was going through the transitional developmental stages, from puberty onwards and my life was turned upside down as a result. As an only girl in a male dominated household, with an older mother who was not able to communicate well with me, life became such a struggle. I ended up becoming one confused little ghetto girl, who could not understand that my father’s so-called God, could allow him to be sick and leave his family to suffer. I was the one, who was severely affected and I changed from the Tom Boy with any fear to a girl who did not understand why my life changed so dramatically. Due to the trauma, I took on the signs and symptoms of my father’s sickness that were inclusive of hand tremors, voice tremors and mood swings and to function retreated to the background. On reflections after getting counselling, I am positive I would have benefited from having an EYFS Coordinator and SENCO, the roles I undertake during my time working with children from I graduated from Lambeth College and was headhunted as the Room Leader at William Wilberforce Lambeth Walk Day Nursery. I must mention that I applied for a lower course and was advised to upgrade when I went to do the test and interview.

As can be verified I was a mentor for my peers who acknowledged the fact I could break down the lessons, so they understand at Lambeth College.  I graduated from the Open University with high grades and was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety to do the Health & Social Care examination sponsored by UNISON in 2006. I do not have a Medical Diagnosis for Parkinson’s disease, so cannot claim it as a disability.

I must put on record how my deficits and limitations of having disabilities have been used against me resulting in two miscarriages of justice. The first time I had to start my career from the bottom of the career ladder. I was younger then and did not have the underlying disability conditions of arthritis and diabetes.  The sanctioning of discrimination after mum died has taken tolls on my mental and physical health the past seven (7+) years. The world must be informed about the involvement of the Judiciary of England and Wales, the Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Service in covering up discrimination against children, young people, and vulnerable adults. That is why I want the world to know why I was kicked out of the UEL by Richard Harty when he panicked and called to threaten me. Picking myself up after the discrimination that affected me when allegations were used to trigger my PTSD, I got a job with Westminster Children Society when a former colleague visited my home for me to help her with her studies.

When I shared my plight with her, she told me her Company was recruiting and I applied and was successful. I made it clear at the interview about my disabilities and the conditions that were not conducive to me carrying out my job. I was accepted but when I started the job they were broken, I was placed in the Baby Room. Knowing my situation and how hard it was for me to get a job because of the blacklisting and networking, I had no choice but to do my best. I started applying for jobs hoping my luck would change. Like my tutor identified I would go the extra mile doing my job and had taken on the role of SENCO. The LEA identified my knowledge and expertise and started sending me on training.

That was when the Interim Manager Maria Goncalves who was studying decided to target me. The aim was I would not finish the Probationary Period. When raising concerns verbally did not yield results, I put my concerns in writing. Like in my former workplace at Kings College NHS Foundation Trust Mapother House Day Nursery 2003-2008 I became the target of LEYF managers and leader’s friends in high places with the area manager Maria Freeman getting in on the case. It was Joelle Lax a teenager who I worked with at William Wilberforce who recognised me when she visited Fitzrovia Community Nursery spoke up for me and I was transferred to Luton Street Community Nursery. Before my transfer I meet Oshana, who told me about the manager Julie Weise.  It is important that I mention these individuals as later they will play key roles in the outcome of how LEYF with friends in high places ruined my career and destroyed my mental and physical health.

Meeting Julie Weise for an introduction was important for me to lay my cards on the table and I will forever sing the praises of Julie for recognising my worth and what I brought to Luton Street Community Nursery April 2010 – July 2014. The training I had done at Fitzrovia came in handy at Luton Street. When I started, I was doing the work of 3-4 staff as there were more Agency Staff than LEYF employees. I will cover this in detail later.  Because of my PTSD my social life was non-existent. I bore the brunt of being labelled as ‘worthless’ and struggled through school but if you ask my schoolmates and my teachers, they will tell you that I was bright and I have the certificates to prove it! Knowing my deficits and limitations, I stay out of situations that would trigger the severe symptoms.

I went through life, not achieving my potential because I just could not perform in the limelight and was always the background person. I considered myself different from others and my lack of achievements were there to remind me that I was not a failure, but my disabilities made it hard for me to achieve the high standards I started with passing Bible Knowledge with credit before going to Secondary School in 1972. That is why I am an advocate of INCLUSION, with the implementation and promotion of ‘Early Intervention Strategies and Holistic Approaches’. Please do not wait for the horse to escape from the paddock, before trying to mend the fences or lock the gate, if you do, you will miss your blessings. The evidence is conclusive that mental health conditions which are present from childhood, can blight the lives of individuals into adulthood. I am proof that it happens, when I joined Social Media I started sharing my stories as I consider I am an expert authority on subjects from cradle to grave. My stories can be accessed via Google where my experiences and life stories are documented. My wish is for my readers to benefit and to be inspired.

I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety on Monday 18th July 2006, as I always documented, I have disability. To date, I was only able to get treatment after the Occupational Health Doctor passed me fit for work, when concerns were raised about alleged behaviours that were not deemed normal. The doctor advised me to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. I have since had counselling from the professionals at the Maudsley Hospital. Although I am not cured, I am in control of my life once more and I am back to being in control.

Why I adopted the Daily Express Columnist Mantra –

“Tech Don’t Lie!”

Edited published on LinkedIn: 26.04.2017!

My Mother used to say “mi nuh nyam rice when it hot, mi wait pon it fi cool” I told everyone who would listen before that “I am a background person” for the mere fact that I have a diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety (18.07.2006), which I always call my Parkinson’s, from the time I reached Puberty because dad’s illness. Back then I had no knowledge of Parkinson’s Disease nor Depression. They said dad was sick with his NERVES. He worked too hard and did not take care of himself. I can still recall the early days and years when we had Paupa Trees lining our yard, because they say it was good for dad’s nerves. Mum was willing to try any remedies that were suggested in the hope dad would get better. But that was not to happen and I spent another ten (10+) years witnessing dad’s decline until he died. By this time, I have two (2) children. One of whom was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities. But dad reassured me this was not the case it was related to my DNA.

I recalled the time my son turned black and must have stopped breathing when I cried out, he was dead. He was rushed to the Hospital, and I do not have much memory of that day. It was during a discussion with one of my brothers that he told me it was dad who put the mirror at my son’s face and said he was breathing.

The following is one of the correspondences I shared with the Sunday Express Newspaper Mental Health Crusade. I apply my Fight4justice Facebook campaign, showing my former employers, the Establishments, and the Systems to not take liberties with an empowered, educated black woman, at the end of her tether, especially when the chips are down.  Instead, they try to brush it off, with the excuse that I am MAD. If made public, they will have to deal with the after- effects of their DISCRIMINATION! I can write my own stories, essays and reports; this is my first book.

Updates 2021: HMCTS & CPS & CJS Must Be Charged For Discrimination of Mervelee Myers.

Based on the (M Knowles Daily Express 15/12/2021) Police to create violent offender lists in move to protect women by Michael Knowles I will put on record the attempts on my life or direct discrimination by members of the Metropolitan Police on the following dates: 1. Came to section me 30/10/2017. 2. Came to murder me under cover of LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture 30/11/2020. 3. Racial Profiling https://youtu.be/J3DqSDLKjG0 Q

  1. Police & Debbie https://youtu.be/mPq7O9LWI20
  2. Reference 501/13/11/2021
  3. 501 CAD/13/11/2021 SE 23N
  4. Reference 1181907 Clare Housing 4 Women re Debbie Gilchrist the Neighbour from HELL.

MOPAC Police Complaint Reviews Team ComplaintReviews@mopac.london.gov.uk Pc NeiI Solliss and Inspector Nikki Babb.

I want the Judiciary of England and Wales, and the Criminal Justice System and Crown Prosecution Service to be investigated for discrimination of Mervelee Myers to protect LEYF abusers with the reviews online. The ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement, and the Government rejected my Petition for an Inquiry into the Early Years Sector. I carried out “A Voice of a Child” research project for LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan in August 2010. I was always curious about “Men in Childcare” after Conor Bathgate the blogger jumped ship to Bright Horizons and take others with him. When I contacted him via LinkedIn, he claimed not to know what I was talking about. During my research I realised that June O’Sullivan sent David Stevens to Scotland to oversee Men in Childcare. Now that Richard Harty panicked, called my mobile to threaten me, claimed he did his investigations and kicked me out of the UEL. How do I know he sent back the funding I applied for, to Student Finance? I have asked for Richard Harty to publish his investigations.  Imagine my shock when I went online to Richard Harty’s profile to find out he is the mastermind of “Men in Childcare and A Voice of a Child?” But what caught my attention was his input in an online discussion and him saying he did not watch the programme, however jumping in at the deep end. That was when the “Red Flags” became clear from the reviews online. And June O’Sullivan saying she wants to be remembered as a “Disruptive Influence” in an interview posted online. How many lives has June O’Sullivan disrupted from Karen Walker was forced to write a resignation after June got her MBE in 2013 and decided to undo the work of the pioneers of Westminster Children Society and reshape LEYF in her own image?  That is when I became aware what is meant about “Mask of Sanity” in Murder Analysed.

Dealing with the Stigma of Mental Illness

I am a communicator and as a result, I enjoy responding to articles and online posts pertaining to mental health and injustice in the workplace, due to hidden my disabilities.

The Editor,

Dealing with the stigma of Mental Health

Hi Mr Jeory

I have been following the Mental Health campaign in the Sunday Express over the past weeks with keen interests.  This matter is of grave importance to me because of personal experiences I’ve encountered throughout my relatively short life.  The reasons I am making contact is to congratulate the team on taking up the fight for people who have been faced with Mental Health issues and do not have any forms of sounding board to air our circumstances and situations in dealing with conditions that are considered as TABOO.

Maybe if I share a brief account of my own personal experiences you will begin to understand why I have become a sceptic of all gift-wrapped packages.  From an early age I was confronted with the tragedy of witnessing my dad’s decline which lasted for over ten years.  He had Parkinson Disease along with some other health conditions.  However, it was the Parkinson that caused our family the most concerns as it affected every aspect of the family welfare.  I can recall the shakes at the beginning, until his total loose of mobility and everything else that is eventually destroyed because of the deterioration in his health.  As a teenager I began to question my faith, asking why my dad who had lived and served God had to suffer so much.  The onus was left on my poor mum to take on the reigns of responsibilities that was once my dad’s as well as her own job as a mother.  In the end my mum was faced with caring for my dad and mum who died within a month of each other.  My granny eventually succumbed to one of her many strokes.

Imagine my own devastations when I realised my dad’s condition was hereditary, and from an early age I began to get some of the signs and symptoms of Parkinson Disease.  To cut a long story short, I immediately must alter my life, and I know I was prevented from achieving my full potential because of my DNA over which I had no say.  Therefore, with time I learnt to adapt to my condition and refused to become a VICTIM and have always been aware of my Limitations.  However, I recognised I had problems with my family situations and was only able to give it a name DEPRESSION after coming to the UK and decided to take up studies to improve my prospects of securing gainful employment to make a better life for myself.  I always joked about the fact that I managed to pick up all the defects from both sides of my FAMILY.

Now I have seen in today’s edition about the role expected of workplaces in supporting their employees who have experienced Mental Health.  However, my arguments are totally against sharing your predicaments with your employers as this can be used to one’s detriment and place a Label of Deficit Model that is used to discredit a person when one is at their most VULNERABLE.  At this point am talking from personal experiences when I Self Referred because I was concerned about matters affecting my work, and for which I needed some answers.  This was used against me, and in the long run when I needed the support of my GP because I had told him about my Parkinson’s Disease, I was given a kick in the teeth.  This caused so much havoc in my life that at one difficult period I thought I would have been swept overboard by the tide of upheavals and emotional baggage I was left to deal with.  My unfair treatment further exacerbated my DEPRESSION that I found it hard coping with life.  Even thou I had swallowed my better medicine and moved on I am reminded daily of these unpleasant events in my life because they keep reoccurring at work.  I have been placed on a system where I am been Networked against, so I cannot break the mould and move on.  To make matters worse am now penalised in my job for doing the work am paid for, and they try to get information about people so that they can used it against them.  I can recall when I first came to the UK a friend told me that in the UK never tell others the TRUTH as they can’t deal with truths only lies and am beginning to see the reality only after too late to my detriments.  My life has been turned upside down because of who I am, as well as my knowledge, values and beliefs and I feel trapped without seeing a way out of my dilemma.

Although I will continue following your campaign, I can’t help but say I will continue to hold my opinions and keep them to myself, find solutions to my DEPRESSION without getting my employers involved.  Anything you say can come back to haunt you later when you least expect it.  Even thou I have no one to share my concerns with I would prefer die than involve people at work.  This is because when concerns are raised, they are shoved under the carpets by inexperienced Managers who lack knowledge, values, and beliefs to deal with those concerns.  Fore and foremost US older employees are treated with disrespects whilst facing all kinds of DISCRIMINATIONS over which we cannot do anything for fear of been LABELED.  Since I do not have a voice and have no one to talk to I will be brave and stop myself from becoming a VICTIM by finding my own remedies.  The one good thing about this is I am a very resilient person and refused to give up without a fight, but I won’t make the same mistakes again by challenging Social Injustices and Inequalities.  Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but…

Thanks for being my sounding board as this means so much to me especially when am at a low ebb in my life trying to stay in the UK coping with the decline in my mum’s health.

Depression 14th July 2016 Updated 3 July 2019 by Mervelee Myers

Today I must tackle a subject that is close to my heart, “DEPRESSION and the spectre of DISABILITY” – Mental and Physical. The reasons are many as I have had to cope with my “Hidden Disability” that were eventually triggered and exacerbated into this full-blown Depression over the years. Today 3rd July 2019 as I am updating this, https://www.google.com has decided to be exacerbating my disabilities to provoke me into acting out of character, I believe. I have Google AdWords since May 2012 when I started with https://www.myvision.org.uk. The advice from www.healthmanltd.com to get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations have certainly been paying dividends. I will never be cured, but I know I am having a better quality of life.

Yesterday I was paralysed with all the symptoms of Depression resulting from events over which I have no control. Before people start to judge me about issues for which they have absolutely no knowledge.  I would entreat them to take a little time to be in my shoes for just a second of my traumatised life. Getting CBT at www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/southwark, the Maudsley Hospital. Is just a stone’s throw from where I used to work when I was hounded from 2004 when I contacted www.crb.gov.uk or www.disclosure.gov.uk about my concerns at Mapother Day House Nursery? In 2006 I had to go to visit family in the USA to get away from the situation that was causing me to feel anxious.

But I was keeping http://unison.org.uk/ updated about what was happening to and couldn’t believe what they did to me. Some might think Depression is the preserve of the Celebrity, Rich and Famous. However, this is a total myth perpetuated by the Media and my husband Daily www.express.co.uk of choice. But what really gets to me is the fact that I contributed to the Mental Health CRUSADE and shared my experience. I was a participant in www.acas.org.uk resulting from my experiences at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 2004 to 2008 when I resigned with a nervous breakdown after the death of my brother. The Celebrities are only knowledgeable about how to use their Mental Health Conditions to benefit their recovery and make money on the side.

They have the Media and Tabloid Press to help them market themselves to a wider audience. As I learned via studies, those who equip themselves with the knowledge about any of life’s issues are the ones who reap the most benefits for themselves and families, MQ: Transforming mental health www.mqmentalhealth.org/Mental-Health/Mental-Illness. That’s why these days I am making it my business to be my own Self-Promotor as no one else is that interested in what’s best for the other individual Policy Studies Institute and ACAS. Dr Maria Hudson (2012) University of Essex Research Report: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds. My younger brother Ervin Nembhard puts it precisely when he told me to make sure I look out for and do what’s best for me.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I can see the sense in what he told me a few weeks ago. These days because I am making my implicit knowledge explicit going about taking part in research and doing training for https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site I know I have to make a choice about how I go about providing a kind of support network for others that was not there for me and my sons when I was not knowledgeable enough to help them with certain things. Those little things that could make so much difference in life. For example when www.jamaicaobserver.com/western/news can write about my son, it’s no different from what http://www.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding done to me on two occasions. Presiding over another miscarriage of justice seems like nothing to those who abuse their power of authority.

Yesterday I had another Melt-Down as I just could not deal with the number of pressures directed at me from every corner, LEYF Nurseries. I don’t know what I have done to deserve all the bad things that have been happening to trigger the Depression as soon as I think I am in control. I know getting into a state is not good for “mine or my husband’s Disabilities and Progressive Health Conditions”, but when the “Black Dog – Depression” attacks, I have no powers to ward off the attack and just must go with the flow. Mine and my husband’s entire lives are affected. I can’t eat, sleep or function properly to carry out normal day to day activities. Being his “Carer is detrimental to his overall Health and Wellbeing” if I am in a Depressive State and unable to care for him.

If my husband starts worrying about me, like what happened over the past year from October 2014 to date, then there is every likelihood he starts getting “HYPOS” regularly. If I am unable to perform my “Statutory DUTY of Care”, I am condemning both of us to sufferings that I refuse to think about owing to my “Traumatic Childhood into Adulthood” that changed the course of a promising life. That’s why I probably developed the “Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) behaviours” as coping mechanisms? I use whatever interventions I can muster to get me going. As I have been letting it know, I Cuss Bad Wuds, like a Trooper to alleviate my “Stress as a form of Therapy”. Barring that I might end up provoked and frustrated into Committing Criminal Offences over the years Employment Tribunals London South.

Worse still I would not be able to cope, ending up in the Slammer like my brother. The sad thing about my brother ending up and DYING in Prison, is that he never has the sort of resilience like I do. So, he did what he thought was best at the time and went to church to wait for the authorities. My only hope is he had time to reflect on the circumstances that dictated the decisions he had to take, he became remorseful and forgiving for what he was provoked into doing. I on the other hand will never commit a Criminal Act unless they Criminalise Cussing Bad Wuds? So, when I feel down and out and unable to cope, I go into Bad Wuds Cussing Mode so as not to let the “Devil use me to do his will”, Passive Aggression.

If anyone want to claim responsibilities, LEYF Nurseries, for my Bad Wud Cussing Modes, they are welcome as I don’t pick, chose nor refuse when I lose control. The things that set me off at any given times is the way matters affect me about the little things… Like not knowing why I am being singled out for “DISCRIMINATION of the magnitude that happened to me on 2 separate occasions in the UK”. Last week after getting myself out of a spell of Depression, I was so happy with my achievements. I went out into the public domain to celebrate what is good about being British, British values. I was brought back to earth with a bump with a letter on which my whole life depends. This letter contains information about whether I have “a roof over my head or is going to find myself homeless” again.

I dropped everything to get the matters sorted, because when you have been in certain situations, you don’t want to revisit them. I was at the Job Centre Tuesday and Wednesday Department for Work and Pensions – DWP, when instinct told me that the information, I was receiving was not addressing the questions needing answers. I got on the telephone. But I must be “Assertive and when my Disability – Chronic Anxiety is triggered” this bring out the Passive Aggressive in me. Sorry folks I need to go do my Research about how not to be “Passive Aggressive” to anyone. I just discovered that along with all the “Lovely Descriptive Narratives” used to describe me by BIB & #LEYF, I am Passive Aggressive. Poopa Jesus if only my Dead Parents would have known what was to happen to their one GIRL, they might have offered some “Protection from the Grave”?

Sadly, for me, when I studied The Open University, I was told that if you are asked any questions pertaining to your job and you do not know the answers, you should promise to find out from someone in authority who should know. A worker should never tell a parent in my job in the early years sector that they don’t know, promise to find out. These days it is the norms for even those in authority not to know the roles and responsibilities in their “Job Descriptions and Person Specifications”. Hence the reasons I am in the position I have found myself in and prone to full blown Depression. My Hidden Disability –which was exacerbated and triggered into Depression came about only because I am passionate about my work and wanted to do my very best as a result of my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) behaviours.

The unfair treatments started at King’s College Hospital

“Kings Day Nursery Mapother House” where I worked from March 2003 – November 2008. I started studies with the #OU 2004 after I thought I landed what I considered my Ideal Job. I “intended to retire at Kings or return to Jamaica” whichever came first. I had no inclinations how my life was to change over the next couple of years, despite me doing everything I thought to protect myself. Part of enhancing knowledge, involved me applying and promoting best inclusive practice from studies into the workplaces I was fortunate to be in. I made contributions to enable Kings to become a Beacon of Excellence in Southwark. I was not prepared for the way my life was to change at Kings.

I must admit I am still naïve, trust, and respect and take everyone at face value to be genuine with no axe to grind. But “my naivety always seems to be my downfall” each time the HATERS strike. So, KINGS, where my Depression was triggered became a distant memory over the years. Until I returned to South London after 5 years, and it was like I was schedule to relive my nightmare. Only this time the nightmare was worse than the first, and I must come to terms with accepting who the perpetuators are in this sordid affair. The things that got to me were the similarities in the events and the persons involved. Like at KINGS, I was used and abused, my knowledge confiscated and used for others to accept the accolades and benefit in their career.

Once they got what they wanted by using me to build up their organisation to Beacon Status, then they set about kicking the ladder down to prevent me from climbing and abandoning me. I wouldn’t have minded if they had left me to pick up the pieces and get on with my life. But no, instead they were intent on total Destructions. “I begged, pleaded, bend over backwards and kiss arses, because I knew my situation”, but to no avail. From studies I now learn about transitions that can impact on one’s life and I have learned the hard way to my detriments. The patterns that run in my “transitions are inclusive of sufferings of sicknesses, bereavements after deaths and then being ganged up on and treated unfairly” on more than one occasions because of my knowledge, values and beliefs, Equality Act 2010.

This happened with my dad who was struck down with Parkinson’s Disease at an early age” – approximately 49 to early 50’s when he was made Redundant from working. Dad lived to the age of 62 years old as “his family witnessed Parkinson’s Disease stripped him of every shred of Dignity” and made him a shell of his former self. My Uncle Dudley was brutally murdered at his home in Clarendon one Sunday morning was the next to go. We heard of his death on the news in 1976, the year my 1st son Kevin Murray, was born. My uncle Terah, Cardene Chambers dad, who was murdered at his home in St Catherine at the age of 50 years old was next to go. I heard about his murder on the news as well. He was instrumental, helping to bring about the COOP at Bernard Lodge Sugar Company.

Uncle Terah is the 1st of my relative to be buried on the Family Land. I remember every moment of my grandmother’s actions as if it is yesterday, on the day they brought her son’s body home to be interred in the yard. This led to my “Grandmother being left Broken-hearted, took his death to heart and succumb to one of the strokes” which took her out of her suffering after 2 years. Grandma and Dad died a month of each other February and March of 1980. When Dad died it was more of a relief to his family than anything else. My brother died at the age of 37 years old in 1994, but I did not get to attend his funeral. He made all his funeral arrangements, and I was able to contribute to that financially if not in person.

The thing about it, is my brother knew about his eminent demise and made all his plans. On reflections that was “brave of him as he kept going saying he was going to live forever, even when he knew he was dying”. Maybe I would have been “Cussing Bad Wuds about being cheated out of life”, at the age when I have such great plans to transform the lives of others? There was the case of my “other brother who died of CANCER”, within 3 months of a 3- 6 months life span diagnosis. That was one of the most difficult periods of my life because of the upheavals and turmoil contrived by some unscrupulous people with whom I work and their cohorts in a toxic environment. I asked for support resulting from studies. This was viewed as threats of the incompetence of some in authorities from some quarters.

When the same patterns of behaviours that happened at KINGS started at BIB – Myers v LEYF, not long after I returned from burying my MOTHER. I was not overtly worried as I thought that these things happened but once they get to know the “Jolly me, who is Mervelee Ratty Nembhard – Mervelee Myers” things would fall into place. The rest of the story is history for those who have been keeping up to date. I have been thrown into full blown “Depression, have a Nervous Breakdown, had Counselling” and being trying to get back control of my life. But my life has not been easy and last night I had a relapse. I am getting threats from left, right and centre and I need to do my RESEARCH about someone’s Intellectual Property before too long.

But not to worry I will get there as I have weathered many storms in my – 60 years on God’s earth. These days I don’t take nothing or no one for granted because people are Fickle. I prefer to do things my way so when I “CUSS to help me be in control of the DEPRESSION”, so I don’t have to commit Criminal Acts, I don’t have to seek anyone’s approvals. If anyone want to “disown me and keep their distance as some have done, they are welcome and good luck and good riddance” to them. If they can do without me, I can do without them too and one less thing for me to “Stress about”. My PARENTS to whom I owe any obligations are DEAD and my children can stand on their two feet and be independent of me.

On a sound and positive note, I still have my “Best Friend who understand when I explain about my Melt-Downs”, and will not judge me, even if she has to promise to get the “Jaize to wash out my Mouth”? I found another Ally in a Friend who knew me in my “Teens as a Care-Free, Feisty, and Happy Go-Lucky Girl”who I have forgotten I ever was. I am more than grateful for the rediscovery as I am having my morals boasted by this person who probably knows me more than how I remember myself in those carefree days. I know I can rely on someone to be there to tell me to “cry if I feel like crying, pray when I am not too cross with the GOD that keeps putting me in these Soul-Destroying situations and Cuss Bad Wuds” if that help. I know I don’t have to pretend to be someone I am not, and I am more than grateful.

Therefore, when I am having my “Melt-Downs because I am trying to be in control of the DEPRESSION”, I know I can’t afford to be taken out. Because I have my TOM to think about, and he is affected by the same things that affect me. He is at the stage where the least thing will affect him, and I don’t want to have anything on my conscience because of something I should have done and didn’t do because I am DEPRESSED. So, my Fight4justice is for me but more for Tom because he has had to suffer for no fault of his own.

Tomorrow I dust myself off and start all over again. If one has not been in a situation where they experienced any sort of debilitating conditions, then they won’t know what I am trying to say. I told the Counsellor that I don’t mind becoming a Case Study in my Fight to cope with DEPRESSION, if it helps one person to understand and come to terms with the Demons that try to take over and Destroy Lives, Andy Harrington – Jet Set Speaker. My life has always been an open book, and no one needs worry about me claiming anything I share to be my Intellectual Property as I am yet to find out what that is. I am too busy trying to get my life back and beat down the barriers of Ignorance http://www.MerveleeConsultancy.uk, that can cause others to be bias, judgemental, and stereotypical and willingly label others because they are lacking knowledge.

For me WRITING is a form of Therapy that I am using to tell my Stories. As I am sharing my life experiences, about how one can be affected by matters such as Disability, Love, Caring, Not Caring, living a Full-Filling Life and just being thankful for the small mercies and blessings that we have been granted by GOD. Yes, for anyone wondering, I have a Love/Hate relationship with the GOD whom I don’t seem to understand and know enough about. The GOD that allows the terrible things that happened and led to the DEPRESSION. But yes, I sometimes view this as another way GOD is using me to make a difference.

I must take that round about journey to get to where GOD intends me to end up?

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Tribunals. Upon researching MERVELEE MYERS, I was surprised with my findings. I am included in Dr Maria Hudson of Essex University Research Paper: The Experience of Multiple Discrimination.

This research was carried out for the Policy Studies Institute. It was used by ACAS and I know for a fact that this was the reasons that Claimants were charged Fees to take their Employers to Court. But despite the recommendation put in place, nothing has changed. Because I had to represent myself again, when another Union sold me out. My Racism claims were strike out after been sent back for considerations, by a Judge, I will be researching asap.

The DWP cause me no ends of grief and I am still waiting for my claims re Universal Credit to be sorted out. Then HMRC got in the act breaching the Data Protection Act 1989 and claiming they did not know about me.

I have been in Contact with the 2 Prime Ministers and written Open Letters to the Daily Express, Bates Wells Braithwaite, VOICE the union, by the way they are still charging me fees.

Resulting from the discrimination, including blacklisting and networking, I am unable to get a job. It is beneath my dignity to be forced to live on benefits, so I am empowering myself to start my own business. I am investing in myself and is about to publish my first book. Writing and photographing are two of my hobbies that I am hoping to use to kick-start brand Mervelee Myers as an entrepreneur.

The Following was Changed by Ms Winsome Duncan who Decided to Write her Interpretation of my Story

It has not always been easy to be in the public domain.

12th November 2017

Ms Winsome Duncan

C/O www.peachespublications.co.uk

Breach of Engagement Agreement dated 8th April 2017 & Offences under the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015

It is with a sad heart that I am giving you notice that I am expecting you to cease from discriminating against me in breach of all the Rules of Law in the UK and other International Laws and Legislations protecting me from the malicious forms of terrorism you have chosen to use to trigger and exacerbate my Mental Health Conditions. This state of affairs started on Sunday morning of the 29th October 2017, when you called my house number and told me you had just woken up after your 40th Birthday Party celebrations of the 27th October 2017. I will therefore be seeking legal advice about how to claim back the money I paid, for you to carry out work on my behalf. As a customer needing the services you provided as a consultant in the agreed engagement of the 8th April 2017. And any other such contractual arrangements throughout the time we work together to date.

After the recent happenings from the 29th October 2017 when you issued verbal threats over the telephone, to the emails leading up to you asking me not to contact Winsome Duncan. I have had to go back and reflect on why we are at this stage in you, breaching of the agreement dated 8th April 2017. After careful considerations about the delay in the publication of the book for September 2017, I am now going to put in writing how you refuse to adhere to the agreement. I am saying that you did not provide the professional services you promise as a consultant to get my book published in the correspondences shared between us. Please refer to the Engagement Agreement showing how you are responsible for the breakdown in the working relationship by deviation from the agreement in the following ways:

Terms and Conditions

  1. Once you gained my trust, you set out breaching the Data Protection Act. You introduce me to your Employment Barrister Ryan Clement, for motives I did not understand at the time. That’s until Sunday 29th October 2017 when he called my home phone a few minutes after I had spoken to you.

My Suspicion Confirmed

I began to have concerns about you as a consultant and your professionalism to your work as soon as you began to gradually let your guard down. At no time did I question your qualifications, even when you claim a prospective Customer did. I was satisfied with the Consultant’s experience and abilities to provide the Customer with services. But gradually throughout the sessions, the gaps in your qualifications, experiences and abilities began showing. The Consultant said she worked as a Learning Support Assistant and hated it. She was more into having a job where she can earn money quickly. And she wanted the lifestyle of Gerry Robert WWW.BLACKCARDBOOKS.COM. I didn’t have a problem with this and looking at it, from the angle that she is ambitious and knows what she wants out of life. However, for an LSA, she should be more verse about the National Curriculum.

As an Early Years Practitioner and having done the LSA trainings, in 2016 www.hctgroup.org on the recommendations of the Department for Education after contacting Prime Minister David Cameron in one of my Open Letters. I was hearing things that were like why I am not working. Although I did not question her qualifications, I was reflecting at times about some sections of the agreement as the sessions continue. I was ok with her helping me, via her experience and abilities until her visit to my home on the 19th October 2017. One experience caused me to reflect about the session, realising the Consultant might have knowingly put my laptop and my Data at risk.

When I send a message to her regarding what happened the following day. She sent back to say them Asian. This was to be the tone of some of her messages to me leading up to her birthday celebrations. Somehow, I was getting the impressions that she was mocking me, because I was not able to control my mental and physical disabilities. The fact that the Consultant went to an interview and visited my home, lamenting the fact she was tired of hearing the word INCLUSION.

Convinced me of her qualifications, experience, and abilities to provide services for the Customer. The only reasons she turned up at my house was to borrow more money. This was after I lent her the three hundred £300.00 + given her an additional £20.00 when she needed to sort out her business, so she didn’t lose her contract with Lambeth Council. That’s what she told me.

  1. The Consultant introduction to her Employment Barrister was part of the services to the Customer on the terms and conditions set out in the Engagement letter. The service is part of her Business Plan of scamming Vulnerable Customers.

Consultant Business Plan with her Employment Barrister

I was happy with the services provided by the Consultant until she started letting her mask slip and slackening. She started turning up late for sessions. Taking advantages of my kindness. Breaching confidentiality, going through my Data and using Emotional blackmails to gain my sympathy. Using my Intellectual Property for her benefits (see message about my book The Mini Manual of Humorous Quotations Hilarious remarks and puns-you’ll laugh out loud). I was shocked when I realise that the Consultant is operating a scam, using her Publishing Business www.peachespublications.co.uk as a front. But not only that, she was associating my name, helping me to set up my own business with illegal activities.

  1. I am not sure now, whether the Consultant was testing me when I got the coaching for the sessions wrong, but she did clarify. And I am more than grateful.

Increasing Fees

The fact that I got the session’s payment wrong, and she clarified, resulted in me trusting her to do the right thing by me. I was grateful for her honesty. She told me that because of me thinking she was charging more; she would increase her prices. On reflections this might be part of the scam operated by the Consultant in gaining my trust. I confided in her about the 2 people who owed me money. That’s when she suggested introducing me to her Employment Barrister Ryan Clement, to help me with my ongoing Employment Tribunal awaiting the judgement, and to get advice about how to claim my money. She wormed her way into my confidence, getting my home address number by underhand tactics. On another occasion she came to my house, claiming the Barrister sent her. Because he could not contact me via telephone. She suggested giving him my home phone number to contact me, by using her mobile to leave a message on his phone. In hindsight, this was so she could get hold of my details and have all my Data. But what she did next did not bother me at the time. She told some sob story about her car MOT and not knowing if the money was stolen, or she lost it. This was the day she turned up at my house saying the Barrister asked her to come and find out how I was coping. What happened next might also be part of her plots to scam me? I offered to lend her some money to get her car back on the road.

  1. I am confused about the emails from the Consultant re trying to contact me from the 29th October 2017 re my book.

The Session at my Home on the 19th October 2017 – Trainings

I am positive that the Consultant planned every single action to exploit my vulnerability, without realising the Engagement Agreement we signed has been breached. After getting my trust, the Consultant did not bother to worry about her unprofessional conducts. She turned up for the sessions later and later. Carried out her own work during and before the sessions I am paying her for. Was literally falling asleep some of the times, making all kinds of excuses about why she did not sleep. It’s obvious now what the reasons are, trawling the internet, looking for vulnerable people to scam. Then one day she turned up late and request that we work from my home, because she has another appointment later. But again, this was to take advantage of my generosity, using my internet to download her work. But honestly this did not bother me at all, this is the way I am and was brought up to help others. By this time, I hear enough of her sob stories to know she was struggling. However, I am surprised about the emails after her birthday party.

Conversation with Princess Thomas of Enablement International

I used to hear the Consultant complaining about Customers, but I was in for another shock when I spoke to Princess Thomas. Everything the Consultant told me was the reverse of what I was told by Princess on Sunday the 29th October 2017. This was after the Consultant verbally abused me on the telephone, after first saying she had just woken up. I was later to discover she was lying from the emails she sent me. One of which was threats to get me SECTIONED.

  1. The Consultant wormed her way into my confidence and just keep coming back for more money. I am positive now that what she done is used my vulnerabilities to discriminate against me, using confidential information I shared both verbally and via my book.

Breaching the Data Protection Act

I told the Consultant I was borrowing the money from my husband without his consent for the funding of the publication of my book. I think that’s when she decided to bring the Barrister in as I am positive, they are operating together. When I meet the Barrister for the first time, he told me he meets the Consultant on the internet, struggling with her business. He advised me that I should only tell the Consultant about what he is doing to help me. From the introduction of both the Barrister and I to Princess Thomas of Enablement International, I am positive that they are in business scamming vulnerable Customers. The Consultant work her way into the Customer’s confidence and get the Barrister involved in their business.

Paying with Cash

I borrowed my husband’s money to pay the Consultant with cash, because the little money I was getting was to pay my bills. My savings were depleted paying my rent that the DWP took nearly 2 years to sort out. The rest I lend out and was having trouble collecting, which I told the Consultant about. That’s why the Barrister put the idea in my head to pay him with cash for his services.

Services Provided

  1. I will be providing the proof, showing how the Consultant breached the Engagement Agreement in all sections A to E. This will be in the forms of emails, text messages and WhatsApp messages throughout. not         

Data Protection Act & the Equality Act 2010 & the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015.

The Consultant introduced me to her Employment Barrister for the sole purpose of engaging in illegal activities linked to radicalisation and grooming. The motivation for doing this was to make it look like I am part of the illegal activities that are part of the Business which the Consultant is operating under cover of www.peachespublications.co.uk.

By involving me in the illegal activities, you have joined the systems and establishment along with my former employers in discrimination against me. This was proven when you make malicious claims and called the Police and Ambulance services and send them to my home.

Get hold of my address and home telephone numbers, using underhand methods? You told me in Roberto’s something to those effects, when you used emotional blackmail to share what you claim were confidential information about your childhood with me. You started turning up at my home to borrow small amounts that gradually increase. This was after first using emotional blackmail with your hard luck, sob stories.

Deliberately turning up for sessions and asking to work at my home. Accessing my Data, even if with my consent, because I thought you were trustworthy. But you tricked me.

Getting money by false pretext: MOT, Contract, Roberto’s bill, small amounts, money for takeaways (see agreement).

Undermining my Confidence: But I was surprised when in the next moment you set about belittling and undermining my confidence about how bad my grammar is.

LEYF Review: Pretending you don’t know what I meant when I say you could name your price.

Email Address: Handing over email address that you claim you are not allowed to give out. Using emotional blackmail again (see text message – Africa on the Square)

Book on Hold: Deciding to put the book on hold after realising the Consultant is intent on rewriting my book and telling her life story. (See email confirmation and agreement for January 2018).

Chelsea Football FOUNDATION 13th October 2017: Video the keynote speech. Since raise safeguarding concerns as a Whistle-blower.

Training Sessions at my Home 19th October 2017: Use of emotional blackmail, blaming her Barrister and Family re her upcoming 40th birthday party (See text messages about why I could not attend.) The Consultant said she was on annual leave, until further notice. This is in contrast of her subsequent emails from the 29th October 2017.

Sunday 29th October & Joanna Oliver contacts.

Phone calls

Barrister Ryan Clements: Showing his true colours

Barrister Ryan Clement phone calls, veiled threats.

Email from Ryan Clement after my text messages.

Princess Thomas: Story was totally different from that of the Consultant.

Emails: Became aware of them after the Police & Ambulance visit to my home.

Monday 30th October 2017: Police & Ambulance at my home. Visit to London Bridge Police Station to make complaint

Abuse of Power: Removed as Administrator for www.MerveleeConsultancy.uk. I paid for the Consultant to carry out the work.

Involvement of others: Nicole Reid & Joanna Oliver

When I realised the Consultant is up to no good

She asked me to do complete rewrite of my book. She was dictating what she wants me to write and charging me for this service. However, my book would contain the Consultant experiences of ABUSE, and nothing to do with my story about Honouring Strong Women. Her use of emotional blackmail and treating me like my former employers and those who borrowed my money was getting to me. By this time, I was STRESSED after hearing about another death in my extended family. And more so that my cousin has CANCER, her daughter Janet Beeput only died a year ago from CANCER. But I honestly did not link her with the Barrister currently. That’s why I put the publication of the book on hold. In any case the Consultant was responsible for the delays in it not published in September as originally planned.

I share my concerns with my breda, Ervin Nembhard.

Meeting former LEYF Employer: Karen Walker, Chief Executive of the www.msatrust.org.uk. However, the Consultant did not want me to take up her offer of coming on board to get the Black and Ethnic Minority involved. She just keeps saying are you sure, you need to get involved with Princess Thomas. Now I know why, so she could keep me as part of their illegal activities, because they have me down as a CRIMINAL in https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. Then I would be the scapegoat for whatever happen.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Consultant must be reported for her illegal activities with her partners, whom I am not sure, who they are at this time. However, the establishment and systems refuse to act on my concerns to date as I am treated like a MAD CIMINAL.

Considering the breaches in the Engagement Agreement, I will be seeking additional legal advice to find out how I should move forward in getting the relevant authorities to take my concerns about safeguarding children, young people, and vulnerable adults from the Consultant. In the meantime, I am heeding the advice of the Police and Ambulance services that visited my house to SECTION me because of the malicious concerns raised to stay away from


I will therefore be using this in any future correspondence with myself, Winsome Duncan, Barrister Ryan Clement http://ryanclement.com, the Police, the establishment, and systems responsible for safeguarding.

Until I get more advice about my next steps in resolving this matter, I want this to be my Defensive Practice in moving forward.

Kindest regards.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Former Basic School Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Early Years Practitioner, Learning Support Assistant, Carer, SENCO, EYFS Coordinator, Volunteer, Advocate, Writer & Blogger.

I meet Winsome Duncan at a Gerry Robert training in March 2017. She is a Publisher and I wanted to publish my first book, detailing my experiences of facing discrimination at work. We have an Engagement Agreement dated April 2017, and I thought everything was ok, until Winsome let her mask slip.

I lent another person money and was being pestered by one of my neighbours, so I told Winsome about my dilemma. I thought the person was trying to blackmail me, introducing me to a man. And was trying to get me to send naked photos of myself to her phone, to send to the man.

I thought I could trust Winsome about my fears. She offered to introduce me to her Employment Barrister to get advice about my Employment Tribunal case and how to recover my money. The meeting was arranged, and we met at Holborn after making the payments via PayPal. Ryan told me not to tell anyone but Winsome about our involvement. He told me he meets her on the internet, struggling to set up her business. I didn’t think anything of this at the time, until the 29th October when Winsome threatened me over the phone.

Ryan helped me edit some documents with advance payments. He advised me that if I have the money, I should appeal the ET outcome, as all they done was saying that I did not provide evidence that I have disabilities. He said the way they done it; a lay person could not do the work that needed to be done. I was so relieved to have someone take over. Representing myself at 2 ET have taken tolls on my Health.

However, I am not satisfied with the work he has done. He has not been in contact to offer any advice and support, after coming to my house to finalise the signing of the documents and delivering them. Then he made sure they were received by the EAT and resend others that they claim they did not receive.

The ET sent emails to me, and I was expecting him to be representing me. I asked for clarifications, and he has not been in touch. He called me minutes after Winsome on the 29th October, issuing veiled threats, and keeps calling asking for me to meet up with him.

On Monday 30th, the Police and Ambulance turned up at my house to take me away from my vulnerable husband. I had to show them Medical Reports from the ET case, which they used to make assessments. I reported the matter to the Police, but like when I reported to 101, no actions were taken. Police Lulu promised to send me a reference, but all I received is a referral from the Maudsley Hospital.

Winsome has since removed me as Administrator on the business she helped me to set up on social media. I was worried she might have accessed my Data when she was helping me to set up my laptop and clicked on the link that uninstalled my NORTON. I am just so confused with the barrages of emails from her.

Without prejudice I think she was setting me up for something to happen to me, then claimed I committed suicide. Also, there is a possibility that if anything happens to my husband the authorities might want to hold me responsible, but no one is listening.

Winsome and Ryan know about my vulnerability, leading to me getting counselling at the Maudsley Hospital. They are using that information maliciously to cause me not to be able to carry out normal day to day activities. I am carer for my husband and both of us have multiple disabilities.

But like what happened in my workplaces that causes the Nervous Breakdown no one will take my concerns seriously. Having this online at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016, does not help matters.

I have been reporting my concerns about Winsome, because she is a safeguarding risk, due to the nature of the work she does with children, young people, and vulnerable adults, but no one is listening and acting on me whistleblowing. She has been using my name as part of their scam and I honestly didn’t know what they are up to. But because of the information the ET posted online about me, I will be the scapegoat, left holding the rap, when they are caught.

I think I have been placed on some Safeguarding list to stop me working with children and vulnerable adults and that’s why I am been treated like a MAD CRIMINAL. At the end of the day, I know I am doing what I was taught that “Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility” so my conscience is free no matter the outcome. I don’t want to have anything on my conscience if the authorities failed to act on my concerns.

All I want now is for Ryan to provide me with an itemise service and a receipt to give to my husband. Winsome owes me money and she give me receipt, so hopefully she will be conscientious enough to pay me. But I am not holding my breathe. Without prejudice, I think she was setting the stage to hurt me, if I had turned up at her party. When that didn’t happen, she sent the Police and Ambulance to my home. Every minute I can’t help thinking about what could have happened if I was AGITATED that day?

18th October 2017

Re Book Publication

Good morning Winsome

It is with the greatest reservations that I must make the decisions to put the publications pf my first book on hold for now. I have to come to this decision after weighing up the options of the events that have been ongoing from the 23rd July 204 to date.

I am still waiting to get closures of why I am being treated this way by all and sundry in a society that I thought was there to safeguard everyone from discrimination. Despite my best efforts, I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

After my evaluation and reflections on the past in terms of my job prospects, my health and eventually starting my own business, with the publication of my first book. I have been left in no doubt that this won’t be happening in the foreseeable future until I have cleared my name and exonerated myself from the blacklisting and networking. This has been going on from 2008 when I challenged social injustices and inequalities in the workplace, where my knowledge was viewed as threats to those who were incompetent.

Suffice it to say, history repeated itself making it difficult to find a job. But most appalling of all is the way how they have tried to stop me setting up my online business. In the wake of what’s happening, I will not be throwing away good money in the hope that anyone is going to buy my book. That’s why I am putting it on hold unto I have sorted my life and clear my name from whatever they have documented about me on the Data Protection Section 7. And the information the Employment Tribunal was in such a hurry to post online at https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-year-foundation-2300047-2016.

In the meantime, I am we hoping to continue our professional status of you being my mentor. There is so much more I must learn to become the person I want to be. In that way I will be empowering myself to help others by sharing my experiences via my writing as an Author.

Thanks for your understanding in the matter, as without the closures, I just can’t focus on the job of publishing the book.

Kindest regards.

Yours sincerely

Mervelee Myers.

Schedule of Session for Thursday 19th October 2017 with Winsome Duncan.

To help with the setting up of Mervelee Consultancy on the Laptop

Transfer the Business set up unto the laptop from the computer

  • Set up the different pages from the computer to the laptop
  • Facebook pages to be linked to Mervelee Consultancy
  • YouTube to be fine-tuned
  • Look at how to maximise WordPress in my Fight4justice campaign

Training session on downloading from the camcorder to the laptop and computer

  • How to get the most from using the camcorder
  • Syncing the different ICT equipment
  • How to get followers?

Setting up an online Magazine publication

  • Sharing views about current news events, with the intent to getting readership and possible chance to feature in other publications.

Depending on time we will have to see what we can accomplish from this list?

Kindest regards


The rest of the story is history, for those who have been keeping up to date. I have been thrown into full blown depression, had a nervous breakdown, had counselling and have been trying to regain control of my life. This has not been easy and I have had to deal with the relapses too. I am getting threats from left, right and centre and I need to do my research about someone’s Intellectual Property before too long. Not to worry, I will get there, as I have weathered many storms in my – 60 years on God’s earth. These days, I do not take anything or  anyone for granted because people are fickle. I prefer to do things my way so when I cuss,  it helps me to be in control of the Depression and I do not have to seek anyone’s approval.

If anyone wants to disown me and keep their distance, as some have done, they are welcome and good luck and good riddance to them. If they can do without me, I can do without them too and one less thing for me to stress about. My parents, to whom I owe any obligations, are dead and my children can stand on their own two feet and be independent of me. On a sound and positive note, I still have my best friend who understands when I explain about my meltdowns and will not judge me, even if she has to promise to get the “Jaize to wash out my Mouth”? I found another ally in a friend who knew me in my teens, as a care-free, feisty, and happy-go-lucky girl; the me who I have forgotten to be. With these two support networks, I was able to pick myself up and carry on.

I am more than grateful for the rediscovery, as I am having my morals boosted by my two friends, who probably know me more than how I remember myself, in those carefree days. I know I can rely on someone to be there to tell me to “cry if I feel like crying, pray when I am not too cross with the God that keeps putting me in these soul-destroying situations and Cuss Bad Wuds”, if that helps the healing process. I know I do not have to pretend to be someone I am not, and I am more than grateful. Life is filled with double standard systems and I use my voice and words on LinkedIn, as a platform of expression.


Therefore, when I am having my melt-downs because I am trying to be in control of the depression but can you really control being depressed or distressed? It is a bit of an oxymoron. I know I cannot afford to be taken down because I have my darling husband, Tom, to think about and he is affected by the same things that affect me. He is at the stage where the slightest thing will affect him, his health and his well-being and I do not want to have anything on my conscience because of something I should have done and did not do because I am depressed, sad, and feeling down and out. My FIGHT 4 JUSTICE Facebook page is for me but more for Tom because he has had to suffer for no fault of his own. You can like our page here: https://www.facebook.com/ivan.sandyman/

Notes for reading, refer to Mental health & Mental Illness – MQ: Transforming Mental health www.mqmentalhealth.org/Mental-Health/Mental-Ilness.

I have done my research about disease or medical conditions and realise that I have been affected by a multiple of mental health conditions, since puberty.

One positive trait about me is that I am always dusting myself off and ready to start all over again. If one has not been in a situation where they experienced any sort of debilitating conditions, then they would not know what I am trying to say. I told the Counsellor at Maudsley Hospital that I do not mind becoming a case study in my fight to cope with DEPRESSION, if it helps one person to understand and come to terms with the inner demons that try to take over and destroy lives. Unfortunately for me, I am quite susceptible to feeling stressed with life, which becomes traumatic. My life has always been an open book and if it can help someone advance on their journey, I will share. My thoughts are my Intellectual Property, so no need to worry about any claims there.

“I have done my research and will not plagiarise the work of others as I am writing about my personal experiences. I am too busy trying to get my life back and beat down the barriers of ignorance that can cause others to be bias, judgemental, and stereotypical and willingly label others because they are lacking knowledge”

Dr. M. Hudson 2012

For me, writing is a form of therapy that I am using to tell my core stories, as I share information about how one can be affected by matters such as disability, love, caring, not caring, living a fulfilling life and just being thankful for the small mercies and blessings that we have been granted by God. I do suggest for anyone experiencing severe Depression, to write and get their feelings down onto paper.

You may have guessed it by now, or you may even be wanting to know for anyone wondering, I have a love/hate relationship with God. I do not seem to understand and know enough about the God that allows the terrible things that happened and led to the depression. I sometimes view this same God in positive way, a God that is using me to make a difference today. I question if I must take that round-about journey to get to where God intends me to end up?


The following are research suggestions that you can google in your own time.

Mental health conditions:

A list of mental health disease or medical conditions, may be found on the Internet.

Mental health Laws & Legislation:

Research Mental Health Act, Disability Legislation, Equality Act 2010/2015.

Current and Relevant in the News – Sources:

Digital & Print Media, social media. Mental health Awareness Week, The Daily Express Mental Health Crusade, Combat Stress.

My Own Personal Experiences:

Publications on social media, Work Related Data, Medical Data, Counselling and Research – Becoming a Guinea Pig.


My Roles As EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach FacilitatorLEYF

2 Self-Awareness of mental health.

  • Managing my deficits and limitations.
  • Self-reflection.

Self-Awareness of mental health

Daily Express Newspaper Mental Health Crusade

Mental Health and me

Ted Jeory, Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6EN – 8th April 2012-04-08

Hi Mr Jeory,

I’d just like to use this medium to share one of my many experiences about mental health and the impact this had on me over the past months.  Hopefully, you will begin to understand how people like me who suffer first-hand, still refuse to come out of the closet and publicise our condition to the world.  As I know from personal experiences, mental health comes in many guises and disguises and affects people in a variety of ways.  I realised something was wrong with me since my early twenties but was only able to put a name to my state of mind years later, after enhancing knowledge and expertise via studies The Open University, PI: W3323643, www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies.

My family, on my dad’s side have hereditary Parkinson’s Disease www.parkinson.org.uk in our DNA, as he and his younger brother succumbed to the disease, before reaching fifty years old. Being the only girl for my dad amongst eight children, I was unfortunate to realise I have the traits when I was about twenty (22) years old.  Living with Parkinson’s and yes, most people because of lack of knowledge, believe one must have a diagnosis before it will be accepted that one has the disease. I lived with the effects of this condition, my family and I witnessed my father changing in front of our eyes.

My ‘hidden disabilities’ from childhood have put limitations on my reaching my full potentials since the time I reached puberty and going through developmental transitions. However, I have enough ambition, resilience, and courage not to let this condition take over my entire life without a fight.  Suffice it to say that I have surpassed the age when my father’s condition changed the course of my life and my condition have not worsened. I have been monitoring myself and via self-help strategies, have been able to survive without reliance on too much on Valium medication, from early on.  My dad, who took sick in his late-40s, never recovered until he died, aged sixty-two years.

Since coming to the UK, I ensured that I gained reputable qualifications in my line of work but I now find I would have been better off staying ignorant, as there is a culture of ‘do as I say and not as I do’ when it comes to social justices and equalities.  You are expected to turn a blind eye and do nothing when you witness discriminatory practices.  Even when you are educated to challenge discrimination, it is not in anyone’s benefit or interests to do so, or else you will be labelled “aggressive” as documented in (M, Hudson, 2012), Research paper for the Policy Studies Institute and ACAS and must live with the consequences.  I know what I am talking about because my hidden disabilities were exacerbated and triggered, over a period from 2003 -2008, into mental health issues, in a NHS workplace nursery.

I now view those years spent studying as wasted years, in which I could have pursued something totally relevant but it was always my wish to educate myself to a certain standard. Living under a cloud because I was prompted by my enhanced knowledge, values and beliefs to challenge inequalities and social injustices back then. I now find that networking can play a big part in how I am empowered to do my work. So, because of my experiences, I try to keep a low profile in order that I do not upset the applecart, as I still need to earn a living, to take care of my basic needs of providing food, shelter, and clothing.

I am always under scrutiny, having to deal with the undermining of my knowledge, values, and beliefs, with ridicule.

I was treated with indignity and having to look over my shoulder, for the next threats to my health and wellbeing. Despite these conditions, I had to act when there was a case of safeguarding the vulnerable children in my care. I learned, via studies, to adhere to the national laws, home country legislation, codes of practice and conducts, in line with the rules of law. There are the rules of law to be adhered to, that are involved in the safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults.

Everyone is responsible for safeguarding and it is our duty of care, which is paramount, to be responsible and accountable in protecting children by raising concerns via the Whistleblowing Policy & Procedures, if no one acts upon the concerns raised. The following are some of the relevant laws, and legislation to adhere to: (Ofsted Standards, EYFS Welfare Requirements), Vulnerability Matrix –(SEND Code of Practice 2001), Children Act 1989/2004, Disability Discrimination Act 1995/2005, Carers & Disability Discrimination Act 2001, Data Protection Act 1998, Education Act 1993 The Equality Act 2010, Mental Health Act).

Publications from the Department for Education and via the internet (www.gov.org.uk) are sources of information to do research and keeping updated in doing online training, in line with the changes in laws and legislation. By enhancing knowledge via studies from 2004 – 2010, I was empowered to implement and deliver best and inclusive practice and it seemed I was the only person with the knowledge to act before it was too late. You see, as part of multigenerational working approaches amongst the young children with whom I work and the elderly living in a residential home, nearby, the children had been visiting the residential home, over a period of time.

This was in support of the Social Enterprise Initiative Agenda of my former employers, www.leyf.org.uk, in bringing cheer to the elderly.  Unfortunately, there was an outbreak of chicken pox in the setting and after the initial outbreak, I had warned colleagues about the sensitive nature of taking the children to visit. And when no notice was taken of my warnings, I decided to act the next week by making my implicit knowledge explicit.  (Studied at the OU, with a Foundation Degree in Early Years and a Level 2 Certificate in Health and Social Care, a Certificate Working Together For Children –   www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies). Once more, instead of embracing my knowledge and empowering me to be forthcoming with my expertise, as a more knowledgeable practitioner, I was viewed as overstepping the boundaries of my authority.  Consequently, I had to confront and face more discrimination (M. Hudson 2012, Research Paper Ref: 01/12).  Although my advice was taken on board, this was only done in a round-about way, after making me look like I was interfering in matters that do not concern me. However, I am aware that I am accountable and responsible for safeguarding the vulnerable, whether young or old, with whom I come into contact.  The children were still coming down with chicken pox, so it had not yet run its course.  So, can you imagine what could have happened if the visits to the home were not suspended?

Despite the discomfort of revisiting past experiences, like what happened in a former workplace, and which lead to me be unable to control and manage my disabilities, I am happy I acted. Because I am so aware of the dangers of children who have chicken pox, mixing with vulnerable elderly adults, whose immune systems are no longer intact, to overcome the effects of contracting chicken pox.  I know from experience about the necessity to exclude children from the elderly, if there is an outbreak of chicken pox.  My niece’s grandmother was on vacation in the USA and encountered a child whom her daughter fostered.  Her dead body returned to the West Indies for burial.  So, I did not want to have that on my conscience, that I never acted at the appropriate time when it was crucial (Health & Social Care, 31.7.2006, www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies).  My Manager is less than two (2) years older than my oldest child and even though I do not aspire to be in leadership because of my limitations (diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety 18.07.2006).  I know there are lots of contributions I can make to promoting and implementing best practice in line with the (EYFS and OFSTED Standards www.ofsted.gov.uk). However, I do not wish for this to be taken as me overriding my authority, breaching confidentiality, or hiding behind anonymity.

Therefore, I am only sharing my experiences to show the impacts on my mental health (www.express.org.uk). I have come across colleagues, young and old who are feeling just as trapped as I am. We are working in a toxic environment, with colleagues who have been manipulated and given sanctions to collude with others in harassing, bullying, and intimidating their peers and the children with SEND. Where employees do not have any rights, regardless of what the laws and legislation states (Equality Act 2010, www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers).

My qualifications are being questioned and imagine my frustrations when I am being ridiculed, along with another older colleague and told that our ideas are old fashioned.  I am the kind of person who used to talk a lot about any matters that are of concern to me but these days, I am further withdrawn because I know my arguments can be taken out of context, twisted, and used to pin another label to me.  I suffer from depression, gone through the menopause, uncertain about my status at work and life in general, struggling with minor ailments of aging but most of all concerned about my elderly mother, who is going senile and is so far away from me.

These are the key ingredients that cause the mental health Issues of disease or medical conditions, listed on the internet at Google: www.google.com. Mental health and mental Illness – www.mqmentalhealth.org/Mental-Health/Mental-Illness has even used one of my publications: There are lots of people with mental health issues walking around. That has gone a long way in helping me to exonerate myself because even the professionals working in the NHS refused to accept that I have disabilities, even when I have the diagnosis to prove otherwise. Yes, I know there is stigma attached to mental health issues but I adapted a different approach to that of my mother, in dealing with the matter.

My mother did not talk about the adversities and challenges in her life, which might have resulted in her having mental health conditions but I am always telling about my experiences, in the hope of getting help to resolve them and help me live a better lifestyle than that of my parents. I am trying to do my best by me but it is not always easy, when you are far away from nearest and dearest and lacking the support network that would be present, if I were in my native country, Jamaica.  I asked the irrelevant questions which I know, God is not willing to provide the answers to.  However, it is worse for me because I have learnt to mistrust others, who only seem to want to climb on my shoulders to reach the top, then kick away the ladder so I do not even get a start on the rung of success.

At times, I cannot seem to see a light at the end of the tunnel because of the effects of the blacklisting and networking that put my career on hold and destroyed my character, name, and reputations.  I have told my family about my conditions but I doubt very much that they understand what I am talking about. They might only be aware of the ‘me’ who is keeping her head above the parapet.  The same thing happened years ago when I warned them about my mum going senile.  I am so afraid to go down that road I have visited before and I do not have anyone to share my concerns with, so have to deal with them by myself. This is also part of working in a demanding, toxic, workplace environment and working with colleagues who can be vindictive and weak enough to join others in discriminating against me. As my son says, he got his resilient spirits from me but it is hard for me, here on my own confronting the demons, when they rear their heads to attack me.  My son has since had similar experiences to mine and had to get counselling.

I guess it might be only now that he is beginning to understand how much I have been affected by the discrimination I face over the years, from the time I lost my father to Parkinson’s Disease, during my developmental transitions into puberty, to now. My presence as a writer on social media platforms, using Google: www.google.com, helps me to focus on the matters that are important to me, and I can share my experiences to help others.

I can promote my son regarding his work as a FIFA Referee: Edited re enhance Knowledge re Brand MERVELEE MYERS – Author. 

Costly decision for Ledgister? Jamaica Observer www.jamaicaobserver.com/westernnews/. I have been doing my best to promote my son’s achievements, via the internet. Therefore, I make use of the opportunities that I now realise have provided me with the expert authority to build my brands and continue my dream of them becoming realities.

My photo of my son: http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio.   FIFA Valdin Legister Jamaican Referee, on Provisional List For 2018 FIFA World Cup/RJR… Jamaican Contingent Going to the World Cup. My #2Son Valdin… www.google.com.

Double Standards – SYSTEMS…? https://www.linkedin.com

Hope you do not mind me using you as my sounding board, by sharing my experiences.  At the end of the day, this helps to alleviate the pressures that I find myself burdened under, from day to day.

Thanks for lending a listening ear.

Yours sincerely,

– Self-Reflections

Me and my state of MIND

Folks I do not want anyone to take this personally but just to forewarn you about the state of my mind.  I hope this will eventually give you an insight into who and what I am, at the present time in my life.  I am currently suffering from Depression, which I have been struggling to keep under control and believe me, it will not get the better of me.  However, I am putting mechanisms in place, so that I can eventually get out of the toxic environment and relationships that are contributing to exacerbating and triggering the conditions of mental health.  Therefore, I am making plans to be out of the UK before my sixtieth (60th) Birthday, if God decides to keep me on this earth until then (M, Hudson 2012).

I have some investments which are tied up over the next four (4) years, without me losing out on any premiums/benefits, so I will be around until then to collect them.  The other investments I have, I can always settle when am ready.  Also, I would love to be around for Tom, if he should ever need my support.  At present, he does get on my nerves but I have developed a thick skin and refused to let him dig too deep.  At the same time, he is a tower of strength and can be relied on like no one else, at close range. I have made the decision to do as much work as I can with the assistance of Tom because I know this will go a long way at putting mama’s heart at peace before God decides to remove her from amongst us.  This is the only reason that I am making the sacrifices to work on the house.

I have tied up most of my money for a period, so I can earn some interest.  Tom has decided to help but I must deal with the nagging too.  Sometimes, I will not be able to discuss any matters over the phone when he is around but will instead use other forms of communication. Seriously, I do not care about having much in life, if I have a room to call my own. However,  it is my wish to know that there is a decent enough family home, for the family to have some sense of security.  I have seen my parents struggle to provide a roof over our heads and I know it was one of Ashter’s dreams to put up a decent house, so I will be proud to know that I can make those dreams become a reality.

All I am asking is that the hard-earned money I sent, is spent wisely, as Tom keeps harping on about how hard I must work for the money.  He comments every day about the money I leant out but I will not be crying over any spilled milk.  I am a person who believes in destiny and I always say I came to this country for a reason, so now I recognise that it is time for me to pack up and leave before I am beyond repair. There are forces intent on keeping me down and I am damned if I will let them get the better of me, so now I am learning once more, to kiss ass, before I can kick it.  However,  do not worry, I am making my plans for when I am ready to leave.  In the meantime, I am just humbling myself and walking with God.

Yes and don’t think that I have not been questioning this same God, as to why me and my family must bear so many crosses, from the time my papa was struck down with his illness. All I am asking is please take care of my interests,  as I want to do what I think is best for my mum, who did so much for us as a family.  Now that I am older and wiser, I can comprehend just how much she has done.  May God continue to answer my prayers and keep her from too much pain and suffering?  Chat later. Ratty.

My Hidden Disabilities & Progressive Conditions


I struggled with my hidden disability, that I chose to call my Parkinson’s disease from my childhood. In a nutshell, I was all nerves whenever I had to leave my comfort zone of the background, to perform normal day-to-day activities in the limelight and under any form of pressures that others take for granted. Therefore, in a normal day at school, I will perform to the best of my abilities and beat my classmates, hands down or tied behind my back in any subjects, except mathematics. I have never passed a mathematics examination in my life. However, I managed to get on with life, doing the basics and surviving. When I sit in a mathematics examination, I had recalled I was taught the questions peeping out on the sheets but for the life of me could not make head nor tail of where to begin.

My son’s dad, who was my first love and one of my mentors, yes, he taught me about the birds and the bees because my mum did not know how to address the matter, said I had blocked my mind. When I sat in a maths exam, my mind would go blank, and I could not recall anything I was taught. I realised too, that I had some phobias, like not being able to cover my head under the sheets when I go to bed. I never learned to swim either, even though I come from a water area. There was a dry pond at the bottom of our land, where everyone else learned to swim and not to mention the Middle Wire Pond, where all manner of things used to happen.

I was basically a ‘Tom Boy’ until I reached puberty and mum put the fear of God in me about my behaviours from thence. Back then at Primary School, I was top in everything, as I was always competitive and wanted to achieve as much as I could, being an only girl. Now I know what I had not known then, or else I would have rebelled to be in Hewling House and not McKoy. Saying that, I enjoyed the challenges of being in McKoy House, as I never got molly-coddled, like some of my peers. I remember the final year at Townhead Primary School when Ms Loy Welch came to mentor the Hewling House team. She was expecting her baby but I am sure I never knew anything about that, except she had the biggest belly I had ever seen on anyone.

That baby of course is none other than Kim Welch. So back to the story of the young boy who taught me about the birds and the bees. He stayed at his home and looked out for when I was coming across their land using the short cut crossing properties: Phantom Park, Legister Land, into Mass Leon Street, before going to Tomlinson Land to Babylyn, aka Ms T. Once I set eyes on this young man making his way towards me, I’d say “foot wey you deh and tek off home?” Mum had told me in no uncertain terms that I should not let any man touch me. Mama in her innocence and wise wisdom wanted to give me advice about how to behave, now that I was a young lady and not as a Tom Boy.

But in her honest wisdom and good intentions, the matter got clouded and I was left scared out of my wits. I misconstrued what mum told me to mean, literally being touched physically, hence me running away. Eventually the young man did corner me, where I could not run away and explained what mum really meant about being touched. Mama’s touch meant not having SEX and this was the start of another Legister/Nembhard connection/link up. The young man decided to take me under his wings and continue my General Science, Health Science and Human Biology educational lessons over the next few years. Our relationship started off being innocent and platonic and later turned into what I called my first LOVE, over time.

We just shared our time studying, as the young man was passionate about his education and took me along on his journey, mentoring me. He would come to my house with his books and we would study and talk about life in general. Now, I am wondering if he was sorry for me back then because I was this shy, lonely girl. But even if he was, I will always treasure those times, when we never had a care in the world and have no need to get jealous because of LOVE. My dad on the other hand, had matters on his mind when he noticed this young boy spending time with his only daughter and dad being the dad he was, spoke to mum, who then spoke to me.

Yes, believe it or not, we were still innocent teenagers who found pleasure in each other’s company, without the encumbrances of anything sinister. I guess they don’t make children like they used to in my days, anymore? Yes, my first love was first my best friend, before he became my first love, as hard as it may sound. Although I’d had a loving family and a support network to rely on most of my life, I am guessing now that I was shaped by my childhood experiences, which I internalised. I must have done this because I knew no other way and no one noticed my struggles, adjusting to growing up.

At the ripe old age of fifty-six (56) years old, after encountering some more traumatic experiences along life’s journey, I am making more discoveries about the unique person who I am to date and even how I might change as I get older. However, I am sure of one thing about me that will always remain, after battling with some of the demons that blighted my prospects and made me an unwilling victim for the best part of thirty (30) years of life. As an ignorant, uneducated person, with my past childhood of struggles and sufferings, I am guessing because I am no expert, that I internalised some of the trauma of the suffering I had witnessed due to the illnesses and sufferings of my family and taken them as my own.

When you add into the pot that we are different in so many ways: an only girl, mawgah like a bean pole, ugly with the broadest nose, teased mercilessly, shy and always trying to keep myself to myself from prying eyes and a Tom Boy, getting up to mischiefs like my bredas. Then, inevitably the bulling is going to be part of my life and something more for me to deal with, in my already crowded existence. If you are unable to stand up for yourself, then you are doomed, and I know this for a fact because I have fought and overcome bullying in my youth. I fought against all kinds of discrimination, win some and lose some and just got on with my life, over the things I could not necessarily foresee and change (www.google.com).

However, when lightening decided to strike twice and unscrupulous persons in authority, in the establishment and systems decided to break the laws and breach my RIGHTS, there is no way I would allow them to get away with this second time around (M, Hudson 2012 www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers). Therefore, I am on the warpath as an advocate, standing up and protecting the vulnerable from being discriminated against, whether directly or indirectly (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers). Growing up in a male-dominated household, everyone else thought I was spoilt, being an only girl. Yet I felt alienated and excluded, despite being surrounded by the love of my family and friends and having a loving family to protect me.

The thing I had always missed most in life was having a sister, older or younger, to share those special moments with. When I talk to people who remember me from my younger days, there are always the same themes being reported. I was a shy girl who kept to myself and walked in the corner of the street to avoid talking to people. However, I can recall carefree days, when I could fit in at school but not at church because church was where the well-to-do went and I did not have the social status of the material things, to fit in. I was mercilessly teased at church because my old-fashioned Mama put my hair in a hairnet, instead of plaiting it.

The clothes were hand-me-downs from grandma’s sojourn to Kingston, to visit her well-to-do family. The clothes did not always fit either and all this was because Dad took sick and was made redundant and could not work anymore. Although I cannot recall for certain when the panic attacks started, I remember one day for a dare, I had aimed and thrown something in an old man’s bag, and he claimed to have put a curse on me. Remember, I believe in the saying ‘beliefs kill and cure’ and this might be nothing but another Old Wives Tale but I never could get what the man said out of my mind. I was fine doing things normally, even coming top of the class at Primary School in Grade 5, to the surprise of everyone else. Even one of the boys, who swore blind I could not beat him, had to eat his words.

I was a bright little girl, in the words of my former class teacher, Ms Una Perry. Ms Una taught me, from very early in life, how to meet one of the greatest challenges of my life and I never looked back since. No obstacle was too big for me to overcome and I never stop learning and will continue to do so until I no longer can. Dad kept Sunday school classes at home and I was ok during the sessions we had at home, when I was in my comfort zones. However,  I realised that I could not read the Bible out loud on those public occasions, as my voice got stuck in my throat. Basically, I would spend all my school days at Primary and Secondary, keeping out of the limelight, as I did not want to expose my vulnerability.

I guess in trying to hide my vulnerability, I ended up creating more problems for myself and developed the CHRONIC ANXIETY (which I call my Parkinson’s disease). This was a developmental transition that was to blight my life forever. During such episodes, my hands shook to the point where my writing was illegible. There is a tremor in my voice, and it would catch in my throat and I would have these panic attacks and my stomach tightened. I was a miserable, unhappy, and bewildered child/teenager who did not understand why I was different from my peers. I was struggling on my own, as I did not want to give any more reasons for others to make fun of me and nobody noticed what was happening to me.

I stayed in the background, used bravado to cover up my vulnerabilities and chose to blame my DNA for what I could not understand, nor change. My best friend, Joy Legister – Mertie Bernard, stammered (genetic) all through Primary School and her condition could at times be seen to be visible but she managed to get through her schooling with flying colours. I, on the other hand, was called all sort of names, ranging from worthless, to lacking ambition.  When I got pregnant, I was devastated that I let myself and my family down but worse was to come when my child was born and I had to deal with the stigma, stereotyping, labelling, judging and marginalisation that goes hand in hand with having a disabled child (Special Educational Needs and Disability – SEND, EYFS Coordinator and SENCO).

The fact that I had considered abortion only made the guilt worse. Luckily for me and my child, I was spared, and God fathomed a way out for us, so I was not burdened more than I could bear. That is why my vision is to return home whilst I still have the ability, to contribute my knowledge and expertise to the government of whatever party. Becoming proactive in establishing Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Outreach Programmes, to benefit children and their families, in achieving better outcomes. I have initiated my own Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) studying to certain levels.

I would have loved to further my studies, doing the Early Years Professional Status or Early Years Teacher Training but just did not get the opportunity.

However, I found out that when some in authority see your passion as a threat to their incompetence, as is the case with me and some colleagues whom I know, they will do everything in their power to undermine, disempower and belittle you to keep you from achieving your goals. Despite qualifications, they will keep you at the bottom of the ladder, get you to do their work and take the credit. Then they appoint someone with no qualifications and continue to discriminate against you with their Criterion, Provision or Practice – CONTRACT.

As you do not have a Status on their Hierarchy of Status Ladder, they will tell you that whatever you are told by those in authority to do, you must do. Even if those in authority are wrong, you dare not challenge them but you are expected to be the scapegoat, as they operate under a culture of blame because you used your initiative to gain qualifications, whilst they spend their times doing absolutely nothing. If you are an assertive person, then you are labelled as aggressive, unprofessional, confrontational, intimidating and lacking empathy (M, Hudson 2012) and these are just a few of the tactics they employ to destroy your good name and character, that you have spent a life-time building up.

To get pregnant again, just as I tried to get into Teacher’s College, laments another old Jamaican saying that “first time is mistake, second is purpose and third is downright careless…” I made sure after looking at my circumstances, making sure there was no third-time because I told myself that if I did not already have a child who inherited my hidden disability, I would not be having another who might. There was no way I was going to bring another child into this world, to go through the same kind of struggles I have experienced since puberty. Despite my deficits and limitations, I refused to give up and tried my best for my SONS. I am an expert on Early Intervention Strategies from the age of seven (7) years old, when my youngest sibling was born at home.

My parents were the architects upon whom I patterned my life because despite the struggles, they never gave up and gave their best to family and friends, alike. By telling my story and putting it in the public domain, I hope my SONS will begin to understand me a little better as their MOTHER? If my story can bring some clarity to another family who might be struggling to understand why their child behaves a certain way, seems withdrawn, is seeking to establish bonds in helping them identify who they are supposed to be, my efforts may not be in vain. Mum’s children: dead and alive including me, will have a story to tell about her.

However, it took me years to recognise and understand that unique, courageous strong and fearless woman who is/was my Mother. Hopefully, it will not takes my sons a lifetime to realise the humble Mother who I am and who is always striving to give the best of myself, in providing for the needs of my family. I gained some of the information as part of my RESEARCH, way too late to give mum the honour that she truly deserved, for all the sacrifices she made throughout her life. Mum did not stop to take stock and was always there for her family, friends, and anyone else who needed her tender loving care. You see, mum also had her vulnerabilities that she did not talk much about either.

The one that came to my attention, was that part of her thumb was missing. I only have a vague memory of mum talking about her missing half of thumb once, saying how she came to lose it.  However, it was only years later, when I was doing my research, that I noticed some of mum’s mannerisms and realised how much she was sensitive about her missing digit. Mum would always be hiding her thumb, and this seemed to be done unconsciously throughout her life. Later I started looking at her old photographs and noticed that she was always hiding her thumb, tucking away from view since she was young. This convinced me even more that I am my mum’s daughter, in so many ways that I had not thought of and realised before.

I have now come to the conclusion, after having counselling at the Maudsley Hospital (www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/southwark), that mum’s experiences of mental health Issues might have started from when she lost part of her thumb. I had lived with my hidden disability all my life, however I had found ways to cope and manage, to enable me to live a productive life. When I was at school, I avoided doing the things that would trigger my conditions and made it hard for me to cope with my limitations. No one likes to be exposed and taken out of their comfort zone, especially when we are feeling vulnerable. Like for my mum, it was not easy, letting all and sundry be aware of the hidden disability that we are mortified about, and which makes us victims to be pitied.

Counselling, on the advice of the Occupational Health Doctor, helped me to discover myself and begin to understand about my mama. “The Equality Act 2010 says a person has a disability if they have a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Physical or mental impairment includes sensory impairments such as those affecting sight or hearing”.  I have been living with my hidden disability whether anyone wants to call it Chronic Anxiety or join me in giving it my preferred name of (Parkinson’s disease).

I had witnessed dad’s struggles for ten (10+) years of my life and am aware of the devastating effects his illness had on my life. Dad died a broken man when I was twenty (20) years old and despite his struggles, he never once lost his dignity and questioned his GOD. I on the other hand, was not prepared to deal with any of my deficits and limitations and ended up being the opposite of dad. I have even been blaming dad and his God for saddling me with this condition which blighted my life. Then I know of my uncle’s struggles with Parkinson’s disease and he too, died a broken man and would have suffered without the support from his loving sister, my auntie Phyllis, aka Mellie Nembhard-Salmon, who cared for him when he had no one else.

We are a close-knit family on both sides and always will be there for one another, through thick and thin. That is why it hurts like hell for some Hurry Come Up Jobsworths who haven’t even one iota of humanity in their life, can come tag and label me. Anyone who knows me will tell them that I am not uncooperative, unprofessional, intimidating, confrontational, aggressive, and lacking empathy (LEYF), even if I was stark staring and raving Mad. The only reason they are doing this, is to get me out of my job, after I have given them some of the best years of my life and after making valuable contributions. They gave me the accolades but they are not worth the paper they are written on, as they contradict themselves.

So, is it any wonder that everything else crashed in this country, when it comes to the question of someone being responsible and accountable for safeguarding the vulnerable? Everyone else will be blaming the other person and they hide behind their Policies & Procedures whilst discriminating, harassing and victimising the masses. Then to stop my progress in sharing my talents, creativity, passion, knowledge, and expertise to the world, I am being gagged and told not to say I work with their organisation.  I managed my hidden disability with lifestyle changes but was thrown into deeper troubles again which I find hard to accept and believe, after how much contributions I made to the organisations I worked for. MM Updates 2021: (DE 15/12/2021 Paul Jeeves) Headline News Social workers ignored FIVE pleas to save murdered Star See Pages 10-11.

The treatment I’d received at the hands of some who were hell bent on destroying me because of my passion to enhance knowledge and expertise the first time around caused me to develop additional hidden disability in the form of Depression (M, Hudson 2012). I only enhanced knowledge that I know is power, so I know I was equipped to prevent another child and their family going through what I went through as an uneducated teenage Mother. However instead of valuing the contributions I made with my qualifications, this caused others to see me as a threat to their incompetence.

I developed DEPRESSION as a result and I honestly do not know when I noticed I had also started having Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, which I am now being told is coping with worries, rather than OCD. Despite these two (2) additional disabilities, of arthritis and diabetes, I was still in control because I know the triggers for my hidden disabilities and avoided them as best I could (Equality Act 2010). With aging I also developed Progressive Health Conditions linked to my arthritis and diabetes, but like all aspects of my life I was in control. I followed a holistic approach along with my lifestyle changes from studies at Lambeth College and the Open University.

I always worked in partnerships with my GP and other National Health Services (NHS) Health Professionals. Yes, the same NHS that caused my downfall and stopped my progress to a better career in life. The NHS is good at giving with one hand and taking with the other and these days I only share what I must and get on with my life.  Anyone knowing me knows that my greatest delight is working so I can maintain my independence and help my family and friends in the bargain. My childhood experiences of growing up in poverty, primarily because Dad took sick and was made redundant had an impact on my life.

Not being able to reach my potential because of my deficits and limitations meant I did not have the chance to get a good job like my peers, some of whom I have always achieved better educational results than they did. Therefore, I firmly believe that education is the key to breaking that cycle of poverty that enslaved us and I have been ensuring that I do my little bit for my family and friends… One of my greatest achievements in life was to work with what I have been blessed with to make changes to my life to adjust to my deficits and limitations and reach some of my potentials.

I’d come to the UK and use the available opportunities that I was presented with to empower myself. However, each time I tried to use the enhanced knowledge and expertise I gained to stop another child going through what I’ve experienced – Transitional Developmental Traumas – Mental health in Childhood. Some in authority chose to see this as me showing up their incompetence, saying I am dismissive of authority instead of allowing me to use what I learned to help young children achieving better outcomes (www.ofsted.gov.uk/parents). I don’t want another child to reach the age of fifty (56) years old before realising that there might be underlying causes for being the way they are.

And there might be help there that could have made differences in their lives, like I am just finding out (Medical Suspension – GP Medical Report, OH Medical Reports: KINGS & LEYF, LEYF Disciplinary/Appeal, My Grievances, Psychological Report, and GP Medical Report). Once before I was penalised for using my knowledge in promoting best inclusive practices that children deserve and parents expect. Instead of empowering me, they took my valuable contributions from my studies and credited them as their own. I paid the price with my health and wellbeing which left adverse effects on me. As a result of lightening striking the same place twice and the unfavourable treatment I am once more experiencing.

My hidden disabilities were triggered, and my Progressive Health Conditions exacerbated and worsened. I was put under more pressures when in order to try and get me out I was given a sanction for somethings I never did and for which others colluded with the knowledge of some in authority, to trap me. Then I was signed off on Medical Suspensions whilst they are trying to find ways of robbing me of my Pension. This is the same way my papa was robbed of the redundancy money he should have gotten via the newly established COOP implemented in the Sugar Industry by Mr Horace Levy in Jamaica.

The strangest thing about the COOP was my brother Texchus was one of the Foot Soldiers who worked with Mr Levy in Westmoreland to establish the COOP. I know my mum felt like she was robbed again like when she claimed her father and his cousin were robbed when the Spanish (Panyah) Jar disappeared and all her dreams of her family getting money for her to escape from the poverty disappeared with it when it went back into the river.  My father getting robbed of his pension must have triggered the Mental health conditions that she kept in control dealing with loss, bereavement, postnatal Depression, etc… And then to be struck in poverty and responsible for taking on the role of mother and father for her children.

My grandma was affected when her son was murdered working as Chairman of the COOP, which was to affect my Mother’s life even more in 1978 onwards. Then dad was robbed of his share, which could have made such a difference to our lives. Because of my experiences as a child/teenager, I was very driven to achieve and to help my family in whatever way I could. I remember when I first came to the UK and each time, I went to eat, I would be wondering how my family was getting on at home. I started off my younger brother at Teacher’s College when they were giving him the run around at his jobs and told him I was helping him, so he could in turn help my son.

Graduate Status! 

I made sure to study to become a graduate, something I did not achieve in my school days. I graduated from Open University on 02.05.2009, weeks before my fiftieth (50th) Birthday and I am proud to be a graduate. However, I have not being allowed to take credit for initiating my own (CPPDP) and must be at the behest of others who always want to dictate terms and play the blame game when it suits them. Now I am being told, “whatever you have done…” by the Area Manager, whose work I must do for her two (2) year-old pilot project? No, I did not do anything and all that has been happening to me since July 2014, after I returned from burying my MOTHER, was concocted by an evil racist woman, who feels threatened because of her incompetence.

Children needs to be happy, and I cannot understand how I was stopping them from being happy…? I was the one promoting inclusive practices and implementing the EYFS Welfare Requirements and OFSTED Standards in meeting the diverse and complex needs of children and working in partnerships with parents. But the Area Manager claimed that this is her baby, yet she neglected the baby and throw him/her out with the bath water on the altar of sacrifice. There is an incompetent person in charge as Manager and a person with Level 2 qualifications as Lead Practitioner. There is a saying back home that “ears set at wrong place and bush have ears…”

But as any Jamaican with any sense will tell you “Bush does not have ears, but there is a person standing in the bush listening…” When I used to repeat things, my ex-husband talked about, he used to swear that someone must have told me. But little did he know how I came by the information he shared when he thought I was not listening or in hearing shot. This is the same way I came by some news that I know about some of the unscrupulous persons who are trying to trap me by making unfounded allegations against me. But one sure fact I know is that God does not sleep nor take too much time from the work He must do. One day He will be paying each one of us for the work we have done.

So, I guess this person who is telling me – a Big Old Woman – how to act, should go try and sort out the young child who needs direction, before it is too late, and she ends up as another statistic. She claimed that the dynamics of the team have been disrupted but there were no dynamics of any team as those Lead Practitioners were not aware of even the basic requirements of the EYFS…? What team and who are they fooling? There is no team because everyone is resigning and leaving. Agency staff refused to return and some do not even return from their break. So am I responsible that there is no team, when you bundled me out like a common criminal, to appease the evil racist thugs?

Most shocking of all is the place is being run by a Level 2 qualified and Level 5 cannot do anything, despite what is written in the contract. The Contract between Mervelee Myers and the Former Employers on behalf of Westminster Children Society – (LEYF) on the 7th October 2009 – Job Title: “You will work as Early Years Practitioner. This job title does not limit your duties with the Organisation, and you may from time to time be required to do work that is within your capabilities either on a permanent or temporary basis. You will report to your Line Manager, the Organisation reserves the right to change this”.

It came out at the Employment Tribunal between Claimant Myers v Respondent LEYF that the Contract was not reviewed and updated since it was signed by me. That is despite there being new Rules of Law in the form of international laws, Home Country Legislation, Organisational Codes of Practices and Conducts since I joined LEYF on the 1st September 2009, until I was forced to resign on the 27th September 2015.  That is why I am beseeching everyone to be aware and take note of the fine print, as they can lead to your detriment when they decide to put you out to grass and take away your basic human rights of providing yourself with food, clothing and shelter, because your face no longer fits and you are past their sell by date…?

But not only that your good name and character will be dragged through the mud by some unscrupulous persons who won’t think twice about the impact of what they are doing to your health. Refer to my (Fight4justice Page: Mervelee Ratty Nembhard/Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mervelee-myers. When they realised you are strong, determined person who will stand up and fight for your rights they then tried to put the blame on you making you a VICTIM to exonerate themselves of the evil wicked wrongs they have done to you. They will tell you to move on… But how the hell can one move on without clearing their name and getting closures?

Although their sanctions have been cut from 12 months to 6 months, and they are acting like they are doing you a favour. Remember that mud sticks and your reputation and good name is at stake. When the allegations were concocted to give reasons to put you out to grass it don’t wash with me. I’ve had to deal with the demons who tried to destroy me, not once but two times now. I am going back to work because I was passed fit and I will not be as naïve as I once was so allowing lightening to strike the same place twice. I will be looking over my shoulder for the enemies whilst I am getting on with doing what I am passionate about, working with young children and their families.

I am not going to make friends if I act professionally and stick to the Job Description. I have done my duty to them and their blinking contract that is worded to catch you out. As this stupid Union Solicitor from www.voicetheunion.org.uk, told me “It is in the contract, so they don’t have to prove you have done anything wrong…”? But I did not do any of what they say, so why are you telling me not to defend myself by appealing. Mark my words I am collecting my evidence, but at the same time heeding the words of my old wiser folks who said “never bite the hand that feeds you…” But somebody will have to take responsibility and be accountable for what was done to my health and emotional wellbeing for almost a year www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/southwark!

I am starting with the Union, www.voice.org.uk and work my way round until I can get myself out of their grasps. I did not go to School, College and University for anyone to write my Name on any Bulla Cake and expect mi fi nyam di cussed Bulla Cake and doah notice mi name. As for those who want to come jump up and threaten me about the pseudonyms that I am using (onlinedisclosures@abapic.com); well I can bloody well tell them that every single name that I use belong solely to me and are registered to me on my Birth Certificate. I am not using any false name and hiding behind anyone, to abuse another human being and treat them less than any animal.

I have fallen, got back on my feet, fought many a good fight and lived to tell the tales. I am weak but I am strong because I have lived with adversities and challenges since my childhood and know how to be a survivor, even when I am an unwilling victim. I have empowered myself to overcome the barriers, constraints and limitations that have been a part of my life. We are living in a world where it is the survival of the fittest, craftiest and cronyisms that get you to where some want to get (http://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding).

They are at the top rung of the ladder, and they don’t care who they trample under foot to get there. Some will slit your throat before the water is even warm and sell you out like they did to Jesus. I live by my scruples, the principles, values, and beliefs that my Parents instilled in me. And at the end of the day, I will use the knowledge by which they are threatened to get them. Because whilst they are busy plotting another’s downfall, they are leaving themselves wide opened to scrutiny that they are unaware of.

Their story just does not add up and they are contradicting themselves. A house divided by itself will fall. As I think about celebrating another Father’s Day I must give thanks to God for the small mercies because I did not have the chance to celebrate anything from a year ago, after coming back from Jamaica to bury my MOTHER. So, now I am proper celebrating the years of missing the mother who was our mother and father for years after papa died.

Comparing Myself to Others to Make Sense of My World

Ron Howard of this World 26th December 2015

I could not help but read the story about Ron Howard in today’s edition of the Daily Express Page 25 www.express.org.uk as these are the kinds of life story that are of interest to me. The headline states “I WOULDN’T HAVE SURVIVED AS AN ACTOR” in bold types and I had to read to try and make comparisons to my own. I was struck when it was stated that even during his heyday playing Richie Cunningham in Happy Days, he knew there would be no long-term Happy Days for him. Ron Howard said, “I listened and learned and knew I’d never survived as an actor”. He said there were lots of things going on that he did not understand and could not come to terms with. He claimed he was not assertive nor a leader.

I will have to start off with this as I look squarely at aspects of my own life that were puzzling to me and for which I had no understanding. It is only recently when I am forced to search for answers and go way back to my childhood that some things are beginning to make sense. I did not for a moment understand why I was different and why I had to be the only one of everything all my life. I guess with someone else involved who is not judgemental, I can begin to get a clearer understanding of what and who I am for the very first time in my fifty-six (56) years of existence. I am slowly coming to terms with all that I am discovering, and I am a survivor and know I can use the answers to help me on my journey of discovery.

Although, like Ron Howard, there are lots of things I do not understand, I am at the stage in my transitional journey of life where I am willing to come to terms with some things. Though coming to terms maybe hard, I know I’ve overcome other major obstacles so will do well to overcome others that I need to come to terms with. In trying to unpick a few sentences that Ron Howard shared about himself as they might relate to me. I too have had to come to terms with certain facts about my very existence. I knew for a fact that because I was affected by my DNA which left me living with a deficit of “hidden disabilities – Psychological” that became my limitations.

I must learn coping mechanism in the forms of early intervention strategies from an early age. After enhancing knowledge, I empowered myself to know that I’d have to live with my afflictions until my dying days. Yes, I must come to terms that there would be no big career prospects for me. I just could not perform in the eyes of the public under pressures. But I was always very productive once I found my niche in the background, which is my comfort zone. Once I reached my comfort zones, steady the nerves, and settled down, I could give of my best when called upon to produce. Like Ron Howard I listened and learned, knew my strengths and weaknesses, the triggers for my deficits and limitations so that they would not become constraints that prevented me from achieving my individual potentials.

Knowing that I could not survive under certain stringent Provisions, Criterions and Practices I opted for what I knew I was capable of coping with. I carried on in the career pathways that represented familiarity, consistency, and continuity for me. I am passionate about working with young children and continued in that vein studying to gain recognisable qualifications despite the odds stacked against me. I have plans for taking my career forward and making a name for myself using the passion I have, but this was not to be. From the beginning my passion to make something of myself so I can give of my best was seen as threats to those in authority.

My chances were scuppered by those who colluded and conspired against me to stop me in my tracks. They set out to destroy me and nearly succeeded by blacklisting and networking against me.  I fought back from the brink of defeat and made the most of the limited opportunities left opened to me by those who networked against and blacklisted me to oblivions. Despite my determinations to get on with my life, I must accept my career was going nowhere when despite the only staff shortlisted from the company I applied for a post with.

I did not get the job and like Ron Howard I knew my career was going nowhere.

That was when I decided to cut my losses, continue doing my best to earn my Pensions and find an outlet for the creativity and talents I have wasting. Because the company used me, accepted the accolades, pay lip service about my contributions that were not worth the paper they were written on.

I am a Carer 4th December 2016

Multigenerational Working Partnerships

An Only Girl: I was brought up as an only girl with seven (7) brothers. I am the sixth of eight children, so have the privileges of having the statuses of being a younger and older sister.  To say all my brothers were protective of me is an understatement, however my exploits are well documented. My upbringing as a Tom Boy until puberty have had a profound effect on why I turned into the Rebel that I am today.

Advocacy: However due to recent happenings in my life, where if I was not a Rebel, I might not have survived, I have started to look at myself differently. But of late I have changed from thinking of myself as a Rebel, to that of Advocate. I have worn many hats since my childhood. I was the informal carer for my younger siblings and extended families. Being an only girl is not the easiest and can lead to becoming a teenage mother/parent, as was evident. I honestly think that I keep looking for a father figure all my life and that is because I feel more comfortable with an older man. Later I was an informal carer helping mama with the tasks of caring for my papa and grandma.

I was a formal carer earning my keep as a Household Helper. I was an Apprentice, as a Teaching Assistant, which set me on the road to become a Basic School Teacher. I consider myself a loyal Family Member and Friend before I left the shores of Jamaica in my early thirties in June 1992.

Cradle2Grave: It was only natural for me to embrace Multigenerational Working Partnership Approaches when it was introduced to Luton Street part of (LEYF): www.leyf.org.uk   by the CEO in 2010. As a Reflective Practitioner who developed the listening ethos after years of studies with The Open University (OU), it was easy for me to play a big part in promoting and implementing the Multigenerational Working Partnership Approaches at (LEYF).  The CEO have her vision of how (LEYF) could work in partnerships with other Communities of Practice to support the different campaigns of narrowing the Generation Gaps between the young and elderly.

With my qualifications, expertise, personal and professional experiences along with my zest for life as a Social Butterfly (Google: www.gogle.com. Supporting Basic Schools in Jamaica as a former Basic School Teacher www.jbsf.org.uk.  I invest my money with the intention of returning to Jamaica to make valuable contributions to (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities – SEND) in Early Childhood Education https://www.vmbs.com/. When I transferred to Luton Street from Fitzrovia in April 2010, I helped to transform LEYF, using my (CPPDP) and intellectual properties to help the organisation be known as a beacon of best inclusive practice as a more knowledgeable practitioner www.nurseryworld.co.uk/.

My publications are on social media, but mostly to be found on www.linkedin.com.  I took on board the CEO projects and contributed to making them the success they turned out to be at Luton Street from April 2010 until I transferred to BIB. My childhood experiences helped me to make Multigenerational Working Partnership Approaches (MWPA) the success it was because of my interactions and socialising with Children, Young People and their families and the Elderly. I have experiences from Jamaica as a Teaching Assistant and was a Basic School Teacher.

I am the mother of a child who was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities by professionals who did not consult with me as the child’s parents and first educator. I was given the responsibilities to apply my (CPPDP) to implement and promote (MWPA) as part of the (EYFS: Department for Educationwww.ofsted.gov.uk/parents) in my roles as EYFS Coordinator and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). As the More Knowledgeable Early Years Practitioner with a passion for creativity and using my talents for the promotion and implantation of Inclusion, I wanted to see the CEO dreams become visions of realities.

Sharing of those Ethos, Core Values, and the DNA of (LEYF), l was always enhancing knowledge, doing research, and finding ways to plan the (MWPA) into the EYFS curriculum. My work must be acknowledged as part of how (LEYF) promoted the organisation as a Model of Best Inclusive Practice to the world. Luton Street was used as the template for the (MWPA) from 2010 – 22nd July when I transferred to BIB. When I transferred to BIB, I carried on from where I left off at Luton Street. Despite the CEO endorsing the (MWPA) that I introduce to BIB, when she visited in November 2014 and realised, I continued the work. I was already facing opposition since I started on the 23rd July 2014, from BIB team.

But I only realised what was happening in October 2014, after I was presented with the CEO Long Service Award.  I only realised the enormity of the opposition however in January 2015, when BIB team led by the Manager, Room Leader and others began to act out (LEYF) plots to Dismiss me with the CEO sanction. This sanction was readily put in place by the Area Manager and Trainee Deputy. Without knowing, I opened a can of worms with my insistence to continue with the implementation of the (EYFS), (OFSTED) and (LEYF) Ethos, Core Values and DNA. I have been contributing to making each workplace began of excellence working from the background in my comfort zones.  BIB staff were offended because I advise and encourage them to do their research re (MWPA), the CEO Baby.

I was only to learn later about the reasons for my discrimination at BIB, then I was moved on to HOC and finally ended my working life with (LEYF) at New Cross (http://www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/responding). My life was turned upside down. That is why I know I owe it to everyone, especially the vulnerable, disabled, downtrodden, young, old, etc,  to keep sharing my experiences. By doing this, others will become aware of what is going on in the wider echelons of society and how they can be affected, if they are not aware. Some of us need to get down from off our pomp and pride and face the truths about what is happening to our fellow humans.

This past week, except for going to the Biomarkers and Prediction of Response in Psychology Therapy (BioPort) Freephone: 08009951999 www.iopkcl.ac.uk (slm-tr.SPTS@nhs.net   study mental health Group Session at Kings College Hospital, I stayed indoors. This is the former employers that I take to the Employment Tribunal and lost. That resulted in Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster ACAS Research & Evaluation Programme www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers, that I take part in as a Claimant. I was busy doing other work, that will decide the outcome of whether I get back into work.

The first time I had to represent myself at the Employment Tribunals take tolls on my mental health, left my career prospects in tatters and me a shadow of my former self. That is why also I need to clear my name, get my reputation and character back from what (LEYF) have done since, after I got back from Jamaica to attend Mama’s Funeral. My dilemma started on Sunday 27th November 2016 when Facebook decided to block me. I’d planned to use social media to campaign for my son in the Jamaica Local Government Election on the 28th November 2016, but I was in for a shock.

I had no alternatives but to stand up for my rights like I have been doing since (LEYF) sent me on Medical Suspension on the 27th March 2015. So, after the debacle, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mervelee.myers unblock me, but not before I told them exactly what I thought of their antics. Taking to Twitter: https://twitter.com/rattynem to vent my spleen about the continuing discrimination I was facing because (LEYF) can afford to conspire and collude with others to deny me my basic rights. Now why should (LEYF) have the monopoly to get social media to block, exclude, and delete me for defending my rights not to be discriminated against? This is due to money and power and no doubt about having friends in high places and moving in cliques.

After that incident I faced yet more aggravations, so I ended up being stuck indoors for the rest of the week. I only got out on Saturday to put on Tom’s bet and go shopping. To cut a long story short, I have two encounters that I believe are worth sharing. Walking to East Street Market as per usual, I greet everyone I meet on the street. On greeting this elderly lady, I guess she took this as her cue to start a conversation, so I stop to chat with her about life in general. I came away learning that she lives in Nunhead, she does not like travelling on public transport because they are not reliable and conducive to her disabilities. Most importantly I learned she will be having operations on both of her knees after Christmas.

Yet (LEYF) was trying to get away with exactly what the former employers got away with (M, Hudson 2012 – Research Paper – The Experiences of Multiple Discrimination).

The second encounter can be summed up as maybe three encounters with the same person. These also happened in the vicinity of the East Street Market. I met this Elderly Lady for whom I have concerns each time I saw her about. She was walking towards me and calling out, “Where is the banana and orange stall? I need to go there, and I am not seeing well.” Before taking her hand, I ask if she can see the red coat I am wearing and tell her to follow me. Realising she is struggling, I offered to pull the trolley for her.

I left her at the stall and went on my merry way to get to Iceland but not before noting that she was not dressed appropriately for the cold weather. I had seen her before in a pair of shoes and bed slippers but this time she was wearing only bed slippers with short socks and her legs were exposed to the cold. I was concerned because I was the one who had to put my neck on the line to get support for my elderly neighbours. The Chinese man and African woman stallholders commented that I am a good woman as I pass them. I was on my way from Iceland when I noticed a stall holder, a young man escorting the elderly lady to the fruit and vegetable stalls again. Seeing she was in good hands, I continue my journey but not before I hear another stall holder uttering my concerns, about her welfare and where is her family.  Why is she out on her own, she should not be on her own, it is dangerous? I was standing exchanging thoughts with a friend in the market, telling her about my encounter with the elderly lady and my concerns for her. When she came walking along, I told my friend she is the Elderly Lady I am concerned about. We decided to intervene asking where she was going. She wanted to go catch either the number 176 or 40 bus to go home. She was almost at the end of the market, leading to Thurlow Street.  After we convinced her to turn back, this led to another conversation about INCLUSION. Where is her family? Why is she on her own? What kind of relationships does she have with family or friends if any?

I have since joined Dementia Friends because I would like to get involved to give back to society for the loving care I was not able to give to my mama. (www.dementiafriends.or.uk, www.alzheimers.org.uk/getinvolved). The list could go on forever… Now this brings me back to my neighbour TESS. I got indoors and of course must discuss the matter with Tom. I was upset because TESS, she was left to die on her own without assistance, despite me contacting the authorities. I contacted www.ageuk.org.uk/update because I am a member. They in turn contacted the local authority. Southwark later contacted me and that is why I was so upset about what happened to TESS. She took me under her wings when I moved into my home.

I experienced Domestic Violence almost from the outset of my marriage, until I plucked up the courage to come out of the abusive relationship. I was made homeless (Southwark Women’s Aid – Registered Charity Number 271785) but Tess was always there for me, since I moved in and became her neighbour. I found it difficult when I tried to help and she pushed me away because my mother who was suffering from Dementia, had the entire community rallying around to provide the support network she needed to keep her safe, during the time of her vulnerability. During the period when I was having difficulties with (LEYF), I did volunteering training (www.resourcesforautism.org.uk).

I attended Charity Meetup, organised by (Dawn Newton – Morello Marketing www.morellomarketing.com), who worked for (LEYF). Attended NLP4Kids http://tiny.cc/NLP_practice where I did training. I cannot afford to take up the offer for training in NLP. Anyway, I believe that I have the qualifications and experiences to start my own business. That is why I am starting out with publishing as an Author, making use of all my opportunities, to set up a client/customer base.

I even asked to do volunteering for Age UK (www.ageuk.org.uk/update)  when I phoned, seeking support for Tess. To date I am still waiting for any of these people to either offer me employment or even get back in touch with me. This is since I am prepared to take a stance to break down barriers, challenge social injustices and inequalities resulting from the discrimination I faced in the UK from 2004: News – www.icsouthlondon.co.uk

The moral of the story is “WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN?”


The HMCTS Presided Over Second Miscarriage Of Justice After Bereavement and Losses

3 The effects of toxic environments and relationships.

  • Losing control.

The Effects of Toxic environments and relationships

EYFS Welfare Requirements

Training for Empowerment and Upskilling the Childcare Workforce – Updated 6.7.2016

Over the past three days – Tuesday 29th – Thursday 31st January 2013 I was privileged to attend First Aid at Work (FAW) training as part of my Job Description with a group of fantastic team players from across the nursery.  This training ensures that as an organisation nursery is adhering to the Statutory Legal guidelines of the EYFS Welfare Requirements and the Child Protection Act 1999.

First and foremost, I must give heartfelt praises to the instructors John and Dave – the Fire Fighters (considering the recent Fire at Latimer Road, Kensington, and Chelsea Borough) who got us through the Training and made darned sure we stepped up to the plate and passed the assessment.  Even though I did eventually contract John’s man flu, who am I to complain?  I left feeling so much more empowered and gained in confidence and self-esteem as I continue the road to achieving my potential.  Big shout out to the assessors Jim and Ron who put us at our ease and made it so much better for us to come out triumphant trainees.

After days of Training, each one of us trainees left victorious as we passed the assessment and refused to take on that uncomplimentary label of being Rubbish.  It was a joy to behold how we came together as a team, united under the umbrella of working for a wonderful organisation as LEYF and got through the Training.  Some of the persons on training were meeting together for the very first time, but we were so supportive of each other down to the very last end.  There was evidence pointing to how well LEYF as an organisation has empowered the employees to take on the mantle of varying roles and responsibilities.

Although those of us present at the training were from different echelon on the hierarchy levels, we all showed our mettle as individuals from diverse multicultural backgrounds, ethnic and socio-economical mix.  I must confess that even though I must have been the eldest in the group I certainly did not feel out of place and was on even keel with everyone.  So, in closing I will have to lift my hat (tie head) off to all the participants and if I don’t mention your name please do not feel left out.  It was rather amiss of me not to record the names of all you lovely Family members who are united by LEYF.

So here goes Novelette – Catherine Bruce, Ezi – Fitzrovia, Jo -? Alison Stokes and Grace – Lisson Green, Isabella Glen – Bessborough, Salma – Carlton Hill, Nadia, Team Dagenham, The Keep Fit Lady – I’ll be coming for some advice, et al… So, let me give a mighty Big Up shout out for Brand LEYF the company/organisation which made all this possible.  As a Social Enterprise LEYF has been bold in ticking all the boxes by unleashing the (Hidden Wealth of the Communities) in which they operate.

LEYF is a force ensuring that all the Capitals are implemented and promoted for the benefits of the children, parents and families who use the services that are provided. I am proud to say that I work for such an organisation and wants to continue extolling the work that LEYF has been doing over the years.

Update to my not working as a LEYF employee:

Two of my former colleagues Isabella Glen and Alison Stokes played parts in the discrimination that caused my mental health – melt down at BIB, HOC and New Cross from 23rd July 2014 until the 3rd March 2017, end of the Employment Tribunals Case. I am still waiting for the outcome. Phoned the Courts today (16th June 2017) and is told that lack of resources and heavy workloads causing the delays.

Updates: Community Involvement – Giving Back:

Attending free training, networking and most importantly the SouthBermondseyPartnership – Local Trust – Big Local funded by the National Lottery www.gamecare.org.uk on the 14th June 2017, I was afforded the opportunities to start networking. I signed up to become a Community Champion with Diabetes UK: www.diabetes.or.uk. I am already signed up as a Dementia Friend: www.demebtiafriends.org.uk or visit www.alzheimers.org.uk/getibvolved. I have signed up to do Walk for Parkinson’s – Greenwich Park 2017.

I have been doing my research at www.Parkinson’s.org.uk/research. I am an active fundraiser for Cancer Research UK Race for Life – www.cruk.org. I participated in the Free NHS Health Check: www.orderonline.dh.gov.uk or www.dh.gov.uk/publications. I am aware of the needs of the Sickle Cell Society: www.sicklecellsociety.org. As a Carer: www.southwarkcarers.org.uk, I keep abreast of what’s happening just like when I was working in the early years sector. I am in touch with the NCV: www.ncvo.org.uk/training-and-evens/events-listing.

Before BIB – Luton Street April 2010 – July 2014

My Introduction to BIB July 2014

My name is Mervelee Myers and I have been working with young children for many years across continents. I was a Basic School Teacher in the West Indies preparing children for going into Primary School. I am now a qualified Early Years Practitioner after studying in the UK to gain several qualifications from reputable institutions. My qualifications are inclusive of certificates in Working with Children and their Family, Foundation Degree in Early Years, Health and Social Care Level 2 and BTEC National Diploma Level 3.

I have worked in other early years settings in the Public and Private Sector across London before starting my employment with Westminster Children Society (WCS) on the 1st of September 2009. I was based in Fitzrovia, until I was transferred to Luton Street Community Nursery now London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) in March of 2010. I have held down roles and responsibilities for which I was accountable, such as: Room Leader for the Toddlers, Person in Charge of a Preschool, Group Supervisor, EYFS Coordinator, Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and Behaviour Management Coordinator, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator.

I am wavering in my mind, as to whether I should continue with studies…? But my aims and objectives are to return to my country of origin to work from a shared vision to implement and promote inclusive provisions for children with SEND. In the meantime, I will continue doing what I consider I am good at, by dedicating myself to laying a solid foundation for the young children who are left in my care. I am passionate about working with young children and their families.

News Story of the Week: Housing & Homelessness

As I was coming from the East Street Market, pulling my shopping trolley along in the pouring rain, I could see that the traffic was piling up and slowing down at the traffic lights, as there are some Marchers – The March For Homes. From the leaflet I was given, I could see they were covering some of the local areas of St Mary’s Churchyard, Newington Butts, Elephant and Castle SE1 6SQ. I put my trolley at the side of the road, got my camera out to get some pictures of the proceedings of course and I was handed a leaflet. Since most of the marchers had gone on ahead, I only got a few, but the one at the end did resonate with me… This was a house made from what I am assuming is cardboard, depicting Social Housing. MM Updates 2021: CRISIS https://youtu.be/xBfAuHqqCb4 and more on my websites and platforms.

This took me back to a time in my life when I was feeling vulnerable as I was left homeless (London Borough of Lambeth Housing Services – Ref: 143103). My homelessness came about from years of experiencing domestic violence and deciding for once in my life that I was going to stand up to the perpetuator. Since I decided for once that I was going to stand up and fight for my rights not to be abused and stop being the victim. I almost ended up being hurt physically if it was not for the interventions of another person, my sister-in-law, who was present. I am forever grateful for that person, who was there for me in my times of need.

I lived a sheltered life, living with my family before coming to the UK and even when I started experiencing domestic violence, I just thought I could not cope on my own. However, when push comes to shove, that is when the coping mechanisms kicked in along with the fright, (fight or flight theory) come into play. On this day, I made use of all three (3) to get me through my plight. There were other professionals involved and I was advised to find somewhere safe as a refuge.

I was rescued and living in a refuge because after interviews to get housing, I did not qualify because I did not fall into any of the criteria – not pregnant, have a disability, etc. And even though my name was on the Council Housing list they could not offer me any support. I was given a list of private home providers and eventually ended up in one of the refuges in the London Borough of Southwark. I was allocated a key person who worked with me until I found a home to live. I was advised to take actions against the perpetuator of the domestic violence but chose not to.

I guess I am always a naïve person who took people at face value and never think about doing anything to anyone to make their lives a living hell? I do believe that I am blessed and protected by the spirits of my family who are looking out for me, so I consider myself lucky in certain aspects. Because after no time I was lucky to get my own flat and I am still living here from 1st December 2000. I was one of the lucky ones to be in employment and I am sure that helped my case in securing the flat as I could pay my way and not be dependent on Social Services.

After three (3+) months in the refuge I got my flat through one of the Housing Associations that provided Social Housing for persons in my situation (www.hfw.org.uk).  However, I was confronted with the dilemma of having to pay two (2) rents as the time I must start paying rent on the flat would overlap with rent for the refuge. I made the decision to move out of the refuge into the flat even though I did not have any of the basic amenities. At the time I was still doing two (2) jobs – early morning cleaning and my full time as a Nursery Nurse to make ends meet.

Therefore, because I did not have much time to spare, I moved into the empty flat and started off sleeping on the floor. I spread lots of newspaper and layers of clothing on the floor to protect me from the cold and just got on with it. This was nothing new for me, as anyone who grew up in the West Indies, like I did and is from my era can testify to such an experience. I ordered my bed on my way to work and waited for the delivery and set it up as soon as it arrived.

My next-door neighbor, Tess was a tower of strength and that is why I was upset that despite my interventions, she was not given the help and left to die on her own. Because I moved into the flat in December, I ended up having takeaways as I had no cooker, etc. One of my friends who knew of my plight invited me to spend Christmas with her family where I could enjoy the festive seasons that I was accustomed to. I count myself lucky when one of the refuges Centre was closing down in Peckham and I was given a few household items to furnish my flat.

The cooker is still serving me well and although I have gotten rid of some of the stuff. I am sentimental about a small child’s chair that I consider one of the first thing that I owned in my life. I must accept that our upbringings are totally responsible for the persons we eventually become as some of my grandparents and parent’s traits are intact in me. I am a hoarder like my older folks, so find it hard to part with things that I believe others can benefit from. Growing up without having some of the basics that others took for granted have had a great impact on my outlook on life. That is why I fight so hard to hang on to some of the things that I cherish, and which mean so much to me.

I refuse to take anything in life for granted and am forever trying to uplift myself trying to break the cycle of poverty that held me back for a significant period of my life. I do not want the circumstances in which I was born to become the outcomes of my life as I am trying my best to empower myself to bring about change for my family and me. On the leaflet I got, I can see Diane Abbott MP listed as one of the speakers for a discussion on Tuesday 10th February 2015 at Venue: Walworth Methodist Church, 54 Camberwell Road, London SE5 OEW. I spent last week listening to the Politic Show on the TV with her and others, as I intend to do a feature.


So now I can go and see her in person and hear her views about some of the matters that are important to me in my area of South London. During the recent Election campaign, she was criticized and ridiculed, and it has now been revealed that she has Type 2 Diabetes. I am signing up to become a Diabetes Community Champion in Southwark – www.diabetes.org.uk. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2012 and I know the implications if I do not manage and control the Progressive Health Conditions. My husband is diabetic, and I am his carer, so I must maintain a healthy lifestyle in order that I can provide him with care he needs.

I have done all the Diabetes Programmes since the time I was on borderline to now. There are Diabetes 15 Healthcare Essentials. It states at 15: Get emotional and psychological support.  “Being diagnosed with diabetes and living with a long-term condition can be difficult. You should be able to talk about your issues and concerns with specialist healthcare professionals”. At 11: Receive care from a specialist pediatrics team if you are a child or young person.   Yet (LEYF) refused to accept that I have disabilities and makes my life more difficult by putting me through another Employment Tribunals. I must represent myself (www.justice.gov.uk/tribunal/employment/claims/booklets).

Seeing the marchers reminds me of the time when I went to one of my Housing Association Annual General Meeting and had the fortune to listen to the (The Revd. Prebendary Rose Hudson-Wilkin: Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons and Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen), talking about her life growing up in Jamaica. Strangely enough she talked about the times when she had to spread her bed on the floor to sleep too. I realized we had similar upbringings, but anyone from that era growing up in Jamaica can share their stories about such upbringings. I was in for an even bigger surprise, when we were mingling after the meeting, and she asked where in Jamaica I am from. It turned out that we share some things in common other than our upbringings.

Her family and mine are from the local area and her (grandmother and my mum are related). MM Updates 2021: JA 53 https://youtu.be/youtu.be/NwdExddlilw for Lovena Brown who removed me from Facebook Frome Secondary School page. During her speech she said she would be going to Jamaica to get recordings of her mother telling of her life story to start writing her Memoirs. Each time I witness events like this March along the Road in my local South London, the memories of my life whether good or bad comes back and I have no alternatives but to remember aspects of them. Times are certainly changing because I recalled on my first visit when I returned and shared my experiences of seeing people who are homeless, it was hard for some to believe it.

However almost ending up homeless myself, this was just another of the experiences in my life that helped me to understand more about some of the issues that we all must deal with at some stages during our lives. Therefore, I am finding that some of us are very insensitive to the diverse and complex needs of their brothers, sisters, and fellow human being in times of crisis and we are living in a world where dwag nyam dwag and no one gives a Toss! But how can this be RIGHT?

Only God alone has the answers to any of these queries for which I am still searching. No one knows where it will all end as there are so many things happening in this world, for which there does not seem to be an answer.

Updates: I am making sure to get involved, having my say as I am being given a voice to be heard. Therefore I am aware that there is a Housing Heroes Awards 2017: www.southwark.gov.uk/housingheroes, that is why I am challenging the Department of Works and Pension to pay me up for the Rent Arrears that help to trigger my mental health conditions. The DWP: www.southwark.gov.uk/benefitscontact is also responsible for me not having the time to prepare my RACISM case the first time, saying they were not aware of me. Because the DWP refused to sort out my benefits, I had to have my claims turn down a second time at the Employment Tribunals. This serve to exacerbate my mental health conditions, in addition to the fact that as a lay person, I was struggling to prepare my case.

Monday 16th March 2015 Report – Sent to Senior HR Dilys

Since I don’t know my shift because I left work on Friday and forgot to check, I left home early for a 9.00 o’clock start. Luckily, I did because when I got in at 8.53 and says to the Manager, I don’t know my shift, so I come in for the 9.00, she said it seems as if you are psychic? As usual I felt the tension as I walk in but tried not to be put off too much and carried on as normal as I can. LK is in the graphics area, yet BS is still running out of the room to get the door out in the passage and the door is also kept ajar. Remi popped her head in from next door, to tell me that (child A) will not be in because he is not well.

When I get the chance, I pass the information to BS, but she just looks at me and don’t respond or acknowledge me so I went back to my job. (Child BT – SEND) comes in at 9.00 and the Carer is trying to settle him into the room telling the children – Child A) and others who gather to greet him to let her settle him first. He didn’t want to go down, so I offered to take him. I am using early intervention strategies with him throughout to help him settle. I took him to the table with the play dough and is trying to get him to interact.

I went to get a bigger chair to sit on, sit him on my lap until he is calmer, then I gently ease him to stand on his feet. Then slowly I get him to sit on the chair. I gave him the round plastic cutter that he is playing with, spinning, and then throwing it on the floor. (Child A) comes over and is using the play dough to put round his hand but after a time, he starts pushing her away. I have been explaining to the children about (Child BT) needs, so she knows he needs his space.

After a time (Child BT) wanders away but goes into the bathroom and is doing what I have seen him doing lately. Pulls out the nappies and wipes and throws them on the floor and is trying to climb up. I am watching him and realise he is becoming more agitated, and I go into the bathroom, trying to get his attention. He runs his hands under the tap and is feeling the soap dispenser, then goes back to trying to climb up. I lifted him up, put him on the mat and he feels it, then is crying again, so I lift him down. He is getting more agitated, throwing himself around and I am conscious there is a protruding piece of skirting and the rubbish bin, that could pose a health hazard.

I took him out of the bathroom back to the table, with the play dough. He is spinning the play dough around on his hand once I got him to settle. At 10.00 o’clock I wash (Child BT) hands and take him to the snack table and tell (Adult R) to let him have snack. After he finishes his snack, he finds his way back to the bathroom area and I keep a close eye on him since I already identified health hazards where could potentially hurt himself. I am trying to understand why he keeps going for the nappies and wipes and wanting to climb up. When he gets agitated, he throws himself about and if I am holding him, he stiffens up and head butts me

Feeling Unwell:

At this stage I am having palpitations and feeling dizzy so don’t want to be holding (Child BT) and possible having one of those episodes I’d witness my husband having – HYPO. To date I had managed my health conditions, so had not had any such experiences but was aware of them and that I can be affected, because of my disabilities. I am standing inside the bathroom, keeping an eye on (Child BT) and I can see (Adult BS) in the kitchen, chatting to (Manager LK) and she has been there chatting for nearly 10 minutes now.

Since others were monitoring my time, I started doing the same and monitoring theirs, as part of my defensive practice. I took (Child BT) over to the sofa where I can sit down because he is pacing up and down in the bathroom and is agitated. Some of the children are engaging with him and he is responding. I give him his space once he is settled, no longer crying, and engaging with the children or exploring/manipulating toys.

Lack of Knowledge about Children’s Diverse & Complex Needs re Inappropriate Practice: Safeguarding,


Brief Account: Narratives of how children with SEND was treated less favourably than others – The Equality Act 2010/2015

(Child BT) wonders away from the area again and goes back in the bathroom and is trying to get (Adult BS) attention, but she is ignoring him. (Adult BS is changing another (Child A), but she is not paying (Child BT) any attention and that is understandable. (Adult BS) goes to put away the bag and (Child BT) is following behind her, but she still is not paying him any attention and comes back carrying (Child I). (Child BT) follows her to the bathroom, jumping up and holding onto her leg. (Adult BS) is just saying to him you stop now BT; you stop now gesticulating with her finger… 10.50.

(Adult BS) is changing (Child BT) at 11.00 o’clock but she is not changing him as she would another child on the mat, but he is standing up. There is no form of human contact that I had noticed with the other children she changed before…? He is taken to wash hands and BT walking away still crying and BS walks out of the bathroom. BT is following, he falls on the floor and gets up and BS goes into the other bathroom and BT follows her in. BT is still being ignored and he walks over to main entrance door and comes back to go over to (Adult R). She says It is ok BT, indicating with her finger towards him. She makes no attempt to cuddle him, and BT stands beside her chair and is crying.

11.04: (Adult R) says to BT who is still crying, stop BT, stop, BT sit down please BT. He is still crying, and she now gives him a cuddle and standing up said in a louder tone Benjamin sit and puts him to sit on the chair. She is now standing beside him and when she sits down, BT is standing beside her and crying again. She keeps telling him to sit down and not making any effort to comfort him. I know the reasons (Adult R) is refusing to comfort BT is because of the instructions she was given. Luckily 2 of the more challenging children (Child TA and Child K) are not at nursery today or else therefore I would find it to be even harder to cope with the situation.

As of late, it seems that I am left to cope with managing the children’s challenging behaviour whilst others turn a blind eye or in the case of BS takes a few of the older ones to work with. The manger had one of those meetings recently where I felt everything that wasn’t going right was all my fault again. Since December all the meetings seem to be about me and saying I should go, I don’t do anything right and I must share and justify my practice before I implement them. And yes, I have been doing my best to comply as this is history repeating itself for me.

I was told that I know nothing, and I will have to do whatever the Manager, Deputy, Room Leader and Duty told me to do, yet I am more qualified and have worked with LEYF the longest. I do not think it was coincidence when I was told by Adult R that she needs me to come in now, even though the agency staff would be left on her own. But this time I refused and argued my case re: safeguarding. LK is in the kitchen with the window open and I keep having to ask the children not to climb on the chair. I went and removed the big chair, but they are now climbing on the skirting.

11.10: Child BT comes back over to where I am and stands near the chair crying. He goes over to the bathroom after BS, but she just ignores him and he is crying. I hold his hand and walks him to the sofa as I am still having palpitations and feeling dizzy. He is crying loudly, and I am trying to soothe him but he is head-butting me in the stomach and I place a soft toy to cushion the impact. The children are banging the pots in the corner.  I hear a child crying and when I raised up to look where the crying is coming from, I could see Child Ify lying on her back in the corner.

It seems she’d fallen back and could not get up in the small space? I call the (Agency Staff S) to come and help her and she seems to be ok. (ASS) made sure (Child I) is ok, checking her over and taking her to engage with her. I ask the children to stop banging the pots because BT don’t like the noise and they take the toys elsewhere. I could not help but raise my hand up and say, “Lord what is happening to me today”? I was brought up in a Christian home and is still a practising Christian. I felt the tears coming to my eyes but managed to keep them back. I am still having palpitations and feeling dizzy.

Throughout the time I have (Child BT) trying to find early intervention strategies to support him, (Deputy JB) keeps passing and looking at me as if making sure she sees what I am doing with BT? Whilst sitting on the sofa I could see someone at the door on the monitor. Adult BS is passing, so I call out to say someone is at the door, but she ignored me as usual. The person was there for a good while – later I see (Child A) so this must have been her mother bringing her in. I ask agency staff to clean (Child I’s) face as she was eating the play dough and her nose needs wiping.

I am comforting (Child BT) continuously, trying to get him to sit on the sofa. Each time I ease him off me, he starts getting agitated again and clinging to me. I eventually eased him away from me gradually but staying close so there is body contact. BT sits up and is taking an interest in what is going on, looking around. I give him a soft toy and the cow, and he is exploring the cow and looking around. Deputy JB keeps passing and looking at me but since she did not say anything to me, I ignored her. However, I know from prior discussions I heard with (Adult FF talking to Adult B – BT carer, LK and BS, telling Volunteer TS) that she should not sit BT on her lap, nor hold him.

And telling Area Manager HM, the Friday she visited that this person (ME) keeps lifting him up. That this was the reason Deputy JB keeps passing and looking at me and the reason why Adult R is afraid to comfort BT. I hear Adult R saying two (2) minutes to tidy up time and once BT is settled called the agency staff as witness to what I had done. I say I am going to the toilet as of late my incontinence had come to the fore and I must be going often. I came out of the toilet and went over to go check on BT.

The agency staff told me BT’s carer came to collect him, and she told her he was with me the whole time since she left him because he was not very happy. It is running a bit late and Adult R is helping to tidy up and doing the sweeping up, etc.

List of Laws & Legislation

(Education Act 1981, Education Reform Act 1988, The Disability Discrimination Act 1995/2005, Child Protection Act 1998, Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, Children Act 1989/2004, Childcare Act 2006, Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act 2006, Children and Young People Act 2008, Equality Act 2006/2010, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Chid, Race Relations Act – 1976 (Amended – 2000).

Humiliated, Belittled, Undermined by Deputy Manager JB: Deliberate Frustrations and Provocations

I started wiping the other tables that are cleared and I hear when Deputy JB saying to Adult R that she should leave the tidying up, Mervelee can do it. And she drops everything the broom and dustpan and the rubbish on the table same place. I went into the small room and says to Adult R, I am going to ask you a question… Did Deputy JB ask you to leave the tidying up for me to do it? Adult R says no Deputy JB she told me the agency staff is on her own, so I need to come in here. I say to her I might need to come back to you on this. I don’t mind doing all the duties if needs be because that is the way I work, the job has to be done and I am at work to get the job I am paid for done.

However, I noticed since I came back from sick leave that when it is my turn to do duties, most things are left for me to do by myself alone. Then when I am with the children I am left with the challenging ones and the agency staff to support me. Whilst Deputy JB, Room Leader BS and FF, are tidying up together or chatting away not even to bother with helping with the children and then they turn around and order me to do the chores like washing and tidying up. Then like the incident on Thursday they say I am not doing my job. Because of the situation I find myself in and being warned about their intentions, I just get on with the job since I don’t want to give more reasons for them to complain about me.

Ever since December when Deputy JB came, and Trainee Deputy NO was still at BIB all LK keeps saying at meetings are NO and JB gave feedback that things was not happening and I get the impression that I am to blame. LK said that she learnt I was not pulling my weight: Yet my work was used by NO and JB to take to Deputy Meeting Training, how weird is that when I am not doing anything? On Monday, there were not that many children and some of the challenging ones not in and I would not let it bother me, if I did not hear JB saying what she did to Adult R.

I have been on my own with 13 -3 children and parents came and witness some of the challenging behaviours that they are complaining about. I discussed this with Manager LK before but as is her way when I talk to her about any of my concerns, she pushes them under the mat and does nothing. Then when it suits her, she makes out that I am to be blamed because I am not doing my job. Child M was not listening, opening the door, and lying at the doorway with the door ajar and after speaking to him I get LK to address the matter. He later come asking me to let him help me to set up the table.

I’d started inspiring and nurturing the children to develop their autonomy across the EYFS areas giving them responsibilities and each time I set up I’d ask a child to help. But I made sure to support LK in setting the boundaries of acceptable behaviours by sticking to her decision where Child M’s inappropriate behaviour was concerned. There was a note on the door in the cupboard beside one I had asked Adult CQ to post, since she have a voice in BIB and I did not. I noticed the cupboard door was continually left opened (mostly by JB) and when I raised concerns, she’d come up with some flimsy excuse.

Then one day I went in the cupboard and Child Ify was in there on her own and decided to act, re: SAFEGUARDING and Whistleblowing. It was not there when I came in to start my shift, so one of the late starters must have posted it there? I am assuming it was meant for me, as I am the outsider who came to BIB to promote and implement LEYF ethos and I heard on numerous occasions from the Manager, that I was not welcome, and I should go. And since it seems that I was not prepared to go willingly, they were ensuring I go even if they had to use underhand tactics to destroy me.

It was no coincidence either that I saw another note which I thought was giving me a message. Because whilst I was busy being given orders others were writing on the whiteboard and this note just mysteriously appeared. So, I took the time when there was a lull to write up as everyone was already in place. 3.40: LK comes to tell me Investigator IG is here and will speak to me after she finish speaking to BS. LK said IG called her just before tea and asked if she could come and she invited her to come in. I know LK is lying because I was on my break when I hear her speaking on the telephone.

I guessed who the caller is when I hear LK asking about Aldi, because I was in the office when she told Investigator IG that Aldi opens until late, and IG said she needed to go shopping and after that her tone changed. I saw her briefing BS and JB after that so Investigator IG coming, is no surprise to me. I knew my email to Senior HR DE was received and as per usual everyone was told of its content. I am the only one gagged and not allowed to talk about what is happening to me at BIB. One rule for me and another for the others. I notice the way they were all consulting with each other scurrying about and avoiding me.

Adult FF was not in and no one bothered to inform me why she wasn’t in as I am only at BIB to be at everyone else’s beck and call and do my work as well as theirs, so I just get on with it. 4.00: Area Manager HM came to the back door, and I let her in ensuring I greeted her warmly and pleasantly. She goes around to the front and then she and LK went into the kitchen and the window which was opened was pulled shut. LK comes out whilst I am tidying up the home area to say HM would like to speak to me in the kitchen, so I went in. She asks me to take a seat and say I should go and work at HOC for a few weeks to take the pressure of me if I don’t mind.

She starts explaining that they are short staff and agency are not allowed to work there. So, I told her I know the situation as I covered there before. She said whatever cost I incurred she would reimburse me. When I am talking to Isabelle and told her I was to go to HOC next day, she said she was not aware of this new development.  After I had reflected on the matter when I got in on Friday and decided to contact Central Office about my situation. I realised CO did not know the half of it and was being cuckold by LK and her cronies. Once they started to do a little research, they are bound to give me a voice.

Since I kept the matter from my husband from January, now that I was going to HOC. I had no alternative but to tell him as I had to let him know where I was in case of emergency. He was quite upset about the whole matter, and I was shielding him from the worry knowing about my ordeal would bring on him. He broke down on two occasions once before I left home and once when I got home. I have to keep reassuring him those things would be alright. This is due to how much I was affected the other time round and the devastating effect it had on me – not being able to get a job and he used the term they are blackmailing you. I had to correct him and say networking.

He has not been himself all week and did not leave the house except on Friday to visit his own home to collect his mail and do some shopping. So, I am not the only one affected, my husband is having a hard time of it too. Everything I witnessed today took me back to 2003 – 2008 when I had similar experiences when I was only doing my job. I ended up being penalised for doing my job and had to pay the price with my health and wellbeing and blacklisted and having people networking against me. So why should I have to relive the agony for trying to do the best for the vulnerable children. I will forgive but I never ever forget an unjust!

Someone needs to take the stance to stand up to the bullies who are determined to make the life of others who are passionate about ensuring there are equal opportunities for all to prevail. The same way I am being treated unfairly is the same way some of the children get treated because some chose to put their politics and religion above their job description of promoting equal opportunities for all regardless of colour, class, gender, ability or disability, etc. Staff are more focussed on stitching others up instead of fulfilling their roles and responsibilities and been accountable.

Therefore, when I look on LEYF website and see how other settings are promoting LEYF ethos I feel that the children and their families at BIB are short changed. For example, World Book Day I went in and said to CQ about it being World Book Day (WBD) and she said she was not aware of this. Went to the preschool and ask if they knew it was WBD and JB replied “yes we know…” and there was where it ended. Some of the children dressed up and I tried to get them involved reading stories and taking pictures but as with the time when I celebrated Silver Sunday for Volunteer TS. I was on my own again doing what I was trying to promote.

And even if I would like to do more, I might not have the time after being ordered around by all who have statuses. But even more of note LK said an activity nor experience cannot be spontaneous it has to be planned and I have to first consult with others before I can implement any of my ideas.  I tried to capture significant occasions to promote diversity and inclusion. When I am sat at the lunch table and noticed a child with his eyes closed, I realised what was happening. Waiting after the child finished, I asked if he was gracing his meal and a conversation started.

I graced my meal as a child at school. The child said he was praying, and I told him I did that at school. He asked if I had gone to Jehovah’s Kingdom Hall. I said “yes”, in order not to confuse him and asked if he did not mind closing his eyes again, so I could get his picture. I discussed my findings with LK but I doubt very much that she picked up the significance of what was happening? I am one for celebrating everything – festivals with the children and their families. When the parent came to collect the child, I talked about my discoveries with her. Because although I am not a Jehovah’s Witness, I had managed to dispel a long-held myth.

And yes, as a Christian we do share something in common that I had done as a child, regardless of whether I called it grace and the Jehovah Witness child called it praying. There are some long held values and beliefs that are shared across the generations.  I would like to know what it is about my practice that has changed since LEYF sent me a Long Service Award letter in October, endorsed by the CEO. I was even naïve enough to take it in to show to my Manager and colleagues. My husband thinks I was silly to do any such thing but I believe in celebrating the achievements of everyone.

I continued to invest in my own CPPDP attending the Nursery World Show – www.nurseryworldshow.com/london and is thinking of attending the SEND Show in October. I am not afraid to put my money where my mouth is because that is the only way I will be empowered to do my work effectively.

Black MP Racism Row! 29th February 2016  

I have been mistaken for many things in life and I have possibly done the jobs as well. But I will lean on the sides of those who thought this was a genuine mistake and expand a bit. When I just came to the UK, I’d wonder why people say, “see you later” when I don’t even think our paths might cross. There was the case of, “are you a Christian?” and I would say, “no” because I was not baptised as an adult. Only later, I understand about the different religions but my mortification came when someone kept asking if I was ok, so one day I had to ask the question. “Don’t I look ok to you?”

There were lots of things I did not understand, even though I came from an English-speaking country and passed English at GCE O’Level. Don’t get me wrong I am well versed in my Mother Tongue. That is why these days when some of the people who try to stir up Trouble using whatever cards, I’ll tell them lots of things are due to language barriers where things get misinterpreted, misconstrued, misunderstood, etc. These days I cannot be bothered with the arguments. I’ll end by saying I was stitched up and sent to the HOC because some unscrupulous Employers were trying to make me into a Scapegoat.

I was treated like a criminal and escorted out of the HOC. I have been trying to get my plight in my Fight4justice highlighted, but not getting anywhere fast (Mervelee Myers Profiles/Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/public/Mervelee-Myers). I wrote four (4) Open Letters and got response to one, but I am buried under with some urgent matter. One of the Open Letters was to the Daily Express – www.express.org.uk  and it involves Mental Health Issues.

Therefore, I have a valid story if anyone out if News Land is interested, I am to be found on Google: www.google.com?

3.3.2016 TA Course with HCT Learning: Serious/Fatal Accident

So many things to be thankful for. On Tuesday I was inches away from a serious motor bike crash in Battersea Park Road. I took pictures relating to the Emergency Services because it is relevant to my Studies. Got to class this morning and learned that the young man died from his injuries. I was present when they were cutting the clothes off him and saw his mangled arm. I heard his Groans and saw him in his underwear and when they put him on the Stretcher.

My heart goes out to his Family, and I hear it was reported in the Evening Standard. I told you I have the tools to be who/what I want to be as I develop my CPPDP. So, I have the Death Machine, Emergency Vehicles and a Long Distance shot of the Accident Scene. But sadly, I still have no time to download my Camera from October 2015. The psychopaths are responsible for this situation since they decided to terrorise me starting January 2014. Only I did not know at the time…?

Remember I’d reach a stage in my life where I was becoming Paranoid. Counselling helped me deal with the Childhood Transitions that affected my life since the Age of ten (10+) years old. What they did turned into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am back to the days when I was carefree and jump on the bicycle from Gaga Street Hill Top, all the way to Street Gate.

These psychopaths will pay for what they have done to me. The crumbling has started.

That Bitch who come stand up in my face, taunting me, well if I meet her now I would do exactly what I did then. Ignore her instead of wanting to knock her to the ground but I’d Cuss her RC dat not even Fly woulda did Blow her. Let dem tan deh play Blame Game now?

Southwark Council Questionnaire 4.3.2016

I’d just like to expand on two recent happenings that have me fuming in my neighbourhood. My partner and I were concerned about my elderly neighbour, so I went through the proper channels to get her the support needed. Unfortunately for her, that was not forthcoming, and she was left to die on her own without any assistance. This was despite being reassured by Social Services they’d visit. To add insult to injury Social Services called and left a message on my phone the day after she died as if I owed them something. Then when Social Services did call, they did not know she died.

I had to call the ambulance too, because I am the one who was relied on as I treated her like a big sister and extended family, and it was like an inquisition. Then when the police came, it was an all-night vigil, wasting time trying to collect information about the death that should have been dealt with before when the lady was alive. We still have not heard anything yet about the funeral. I am angry and upset because my partner felt my neighbour’s death and I saw him stood at the window crying the next day. I am his carer and he’s reached the time of his life when those things matter – 93 years old next week. MM Updates 2021: DE Social Services missed FIVE chances to save beautiful Star Female Bouncer is guilty of murdering tot who died from ‘utterly catastrophic’ injuries.

No Respect for the Elderly!

The other incident was what I witnessed in the shop when I was trying to support an elderly man. A woman and her child were so disrespectful and tried starting an argument because I was helping the elderly man and her child did not want to wait for him to get out the door first. He was riding his bike in the little space in the shop. We were not raised that way and I guess British Values should start at home, because how can a parent act that way in front of her “bruck bad pickney” as we’d say where I am from. I lost my job because I challenged these sorts of social injustices and inequalities. But I made the most of the opportunities I was given in the UK and I’ll continue to let my voice be heard as a Multigenerational Working Approach Advocate.  MM Updates 2021: Daily Express by Paul Jeeves Grandad took his own life to ‘look after baby’.

I do agree that I am responsible for how I chose to age or disgrace myself and my story is in the public domain from the beginning of my journey with my disability and health issues. So, moving on from where I was almost crippled with arthritis, to being diagnosed with diabetes. I am in the best of health, managing my conditions with the support of the NHS professionals. But I have taken a holistic approach to managing my health. I am now the full-time carer for my husband. But I have always been doing one caring job after another since the age of ten (10+) years old when my dad was made redundant.

Nursery World – Graduate Training 9.3.2016

Too late for me now as the Powers that be made sure I cannot get a job in the Early Years Sector. I am even training to be a Teaching Assistant and cannot get a Placement in a Primary School, because of the blacklisting and networking from November 2008 when I decided enough was enough in a workplace. No doubt about it I was too knowledgeable for my former Em-Ploy-Liars. At one stage I was even wondering why I could not access the Nursery World Forum and Nursery World Magazine on social media – LinkedIn. But I know It is called having big-wig friends in high places.

1st May 2016

Start of my MAY month and Mervelee Myers is just telling it like it is. I don’t necessarily give a toss about another’s opinion as I intend to go on as I started. Probably if I wasn’t documenting some of my Innermost Thoughts, I would not have legs to stand on with those Criminal and their Cohorts in Crime against Humanity.

God bless The Open University for my Empowerment and reinforcing my “Defensive Practice”. I was taught that a Good Practitioner “must avail ourselves of a Camera, Computer/Laptop and a Laminator”. The only one I never got is the Laminator. Therefore, I am well equipped to continue with my Pleasures in Life- WRITING and Photographing!

I must make some changes in my life and make my Husband my Priority. He was so relieved when I got in Friday night because he thought I was staying over. I told him no I will never go anywhere, where I cannot get home. Luckily, I got home because he had a torrid night. Everything is taking its toll on me but like my mama did, I just must carry on. That is why I reflect on those who supported my mother back in the days.

So, today as I struggle to cope with the challenges coming my way, I am grateful. I think back to my carefree days, when mama was furious with some of my antics and told me off… So, I have a smile and thinking of mum when I have to strip down and have my two (2) Long Tit-Ties (Breast) hanging loose just so I can get rid of the discomfort of having the heater on full-blast because Tom is cold.

I know it will get worse before getting better! But I am here for the long-haul. It is reassuring to know that Tom’s biggest concern is that I am ok and he does not want to become a burden to me…? When a person has been Independent and self-reliant all their life, it is difficult to be where Tom is in his transitions. I kind of know how he is feeling because I have experiences of my own transitions, to make comparisons. He rebelled because he was told I write ‘I am a CARER’ but that is exactly what I have been all my Life – a carer, like my mother!


Discrimination Is the Accepted Norms To Protect Those With Friends in High Places

4 Dealing with work-related matters.

  • Defensive practice.

Maria Hudson Re ACAS 2010: Employment Tribunals with KINGS NHS

(Refer to: Dr Maria Hudson – University of Essex htttps://www.essex.ac.uk. Social Researcher at – Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds. Publications: www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers).    

Maria Hudson, Policy Studies Institute, 50 Hanson Street, London, W1W 6UP 

Reference #: 2800116

Tried to respond by email but my correspondence returned so hopefully this arrives before the deadline date in the post.

Just to let You know that I am available to take part in the INTERVIEW if needed.  I work at Luton Street, London NW8, so arrangements must be made in advance to find a mutually suitable location.

I can be contacted on the above.

Kindest regards. Mervelee Myers.

Lucy Rawlings/Copied to Julie Weiss – 23.06.2013

London Early Years Foundation, 121 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4LX

This is to seek your permission to go on holiday between Friday 20th December 2013 to January 26th 2014, to Jamaica to celebrate a few poignant occasions in my life.  My son is getting married during the Christmas and New Year holiday seasons and I am planning a 90th Birthday celebration for my mother during the month of January.  Although mum’s birthday is not until the 26th of January 2014, I will have to bring the celebration forward to fit in with my son’s wedding arrangements.  Therefore, I am using the opportunity of killing two birds with one stone and hope I’ll be given the permission to travel home for the stated time frame.

I would like to take the opportunity to check out early flights, so I can take advantage of any available deals at the travel agents, hence my reasons for making an early start.  I have already secured some dates in the diary and spoken verbally about my intentions, so I know no one else has so far pre-booked the dates I am looking at.

I would be grateful to have confirmation of my request as soon as possible, so I am aware if permission has been granted, so I can make the necessary arrangements for my holidays.

Kindest Regards. Mervelee Myers.

MM Updates 2021: Proof of LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan sanctions discrimination of women in Leadership getting rid of Karen Walker as soon as she received her MBE.

Events WB: 04th January 2015 – Documenting Practice affecting my Ability to Carry out Normal Day-to-Day Activities Effectively

Monday 05.1.15: My Manager LK came into the Preschool to tell me she needed to speak to me in the office. I told my colleagues and went to the office and on entering there was another colleague, Tehseba present, who the Manager asked to leave. LK asked me to sit down, and this was when I noticed that she seemed agitated. She started by asking what I had said about her at Rumi’s wedding, and I replied I did not know what she was talking about. LK then said, “I don’t know what was said but I hear that you are not happy with the management.” I reassured LK that I am the happiest I have ever been, for the longest while and reminded her what I had said to her when I started and the way she reassured me.

LK then reiterated that, “I don’t know what was said, but Mewe Mechese asked me to speak to you because you are not happy about the management.” I told LK I never heard anyone saying anything negative about others in my presence and all we talked about was work experiences in general. LK said she was happy with my work, and she had even shown some of it to MB who photocopied it to take to CO. She showed me the Southwark IEP Formats that she received, and I asked her to save it to my USB and I would transfer TA’s onto it. I had taken one of my former colleagues along and she was upset about the time we were waiting; I was more concerned about her as she had her course work to do. LK said, “the only differences we had was the incident with Deputy NO” so she said that to MM.

I left the office after reassuring LK that I did not hear anyone saying anything negative about her in my presence! For the rest of the day, I noticed a change in the way LK treated me as her manner seemed somehow detached. On Tuesday I was inside the Preschool when LK came through the back gate, but I noticed she did not come through as was usual and went by the side gate. I cannot recall being spoken to by LK, as she spent most of her time in the office. I was due to finish at 5 o’clock, so when it was time, I asked SB if LK was counted in the ratio. I went to the office where I saw LK, NO, Lauren and Sadie and spoke to LK about the others needing support. Deputy NO said Lauren and Sadie would be going home, but LK did not respond.

I went back to the room and is tidying up when LK comes through says to me “Mervelee you will have to stay longer because CQ is on her own” and she went into the Baby Room! I had already counted the ratio and that was why I asked SB if LK was counted in ratio and anyway Deputy NO was in, but I did not question that. My reasons for not questioning anything was because of prior experiences and I could feel an atmosphere developing that I did not want to pour fuel on fire. Since I had gotten into trouble on occasions before for challenging and questioning the decisions of others. And I was told in no uncertain terms once that whatever my Manager tells me to do, I should.

Then when I asked even if s/he is wrong and I was told yes, I have since stayed away from upsetting the apple cart because I could feel the tensions in BIB. Earlier on, I had questioned the conduct of one of my colleagues because the Early Years Consultant SL was due in and SL had questioned me about her practice. The day in question she came into the store cupboard and saw me and never said good morning. I asked if she had greeted any of her colleagues and the children when she came in and she said no. I told her, she should not take what I am going to say in a negative light, but she needs to start addressing that aspects of her practice, because this is part of her Job Description. I realised however that did not seem to make any difference because she still has not greeted me, but I don’t know for the rest of the team.

Wednesday, I noticed the same kind of reactions towards me from LK, and not only that I realised others were getting in on the act. I felt picked on, Harassed and Bullied, only more subtly. I felt as if I was in a cage and everyone watching me from the fringes, to see what I am doing. However, I was due to bear the brunt of the matter at the Staff Meeting. The meeting started out by staff being told by LK, that anyone who did not want to be there, should go now, amongst other things. I sat, ate my fruits, and refused to be drawn into saying anything. Even when it came around to the feedback from SL, I refrained from taking any of the baits. I realised my assertiveness to stand up for my rights only got me in trouble before and I am labelled aggressive (Hudson M, 2012).

It was all negatives and LK claimed SL said there was no planning or preparations, and people were making it up as they go along. I recalled SL observing my activity and giving me feedback saying she liked what she saw. The only advice was to be more prepared. The only reason I was not more prepared was because I had come straight from serving the snack to doing the activity. Then SL offered to help with the cello tape and got it twisted up. I got everything ready the day before as I am always preparing my planning beforehand. Even when I realised there was no cello tape, I went into B&M to buy some with my own money because this is how I work, due to my Chronic Anxiety – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD.

As the staff meeting continued the more I felt like it was a personal attack on me and my practice… and I had to justify myself. Then when LK raised another subject, and I chose to share my practice about some of the spontaneous activities I had done and called SB and JB to say what I was doing to motivate the children only that very day. LK said everything had to be planned and I needed to plan in advance and share with the team to implement. I could not help thinking, “here we go again”, because I have been down this road so many times. I was used to speaking to Ofsted about my qualifications, work expertise and years of experiences at LEYF. But now that Ofsted visited and BIB got a good report, I was no longer needed. BIB can get on, on their own without me.

From then on, everything that I said in the meeting was greeted with a negative retort from LK. She could not help showing her disgust of me being at BIB. I asked what was happening with the Groups that LK asked me to prepare as part of my supervision. LK said nobody was doing anything about them, so they are not working. What LK failed to realise, is that I had done my part and she failed to do hers in typing them up as she had promised and implementing them? LK asked if she could give them to JB to type up and I told her the last decision rests with her as I had done the job, she gave me to do and I was no longer responsible.

LK said there was no need for me to get offended but since I did not see any reason for me to get offended over a job I had done, so the buck did not rest with me, I did not respond. However, I had to ask why, when LK said something about how much she must get done and then turn around and said, “I know Mervelee don’t believe me?” When it was time for JB to feedback, you would believe that nothing was going on at BIB before she came. I just sat, listened, and did not bother to make any more contributions as I just could not believe what I was hearing.

I left the meeting feeling like SHIT, got home and learned my husband locked himself out of the flat and had to be rescued by the kind neighbours. That only compounded my problems 100 folds. I had no one to talk to, did not eat the day before, and did not sleep either as my underlying Health Conditions and Disabilities begun to kick in. Thursday, I got into work after not having any rest and not able to eat much. I relayed to some of my colleagues that I was feeling emotional and was advised by BS to go home if I wished, but I told her no I would be staying. LK came in and the frostiness towards me was still present as she addressed everyone else except me.

The only time she addressed me was to give me a copy of the two (2) year old Progress Check she said she found on the computer. I asked that she saved it to my USB. When I just got in JB comes to ask what shift I’d like to do because BS asked her to ask me. I explained to JB I already told BS about my circumstances with regards to the shifts, so BS should have told her. When I spoke to BS, she said she told JB, but JB said BS did not tell her. I honestly don’t know where the mix up come in or if there are language barriers involved. However, I noticed JB had taken it upon herself to be getting into acting mode with her Deputy Manager status especially with me.

Because whilst LK was in the room, she comes back to ask if I am sure I don’t mind if JB typed up the notes I gave her. When I said I have done the job I was asked to do, so it is left up to LK what happened with the outcome. She did not seem to like my answer and started to argue, but I would not have any of it. Deputy JB comes to ask what that was about after LK left and if it was the notes LK was talking about at the staff meeting. I told her yes and she said if I could tell her what it was about. I told her I had done my part and it was in LK court, so she should go and ask her. She said she wants me to tell her about it. I said I will not be telling you as I don’t want anything I say taken out of context and be misconstrued.

The matter is no longer my responsibility so go and speak to LK about it. She went away and later LK comes to me with a clear packet with one page of the notes I had given her and an accident/incident form and asked if that was it? I told her there were more, about three – four (3-4) pages and she asked if I had given it to her in that pocket and I said no. I told LK I had copied the notes, so I will see if I find them (Defensive Practice). From the staff meeting, I had gained the impression that history was repeating itself as I am now expected to use my knowledge and expertise that I had paid to go to college and university, to give my ideas to others to implement.

This happened in KINGS College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where I had been used as a scapegoat by people setting up others to make Allegations against me.

This resulted in me going through some dark stages in my life where I developed mental health issues and lost some of my basic human rights. Research Paper – The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds Ref: 01/12 – 2012 Maria Hudson Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster. ACAS Research & Evaluation Programme – Publications: www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers. No wonder I began to fret as I did not yet know the extent of what was being cooked up for me?

Whilst I was sat at the table the Area Operations Manager HM came in and after she’s finished talking with JB, I called her over to ask if the work I had done in my key Child’s K’s Learning Journey was of any help. Throughout the day, I noticed that LK keeps coming in and out the room repeatedly and even though she was not talking to me would ask some question of me like are you ok? To which I make sure I answered each time she addressed me as I had already worked out something was a foot and I was under scrutiny, feeling as if I am being stalked.

Since I had heard talk at the Staff Meeting that SL said I was making up things as I go along when I was doing my focused activity. LK said there was nothing as a Spontaneous Activity and when I mentioned about the Hat Song, she said I should have told my colleagues beforehand what I was doing. Since I am ignorant, I will remain so and don’t bother with justifying my practice as I always come out the loser? JB was like a tic in my back, as she keeps coming over, asking the same questions I had gone through with her already several times. I noticed she chose to come with me at Circle Time and was not of much help, so everything that was happening throughout the week had started to play on my nerves (Chronic Anxiety).

When I was on my break Deputy JB, comes with the 2-Year-Old Progress Check saying LK ask her to show me. I explain LK had spoken to me about it already. While still on break JB is questioning BS but she just did not seem able to explain herself to BS, what she is talking about. When she left the room to go get a copy, I told BS, JB is talking about the EYFS, and she came back with LK copy. I got back from my break and JB comes over to tell me that there is a folder that Trainee Deputy NO had left there and when we are doing planning, we should put it in there, etc… She said she knows that I like to use the computer, but she doesn’t use it and it is better to handwrite it and put it in there (Contingency Plan – Reasonable Adjustment – Equality Act 2010/2015).

I told JB, LK already knows why I prefer to use the computer. It was plain to me she did not have a clue what she was talking about, re the planning so I took her to the board and showed her the format that is used. I explained that I understand there was to be changes, but until the changes happened, this is what I am working with. I linked the daily Focus activity on the planning sheet and explained it all to JB and said I am aware of Resource Folders like the one she said Deputy NO bought. By this time, I was beginning to reach the end of my tether with JB. The relentless questions, going over what I had explained before.

The comments, she is making about the children and my key child TA after I had shared his Learning Journey with her. I realised I was not the only one being treated unfairly because of lack of knowledge by the staff about SEND and Inclusion – the children were too. So, dealing with my anguish and the Bullying and Harassment that reared its ugly head, I just could not cope with JB coming to hound me. I asked a member of staff, Sadie to come in with me for Circle Time as I felt I’d be better supported. I carried on doing my work, but with a heavy heart as my husband was having some health issues. I didn’t want to burden him with my problems and there was no one to talk to. LK come to tell me I could go home at 5.00 o’clock but hit me with yet another bombshell – more allegations.

She claimed we will have to talk tomorrow because “Chef G told her that….?” When I said, “I have not spoken to Chef G?” LK said that someone overheard me telling Chef G that she LK is a COWARD because she asks me to stay over on Tuesday. I said to LK I do not know who is trying to do this and I am feeling very emotional and started to cry. She said if I do not feel well I did not have to come to work tomorrow and I said, “no, I am coming in because I want this matter sorted out.” On Wednesday, the day of the staff meeting I had to stay on the floor half an hour extra and knew this was compulsory because of the ratio.

Also, because I sensed something was going on I did not want to give anyone ammunitions to use against me. When I got to the office BS was leaning over LK at the desk and as I walked in BS said to LK, I don’t know why I was given Fire Marshal because I don’t know what to do. LK made some reply that I wasn’t even interested in anyway as I believe it was directed at me to answer. CQ had come to me offering me the post saying she knew I would do a good job of it. I told CQ that I was not interested, and the young people are the best ones to take on such roles.

I signed out, said my goodbyes, and left. It was only after events unfolded and I am reflecting, that I realised that LK and BS were in the office collecting and collating evidence for LK to take to the Emergency Meeting on Friday. Because BS finished early, and I left her in the office when I was leaving. That was the reasons BS told me I could go home when I told her I was feeling very emotional on Thursday morning. LK told me I could stay home on Friday when I told her about my husband, and me not feeling well. I guess they were hoping to keep me away and that could have been used against me as a sign of weakness, me breaching the contract and more evidence to pile up against me.

Pity they did not spend time to find out about the real me instead of judging a book by its cover. I am going to say now all this is a case of sour grapes on the part of BS because she seemed to resent my presence at BIB and saw me as a threat to her position as Room Leader and aspiring Manager Role. Since I started in July and advocating about promoting Multigenerational Working Approach Partnerships since I met Theresa Salmon. BS was adamant that we don’t Celebrate anything, and when she asked “what is that” in her better than the others voice. I told her to do her research because (MWAP) is the CEO baby and that would boost her CV, as an aspiring leader.

I only saw another side of BS in October 2014, when I decided to get the children involved in celebrating SILVER SUNDAY and she was opposing everything I am doing. Then she started using the excuse that she was SCARED of me when I questioned BIB about inappropriate practice. Everything had to be done her way and her attitudes are to say, “but I don’t want that, or what is she doing?” Even at this stage I did not realise she was behaving this way because of her religion. Things only became clear after I got into celebrating Christmas, planning the EYFS, implementing and promoting the Prime and Specific areas. And adhering to Ofsted Standards and Welfare Requirements with the children.

Knowing that we are not allowed to put our politics and religion before our Job Description, this must be the cause of BS grievances and her way of getting back at me, by making up these Allegations.   I came home and didn’t eat, nor sleep well and got up in the night to prepare some questions to take with me to the meeting. Friday, I got to work and somehow overheard that LK is coming later as she went to CO for emergency meeting. When she is coming through the back gate, I saw her struggling and called out to ask if she needed any help.

She said “no”, came in and never greeted me. When LK never called me about the meeting, I went to say to her, when I was going on my break that I need to have a word with her. She said she was advised not to speak to me about the matter but she could do my supervision. I told her I would come to the office after my break. I went to the office after my break, and we did the supervision. LK made some comments about how she felt about what she heard, and I said I was sorry for causing her any offence but I did not hear anyone saying anything negative about her. I was more intent on socialising, taking pictures and trying to get my friend out of her grumpy mood at the wedding.

LK said they spoke about Margaret and she molested 3 children and she LK had to go get counselling. I said I did not know anything about Margaret or anything to do with matters before I transferred to BIB. The situation is affecting me as well and I wished I could get the matter sorted, and not have it hanging over my head the weekend. LK said I should not worry she will be dealing with it herself in here. I left in good faith. Monday the reception was no better and JB seems to be on my case more than ever, taking on her Deputy Manager Role. I thought LK said there was to be a meeting with her and I and HM at 3.00 pm, but HM asked her to have Remi in with her.

At 3.20 pm LK comes to get me and we are having the meeting. Please refer to minutes from the meeting – but I never got the minutes after asking for it several times. I explained to LK that I will only be addressing the matter that she raised with me on Monday and what I had said, which I did. So, to cut a long story short everything that happened, I am blaming on Trainee Deputy NO. Everything else is based on hearsay and since I was a child, hearsay cannot go to law. I hardly know we have anything to do with CO. Everyone who wished to know, knows that the CEO puts in writing that I am doing a feature on (TS – MWAP), because it is in a letter June wrote after visiting BIB on the 28th January 2015.

I got a letter from the CEO re my five (5) years of service, I have not had contact with Gill Springer for the longest while and I have JW’s number and on LinkedIn… It is just ludicrous the things that were being said about what I supposed to have said about CO Team. That was when it clicked, about the reason for the Emergency Meeting, and why some persons were so smug and cannot make eye contact with me since Monday? We addressed the allegations, and some other issues that I was supposed to have done on Thursday 08th January. However, the only incident I know about is the Sadie one but it was exaggerated to suit the occasion.

So now I am wondering who else they were recruiting to do the dirty work and was this being concocted on Tuesday when I went to the office to ask for cover and saw LK, Trainee Deputy NO, Lauren, and Sadie there deep in conversation?  I said my piece about the conflict I thought Trainee Deputy NO started. How they set Remi up to rub up the girls in the Preschool where everyone was having a joke at her expense by taking on the roles of hierarchy for the day. I spoke about the safeguarding issue. I reflected after the meeting that someone, who was at the wedding come upon LK vulnerability and is now using me as a scapegoat to get to her.

Since I am not one to undermine anyone and am more interested in going the extra mile to earn a living the best way I can and have no ambitions left to climb up the career ladder. Now the ball is in LK court to find out who that person is with the ulterior motives. Or as Remi said in the meeting, that LK did not seem to understand, everyone is after someone else’s job? Well, I am definitely not after anyone’s job.  Tuesday of this week when JB thinks that the Lamb to the Sacrifice Machinery was well and truly ready to do the Slaughtering, she played her hands.

Come tell me that I must not sing loud with the children at circle time because she is reading to the children, and I AM DISTURBING HER? Well now I decided I am not going to take this lying down because no one is going to let me go through what I have been through before, which drove me into Depression and took away so many years of my life, by making more allegations about me. I have no intention of running away from my past anymore and am going to stand up and confront my detractors. Now some persons cannot make eye contact with me anymore.

Wednesday comes in and is having a word with CQ, and Remi comes in saying, Child NH grandmother is here. I said to her LK spoke to us about the matter before she left. She keeps repeating to CQ, and CQ says why don’t you go and speak to the child’s key person about it. I said to Remi again, LK told us about the matter before she went, and she says but she never told me. When I went back to the room Remi is there talking to SB about the matter and I repeated what I had told her in the presence of CQ “LK told us about it before she left.” Remi’s response is but LK did not tell me about it, and I need to know. I left thinking what is this I am hearing?

Anyway, she was still talking to SB until BS comes to get her, and she was saying “it is not 10.00 o’clock yet”. My only concern in this matter is Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility and LK had given FF and I information about the matter before she left and I was not going over her authority. I couldn’t help wondering if Remi was going to call HM like she did on the day, when she said Trainee NO put her in charge and she made a mess about the matter of the father creating a mountain out of a molehill? Well, since I was never a Manager anywhere I will not makes any of those things bother me as I am only responsible for safeguarding the children and any of my colleagues who may be vulnerable?

I must confess that I did witness a change in LK attitude towards me and she was almost back to the vibrant nice person whom welcomed me when I started. I am really relieved and is hoping the relationship can return to some semblance of normality as I did not wish for my husband to hear about what was happening. The reason is that after the incident with Trainee Deputy NO, he had told me not to take anything from LK to bring home. I had to convince him that despite what happened LK is still a nice Manager. He was convinced because he always asked about LK health when he heard she was in hospital. So, although the incident impacted on LK, it also impacted on me and my husband as well.

So hopefully we can genuinely continue to take up from before 04.01.2015 as I can see LK’s passion. My only intention is to use my knowledge and expertise to support her in providing the kind of services that LEYF advocate in their DNA, Core Values and Ethos that I am proud to spread in my South London.

Documenting Concerns about my Health for BIB Records

To Whom It May Concern

This is just a reminder about my Health Concerns/Conditions that have exacerbated significantly since I joined LEYF in 2009. When I was interviewed for the job, I let it be known about my disability which made it difficult to perform certain tasks well. As I have tremors which are underlying health conditions and issues of my inherited Parkinson’s disease. I clearly stated that I would prefer not to work with babies because of my worrying about coping in case I have one of my (Panic Attack – Episodes – Disability Legislation). I later developed progressive health conditions that are part of the aging processes.

In addition to the back problems, I developed sciatica, during the winter months I lose my voice for a brief period. I have arthritis and later (diabetes – Diabetes 15 HealthCare Essentials www.diabetes.org.uk) with all the underlying conditions to cope with. All these conditions are having an impact on my ability to function, like when I was younger. When I was in Luton Street the Manager ensured I had certain conditions met as part of a (Health Plan – Reasonable Adjustment – The Equality Act 2010/2015) to enable me to work effectively. I have difficulty sitting down low as I have trouble getting back up and my body pains me.

I also have cramps that cause my body to cease up as well. Before I left Luton Street, I asked not to do early shift because my partner, now husband gets hypos and I have to work to get him out of it. So, I didn’t want to be put in a position having to make the decision to choose either way, be at work or taking my carer’s role to be paramount. Because I did not want to have that on my conscience, so JW, ensured equal opportunities were in place. Since I am at BIB, I have to be arguing for my case to be heard about working in the Baby Room. The starting time is 7:30 am and I don’t want to let the team down, I spoke to BS, and I was given shifts to meet my husband’s and my health needs.

I got in last night 7th January 2015 after a staff meeting to learn that my husband got locked out and because he wasn’t dressed, he could not come to get the keys at my workplace. Luckily, he was rescued by the kind neighbours. This affected me and I just did not get any sleep. At present my husband is vulnerable, as he just had a bereavement that affected him. He is 90+ years and declining in health and I am his main carer but cannot afford to give up work.

Since there are some misunderstandings about my needs for flexible working/shifts, to continue to provide my husband with the support he needs? Therefore I feel the need to put my situation in writing, so I am given the support I will need in getting flexible shifts to continue doing my job that I am passionate about. Hoping to have an early response.

Kindest regards. Mervelee Myers – BIB.

30.01.2015 – Monday 16th February 2015: Reflections on Past Events.

Went back to work after deciding that I will not be staying out until the 7 days the doctor said I could take. After speaking to Chef G, took my little Statutory Note from the doctor. Since madam Manager was telling me over the phone when I called on Friday what her understanding of the rules are re: being off sick. Chef G told me contingent from CO was in attendance again. Well there is another letter from CEO to that effect.

Got in FF asking if I heard about SB, of course I didn’t, so she explained – she promoted to Deputy Manager at Brixton. All good for them as I am not interested in any of their positions. No one going to give me any basket to carry water. LK come to asks if I heard about SB with all the platitudes that go along with it. She promoted FF to Duty Manager because she has been there a long time and good luck to them, yet FF, did not share that when she was telling me about SB.

Wonder what Remi is saying about that, since in the meeting she was saying Remi was Deputy and has experience, etc… Serve them right, because Remi does not realise yet that she not going anywhere, like me. Yet Chef G said LK told Remi to apply for Deputy post.

Clear case of RACISM:

So, Chef G must be right about LK trying to get rid of all the black staff?

Was thinking of contacting the CEO to have meeting about what is happening to me and asks for a transfer, but I won’t. Because as Chef G, said CEO must be in the know about everything that is happening to me at BIB. And on reflections the only reasons she worded her letter about me doing a write up for the bulletin, is to catch me out, if I do not read the fine print and adhere to their Policy and Procedures.

They are all in it together and just look at the way Head of Children Services and Families Karen Walker was treated in 2013. Out with the snap of her fingers, because maybe she was stealing her thunder. Poor woman has to resign I guess to save face. If that could happen to KW, what about a small fry like me who must be flying too fast showing my credentials as a graduate with recognisable qualifications from reputable institutions.

I will go in do my work without any undue stress. I will play the game, collect my pay and contribute towards my Pension. Who knows I might just be lucky enough to win the jackpot, then I can expose the whole lot of them?

Singled Out – Memo to All Staff:      

Called on Friday 13.2.15 about returning to work and LK was trying to persuade me I did not have to come back. Chef G reckons LK did not want me to come back, but until they can pin something on me, there is nothing they can do. Since I overcame the hurdles, since 05.01.2015 until today 16.2.2015, I have no intention of letting them get one over on me. If they want to pay me to do nothing, then that is their look out. What these people are doing to me is not nice and to make it worse, it is happening during the time when they published that Inquiry about whistle blowers.

But nothing is going to change, and it is a crying shame that people can be so wicked towards their fellow human. Finally got the chance to take some time off, after sneaky visits from CEO and Trustee. Same CEO who told me she told BIB off for not attending the New Year Staff Party. Then asking me to take photo of us with the cassava, to try trick me into breaching the Social Media Policy and Procedures. She wrote about me doing write up for bulletin board for LEYF. Well just read the fine print, yet I am being told not to say I work for LEYF by HM. HM thinks that the CEO is better than me, yet I have been doing work for LEYF, and the CEO for them all to take the credit (Defensive Practice).

Trustee Mary Wynne-Finch – Visit BIB the day after the CEO, and me in my naivety asking LK, who she is coming with and they must have heard something good about BIB. This is the same Trustee who said to me at the (NYSP) that she remembers me from somewhere and I explained about the display she was interested in at Luton StreetLH came to say she was interested, and she told her I had done it.

Area Operations Manager Rachel Parker was explaining about me working at BIB now. But that I used to work at Luton Street. Neil King, coming to ask if I was ok. All this was just a ploy on their part, as I find out later, during the Employment Tribunals Hearings. I am glad Chef G put me on my guard about all of them in the know about goings on. They knew BIB would not be going to the party, LK put it down to low morale.

Area Operations Manager Hilda Miller claiming I don’t like and is dismissive of authority and if I was capable of being deputy, I’d be given the job. Told her I didn’t apply, and I wasn’t interested, as I was happy with my lot. She was contradicting herself saying I know nothing, but I did great job with Learning Journey and JB, will be monitoring them. Well, I will not be doing any more or any less than what I am doing and let’s see what happens.

Senior HR Dilys Epton saying about telephone contact for counselling that she would give to LK to give me, have not received anything to date. Guess they thought they got me left, right and centre when they offered for me to take up Grievance. LK agreeing for me to take time off as toil, so I don’t have to rush what I am doing. They must have stood by waiting to hear the call that I had swallowed the bait and fallen flat on their faces when they got my answer.

Refused to take any of the advice the doctor offered about getting advice from trades union, getting counselling, etc, because I already know the outcomes of those from prior experiences (Hudson M, 2012). When the doctor said he is doing his job asking questions about alcohol, drugs, and hearing voices I duly gave him the answers because I know what I am about. As I know from experiences, money talks and I am not going to be sold out again. Everyone doing what they must do to get on in life and I don’t blame them. One day the truth will out though?

Monday: Flavia Foddai playing the Duty Manager role, but I don’t give a toss. 

Tuesday 17.2.15 Am not sure if any nappy was done and I don’t ask any questions. If they were done, they were not recorded. Notice AM-C wet from after lunch, told FF and she said she hope not. He had the wet clothes on until later when Bez wee himself and I got his bag to change him. Later said to FF AM-C is wet, she is doing planning. She stood there and the child is standing by her, and she sent him to the bathroom afterwards. I thought she was going to get his bag and change him. When Child AM-C’s dad came, FF pretended that she was not aware he was wet and said she sent him to the toilet.

Does this ring a bell?

When FF is leaving, she said she did 7.30 – 6 so she had to go as she’d be doing same next day. Good luck to all of them because they must do the time and pay the price for the positions they are after. Lick arse, get a Brown Nose and the whole rigmarole, I have done it, time and time again to be able to earn my keep.

Telling me about doing dragon with Child Nabilah, so I give the child the resources and let her get on with it. Asking me to help her put up things, told her no I am not doing any climbing up on heights. Only remember the next day about the article I read about falling.

A Typical Day in my Working Life:

Pushed to my Limit – A day of surviving against the DISCRIMINATION  

Wednesday 18.2.15: Got to the door and there was a lady waiting to go in. Bez mum comes to the door; told her she couldn’t let her in as she doesn’t work here – Parent is being responsible for Safeguarding. I ask her to let me in and then I let in the lady after she told me who she is, etc. I put her in the office and told her I would get someone to deal with her.

About to go to use the toilet, FF ask if I was there, told her where I am going.

That is the exact reason I am not going in there too early, as I am not going to give anyone the chance to treat me like no gal on my time anymore. When It is their time, well fair enough as I will have to accept that I will have to kiss arse and get a brown nose to provide for my basic needs. Because the young lady told me BIB was having visitors, I quickly spruced up the place as there were two (2) agency staff in the room.

I am in the process of tidying up when Madam Deputy Manager JB comes to tell me that “I should take responsibility and asks the agency staff to do observations on children…” If she is stick or stone, all now I don’t respond to her yet and carried on with the tidying up. Simple thing as making play dough, Madam Deputy is unable to do without a recipe. So, she is pottering around asking FF and then searching for it. And yet I was told that in order to do activity I have to plan in advance, and nothing can be done spontaneously.

I was still tidying up when I hear Madam Deputy saying she needs more water to make the play dough and she had to go and get it, so I offered to get it for her (what about preparation?) I was still pottering around tidying up and realised that the agency staff was on his own in the small room with a group of children whilst, Ms Duty Manager was showing round the staff from Playhouse. So, I stopped the tidying up and put myself in the room with the agency staff (Contract Sections 1 – 33).

Madam Manager came in with her entourage, saying hello and what she likes blah, blah. As usual pure tokenism and paying lip service. So as Chef G and Ervin, my brother say just do my work and get on with it, so they have nothing over me at the end of the day. I am still in the room with Nick the agency staff when Louise the other agency staff comes to say JB is calling me? I went and was told that they did not set up the garden, so I should go and do it with Nick but since Louise is right there, we went and did it.

I am always the one given the menial chores because I do not have a status on LEYF hierarchy. Surely this is breaching the contract – Job Title? But if I raise concerns all I end up doing is putting more pressures on myself. Keep reminding the children to go use the toilet, as one child ran out of change of clothes yesterday. Child went to the toilet but is wet so I am saying that I am going to get his bag to change him. Madam Deputy went into marathon about how she and Madam Duty send the child to the toilet, and he wet himself, so I will have to go and change him.

That is why I said I was going to get his bag and am asking him to go into the changing area. I am changing nappy, Child Harry just comes into the room and Madam Deputy asking if I had changed him, I responded that he just came in from outside. Seems as though this woman is trying to pull my tongue by starting a ridiculous conversation about irrelevant things. Well, she not going to catch me out. I have been helping taking care of my sibling, nieces and nephews before I became a MOTHER, so I do not know what it is about changing nappies that I don’t know.

At least I am not making excuses about not having had an induction. Once one knows to do a job, the knowledge and expertise don’t just stop because one changes the environment one works in. Finished changing nappy I was asked to go in with the Agency Staff and I duly complied. Madam Deputy comes to count the children in the room when she is setting up, and then she comes back again with the mats in her hand. Obviously, she is not yet able to multitask or even know the children? Madam Deputy is supposed to be guiding the staff on visit, but they come asking me questions.

Said I didn’t mind tidying up because I am supposed to be mobile. That of course led to another interrogation – what happen to your foot, etc. So, to cut a long story short, I said about my Disabilities and Health Conditions. Madam Manager introduced Playhouse and Fire Station staff saying I am with LEYF long time, so I can tell them about the Learning Journey. Madam Deputy was sat across the room and must have heard everything as I explain that I’d do the whole group. I said I’d do after coming back from my break. Finished my break and doing the Learning Journey when Madam Duty come to say Madam Deputy says I am to come back as my break is finished. Told her I am not on break; I am doing what Madam Manager asked me to do.

Flavia Foddai saying, she didn’t know because she was in Baby Room. Ladies saying, I could go because they are coming back tomorrow. Well, I stood my ground because something different will be happening tomorrow and they had (2) two agency and two (2) of the visiting staff on the floor. Went and asks LK if she did not let JB know she ask me to go through the Learning Journey with the ladies. LK asking what did JB say? LK making excuse that Flavia was in Baby Room, so maybe she did not know. Next time she asks me to do anything, I shall get her confirmation in writing that everyone knows what I am supposed to be doing. It is her responsibility to avoid conflicts by letting them know.

I am fed up of being treated like a Nobody!

Tidying up the garden, JB comes to ask where everything go, the plastic tray and even the mats. I bit my tongue, but if looks could kill she would have dropped dead by now. Then when she is going, there is another list of instructions for me to perform which I took with a pinch of salt. What I must fucking put up with to earn a living. Then the FF she come tell me about party bags after she’d instructed Nick about them. Got Louise to go call LK let her deal with the children’s behaviour in front of the agency staff.  There can be no ambiguity about my role and anyone saying what I did or say.

Addressing Issues with Deputy Manager, Jyoti  

WB 05th January 2015 – 15th January 2015. 

I extended the arm of professional friendship to JB when she started, telling her I worked with LEYF for 5+ years so knows more than most about LEYF work ethos and she was welcome to ask for any help. After Remi handed over the Learning Journey, she went through it with me, and I explained the way how I do my work. I addressed each question and even said to her there are certain things I do not agree with as the Learning Journey was not being treated as a whole document, but instead all focus was on the observations.

She said she spoke to LK about what I said, and LK told her someone was coming to address the matter and she would tell her what to tell me.

I was the SENCO and EYFS Coordinator at Luton Street but was stripped of my posts before I left. The subtle discrimination started before I left Luton Street, but I was unaware at the time. However as per usual I was doing the work for others to get the praise. JB admitted to me after her handover with Remi that she was confused and did not know what to do.

I offered my support and told her about the (LEYF Tracking Children’s Progress 0-5) that each LEYF staff was given a copy. I told her I would try and bring in my copy, so she could have a look, but I forgot it. I went into the office to ask Lauren to send of the work I’d done in Child K’s Learning Journey for HM and saw the BIB copy on the filing cabinet and told JB, about it.

JB said she read through it, and everything was clear and she understand what was to be done now.  I introduced JB to the ECAT forms and gave her copy and told her LK is arranging Training with the Early Years Consultant – Stella Louis, so I will wait for the training, so everyone can benefit. However, I have had training and knows what to do, but I must wait on LK. She looked at TA’s Learning Journey and saw the IEP and ask to take it to copy and I told her she can copy and take, but I would not allow her to take the original out. She showed to Sao Banya and SB took copy, spoke to me about the fact that she would anonymise it and use it as a learning tool for the children for whom she has concerns.

I told SB I did not mind supporting her if she needed my help. JB also showed the IEP to Flavia, and I told FF I’d help her if she needed me to. I told both SB and FF I was the SENCO at Luton Street so had done Training about aspects of Special Educational Needs and was responsible for doing lots of documenting information and working with other professionals and agencies. I brought in other training materials and shared with the team and JB took her own copies. Although I explained things to JB she keeps coming back to me asking the same questions over and over and when I say such and such is not in my remit, she said she is asking me because I should know.

At this point I was getting the impressions that she thought I was responsible for training her. So, thinking I could be of more help to her I handed over Child K and Child TA’s Learning Journeys explaining that HM the area Manager was using Child K as one of her projects. Child TAs was different in that I was documenting evidence because of mine and the parent’s concerns. I showed JB my Activity Planning Folder that I organised and told her I had added the Evaluation part to it when I went to Luton Street and OFSTED recommended it on their visit. When Karen Walker, wrote the (Tracking Children’s Progress 0-5 booklet), she had asked permission to borrow and used some of the planning forms.

I explained about the weekly planning and how the focus activity feed into the weekly planning. Each staff is responsible for doing 2 activities per week, for the 2-3 and 3-5 age groups. As the focused activity evidence is documented for the Learning Journey, JB would question why I do things a certain way and I explained that being with LEYF 5+ years meant everything I do is centred around LEYF ethos and ways of doing things. Before we went off, I heard JB questioning why some children behaving certain ways…? I tried to explain the reasons behind the behaviours as I know it would take a little time before she would get to know about each individual child.

I believe I am a very tolerant person, and I am prepared to go the extra mile to facilitate anyone especially if they are new to the situation like JB. But after coming back from holidays I got the impressions from how JB was approaching her work that she is not using her initiatives enough to get to grips with her work. Instead, she was relying too much on her colleagues to be spoon feeding her and using her status as Deputy Manager to blag her way through? I found that she kept asking me the same questions about things I had gone through with her several times and which she said she understands. But somehow, she just could not seem to get it, no matter who explained it to her.

The way she does things can be very disruptive to the routines and leave the children unsettled and I stressed out. I felt I had to be giving her needs for information to do her job priority over meeting the needs of the children. As she would choose the time when you are trying to engage with the children to go over things that were already explained to her. I get the impression that she thinks she has priority to getting her questions answered over the needs of the children. I think by now she should have taken her time to familiarised herself with her Job Description and be more proactive in finding her way around by now.

For example, she is setting up the table and she keeps walking into the room back and forth with one mat at a time asking who this is, is s/he here? All she must do is get the register and look to see if the child is signed in or out and set a place. These things are happening when I am trying to engage with the children or doing circle time. One day she commented loudly why is this child so miserable today? The child in question is Child TA and I have to say JB, this is the child I have been sharing information with about my concerns.

I am sat at the table engaging with children and JB went and took the Learning Journey, sits at the table and is going through every scrap of information that we went through before and even that which she took copy. Then she has all these questions… What did his parents say? Showed her where parents commented on the 6 Weekly Review. It says here he has French and African language does he speak any of them? Now there is a time and place for everything and since we had gone through the Learning Journey before, I thought JB should at least be making a profile of the child by then? What really irritated me was the way JB kept going through each form and asking if I had made them up.

No, I am working with what I have, until I am given the correct ones. Then she is pointing out what is outdated.  I was annoyed that JB got up and left the Learning Journey, on the table and did not remember to put it away securely. I worked too hard on Child TA’s Learning Journey for anything to go missing because I don’t keep copies on my USB. I do the work and delete to make space. I think JB has let the status of Deputy Manager get to her head and have lost her focus on how to accomplish her job. Just going around saying I am this or that status did not get the job done.

JB is not the only one either who has let their position go to their head and I am afraid they can rest assured I have no ambitions to be anything than I am, so I am not a threat to anyone’s job?  JB took to coming to seek me out when I am doing circle time and kind of reminded me of those Inspectors when I went to Primary School. She never contributed anything and just questioning and observing my practice. Then one morning I am doing circle time and she comes in, so since I had been working with Rujina to get Child TA, Ify and some of the children settling in from baby room – Child A to join in.

I asked JB if she would like to take control of the group, so I could focus on TA. She said she would work with TA, but instead all she ended up doing was keep asking questions about him – why is he not sitting, etc, etc…? So instead of giving my priority to the children JB expected me to answer her questions. In my frustrations I said JB this is Child TA whom I have been sharing information with you about. Even then I doubt very much if JB got it? I just don’t think it was by coincidence that JB comes to seek me out when I am doing circle time. She is always acting out of sorts, whether it was deliberate, or she knows it, or not.

So, in the afternoon, when I had to do circle time and had (Child J) clinging unto me, I asked Sadie to come in with me as I just could not cope with JB anymore. She did come in with Child A but left when she did not want to stay. Sadie, who was I, am assuming given her role to carry out on Tuesday when I saw 4 members of staff in the office mouth in mouth had done her job but exaggerated a bit to make it spicier I suppose, about what I said?

My defence in the matter is, that I was trying my best not to behave unprofessionally to JB because I realised, I was STRESSED and at the end of my tether. So, I was doing my level best to keep her away from me as by this time she was getting on my nerves. Yes, anyone is welcome to check my file to know why I know when I am liable to behave a certain way if I am unduly provoked?

Some of my health conditions caused me to have other underlying health issues that I have to try and control. Monday 5th JB, told me about staff meeting and by Thursday, her behaviour towards me was just intolerable as she just kept doing these things that were getting on my nerves because by now she was assessing my practice. Then she keeps asking the same questions and did not seem to be getting it. She and (TD-NO) copied some of my work to take to their Deputy Training and yet I was hearing things said about me not doing anything. I got the impression she came back from her Deputy Training to exert her authority wearing her Deputy Manager’s status but she chose the wrong person to be her target if that was the case.

Each time she presented anything I told her that I will do whatever is expected of me when they are implemented by authority. Thursday whilst on my break and working on the computer she comes to show me the 2-Year-Old Progress Check saying LK ask her to show to me. I told her LK had already spoken to me about it earlier and showed me the format and I asked if LK could get it on my USB. She keeps prattling on, so I simply asked if she was finish with what she was saying. She later come to ask BS a question but was unable to formulate it properly, so left to get the book. I said to BS after she left to go find the book that she is talking about the EYFS, and she walks in with LK copy. It was funny that Jyoti could not formulate a question about the EYFS…?

Later, she came out to show me the folder that (TD-NO) had given her, planning and advising me what to do with it as she told her to tell me. I took her again to the Weekly Planning and explained to her how the planning is done again and linking the Focused activity. I said I know that the resource file is a good tool to fall back on, but I would continue using the planning until I was told otherwise. She is telling me that I should just handwrite the activity plans and put in the file Nicola gives her as I don’t have to use computer because she doesn’t. I told her LK already knows why I do most of my work on the computer.

Monday, I noticed JB was behaving towards me as if she is my superior and I was there to answer the questions she asked even though I had gone through them with her before. I must be justifying my practice to her even though I realised there are lots for her to learn. However, after what happened the previous week, I tried to control mu irritations and not to let my frustrations show. Tuesday of this week I am doing circle time with the younger children as I prefer to work with them to establish the foundation before they turn 3. JB comes to the door and tells me I should be quiet with the children because she is trying to read, and I AM DISTURBING HER!

Now these are the under 3’s who are the focus to develop skills in the Prime areas and they are not talking, singing or doing nothing to develop any of those skills. Since I spoke to LK on Tuesday, I realised JB has climbed down off her high horse and is treating me differently. That is why today I offered the hand of friendship and told her if she feels I have offended her in any way, speak to me about it. I advised her to ask for some time away from the setting to shadow a more experienced Deputy when she told me she did not have an induction. This is after I spoke to her about the child who is settling in, and she said she assumed…? I told her certain things are covered during settling in and she must not ever take anything for granted.

This is my way of covering my back and I do not intend anything I write here to be used against Jyoti as I can appreciate how difficult it can be starting out in a new job. I am still willing to help Jyoti and anyone else who need my help in getting the job done, because UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. I am only interested in giving of my best and working collaboratively in the team.

Allegations: Setting the Record Straight – Since there were several allegations coming back and forth from WB: Monday 5th January 2015 culminating in a meeting between LK, Remi as the witness and I. Out of that meeting I am hearing about a number of Allegations that were made against me. Since some are from the wedding and others from within the setting most of which were alleged to have taken place on Thursday 08th January 2015 I have now been made aware that some are orchestrated by JB. JB in particular is the author of a number of the allegations that are made in the setting, and I don’t know why she is behaving this way towards me.

To protect myself I have decided to stop running from my past and stand up and fight for my rights. However, there are certain matters that I need to be cleared up as I am not going to sit idly by and let any other person ruined my life, blacken my name and good character, and bring down my high integrity that I worked so hard to achieve. Most of all I won’t allow anyone to rob me of my basic Human Rights not to be Harassed and Bullied as I go through the processes of living my life in a productive manner.

However, I must let it be known that the past two weeks have impacted on my health, emotional well-being and exacerbated my underlying health conditions. I have gone through the menopause and have not had a period over a year. Now I am STRESSED out and bleeding and this is all due to the actions of some UNSCRUPULUS Colleagues who have conspired to make Allegations against me. I am hurting and trying to cope with this deceit because all I have done since joining BIB is to give of my best! It will be very hard for me to go back to that time when I trust anyone because my life was almost RUINED once by unfounded Allegations made against me before.

Update: At the New Year Staff Party: I was talking to TS my former colleague at Luton Street about telling to ask to shadow another Deputy Manager. When I told her I worked with TS, she said she met her at deputy meeting. TS told me that JB came to shadow her, and she was asking for help with the Home Learning and Language groups etc. TS said she told JB to ask me to help her because I know what to do. Yet no mention is made of this when they are trying to frustrate me and disempowering so I cannot do my work.

Issues with BIB & Benedicte 19.01.15

After events of the past weeks 04.01.15 – and the Emergency meeting tonight 19.01.15, I have no other alternatives rather than to address the issues with BIB team and BS. Because I know from prior experiences that if I just sit back and let matters take their course one day I might live to regret not acting at my perils? When I visited BIB before starting on 23rd July 2014, I was told that I was to work in the Baby Room because the staff were already assigned, and Baby Room is the only place where there is a position. I shared the information with the Manager that because of my condition I am unable to work in the Baby Room and CO should have this on record, as I had told them about this at the interview.

Since then, my conditions have worsen and I have progressive additional ones now which makes it even harder to manage. I however said I could carry on working in the Baby Room until the matter was sorted out and I was willing to contact CO myself to deal with the matter if the Manager wanted me to. The matter was sorted in no time and Rumi went to the Baby Room and me in preschool. HM, the Area Manager came and said it was she who said I should work in the Baby Room but was happy the matter was resolved.

Everyone made me feel welcome and when I spoke to the Manager about my situation, in another workplace, she reassured me I am in BIB now so, there was nothing to worry about. I was the happiest I had ever been for the longest while and I made sure to let everyone know. But I guess I must have been too naïve as usual and trusted people too much because before long, I realised all was not as it should be. Because I was new in the setting and did not have any key children so was more or less floating between the Baby Room and Preschool, I thought I would take the time to get to know the children. When Rumi was transferred, I took over her key group, but I was using the chance to capture evidence for all the children to put in their Learning Journey because that is how I work.

I just do not see a child as my key-child but consider myself to be responsible for providing the EYFS for all of them to reach their individual potential. So, I was in the process of collating evidence especially for the children for whom I had concerns – SEND and getting to know them. I recalled once SB came to ask me about the observations I was writing and said I should put them in the Child’s Bez’s Learning Journey. I said I had done them rough, and the key person could write them up. She claimed that I was to transfer them on the observation forms because I had done it, so I was responsible for writing on the forms.

I said I would only do so if I was given time out and she came back to give me the time to do it but not before arguing with me. But I was surprised when LK came to talk to me and said she was told I refused to do observations and OFSTED would be coming any time soon and they would need to see them. I reassured LK that she could rely on me to get whatever work done, as I always stick to my words. On another occasion I made some rough copy of observations and said to SB that the key person could write them up, but Remi claimed that she did not have any time to waste to write up anybody’s observation they should do it themselves.

I noticed however that when SB wrote an observation for Child M, she wrote it rough and gave it to me to copy on the observation form. I just got on with it and did not make a song and dance about it as she and Remi had done. By then, I realised it is one rule for me and another rule for others, so since I was the newcomer, I refused to upset the applecart. Although I tried to capture children in group activities and documented observations, some either don’t take account of them or just leave them where I handed them over. So, of late I focus on documenting the information for my key children and get on with the job as I would like to start up making Homemade Books and the Home Learning for BIB.

But time does not allow as I have to be dealing with one thing or another like making sure I record what has been happening since the beginning of January 2015. I only have one observation in Child E’s Learning Journey from Remi, however since Rujina came she gave me one for Child K. All I did is ask Rujina to write her name on the piece of paper and pasted it on the observation form. Remi said she was given the job of implementing LEYF DNA and ethos at BIB, but the others were not supportive and reported her to LK. I noticed the conflicts Remi spoke about especially during Room Meetings when the others told Remi the nursery is not LEYF, but BIB and no one was going to bring anything from outside there.

They did not care where we come from, and I just viewed those arguments as the BIB team refusing to move with the time and accepting some of the changes that were expected. I hear SB using the exact same terms when I explained about taking the CEO (MWAP) from Luton Street into BIB. Since BS raised the (MWAP – Silver Sunday) that I promoted celebrating Theresa Salmon as a volunteer at BIB as her first grievance with me. Because she claimed when she asked me… and she cannot even mention the name – Multigenerational or Silver Sunday – LK must supply the answer. I told her to go and do her research and she feels that I was rude in saying that to her? The crux of the matter is, I find that people interpret things the way they want to suit their arguments.

Because I explained to BS that Silver Sunday was celebrating the elderly folks, and this is part of (MWAP). The CEO is passionate about it and it would be good on her CV if she knows about (MWAP), so it is best for her to do her research. I never for the life of me knew I had offended anyone by telling them to do their research. Because for me research is carried out as part of the job anyway. After listening to what both BS and FF had to say tonight about me telling someone to do research, I am flabbergasted and is left to assume that was where I went wrong. Because of me telling BS to do her research about (MWAP), I am assuming she is carrying a grudge as CQ was the one who asked this question in the meeting?

I kept wondering why BS kept saying “I AM SCARED OF YOU” after I started but today things are beginning to become much clearer. I noticed that tonight she was so traumatised that she is literally shaking and could not get her words out. Then she is saying things that even if, “I don’t come to work tomorrow…?” I just cannot imagine what I have done to BS to be getting this sort of reactions from her in a room full of colleagues. So, I will now have to make sure I am never alone with her, as I do not want her to make any more allegations against me? I can remember clearly when I made the Book of Cards with the children and decided to extend it to include all the grandparents and Zachary wanted to make the card.

BS asked what that was about and when I told her she said, “Me and (Child Z) don’t celebrate nothing”. At the time I thought it was very strange of her, but it never dawned on me why as per usual I always take people at face value. I never got any support doing the celebrating and singing for Theresa S, until after I had finished and called LK to come and join in the photos. BS made up her mind to judge me since I started as she kept saying she is scared of me. During one of the Room Meeting, said she felt we were not giving her the respect she deserved because she is the youngest. She felt she is the only one who should be talking.

All I said at the time was for her to get on with the meeting because I never enquired of anyone’s age when I started. And although she is Room Leader everyone has the right to talk about matters to do with our work as we were not there only to be dictated to. I only became aware of BS’s reason for saying why she does not celebrate anything when SB told me when I started the Black History Month celebrations, and the children were making flags and shape persons to reflect their diverse multicultural identity.  Because in the Room Meeting, BS said we should ask the parent’s permission before we do activities with the children. Since I was only doing activities to support, enhance and extend the children’s development and learning across the EYFS.

I could not see the reasons for getting permission. Things only became clear when we started the Christmas activities and BS could not stop herself from showing her disapproval. However, because I have worked with colleagues who are Jehovah’s Witness, and this is the first time I am coming across such reactions. I had the impressions that we are not allowed to make our religion and politics part of our work, but I could be wrong? Anyway, because I am into celebrating all kinds of festival as part of my Job Description in promoting equal opportunity I never for a moment thought celebrating Christmas should be an issue and just got on with the job.

The day after Early Years Consultant, Stella Louis visited, I was doing the shape people activity with the children, when BS come to ask why I was doing that activity. Since I had been doing this activity over a period, differentiating it for the age groups. I asked BS if it is the first time, she saw me doing the activity and she said, “no” but she wants to know what it is about because she is the Room Leader. I asked her if this meant I have to justify my work activities to her before doing them, even though I have done studies and training to give me the knowledge to provide a balanced curriculum. She said because YOU HAVE A DEGREE, IT DOESN’T MATTER.

When I began to justify my arguments about her saying my Foundation Degree did not matter, she said that is why I do not talk to you because I am SCARED. I took her by the shoulders sat her down on a chair and said, “I am a tactile person so hoping you don’t mind me touching you?” I said please don’t be scared of me, I am here to help you and you are doing a wonderful job! After I’d finished speaking to her I got FF’s attention and asked her to tell BS what she told me to do with the shape persons, but I realised FF is reluctant to speak to BS. So, I explained FF told me I could use the shape persons as display in the Maths Area.

I tried to fit in as best as I could and thought I was doing a good job implementing and promoting LEYF ways of working at BIB whilst recognising the fact that I am new to the setting, so I have to respect the way how the BIB team do their job. I had already brought copy of the Every Child A Talker (ECAT) form and given it to LK and her and Mewe promised to look for it on the computer. As far as I am concerned, I had done my job and the rest was up to LK. LK later told me that HM had brought the ECAT forms over. When SL visited LK told me that she was organising ECAT Training with SL for all the staff.

I introduced the Activity Planning providing a copy for all to see when I did the first Focus Activity and started my folder to document evidence of how we support, enhance, and extend children’s learning, in the areas of the EYFS. OFSTED had picked up on the fact that the 3-5 years old teaching were lacking in the Specific areas. During one of the Room Meeting, BS was talking about some matter that came up at her Training with Gary and Gill re speaking to parents about their children for whom there are concerns. She mentioned the children (Child TA and Child A) and asked what the key persons were doing. I told BS I had spoken to LK the SENCO and TA’s mum about my concerns and what I was planning and started doing.

Some mention was made about the ECAT form as it is on one of the observation forms that is used and BS asks, “What is that?” I explained what the form was and told of the fact that LK said HM had taken the forms in and went to my locker to get a copy to show the team.

I realised BS had a different approach to her work from mine, but I was not there to question her practice only to do my job and try to inspire and motivate the team to work toward LEYF standards that I am accustomed to. So, whenever she gives instructions like duties for the day I complied and even go a little further helping out where I can as part of the team.

During the Christmas seasons when it was her time to do the Circle Time she did not practice with the children, but since I mostly focussed on the younger children I just got on with the job. One day she asked if I think I was confident enough to practice with the children because FF was on break. It was obvious from the question that BS was not trying to get to know the person who is Mervelee Myers but had already made up her mind about me so she was just sticking to her jaundiced view of being scared of me, for what reasons only she knows. This came to a head on the day of the Christmas Play when the children were getting ready and we were practising.

During a lull in the practise, she asked what was happening and she was going to sing Wriggly Fish. I told her we should carry on practising the Christmas Songs, as we should not be changing at this late stage now it is almost time for the play. She said, “you know I do not sing Christmas songs” and I said, “you don’t have to” and she flounced off. I just cannot understand why BS got so worked up about the Christmas celebrations because I did not notice Child Z’s mum acting in any way different over any of the things she objected to. Zac asked to make the Silver Sunday card to take home when I said it was for grandparents. Mum came in a pointed out the Trinidad flag on the Display Board and talked about it with him.

She asked if she could take the Snow person’s cup Zac made that SB displayed on the windowsill home. BS was the one making a big fuss over the whole matter. I realised everyone is afraid to talk about her practice in front of her face but I have heard whispers that I am not going to repeat about her. I have always been told since I was little that hearsay cannot go to law and if I say someone say something and they say they did not. It is my word against theirs and that is not what I am about. However, I have to make sure I put in writing that lots of things were said before I got to the wedding, about work and BS said lots of things about me, primarily that I was not happy. Since that was the first thing LK said to me on the Monday when she called me to the office, I am going to say now that BS is the one who has made up those stories about me; saying I am not happy with management, along with the other things I was alleged to have said about other staff at CO.

I have absolutely no dealings with some of those staff, so I do not know what I could have to say about them. Everyone who reads the CEO letter would know I am writing about Theresa S, after I have done my research. I have been working with LEYF for 5+ years now, I am sorry in case I offend anyone that I do most things the LEYF way and all I was doing is trying to help BIB to work within LEYF DNA and ethos. But after what SB said tonight, I will refrain from upsetting anyone. However, as a more knowledgeable practitioner I think it is only right that I be allowed to do the job role that is in my Job Description without barriers, constraints and limitations placed in my way.

Since I come to BIB, I have introduced practice that was not being implemented before.

Everyone knows that I have been making Homemade Books as part of my practice to show how we carry out the EYFS curriculum and the CEO knows about this. Hence the reasons she endorses the Write up I am doing on Theresa S. Julie my former Manager at Luton Street was the one who told the CEO about my projects of writing Homemade Books on one of her visits when we had the media SKY News visiting. The CEO applauded my efforts and took one of those books to work on to be used as a teaching and learning tool for LEYF. So, she knows about my passion, and I read her blogs and follow her on Social Media (all this stopped when I was excluded on Social Media platforms).

At the recent staff meeting I felt picked on and most of what were said were done to belittle and undermine the work I have done over the 5+ years I worked with LEYF, and what I since brought to the BIB setting. Only at the time I did not know the reasons for the reactions I was getting. On the Thursday after the Staff Meeting, I saw BS and LK in the office when I was leaving and little did I know what was in motion. The next day I got in and even thou I heard LK had gone to CO for an Emergency meeting, it never dawned on me it was about me until after LK came back and we were supposed to have a meeting, but she said she was advised not to discuss the matter. However, during the supervision LK was so distraught about the matter I couldn’t help but apologised if I had caused her any distress.

Even then it never dawned on me that BS was the one making Allegations about me, and this story started from when we attended Rumi’s wedding. This only became clear on the Monday when we had the meeting between LK, I and Remi as the facilitator. I was gobsmacked by some of these allegations and then there were those matters of things that happened in the nursery. I was accused of not doing anything much and all I do is writing. I have explained that in order to do the excellent work especially on the LK, I have to make my jottings as a memory jogger, so when I am ready to write up, I have the information to hand. As for JB, I realised that she is taking out her incompetency on me and trying to use me for a scapegoat.

She goes out of her way to provoke me to get a reaction out of me and has linked head with BS to wind me up. Because how else can I explain that me asking someone if they had finished speaking to me to be RUDE? Then JB keeps coming to the door to peep on me in the preschool. Only to ask me if I was on my own and when I said I am here with two children she saw that as not giving the correct answer to her question. Of course, this was before I was aware of this fact everyone was going to LK complaining about me. But when I went to report her saying I am disturbing her, she cannot understand why. JB realised I know what she is up to because since I spoke to LK, she changed her tune towards me.

Then on Friday when I spoke to her about the child settling in and she presumed….? I told her to ask to go and shadow in another nursery where she don’t have the responsibility of being on the floor. She begins to apportion blame saying she did not get an Induction. As far as I am concerned, she has been in the setting long enough to pick up tips about how to perform her job, by now. She spends her entire days writing in her book and standing round doing absolutely nothing. Then when I am showing her evidence of the children engaging and learning from the enabling environment provided from the planning, she took the planning form down to asks FF what the initials I wrote meant.

I rest my case that nothing we told her since she came to the setting has sunk in and I don’t know when anything will? She realised I know exactly where she is at so that is why she is disgruntled with me. I could do what she is supposed to be doing with my eyes closed. And she has the nerve of hiding behind her status of being Deputy Manager and at the same time abusing her position. BS is also doing the same and sees a shadow behind every corner waiting to take away her post. They can rest assured because l am not interested in anyone’s position. Since I have learned or deduced that BS is responsible for those allegations that were made against me. I am adamant that I did not say those things, I would like it to be put on record that she must have some axe to grind or have motives for her actions.

The only conclusions I can come to after tonight’s meeting is that she felt I have offended her for telling her to go do her research about (MWAP) and I made sure the children celebrated the Christmas Play, implementing the EYFS. And because she doesn’t celebrate anything because she is Jehovah’s Witness then I have done something terrible to her? She is holding a GRUDGE and she thinks by going to LK with allegations she could get rid of me. Pity she doesn’t know I have been through even more than this and I am still fighting on. However, I am not just going to sit back and allow her to gang up on me with the rest of BIB team and treat me like an outsider whilst at the same time discriminating against me.

By Harassing and Bullying me, hiding behind some perceived offence of which I did not knowing did any such thing – telling her to do her Research about (MWAP). LK said she did not read the letter I gave to her today in place of the meeting we were supposed to have on Friday with JB. Instead, she puts it in my FILE, but how is she able to understand things from my point of view? I hope LK will take the time to read my concerns about all the persons involved in making these allegations about me and reading between the lines. Because if she is not careful, some of these same people will be causing trouble for her as they want to take over her job.

I have written a full account about the two weeks, and I intended to give to LK, but I have thought better of it and will be using same as my Defensive Practice. I don’t want to lose tracks of how the events unfolded. One day who knows, LK might need it when they show their hands and come out in the open with their plans?

Trainee Deputy Nicola

I will never forget what (TD-NO) did to me and this is one of the reasons why I am very wary now of the people who are around me and endeavour never to let my defensive mask slip again. TDNO abused her power of her authority breaching the Equality Act 2010, when I was feeling vulnerable because of my disabilities and progressive health conditions. She tried to stitch me up, making false allegations about my professional conduct and the way I do my work. Although I moved on from the incident, I believed she came to BIB and tried to cause trouble stirring up conflicts amongst the team and pretending she had the interest of BIB at heart.

But all she was interested in was making a name for herself as she tried to curry favour and climb up the career ladder. I can attest to this fact after she visited Henry Fawcett and called back to say how the place was dirty and nothing was going on there. I was left to wonder what she had gone back to report about BIB. As she came in with her superior airs after OFSTED visited saying nothing was happening. Strangely enough, Deputy JB came and is saying the same kind of things even though it is evident she has not the faintest clue about practice.

Update: Matters have escalated to the point now where I don’t know what else to do to please everyone concerned. I have even decided to give up my rights just so I can survive but to no avail.

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD Open. BIB October 2014 to 16 March 2015

Evidence of trying to get out of the Toxic Workplace that LEYF became after Luton Street

Mervelee Myers Teaching Assistant Redriff Primary School 14.09.2015

I am hereby applying for the advertised post of Teaching Assistant because I have the qualifications, knowledge and experiences that make me suitable for the post. I have worked with young children at Primary School level when I completed one-year National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant. I have first-hand experiences of supporting children helping with my younger sibling, nieces and nephews in a close-knit family network. I have two children and was responsible for their upbringing until I left them with family to live in the UK.

I was a Basic School Teacher between 1985 – 1992 working in Early Childhood Education before moving to the UK. As part of my roles and responsibilities I work collaboratively in the team preparing young children for going into Primary Schools. Although I did not attend Teacher Training College, I attended monthly workshops enabling me to work from a shared perspective enhancing knowledge and expertise as part of my Professional Development Plan. The workshops empowered me to carry out my roles and responsibilities and be accountable for laying the foundation for the children in our care, as I developed skills to be a teacher.

I have been working in the early years sector straight out of college in 1999 after completing two years of studies. I have worked in a variety of sectors including workplace and private day nurseries since I started. I was fortunate to complete placements at Turney Special School where I had the opportunity to gain experiences working with children of all ages who had diverse and complex needs. I recently started volunteering with a Charity as a Support Worker. I am gaining valuable experiences from my volunteering which I hope will one day benefit me in my vision of returning home to use my knowledge and expertise to help with promoting inclusion in my country of origin.

I have been motivated to embark on further studies after working with children who have diverse and complex needs and realising, I was quite ignorant about Special Educational Needs at the time. However, I was driven to enhance knowledge and expertise primarily because of my own personal experiences. My first child was misdiagnosed as having multiple disability of being deaf and dumb when very young. As a young mother I experienced prejudice, stereotyping, and labelling from others because of lack of knowledge. I too was ignorant of the facts that caused my child to be delayed in his talking.

Despite studying and gaining theoretical knowledge I did not have lots of hands-on experiences until my placement at Turney Special School to gain practical knowledge needed. Then when I started working and could identify and put the theory to the practical, l wanted to know more about how I could help others from going through similar experiences like I did. I set out to quench my thirst by doing further studies to empower me to have the knowledge and expertise to implement and promote inclusion. As a result of studies, I held Lead Practitioner Roles: SENCO and EYFS coordinator, Person in Charge Preschool and Group Supervisor.

My role as key person enabled me to prepare children’s Learning Journeys and Individual Education Plans for those with diverse and complex needs. I work in partnership with parents, colleagues, other professionals, and agencies in meeting the needs of children and their families, in my role as SENCO. As EYFS coordinator I plan a balanced curriculum that is tailored to meet the changing needs of all children regardless of SEND, giftedness or with EAL. I covered 0 – 8 years old when I did my BTEC National Diploma in Nursery Nursing.

I started learning ICT skills for the first time at Lambeth College as I was a novice before that. I’ve developed ICT competency over the years teaching myself via trials and errors.

I am still willing to learn because I know ICT is and will continue to be, the future. I learned via studies with the Open University that in order to get ahead with the job of working with children. One needs a camera, a computer and a laminator and you have accomplished some of your workload. I have learned lots from colleagues who willingly taught me before I became more competent. Social Media has also enabled me to empower myself with my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan.

I gained my Foundation Degree and did the Early Years Core Learning Outcomes (EYCLOs) and the Mosaic Approach Research Tools amongst other teaching and learning pedagogy of the expert theorists and pioneers of Early Childhood Education. My Health and Social Care studies equipped me to be able to have a better understanding of life experiences from the cradle to the grave alongside my own personal experiences of a parent and informal carer for my dad and grandmother.

I have done lots of Training over the years that equipped me to work with children and families from diverse ethnic and multicultural environments. I am an advocate of inclusion and is proactive in implementing and promoting inclusion to benefit children with SEND and their families. Doing my research and as part of my hobby as a writer who is interested in early intervention strategies scaffolding children’s learning, enabling them to reach their individual potential, I make home learning resources. Resulting from studies and training, I have been able to apply theory to practical experiences using Makaton, Picture Exchange Communication System, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Visual Timetables and Helicopter Stories to support, enhance and extend learning.

I have a vision to go back home to contribute to developing SEND in my country to benefit the nation. So, I’d like to be given the opportunity to learn all I can in the environment that is conducive to meeting my needs whilst I contribute my knowledge and expertise in supporting children with their development and learning. I have been working constructively as part of a team since 1985. I am a background person because I know I can get more done and be more productive working in the shadows in a supportive role. However, I have experiences in taking control of a class if the need arises as I have developed transferable skills wearing many different hats in my working roles over the years.

I have been responsible for young children most of my working life as a Basic School Teacher in Jamaica and working in the early years sector in the UK. My own personal experiences gave me a head start. I persevered with my child when even the teachers at his Basic School gave up on him and requested, I keep him at home. I was determined that since I was paying, he should be included. That was what gave him the motivation he needed to be like his peers because he did not have any young child at home to model learning on and socialise and interact with. I have been instrumental in using my own experiences to be proactive in applying early intervention strategies to support, enhance and extend children’s development and learning.

My roles as key person, SENCO, EYFS coordinator, Group Supervisor and Mentor gave me opportunities to work in communities of practice with other professional and agencies in promoting inclusion. I adhere to changes in laws and legislation and realises that everyone is responsible for safeguarding children and the vulnerable as stated in the EYFS Welfare Requirements and The Equality Act 2010.

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open) Early Years Practitioner. Date: 14th September 2015.

Prime Minister Theresa May Email 19th August 2016

I wrote an Open Letter before and nearly a year later I am on the verge of being made homeless. The DWP has refused to sort out the Housing Benefits I am entitled to. I am continuing to get aggro from the former employers and their cohorts. At the rates matters are going I am fearful of becoming a VICTIM and losing my life like the former footballer. Like him, I suffer with mental health Issues which was triggered and exacerbated by the former employers.

I am desirous of having this matter sorted by the DWP and Southwark Council with the urgency it requires so my mind can be put at peace that the SYSTEMS are not colluding to destroy me like the former employers have done.

I would be grateful if my case can be looked into, so I have the resolutions necessary to enable me to sort my life out. I want to get back into work but have to adapt the changes needed to do so. In the meantime, I am being left in limbo wondering my next moves.

Awaiting your speedy reply. Kindest regards.

5 Handling Traumas                                                                                                                                        

– Impact of Counselling

Evidence of how I was discriminated against to dismiss me from my work after allegations and lies were discredited.

Occupational Health Report. Southwark Psychological Therapies Service, Middle House, Maudsley Hospital, London SE5 8AZ – Email: sptsadmin@slam.nhs.uk

Telephone: 020 3228 2194, Fax: 020 3228 2473

Private & Confidential                                                             4 March 2016

Mrs Mervelee Myers

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to confirm Mrs Myers has attended 12 counselling sessions at SPTS. Mrs Myers came to our service to receive treatment for Depression following a stressful period with her previous employment.

We have now finished our sessions; the last appointment was on the 26/02/2016. Mrs Myers does not require further treatment at SPTS at present.

Yours sincerely – Laura Tinsley – Trainee Counselling Psychologist


Stuck in a Rut 1st November 2015

This past month since I was once more suspended in order for them to carry out their “vendetta to get me out of earning a living” I find myself stuck in a rut and just not seem able to find my way out of the limbo that I am stuck with. But I give them the final “laugh when they called me into their CO for a chat” and believe me I laugh loudly in the two idiots face and never made fun to tell them exactly what I think of them – 2 THICKHOES without one iota of common sense between them. King Kong and Silly Diggle-Diggle are two of the dumbest persons I come across in positions of authority and leadership, who do not know the first thing about the job they are in charge of, even if the jobs descriptions were written in tablets of stones like in Biblical days.

But I do not know what else I would have expected after knowing what I heard about King Kong and his ilk.  When I challenged them for trying to harass, bully and intimidate me by mentioning what happened with the (Union Rep www.voicetheunion.org.uk), who disappeared off the face of the earth after attending the Disciplinary Hearing with me. King Kong got fidgety and asked if I was saying they got in touch with the Union. But King Kong should have hold on to his horse before becoming defensive and exposing himself to be a liar like the Union solicitor. They get her to call me to tell me not to resign after they got rid of the Union Rep. Then when I said I would use my Pen that is mightier than the sword to tell my story because might cannot beat right, King Kong once again exposed his hands and asked if I was going to use Social Media (Google www.google.org.uk).

Although they got me to CO under false pretence – for a chat, it was nothing of the sort. So, they ended up issuing another Suspension with the documentations to come later. So, I gave them what they wanted and resigned (see letter). The dirty bitches and bastards then set about spreading more lies about me, telling people they sacked me. Then, when they were caught out lying they changed the tune, saying I had left to work with older children. At the same time, they were having up to five Supply Staff in the setting, breaching their own Contract (www.leyf.org.uk). OFSTED www.ofsted..gov.uk and the EYFS Welfare Requirements.

They refused to renew my CRB/DBS (www.crb.gov.uk, www.disclosure.gov.uk). Set out treating me like a criminal after working with them for 6 years, yet they were leaving complete strangers with the children. Parents complained about lack of continuity, familiarity, and consistency, but all they did was make excuses and pass the buck. Because that is how the system operates, as they micromanage in order to meet Managerial targets. In their foolish calamitous minds, they then panicked and got their solicitors (www.bwbllp.com) to contact me sending threats. But little did they know that I already

knew about the existence of the solicitor.

I was reliably informed that my missing FILE that mysteriously disappeared before I transferred from Luton Street was in some solicitor’s office for them to try and build a case against me. So, I was not surprised when they got the solicitor to show their hands with a threat about social media. The mistake the solicitors made was to let them pull the wool over their eyes without question them further. But I am guessing he is as biased as they all are and not worthy of his title for being taken in by liars and vagabonds, judging others when they know absolutely nothing about us.

I will let them know now that I am a unique individual who refused to be defined by some corrupt person who don’t have the common sense to question the motives of others. Why one big organisation like LEYF would want to take on a single individual like me. But the solicitor made the cardinal sin of not doing his research so ended up in the shit and I consider him to be of the same calibre as them without any spine or backbone.

Although I was thrown by the letter I wasn’t unduly bothered because I knew like the first time, I have my documentations to back up my arguments and I learned from my past mistakes.

The first mistakes the solicitor made in his threatening letter was to get my address wrong and the rest is history. I have since wrote four (4) letters only editing and changing them round a little. I got reply from the people that matter the most but I would like to know why the solicitors who were so quick to issue threats, have gone quiet suddenly. Did the solicitor advise the organisation to withdraw the fraudulent online application made in my name, using my email address? Since I have had similar experiences from others in similar positions before, I have to come to the conclusion that this is how these professionals operate and I cannot expect any better from them.

But is the solicitor now keeping a low profile hoping I am going to disappear like the Union Rep without trace? Well I will be exposing the whole lot of them by the time I am finished because they never stopped to think twice when they set out to destroy me. I am suffering the consequences of their inhumane acts over the past year, and they will not be allowed to get away with it. So, I have a paper trail that I will be using to support my arguments of Direct Discriminations and the solicitors will be named and shamed too because I have that one incriminating threatening letter from them.

Maybe they can turn the heat on those evil people who got them to threaten me because when I am finished the public will know about the ratbags that they are. They pick on vulnerable people like me for monetary gains and to appease their inflated egos. I am self-taught and never had much of an education because of the deficits and limitations that caused me not to achieve my potentials, but I am no fool. Dem can walk dem foot come Trouble mi at dem Perils and dem wi find out wey water walk guh a Pumpkin Belly. Anyone keeping up with my life stories and experiences, knows how hard I have struggled to reach where I am today.

I have my insecurities, but I have managed to live and cope with them my entire life until the evil bitches and bastards take set on me to try and destroy my life with their false allegations and labelling. But I will not allow them to get away with it over my dead body. So, all those who are in on this better be warned because your name will be appearing in the public unless they do the right thing! No living being deserved any of the ill treatments I endured at their hands for a period of a year. Now I am a shadow of my former self, trying to pick up the pieces and moving on with my life. Do they really believe I should let them get away scot free? No sah nutn nuh guh suh atall. I kept myself circumspect and they walk foot come molest and bother and mistreat me, so they will have to pay the consequences.

I hope one of my grandchildren decided to take up the legal profession. One son is a Teacher and FIFA Referee, and the other is an Accountant and Aspiring Politician. I am a Mouth Smith with leanings towards telling the truth, no matter the consequences. I have paid my dues so time for me to collect my rewards for all the work I did that they did not pay me for. I am now unemployed because of them, and they think they get away and don’t have to give an account, but they make a sad mistake. Mr Solicitor please don’t think by not answering me that you have gotten away with joining in to discriminate against me! There is many masquerading as wolves in sheep clothing and others who pretend to be who they are not committing white collar crimes.

Yet they are quick to point the finger, but I would admonish them to pick the moat out of their eyes before trying to pluck the beam from the eyes of another. Enough said, evil-doers, I am coming to get you and I am armed with my paper trails. Maybe whilst I am stuck in this rut I might just like to find out if anyone is interested in my story of how the other half persecute the weak and vulnerable and try to make them a victim and scapegoat.

Taking Back Control 27.03.2016

After the ordeals I was put through by the former employers between 23rd July 2014 – 27th September 2015 and there is still no end in sight for the continuing discrimination. I have now reached the stage in my life where I am forced to take back control. On the day that I am remembering my brother, BYRON, I have no alternatives but to revisit another time and place when I was put through similar discrimination by another former employer which caused the onset of the “mental health Issues” from which I cannot escape no matter how hard I try. Back then as now, I warned those evil persons involved in the discrimination about what they were doing to me (Hudson, M, 2012).

But they got away with murder because they thought they were above the laws, had friends in high places who were prepared to cover up for them. I was not as knowledgeable about the laws like I am now (ACAS www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers). Having always work since I came to the UK, it felt unnatural and strange when I was out of a job again. Although I was hounded out despite trying for over a year to hang on in there until I sorted myself out, so I could move on. I immediately started trying to get back into working as work kept me going. So once more I found my life in tatters as I’ve always worked sometimes doing two jobs just to make ends meet. I had responsibilities and I am one who is accountable in doing my very best for those who are relying on me to deliver.

Since the Mother Country – United Kingdom – Great Britain, was always recognised as one of the countries of opportunities that people from across the contents travel to, to better themselves, I made the most of my chances. Being able to supply food, clothing and shelter for self and family will enable one to provide the other ingredients for the welfare and wellbeing that make for a better life. Therefore, if the basic needs are catered for and met, then naturally contentment of faith, hope and charity will fall into place. Ever since arriving in the UK, I set out to better myself as well as helping members of my family to better themselves via the economic capital I was/can contribute.

There is this strong urge in me to escape the poverty that dogged and blighted my life, since my dad took sick and was made redundant when I was only young. Therefore, once I had the opportunities, I set about working and educating myself. Of course, I was making up for the missed opportunities that left gaps in my knowledge. My thirst for knowledge far exceeded anything else and I set out making amends by embarking on studies to gain recognisable qualifications to give me a leg up the career ladder I had chosen. I have spent the best years of my working life laying the foundation, caring for and educating young children in my native Jamaica and the UK. I have always had ambitions to become a graduate.

However, I am not cut out for doing examinations as I said to the counsellor. I have what I’ve always called my “Parkinson’s Disease” (https://www.parkinsons.org.uk), because of some of the transitions I have been through since puberty, at ten years old. I am learning now not to say I have “Parkinson’s Disease but Chronic Anxiety” resulting from some of the traumatic experiences from my childhood, into adult hood. I usually get frustrated when I am sat in an examination and my brain and other developmental attributes refuse to work together. So, the ideas/answers will be floating around my head like a flashbulb going off, but my hands would refuse to corporate and coordinate.

Therefore, I was unable to control my finer motor skills to write down what was in my head. I struggled through, at times beating myself up mentally each time I failed at the big moments, like examinations and interviews. But coming to the UK was going to be the making of me when I discovered the (Open University www.aoug.org.uk/wards). Studying with the OU gave me the chance to manage my time and work at my own pace. I enrolled and started studies in 2004, became a graduate in 2009 and did my final course in 2010. Despite my achievements my struggles were not over, but I was somehow in control of some of the outcomes of the targets I set myself.

I grabbed the opportunities I was offered with both shaky hands at the time and never looked back. I set the targets in manageable chunks, so I would no longer be a failure like in my school days. I was on the road to becoming the person I always wanted to be. I managed to become a graduate just in time before my 50th Birthday in May as my graduation was the 2nd May 2009. After developing my Professional Development Plan throughout my time studying with the OU, I realised I could have been the teacher that my colleagues at Lambeth College told me I could become. Or even the Author, writing of my experiences that the tutors told me I could become.

But over the preceding years to follow I was to look back with a few regrets at the way I was treated by an unjust system. On reflections however, I must conclude that the setbacks I’ve encountered were/are more to do with what my old folks called plain bad mind, grudgeful and spitefulness on the parts of some. These are the red eye persons who just cannot stand to see others try to better themselves and prosper. They see anyone with ambitions as threats to their own incompetence. They are not prepared to make the sacrifices and the efforts to get out of the malaise and stupor to enhance knowledge and upskill to be better able to perform at their jobs.

They do everything in their power to knock the other person down for trying. They are so afraid of their own ignorance that they believe once another person over whom they have authority upskill themselves and update their knowledge, they will be identified for the frauds that they are. They are only figure heads that are being pulled about like a puppet on a string by some other controlling freak. Those with psychopathic tendencies, inflated egos and without any iota of sense or knowledge about the roles and responsibilities will be manipulated by those who are in charge. So, everyone is covering their backs and hoping not to be found out.

Then they apply the rhetoric and bureaucratic red tape wrapped up in their stringent Provision, Criterion and Practice – Contract to always keep you at the bottom of the career ladder. They get you to do their work, and don’t think twice about taking the credit as they try sweetening you up with some little flimsy accolade that is not worth the paper it is written on. You train the staff who are then promoted into leadership positions. But strangest of all you have to wait on those you trained to ask their permission to carry out the roles and responsibilities in the job description of the contract you signed all those years ago.

When you realised, they do not have a clue what they are doing even after you went over the tasks hundreds of times and told them to go shadow others. Then they decided that they must collude with those others who are not making progress to make your life a living hell. So, the discrimination starts subtly until they ruin your health because they want to get rid of you. I have had my fair share of encounters with these unscrupulous tyrants over the years. The first time I stand up for my rights and paid the price with a career stopped in its track and have not moved since 2009. My health was impaired, and I became Public Enemy Number One in almost every borough in London that I tried to get a job.

Eventually I got through an interview where my knowledge and expertise shown through before the end of the interview. However not long after starting what I thought was going to be my ideal job again, after years of upheavals and struggles in a workplace challenging social injustices and inequalities and paying the price. I was in for another shocker, when the green-eyed monster – Ms Jealousy Interim Manager Maria Goncalves reared her ignorant head. I started at this workplace with a Foundation Degree in Early Years from the OU in September 2009. I just got on with doing my best and my efforts were rewarded by the professionals who gave me the chance to develop my (PDP).

I was sent on Training and I got the chance to work in partnerships with other professionals and outside agencies. Working alongside the professionals to gain the hands-on bottom up and top-down approaches that I needed to be able to do the work required. I was mentoring others who were studying as I already pass through those stages. But I guess as was to be the pattern of my life for the next couple of years, instead of others viewing my knowledge and passion as something to be celebrated, acknowledged, and valued. I was once more viewed as threats and was to be targeted and got rid of by fair or foul means. Yet again I was left fearing for my future, emotional wellbeing, and the capacity to trust anyone, especially the female of the species.

I was rescued by an unlikely source, a colleague I’d worked with before when she was only a teenager, and I was starting my first job in the early year sectors after graduating from Lambeth College. I worked at William Wilberforce Lambeth Walk Day Nursery in Kennington straight out of Lambeth College July 1999 – April 2001. I was Room Leader for the Toddlers and I liaised with tutors about students on placements whom I mentored. I see some of those students who have gone on to make advancements in their career and moved up the ladder. Instead, I am worse off in this business, than when I graduated from Lambeth College, in 1999.

After working with this teenage, former colleague, we eventually ended up working for the same organisation, recognising me one day when she visited and aw me at the new workplace. If it was left to me, I am sure I would not have made the recognition? She was one of the youngest Manager in the organisation and I was happy for her interventions at the time. Because without her timely interventions, vouching for my integrity as a professional, I don’t know what my story outcome would have been. By this time the unfair treatments by the Green-Eyed Monster who was joined by another Sorry Excuse for a Human Being, the Area Manager, Maria Freeman were beginning to take their toll on me.

But I was destined to find shelter in Northwest London at Luton Street, Edgeware Road where I was to work for the better part of 4+ years. I was privileged to work with some exceptional professional colleagues, some of whom I mentored, supported, and nurtured through the good and bad times along the way. I was always there for them no matter what because by supporting and encouraging them to reach their potentials. I got the satisfactions of being part of their achievements that I was never allowed to gain despite my passion, dedication and contributions to making the organisation the beacon that it was becoming.

Looking back, I was never given any opportunities in any of the jobs and I kept on moving, hoping I would be recognised for the hard work I contributed, but to no avail. Usually, I’d lick my wounds each time I was turned down or over looked for promotions. Because by this time I was learning to sort of realise that I’d have to cope with the rejections that were bound to come my way. I know to just get on with the job that was expected of me and be grateful I have a job. I was presented with opportunities in Luton Street to work to my potentials once my passion, talents and creativities were identified by my colleagues and the Manager and other professionals.

But as always, I had to learn how to take the good with the bad as there were days when I was knocked from my perch by others, just to show how powerful they are with their statuses. Some of them set out to prove their authority after I mentored and trained them, but by this I learned many valuable lessons and was resilient to cope with any and everything. As we all know there are stages that we all go through when others are controlling our lives in terms of providing a job. There were times when I reached rock bottom but knew I could not stay down and had to get back up and fight for what I want. There was that time where if I did not develop coping mechanism I might have fallen over the edge of despair, but I overcome and got back on my feet, stronger than before.

I was the only staff shortlisted from the organisation for a Lead Practitioner Post. I heard about the post at the Staff Conference after returning from holidays in Jamaica, November 2011. I had high hopes of getting the job only for the rug to be pulled from under my feet. I relapsed experiencing mental health Issues of Depression. However, I refused to let that keep me down and rise above the challenges making changes to my life to help me develop my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP). To stay one step of the opposition and not let them get to me, I knew I had to be better than them at all times. Therefore, I am always enhancing knowledge that is power.

I am always doing my research, attending Training and conferences, whatever there was that was available, I would be in attendance. Because I already know what my vision is and I have plans to achieve my goals in making my dreams become realities. When I faced the disappointments.

Closing of the Year 2016

As the old year 2016 is drawing to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to make a heartfelt plea to the powers that be to stop and take a little time to think why an individual like I have to take to social media to find a voice. I have been living in the UK now since 1992 and coming from my native Jamaica to what I consider to be the Mother Country and a land of opportunity.

Unfortunately for me and many others, the UK has turned out to be the Prison that caused us to realise what it feels like to be many of the characters from the Bible. David and Goliath. Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Lot’s Wife who turned a Pillar of Salt. Pharaoh’s Army drowned in the Red Sea. The Ten Commandments. The Burning Bush. The Leper. Ten Virgins. Sampson and Delilah. Noah’s Ark. Jesus turn Water into Wine. Armageddon.

The start of the New Year 1st January 2017 will bring the 3rd year wedding anniversary of my youngest son. During the time of preparations for the wedding, I arrived in Jamaica on the 22nd December 2013 to January 2014 just before my Mother’s 90th birthday. During the time I spent what was to be the most memorable and poignant moments that I could keep for posterity with Mama. Throughout the time I was there, mama did not know her only daughter except for when there were brief glimpses when she asked questions like “Ratty come yet?” “A so you look like mi Mother?” Or she would say “Come mek we chat!”

Realisation came on the day I was returning when she told my son, “She did not come to say goodbye?” I went back said my final goodbye the way, I have been doing for years, and take a photo. I know that would be the last time I would see mama alive in the flesh. During the weeks I was home, I had to come to terms with the way Dementia robbed me of mama, the same way Parkinson’s Disease robbed me of my papa. The differences with the transitions are that I empowered myself via studies to cope with the Dementia that robbed me of my mum, because I diagnosed her early onset Dementia.

But no one was there to help me understand dad’s early onset Parkinson’s Disease, as I was approaching puberty. Result was I experienced childhood trauma that blighted my outcomes in life forever, but I never gave up to this day. Since the early days, those were the most difficult developmental transitions that anyone could have experienced. Given the opportunities, I empowered myself via studies, hoping to move up the career ladder, but each time I faced set back. After trying for jobs externally and kept being turned down, I went for an internal post after I got back from holidays in Jamaica in November 2011.

I got the shock of my life when I was the only shortlisted staff from the Organisation but I was turned down. My mental health was affected, but I pulled myself together as I always do and got on with the job. I later tell myself to just be satisfied with what I have and work to get my Pension. Since I started with the Organisation on the 1st September 2009 I was using my Intellectual Property to help them become a Beacon to the point where I was fronting Promotional Campaign in the Media. However, because of my hidden disabilities, I was more of a background person with the credit for my work taken by others, but that didn’t bother me much.

I graduated from the Open University with a Foundation Degree in Early Years but this did not make a difference. I began to establish myself on social media, publishing my writings, sharing in online Nursery World Forums, writing to the Newspapers about Mental Health Issues, etc. I was/am passionate about my work in the Early Years Sector. But my life and career were to take turns for the worse after returning from Jamaica to bury mama. So that no one can get the better of me in my Fight4justice campaign, I have decided to abide by the Rules of Law and do not add any more information.

This is coming from the dictates of those who are hell-bent on hiding the truths, covering up their unlawful deeds and trying and getting away with murder. However, the truths are out there in Cyberspace and there is nothing I can do to retrieve them. In order to protect myself from the onslaughts of those who are trying to destroy me, I have to present my life as an Open Book. Anyone interested is more than welcome to read about my life experiences and make up their mind. No human should be treated the way I was from 23rd July 2014 to 27th September 2015 and to date. I do not have friends in high places but God gave me a brain and I have a mind of my own.

Once more thanks for your support as I am looking to move forward into my ADVOCACY campaign in the New Year 2017.   My old folks used to say do good and good will follow you and that is the way I have always lived my life. My life is testament as to how I treat others and expect to be treated in return.


My Teacher Taught Me To Develop Resilience From an Early Age

6 Handling trauma.

  • Impact of counselling.

Raising Concerns

– Passive Aggression

Mothering Sunday Pleas to Senior HR Dilys Epton on the 13.3.2015 – DEPRESSION

To Whom It May Concern

On the eve of Mothering Sunday I have no other alternatives left than to take the bull by the horns and plead with the powers that be to afford me some rights. I need to be given the same number of equal opportunities afforded to others and given a voice to talk about the issues that are affecting me. Since I have been effectively gagged, therefore not allowed to discuss my situation with anyone, I just don’t know where else to turn. I have been reduced to keeping secrets from my husband about what is happening to me at work because I don’t want this to impact on his health. Since 05.01.2015 I have been living a nightmare, from which I cannot see an awakening.

I am at the end of my tether, feeling trapped in this never-ending tunnel for which I cannot seem to see a light. My old folks would say, “dog a sweat but long hair a cover it…” and I need to get some disclosures about why I am being treated this way. I am effectively being put through a wringer that is tearing me apart, limb by limb. This is causing me slow, painful, and excruciating and painful death that I wish would take me now instead of being so long and drawn out. I have suffered enough in silence and since I now recognised that my employers are not aware of my plight? I believe it is only right that I am given a voice, and someone spend some time listening to my plight.

Westminster Children Society (WCS), now London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) rescued me in 2009 when I had reached rock bottom and could not see a way out. During my bitter experiences in 2008 I lost one of my brothers at the age of 56 years old on the 27th March just two months after his birthday. I am only a few months away from my 56th birthday and I am becoming paranoid that I am destined to die any time soon. I doubt very much if LEYF is aware of the nature of my plight at Bird in Bush – BIB, hence the reasons I have decided to make contact before it is too late. When Dilys came to give me her professional and expert advice, she promised to send on the telephone number, so I could get counselling service to the Manager.

However, this was not done, and I am yet to receive any of the information she promised to share with me after meeting. And I am being provoked and frustrated daily to act out of character, so evidence can be collected for the Manager to accomplish her AGENDA. Therefore, I am not expecting this letter to be taken as any forms of grievance as I don’t have any concrete evidence to back up any of my arguments. If you are wondering why, I have been through a similar experience like what is happening to me now, so I know the ropes (Dr Hudson, M, 2012). I am only asking for the rights to put my side of what is happening to me since 05.01.2015 to date at BIB into context.

Since the agency staff used the courage of her convictions and her conscience to blow the whistle on the inappropriate practice she witnessed at BIB. This is in line with the Prime Minister, David Cameron’s dictates about safeguarding the young and vulnerable who are entrusted in our care. She wanted to go into the preschool but was prevented from going in, but she saw another member of staff crying in front of the children. This was when she decided that something was terribly wrong on top of other things she witnessed. The Manager made sure she did not come back after that. Hence the reasons Lynne Kelly, Jyoti, Benidicte and Flavia have to cook up complaints on Thursday.

The things that are of concern to me is the speed in which someone was sent to investigate the false allegations and also to try and stitch me up about the shutter. Well, I am going to put it in black and white that as the Deputy Manager who was appointed from December, Jyoti is yet to show that she is fulfilling the roles of a Deputy and Duty Manager. Because up until the time of the incident and I am putting it in black and white that I put the shutter down after 6.05 pm because I recalled telling the agency staff to go about that time. I was basically functioning by route and offered to open it back once Jyoti commented about it being shut.

Jyoti did not comment about it being shut at the time for safeguarding reasons because a child was there after 6.00. but because the nappy sack was still at the door, where I had taken it from the bin. Since JB was taking on the role of Duty Manager, she should have ensured she got someone to show her exactly what to do before. Instead of relying on me who had never performed the role of Duty Manager or being responsible for locking up and securing the building, to be telling her what to do. And that was exactly what I was doing, because she didn’t know that all the lights should be off, and doors securely shut.

Whilst I was ensuring these things were done, she was telling me to hurry up because she did not want to miss her train. Behaving as if I was the reason for her being late? In my opinion Jyoti still have not taken the time to get to know some of the basic things that she should be doing as part of her job description. She is so busy following the Manager’s dictates to get me SACKED. Although I advised her to go ask to shadow another Deputy and she has gone, I am still in doubt about certain things…? However, this is not my responsibility and I have no intention of being disrespectful as I am only the Subordinate to the Manager, Deputy and Duty Managers and Room Leaders. Although I have a Foundation Degree, a Health and Social Care and certificate in Working with Children and Families from the OU, they don’t count.

It is now time for my circumstances to be looked at and I am given the same rights to share my concerns about the living hell that BIB has become, since coming back to South London. I have tried giving up my rights by accepting the harassment, bullying and intimidation being metered out to me as something I will has to learn to live with until it abates, like what happened in another workplace. When the Manager came to the Emergency Meeting at Central Office, she came back and told me she would be dealing with the matter at BIB. I am sure LEYF did not give her permission to DISCRIMINATE against me but she is hiding behind the LEYF umbrella, to persecute me to do something unthinkable…?

I have been trying to hang on, but I don’t know how longer for. And I have no one to talk to because I have been gagged and I do not have any concrete evidence to prove what is happening to me. Because the Manager have enlisted the support of others to build up false evidence against me, waiting to pounce if I make a grievance claim. Now on Thursday after JB started an argument with me which I walked away from, she threatened to deal with me later and went to join the others sending the complaints to Central Office. My good name, character and reputation have been so tarnished that the allegations were duly believed, and I am/was investigated.

Yet I have not heard anything about the complaint that the agency staff said she made? Until I am being given a voice how can I be reassured that I will get justice for all I have been going through since 05.01.2015? Imagine my dilemma, I just lost my mum, after a long battle with dementia and when I last saw her alive, she didn’t recognise me. But not only that, she needed care 24/7 and was doing everything on herself. I helped as a young mother to care for both my dad and grandma who died a month apart and they too were bed ridden. I have inherited dad’s Parkinson disease and I am now having to think that I might inherit mum’s condition too.

What they are doing to me at BIB meant that I am on the verge of losing my dignity as my disabilities and progressive health conditions have been exacerbated. I am becoming incontinent and sometimes feel as if I am going to soil myself if I don’t get to the toilet in time because of what they are doing to me at BIB. I am being slowly tortured and set up as I am left on my own with vulnerable children, so they can get evidence on me of breaching the EYFS Welfare Requirements re: safeguarding. However, I am protecting myself like I told Rujina to do only last week by writing things down. They are succeeding in breaking me down as my judgements are becoming impaired.

Since the 05.01.2015 my health has been affected, as I am not sleeping, nor eating properly and is carrying this burden of hiding what is happening to me from my husband. Although losing weight can be beneficial for my conditions, the amount I have lost so far is not normal. I am now going to put on record that “I never called the Manager a coward” but I will not be putting on record what I think of her now in case someone decides I am being disrespectful to my superiors but no one can take it out of my head. On the evening of the Banana Incident, when I told my husband about the way she dealt with the matter, he was adamant I should never take anything else (she’d given flowers after the OFSTED Inspections) from her home.

I kept telling him she is a “Nice Lady” but little did I know what was in store for me. When I started at BIB, Flavia was the most considerate young lady and seemed as sensitive as she complained of being bullied… Now the Manager has given her a post and recruited her to join in her campaign of discriminating against me. These days everyone is giving me orders left right and centre and even Rujina was in on the act in order that they can say I have been disrespectful to my superiors. After Friday’s investigation about me ignoring and disrespecting Jyoti when she asked me to switch off lights and she didn’t even know where some of the switches were.

And Flavia saying I speak to her disrespectfully on Thursday and everyone is my superior; I can see the stage set for Gross Professional Misconduct charges against me. This is what happens, as they are trying to get me out with a disciplinary that will leave a sanction on my record. I did not eat nor sleep well on Friday night, instead sat up and watch Comic Relief. When I did have a lie down, I could not stop crying and trying not to let my husband find out. I decided that I have to make contact to let my situation be known as I do not think it is…? Now I am leaving the ball in LEYF court and trying to act as normal around my husband.

I am wishing Monday does not come, and the world would come to an end before I have to go back in BIB. I am petrified and fearing for my sanity and overall health and wellbeing because the Manager has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes at LEYF, as she and the Room Leader, Deputy Manager and new recruited the Duty Manager are hell-bent on torturing me into a slow, painful, and undignified death. Please believe, me none of this is any figment of my imaginations but I cannot prove any of it, except for what I can recall and am writing down.

Whilst I am trying to protect myself from the onslaught since 05.01.2015 I am unable to do the job in my Job Description. I would like to be offered some support in whatever form available and saved before It is too late….?

9th January 2017.

Taurus-Lori Reid: Taureans are some of the steadiest people in the universe. They are also some of the most loyal. But that loyalty could be strained today if you suspect that others are taking advantage.

DBS Correspondences: 2004 at KINGS:

Direct and Indirect Discrimination at all levels of my life

Evidence of Direct and Indirect Discrimination, since 2004 which led to the Blacklisting and Networking that ruined my career.  I experienced direct and indirect discrimination from different sections of society. In my personal life when I experienced domestic violence and was made homeless. I was defrauded of my money and the establishments and systems treating me like a common criminal, choosing to label and stereotyping me. That experience caused me some amount of distress to get sorted. But I was gutted when the support network I thought I have around me turned out to be easily bought and treated me even worse than the experiences that caused my diagnosis of Chronic Anxiety in 2006 (Dr I Ferreira Landor Road Surgery 134-136, Landor Road, Stockwell London SW9 9JB).

MM Updates 2021: Refer to www.gov.uk/dbs joining the discrimination after www.smartteachers.co.uk think I am ideal for the job of SENCO worth £46-55,000.00 

Barclays discriminated against me again, they are operating a scamming ring against elderly women from inside the branch.  

OFSTED Standards:

One of my Key children at Kings Day Nursery Mapother House – Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. I consider myself to be a Professional who is knowledgeable enough to write a Reference for a former colleague for Senior Post of Early Intervention Officer with the Local Educational Authority. The same LEA that colluded with the former employers to ruin my career. In 2016, they are at it again issuing me with threats, trying to take control of my Intellectual Properties. Yet they did nothing when I raised concerns about inappropriate practices in the workplace. (Southwark Council SEND Section sen@southwark.gov.uk).

Those responsible for discrimination against Mervelee Myers will be named and put on the list for Emotional Regulation Treatment.

A Parent Testimony at https://youtu.be/tei5y5n8isg for more about volunteering.



Participant in Employment, Mental Health and Diabetes Research

7 Raising concerns.

  • Passive aggression.

Challenging Social Injustices and Inequalities

– Taking a Stance

Empowerment: making the most of the opportunities I was given in the UK, which I did not have in Jamaica.

LEYF On My Doorstep?

I had worked with Alev Sagnak before at KINGS and she recommended me to join Westminster Children Society (WCS) in 2009 when I was experiencing some amount of instability in my life. Since that time WCS has changed to London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) and 5 years on am still working with LEYF. However, I am more than glad to say I am happy to be back in South London – Southwark after spending 5+ years working in Westminster. The best thing about my changing journey is that LEYF is expanding business from Westminster, where the organisation started over 100+ years ago, to literally all the deprived areas of London providing better outcomes for young children.

I am privileged to be working at the Bird in Bush Nursery – BIB that is situated literally on my doorstep in Southeast London. I started my journey in South London, working in the early years’ sector after I had completed my studies at Lambeth College 1997-1999. I am an older and wiser practitioner who has been embedded with the LEYF ethos from when I joined in September 2009. Now that I have achieved most of what I set out to accomplish as a practitioner enhancing knowledge and expertise via studies and Training. I am intent on using two of my hobbies – photography and writing to spread the LEYF, DNA and my shared vision into my South London and to the world at large.

Therefore, I am more than prepared to use the knowledge and expertise I fought hard to gain to help spread the philosophy of LEYF as a beacon of good service provider to the UK and wider world. In so doing I will start by giving credit where credit is due to some of the extra ordinarily special people who have travelled on my journey of discoveries with LEYF. I am therefore going public, so everyone can know that I will always be eternally grateful to those people for inspiring, nurturing and empowering me to be the reflective practitioner, who developed the listening ethos, I have become to date. Therefore, I will have to start off saying a big thanks to Alev Sagnak.

She told me about the vacancy at WCS and the fact they were recruiting for practitioners with my level of qualifications, in 2009. Believe me Alev and mark my words that if I should win the jackpot, I am promising to take you out to my native Jamaica for some fun and frolics and to meet my family, who are exactly like me. Next on my list are some super colleagues whom I met at Fitzrovia Community Nursery, where I first started. They are Candy, Patricia Session, Ezi and Claire the Deputy, who started on the same day with me. Candy is in for a special mention because she took me under her wings as a novice, taught me ICT, how to do the Learning Journeys and how to write up the Activity Planning Forms.

Only a few weeks after starting at Fitzrovia, I re-established contact with Joelle Lax, now Manager at Holcroft Nursery. I had previously worked with Joelle when she was only about seventeen (17) years old at William Wilberforce, Lambeth Walk Day Nursery after I graduated from Lambeth College. She recognised me all those years later as soon as she walked into the nursery and saw me. I later learned that Joelle was one of the youngest Managers working for LEYF when she was appointed. It would be rather amiss of me if I did not mention working in partnership with other professionals and outside agencies from the Camden Local Education Authority.

I was privileged to be given the opportunity to enhance knowledge via Training and empowered to make my implicit knowledge explicit. The early years’ teacher who identified my passion in fulfilling my role as a SENCO was forceful in ensuring I got the Training to do the role to the best of my ability. And she did not just stop there, she taught me about Every Child A Talker (ECAT), Statutory Assessment, Individual Education Plans (IEP), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), in the short space of time – 6 months that I was at Fitzrovia.

I am a believer in change, and I was transferred to Luton Street where I was destined to spend 4+ years working with some exceptional, enthusiastic and passionate colleagues. These colleagues were the epitome of professionalism who have the children and their parent’s best interests at heart. Julie Weiss who was the Manager is first in line for some special praises as she always showed her appreciations for the work I had done. Since she had the ears of the CEO, she was never stingy in telling her about the good practice that I contributed to. Providing quality standards of work especially my Learning Journeys and Homemade Books.

The CEO in turn would be lavish with her praises for anyone whose work was of the highest standards, whenever she popped into any of the nurseries. However, despite this, this is not to say Julie Weiss and I saw eye to eye, or were in agreement with everything. I guess in hindsight I might now have to blame the generation gap and we never think twice about challenging each other practice. But we never lost sight of our different roles and responsibilities in the team and gave each other the respect that were merited to do the job. We both knew we were responsible for being accountable for acting and working as professionals, no matter our personal take on any matters.

One of the biggest things I admired about Julie Weiss is the fact that she would admit when she got her wires crossed and apologised for her mistakes. And we were on differing wavelengths about certain matters but there was mutual respect between us. We were never afraid to call a spade a spade and then moved unto the most important roles of fulfilling our job descriptions. Stacey-Jane Whitfield who was the Deputy Manager was one of the humblest, down to earth person l had the privilege of working with. She never had the time to bother with some of the airs and graces connected to her status as she always had to go that extra mile in getting the job done.

Madonna was a tower of strength who treated me like the big sister I never had. Marcia Girvan cooked up those mouth-watering meals to appease our taste buds. There is Elizabeth Reid, one of the first LEYF apprentice I met at Luton Street and who is a real go-getter. This young lady knew what she wanted to accomplish and set out to achieve her goals. She rose to the position of Deputy Manager in Queens Park Nursery. I worked with agency staff Freda and her daughter and Nichole initially when I started at Luton Street, and they were a bunch of true professionals who just got on with the job. Their work was outstanding and comparable to LEYF standards at the time. It is no wonder that they were relied on when LEYF needed their services.

I met Tania Silva at Fitzrovia when she came to cover, and we ended up as colleagues in Luton Street until she moved on to become one of the Deputy Managers at Marsham Street. We were privileged to develop some great innovative ideas. We worked to a similar shared vision using our initiatives to promote and implement best inclusive practice during our time at Luton Street. We were empowered and enabled via our mutual enthusiasm in delivering the pedagogy of the expert theorists to support, enhance and extend children’s development and learning.

There is Trison Grant who was an exceptional apprentice and I decided to take her under my wings because she is one of us – Jamaican. I could see her potential, as well as her passion for working with young children. Katie is such a lovely girl, who was only interested in giving of her best, doing her work, and planning for her future ahead.  I was privileged to mentor some of the students like Suzan Murados and Michelle Hoofong to name a few. What can I say about my boy, Bryan who I thought had such a bright future ahead of him, if he had stuck to his guns and completed his apprenticeship? I honestly believed he had a role to play with “Men in Childcare” and I felt let down that he did not stay.

However, I am hoping that whatever he is doing, he is flourishing and doing something useful with his life and not fallen by the wayside? I am appealing that if anyone knows about him to remind him of the role, he played in the last LEYF conference that we attended. Andrea Barnes is another lady with attitudes like me, but with her heart set in the right place. I am hoping she has managed to get her studying back on track and making using of the God given talents that she is blessed with? I have to raise my hat to Bianca the apprentice who is such a natural in her role. I am hoping she will be inviting me to her baby’s christening of course, so I can get to dress up in one of my posh frocks?

Now that I have hit on an idea about developing some teaching and learning tools to use in the early years, I am thinking about Sandra Delgado, who taught me the song that I am thinking of using as my launching pad. As this is an idea in the making, I will have to now get serious and busy ensuring this is a reality. Surely, I have to mention Sunita who helped to sell my credentials about my good practice and using my knowledge and expertise to inspire others to make the most of their opportunities in life. With her spreading the words I eventually got my request for transfer from Luton Street to somewhere local and closer to home become a reality. I cannot forget Sao Banya, who when she came to Luton Street told me about LEYF take-over of BIB and advising me to ask for the transfer to BIB.

Sao has been a tower of strength inspiring me to give of my best, because she too has done studies to a certain level, like I have done. Most importantly we do work from that shared vision that the expert theorists recommend. The Manager has been very supportive, ensuring that she puts certain amenities like the computer in the staff room, as part of Reasonable Adjustment I had at Luton Street. So, I can word process my work and get the job done more effectively, than if handwritten. So, I have been ensconced and literally camping out on my doorstep with my transfer to BIB, in Peckham South London.

Now I am just working a stone’s throw from where I live, I have more time for my personal life as a part time carer for my elderly husband. I also have more me time and I can focus and concentrate on some of the things that are important to me like making links and connecting with the local community that I live in. And for all those other colleagues whom I met whilst I covered in other LEYF nurseries – Carlton Hill, Holcroft, Queensborough, House of Commons, Queens Park, Lisson Green, Mickey Star and Noah’s Ark and those that I attended for Training. I am eternally grateful for you allowing me into your settings and sharing your practices with me.

Because for every setting that I covered in I came away with some new knowledge and expertise that I did not have before. Now I am indebted and have to talk about the impact of Rachel Parker who accompanied us to that training day out at Community Playthings. She is such an absolute professional who used to attend at Luton Street to do the ITTERS and ETTERS, using both top down and bottom-up approaches, when doing her job. I understand that she will be working in South London as an Area Operations Manager, and I can only continue to wish her all the best.

Because I believe it was because of her I had the opportunity to attend Training at Community Playthings. I am now working in partnership with the school volunteering, on a-none profit level using my knowledge and expertise to promote my country and my family heritage to a wider audience.

Working Partnerships: Although I did not stay long at Fitzrovia to do much other than support a child on the Autistic Spectrum in my role as the SENCO. I was privileged to work with children and their parents from diverse multicultural background. I have worked in partnerships with tutors, assessors, fellow colleagues, and placements facilitators since I entered the early year’s sector when I enrolled at Lambeth College 1977 to the present. Now that I am back in South London, amongst many people from my own or similar cultures to mine. I can feel the vibes and realised how much I am appreciated and felt proud when Carol presented me with a star that one of the children made to show her appreciation of my hard work and dedications since I started at BIB.

Coming from a time in my life when my hidden disability caused me to stay in the background, as I did not want to embarrass myself and lose my dignity. I was able to take centre stage for the Christmas Play and never once stopped to worry about failing. Since living in the UK, I have had opportunities to address my disability and empowered myself to integrate into a tolerant society. By so doing I have had chances to develop my confidence and even though the disability is still part of who I am. I have come out of my shell and is able to do something productive with my life.

An Advocate: I have empowered myself over the years during prolonged studies, Training and research, as I did not only have to deal with my hidden disability but had to cope with my child who was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities. That is why I am an advocate of inclusion, thereby doing research into how best to implement and promote inclusive practice to stop even one child and their parents going through what I went through as a young inexperienced mother.

I am proud to be a member of the LEYF team who is proactive in shaping the lives of the young children who may need some forms of early intervention strategies to get them pass those initial hurdles that I had to deal with for myself and, with my own child. As the CEO rapped at the 2014 Staff Party, I am proud to be a be-LEYF-er and is more than happy – 5+ years and counting…

I am looking forward to spending the next ten (10) years, until my retirement when I will be packing myself off to my paradise in the sun. Hopefully, I will be in a position where I can be of service in helping to develop Special Educational Needs and Disability services, using some of the vast knowledge and experiences, I had gained in the UK and most importantly as a LEYF employee?

Benefits of having LEYF on my Doorstep: I can easily pop home if I have an emergency or even check on my husband whose age, ill health and other underlying conditions are causing me many concerns. Working closer to home has really given me greater peace of mind. I have been using some of the time I spent travelling to good effect when I have deadlines to meet working on children’s Learning Journeys. I can come a bit earlier and stay over late as I am no longer in a rush to travel the two hours that it once took when I was working far away from home. I am a stickler for keeping promises to myself and others if I set myself any targets or deadlines.

I just do not like to let myself down and my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) will not allow me to either. So, I am stuck in my routines of giving of my best or left feeling I am letting myself down if I cannot reach my targets. But hey life goes on and so does the work and as long as I can do my little bit to help any child achieve a positive outcome in life, I am more than satisfied and know that I am contributing to preparing the future generations for their roles in life? Now that LEYF is literally on my doorstep and I am now working in South London, where my journey started after being away since 2009.

I am looking forward with much glee to continue using my enhanced knowledge in spreading the word about LEYF DNA and ethos. As one of the service providers that gained the status of being a beacon of outstanding quality to be aspired to. At BIB, where I believe and feel I am secured in the bosom of people and communities that I feel I am more in tuned with and relate with much better. I know I have finally found the perfect platform to give of my bests in my chosen career of working with young children that I had chosen all those years ago. In addition, I have empowered myself, so I can indulge in my other passions of photographing and writing?

I am looking forward to more changes that will benefit the deprived communities of South London. And most importantly the children and families who will benefit from the changes that are bound to take place for there to be progress in the communities through the different capitals. I am more than contended with my life as it is panning out before me. I am not asking for much else, as I honestly do not think I have much ambition left to climb up the career ladder. Neither will I become complacent and drop my guard because of past experiences when I had to come crashing back down to earth with a terrible thud?

On second thoughts I would love to win the National Lottery, so I can hurry up and return to my native Jamaica. I would be more than happy to focus on working in Special Education and indulging in my passion of writing. So, in the meantime I will be carrying on giving of my best at BIB- LEYF that is literally on my doorstep and trying to motivate myself to develop my expertise in other areas? However, I will not be complacent in whatever roles and responsibilities I take on as I am only prepared to give of my best. I am more than grateful that I have been empowered to put some of the things that once bothered me behind me and move forward with all the enthusiasms that I can conjure up.

I know what I am talking about as my old folks were fond of saying “she who feels it knows it?” What more can I say other than we are living in a world where we are not always tolerant and prepared to try and find out how others tick as we are more self-centred and looking out for “me, myself and I!” So, in the meantime I am here wondering what changes are going to be taking place by the time I am old and greyer and ready to retire to the LAND of my BIRTH?

I have had so much joy when I worked as a Basic School Teacher and that is my primary reason for wanting to go back to make my contributions to Early Childhood Education.

MM Updates 2021: Refer to Jyoti Sharma’s review on LEYF website that the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement.   

Update: 16.10.2015

I was harassed, bullied, and intimidated into removing this article by one of my detractors, Area Operations Manager Hilda Miller, who told me at the time I knew nothing. She made some other negative comments that I won’t even publicise at this time. Because for someone who knows absolutely nothing about me or the work I have done during 5+ years of dedicated services was beyond my ken. Now I am defying the bullies and putting the article back and be damned if they wish. I am prepared for the consequences of taking a stance for equal rights and justice for the vulnerable.

I am celebrating Black History Month and showing I am no COWARD! I am proud of my heritage as I am discovering the DNA that is part of my Roots. I was told that there was some German Blood, Mullattoo and I am questioning if there was Chinese as well. My cousin, Osbourne Nembhardt, who is doing our Family Tree, reassured me there is 90% African, some Dutch and Scottish!  They are welcome to do their next best because I am a Fighter with the Maroon Blood that Nanny of the Maroons and all the National Heroes used to fight to defend Jamaica the Land of my Birth.

I am one Proud JAMAICAN who is going to stand up and fight for my principles, values, and beliefs. No one is going to stitch me up and send me back to no “Funded Prison for Criminals – I am not a Criminal”. I might have a touch of “mental health Issues” but they are responsible for pushing me over the edge!

27th October I celebrate the birthdate of my Father, Uncle and Auntie, three (3) of my grandmother, Irene’s 16 children. Of the three, only my Auntie is still alive, another strong woman indeed.

Correspondence with Dilys Epton January 2015 to…

2nd February 2015

Dear Dilys

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and explain the procedures to me. I am just writing to let you know that I will not be taking out a Grievance.

Thanks for your support in helping me to deal with the procedures.

Kindest regards. Mervelee Myers FD Open. Nursery Officer.

LEYF, 121 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4LX

27th September 2015

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing with immediate effect to resign forthwith. After careful considerations and reflections of all that happened since I transferred to Bird in Bush nursery on 23rd July 2014, I realised it is no longer feasible to work with LEYF. Despite giving of my best during my years of services starting on 1st September 2009 I have come to the realisations that nothing I do will return to those times when I was valued as a practitioner who contributed much to making LEYF one of the beacons of early years services.

Since October 2014 I have been through lots of issues because of the unfair treatment meted out to me at BIB that impacted negatively on my emotional health and wellbeing. My health has been adversely affected to the point where I was unable to carry out normal day-to-day activities adequately. My disability and progressive medical health conditions were exacerbated as a result of the intimidations, harassment and bullying I subsequently received as a result of me raising my concerns about my unfair treatments.

I was sent on Medical Suspension and passed fit to resume my work after my assessment with the Occupational Health Doctor. However, since my return to work I have encountered further Direct Discriminations intended to provoke me into acting as I was labelled in the Disciplinary Hearings: Uncooperative, rude, unprofessional, confrontational, intimidating, and lacking empathy. Despite giving up my RIGHTS because I know my situation, so I could continue to work to earn a living to provide for my Basic Needs of providing food shelter and clothing for myself. I have to now give priority to mine and my husband’s health and welfare.

The situation at work is now affecting both our health and I have to take this into consideration. Last week when he had a HYPO and I had to leave him at home to get to work, I asked for just a little time to give him a call to reassure myself he was ok. However, I was not granted this time and had to wait until my lunch time to do so – 5+ hours after leaving home.

With all these recent happenings like that on Tuesday 22nd September at CO, coupled with all the related incidents at BIB, HOC and New Cross, I am unable to continue living and working under these pressures. I am close to having a Nervous Breakdown and with my mental health Issues of Depression, which was exacerbated by the Direct Discrimination at LEYF.

And with my Chronic Anxiety a condition that I managed to live with and be in control of throughout my life before BIB, making it almost impossible to carry out normal day-to-day activities. I have no alternative but to make my husband, for whom I am full-time carer, my priority, as this situation has been affecting both of us over the past year.

Thanks for the 5+ years of collaborative working partnerships shared, before I transferred to BIB.

Kindest regards.

Update – NB: Senior HR Dilys Epton was not aware that Disability Legislation was involved in sending me for a Medical Referral. The contract I signed on the 7th October 2009, was not reviewed and updated at the time of the Employment Tribunals – Myers V LEYF.

LEYF 10th November 2015    – via email

Hi Mr King

Just have time to get back to you after you requested, I come to see you at CO for a chat. Following my visit, I subsequently had a Nervous Breakdown and had to seek Professional Help because of the way you tried to harass, bully and intimidate me into “WRITING A RESIGNATION”. I guess God acted, bringing me to the brink so I could see sense “no job is that important if it is going to result in my health being compromised and leading to my death” hence the resignation. Now you have got what you wanted, and it took LEYF one (1+) year to make my life a living hell. In the process my good name was blackened, and my character destroyed, for what I don’t know.

For your information I am now seeing the counsellor and counselling will last into 2016. I am not yet ready to go back to work full time because I need to recover from the ordeals that destroyed my health, self-esteem, and confidence to be able to carry out normal day to day activities. In the job I worked, in most of my life by BIB, HOC and New Cross as well as CO team. This was at the instigation of the Area Operations Manager Hilda Miller who took a dislike of me for no reasons that I can think of. But I think I have discovered why now?

However, I must earn a living to provide for my basic needs. So, I must get a job, therefore I would be grateful if LEYF desist from writing “negative references to prospective employers” that are further scuppering my chances for gainful employment. LEYF, after not listening to my request about renewing my CRB/DBS, I am assuming went and made online application, DBS check using my email, which was later withdrawn. Now since LEYF claimed after I worked with them 5+ years they did not have a FILE for me. I’d like to know what information was included in that online application.

When LEYF wanted to DISCRIMINATE against me, gathering evidence to tag and label me with the negative discourses in the Outcome of the Disciplinary/Appeal Hearings… And the way you continued using negative stereotypical labels to verbally attach to me at the meeting between Senior HR Dilys Epton, you and me. I noticed how my information changed on correspondences from the time the invitation to the Disciplinary Hearing was issued on the date 27th March 2015, when Senior HR Dilys Epton visited me at HOC to send me on Medical Suspension.

I, therefore, would like to know who made the online application using my email address. What were the information in that application and the documentations used to verify, as well as who verified them? As I am at it, in my quest to continue my search for a job. I did several Educare Training on my return to work after Medical Suspension at New Cross Community Nursery 2nd June – August 2015.

Because of the amount of stress, I had dealing with, both personal and work related, and because of the way I was targeted. I did not get to print my certificates. I no longer have access to the sites, so would therefore like copies of the certificates sent to my address if you could be so Kind.

Once more thanks for the best 5+ years of working life, I had before the BIB debacle that LEYF failed to address because of their subconscious Prejudices.

Kindest regards.

Update – NB: Mr Neil King resigned from LEYF. I only became aware of the fact when Witness Statements were exchanged for the Employment Tribunal.

MM Updates 2021: Neil King must be investigated for his role in Richard Harty Men in Childcare.

Let Those Without Blemish 15.2.2015

There are some current news headlines that really caught my attention lately. I am really fascinated by them as they caused me to reflect on my life growing up, late 50’s to 60’s. In an era when one did not sell their souls to make the headlines, at whatever costs to themselves and others in some tabloid newspaper. I can still recall the times when certain behaviours and actions on the part of human beings would be deemed as taboo. This warranted being seen as a blot on the family name and a big scandal that was top of the agenda for the proverbial nine days and then whispered about later.

If one was unlucky, as I seemed to have become over the past years, there are bound to be repercussions that always come back to haunt you. Most likely when you are at your most vulnerable and have nowhere to turn for advice and no one to support, you when you are down and out. You are left like a hare in the glaring headlights that just do not seem to get dim. Then you ended up asking yourself, “where did it all go wrong, for your life to keep escalating out of control when you least expect it to?” I must reiterate before it is misinterpreted or misconstrued, that I believe everyone has a right to express an opinion, as long as they do not go out of their way to intentionally offend, harass, bully and discriminate.

There are some who will abuse their power of authority, mistreating others along the way without a thought about the impact on the other person’s and their family’s life. Because I have been to some dark places throughout my existence here on earth (Hudson, M, 2012, ACAS www.acas.org.uk/researchpaper, and Google at www.google.org.uk). I have to say I have much to reflect about, especially these past weeks with the publication of the Enquiry in the National Health Service (NHS). I could have told them about most of what they have come up with. I have experiences of being Bullied and Harassed when I raised concerns to safeguard the young and vulnerable children whom I worked with.

Knowing everyone is responsible for safeguarding and I was accountable for protecting them (www.southwark.gov.uk), I make sure I adhere to the laws in raising concerns in the appropriate manner.  Since the NHS was supposed to be there to meet the needs of those from the cradle to the grave, I naturally thought I was doing the right thing by sharing my concerns. However, this was to spiral out of my control starting a chain of event that is haunting me to this day. I can testify to my life being turned upside down and I could not help but wonder why it have to take another Enquiry to come up with these findings. When person like myself have been talking about and sharing our experiences over the years.

Then again, we have to sit back and watch it all happen to us repeatedly, because nothing actually change after these Enquiry are completed and pushed somewhere to gather dust (ACAS www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers).  I, like lots of persons continue to suffer without no end in sight and if we are not careful, we are pushed until we eventually have no other alternative rather than to jump to get the suffering to go away. We don’t necessarily have to agree to the views of each other but there should be mutual respect.

That is one of the reasons I believe we were born with brains to process information (https://www.Parkinson’s.org.uk, https://nurseryworld.co.uk, www.diabetes.org.uk, www.dementiafriends.org.uk, www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals).

Whistle-blowers have to be protected by new laws:

The latest attempt at introducing a whistle-blowers charter is another toothless tiger (“Protection for the NHS whistle-blower” February 12). It means nothing if those that bully, intimidate and sack workers are not held accountable. You can have all the guardians you like but if there is no legal recourse, it is just window dressing. We need laws to protect whistle-blowers, with financial penalties and custodial sentences. Syd Vaughan Birmingham Letters – The Daily Express, Number 10 Lower Thames Street London EC3R 6EN Email: expressletteres@express.co.uk

I have been contributing to the Daily Express mental health CRUSADE, sharing my experiences over the years. My Screen Name is Ermine Nemie 1of8… Email rattynem@btinternet.com. However, I feel that celebrities are the ones who are given a voice in the media – (include address and telephone number)

I have been writing about my experiences and sharing them on the Social Media platforms, since I joined http://facebook.com/mervelee.myers. However, I have been making headline news from 2004 when my story appeared in the www.icsouthlondon.co.uk – News: On balance a happy ending.

I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety in 2006 by my GP: Dr I Ferreira of Landor Road Surgery, 134-136 Landor Road, Stockwell, London SW9 9JB.  I was prescribed medications – Valium by the Doctor in Jamaica to help keep me from getting the shakes and tremors since my early twenties. That is why the GP continued with prescription medications to help me cope. However, despite the Employment Tribunals asking me to provide a Medical Report for my disability during my case with Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, I was in for a disappointment (Hudson, M. 2012 ACAS Research Paper).

The GP who provided the Medical Report when I was doing my Health and Social Care Level 2 Examination in 2006 with the www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies stating that I have disabilities, refused to give me the Medical Report for the Employment Tribunals case. Believe it or not I managed to cope with the life experiences that caused the childhood traumas since my father was struck down with Parkinson during my Transitional Development through Puberty to the time I settled in the UK. During studies I adapted a holistic approach via the knowledge gained and add them to the early intervention strategies from my childhood. Knowing the triggers for my disabilities, I stayed away from situations that would leave me unable to cope.

Working from the background is one of my defence mechanisms to manage and control my conditions. However, on two occasions in hostile working environments, the toxic relationships created by others, who decided to discriminate against me consciously and subconsciously caused me to have mental health melt down resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders. The former employers were able to get away with the Discrimination on Multiple Grounds that Dr Maria Hudson – University of Essex https://www.essex.ac.uk made recommendations for in her Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute.

This can be found at Publications: www.acas.org.uk/reseachpapers. At Page 3: Dr Hudson talks about the “stigma attached to mental health”. There is also mention of “… organisational stereotypes of Black Caribbean women – Aggressive”. That is why when I faced the discrimination of social injustices and inequalities in yet another hostile working environment in similar fashions to the first workplace… And after a few experiences similar to the childhood trauma of my life since puberty, to becoming a mother, including bereavement and loss. I was determined to stand up and fight by empowering myself with the knowledge to overcoming the perpetuators of discrimination.

I started telling my stories and refusing to hide from my past of having hidden disabilities at www.google.org.uk. Sharing of my experiencing childhood trauma and living in the shadows because of my disabilities, eventually seem to strike a chord with others www.merveleeconsultancy.uk, www.facebook.com/MerveleeConsultancy. My Fight4justice campaign was born out of the fact that my former employers LEYF decided to gag me, refusing to give me a voice and getting friends in high places to help them with excluding me from sharing my stories using the Social Media platforms that I was once a member of www.linkedin.com/mervelee-tomlinson.

My stories and experiences are documented to help others, and that is why I chose to go public, instead of hiding behind anonymities. However, I have decided to withhold sensitive information about others to protect them from any form of issues that may impact on their health and emotional wellbeing. I will take to writing as soon as I have an idea or get inspirations from current events about issues in the print and electronic media. Or even events that affected my neighbour, who was left to die on her own without any support, despite me contacting Aged UK and the Social Services. That is why I signed up to be a Dementia Friend www.dementiafriends.org.uk.

On Monday 16.02.2015. My story with Kings NHS – from cradle to the grave, would have taken shape because of something I might have witness, read about or might be relevant to me for obvious reasons.  Mental health Mind 03001233393 www.mind.org.uk, I have been honest and open minded about my psychological battles, fears, weaknesses, which I have – which everybody has. Mental health Issues are important to me and I was gobsmacked when I started researching and came across my stories and experiences used by Websites about mental health and mental Illness – MQ: Transforming mental health www.mqmentalhealth.org/Mental-Health/Mental-Illness is also using excerpts from my shared experiences on Social Media in providing services.

I was introduced to the Daily Express Newspaper by my husband and have been using it as a source of education over the years. Therefore, I believe wholeheartedly in the views exposed by those who share similar old-fashioned views to mine. Education is the key – children must try to find solutions to the religious and ideological differences that threaten to tear our world apart… challenges of a world which need more than ever the power of intelligent, tolerant, open-minded people – Martin Townsend – Daily Express www.express.co.uk.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusions that there is evidence of disease or medical conditions of mental health as well as other forms of disabilities embedded in my DNA from both sides of my Family Tree. It is evident that my mother struggled with mental health conditions, but she carried on knowing that she was placed on this earth to perform her duties of care for her family and friends. She dealt with her conditions with the stiff upper lip. The results are we thought she was not capable of loving us and she suffered in silence, because I doubt very much that she had the knowledge to share any of her feelings with us.

I was affected with mental health conditions which surfaced by the time I reached puberty for a variety of reasons, but primarily because of my father’s Parkinson’s. I in turn did not know how to deal with the disabilities so I became a totally changed person from about age ten (10+) years old, to the time when I received counselling. I only received this counselling on the advice of the Doctor who recommended I get Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. Although I am not cured and never can regain what I lost over forty-five (45) years of my life, I am living way better than I did before.

The reasons why I know education is the key, is because the cycle of ignorance continued down to when I had my first child. He too was affected by my childhood trauma and the professionals diagnosed him with multiple disabilities. Although I know my child was not deaf, I did not know why he regressed and stopped talking. It took me coming to the UK, embarking on studies to gain the knowledge, to understand many things. That is why I am an advocate of INCLUSION. I consider myself an Expert-Authority from cradle to grave. I have done the Multiple Generational Working Approaches as you will see from the Case Study.

Taking a Stance – Refusing to be a VICTIM anymore!

I arrived in the UK from Jamaica for the second time, twenty-two (22+) years ago – (25) years to what I called a land of opportunity in the Mother Country. I considered myself privileged to be afforded all the hospitality that came my way throughout the years I have lived in the UK. I have certainly made the most of the opportunities I was granted to uplift myself from the circumstances in which I had existed in for the first, thirty (30) years of my life before coming here to reside! I started working on my arrival, because back in the days, when I arrive, it was relatively easy to get a job regardless of whether one have skills.

I was doing contract cleaning in offices all over London where I meet some wonderful people, some of whom were to become lifelong friends and acquaintances. Considering that I had only gained a Secondary School education that was cut short, I was always on the look out to enhance my knowledge. I always have ambitions to make something of my life. When the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it with both hands and completed a course as a Health Care Assistant when there was a lull in the job market due to the changing of contracts. The Cleaning Contractors with whom I was working had lost the bid and I just could not adjust to the distance I had to travel and the new contractors.

I decided to try upgrading myself by doing the Training. However, I realised when I went to do the practical, after the theory that caring for the elderly was not the route for me. I could not cope emotionally, working with vulnerable elderly people, probably because of past experiences, when I developed phobias? When RCO got another contract at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in White City near Shepherds Bush and my Manager David Barrette contacted me to come back to work with him, I was more than happy to comply. I would get up early, to go in the City – Oxford Street, to do early morning cleaning in offices at (DIAGEO – Diageo plc, 8 Henrietta Place, London W1M 9AG).

After finishing there I would travel on the London Underground to get to White City, for my full-time job as a cleaner. Whilst working at the (BBC) in White City, I was responsible for keeping some areas of the children’s workplace nursery environment clean. Being a very observant person, I was very much aware of the happenings around me, so started taking an interest in the nursery. I therefore realised that what was happening in the nursery was like the type of work I had done as a Basic School Teacher, before coming to the UK.

After working long hours doing two jobs and travelling took their tolls on me.

I realised that what I had witnessed in the workplace nursery at the BBC could be another alternative to the cleaning. My mind started working overtime and I began to think of the opportunities available to me. If I decided to make one of the most important decisions that could change the outcomes of my future? I set about doing my research, hatching my bet, and knowing that the final decisions I chose to make about the route I take, would impact on the rest of my life. Little did I know what my decisions would mean for me, and how much it would take for me to discover myself? Before finally being empowered to break free from the part in which I was to be cast – that of a Villain!

There is an old saying where I come from, “if mi did know…” and as one of my brothers was fond of saying he never used those words. But I, unfortunately have had reasons to use them repeatedly. Well, I wish I could say the same because of some of the heartache I have experienced all these years because of my ambitions to change the outcomes of my life. On completion of the research, I decided to go to college to get a recognisable qualification working with young children. I have prior experiences as a Basic School Teacher. I enrolled at Lambeth College for a two year course.

Even thou I had applied for a lower course, because I had been out of studies for a long time and was not sure how I was going to adapt to being a student again. However, when I went to sit the entry test, the assessors recommended that I take a more advanced level course. So, with the beliefs of the assessors in my ability, I became a student again twenty-one (21) years after finishing formal education in 1976 at Secondary School. With my new-found self-confidence and beliefs in my ability, from writing an essay about my country Jamaica. I attended college and continued doing my part time cleaning job to finance my way through college for the next two years.

I told myself if I did not do well in my first set of assignments, I had no other alternatives than to go back to doing cleaning. I was determined to succeed despite the odds. Still for all I was more than determined to give my best shots to anything I put my hands to despite the odds that were stacked against me. I took it as a good omen when my “hidden disability” did not play havoc with my ability to do the entry test. I was lucky to rekindle the passion and rediscover the thirst I had for learning and the acquisition of knowledge. I was more than happy to know I was not one of the unfortunate ones who fell by the wayside and had to give up the course for whatever reasons.

I was the model student in all my subject modules except for Computing as this was the first time I was actually working with computers. In the first year of studies, my assignments were handwritten and considering that handwriting is not one of my stronger features, I got some stick from some of the tutors. Put fun and joke aside I am just one of a few my siblings whose handwriting is almost illegible. I bought myself a second-hand computer for the second year of studies and I guess from thence, that was when my love of ICT blossomed and kicked in. Of course, in the beginning it was a big struggle for me, but I persevered and is therefore reaping the benefits to this day.

I have taught myself most of what I can do, but I still wish I am more ICT savvy, nevertheless? With hindsight, I am glad I persevered, because I am proud of my accomplishments to date. However, I excelled in other areas becoming mentor for colleagues and felt honoured when they paid me the highest of compliments saying I should be a teacher. My colleagues claimed that I could break down some of the subject matters into manageable bits, so they could understand and make sense, ensuring it was relevant to their studies. My tutors Yvonne Fletcher, Oby Oradu, Robb Webb, Helen, Kate, et al were just some of the most inspiring teachers at Lambeth College.

They were nurturing all their students to reach their potentials. Some of those tutors recommended that I should go to university after the way how I dedicated myself to my studies, putting my energy into completing everything to the highest standards. Unfortunately, even if I had wanted to go, I could not go to university at that time because of the turmoil I was experiencing in my personal life. However, I graduated from Lambeth College, despite being one of the oldest students, with a Student of the Year Award Certificate, in 1999. I started working straight after finishing studies on the recommendation of my course tutor Yvonne at William Wilberforce, Lambeth Walk Day Nursery, and Kennington.

I worked in a few Private settings after leaving college, but I cannot say I had found fulfilment in my work. I always had my eyes opened, looking out for the ideal position, befitting the knowledge and values I gained from in-depth studies. I eventually got a post that I thought would give me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and expertise as a Pre-school Leader. As a Pre-school Leader I was lucky to be interviewed by OFSTED, hence my familiarity with OFSTED Standards and Procedures. Resulting from the OFSTED interview, I had to undergo training to fill gaps in my knowledge and I benefitted from the training.

However, because the Charity I was working with wasn’t making an impact on the community and the business not going anywhere.

I started looking for another job as job security was uppermost in my mind and came across the ideal job advert literally on my doorsteps. I applied and was successful and believed that there began my descent into a cycle of Discrimination from 2003, until I was forced to resign in 2008. Despite what happened to me at this workplace I have some treasured memories of some of the children and parents. I have kept the accolades and mementoes I was given as tokens of appreciations for the contributions I made to the children’s learning and development.

Since I embarked on studies with the Open University in 2004 and this lasted until 2010, I also had to fill gaps in my knowledge as part of my Professional Development Plan (PDP) now (CPPDP). The entire organisation and staff team, the children, and families, benefitted from my studies as I was able to introduce best inclusive practices. I was responsible for implementing of updated Policy and Procedures Documentations and appropriate Training for my (PDP). As a reflective practitioner who developed the listening ethos, I was challenged as an advocate of inclusion, who worked from a shared vision to be a defender of social justices and equality.

Therefore, I have always had the courage of my convictions to make my implicit knowledge explicit for the benefit of the children and families, especially children with diverse and complex needs. However, my honesty, openness, and willingness to stand up for the human rights of the vulnerable children was destined to see me get labelled and stereotyped, as a troublemaker. My unfailing dedication to implementing and promoting best inclusive practices, to making the workplace a beacon of excellence, was viewed as threats. There were those that were incompetent, yet figure heads in authority and leadership.

Of course, this was the catalyst that would set me on a collision course with those who viewed my knowledge, values, and beliefs as threats to their outdated practices. They refused to adhere to changes in laws and legislation. They took my offerings from my studies and training, implementing them as their own without acknowledging or crediting my contributions. When I adhered to the changes in policy and procedures, stipulated by the laws and legislation, codes of practice and conduct. Knowing safeguarding is paramount, so therefore sought help from those in authority.

First raising concerns in-house and going further afield, from other professionals and agencies, the matters were brushed under the carpet, and everything remained the same. But my main concerns were the fact that they were liable to use any gullible person as scapegoats when it was crunch time, as this happened to me before. To avoid this being repeated, I had presented my findings from my research studies to management, as part of a “defensive practice” to exonerate myself from being complicit in not meeting the needs of vulnerable children.

When I got no results from sharing concerns internally, I followed the convictions of my courage and reported inappropriate practices via the appropriate channels. But nothing was done, as I believe the appropriate channels all thought the organisation in question was untouchable. This is what has been happening in this country from the olden days when the concerns of the common people were not taken seriously. Therefore, the Local Education Authority, the Local Safeguarding Board, OFSTED, and the Trade Union – UNISON, decided to bury their heads in the sand, hoping the problems would go away by themselves. (Read Cameron G, 2016, CASE DISMISSED). If they pretend that they did not know about them.

But when it is crunch time these same Official Body and Institutions will be coming out of the wood works pretending that they had no knowledge of what was going on. And covering up for each other because they are cohorts, colluding and operating in the same league. When matters came to a head, these said persons colluded making allegations to cover up their incompetence and the fact that they refused to act to protect the vulnerable. This is one of the reasons why I keep saying there will be more cases of Victoria Climbie, Baby Peter, Stephen Lawrence, etc.

As for the cover up in other cases of ABUSES that are being reported, and more tax payer’s money wasted on Enquiry, I guess the stories will not be told in my lifetime. Some will be able to get away with what they have done and are continuing to do, discriminating against others. When people who are not power hungry enough to be in authority and leaderships, report and raise concerns, they are treated like nobody. Whilst others who do not wish their incompetence to come to light will prefer ganging up on them to cover up and protect themselves. I know what I am talking about because it happened to me, and I nearly went over the edge (ACAS www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers).

Therefore, if you have not stood or worn another person’s shoes, who had to deal with certain experiences, please do not judge them. To cut a long story short, after taking a stance and following the convictions of my courage to raise concerns because I was taught that everyone is “responsible for safeguarding…” I was made to suffer for my knowledge and beliefs, as well as trying to protect vulnerable children who were being short changed. If I was not a strong person, who developed the resilience to believe in myself, I would probably have ended up in the Maudsley Hospital without a doubt. I eventually did in 2016, having to get counselling because of LEYF.

I was listening to a programme on BBC Radio 4 when I was off sick and heard this Doctor discussing some of his experiences. They occurred when he followed his convictions to raise concerns as a (NHS Whistle-blower). Strangely enough, I have had similar experiences when I too raised concerns. As the professionals who are supposedly there to protect employees, like us, who are trying to impose mental health Issues unto us. In that way, we don’t have to explain our behaviours in wanting to protect the vulnerable. By the time they started making allegations and getting all the persons with whom I had raised concerns involved to gang up on me, I began to question my own mentality.

Although, if I was confronted with the same situations again that I had gone through before to protect vulnerable children and adults. I would adopt the same stance I took all those years ago, but I would approach the matter differently to protect myself from the anguish I went through, that nearly destroyed my life. That is why I am more than willing to advise anyone who is thinking of doing what I did, to think twice, long and hard? Deciding to go down that road can have impacts on one’s life from which they never recover. Because you are setting yourself up to facing years of trying times that can send one round the bend and ruin your life (Refer to www.justice.gov.uk/tribunals/employment/claims/booklets).

These days I am more in tuned to others who are experiencing similar circumstances to those that I have been through. I am more knowledgeable and experienced about lending my support, helping them over the difficult times. Believe me I witnessed my fair share of heartache across all age groups who have experienced discrimination. Having the courage of my convictions resulted in my good name and character being blackened beyond repairs. However, one of the things that hurt me the most is what one former colleague did to me when I was down and out and at the end of my tether. Finding herself in the seat of power she completely forgot our journey together, fighting discrimination.

When it was levelled at her by the same Manager who was the author of my downfall, I stood up for her, went out of my way to send her to jobs, etc…  We meet at a training session in Lambeth when I was the Preschool Leader working in South Norwood. We ended up starting work at the same place in April 2003. She was more of a go getter who wanted to make the move fast, but the Manager was not in support of this and started giving her a rough time. I was there for her, lending her moral support when she started her studies with the OU and started getting flak that stripped her of her self-esteem and confidence until she resigned.

We kept in contact despite her leaving and when she told me she was no longer working, I was on the look out to help her. When I was at the bus stop waiting and saw an advert I walked inside and told them, I knew someone who would be interested. From thence I was her support network, mentoring her when she had to go on interviews, writing references and even co-signing for her to get British status. However, when I was down and out and needed someone to support me, I just find it hard even after all these years to come to terms with the way that woman treated me when she was the Manager.

Effectively she had taken the same style of management techniques from our old Manager, who discriminated against us and doing the same to me. I think power must have gone to her head for her to turn around and do the same things that another person had done to her to me. Anyway, I bided my time and when another former colleague told me that her organisation was recruiting, I applied. The Lord does work in mysterious ways because the Manager was the one who told my former colleague that I had gained my Foundation Degree in Early Years and put her unto me to support her.

Luckily for me, I got out before things turned nasty, as I could see exactly what she was up to. She even went around saying some ridiculous things about me, another case of “kettle calling the pot black” because of jealousy of course. Knowing I had gone and done my interview and knew even before the interview was over that I had got a job, because they were that impressed with me. All I needed was to get my booked holidays out of the way and I was good to go. I have had my fair share of difficulties over the years, since I started working in childcare and education in July of 1999 to the present day. I attended interviews where the interviewees were surprised to know that I could answer the questions they posed.

Since I made the decisions not to turn a blind eye to social injustices and inequalities, I think I have done myself a disservice. By taking a stance, because of the discrimination I faced growing up, I was putting myself in a position where others are prepared to network against and blacklisting me. Because I took a stance and challenged those who thought they were untouchable. I have lost track of the number of interviews I attended, some were not even brave enough to get back to me, and others could not even come up with plausible reasons why I did not get the jobs. I have had persons who don’t know anything about me except probably what they have been fed via the sources of networking saying some despicable things about me.

But I have learned to take everything in my strides. After coming back from one of my visits homes and applying for a position, and I was the only candidate shortlisted. I was gobsmacked with the reasons I was given for not getting the job. Since then, I told myself, that it is pointless applying for any more positions and having to suffer the indignity of having another reason like that for not being taken seriously. Therefore, it is not worth the kind of demoralisation that I have been through over the years to try and change the perceptions that others have been given about me. I am more than contented with my life as it is now, and I have found other interests to keep me focused and deriving satisfactions.

My problems with some people at present is the fact that they still want to see me as a threat to their position because of my knowledge, values and beliefs. I have vowed not to apply for any other positions going. Even when I made it clear that I have none of the ambitions to be anything other than I am at present, no one seems to want to believe me. Therefore, I am still getting the aggravations from those people who cannot believe I do not want to be able to look down on others and treat them less than a human being. I can deal with the people whose intentions are out in the open but find it hard to deal with others with ulterior motives.

The ones who have their hidden agenda, axe to grind and are plotting your downfall, for no other reasons than they are jealous, takes the biscuit. Therefore, I prefer to run a mile from them, rather than go through what I have gone through before. During some of the past twenty (22+) years of trying to make a life for myself and my family.  For years I have been trying to get out from amongst certain individuals who have set out to wind me up the wrong way, in order that I fall in the trap they have set for me. I thought I was strong enough to handle anything that came my way, but after that incident in 2008, which resulted in my fall from grace. My confidence and self-esteem were shattered beyond repair.

I have had to deal with personal problems which affected my health and emotional wellbeing, over the years. But when I realise how I was being stitched up by a certain individual whom I had taken under my wings, mentored, and taught her practically all I knew because she is one of us. I began to have a rethink and just could not believe that lightening could be striking the same spot repeatedly, as in my case. Then when I heard another individual, the New Manager at Luton Street, who was in position of authority hiding behind the rhetoric of bureaucratic red tape and abusing her powers. And trying to stitch me up too, when she thought I was not around, I knew I have to protect myself.

In my estimation, I was with that individual all day, so if she had concerns, she should have addressed them with me instead of going behind my back to make enquiries. Since she never had the guts to bring up the matter with me and was using underhand tactics to get her ways, I thought I had to become weary of her intentions towards me as well. However, knowing my luck, if I had taken the matter further, I would more than likely be put in the place of the troublemaker and instigator. I recalled being told that whatever your Manager tells you to do you must do.  When I asked the question even if they are wrong, I was told, “yes”, I must comply.

Knowing my temperament and how I get emotional when I am upset, I would be accused of having attitudes, being aggressive and using body language to intimidate them! Is it any wonder the society is in the state it is in today? Because when it comes to some, there are others who are quick to make excuses for their behaviour. But when it is people who they have attached labels to and stereotyped as so-called troublemakers without knowing anything about them. Then you are aggressive, dismissive of authority, don’t know nothing, etc… Realising that I was once more staring down the barrel of a loaded shot gun, I have no alternative other than to get out before history repeated itself?

I was prompted to take this subject on because of another penultimate day in my life when I knew without a doubt that I must stand up and fight for my freedom. If I had refused to take that stance to defend myself from allegations and insinuations, then I would forever be looking over my shoulder. And always on the run from that cloud which engulfed me since 2003, when I started working at KINGS. Anyone who knew me before, when I had ambitions to conquer the world and get ahead in my chosen career field would understand why I became a changed person after my experiences which nearly sent me over the edge.

Coming back to work in South London since I left in 2009 has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Therefore, I tend to want to keep a low profile so as not to deliberately step on anyone’s toes and upset the applecart. I know time is the master and whatever is done in the dark will have to come to light one day. I am getting older as well and some of the things that were important to me when I was younger, fit, and healthy are no longer on my lists of achieving. My parents are dead, my children are grown and doing well, my grandchildren are continuing to fly the flags high, and I am contented with my life.

As surely as God is my judge, Master Time is slowly catching up with those unscrupulous individuals, organisations, establishments, systems, and governing bodies that colluded together and masterminded my downfall and caused me to suffer all these years. Already three out of four settings run by KINGS, the same organisation were judged by OFSTED to be ‘inadequate’. As God is my judge, I know more heads will be rolling, it is only a matter of time. When the realisation of what was about to happen to me again, flashed across my brain… I had no option but to throw all caution to the wind, stand up and fight to save my good name and my dignity.

I stopped trusting some people but decided to put my experiences aside and begin afresh. However, once I let my guard down, someone with ulterior motives and an agenda, had it in her head that she was going to make her mark to get into the good books of officialdom, by using me as a scapegoat. By God, she did not know who she was dealing with and there was no way in hell I was going to let another upstart turn me into a VICTIM. To climb their way up that career ladder like others have done before her! I made the decision to do what I must do to survive, mind my own business and get on with my life.

I began to smell a rotten fish when the queries keep coming hard and fast from one person and this really started to get my back up when I was being singled out to be treated like a naughty child. It slowly dawned on me from this person’s behaviour that the rumour and networking mills were wide opened. I am the target because the queries only came after she was around certain individuals. Even then it didn’t click how much this person had it, in for me until an innocent incident occurred to do with my disabilities and health conditions. This person grabbed the chance to play her hands, but she did not know me enough to know that I don’t always take everything lying down.

When I heard how the matter was blown out of proportion and realise the stage was set because officialdom was in the next day, I blew my top. Apparently, she was well versed into how to go about provoking me into a reaction. Suffice it to say I dealt with the matter the only way I knew how despite the threats, because I am not easily scared of no one. Those who are prepared to abuse their power of authority and try to make another person’s life a living hell. My parents made sacrifices throughout their lives and fought and overcome prejudices. They brought me up to fear God and live by the principles of the Bible.

If I had continued running instead of standing up and fighting, with the best tools at my disposals, my knowledge, values, and beliefs. I fought for my rights not to be discriminated against because another person feels the need to be jealous of me for no apparent reasons. I would be letting my parents, my children, grandchildren, and myself down if I did not have the courage of my convictions and stand up for my rights, and that of the vulnerable children I worked with. Although I was getting threatened with hell and damnations for taking a stance, by this time I was so mad and did not give a damn about the consequences.

There was no way in hell I was going to let another self-serving jealous person who felt threatened by my knowledge, values and beliefs get away again. Although she was in the process of doing what others had done years ago to destroy my life and seems to be getting away with it, over my dead body. Now more than ever I will be on the alert and looking in all directions to where the enemy is coming from. My mantra remains no one is my friend, so trust no shadows after dark. I may look like an idiot but I am afraid to disappoint anyone because I certainly am not an idiot! My dearly departed Mother, used to tell me since I was a child “when you see them running on their two feet, jump on your one and a half and go on…”

I know the race is not for the swift, but those who can endure it to the end. It is a sad indication of what society has come to, when some people think it is acceptable to hide behind the rhetoric of bureaucratic red tape, abusing their power of authority. And making the lives of persons who are passionate about what they do, want to throw in the towel and give up. The thing that hurt me the most about this whole matter, is the fact that Women stand guilty of discriminating against their sisters. They are dead set against seeing their sisters rise above the parapet, succeed and escape from the circumstances in which they were born.

These unscrupulous, jealous women do not care about the underhand methods they used to drag their sisters back down to the bottom rung of the ladder. The impact their actions can have on the persons they are undermining and their families, if they can elevate themselves to the top. Hence as my granny used to say, “the same stick that lick black snake will lick the yellow one, or same knife that stick goat will stick sheep.” I have been looking over my shoulder since that date in 2008 and not because I had done anything wrong, but because I had taken a stance to try and make the difference for a vulnerable child (www.ofsted.gov.uk/parents).

However, the same way how others were let down by the system because some of those who were responsible for protecting the vulnerable, preferred to turn a blind eye when concerns were raised. Then these same persons turn around and used tax payer’s money to pay for investigations after they closed the gates after the horse bolted. My old folks used to tell me that “you cannot force water uphill because it will come back down and probably drown you?” Now I believe it is time I stop letting ungrateful people stop using me as a door mat. As of now I refuse to let anyone make me a victim.

I have had years of preparing for my roles in life, since an early age and now that some of the most important persons in my life have passed on. I am left with my elderly husband here in the UK and I have had some trying times coping with his health conditions. Therefore, when I developed some of those same progressive health conditions, it is only natural that I am going to try my best not to find myself in some of those scrapes that I had to learn to revive him out of – hypo. So, when someone is going to use my disabilities and progressive health condition to try and pin something on me because they have an agenda to stitch me up.

I am going to fight hammer tooth and nail to regain my dignity at whatever cost. So former employers, naysayers, and trolls, better be aware that I am no push over, I am slow but sure and I will get to an enlightening in the end. When they are digging their pit, I would advise them to do their research and think twice because I am prepared to fight for my Rights not to be a stooge for anyone. I will end by thinking about some of Bob Marley’s songs one of which I recorded only this year to share on social media in celebration of Black History Month – Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery, None but Ourselves Can Free Our Minds…

The song that goes with my current situation is – Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up, For Your RIGHTS… All these things that we are going through, were happening as far back as Biblical days. The Prophets and Visionaries, like Bob Marley, were singing and telling us about what we need to do to break free from those cycles of oppression and discrimination. So, no more will I allow anyone to make me suffer to feed their twisted ego, to make themselves look better than they really are.

From this day forward, I proclaim I am covered and washed by the blood of the lamb. It was a sad day when Adam and Eve decided to eat from the Tree of Good and Evil and realised that they were naked?

Kin Teeth a Nuh LAUGH…? 6.1.2015

I am drawn to touch on this subject because of a few issues that caught my attention recently. Since no one else seems brave enough to tackle the matter that was playing on my mind. I decided to apply my old-fashioned values and beliefs and take the bull by the horns and lay my cards on the table face up. I know by doing this I am going against the grains of how some are prepared to conduct themselves for fear of being labelled, stereotyped, and ridiculed. I was brought up in an era when I was taught certain common curtesy, and these are the norms that I continue to live by to this day.

I have never forgotten this little gem “There are three (3) little words/phases we all should know. They are good morning, please and thank you. Use them quite often wherever you go. There are no nicer words than these.”  Although I was taught them from an early age, I have no memory of whether I learned it at home or school? Whenever I remember to teach it to my little charges, they always seem pleased to learn the words. And I was surprised one day, when a parent told me her child came home reciting it. So, to the crux of my present dilemma for which I could no longer hold my tongue as the matter has been eating away at my conscience.

I had no other alternatives, but to address the matter and be done with it. Don’t get me wrong I did not jump in at the deep end either as I am an older and wiser person who is the epitome of discretions. Also living in a diverse multicultural society, I am weary of rubbing anyone up the wrong way. Like others have done to me in the past without knowing the person involved. Therefore, I have taken on the cloak of diplomacy and is very sensitive to the needs of others with regards to age, status, background, sexuality, gender, ability, disability, etc and etc… (Equality Act 2010/2015). I work in an industry where communication in whatever forms it is used, is key to providing quality services to service users and providers and other clienteles.

Updates – 6th July 2017:

Working in the Health and Social Care Sector with the very young who need to develop certain skills on their journey of early learning from cradle to grave (EYFS, Ofsted – DFS www.gov.org.uk). I have had to be proactive in applying the knowledge I gained from studies and training to best effects. Terms of the Open Government Licence v2.0. (www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc.open-governement-licence/version/2 or email: psi@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk)  Enquiries: www.education.gov.uk/contactus. Download: www.gov.uk/government/publications.

Being mindful of not stepping on anyone’s toes intentionally and overstepping the boundaries of my authority. I am saying this because I encountered problems in the past because some persons think they are above taking advice from lowly placed individuals like myself who do not have a handle attached to our names. But, knowing that when certain so-called high up persons who wants to make their names come visiting, they have an agenda and an axe to grind (Employment Tribunals case Mrs M. Myers V London Early Years Foundation – LEYF Case Number: 2300047/2016).

I have had experiences where some of these persons will use their power to undermine others just to make themselves look whiter than white. I have been under scrutiny before, from other professionals who asks leading questions and then turn around and misinterpreted what was said. They have their own agenda to be in the good books of others. Since I have been there before myself and know the outcome, when my practices were questioned. I felt it was now down to me as a professional who enhanced knowledge and developed the listening ethos as a reflective practitioner to take a step forward and believe in the courage of my convictions to intervene sensitively.

Since this was a matter which I had picked up on but chose not to say anything about because of my past history. I felt compelled to act when outsiders could pick up on it after just a few hours in the environment. I know what it is to be young and uncertain about your future, especially if one has had a sheltered life or even had to cope with some impairments or hidden disability. So, when the person was so blatant and outright with her action, by coming into my presence and not having the common curtesy of as much as saying “good morning”, I calmly spoke to her and asked if she had said “good morning” to any of the children and her colleagues as she walked pass?

She said, “no” so, I told her that what I was about to say to her should not be taken in a negative light. Instead, my only intention in addressing her was to put her on her guard as she, like all of us who work in the setting, was under scrutiny and she needs to do better. I know she is only young but I have seen and worked with young persons who are so courteous and act professionally, when it comes to their job descriptions. I just cannot understand how anyone can work with young children and not lose their inhibitions, if they have any in the first place? Just imagine a person walking into a place, five days per week and not greeting neither your colleagues nor the children.

Instead, your face is made up like when rain set up to fall or as my mother was fond of saying “yuh face set up lika when washer woman see dutty bungle pon Monday morning?” I grew up knowing that it is the norm to greet everyone you meet and as my parents were under no illusions about the way we were brought up and we either take it or leave it at our perils. In the profession that I have chosen, it is a requirement to be able to communicate with all sort of persons from different strata of life in a variety of formats. The EYFS curriculum has the Prime and Specific areas and Communication and Language is one of the areas that young children will have to achieve before they can move on and access the Specific areas.

Early years practitioners are supposed to be participant observers and learners in promoting children’s development and learning across the EYFS. But yet we are finding persons like this young person in the profession who cannot be bothered to open her mouth to utter a “good morning” greeting to her colleagues and the children and thinks that is acceptable. Therefore, I have to be wondering what kind of a role model this person is going to be in promoting and implementing activities and experiences to enable children to achieve the basics in Communication and Language when they cannot even bother to open their mouth to greet even the children.

When you have dedicated your life to enhancing knowledge and expertise so that you are able to promote and implement best inclusive practice. They will go out of their way to make your life hell because you refused to be pally and spend your time paying lip service to their inappropriate outdated practices. They refused to adhere to changes in laws and legislation and tell you “We don’t do things like that here and I am in charge.” So, what you are in charge, but don’t know the basics about the EYFS curriculum and the early years National Statutory requirements like EVERY CHILD A TALKER (ECAT). That should be documented to know where children are in their Communication and Language development.

There are children being identified with communication and language difficulties and early intervention strategies should be in implemented from the monitored forms. But instead, some who don’t have the knowledge prefer to wait instead of allowing another practitioner who don’t have a status to their name to get on with the job of promoting inclusive practice. I know from experience not to interfere as I was once asked why I say children have Special Educational Needs when their parents are professionals’ example surgeons, doctors, nurses… at KINGS, the NHS, where you would think those matters were important.

Then one OFSTED inspector claimed I had discriminated against children because she heard me saying there is one girl in the group. But then she did not stop to work out why I had said there is one girl in the group and the context in which it was said.  On that day when I was doing a group activity, there was one girl amongst the boys and comparisons were made. So, if one has the courage of their convictions to implement and promote inclusive practice, you must be prepared to wait because you are not deemed good enough to have a handle attached to your name as you are viewed as threats to the uneducated ignorant, ones who get their status by undermining others in their pursuits of getting to the top of the ladder.

Since I have prepared myself, enhancing knowledge with the intentions of climbing up the career ladder but was kicked in the teeth once I put my foot on the first rung. I was battered, bruised, and broken as a result that I ended up losing my motivations to go on. One might say that I have “tun worthless and lacking in ambitions” as I don’t wish to go through that experience ever again that I got myself into. I finally managed to extricate myself from my predicament, leading up to 2014, when I witnessed my youngest son for whom I had so many concerns, deciding to settle down and get married. When I was home for my son’s wedding, I had to come to terms that I had lost my mother, as she did not recognise her family anymore and she was just a shell of her old self.

So, I said my final goodbye and knew I would not see her again in this life. Then a few months later I returned home to bury her. I have since put all my pasts when I almost lost my sanity behind me and decided to be contended with my life, focussing on the things that are of most importance to me. I have had experiences with the young, sick and infirmed as well as the dying, I know what it is to be experiencing conflicting emotions. Therefore, I know how to empathise with the different age groups and remembered my mother saying come let us talk when I visited her. Yet that was all the talking she could do as her memory had gone.

Is it any wonder then that the children will treat any persons who failed to be on their level differently from another person who spares the time to greet them cheerfully on arrival in their presence?  I have always tried very hard not to take my worries into work with me, if I can help it, as this can have an impact upon the children’s day. I try to adhere to that professional code of conduct, of acting as a professional no matter what, in my job. I will confess that I am a very funny person indeed but I know when to get into character, as I wear varying hats to perform my roles. I am willing to grin and bear it and conform to the laws and legislation of my contractual agreements. However, outside the confines of those laws, I have no obligations to having to be pally with anyone.

If I see you approaching on the right and I am not feeling in the mood for conversation, I might easily cross over to the left to avoid bumping into you. Therefore, I am not expecting to be anyone’s friend outside the confines of my work environment and if any of my colleagues do not acknowledge me out in the public, I am happy with that. However, to walk into the same environment day in and day out without the common curtsey of a good morning, really is not nice and what I considered part of the norms of the society in which I was brought up. My dad was the kind of person who greeted everyone: young, middle age and old whom he passed on the way.

Although, these days it is acceptable to call everyone by their Christian names, I grew up in an era when you put a handle to the names of your superiors and those who are older than you. And of course, it never hurt me to be courteous, however I think I am hip enough to move with the times and take change in my stride. I have reached and surpassed the stages in my life where I allow much to bother me anymore. Therefore, I will let most things that I would usually take any notice of bother me these days. I have taken out a new lease on life and am focussing more on the positive rather than the negative.

But as God is my judge, simple things like not having manners and disrespecting the norms of society, cut me to the quick and make me wish for the era when I grew up, when good common sense was the order of the day. Instead, we are overruled by political correctness where we cannot express our thoughts, views, and opinions about issues like this one. We are afraid to challenge inappropriate practices, like lapses in professionalism because somewhere, somehow, there is someone with an axe to grind and their own agenda, who will go out of their way to stitch you up, so you end up acting out of character.

I am talking from experience because she who feels it knows it and I have had my past come back to haunt me recently after I thought I had left it far behind. So once more I am living with the reality that it is best to keep one step ahead of the opposition and do not let your implicit knowledge be too explicit because some ignorant persons might view you as a threat to their status that you have absolutely no interests in. Unless you want to be in hot water every day and get treated as a NAUGHTY CHILD, take my advice, and keep your head low and your knowledge to yourself until you are wanted to do something for others to take the credit.

I would advise any young person who is starting out to be on their guard to the pitfalls that are in any industry that they work in. Because everywhere you go, there is bound to be one issue or another that will creep up. As some of my former colleagues have identified, if you are not careful, there are some who will frustrate you into giving up, if you are not resilient. If you follow some of the things that get thrown at you to break you down, you become afraid to challenge discriminative culture that is creeping into the workplace and making the lives of some a misery. That is why these days, I prefer to err on the side of caution before standing aside and allowing the very young children to miss out on getting the solid foundation, of an early education.

The education that is key in preparing them for life in a changing society that revolves around the norms of right and wrong and good over evil. I don’t care if anyone wants to say that I act as if I know too much. I believe someone have to take a stance to rid the world of the things that are intrinsically bad and detrimental to the fostering of good relationships and what is considered the good of mankind. I will forever be questioning inappropriate practices and discrimination anywhere in life that I encounter them. There are just too many of us in society who are willing to turn a blind eye so as not to upset others and leave them to get on with the job of doing the things that are not right.

That is when we stop to say if only, I had known, listened or stopped to investigate, then the outcomes could have been different. I know not saying good morning is not such a big issue after all, but to me there are some things that need to be upheld, if we say we are role models for young children. I am willing to challenge anyone who behaves otherwise. That is why I am using the media available at my disposal to air my views about matters that are important to me. I will not commits the cardinal sin of making the mistakes that I once did, by climbing too high like that proverbial monkey and leaving my arse exposed to dangers.

I have learned some valuable lessons over the years to keep me well and truly within the boundaries of my authority. But I am one person who believes the truth should be told and it is time some in authority stop making the lives of lesser mortals living hells because of what they believe in. Everyone has a right to their opinions, and no one is forced to agree with my views. The same way I do not think I have to agree with everything I read, hear or being told by any humankind alive. I loved my parents and I am grateful for the way I was brought up but that does not mean I agreed with everything they said and taught me at the time. I was brave enough to disagree with them and tell them why I have different views.

Writing is one way of dealing with issues that I feel are important to me. I have been writing since as far back as I can remember and for me writing is therapeutic, so I will be writing as long as I am able. But you will not see me writing about certain issues, as I believe there are some things better left in the annals of your memory where they cannot stir up matters that are better left buried and never to be discussed. Once more, my old-fashioned values and beliefs and my enhanced knowledge are viewed as threats by some who do not have the courage of their conviction to stand up and be counted for what they believe in. If someone tells them to jump, they will jump without stopping to formulate a question.

I, on the other hand might end up jumping, but only after I am told what I am jumping for? I have always been an outspoken person and I will always call a spade a spade if I do not prove otherwise, that it is a shovel. That means I am prepared to die for the TRUTH! I have suffered enough, and I do not know when it will end but I am a SINNER and I know suffering is something I have to learn to live with.  I know I will get my reward in heaven, when I finally get there to meet with my loved ones.

But whilst I am here on earth, I still need to earn a living with the God given talents I was blessed with. Therefore, I would love to be left alone without someone trying to stitch me up?

Job Description: EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, Multigenerational Working Approaches – The Equality Act 2010 – 1st May 2015

Today marks the beginning of a new dawn in my life. 1st May 2015 marks the third birthday of a little child who walked into my life one September morning 2014. On reflections it was uncanny how this child came bounding up to me, like we had met each other before. From that moment, we formed a lasting bond and with time established secondary attachments over the ensuing months. Meeting this child brought back poignant memories of my own personal experiences with my first child. Because as a young inexperienced and uneducated mother, I’d encountered prejudice. My child and I were subjected to discriminations that were to alter the course of our lives.

We were discriminated against by association as I tried to understand and adjust the changes in my life as a teenager who was lacking in knowledge. I encountered prejudice where my child and I were stereotyped, labelled, and marginalised by perception for being different. The matter was further compounded when the professionals got involved and a wrong diagnosis made. They proclaimed my child was deaf and dumb after doing what I considered some test that defeated the aims of the outcome? But as a parent who knows my child better than anyone else, I knew my child was not deaf. Although I didn’t know the reasons for him not talking at the time.

I had to live with the stigma of having a disabled child who was different from his peers. Thank God my story had a better ending and he only had Communication Difficulties. Lack of knowledge caused me to blame myself for my child’s condition. Therefore, I was now burdened down with an additional cross that I was carrying since my childhood. However, I believe that once one takes on certain responsibilities, one must forget their own deficits and limitations and do the best they can. So, I was determined to make the most of what I was blessed with and try to give my child the best. He was the apple of my dad’s eye and his dad did believe my child resembled his granddad?

I sent him to Basic School to socialise with his peers and he was happy to go. When the teachers told me to keep him at home because he wasn’t talking, I stood my ground. I told them I was paying my fees, so he had every right to attend. My child’s, my life and family stories are well documented, and he is the reason I have become the passionate advocate of inclusion that I am today. I am always trying to enhance knowledge and expertise, as I empower myself to be able to make a difference in the lives of others like myself.

Wherever and whenever I can, I will be using my enhanced knowledge and expertise to implement and promote early intervention strategies to stop even one child and their family going through the unfavourably experiences that my child and I encountered. My own experiences of growing up with a hidden disability, which blighted my early life and even now that I am adult, has taught me not to take anything in life for granted. My dad used to say, “never look on the dress on the woman, but instead look closely at the woman wearing the dress?

Before anyone who is hell-bent on disempowering others, making allegations, and discriminating against them to destroy lives. Lives are being destroyed by others because of their own lack of knowledge and ignorance on their part as they bury their heads in the sand. So, I beseech those who are setting out on this destructive pathway of wrecking wrath on others because they are refusing to change with the times. Just take some time out of your busy schedules of pen pushing to keep up with changing laws and legislation, so you don’t discriminate and destroy innocent lives in your ignorance and lack of knowledge.

I have been spending my time productively doing my research, as I am getting paid as I was rightly told. Just try and understand and rid yourselves of the preconceived misconstrued notions that are being used to judge, stereotype, marginalise and attach labels that only discriminate against others. Only then will some be able to understand why we are unique individuals in our own rights. The only thing we share is the blood running through our veins.

The Equality Act 2010 states “a person has a disability if they have a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect on their ability to carry out day-to-day activities. Physical or mental impairment includes sensory impairments such as those affecting sight or hearing”.

Since the beginning of 2015, I have once again encountered some experiences that resulted in my medical health and hidden disability conditions being exacerbated to the point where I am under this dark cloud. I reached the end of my tether, where I could not see a way forward. But relying on my resilience, past experiences of dealing with traumas associated with illnesses of loved ones, deaths, sufferings, and healings. I willed myself to get out from under those dark clouds and once more deal with life’s journey. I do not know what tomorrow will bring but I know if I do not fight, I will be failing all my loved ones who fought the fight and have gone on before me.

So, at the start of this May month, when I hope to celebrate another Birthday, I will dedicate myself to celebrating life with Its up and downs. I will do this in memory of my uncle, Terah Chambers, who was brutally murdered and cut down in the prime of his life, 50 years old because of his dedication to his work. My father, Ivan Sandyman Nembhard, who struggled ten (10+) years with Parkinson’s disease but who never one day wavered from his values and beliefs and faith in a God who would deliver him from his suffering in the end.

My grandma, Elsie Adina Saunders-Chambers, who was always there throughout my life. She suffered ill-health but died of a broken heart, two years after the brutal murder of her son, my uncle Terah and mama’s only other sibling from both her parents. But none of us know the impact that might have had on my mother. Worse still, one of her sons was present and witnessed the killing.

My brother Ashter Serena Urella Nembhard, who was a visionary and packed so much in his thirty-seven (37+) years of levity. Yet he was different and because of this faced persecution. He was provoked into committing Criminal Acts, ended up in prison where he died alone and away from his family. In the end I feared I would end up like him on two occasions when I was provoked in the workplaces. I began to question my sanity and self-referred to Occupational Health in the first instance.

That is why, the second time I told the Senior HR I know about the Medical Referral and could refuse to attend. But I know I would breach the Contract by not attending. The rest of my story is history because I proved during the Employment Tribunals that the Contract I signed on the 7th October 2009, was not reviewed and updated. LEYF was not operating as a Legal Entity.

My brother Walford Byron Alburney Nembhard, who just wanted a little time to accomplish some unfinished business, he asked God not to let him suffer like dad. He was gone within three months of being diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I promised him on his death bed to help with my young niece. It has been difficult keeping my promise to him because LEYF take away my job, depriving me of providing for my basic needs. But I am making the sacrifices to keep my promises. My niece is doing well at university. I am sure she will be emulating the achievements of my young cousin, my uncle Terah’s daughter who lost her dad aged three years old. She graduated from University, with her Master’s Degree.

At the end of the month, I will once more join the Race 4 Life team to honour BYRON’s memory and his struggle with cancer. I have since become proactive, joining the many different causes, and undertaking studies to start my own business. I have not been successful in getting another job after retraining and having various qualifications and experiences. I refuse to pay over the top to put money in the pocket of anyone to train me for what I already know.

Last but not least my mother Perline Lousie Chambers-Nembhard, who was just an exceptional woman who had to be OUR Mother and Father at one stage of our lives. In the end all she wanted to do was go to Heaven and Rest.

Time is the Master and I am waiting on Master Time to help me heal as I look forward to celebrating another milestone that I’d thought I’d not reach. Another 18 days to go…?

Subtle Positive Discrimination   

I was refused access to Training when I started working with LEYF to gain my Early Years Professional Status because they could not spare me the time to work and study. LEYF like other organisation will use Positive Discrimination to keep others at the bottom of the career ladder and then destroy us, if they think they can get away with it (Hudson, M. 2012 Research Paper: The Experiences of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds).

I was refused access to training as an assessor for LEYF to help train the Apprentices despite recommendations from my Manager at Luton Street, where I worked between April 2010 to 22nd July 2014. Then I was turned down for the post of Lead Early Years Practitioner, despite being the only shortlisted staff from LEYF. This affected my mental health conditions, but I picked myself up, dusted myself off and decided not to let this get me down and affect the way how I am able to carry out normal day to day activities.

I make more decisions like when I choose not to have more children because of my DNA and realising that I did not want any child of mine to go through my experiences in life. I could not do anything about the children I already have even when they were not planned for. But I have to make that decision, and although I have one regret of not having a daughter, I am happy with my life. I have two wonderful daughters-in-law and a granddaughter along with my sister-in-law and friends.

That is why when I appeared in HCT Group Impact Report 2016 Changing Times, Lasting Impact www.hctgroup.org and they refused to stick to the promise of allowing me to undertake Training to become an Assessor, I decided not to allow anyone else to use me for their own gains. My photo appears on page 9 of www.hctgroup.org.

I have applied for jobs, volunteered, attending Training, been attending Networking events, joining charities with the hope of getting back into employment but have not been successful to date.

I only become empowered after attending some free Training: JT Foxx Program www.jtfox.com, Gerry Robert President & Founder Black Card Books WWW.BLACKCARDBOOKS.COM I attended Tony Robbins Masterclass and meet PA JOOF.  The rest is history, since I met Andy Harrington at Power to Achieve 23rd – 25th June 2017 at the Excel London Platinum Suite, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London E16 1XL.

I am my DNA? 8.2.2015 – My Mama

I was touched by the story I read in the Daily Express newspaper on Monday 2nd February 2015 – express yourself. Since I am into research, so I am in a better place to handle the important matters in my life that will impact on the person I will eventually become in my old age, if I am lucky to live as long as my Mother. I am availing myself of all the necessary information to make it easier for my family to better understand me and therefore, better educated and equipped to deal with me? When anyone ask about the things that are of interests to me, you won’t hear me naming any of the popular programmes on television or social media. Because frankly I am not interested in most of them and do not have the time to watch them either.

Neither will I waste my hard-earned cash and valuable money buying those daily gossip magazines because I am not that interested in the lives of A-Z list celebrities who don’t have anything to teach me about life. Instead, you will find me focusing on researching and documenting my family history for the future generations, if any of them are interested? I am living with my regrets of not knowing much about some of my ancestors who were the key in making me the person who I am today and will become later. After reading Sarah King’s story in the newspaper about her husband Andrew, my Mother is the first person who came to mind.

The reason she came to mind is because she is the last of my immediate family to depart this life on 01.06.2014 at the ripe old age of 90. The most significant reason for my Mother coming to mind is the fact that she suffered from DEMENTIA for a few her twilight years. Believe it or not, I am the person who diagnosed her condition from distances away, after I had enhanced studies whilst living in this country of opportunity. In addition to my early year’s studies, I had done an Open University Health and Social Care Level 2 course paid for by the Trade Union – UNISON, at the time. That was when empowering the social care workforce was given top priority back then when I was a student.

I could not help but agreed with the conclusions drawn by one of the Presenters Vicky Hutchin – The Progress Check at Two: getting it right for the child and parents at the recently concluded Nursery World Show 2015 about the scaling down of teaching. I am an advocate of Continuing Personal Professional Development (CPPD) because I believe that knowledge is power. I was empowered to apply my enhanced knowledge and expertise from studying about Child Development, to diagnose mum’s condition. When I started hearing about her strange uncharacteristic behaviours, I realised that something was just not right.

Diagnosing mum’s condition earlier helped put her on the pathways to getting the care and attention needed to make her life experiences better. The diagnosis enabled my family back home in Jamaica to separate the cantankerous, miserable old woman who always spoke her mind from the little old lady who was a shell of her former self. Although I wasn’t home to play my part as I ought to, as Mum’s only daughter. I was in a better position living in the UK because I was financially secured, having a job that I am passionate about, from which I earned the money to contribute to her upkeep to the very end.

I made it a point of my duty to call home once per week after her diagnosis to speak to her, trying to keep that bond strong and relevant as my mother’s only girl, from a brood of the 8 children she raised to adulthood. She had, in fact, buried two of my brothers before in 1994 and 2008, her husband and mother a month apart in 1980 and her only brother in 1978. I sort of understand and can empathise with Sarah King about some of the emotions she is experiencing at this time in her life. Even though my Mum could not make head nor tails of what I was saying in the end, I continued to call to hear her voice.

However, I had my moments when after calling home I was left to reflect on my own life because of my earlier experiences of helping Mum to care for Dad and Gran. I would end up in pieces and have to be comforted by my then partner, now my husband. Despite my misgivings and feelings of being totally useless, I couldn’t help but continue calling my Mum. I was comforted by just hearing that melodious laugh of hers and the voice by which she was best known. I guess all of us – my siblings and I have, and our offspring inherited Mum’s laugh in varying measures.

That is why I find it so hard when others chose to ridicule me about some of my family traits and cultural heritage over which I have no control whatsoever. Like my Mum when I am feeling vulnerable about some of my deficits and insecurities, I try and cover them up the way she had done with her missing digit from her left thumb, by tucking it away. I will hold myself to stop my nervous tics and shakes from becoming visible and I will also try not to speak, as when I become nervous the words failed to come out, or I am so intent on getting them out that that the volume increases. So, when I am trying to protect myself, I am not being rude, aggressive, using body language or any of those things that others have problems with.

However, on a different front anyone from Jamaica uses different body languages and cues to express ourselves in one form or another. I will conclude by saying my mother had a very fulfilling life for almost all her 90 years with us and not many are as fortunate as she was. It was briefly interrupted with her onset Dementia which lasted until she departed this life. Having inherited much of mum’s indomitable traits and spirits, primarily of which was her Tender Loving Care (TLC) which she reserved for the young, sick, old and vulnerable amongst us.

My sons are of the opinion that I will benefit from mum’s DNA and I can only hope they are right, and I continue to have a productive life as far into my dotage as is reasonably possible. But it is hard to function when others put obstacles in my way.

My Papa

That is why I believe I owe it to the memory of my father to dedicate this story to him for no other reasons than he suffered a similar fate to Andrew, Sarah King’s husband, when he was in his late 40’s. Dad was struck down in the prime of his life as far back as I can recall from when I was a little girl. He was eventually made redundant from his job as a common Labourer, when I was still attending Secondary School and mum had to take on the mantle, wearing many hats as chief bread winner, informal carer and much more, over the next 10+ years that dad struggled with his illnesses. It was the hardest thing for me to come to terms with dad’s illness, as I had vivid memories of my papa who worked hard for his family.

In addition to his full-time job as a common Labourer, he cultivated and planted ground provisions and rice anywhere he could find a spot, to supplement his income. Our home was always filled with a wide variety of fresh food products that we eat to our hearts content. What we did not eat was given away to family and friends in the community, as at that time everything was shared out for others to enjoy. Dad was a professional at most things that he put his hands to and everyone would to this day talk about the way he kept up his yard; with the neat edges and grass cut down to lawn levels with his machete.

He volunteered to cut the school yard and cleaned the street that we lived in. I still have vivid memories of dad balancing the broomstick on the end of his fingertips and the palm of his hand. And his handwriting was just so perfect, especially the way he formed the letter N for his surname, Nembhard. He used his 2 hands to grater the cassava, rubbing the cassava down the side of the grater at the same time in unison. Coming from St. Elizabeth, meant that dad introduced lots of the culture to Westmoreland, where he eventually settled.

He had a concertina, that he called a flutetina, which he played, and he was always playing his mouth organ or whistling along, as he was always singing and praising his God, in one form or another. With the onset of his inherited illness, Parkinson’s Disease, dad slowly began to have the tremors. At first this was put down to him being sick with his nerves because he overworked himself? He was used as a pioneering guinea pig, testing medication because I believe not much scientific knowledge was not available at the time about dad’s condition?

Our home was full to overflowing with all these medications in the forms of these massive tablets, most of which dad never even took. Over the years, the tiny tremors turned into more noticeable shakes, which exacerbated into thunderous, earth-shattering rumbles that could be seen and heard from near and far. Dad lost control of his body, as every conceivable fibre of his being shook, along with the foundation of the bed or chair he was in. Dad’s illness rendered him totally useless in the end, to the point where he had to have 24-hour care.

Before his slow demise into uselessness, dad continued to be the hardworking man to almost the very end as long as he could get out of bed. He would go pick up the leaves from the yard, bathe himself with the water mum placed in the sun to warm and even held my son; rocking him to sleep, singing a lullaby. For me, dad’s illness was like a torture as I watched him struggle with his condition getting worse over the ensuing years. Mum was selfless in her duty of care to him and then grandma also took sick, after the death of her only Son in 1978, close to Dad’s end. Mum had to go out to work to bring home the bacon and come home to attend to the personal care of both her loved ones; her mother and husband.

I recalled the last time dad came out of the house unto the veranda and stayed for a while. He flung one of his feet over the veranda railing and was being his old self as if he had taken a new lease on life and recovered from his illnesses? I guess it might have been mum in her infinite wisdom who said that this could have been dad’s final visit to the veranda? She claimed that from experiences this was the case when people gained strength before their time to depart this world.

Mum’s words were spot on because Dad never came back out of his room after that until he died. Mum’s words were the self-fulfilling prophecy because Dad gained his strength to spend his final time on his veranda before becoming bedbound. His condition deteriorated so much that he was a shell of his former self. Dad was a man of slim built, but by the time he died, he had gone down to pure skeleton/skin and bones because he was bedridden. When they came to collect his body to take to the morgue, they thought he had died days before? In a sense he had died, only waiting for the breath to leave the frail body.

His years of sickness had taken their tolls on mum but she never once complained, and no one ever saw her shed a tear. If she ever did, it was in privacy when no one could witness her weaknesses when her defences were down? I on the other hand was always questioning the wisdom of God in allowing my Papa who lived his life to the Bible’s teaching to suffer so much. I would rant and rave in my heart about this unjust God who could allow my God-fearing Papa to go through so much when he didn’t deserve any of it. How could this God whom my Papa worshipped with every fibre of his being allowed him to suffer such indignity in life and then continue to hold him at ransom and not release him to go home and rest?

One of my brothers used to say if he was alone with Dad, he would help him out of his suffering. That was before I knew anything about euthanasia. That Brother died in 1994 and went to join Dad. Then imagine how I felt when I realised, I inherited Dad’s Parkinson as I started to have signs and symptoms for my efforts. Then I couldn’t help but think that my Papa’s God must have been punishing me for something I might have done, that I did not know anything about. I am 1 girl of 8 siblings, and I picked the shortest straw by inheriting Dad’s debilitating condition – Parkinson disease which caused him to be stuck down in his prime and struggle before he died.

But to be frank, knowledge is power and via studies, I have empowered myself with the information as I learned to accept that I cannot change anything about who my parents are. I have learnt coping mechanisms in dealing with my conditions, however there are times when I feel as if I am swamped with problems to push me over the edge. My one consolation is that I was the last person to see dad before and after he died. I do consider that to be a blessing in disguise, as I had gone in the room to greet him, before taking my baby son for fresh air.

He was trying to talk to me but by this time, he had lost his vocal capacity and I am guessing he was saying his final goodbye to me and the new baby? Mum could not believes it, when I got back and called out to say dad died, after going back in the room. Maybe one of the factors to cause her disbelief was the fact that dad died with his eyes wide opened, and she closed them. Her first concerns were that dad did not get a drink of water and was bringing it because she still did not believe he had died. To be honest, dad’s death was a relief to everyone as we had watched his suffering over the years, to the point where we were praying for his release.

Uncaring World of Today

I grew up seeing my parents sharing everything they had with those who were less fortunate than us. And yes, although we were dirt poor, there were others who were worse off financially than us. I can testify to the fact that even when we were short of some of the material things in life, we were not short of food. There was always enough food to stave off hunger as Dad cultivated any and everything. That is why I could never ever think of doing anything to take bread out of the mouth of the hungry. Nor deprive them of a roof over their head and most importantly sabotaging their changes of having a fulfilling lifestyle with all the basics that God provided.

When you know your history and the journeys you have travelled to get yourself out of the poverty into which you were born through no fault of your own. You are better prepared to be sensitive to the needs of others, empathise with them and do all in your power to help them overcome and enjoy fulfilling lifestyles without putting obstacles in their way. My family on both sides suffered from a variety of health conditions some of which were to render them helpless like my dad, send them to an early grave or to suffer from long lasting neurological conditions.

My maternal grandad died at an early age from cancer and my paternal grandad must have been the one with the defective Parkinson genes that dad and his sibling inherited because grandma lived to be 96 years old, outliving my dad by 10 years and burying some of her children. Grandma’s only deficit was that she was accidentally blinded in one eye by her dressmaker mother, when the scissors fell on her when a baby. However, that did not impact on her life very much because she was still sewing patchwork quilts and stringing needles, without the aid of glasses into ripe old age. Grandma C suffered strokes, which finally took her home to glory in her 80th years.

God rest her soul, mum had dementia towards the end, but she had a fulfilling life nevertheless. Researching my family history has empowered me to shake off the shackles and done so much for my self-esteem and self-confidence. I am more at ease about who I am and who I might turn out to be as I am aging. I know full well what to expect, therefore there are no surprises for me around the corner. Although I believe that as an only girl, I have inherited most of the defective genes and DNA conditions, from both sides of my family.

My research placed me in a place where I am no longer afraid to face the future. I am in control of my own destiny as I can do much to keep healthy longer, until I reach that stage in life like my parents and grandparents before me when my family; children and grandchildren will have to take charge? However, it would be great if persons in my situation are supported to make the most of what we have to offer. Instead, we are being provoked and pushed over the edge to act out of character that have nothing to do with my DNA for the glorifications of some who don’t give a toss about the vulnerable in the society.

I guess my Papa would encourage each one to be our brother’s/sister’s KEEPER!

35th Anniversary of Dad’s Death 

On the 35th anniversary of the death of my beloved Father Ivan Sandyman NEMBHARD, I take this time out to reclaim those precious memories of the humble man who was my Papa. When the going gets tough as it has been since the start of 2015, all I can do is bring to the fore; the knowledge, values, and beliefs he taught me as his 1 and only daughter. I know challenges there will be, but I know I will have to be strong when confronted by the wiles of Satan in the guises of some of the snakes under grasses who are out to strike.

There is a saying from my culture that is, “Bush have Ears”, but as my dad would say. It is not bush that have ears, it is the human being standing in the bush, listening. My granny would say “The same dog that takes out a bone, will bring back one”. I believe it is Standard English to say that “Eaves droppers never hear anything good about themselves”. But mark owe I know absolutely nutn bout dis 1 because I am a Yardie Gal in this instance. I am Loudmouth, Brash and in Ur Face, Full of Myself with Attitudes to boot and I will always call a spade a spade, no matter the consequences!

However, I know without a doubt I’d never do anything to deprive another Human Being of their Basic Human Rights as I am too much of my Parents Daughter! They never only think about themselves, but every human being for whom they could stretch forth a hand of help. If you do your research because my life is an open book and I have decided to place all my skeletons on the outside of my closets, so those curious snoopers don’t have to waste their time digging. But I cannot help wishing that the cupboards might tumble dung pon dem and bury dem alive if they chose to go out of dem way to crucify others?

But back to the research, if anyone cares to take up the challenge, they will find that my Papa beats me one time only. The reason was to Cuss Bad Wuds, and I still Cuss Bad Wuds to this day even if I now do so under my breath? Guess they will find a name for this too in the long run… Body Language, Attitudes, etc, but what happens when one child with hardly any communications skills kiss her teeth? Am I to conclude that that child told me to Kiss her Ass as they would have me believe? Well, they say the sins of the Parents visit the third and fourth generations except those who fear the Lord.

My sons have to be very careful as they will have to take on all my transgressions. Since I have inherited my parents DNA, I am finding it hard to change from the roaring lion into the pussy cat that can hardly purr! Well, mek all dem blinking Kettle carry on cussing Pot black and those without blemish can fling dah fus brick enuh hear I! I guess only my Parents would understand my perspectives on life still, since they made me into the person whom I am.

I am a Yardie Gal with the Gift of the Gabs in Chatting Gibberish! I guess there is not much I can do about that, no matter how hard I try to change?

Lost Post to LEYF

Inspired Thinking “Better to fight for something than live for nothing” General George S. Patton (1885-1945)

For those of you who joined my Fight4justice and provided the Support Network that enabled me to reach the audience that are crucial for sharing my stories. Here is my round up for a Festive Season and Christmas 2016 and a Prosperous 2017 New Year.

These are the names I want you to note and if you encounter them in your walks of life, please be reminded of the parts they played in my Discrimination, July 2014 to date. The discrimination that affected my mental health and ruined my career.  They were involved in the wholescale Radicalisation and Terrorism that caused me to become a Lone Wolf in self-preservation of my DIGNITY.

In the orders of the Top Down – Bottom Up Plots and Deceits are as follows:  LEYF

CEO- MBE, June O’Sullivan – lied at BIB on the 28th January 2015 after the New Year Staff Party on the 23rd January 2015, when she was invested with her MBE. Could hardly open her mouth to say hello to me by using my name Mervelee at the New Cross BBQ on the 7th August 2015 like she usually does. She was well known for knowing the staff and children when she visited settings. Turned her back on me at Middlesex University on the 19th September 2015. When I challenged her, claimed she did not recognise me – summary of Snob.

Senior Director of HR & Organisational Development: Neil King – Bully Boy, since resigned and left. MM Updates 2021: Must be investigated for his role with Men in Childcare.

Senior Human Resources Adviser: Dilys Elton, was discriminated against by Neil King and Hilda Miller to act unprofessional, sent me LinkedIn request on the 22nd September 2015 – Weakling who is not aware the Medical Referral Form has to do with Disability Legislation. I felt sorry for her on the 3rd March 2017, at the Employment Tribunals Hearing. It was plain to see that she was struggling with having to tell lies. It was obvious from her behaviour that this was against her moral principles – Age Discrimination.

Senior Programme Manager Learning & Development: Gill Springer, Teach the basics of disability discrimination so aware of the main points in disability discrimination. Is that why at the Training I was skipped over and the other person told “I will ask you because you are smiling with me…?” Panellist on the Appeal Hearing on 15th May 2015 – Lap Dog

Investigator – Isabella Glen: Manager of 51 place community nursery in London SW1. Investigator on the 13th & 16th March 2015 at BIB. First met at First Aid Training in January 2013– wrote about the EYFS Welfare Requirements as a result on Facebook.   Unaware of the EYFS Prime & Specific Areas regarding Communication & Language – EAL – Ignorant Racist.

Director for Children & Families, Rashid Iqbal: Lead & Manage Nursery Services. Unaware of the CONTRACT, claims that aspects of Laws, Legislation, Codes of Practices & Conducts example email sent to Dilys Epton 14.3.2015 are not his Departments. Uses Racial Profiling in his Discourses and Narratives. An Outsider got the job via Positive Discrimination – CEO Poodle.  MM Updates 2021: Must be investigated for his role in Men in Childcare.

BIB Manager, Lynne Kelly: To deliver Leadership & Management & Implementation of the EYFS. How did she get her Qualifications? When I joined BIB, she has no training and knowledge re: SEND but is the SENCO. No understanding of implementing and promoting the EYFS & LEYF Ethos, Core Values & DNA. Has a track record of being a RACIST? Fight Pat Hennessy, the youngest Social Worker in South London out of the job provided for her by Pat. Resorted to comparing me to African Margaret who abused 3 children, after I attended Rumi’s Wedding. I don’t know who Margaret is/was to this day? Keeps using narratives about Passive Aggression – Racist Coward.

Area Operations Manager, Hilda Miller: The Biggest SNOB, I ever have the misfortune to meet. Used my Work for her 2 Years Old Pilot Projects. Only time she considers I was good enough to be spoken to, until she started the Discrimination. Learn on the 4th July 2017 that she resigned from the organisation, after yet another employee threatens to beat her up. – Racist Thug.

Head of Operations & Performance Improvement, Neil Best, was acting with others from the racial profiling he got about me, to indirectly discriminate against me? That is until I put him right about my Educare Training, June – July 2015. Only credible witness despite his preconceived biases. – easily manipulated.

Trustee & Panel/Disciplinary: Mary Wynn-Finch, Louise Cooper, (Joelle Lax – Panel & now New Cross Manager), (Beverly Jean-Baptist – Panel & Mickey Star Manager)

Fitzrovia: Interim Manager Maria Goncalves – 2009 that started the discrimination when I joined and got Maria Freeman involved. Resigned after claims of discrimination by staff. Now Manager elsewhere.

Luton Street: Indirect Discrimination Michelle Hoofong & new Manager Gemma Manns – Ask to connect with her on LinkedIn because I have lots to say. Overhear her questioning a Parent about me. Unavoidable absent each time I attend Luton Street to collect my FILE.

BIB: Lynne Kelly, Benedicte Siewe, Jyoti Bharwaj, Flavia Foddai, Carolyn Quirke, Sao Banya, Remi (3 of the staff from my period at BIB left, others resigned, left LEYF or transferred).

Conservatoire: On the job training at BIB Deputy Nicola, Sadie, Tesheba.

HOC: Manager & (Deputy Sharon Dhand – now Manager at Playhouse)

New Cross: Manager (Marion Breslin – since resigned, understand she has been taken back by the CEO), Deputies Louise Eliasen & Emma-May Reugg, (Crisella Rattary-Brown – transferred to Conservatoire).

Other Leaders & Management: (Alison Stokes Operations Manager, demoted to Manager).

Early Years Consultant: Stella Louis – Don’t know me, but allegedly told Lynne Kelly I am a “Negative Influence”. I attended the Nursery World Show 2015 for Stella Louis “Schemas Presentation”, but she was down with “Chickenpox”. I might just attend the Nursery World 2017 to look her in the eyes.

Attended the Nursery World Show 2017 and I might have to admit that Lynne Kelly witness statement about Stella Louis might be yet more lies.

VOICE: Union Solicitor Arwen Makin & Mark Essex.

Advising London: Employment Solicitor.

ACAS Reps: Leave threatening voice mails.

Connex-Education: Automated emails – write & spoke to them about the effects on my mental health, still not stopped.

Establishment: Southwark Council SEND Section

Systems: Department for Works & Pensions – if it was left to them l would end up HOMELESS. Still to sort my Benefits. Informed the Employment Tribunals they know nothing about me. Breach of Data Protection Act 1998.

Her Majesty Revenue & Customs – HMRC Breach the Data Protection Act 1998.

Liz Roberts of Nursery World Forum: Realised I was excluded from participating online & getting emails.

Others will be named in due course.

Anyone who believes they are above the Rules of Law, Legislation, Codes of Practice & Conduct, can expect to see their names appearing in my Fight4justice campaign.

MM Updates 2021: All will be added to the list for Emotional Regulation Treatment.

18th December 2016.


Representing Myself at Two Employment Tribunals & Employment Appeal Tribunal after Allegations Used to Trigger PTSD

8 Challenging Injustice and Social Equality.

  • Taking a stance.

On The Road To Recovery

MAPS Mervelee’ Advocacy Pearls in the Sand

Mervelee Myers is an Expert Authority on Subjects from the Cradle to the Grave. Seven Years of Discrimination that Cause Me to Examine the Purpose of Life After the Death of my Mother, I have Decided to Take up Advocacy in my Parents Name.

Finding The Support Network


References, Parents, Colleagues and Communities of Practice Testimonials:

Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2PZ – 17th October 2008

To whom it may concern,

I have known Mervelee since 2003, to present day. From 2003-2005, my son ES was attending the Mapother House nursery. It was during this time, that I recognised that Mervelee was very protective of the children in her care. On numerous occasions, I witnessed Mervelee’s daily interactions with the children, as well as other staff members.

I feel that Mervelee contributed to the reputation of Mapother House nursery, as she was thorough in her duties, especially by informing me of the stages of development of my child.

In my opinion, her professionalism at work, was never in question, and as to her involvement with the children, I found that she was astute in recognising behaviours of the children, and this I realised was developed through her on-going academic studies. She willingly gave up her time, to prepare key stage reports for ES, to which I am very grateful. It was these reports that I used as evidence of ES’s development, for admission to primary school.

Mervelee and other staff members, attended the christening of my daughter, in 2006, this was after ES had left the nursery. My relationship with Mervelee continues, and I am pleased to call her my friend.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs KS.

Reference WCS/LEYF 2009                                                                                  

Westminster Children’s Society 27th May 2009. 

Reference Re: Ms Mervelee Myers

I have known Mervelee Myers in a professional capacity working as Nursery Officer since 2004.  Mervelee Myers was the Group Supervisor at a setting where I started out doing voluntary work as a student.  I later worked with Mervelee as a colleague when I was appointed as a member of staff, and she was a mentor, exemplary role model and learning partner who worked from a shared vision.  I was inspired and motivated by Mervelee who worked in Early Years for several years to develop as a professional to be able to implement and promote best practice as a leader.

Mervelee has enhanced her knowledge and expertise embarking on studies and attending relevant Training to enable her to support, enhance and extend children’s development and learning across the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Ever since I have known her Mervelee prefers to work with and has always worked with the older children.  However, she is flexible enough and has the knowledge and expertise to plan and organise activities and experiences for children aged between 6 months – 5 years old to facilitate their all-round development and enable them to reach their full potential.

Mervelee has studied 2004-2008 to gain a Foundation Degree in Early Years.  Throughout studies she covered courses requiring her to plan and organise activities and experiences for the Early Years Core Learning Outcomes (EYCLOs) and Route Learning Outcomes (RLOs).  Mervelee used the Mosaic Approach Research Tools in her setting to collate, evaluate and analyse data about planned activities and experiences she implemented to promote children’s development and learning.    Mervelee continues to undertake Training at every opportunity to familiarise herself with the EYFS to keep abreast of changes in current legislation.

Her most recent training was ‘Developing Communication, Language and Literacy in the EYFS.  Mervelee uses her initiative to empower herself to develop as a leader and professional.  She is dedicated and committed to her chosen career as an early year professional and works from a shared vision, working collaboratively in the team to provide and enabling and affording environment.  Mervelee is an advocate for inclusion and is proactive in using the bottom-up approach, adapting the expert teaching and learning perspectives and approaches of the theorists, to support children’s development and learning.

She has used aspects from the approaches of the theories of teaching and learning to plan activities and experiences to support children to develop positive dispositions through their own child initiated and planned adult initiated play.  She has developed the knowledge and expertise to support children’s diverse and complex needs enabling each child to reach individual potential regardless of ability, disability, or giftedness. I can recommend Mervelee wholeheartedly to the position of Nursery Officer as I can vouch that she has the relevant and necessary knowledge and expertise to do an excellent job.

Throughout the years I worked with Mervelee in a variety of capacity, as a mentor, Group Supervisor, and study partner, I find her to be reliable and stands up for her beliefs without imposing her personal knowledge, values and beliefs on anyone.  Mervelee is prepared to go the extra mile for her own and the benefit of others. As a reflective practitioner who developed the listening ethos and enhanced knowledge and expertise to take on leadership, she values the contributions that each member brings to the team and is good at motivating others.

Mervelee believes that she can accomplish and achieve best results working in the background and is willing to share knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all concerned.

Mervelee’s greatest strength is working directly with the children.  She has vast creativity and imaginative skills which she used to good effect working with the children to give them ownership of their space, using their work to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment.  Mervelee started working at the setting since 5th January 2009 as a Nursery Officer and was given post of Group Supervisor for the 2-5 years old.

She has not taken any time of sick since she started. Mervelee will be an asset to any team that she is a member of.  She has all the relevant qualification, experience, skills, and qualities that will make her suitable for the post of Nursery Officer.

Yours sincerely. Winnifred Jacques – Deputy Manager.

1st of April 2015            

Sir/ Madam

Ref: – Mervelee Myers


This is to confirm that I have known the above-named person for some years back, ever before my daughter started this Nursery and I was very happy when I noted that she was the Key Worker to my daughter.

I have known Mervelee to be a hard-working individual who does not hesitate to put in additional time to accomplish the best result. She is dedicated to support other people in many ways. She is very compassionate and always keen to learn new things and never shy away from challenges.

Mervelee is Polite, Friendly, Reliable, Trustworthy, Caring, Accommodating, Impartial and Principled. This attitude was reflected when I can do my daughter’s assessment with her and the way forward for my daughter progress in the Nursery. During the meeting she displayed a very good body language with good communication skills and listening skills and we both concluded with the best positive outcome that will be best for my daughter progress. This has been reflected in the way my daughter behaves at home.

I also appreciate the support of other staff members of the Nursery because of the knowledge and skills that they imparted to my daughter with good behaviour at home, within the stipulated period she has been very independent to do things, for example, after two weeks in the Nursery she was off the Nappies without potty trained before she commenced. She quickly adapted to go to the toilet with less supervision and wash her hands for hygienic reasons.

In my opinion, and what I always observed when I drop and when I collect my daughter in the Nursery, I realised that she has always been very kind to the children and their families and treat people with respect and dignity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further clarification if needed.


Ben. Aluko

otunba_oluwole@yahoo.co.uk  (07956554671)

From: Mewe Mechese, Sent: 04 January 2016 18:25. To: rattynem@btinternet com

Subject: Hi Mervelee,

I’m sorry for not writing sooner but I was busy over the holiday.  Please find text below:

To Whom it May Concern

I only worked with Mervelee for a short time at Bird in Bush but in that time, I found her to be a competent work colleague.

I attended the wedding of one of our former colleagues, Rumi, which was attended by other work colleagues.  I do not recall at any time, Mervelee making any derogatory comments about any staff members.

Regards, Mewe – Mrs Mewe Mechese

079610 90717

Forever Living Business Owner. http://joinmewe.flp.com. http://meweshop.flp.com@MMechese. Date:  29/04/2015

To Whom It May Concern

I am very pleased to be a referee for Mervelee Myers who I have known since she moved into my area of South East London in 2011. We established a professional relationship via shared interests; since the day we first met, I have only seen a smile on her face and with that smile comes warmth.

Mervelee is a very good and happy worker, I’ve benefitted much from her experience and knowledge on the occasions we’ve managed to work together. When it comes to the development of childcare and childcare strategies, she has helped me with the development of a client’s nursery’s website project with sound and useful advice.

Working together, combining our shared interests and information, Mervelee helped set up projects in the local community.  I find it hard to put across the bright and happy character of Mervelee, the pleasure it is to work with her… for this is one of the reasons why I say she is a people person able to relate to adults and children alike.

For me time keeping is of utmost importance… Mervelee has never been late for one of our meetings, which ranges over 20. On occasions I’ve spent quality times debating matters that are closest to our hearts. Due to Mervelee’s upbringing and knowledge I started to get an insight into the things that Mervelee is passionate about…, her dreams her ambitions.

It is hard to find one as trustworthy and as passionate as Mervelee in her work…, it would be an asset to have this lady in your organisation…, as they say…” Good staff are hard to find”.  I can highly recommend Mervelee for the position she is applying for.


Miles Smiles. Account Manager GoogleMapManagement.

– Accepting Myself

6 Years Vanished Without Trace – History repeats itself!

I have been working with the same organisation now for 6 years come September 2015. This is after doing another 6+ years stint with another organisation before they decided that I should be banished at all costs. I was showing them up for what they really stand for by promoting and implementing best inclusive practices from my enhanced knowledge gained via studies and training. I have always been passionate about whatever it is I do and have never stopped for a second to think about status, positions or being in with the in-crowd. My only intention was to get the job at hand done to the best of my abilities.

I would not be afraid to let my implicit knowledge become explicit, standing up for the values and beliefs I was raised/brought up with by my parents. Although my CV may be patchy in some places, with regards to longevity and staying put, I can say my commitments have stood me in good stead and I can speak for myself if no one else. Because of my experiences over the years, I have since decided that I would stop myself from becoming the defender of everyone else and focus on me. Because although I’d put everyone else before myself, fighting battles to stop all mighty and powerful taking liberty of the weak, downtrodden, those lacking knowledge and the vulnerable.

I did find myself coming a crapper when I was down on my luck and need just a little bit of support. Please take it from me that for reasons known only to themselves, there are some evil perpetuators who are hell-bent on destroying others to suit their inflated egos. That is why these days I prefer to hold my own counsel, tread lightly, cross the T-s and dot the I-s, hold my head down and get on with the jobs at hand. Because if one is not prepared to dumb down to suit the ignorant charlatans, they will decide to collude with one another to destroy others like has been done to many who are suffering in silence. If someone don’t walk their foot come and trouble me, I won’t have nothing to do with them.

And first time if they step on my foot on purpose and decided to grind me into the ground, I might have something to say and do about it to defend myself. But these days for the sake of survival, I might just decide to grin and bear it for my own salvation. Because no one is going to ever get the better of me to put their evil agenda of destroying me into practice.

Therefore, I’ve decided that whenever I am in their presence, I’ll do exactly what my old folks used to tell me “One haffi larn fi kiss arse before dem can kick it”. But because I was told that there are many ways “fi heng puss widout put rope round fi it neck”, I will use the ammunitions I have at my disposals to fight my battles.

The good book the Bible states “God could have made the world in one day, but he used six days and rested on the seventh day”. I have had some horrid experiences which I wish I did not have gone through, but when one is revisited by similar issues over again and again, one has to protect one’s self. That means I will be “playing fool fi ketch wise and wat mi lef know, nuh mek mi right know”, because they will use it to destroy you. As the saying goes “anything you say can be taken down and used in evidence against you”, so now the table is being turned.

The first time when they plotted against me, they paid their high-ranking solicitors and union to trick me by taking away my documentations and saying they did not receive them, whilst using delaying tactics to get me out. This time around, I have learnt my lessons from them and topped up with advice from experts in the field. I did not just stop there, I carried out my research and know to some extent how they operate and the underhand ways they employ to destroy people, who they see as a threat to their outdated ways of thinking and doing things, whilst breaking the laws. But because they are moving in high society and getting in with the cliques, they think they cannot fall off their perch.

I have lived to hear of instances when concerns that I raised years ago had to be eventually acted upon because there was no way they could be kept under cover any longer (Hudson, M. 2012 ACAS Research Papers). There was just too much hidden under the carpets, that was peeking out from the edges. So, years after the said organisation was put into measures for failures that I had to bring to their attention, to try and help to make them a beacon to the world (www.ofsted.gov.uk/parents). They are now having one of their sights closed and there must be more to this story than meets the eye. I encountered other organisations that I am proud to say I was trained by them but because they lost their focus and the bigger picture. Where are they now?

They hit the headlines for the wrong reasons and disintegrated into nothingness. “There are more that will be going the same route because they have lost their humanities and sold their souls to the highest bidders”. They hit the headlines for the wrong reasons and are no longer in operation. I went through periods of isolations where I was treated less than a human being and my health was adversely affected to the point where I could not carry out normal day-to-day activities. When I sought to get help from the professionals, I was left to wallow in my own sickness caused by some unscrupulous persons. Once again, the union that I am paying my dues to have been bought out and working with the evil perpetuators to compound my illness by giving me wrong advice.

This only aggravated my conditions and helped pushed me over the edge, into despair. I spent two months out of a difficult 2014-2015 trying to get my life back together. At the end I decided I was going to wallow in self-pity or get up and fight for my life, with all that I am worth. I took the options where I was going to beat them at their own evil game when I realised the magnitudes of their deceits. I have since fought back from being harassed, bullied, and intimidated into becoming a victim. I am now empowered and equipped with the knowledge and expertise to challenge social injustices and inequalities (https://ofqual.gov.uk/qualifications-and-assessment/qualification-frameworks/levels-of-qualifications/).

I had to overcome almost a year of direct discriminations at the hands of some whom I’d trusted and held in high esteem. It was very hard to come to terms with the ill-treatments I suffered at the hands of my detractors. My entire life was affected as I was traumatised to the point where I almost lost my life at the hands of some unscrupulous persons. Having to deal with adversaries all my life, I developed the resilience that saw me through such a torrid time. I was determined not to let the bullies, their cronies and those they have in their pockets get the better of me this time (http://register.ogqual.gov.uk).

I resorted to my well-known strategies to overcome my detractors and beat them at their games. I went and found me a tool which tells the story of the person who I am and covered myself in my comfort blanket each time I had to be in their presence. Therefore, as before when I used to challenge them by talking about my intentions. I now leave them guessing so they are not aware of what I’ll be doing next. I know the pen is mightier than the sword. As of now this will be my weapon in showing that some are evil ruthless people who will stop at nothing, to destroy the lives of others. But I will not be resting on my laurels and leaving them to get their dishonest ways of ruining others. Just because they are viewed as threats to the incompetence of others like themselves.

As for those who were disrespectful enough to use and abuse me, then saying I know nothing.  I am honing my knowledge, expertise, and skills to be able to share my own experiences so no one else will have to go through what I’ve experienced these past years. I guess I must stop being naive, don’t trust anyone who pretend they have your interests at heart and begin to put myself first above all others. I learned at my perils not to become complacent. There are some very horrible people out there, who will stop at nothing to get you down to their levels for no valid reasons whatsoever, other than they are jealous.

These days it will be me, myself, and I in all aspects of my life (Mrs M Myers v London Early Years Foundation – LEYF). No more Ms Nice Lady who is willing to help everyone else to the detriment of me. So, since I have vanished off the face of Great Britain in the past few months, because they have their agenda. They issued their sanctions and have the union in their pockets. They get the union to call me to tell me not to appeal and when I did, they covered themselves hiding behind the biased authority of their documentations written to cover their backs. I know exactly how they operate, so nothing new to me here. I was beginning to lose my faith in my fellow human. But decided not to let these unscrupulous persons cloud my views because I have been blessed all these years despite my challenges.

So, what did they do one month into my return to work at New Cross, they get one of my fellow Jamaicans to make allegations to trap me. Because they have their agenda and time is running out. So that they are aware, I am documenting and keeping every record for my FILE because no one is going to ruin me to fit their agenda and ego. As for “dat idiot jobsworth – Rashid Iqbal, who a guh ask mi wat mi mean when mi say dem treat mi like di Yard Gal a Backra Massa Big Yard? Him better guh find out wat laws him a bruk before him a come look pon mi under im eye kin”. I am doing volunteering and I have a valid CRB/DBS. “I chat Patois – Patwah and hab ENGLISH as additional language, but I am no idiot like dem.

They caused me to have to study ‘The Equality Act 2010’ and know it like the back of my hand. When I do Training I apply to every area of my life, meaning I am making the most of their investments in me. Remember I told them I am more than what they take me for and I aim to prove them wrong and “mek dem nyam dem wuds and evil intentions. The “silly woman, Area Operations Manager Hilda Miller who come tell me I am not going to change anything”. The venture is her ‘baby, she is blinking well threw the baby out with the bath water’ and never stopped to realise she never go pick poor vulnerable baby up.

Oh yes, I have been informed on the 4th July 2017, that Hilda Miller joined the list of witnesses, those who resigned from LEYF. Now did they resigned because they know that if they were sacked, they would not be able to get another job? That was the question the Respondent Solicitor Samantha Jones, asked when she set out to ridicule me and continued with the discrimination. They told her I was an idiot, so she came to the Employment Tribunals without preparing a case. Yet she was asking my stepson if he have legal Training. As soon as she realised, she was in serious trouble, she pulled a sickie and the case have to be adjourned.

Little did they know they were playing into my hands, giving me time to hone my skills? They have an HR Manager, without any Training as a solicitor or lawyer, John Fenton (www.personnelconsultancy.com) confusing me. Reasons their solicitors (www.bwbllp.com) that they get to contact me, threatening me about my Fight4justice campaign, must have realised that they were not operating as a Legal Entity after I sent the Open Letter. I sent four (4) Open Letters but only got a response from (www.gov.uk/Number10). I was given professional advice, which led to me opting for a career change, doing training to get back into work. Despite all that I have done, I have still not been successful, and it seems I am destined to be stripped of my dignity, to live on benefits.

That “demented woman who claimed she have ‘concerns’ about me might better stop to think where I was sent when I was pushed and bundled out”.  I have every piece of little scraps/bits of paper/evidence tucked away for when they might come in handy. Remember I told you I am a hoarder and I take everything from my mother and granny. My granny used to say “when lion/tiger get old, dem tek wisp and lead it” but I am older but not a fool like “dem” as God made Moses. Isabella Glen retired with her pension intact, but after two years I am still unable to get a job.

As for that old idiot like myself who come tell me “that is not what they say about you” when I told her they treated me less than an animal and if I was an animal the RSPCA would be called. Fi har hell a guh hot like fire, mi a tell dem because Daniel managed to stay in the Lion’s Den, without a scratch. And she is so ignorant that she does not know that health can be managed holistically without having to be on medically prescribed treatments. I pity the ignorant charlatan lots who so damn fool-fool and dunce, if dem get dem name or instructions pon a bulla cake dem nyam it and doan notice dem name. Honestly, I felt sorry for Senior HR Dilys Epton on the 3rd March 2017 at the Employment Tribunals. She got a taste of her own medicine, and hopefully will understand what I went through since the 23rd July 2014?

The “hurry cum-up pickney gal who a come asks I wat I mean by ‘defensive practice’ because mi hab Mervelee Myers FD Open, should go and find dat out herself. Dem say dem a authority and I is dismissive a dem”. Joelle Lax is now the Manager of New Cross, her friend Marion Breslin recommended her. Marion Breslin was forced out by the newcomers who don’t know anything about the EYFS Welfare Requirements and Ofsted Standards.

As “fi di odda one who expect mi fi teach di idiot jobsworth and when she doesn’t get it still tell her wat fi duh and asks her permission…” She reminds me of the song “Peel Head John Crow Siddung Pon Tree Top…”. And as Bob Marley say “a wonder a who frighten dem…” because dem never get their positions by fair means.

And as for me I still refuse to let anyone take too much liberty of me before I find my voice and defend myself. I am no one’s fool to push around when it suits them to make us into scapegoats to appease their bloated bigoted egos. My credentials go before me and as I say I keep my skeletons on the outside of my closets, so no one must go searching. I have paid my dues and more, giving of my best over the ensuing years and I will no longer sit idly by and let anyone else do what they did to me all those years ago and more recently.

The “sell out Jamaican gal who nuh know har bed head from har bed foot, I know who I am, and I do not have to bleach fi look like dem. I doan pretend fi chat like dem because I know how to act in every situation. So, she can siddung deh until dem ready fi har, then she will know which part water walk guh a pumpkin belly” because these people are ruthless. So, whilst they are intent on employing unlawful tactics to trap me, they are leaving themselves opened to dangers without realising. Because how can there be no trace of a person who have served you well for 5+ years.

October, you are presented with a Long Service Awards by hierarchy. November, you are written about, in terms of how you are promoting and implementing the ethos of Multigenerational Working Approach. January, you are written about, in terms of what you are doing as part of your Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP). Then weeks later, you are being complained against because they have concerns, they investigate and you are turfed out… They offered for you to take out a grievance, to trap you as it is written in the contract.

Despite claiming they have concerns about you they sent you to HOC, where you must get Security Clearance. So, were you sent there to bring the organisation into disrepute? Two weeks later you are escorted out of HOC with the idiot, incompetent Manager claiming you did not have a Pass and Security is high. So, are they saying the Security were not doing their jobs, and did they inform the Security about their concerns of me? I could have easily gone and committed a Terrorist Act based on the outcome of the Disciplinary Hearing (Mrs M Myers v LEYF).  I was sent home with pay whilst they tried to get the dirt on you.

Then there is a Disciplinary and being told by the union, who they have in their pockets not to appeal. When you appeal, they used delaying tactics to keep you guessing so you have no legs to stand on. Then they tried to put the reduced sanctions into play with their dirty tricks. I will address the Appeal Panels next. But in the meantime, I am throwing down the gauntlet because I am not going anywhere until the time is right and conducive to me. “Dem a guh tiyad fi si mi face, but dem nah tek mi out a di race…” I sussed dem out already, knowing they are planning a case against me and that is why my file has gone missing.

They have given it to their high paying clients/solicitor to try and come up with some dirt on me and refused to send the documentations for me to get checked. Well, it is not my problem because I covered myself by the blood of Jesus Christ. Do I care if they would like to take me off the face of Great Britain in their minds…? Sorry to disappoint them but I am very much present and will be starting tomorrow with new beginnings and discovering brighter horizons. I have plans to go back to Jamaica where I come from but in the meantime, they can tell me as often as they like to go back where I come from. However, I will be going back when I am good and ready because we are all squatters who come to Great Britain for the opportunities we never received in our land of birth.

I’ll end with a song from the prophet Right Honourable Robert Nesta, aka Bob Marley: “DREADLOCKS CANNOT LIVE IN A TENNAMENT YARD…”

MM Updates 2021:  Windrush 70 & Jamaica Celebrations https://youtu.be/mSGW1KOwjgw for more.


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Lest We Forget 7th November 2015

As a child growing up in Jamaica, we always celebrated “POPPY DAY” ON THE 11TH November. And although I do not have much memory of this “Remembrance Sunday was celebrated with much zeal to honour those who fought in the “World Wars” and I guess that is all I can tell anyone about the history of the celebrations back then. That is why I am going to continue praising the “power of knowledge” and the impact of me “enhancing knowledge has had on my life” since I came to the UK.

Fast forward to twenty-three (23) years ago when I first came to the UK, and I am telling anyone that my knowledge was so limited that I can claim I was very ignorant. I am big enough to chat my chat about myself and I refuse to take back any of my chats. Because contrary to what some of those “ignorant detractors” would like to make me out to be, I always was the same person I am today and was yesterday. Therefore, I will not let any of their “negative discourses” cause me to wonder if I am not the genuine person who left Jamaica (23+) years ago to make the most of the opportunities that I was gifted with.

Lest I forget where I am coming from, I am going to continue living my life from the values and beliefs that my parents brought me up with and don’t let anyone tells me I am not genuine. Of course, I must accept my faults and failures as the cussing “bad wuds” and all those other things I do to help me be me, person who I am. As we are about to celebrate another “Remembrance Sunday” and since I have plenty of time on my hands. I think I am entitled to use that time wisely to tell the story of those Jamaican who made valuable contributions to the “World Wars” in their own inimitable fashions.

Now I must start with the only Jamaican person I knew who fought in the “Battlefields to help secure our Freedom” not to be discriminated against in no shape nor form. Mr. Reziel (and anyone is entitled to correct me if I spelt the name wrong) aka “MASSY WELCH” was the closest person I will ever come to know who was directly connected to and involved in the “World Wars” and I learned the information from the TV. Therefore, here is the proof that everything has uses in life. It is down to us the individual to use whatever media for good and not evil/bad. Knowing how much “my parents revered their family ties” I owe it to my mother’s memory to tell the story as little as I know it, about one of her family not related by blood.

Although mama is only related to Mr. Welch by way of marriage, she was very proud of her links to every single one no matter their status in life. So, let me clarify that mama prided herself on being the cousin of “Mrs URA HEWLING-WELCH” and might give me a sign if I don’t let that knowledge be known. Where I come from in Westmoreland, Jamaica, everyone was related in some shape or form. Therefore, I am taking “bragging rights” to pay homage to mama’s cousin Ms Ura’s husband, Massy Welch, who was a colourful character and figure in our “community of Townhead Westmoreland” Jamaica.

It would be amiss of me if I did not mention “Caney, Hewling Town” that was the birthplace of mama and where my sister – Yvonne, mama’s other daughter and her dad – Claudius were buried. Caney was packed with the history of my parents’, family and who is who in the community. Before I go any further, let me salute mama’s cousin, Ms Ura and Massy Welch’s offspring and hope they approve of my little story? Those that I have to make mention of are Loy, aka Patrice Scott, Lennon, aka Kirk Tallah Welch, Kim, aka Heidi McGann and Pam from Mother Hinds clan.

Now, I set out try and do justice to a story that is close to my heart, especially because of what I have had to endure at the hands of some “Racist, Bullying, Low-Life Thugs”, this past year. This is even more harrowing for me because all this started not long after coming back from Jamaica where I’d gone to put mama to rest with all my “loved ones who’d gone on before”. Others I trusted gave their approvals and joined in to make my life a living hell. If I never take the final steps to put an end to my suffering, I might not be here now writing this story. In memory of those veterans who make such great sacrifices for us to be here today as free people.

I just know enough about the World Wars, I was supposed to get by in life and back then, apart from celebrating “Poppy Day”. I doubt very much that it was important for me to learn about the “nitty gritty” of History, Geography, or any other subject for that matter because I was not a teacher and probably had a one-track mind. Knowing about the history of the World Wars were not that important to me and many more like me. If we wear our Poppy to “celebrate the bravery of those men and women who fought and gave their lives to protect our rights to live in a free society”, I had done my bit. This was enough for me until another year when the usual fuss was made about important dates in the annals of history, and I leave well enough alone.

Knowing what I know now, I blame the powers that be and hold them responsible and accountable for short-changing us of our education. Because I believe it was downright remiss of them not to have taught us about the feats of the local heroes, living amongst us like Mr Welch, who played such important roles in shaping the world history. It took me coming here to live in the UK when I was already in my 30’s and watching a programme on BBC TV – Ground Force to identify one of the locals from my community. Learning that he was a “War Veteran” who sacrificed his life for Queen and country.

Mr Welch was living in the community where I was born, bred and lived until I immigrated to the UK, yet I knew absolutely nothing about his feats fighting in the World Wars. I believe it was a dying shame and someone did Mr. Welch and all of us pupils a great disservice for not documenting his life story as part of the curriculum for us to have learned in school. I was living at 17 Denchworth House, Stockwell, London SW9 OBN, which is closer to Brixton. As I recall now, the TV was on in the background, and I swear I was not watching but identified the voice and turned to look and saw this tall man I recognised to be Mr. Welch.

I stopped to pay attention to the programme. Allan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh were doing Ground Force from Curphy Place, Mandeville Manchester, Jamaica. The Ground Force Team were in Jamaica refurbishing Curphy Place that is home to the “War Veterans and Retired Soldiers” in Jamaica. What struck me about the programme, was the subject that Mr. Welch was talking about, his fear of lizards and how he was squeamish about the lizards that were not even near him. I was not aware either that Mr. Welch had retired to the Home because I was no longer in Jamaica and at the time was not taking as much interest in what was going on at home, like I am doing now. My information about Mr. Welch being a “War Veteran” came about because of me watching one of my favourite programmes on the TV.

And some organisations in Great Britain was investing in ensuring those who made sacrifices on the behalf of others were duly rewarded when they needed the assistance most. In the “prime of their life” when some of them were suffering ill health or age was taking its toll on how they were able to fend for themselves, they were provided with the assistance they needed. It was only years later when I got hooked into enhancing knowledge via studies and through my work that I began to learn about the roles played by some of our pioneers like “Mary Seacole” when we celebrate “Black History Month”. That I felt a sense of great loss for some missed opportunities that we were denied as students.

I feel we were cheated and shortchanged as students in Jamaica, because in God’s name why we were not taught the history about the local heroes like Mr Welch who lived amongst us in our community. Mr Welch’s wife was the “Head Teacher” of the Primary School and the family lived in the cottage that was part of the school compound. I cannot help now but fume at the waste of some of my precious time being taught about some obscure persons who we could only learn about from textbooks and try to visualise who they were and what part they played in our life and history.

Yet our very own “national treasure who was a hero in his own rights” and was there in person to share his stories with us, was not given the opportunity. Not only did we not get to hear first-hand out of the “horse’s mouth” about life on the front line, but we did not get to celebrate their lives and give them the accolades they rightfully deserved. I don’t believe in waiting until a person has died to celebrate their achievements. You might now ask why I then only write about people when they are dead, but if you check you will see that is not really the truth and I can only document stories when I get hold of them.

I am full of good intentions, have started many a-story, only for something or other to crap up to get me off my track. I therefore must set myself targets and meet deadlines in order that I can bring these stories to the public attention. Even when I have time on my hands something always come between me and what I really want to be doing to hinder my progress. As they say time waits for no one and one has to make the most of the time we are given before it is too late, and we live in regret for not accomplishing some of what really matters in life. When I watched that TV programme all those years ago, I never really had a thirst for knowledge as I later aspired to.

I am using my God given talents to make the most of my creativity as some of my research empowered me to go on to achieve so much that give me so much satisfaction and pleasures in life. I think I have mellowed with the years, and I am better off as I can use my knowledge and expertise not only to benefit myself but to enrich the lives of others. That is why I have resolved to do something about addressing the imbalances that were created that caused us not to learn about our local hero, one of our very own who fought in the World Wars to give us access to freedom. I am proud to say my navel string was buried at Townhead where I was born nearly 60 years ago.

I was and am pleased/proud as punch, when I discovered all those years ago that Mr. Welch a community member was a local hero. I recall telling my breda, Balis about seeing him on the TV, when I spoke to him. I am sure every person in the little pockets of nook and cranny in the communities would like to know about the local heroes who live amongst them. They probably would have liked to hear Mr. Welch tell his story to the students and his fellow citizens about his experiences. I know without a doubt that was one of the best ways for those stories to have come alive, instead of us only reading about them in textbooks.

As I said each time, I did my research and started my projects to write about the life of another great, before they die, the “devil always put a spanner in the spokes” to thwart me but I am vowing to get my own back. During the time when “I was walking away from diabetes” I was walking along the New Kent Road, when I spotted a “commemorative plaque dedicated to the Commonwealth men and women who fought in the World Wars” and documented it for future reference. Already a pattern was forming in my mind about the possibilities that might come up for me to use those photographs.

I, also remembered the programme on the TV about Mr Welch. That is why tonight, I am sat at the computer after a tiring day trying to set myself a deadline to finish this story to get it published for tomorrow’ “Remembrance Sunday celebrations” when I can pat myself on the back. Saying I am doing my bit in rewriting history for the future generations of Jamaicans whose parents and grandparents were deprived of being taught the history of people like Mr. Welch. Including some of the greatest Jamaicans who played their parts, big or small, in shaping the world in which we live. I hope the finished product will be as pleasing to others, as I have the pleasure of doing my research and writing about it.

First and foremost, this story is in honour of Massy Welch and all those great Jamaican men and women who made valuable contributions to Jamaica, and the world, in general. I am sorry that my generation was not taught our history to know about the sacrifices you made to make this world a better place for us to enjoy living in. Because of your unfailing dedicated services to securing our freedom, we are living in a society where we can avail ourselves of the rights that we are entitled to. That is only one of the reasons I am vowing to fight to the death in exposing those evil people who are hell-bent on exploiting the vulnerable in society.

Trying to enslave us like in the Slavery Days 200+ years ago. Just so that they can claim superior statuses over us. These people have been caught napping on the job, whilst they are found wanting to abuse their power of authority. They think nothing of hiding under the umbrella of their organisation discriminatory practice, criterion and provision to “rule and divide” as they use dirty tricks against us. They write their Contract with the fine prints that are full of bureaucratic red tape and rhetoric. That are meant to achieve unrealistic Managerial targets at the expense of the service users and those of us having to work under Modern Day Slavery practices.

They begin to see others, who are not slaves to contract that they say are there in place, to breach current laws and legislation, that provide substandard services as threats to their incompetence of delivering inappropriate practice. So, they will try and destroy us at whatever to silence us from disagreeing with and challenging them about what is wrong.  On the 11.11.2015 I swear to almighty, ever loving, ever faithful, eternal God that I will not sit idly by and let any of those evil, small minded, racist bullying thugs get away with what they did before (Hudson M. 2012).

These culprits who are the lowest of the low, rattle snakes who made my life a living hell and get away with what they are doing to me. In 2003 – 2008 (www.ofsted.gov.uk/parents) some other unscrupulous pen pushers, did the same thing to me and got away with it. Because everyone will rather turn a blind eye than deal with the issues at hand. Then later, they pretended as if they were not warned about situations that are cause for concerns. This time I am fighting to the bitter end to stop these ones in their track. I know God is giving me the strength and wisdom to carry on to unveil them so they dare not “tek libatty wid any of God’s anointed chosen children again”.

They will think seriously of how they have blighted and ruined the lives of innocent people for their own selfish gains and bloated egos. By the time I am finished, I give my solemn promise to all my fellow human who have managed to escape, or are forced to stick around like I did hoping they would see sense. Or suffering in silence because they are gagged and when they are “frustrated and provoked into cutting the navel string”  and run for their lives. They are encumbered by the negative discourses and literature they write about us called reference” that mean you can no longer find employment.

But woe betide those who make judgements about others before even trying to see what is happening because they will eventually do the same. I will not even touches on those who set out to exploit others like me. When the evil prejudiced hypocrites that enslaved us paid them “blood, sweat and tears money and have them in their pockets”. So, they think they must join the band waggons of “direct discriminations”. But fear not I have them in my sights as I collect my paper trails of evidence. Then because they are “weak exploitative cowards” they might end up putting the chains that they used to enslave us around their corrupted necks.

Some of them can give the bad treatments but cannot take it and crumble at the first hurdle. God could have made the earth in one day and take off the rest of the time to go brag and boasts about His achievements. But He painstakingly worked diligently six days like a slave, ensuring every little detail was done to perfection and rested on the seventh day like an architect and celebrated His handy work. So, all those who they made scapegoats and victims without a chance to restore their good name and character that they destroy with lying discourses, will one day be exonerated.

Please you can rest assured that despite my ordeals over the past year, I am on the case and God is going to give them their just rewards. Because everyone will be paid for the work, they have done on this earth that God made for us all to enjoy, not just the chosen few. As Bob Marley sang, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery… None but ourselves can free our minds…” All of us have a calling in life, even though we might not find out what it is until a certain period throughout life’s journey. My writing is not to fool or pull the wool over the eyes of anyone. I have been writing since my childhood. I credit myself for researching, hearing a story and being able to relate it to my own experiences.

Then deciding that sharing my experiences via my creativity and talents might just be the catalyst in helping another person realise that there is light at the end of the darkened tunnel. Their situation is not unique only to themselves, so they can find the early/late interventions to help them overcome some of the adversities in their lives. That way I don’t have to resort to plagiarising the work of others like has been done to me all this time, I have worked in the UK. Six years they used my hands to show God, then they decided they have had enough of me, because I serve my purpose and is too knowledgeable for them – the dunce bats.

So now they must destroy me to wipe out my contributions to building them up. Making them a beacon that others are proud to talk about more the better for working in partnerships as colleagues, parents or other professionals. I have the accolades presented to me by appreciative parents to tell different stories from the ones they are making up about me the past year. So prejudiced others who they have cuckold into their corner, please take notes! One of the first thing coming to my mind when I see and hear Mr. Welch’s reaction to the little lizard, my own reaction was how can a big man like him who fought in the World War be scared/afraid of lizards.

I was saying this based on knowing him personally as he was a formidable presence in the community. Anyone reading this and knew him, knows about his physical attributes because “he was as tall as a coconut tree in the air” and as for his intellectual skills well you’d have to go find someone from the “Brissette and Henry rum bar debating society” to fill you in on those aspects of Mr. Welch’s knowledge. That is why I still cannot get it or begin to understand why the powers that be did not make him part of our educational system, educating future generations of Jamaicans.

I am sure I would have benefitted enormously from having the first-hand knowledge about Mr. Welch, from our textbooks and hearing him sharing his personal experiences of how he and his fellow brave men and women from across the Commonwealth Nations, made contributions to make us “free at last…” in the words of Marin Luther King. I must confess I know hardly anything about Mr. Welch but now that I have had a tiny glimpse of the great person who sacrificed his life, for the world to be a free place for us to live, I mourn the missed opportunities that were not afforded him and his comrades, to document their contributions in the annals of history.

Especially at this time when we are celebrating and honouring the memories of every great man and woman who have done even one little deed of bravery for others to be free of which Mr Welch played an important role. Now because of my own personal experiences I will have to explore a little bit because Mr Welch might have developed a fear of those lizards that I thought should not be for a big man like him. Some of us have developed one phobia or another holding us captives over a lifetime. I certainly have my own phobias or as I am won’t to name them “My Hidden disabilities” going back to childhood.

Recently attending a lecture at my old Alma Mata – the Open University re: Neuroscience and the Law. I was dumbstruck by what I was hearing. The reasons being I could identify parallels to my life about some of the issues that were affecting my life for the past year. The more I listened the more it became clear that I had done the best thing I had ever done in my life before. When I took that final decision to save myself and husband from what was imposed on us.

I stopped worrying about how I was going to provide for my own basic needs of providing food, shelter and clothing and thought instead of the slow death I was being forced to endure because my face no longer fit. I had to get out of a situation that enslaved me for 6 years and that was slowly killing me. I realised no job was worth losing your dignity, the self-esteem and confidence you struggled to gain, and I had the courage to tell them to sod of and go stick their job… Someone else can join them to suffer like they made me suffer the past year. So most likely something might have affected Mr Welch to cause him to develop a fear of those lizards, who knows?

No doubt he might have been left with scars resulting from traumas but he has taken those to the grave with him too. Maybe he came back from the World Wars a changed man, to the one who set out to defend his country and the Motherland, as a young man with dreams but they were not the realities he expected. This could no doubt have impacted on how he lived his life once returning to Civilian Life. Al things considered, many of us although not having fought in any World Wars, have had to take part in our own personal warfare on many battlefields as we fight our ways out of the “Prisoner Camps” that we are still being enslaved by the inhumane cowards that are our employers, government, etc that ruled over us.

They use the bureaucratic red tape and rhetoric entrenched in their laws and legislation that they construct and named CONTRACT to captivate us. While they shackled us like when our fore parents’ journey through the “Middle Passage” and had to kick up rumpus to survive. To provide for our basic human needs of food, clothing and shelter we are enslaved by their contracts of practice, criterion and provision. These are placed around our bodies ensuring we fall prey to whatever they want us to do regardless of the consequences and impacts on fragile minds and bodies. Like the vulnerable individuals who were our fore parents.

They were torn away from the certainty of consistency, familiarity and continuity of their family and homeland and thrust into an unknown world that did not always understand their need for understanding without first trying to change them to be someone they were not. Because from day one the cards were stacked against us as a RACE. Some who think they are our superiors still think they have the power to hold us captives. As formidable individuals with strong survival instincts embedded in our DNA. Only the fittest of the fittest and wittiest of our Ancestors, who see off their captors, managed to use their survival instincts to stay alive, despite the mistreatments.

Like being packed like sardines in a tin for the Middle Passage journeys. If those experiences that Mr Welch had gone through were documented who knows, maybe I could have benefitted from them. So, I did not have to stay fighting some inhumane people for an entire year before the penny dropped and I was forced to run for my life. There is Discrimination in all sectors of an unjust society, where dog eats dog for survival at the whims and fancies of some with their bloated egos. But fear not, I will be taking them down by the time I am finished, if that is the last thing I do, with God’s help of course. And the prayers of those who know me for the person who I am, warts and all.

From what I know of Mr. Welch, he was one of those characters in the community who was an intellect, knowing his Bible back to front and used quotes from said Bible to back up his arguments. Like many of his generations, he was a “Rum Bar teacher/preacher” who shared his views with his peers. Now I am assuming that he might have related his experiences about being a World War Veteran, fighting on the battlefields, but I will never know now, unless it is recorded somewhere. Mass Astley Smith was responsible for telling me about the exploits of some of those who gathered in the “Brissette and Henry Rum Bars, at the famous Townhead Crossroads”.

I am sure I never heard about Mr Welch flying the flags for Hanover/Westmoreland Jamaica fighting in the World Wars. That is why I am peeved those opportunities were lost to utilize Mr. Welch’s knowledge and expertise, for the benefit of the future generation, including yours truly. Being the husband of the “Head Mistress of the Primary School” I attended, living at the cottage, he was he would have been the right person to help with our education and he was within distance of a captivated audience. I know we would have benefitted no ends from hearing about the experiences of the local hero of Mr. Welch’s calibre.

I know what I am talking about because greatness is built into our DNA and I recall when Loy took on such a role training some of the future generations of athletes from Townhead Primary School when she was pregnant with her child Kim Welch. I hope no one is going to come and test me now, saying I think I know everything but know nothing, after having me doing their work for six (6) years and not even acknowledging my contributions. Then them and them feisty selves tell me I am not to say I work with them and spend the better part of a year hounding me out of my job destroying my health in the processes. But they can continue to try to underestimate me at their peril, when they chose to diss me without a cause.

They will “haffi pay fi roast and boil and even bun up” too, for the hounding of the innocent person who tried to defend me and paid the price, like I am doing. Once again, I am using my Continuing Personal Professional Plan (CPPDP) to share my vision, educate the masses to the perils and pitfalls they might have to confront and overcome throughout their lives. As I tell the stories about local heroes, like Mr. Welch, who played integral parts in our lives, yet we were not made aware of it. That is why I believe the story I heard from a Jamaican Englishman years ago about the indomitable spirits of our Ancestors. Who journey the Middle Passage and survived so we can tell stories about them down the generations?

The story goes, we Jamaicans are the way we are because during the Middle Passage, the slaves although, packed like sardines in a tin, were still rebelling against the unfair treatment. Their captors did not know what to do with the strong-willed rebellious ones.

On reaching the shores of Jamaica, they threw the rebellious slaves overboard and went on their merry way. As Ms Louise Bennett said, “If a lie dem a tell, a nuh me say suh, a suh mi hear it…” And maybe dat’s why mi believe in Anansi Stories because only a Ginnal like Anansi could think on his feet and stay one step ahead of di bastards and bitches, who set out to enslave and kill out wi roots.  Because dem fear our talents and creativity to reinvent ourselves like Brer Anansi him/herself.

I guess for the captors, they solved the short-term problems and thought that was the end of that lot, who didn’t put up with their captors bullying tactics keeping them subdued by use of enforced punishment. But they only started what was to become long-term problems later. I can imagine it was every man and woman for themselves, being thrown overboard facing an uncertain death of drowning. But thanks to God those that survived and inhabited Jamaica did not suffer fools gladly and put up with their foolishness forever once they gave them the chance to make amends. Like I did to these Racist Bullying Thugs that mistreated me, since I returned from Jamaica the second time, to attend my son’s wedding and bury my mother.

My fore parents went on to become a thorn in their flesh producing our National Heroes and the Mr. Massy Welch’s, who fought our battles for us in the World Wars. And later when leaving Jamaica again to seek their fortunes, making a better life for themselves and family. Considering their backgrounds, I am certain our fore parents were a mix of proud people out of Africa, who combined to make a fresh start in Jamaica and other parts of the world they were shipped to. With my limited knowledge about history, I refused to go down that road because history is well-documented for those who want to know about their heritage, roots, and cultures.

However, I will continue telling the stories from my perspectives. As I come across the experiences of those who played important parts in my life, and I make the comparisons between my life and theirs. Therefore, I am using my personal experiences to highlight the plight that some of us are going through as we battle the wars of discrimination, years after Slavery was Abolished. We are facing subtle and covert discrimination daily, in a society that is sometimes only prepared to listen to those who can put a spin on things, using the machinery associated with cronyisms. That is why I personally have to be defending myself from 2004, when my money was stolen, and the establishment and systems started treating me like a criminal. Instead of listening to me, I was judged and labelled.

They, will therefore hide under the umbrella of big named brands, abusing their power of authority, discriminating against us, making us scapegoats, and making us victims to suit their inflated egos. I am here exploding the myth that discriminations from slavery has being eradicated and does not exist in Civilised Society, but nothing could be further from the truth (Cameron G, 2015 – Case Dismissed Chapter 6). I am one of the most qualified persons, dumped on the unemployment rubbish heap and as stated at (Cameron Page 156: “At the core of this phenomenon of broken attachments and traumatic reunions, we began to identify how loss and separation influenced family life in our community”).

Because I fight for my values and beliefs and the principles, I was brought up with by my parents, like Ms Cameron did when she arrived in the UK and identified the needs of the communities. As well as making my implicit knowledge explicit and challenging social injustices and inequality. If my job was not taken away whilst the former employers were in the process of trying to ruin what was left of my career and destroying my health, I would not have known of the existence of Gloria Cameron MBE. The same way I was not aware that Mr Welch fought for Queen and country. There are many more Heroes and Heroines out there, especially working in the early years sector, who are being pushed to the limits, like I was.

But as my granny and mother used to say, “dog a sweat but long hair cover it” because it is only since I have been talking about my experiences, that I realise the corrupt system that vulnerable people are still forced to live under, whilst pretending life is “coming up roses.”

Then they chat from the corner of their mouths what they seem to believe in their prejudicial minds about subjects like “MENTAL HEALTH Issues” that they have absolutely no knowledge about. I swear on the graves of my dead parents even though my papa did not like me cussing, I got beaten once for cursing until I learned that I have to outrun him. He didn’t hold grudges like my Mother, who saved up the beatings for later.

Like my mother, I will forgive but I never forget. That is why no one else is going to get away with trying to destroy me by blackening my good name and exemplary character that I developed all these years since my childhood, like they did 2003 – 2008, over my dead body. When I stand up for my rights not to be discriminated against this time around, I was labelled and targeted like they did to my fore parents. They tried to kill me off with a slow death over a period, like they did to the slaves and what they are doing to the innocent vulnerable people in those war-torn countries across the globe.

I refuse to get caught up in anyone’s Religion and Politics except my own, but like in Biblical days these evil people held me captives over a year… My health is adversely affected, my life crumbled despite me giving up my RIGHTS in order that I could survive and provide for my basic needs. They stripped me of my dignity, taking away what means the most in the world to me. Then despite me resigning and leaving to save my life, they turn around blocking every chance for me to recover. So, who the bloody hell can now tell me to turn the other cheek? Because not even my papa who lived his life to the Bible teaching would have done. He stood up and told them what he thought of those who went too far, come out from amongst them and be separated.

He found solace and comfort somewhere else where others respected him for who he was and not forcing their rhetoric down his throat. He believed in his own saying, “every tub has to sit on its own bottom”. On the day of Judgement, we will be rewarded according to our works and not because GOD have favourites that can pay their ways. He will not be allowing the Lazarus’s from the Bible to come and warn others about what they should be doing right, when they do not obey the Commandments.

I am getting my life back on track with support from professionals but there are vultures out there, waiting to pounce to eat the flesh from my body. Therefore, I refuse to be exploited anymore and will not fall prey to them. So, whilst I repair myself with professional support because I can no longer do it on my own. There are the traumas that, although can be repaired and controlled, cannot be cured. In the meantime, I have developed my own early intervention strategies to help me get back to optimum health. I am building up a Support Network, so I never ever feel I am alone with my problems and can have others to turn to when I hit Crisis Point. (www.Merveleeconsultancy.uk, www.facebook.com/MerveleeConsultancy).

In the meantime, Memo to Exploiters: Sod off, I don’t need any of you trying to make my situation worse. I am an honest, God-fearing person, going through a period of upheavals in my life but the detractors, naysayers and trolls are responsible. They are as bad as one another.

All those of you who are consciously or subconsciously prejudiced against people you are prepared to judge, can go take a flying jump off somewhere, or “get on your bike” as the (Conservative Politician whose wife was bombed by the IRA at the Party Conference in the presence of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) liked to quote. The wife ended up disabled and in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Why, because some decided to hold grudges and involve innocent people that might not necessarily have had anything to do with the Politics and Religion they are fighting for. There are too many atrocities perpetuated in the name of Politics and Religion. Some of it because others are not tolerant and accept people for who we are.

I can write my own stories thanks to “Lambeth College and the Open University” and all the other people like teachers in particular, Ms UNA PERRY from my early years, who influenced my life. I might have to accept that because of the prejudices of some who view my knowledge, values, and beliefs as threats to their incompetence, I may never work again. But I have no intention of giving up and in the long run, someone will have to pay. That is why, despite what I went through the first time I took  my employers to the Employment Tribunal, I returned with LEYF.

I can still recall hearing the Judge lamenting the fact that I was unable to even handle the FILE that day in court. Because my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was triggered and my hidden disabilities exacerbated from the time my brother was struck down with stomach cancer and died, three months later. I was experiencing bereavement and loss once again, which brings back the ghosts from my childhood. I was in fear that the provocation would cause me to end up like my other brother, who died in prison. All because he was different but do I go around interfering with people, no I refuse to judge anyone because of my experiences.

I do not have to go tell the world, the confidential information about why my brother died in prison, when the perpetuators did not listen and leave him to get on with his life. He returned to his beloved Jamaica knowing he was dying but he was never given the chance to live in peace.  My intention is to return to Jamaica one day soon, before I am too old to enjoy what is left of my life. Do I hear anyone raising questions, starting the debates about Repatriations and Funding of Prisons in Jamaica? I am all for open debates as we enjoy Freedom of Speech unlike those who GAGGED me for exercising my Rights not to be Discriminated against.

Then when they finished and couldn’t come up with any legal reasons to overcome me, they lied again using their CONTRACT to threaten me and using illegal methods to try and frighten me into submission. But I will still survive to tell my story as I celebrate the life of one local hero from the place of my birth, Townhead, Mr. Massy Welch. If, wishing I knew before about your dedication and courage, putting your life on the line to give me the freedom that I deserve was something I could back date, I would gladly do so. But at the same time, I might have to argue that I may not have been prepared and ready like I am now, to write even this little story about your life and entwine it with mine. I could not for the life of me understand how a Big Man, like you could be afraid of a tiny lizard?

Coming to the UK has given me the opportunity to shape a life that was blighted and where I never had the self-confidence to change the deficits and limitations that blighted my life. But I am free at last and maybe my experience over the past year is just another learning curve, showing me the resilient person I am.

Credit of course, goes to my parents and all the other people who played their role in my development, since childhood, to where I am now. So, I am privileged to use your story, the little I know, to make others aware of what I am going through. Proud to be a West-More-Light, unearthing the story about the life and times of our worthy people, for all to appreciate.

On Remembrance Sunday, I join hands and heart to salute the memory of that great man who was Mr. Welch!


My Fight4justice Campaign an Investment

10 Treated less Favourably than an Animal

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Update: 22nd June 2017 – Windrush Square  

Unveiling of African & Caribbean War Memorial –

“Remembering the Forgotten”

In Memory Of The Men And Women Of African Who Served Great Britain In Military Campaigns During World War 1 And World War 2. UNVEILING CEREMONY 2017.


acmemorial.com & nubianjack.org


Imagine my pride and joy being present at such a momentous occasion and having the opportunity to speak to the families of some of the brave men and women who served. But most importantly to talk to Revd Rose Hudson Wilkin about the circumstances of our first meeting. Be able to tell her that I am writing my first book. The Revd Family is from my parish, Westmoreland, and her grandmother and my mother are distant relatives.

Therefore, let me take a quote from the Chairperson Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE “Until the lion learns to write, the hunter will always tell the story”.

I have had opportunities to have meetings with many brave men and women. like Mr. Walters of Brixton, who travelled to Great Britain on the Empire Windrush, in 1948. Hopefully now that I am about to publish my first book and become an Author, I will get the chance to have my dreams become visions of realities. This dream has been in the making since 1997, when my tutors at Lambeth College told me I could become a writer from writing about my experiences in my assignments.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that I was mistaken for a Nigerian, by the Nigerian lady I stood beside at the ceremony at Windrush Square, on the 27th June 2017. 90% of my DNA from my multiple identities is African, with a sprinkling of Dutch, Scottish, and German and Chinese, I understand. That is why I refuse to allow any racist thugs to continue to make slurs on my Ancestors, like what LEYF sanctioned BIB staff to do to me, after I got back from burying my MOTHER. Please remember not to judge a book by its cover.

Many will be surprised about what is written in my first book, about how I have been overcoming challenges and adversities. Not only that but about how my family decided that we will break the chains of poverty that dogged our life. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about the DNA we inherited but like I did, we can take a holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle. My Mother did despite suffering mental health Issues throughout her life. For all you know both my grandmothers might have experienced mental health Issues because of what they endured throughout their lives, but I will not know now. That is why I am leaving a legacy, documenting my life experiences through writing for my future generation of families.


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Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education

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Discrimination is Against the Law

11 Great Britain is a Racist Society

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Career Change – LSA Training – School Placement – Networking

The Head Teacher, C/O Primary School, 24th January 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am enrolled on a course with Islington College and HCT www.hctgroup.org Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools for the next fourteen (14) weeks. For me to complete and pass the course, I will have to complete at least thirty (30) hours of on-the-job work experience in a school placement.

I have been researching schools in the local communities and I am aware that your school has excellent reputation with local parents for supporting children’s overall development and learning. Because I have to complete a number of modules and I’ve discovered from your recent OFSTED www.ofsted.gov.org Report about the school’s reputation in promoting inclusion. I’d be grateful if you would consider offering me a place at your school to do my placement. I know I’ll be able to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experiences from your staff team, to help me with my studies.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experiences from working as a Basic School Teacher in the West Indies. I studied in the UK and has gained various qualifications and holds a Foundation Degree In Early Years www.open.ac.uk/ceremonies. I’ve worked in the early years sectors and needs to gain experiences working with school aged children. I can provide qualifications records if needed.

I have current DBS, that is registered online (Web: www.gov.uk/dbs Email: customerservices@dbs.gsi.gov.uk).

I hope you will consider me doing my placement at your school, as I have much to offer, whilst I am developing my Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP) to get back into work.

Yours sincerely

Mervelee Myers FD (Open).

HCT Group www.hctgroup.org

To Whom It May Concern C/O HCT Group – 14th August 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a qualified and experienced Basic School Teacher from my country-of-origin Jamaica and I have done the apprenticeship as a Teaching Assistant for one year in a Primary School setting. I have various Educational Qualifications from schools and study at Evening Classes. I have experiences as an Informal and Formal Carer with the young and elderly from Jamaica as well.

I have been living in the UK since 1992 where I have worked and studied to gain recognisable qualifications in the early years Workforce Sector since 1997. As can be viewed from my CV, I have completed studies and Training, with a few Educational Institutions and Training Providers from 1997 to date; the most recent being Islington College and HCT Group. I completed the Competence Based Qualification (QCF) Pearson Edexcel Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools.

After completing the course, I undertake Volunteering, shadowing my Tutor, Danielle Williams, to gain experiences in teaching with the new batch of students. I was inspired and motivated to volunteer by the tutor, Danielle Williams, since she identified my qualifications and my passion for working with young children. Then the assessor, Pauline Peart, also advised me to try and go forward to gain experience for my Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Plan (CPPDP).

I have always wanted to gain the Early Years Professional Status, after completing the Foundation Degree in Early Years but never got the chance. I would also like to gain qualification as a Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Teacher certification.

I am not currently working but am carer for my elderly husband. I would like to get back into employment, part time, so I can continue to assist my husband with the care he needs. Despite the qualifications and wealth of experiences, I have not had the opportunity to undertake training to become a teacher, nor an Assessor and is desirous of making this part of my (CPPDP) for the Future.

I have been researching opportunities in the local communities’ educational providers’ since I resigned from my last employment with London Early Years Foundation (LEYF). However, I am unable to take on any of the training opportunities offered due to lack of funding.  Since my association with HCT via studies and volunteering, I would be grateful of the opportunities to continue my studies with the organisation. I see where I could benefit from furthering my (CPPDP). The programmes on offer at HCT are more tailored to my needs, much better than the other Training Providers I researched.

Via my own personal experiences of studies and volunteering, I realise HCT is ideal and have the reputation within the local communities for supporting the overall developmental needs of anyone in need of the services provided by HCT. Since I must be thinking about a change of career, from the early year’s sectors because of personal circumstances of having disabilities and progressive health conditions and I have discovered from your recent IMPACT Report 2016: Changing times, lasting impact about HCT Group reputation in promoting inclusion.

I would be grateful if you would consider offering me a place with your Organisation to do my studies for my Teaching and Assessor’s Certifications. I know I’ll be able to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experiences from your staff team, volunteering and attending placements to help me with my studies. I have a wealth of knowledge and experiences from working as a Basic School Teacher in the West Indies. I studied in the UK and gained various qualifications and holds a Foundation Degree In Early Years.

I’ve worked in the early years sectors and needs to gain qualifications and experiences working with school aged children, young people and adults for the career change I am embarking on in the future. I can provide qualifications records if needed. I hope you will consider me doing my studies with your Organisation as I have much to offer, whilst I am developing my (CPPDP) to get back into work.

I have current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) that is registered online. Enhanced Certificates: Disclosure & Barring Service.

  1. Position: Child and Adult Workforce Befriending/Supporting Worker (Charity)
  2. Name of Employer: Resources for Autism – Date: 16th June 2015
  3. Position: Child and Adult Workforce Nursery Officer (Early Years: 0-5 years old)
  4. Name of Employer: Network Recruitment Solutions Limited – Date: 20th October 2015 – Registered Online

Yours sincerely

Mervelee Myers FD (Open).

Facebook Memories 11 June 2019

My “Personal Experiences” growing up in Rural Jamaica where it takes the Village to Raise a Child help me develop the Resilience needed from an early age to challenge the Social Injustices based on ignorance that were responsible for some of the rejections feeding into my “Childhood Traumas”. The way I was raised by my parents resulted in my old fashioned, values and beliefs, leading to my passion of writing, which is also part of the therapy of Early Intervention Strategies.

Facebook gave me the perfect platform to develop my skills as a keen photographer and writer after returning from my “Family Reunion” in the Summer of 2009. The year 2009 is a significant one in my life and this is the reason I am challenging London Early Years Foundation and their cohorts with the Charter Of Rights. Your Overarching Code For Justice because of the two nervous breakdowns after bereavement and losses in toxic workplaces. For there to be no doubt about my Fight4justice campaign let the Judiciary Of England And Wales And the Criminal Justice System note that CASE DISMISSED by Gloria Cameron MBE is my reference of why Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others” relevant in the next phase of my journey with support from the experts.

I have been creating the legacies since joining social media, even investing in my own website My Vision and publishing with Google AdWords on G+ from 2012. I created my first YouTube in January 2012 but was so busy giving 100% of my best to LEYF despite the discrimination that caused another meltdown and me deciding I could not deal with any more triggers to my PTSD. But my experiences teach me to be careful of those using my Intellectual Property and Image Rights making me a victim of my VULNERABILITY. Please subscribe to my Various Media to join the “Support Network” am creating for “Breaking Down Barriers” of discrimination where in the UK some BLACK People with DISABILITIES are treated less favourably than an animal. I know because of the two miscarriages of justice and HMCTS hounding me…

Facebook joined LEYF targeting me from 18/9/2015 when access was given to my account. Presently I am blocked out despite having eighteen (18) pages on Facebook. Facebook has become a platform where haters, scammers, trolls, are given access to trigger my PTSD so I am locked out and to wrestle control of my account away from me to cover for LEYF and cohorts ABUSERS. LinkedIn has stolen my account to cover for the perverts in the Early Years Sector and Liz Roberts the editor of the Nursery World Magazine. Twitter suspended my account on behalf of Politicians and LEYF and trolls and haters. But in due course when the truth is revealed about the roles of HMCTS and the CPS and the CJS, I might be dead. But the Daily Express columnist stated, “Tech Don’t Lie”.

I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health Crusade. I self-referred to the NHS Occupation Health Service after the death of my brother and was passed fit to resume work. I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s research paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” recommended to ACAS. I was advised to seek counselling to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations by Dr. Laura Crawford after the death of my mother. I did 12 Sessions at the Maudsley. I participated in Mental Health research and is on the website using the gadgets. I participated in Heal-d Diabetes research and in time the world will be informed about those in need of Emotional Regulation Treatment for leaving children at LEYF at risks of developing traumas from the abuse that the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement and Theresa May Government rejected my petition for an inquiry into the Early Years Sector.

I was advised to use my Assignments for my First BOOK by Tutors at Lambeth College

I have been publishing stories on various platforms from I created my website “My Vision and YouTube” in 2012. I joined social media in 2009 the year I graduated from the Open University. My publications are integral to my range of reviews. The fact I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s research paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” in 2010. Is the same year I did “A Voice of a Child” research for the CEO of London Early Years Foundation? I have since participated in Mental Health Research and Diabetes Research. I can be found on the internet participating in fundraising and interviews. My background is Early Childhood Education from Jamaica and can be found on the VMBS and JBSF websites. My husband is 98 years old, and I have been writing about stories of interests like meeting Mr Walters who travelled on the Empire Windrush in Brixton. I was page one of ITV News for Windrush 70. I discovered my Primary School Head Teacher Husband fought in the WAR. Listening to BBC Ground Force. We were not taught this as part of the Jamaica School Curriculum. My sons were Cub Scouts. One who was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities is a Councillor for the Division my brother holds before him. Another son is the Vice Principal of his School. He was a FIFA Referee. My history goes back to great grandparents who were Land Barons in Jamaica.

4th October 2021

To Whom It May Concern

Monday 27/9/2021: In light of recent happenings when I was called by a male sounding voice claiming to be from the University Of East London on the 27th September 2021, I have no alternative but to put on record that I think I am been targeted by people I have no knowledge about linked to the University of East London. Please listen to the person on https://youtu.be/6-Znc7I7izc to find out why Mervelee Myers must make it my business to decolonise the UEL. Because I have on record that I was sent to the HOC Nursery when I raised concerns about the exacerbation and triggering of my Mental Health conditions after the death of my mother.

Tuesday 28/9/2021: Although ET17001 was online I made the decision to go into university to climatise myself with the processes of going out and about again. I had book to go out with the Elephant & Castle HUB Choir and was in such a panic I could not get off the bus. I am not sure if been with people bring on the fear after I have been in Stockholm Syndrome lock down during COVID-19?

I was told by the tutor I am too advanced for the ET17001 she advised me to change to another Module on a Tuesday. She would talk to the Head and get back to me. I am still waiting. Then I see snide comments I know are directed at me. They were not figments of my imagination as will be revealed later.

Wednesday 29/9/2021: I had such a good time at ET7727 and noticed the board with “Decolonising the Curriculum” and take my photos to share my journey as a writer and. Nelson Mandela state, “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others” and I have been doing this since I joined Facebook in 2009. I created my first website “My Vision” and YouTube in 2012. Before the CEO of LEYF sent memo for staff to join social media to contribute to her blog. I became a target of Facebook on 18/9/2015 when they gave, LEYF access to my account. I created a Community Hub on Facebook. I was a LinkedIn influencer until my account was stolen by the cyberbullying criminals on behalf of the abusers. Fact Check the Reviews online that the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-216 refused my Additional Witness Statement. Theresa May Government rejected my petition for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector. I can go on forever, but I will let those concerned like Richard Harty do his research about https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site themselves.

I got home from the UEL and the sight I witness makes me realise how much my husband endured the past seven (7+) years.  He was crouched at the window looking through the opening for me. As soon as it gets dark, I have to pull the curtains and I think that is his way of shutting out the threats we faced with the invasion of my home from Winsome Duncan sent the Police to section me from a malicious report on the 30/10/2017 after linking me up with her Employment Barrister Ryan Clement. She was groomed by him to find vulnerable black people for them to scam. Ms Duncan stole my manuscript, published my book without my consent and therefore I have no knowledge of the content. In the night my husband lost his dignity and wanted to cover his shame before allowing me to take over.

Thursday 30/9/2021: I stayed at home and do the cleaning up like I used to do to help my mother during the years when disability impacted on my family. I was the one, as an only girl who was mostly affected. I never had a childhood and developed TRAUMAS.

Friday 1/10/2021: Went into Barclays to realise the SCAMMERS, 3 women stitched me up like Big Boy and the Girl and the Duck. They called the Police on the criminal that the Judiciary Of England And Wales & the Crown Prosecution Service & the Criminal Justice System entrap with Emotional Regulation Treatment. Please check my Facebook Memories 3 October 2017 “For all I know I’m a target when even Criminologists are viewing my profile on https://www.linkedin.com. That’s why I am seeking help to find out what is PAVO.

In a nutshell the Police was called after I was locked in the Tower Bridge branch of Barclays. When the two (2) Ignorant Officers came and realise, they were not dealing with an idiot like LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan, they instructed me what to do. I was so stressed out; I did not get back home until late. I was back at the Walworth Police Station that by now had become a place where I did not feel safe, but I prefer to do the right thing or accused again.

I got home and that’s when the UEL is going to make out am responsible for not enrolling. I was sent a PASS which I am using to access UEL. Once again, I must wonder if the UEL have people in Leadership-Management like at LEYF? Refer to Faridah Adeyemo re the UEL https://youtu.be/ZiqtTevadBE to find out why I will unearth the fact about why Richard Harty panicked and kick me out of the UEL.

I will end by saying the ball is in the UEL court and as of now I will be on my guard I will pay them the curtsey to respond to this before going public. Because I have been accepted on the Microsoft Business Project and whatever the outcome, I will benefit. Please tell Richard Harty it is obvious he is a bigot who needs to get involved in British Values. I can give him lessons for free. Or better still do the research about MERVELEE MYERS who was ITV News Page one for Windrush 70. I will also do the same for Barclays for calling the Police on me. What were they expecting for them to come MURDER me? I have enough evidence for Police Officers to be charged with attempts on my life at my home and at Southwark Police Station. The UEL can either work with me or against me, it doesn’t matter as I am a PENSIONER from my time at KINGS College NHS Foundation Trust where I have the first nervous breakdown after the death of my brother.

The choice is the UEL.


Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate


The Impacts of Cyberbullying and Institutional Discrimination on my Disabilities

12 My Empowerment is my Armour against Weapons of Hate Crimes

  • The Police & IOPC & MOPAC
  • DBS
  • The Judicial Ombudsman

Why was I not Surprised?

I was not therefore, surprised by the response I get from HCT Group after visiting their offices with my portfolio, filled with my qualifications and training certificates, as well as accolades from parents and professionals over the years. Her response was a one-line communication email, stating she received my application. The next thing I received information to register for the Learning Support Assistant Level 3 qualification. I was so vexed, I made the decision there and then, I was finished with studying. What would I be doing with all these qualification certificates if not to get a job? Paper my wall?

I was not surprised about the decision to send me to go back to doing the Level 3 Course, when the interviewer told me that they were working in partnership with LEYF. HCT Group trainees were doing placements at LEYF settings. Need I say any more, as this is the treatment I have been getting from when I was forced to resign to save my life from a toxic work environment, working with colleagues and Managers who were intrinsically spineless cowards (Hudson M, 2012). Because I have the courage of my convictions to stand up, let my voice be heard, remembering my duty of care that is paramount, knowing everyone is responsible for safeguarding, I chose to raise concerns that were not within my authority.

I paid the price back in 2008, by raising concerns as a Whistle-blower (www.ofsted.gov.uk/parents) in one of the organisation workplace nurseries that should be responsible for the emotional wellbeing and welfare of their employees. LEYF gave me a six-line reference, flagging safeguarding. I have since had to be justifying myself to others who are prepared to judge and label me like LEYF did at the trumped up Disciplinary. Registering at two Employment Agencies to help me get back into work, I did not know I would be facing indirect discrimination from them. But I was blacklisted and networked against, since 2008 when I took the former employers to the Employment Tribunal.

That is why, when I was labelled Uncooperative, Unprofessional, Rude, Intimidating, Confrontational, Aggressive and Lacking Empathy to suit LEYF agenda of destroying my life because I would not agree to become one of their manipulated psychopaths who sold my soul to the Devil. I decided to challenge the Employment Agencies who discriminate against me. Therefore www.connex-education.com have been challenged, for using my Data to solicit customers without offering me a job. I am not afraid to use social media to contact www.networkrs.co.uk and make my feelings known.

I would therefore like to advice anyone else who is quick to jump to conclusions like the Editor of the www.nurseryworldmagazine did to me on LinkedIn, please do the research first. Liz Roberts did not only discriminate against me since I was excluded from participating with the Nursery World Forum debates but to send me threatening email. On the 4th March 2017, at the www.nurseryworldshow.com/london I was stalked by two young white men. Later, I saw her in the company of one of these young men, when they thought I visited their booth/stalls and would not return.

I have the photos to prove my arguments because of the mantra from the www.express.co.uk columnist that I adopted “Tech Don’t Lie”.  I make it my business to visit all the stalls of organisations that joined and colluded with LEYF to discriminate against me and keep me out of working. That is why, when they track down my CV online and come calling, I refuse to accept that I should once more allow any one of them to enslave me in their toxic workplaces. If they are in any doubt, I am making use of all the opportunities of making myself more knowledgeable, so I can continue to represent myself when others are too intimidated by the like of LEYF. Or even to act unprofessionally to accept the blood, sweat and tears money gotten off the backs of my suffering.

As Bob Marley sang “Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery, None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds…” I have my Defensive Practice to keep me rooted and grounded in the laws.  Having my passion about writing and photographing led me to registering on Social Media sites in the first place. When the CEO of LEYF started her BLOG, emails were sent for staff to contribute to her Blog. I was one of the first to do so when colleagues were not sure and encourage them to sign up. Because I identified how I could use social media to develop my CPPDP and share my Intellectual Properties to a wider audience. Adhering to current laws, legislation, and codes of practice and conducts, I have always stick to the contract I signed.

At no times did I breach any Contractual Agreements, Policy and Procedures until LEYF tried stitching me up to take away my job and strip me of my Human Rights as a person and citizen of the UK. I have the copyright to all my work and would not do anything to be robbed of my freedom like what happened when a miscarriage of justice was allowed to happen when I take the first employers to the Employment Tribunals (Hudson, M. 2012)

If they are in any doubts about my intentions in getting justice, they can research my Social Media campaigns. Me say mi deyah and ready fi dem!  My Granny used to say if mi dead gone ants wi cawh news come tell me – (If I am dead and gone ants will carry the news come to tell me).  For the healing processes to be completed, I need to get the final closures that will release me from the demons that have held me captive since puberty. Then I can also exonerate myself from judging my MOTHER, thinking she was incapable of loving me.

Because my lack of knowledge meant that I did not know what my mama was going through. I do not want another family to go through my experiences that TRAUMA can cause. My entire women folks were affected from my grandma, to my mother, to me and even my first child was affected with Global Developmental Delay Syndrome, due to lack of stimulation. I was so affected by my traumatic childhood that I was unable to interact with my child to aid his development. But I am glad more than ever I did not give up. Therefore, I am more than happy now to accept that I am exactly like my mama and granny before her.

I am afforded the opportunity to tell my stories and even help others along the way. I am here to serve, like my parents before me did.

My Daughter-in-Law…! Copied from Facebook

Naheel Brown-Legister 5th May 2017

Life is like a story book. Every page you turn, it is something new. Always be the author of your book. Take charge of your life and write the best story for you. Even the best stories get criticised, and the best authors didn’t write their stories in one attempt, so if in life you fall, pick yourself up and go again. Know that there are many routes to take you to the same place make the best decision based on your circumstances.

Be grateful for the difference’s life offers to everyone and hold on to that which is given to you. Endorse and embrace your strengths and your weaknesses and most importantly enjoy your life. At the end of it all, when your story is done, you should be happy to write “The End”.

WordPress 12 June 2021

On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is  feeling blessed in London, United Kingdom.

As a STRONG Black Woman from Jamaica who made the most of my opportunities in the UK, without prejudice, this is the kind of headlines LEYF Nurseries was expecting.

Andrew Holness

‪My condolences to the friends, family and employees of Jamaica-born Lowell Hawthorne, CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill.

‪He headed the largest Caribbean franchise chain in the US, with more than 120 stores.

Councillor for the Friendship Division Kevin Murray the Politician. My son was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities. 

Mervelee Myers Reviews 29 December 2019 For Research

Lambeth College 

I attended Lambeth College 1997-1999 and graduated with BTEC National Diploma CHILDHOOD STUDIES (NUSERY NURSING) July 1999. I was helped into a job at William Wilberforce Lambeth Walk Day Nursery straight after finishing studies by one of my tutors. Of note is the fact, I left with Mervelee Myers was selected, based on progress and achievement, to represent the College’s 1998/1999 students from the area of Childhood Studies: BTEC National Diploma. Lambeth College Awards Evening Clapham & Tower Bridge Centres. Signed by Principal. Date: 6 December 1999. LAMBETH COLLEGE Sharing Success. An Equal Opportunities College.

I could add so much about how I started at https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk, after witnessing the scene of the Early Years Setting when I was working as a Cleaner at BBC in White City. But since the information can be accessed at GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE, will use my time more wisely. Because I am on a mission via my various WEBSITES to be the person making the sacrifices in breaking down barriers erected by the systems and establishments and individuals from the heights of www.gov.uk  to employers like www.leyf.org.uk  believing that it is acceptable to ruin careers and destroying lives.

When I started at Lambeth College, I was frustrated with the uncertainty of being a Contract Cleaner, whose life was disrupted from one day to the next. With my HIDDEN DISABILITIES, I needed the certainty of continuity, familiarity, and consistency to lead a life as close to normality as was possible.

If anyone wants to know more about my journey from Lambeth College to my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site, feel free to type MERVELEE MYERS into SEARCH ENGINE? I would welcome your feedback with a REVIEW. In the meantime, https://mervelee.wordpress.com  is CREATING the LEGACIES to stop another person having to go through my experiences from 2004.

On this day 2 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard   recommends Globe-Theater.

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard just do #therapy. Am #singing at the Globe-Theater tomorrow. Am a #Saint until I #face the TERRORISTS?




When I say https://www.facebook.com not going to FUCKING #threaten me I #mean it. Go look for the TERRORISTS at LEYF Nurseries #LEYF and #prestogiousHOC to mess wid.


Mental Health & SEND Advocate

13 On the road to recovery.

  • Finding a support network.
  • Accepting myself.
  • Giving back to society.

Dr Maria Hudson –

Focus on:

My Roles at LEYF: EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is  celebrating success.

Daily Express Page 21: Sheridan quits royal show after dad dies. I have had so many bereavements in my life that I have spoken & written about that I am very versed about #Compassion. I am far different from LEYF Nurseries that don’t have a clue about what is written in the #Contract I signed on 7.10.2009. It was never reviewed nor updated until I was forced to resign on the 27.9.2015. Then they claimed they have no #FILE, so no Data Protection Act 1998. Now my Fight4justice will have to see about that?

Page 22: Gangster given nine years for shooting ‘grass’. Do I really need to comment? If it was left to me LEYF Nurseries would lose their Ofsted #RegistrationtoPractice.

Page 24: No witch-hunt, insist police probing Heath. Until you have heard my story, don’t believe a word from the #Establishment & the #Systems. They are operating a clique with big organisations like LEYF Nurseries. I have all the evidence as part of my  #DefensivePractice.

MM Updates 4/12/2021: I am going to research Richard Harty of the UEL for his role in Men In Childcare and A Voice of a Child. The research I carried out for the LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan in August 2010 will be brought in evidence that LEYF and the UEL are operating Abuse Rings based on the reviews online during the Employment Tribunal Case in 2016-2017.

Page 33: 15 years for axe attacker who fractured policewoman’s skull. LEYF Nurseries fractured my #MentalHealth leaving me to seek counselling at the Maudsley Hospital. I came out of that experience a stronger person. My Fight4justice will show them all what I am made of?

MM Updates 2021: My websites and YouTube must be evidence of how the Metropolitan Police, IOPC and MOPAC targeted me from Winsome Duncan sent them to section me from a malicious report on 30/10/2017 to 13/11/2021 when I called the Emergency System for the commotion at my door. The home I got because of domestic abuse is no longer a safe haven for me and my 98-year-old husband. When I did not become HCT Group Impact Report 2016 of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment to suit LEYF. I am 600,000 elderly residents in the UK say they leave their homes once per week or less.

Promise to my Brother on his Death Bed

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is  celebrating freedom with Valdin Legister and  2 others.

Since today might be my last before I have to take a Facebook break, I have heard a voice telling me to make the most of my opportunities. Once more I would like to acknowledge the fact of my #Achievements with my Fight4justice campaign against LEYF Nurseries with the support I have been given by #SocialMedia & Facebook for Windows in particularly. After today, I will be focussing on doing my #Highlights!

I am still considered a #RespectableProfessional & I will make sure there are no doubts about this fact. So whoever is intent with their Reverse-psychology, I will endeavour to do my #Research after!

UEL Student Wellbeing Service 

My name is MERVELEE MYERS, and I want to say how much the Elephant & Castle HUB has been part of my journey from the time I joined and Choir. I have engaged with other groups at the HUB, but the Choir has given me the chance to use singing as Therapy during the time I was going through a difficult phase in my life.

I am proud of my biggest stage performance at the Globe Winter Festival. Although I have been in the media and on TV before performing with the Choir take precedent. I can link this with my parents meeting at a Wake Night singing and Cupid strike and they spent the rest of their lives together.

Even when Mama Lou develop dementia and she forgot her only daughter, you could reach her with singing. I have not participated since COVID-19, but I keep informed via the WhatsApp group. I am back, but University means I might not get to attend regularly. But I am a lifelong member of the Choir. Just need to know if I am an Alto or a Tenor.

Thanks for the support during my time of inactivity.



Mervelee Myers Discovers Link Between LEYF 2010 And The UEL 2021

14 Whose Mask Of Sanity Expose Abusers

  • June O’Sullivan – A Voice of a Child
  • Richard Harty – Men in Childcare
  • Fitzrovia to Luton Street
  • Media
  • Individuals & Organisations

On this day 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Yesterday Tom told me about his experience with 1 Institution, & 2day it’s my turn 2 get di wind up! Wat di freaking hell dem tek me fah doan eh Pupa JESUS? Imagine being told that the thing that U delivered by Hand got lost in the Post! Well at the ripe old age of 90 Tom have all his faculties intact & could argue his point! So even thou I have a HD (Hidden Disability) which cause me Tongue fi tie up at times… I am still capable of Critical Thinking? Sammy U cawn Fool me again!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Well said indeed! Community Playthings UK

Nelson Mandela: “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

On this day 10 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

7 Brothers 7 different MINDS!!! 1 was a Parish Councillor & the other a Brigadista… Now who left their marks on Jamaican History?

9 Comments. 2 Shares

Children Are The Future… Launching ICT Networking At Townhead Basic School – On JBSF & VMBS Website 

‘SAD to hear of the death of Andrew Sachs. Can you imagine now if there was a sitcom with a Spanish waiter? There would be cries of racism and Fawlty Towers would never see the light of day’. All I need to do is point this in the right directions and hope they take #Responsibilities and be #Accountable for how they have directly & indirectly #Discriminated against me at the instigations of LEYF Nurseries. If I wasn’t a determined person who dedicates myself to my Fight4justice I would not have regained my #VOICE. But I am sure lessons are learned and they will not allow the wool to be pulled over their eyes again by those that are #Unprofessional? MM Updates: Death affected me in many ways and the impact of the discrimination has been part of the Emotional Regulation Treatment entrapment imposed by HMCTS & CPS & CJS to cover for LEYF and cohorts. Each time I experience PTSD they use my vulnerability against me.

I have turned the tables on LEYF Nurseries because during the time 1.9.2009 – 27.9.2016, I built up my #CPPDP. Whilst they were short paying me, refusing to allow me up the career ladder and expecting me to apply my #IntellectualProperties to make the organisation a #Beacon. I was busy ensuring I have the Copyright to my work without breaching their #Contract. Now I have the #Handle & they have the #Blade!

Blacklisting and Networking – Friends In High Places

On the back of the Prime Minister New Year’s 2017 Message to the nation, let me take this opportunity to challenge those of us, who experienced discrimination to let our voices be heard. It is time we stop accepting that we have to be part of the Silent Minority who suffer in Silence. If you are in any doubt and need the inspirations, motivations, initiatives, etc., to act, look no further than my Fight4justice campaign. My life story is out in Cyber Space because I choose to make my life an Open BOOK so others can benefit. I don’t want anyone else to live the life of torment I did from the time I was approaching Puberty to now. That was a very crucial Developmental Transitional Milestones especially for a Young Girl in a Family of Men/Boys, struggling with her Identity.

Despite the luck of the draw for the hands of Cards I was given, opting out was never an Option. I carried on regardless, even when my uneducated Brain didn’t understand what was happening to me. My family life disintegrated when I was to start another Developmental Transitional Journey to Secondary School and I experienced Trauma. This Trauma came about when Papa was struck down with Parkinson Disease. I changed from Papa’s Little Girl to a REBEL who would Curse, Fight, be Disobedient, etc., because I didn’t know what was happening to me. Worse of all I feared Rejection and see this was a sign of been abandoned by my Father and Mother.

But that was not the case as my Mother had to be strong to take on the roles and responsibilities thrust on her without any prior warnings or time to try make preparations. Sadly, I only found out these things via Counselling. Strangely enough I have to get Counselling because of discrimination in workplaces, where I thought I would be safe if I give of my best to try and make a difference with my Intellectual Properties, gained via my own experiences of life, studies and my thirst for knowledge. During those Developmental Transitions, in my head I was becoming the opposite of the person Papa wanted me to be. On reflections, I was blaming Papa for not been there for me when I needed him most.

I started questioning whether I belonged to my parents and Mama’s love for me. But I had the most questions for Papa’s GOD. How could my Papa’s God after the way he dedicated his entire life to living his life from the Bible’s Teaching, allow him to suffer? I went from Puberty into Motherhood a very mixed-up Teenager. I was destined to face rejections after rejections and even the loves I thought I have been false promises. For some reasons or other, like what is happening why I am out of work, everyone chooses to discriminate against me for their own preconceived prejudice views and opinions about who they think that I am.

The long and short of my story, is that my sons are the products of my unions with two of the most Eligible Young Men from my era. I have no regrets although I did not follow the trend and norms of what was expect of me. So as Mama would say I ended up with “di Patckwork Pickney dem.” If anyone reading my story is expecting to hear at a later date that anything untoward happened in my life, they won’t because I stood up for myself and was too angry for anyone to try anything with me, without my consent. I would probably have ended up beating the hell out of them and not be afraid to go public. If nothing else, my Parents brought me up with Old Fashioned Values and Beliefs, even if I broke some Rules.

I was tested again after the birth of my first son, as my troubled Developmental Transition caught up with me again. My child was Misdiagnosed with Multiple Disabilities as being Deaf and Dumb. I guess this must have been the trigger I needed telling me life was not just about me anymore. I had was to Protect my child from some very Insensitive Ignorant People who treated me like the way I was discriminated against in Society from the age of ten (-10) years old. Take it from me, I know what it feels like to be different from the images of what is considered of BEAUTY. When you are not the Picture-Perfect Image with a Straight Nose, etc., be prepared for the discrimination that follows. To then be struck with Childhood Trauma is another story altogether.

Despite Papa’s illnesses, he was in his elements helping his Only Daughter with the care of my son, caring is part of our DNA. If you know me there is no doubt you know my Papa, barring the Angry Person I became when he took sick. I can recall Papa despite the SHAKINGS, singing his hear out for my son and trying to give back some of what I had lost out on. After that I picked myself up on the advice of my former Class Teacher at Secondary School, Mr Felix Rose and went back to Evening Classes at Mannings High School. But I was in for more disappointment, getting Pregnant again. I choose my child over the chance of a Future Career, but I never gave up my dreams.

The Rest Is History as I love to say, as now I can honestly say I made the most defining decisions about choosing to have my SONS even when they were not planned.  I have to make decisions that were to change my life because of my DNA. I choose not to have more children, even before I know anything about EUGENICS or was educated. Sometimes I look back with some number of regrets, I did not have that Daughter, the Sister that especially my younger Son wanted from Mum. But I didn’t want a child who might possibly have to live my experiences, right or wrong, I made that choice.

My Fight4justice is to highlight my experiences and to stop my family going through my life from the time Papa was struck down with Parkinson Disease. Mama had to be the mother, Father and Carer for the rest of her life, whether she wanted to or not. She never shirked her responsibilities and Duty of Care for anyone who needed her. My children did not escape and have their stories to tell, but I will allow them to do so when they are ready. I would like it to be known that social injustices and inequalities exist in all echelons of societies. Some will only take notice of the plights of others only if they are beneficiaries.

I am here to say SOD them. I come this far without their support, so I will finish yet another Transitional Journey on my own, no that I am EMPOWERED. I am however sending out messages to the Establishments, Systems, etc., that with my Defensive Practice, I am POWERFUL. Therefore, it’s time to stop paying lip services with the Tokenism of Rhetoric and Bureaucratic Red Tape and do something about the likes of me, who have to be using social media and Facebook in particular to get JUSTICE.

After the 8th March 2017, I will be putting NAMES in the Public Domain. You have your chances to make amends before then?

9th January 2017.

Taurus-Lori Reid: Taureans are some of the steadiest people in the universe. They are also some of the most loyal. But that loyalty could be strained today if you suspect that others are taking advantage. Call to hear why it’s time to take a broader view.

I have been pushed from pillar to post since I got back from #Burying_MAMA. The final #Rejections is the #Abandonment by those I am #Relying on?

My comments have been #Deleted from LinkedIn by those with friends in high places. The got Facebook to #Block me when I was celebrating my #1Son Mr Kevin Murray win as Community Upliftment Programme – C.U.P #Councillor4FriendshipDivision. If I did not take charge with my Fight4justice campaign, I would not have access to my #MemoriesonSocialMedia.

Now the final insults are what have been happening to me since before the #28thNovember2016. I was tagged and labelled with the #Negative_Discourses that exacerbated and triggered my #ChildhoodTraumas.

But history will #Exonerate me. But before that, I am doing my bit to help myself. No one, not even #Jesus_God_HolyGhost can convince me I am someone that I am/is/was not!

Everyone is welcome to their opinions and views on my #LifeExperiences. At the end of the day, I aim to #Teach_Lessons to those intent on #ModernDaySlavery in whatever formats.

Cover Letter #1 Job Search

I am an experienced Early Years Practitioner who was formerly a Basic School Teacher from my country of origin. I did 1-year National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant in a Primary School setting. I studied at Lambeth College and The Open University gaining qualifications up to Foundation Degree in Early Years standards.

I have transferable skills from early in my life helping to take care of my younger siblings, nieces, and nephews. I spent years learning at the hands of my mother about caring for the elderly, sick and infirmed as both dad and grandma were bedridden for a period. As a teenage mother I learned to care for the vulnerable from the cradle to the grave before I was 20 years old.

I have a wealth of experiences working in the early years sectors straight out of Lambeth College since 1999. I worked as Room Leader for toddlers. I was a Preschool Leader, Group Supervisor and Key Person. I took on roles and responsibilities of Mentor for colleagues doing Foundation Degrees and students on placements. I help posts as SENCO and EYFS Coordinator, represented my employers on Trainings, at Conferences and written articles for Websites and Publications.

I am proactive and uses my innovative initiative to develop my Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Plan. I broadened my horizons doing research, trained as a Volunteer because I am an advocate of inclusion. I have a dream to continue my trainings to qualify as a Special Educational Needs Teacher so I can make my vision become a reality.

BIB Nursery:

Theresa Salmon Multigenerational Working Approaches Black History Month October 2014

BIB October 2014 to 16 March 2015

  1. Long Service Award
  1. Active Matters certificate. 3. Long Service Award. 4. Consent Form – Theresa Salmon.
  1. BIB Magazine. 6. BIB Magazine article – Theresa Salmon. 7. LEYF CEO Contributions Letter -25.11.2011
  1. Long Service Award 15th October 2014. 9. BIB CEO News Letter November 2014. 10. BIB CEO News Letter 30.01.2015
  1. Email to HR Dilys Epton 14.03.2015.

To Voice

Further to the recent telephone contact when I spoke to Mark Essex about my situation and intention to appeal the outcome of the Disciplinary Hearing. Mark Essex told me that I would be allocated a Union Rep to advise me about the case. I have since received a letter that I requested about the telephone conversation between Arkwen Makin being put in writing. I will not be wasting my time arguing about what was said to me over the phone and what is in the letter. Because all Arwen Makin has done is STRESSED me out even more and caused me to become even more DEPRESSED. Therefore, I’d like someone else to handle my case as I don’t think I am getting the best advice and support from her. I got exactly this same kind of treatment from another UNION, so I know exactly what I am dealing with. I made the mistake of challenging that Union, so will therefore not be challenging VOICE, as I am not that LEARNED to do so.

Since VOICE has not been in contact, I’d like to be informed who is the Union Rep who will be representing me at the Appeal before the time comes. What role is that person going to be taking. When Darren Mahon was representing me, I got advice about drafting letters, etc… What is VOICE role in supporting me after all these years of collecting my dues only now to leave me high and dry when I am once again at my most VULNERABLE.

When my friend phoned and I spoke to Mark Essex, he said he had no knowledge of my case. Has he availed himself of the information I sent to the office and make himself familiar with my case yet? As Mark Essex said on the phone Darren Mahon took up another job after coming back from representing me at the Hearing, but why did no one see fit to contact me to talk about my situation. This was after I sent documentations to him & copied VOICE in about some of the matters that came out at the Hearing. I am baffled and need some answers to my queries, as well as why I am not hearing from VOICE about my situation.

If this is of any help I sent in my Appeal and is waiting to hear from them, but as is their ways, they will be dragging their feet to further frustrate me. And I am hoping that this is not exactly what VOICE is doing as well? Sorry for being so cynical, but when I am having the exact same sort of treatment from 2 different Unions, I can’t help but being negative and feeling hopeless. I have also gone to do the Medical Referral for the Occupational Health and awaiting the outcomes. In the meantime, I’d like to know what help, support and advice VOICE is going to give me, since I have not heard from you since the last email of the 16.04.2015.

I would call, but I prefer as I said to have things in writing when I can take my time to take it in. Talking is one of the underlying conditions that is affected when I am STRESSED and ANXIOUS, and I don’t want to give anyone else more fuel to DISCRIMINATE against me for my DISABILITY and medical health conditions.

Awaiting your timely reply. Thanks in advance.  Mervelee Nembhard-Myers

Nabeela Kerun: Hello, my name is Nabeela Kerun, you are through to the Equality Advisory Support Service.   We are able to offer non-legal advice on the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998.  Have you used this service before? If so, can you give me your reference number please?
Nabeela Kerun: Hello, have you contacted our service before?
Mervelee Myers: No
Nabeela Kerun: No problem. What I will need to do is set up a record for you and provide you with a reference number, Do you mind providing you address and a contact number? This information is just for your record and will be kept confidential.
Mervelee Myers: 16 Alma Grove London SE1 5PY 02072310813
Nabeela Kerun: Thank you. Your reference number is 150427-000040.
The EASS can provide non-legal advice on the Equality Act 2010 this covers discrimination because of race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief, pregnancy or maternity, age and marriage or civil partnership. The EASS can also provide advice on the Human Rights Act 1998.

How can I help you today?
Mervelee Myers: Having some problems at work. Went to a Disciplinary Hearing & appealed. Off on Medical Suspension. Am stressed out & depressed with everything happening to me
Nabeela Kerun: What was the reason for your disciplinary?
Mervelee Myers: 3 colleagues complained about me on the same day re my conduct. The allegations were made up to suit their agenda to get me sacked
Nabeela Kerun: Ok, so due to the complaints, you were taken to disciplinary, were you given the opportunity to put forward your side in the appeal?
Mervelee Myers: Yes, I appealed, but I had a Union rep accompanied me to the hearing. He just disappeared & the Union called me beseeching me not to Appeal. I have had no support & advice from the union since.
Communication with the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Chat service has been lost.  Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 240 seconds.
Connection resumed.
Nabeela Kerun: Our service can only advise where discrimination has occured, if your case is not linked to a protected characteristic such as age, race, gender, disability etc, it is likely to be something that falls within the Employment legislation. As we cannot advise on the employment law, you would need to speak to Acas 0300 123 1100. Currently, it is unclear whether you believe that you have been discriminated against, and if so, how you feel the discrimination has occurred?
Mervelee Myers: I told them verbally & in writing when I started that I have Parkinson disease. I since developed Arthritis & Diabetes. I feel the fact that I don’t take medications for my disability & health conditions are factors in why my colleagues say they have problems working with me. I just done medical on Friday awaiting the report
Nabeela Kerun: Ok, what we will need to go over is the definition of a disability for the purpose of the Equality Act 2010
In order to be covered by the Equality Act 2010, your condition must meet the definition of a disability as set out under the act.
1. The condition must be a physical or mental impairment
2. The impairment must have a substantial and long-term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day to day activities.
When the act refers to substantial, this means that the effects of the condition must not be trivial or minor. Additionally, long term means that the condition must have lasted or is likely to last for more than 12 months. If you are taking any medication to counteract the effects of your condition, the courts will consider how you are affected in your daily life without that medication.

Nabeela Kerun: Ultimately, we are unable to confirm if your condition is or isn’t covered, this is something only the Employment Tribunal can guarantee, however, if the effects of your condition without medication are substantial, it is likely to be covered
Mervelee Myers: I have had my condition the GP names this as ANXIETY (letter dated 2006) What they are doing to me is causing me worries causing me not to be able to function & do my work. I get tremors & my speech can either be non-existent or I am said to be shouting. I have no control when I get anxious.
Nabeela Kerun: Do you mind explaining further about your issues with your colleagues? did any specific incident occur, if so, how is that incident linked to your disability?  E.g. you mentioned your anxiety can cause you to come across as if you are shouting, is this part of the complaints that have been raised against you?
Mervelee Myers: Yes they are saying things about Body language, unprofessional, confrontational & rude. But I am mindful of my anxiety & the triggers. So tried to avoid any such acts of behaviour at all costs.
Nabeela Kerun: What you will need to distinguish is whether your colleagues are targeting you because of your disability from general workplace bullying and harassment as the first is covered by the Equality act and the latter is covered by Employment law.
In terms of the accusations about body language, confrontational, rude etc, if this is a consequence of your condition (i.e if your anxiety can cause you to talk loudly and this is interpreted as shouting, or if you anxiety affects your body language) and you are being taken to disciplinary because of that, it may amount to discrimination arising from a disability
Nabeela Kerun: Discrimination arising from a disability occurs where an individual is being treated unfavourable, not because of their disability itself, but due to a consequence of their condition. In your case, the unfavourable treatment is the disciplinary and the argument is that you were taken to disciplinary due to the body language, shouting etc – this is a consequence of your anxiety (disability)
Mervelee Myers: Ok thanks very much. I just don’t have the heart to go through another harrowing experience with Employment Tribunals because the same thing that the 1st Union I had done to me is happening agin with this 1. I feel let down. Work is what is keeping me going & now I don’t know what is happening to me. I am stressed & depressed
Nabeela Kerun: With regards to your union, if you feel unsupported by them, you may wish to make a formal complaint to your regional union as it is a service you are paying for, therefore, they should be helping you resolve this issue
Nabeela Kerun: As for your concerns with discrimination in the workplace, i understand you do not wish to go through an employment tribunal, and that is usually the last resort, however, at this stage you can address it by raising this as a formal grievance.
Nabeela Kerun: Did you raise any concerns of discrimination during your appeal?
Mervelee Myers: I challenged the 1st 1 about the practice & I guess that made matters worse. I don’t have the energy & experience to deal with this anymore. The union rep who accompanied me left & now they are telling me not to appeal & no support since.
Mervelee Myers: Yes, I put those in writing & is waiting to hear about the appeal. There are lots going on & I have just been transferred to this new site after working with the Co 5+ years. But they want me out at this new site. I told my manger verbally & in writing what was happening, but she done nothing because she is heading it. I have written evidence of accolades & contributions to the CO over the years, but the CO now turn against me & sided with them.
Mervelee Myers: The union said if I raise Grievance this might make matter worse
Mervelee Myers: I don’t know if my age has anything to do with it because I am oldest 1. & They said things like I am moody & unfriendly & I don’t know about my race because the manager claimed that another staff who was transferred are Bad Apples.
Nabeela Kerun: Your employers owe you a duty of care, as this is causing further stress and triggering your anxiety, you can question if they can support you and possible discuss ways to mediate between yourself and your colleagues or train them on equality and diversity issues, so they better understand your condition. Otherwise, you can raise discrimination arising from a disability to the employer as a grievance. With Discrimination arising from, the employer must show that their actions in pursing disciplinary actions are proportionate in meeting their legitimate aim. This aim could be to ensure there is a safe working environment, or to address complaints made against employees in accordance with their policy. As your colleagues have made a complaint against you, the employer decided to pursue disciplinary actions on that basis, if they are aware of how your anxiety affects you and that it is impacting on your response and behaviour etc, they need to consider if disciplinary is really the best way to approach this situation.
The burden of proof rests with the employer to show that their actions are reasonably necessary, so if they could make adjustments to support you (maybe by offering training to yourself or colleagues so they understand anxiety better and how to work with you) and they havent considered such adjustments, it makes it difficult for the employer to justify their actions
Nabeela Kerun: With regards to your age and race, there needs to be more information to infer this otherwise it will be a case of raising a number of points that how no merit behind them. If you have other incidents that make you believe your age and/or race is a factor, you can raise that, however, a suspicion of discrimination alone is not enough
Mervelee Myers: Ok I will stick to the disability (ANXIETY) issues because I told them b4 I started & as late as January 2015 at supervision when I discussed with the manager. I also addressed in writing to the manager how the treatment was affecting my Anxiety & other health conditions.
Nabeela Kerun: You may wish to use the template letter on our website to raise discrimination arising from a disability- templates are located under the tab headed ‘resources’ and titled ‘template letter work discrimination arising from a disability’. What you can also consider is whether the employer can support you in reducing the anxiety in anyway to prevent similar incidents in future from arising
Mervelee Myers: Ok ta, I am also awaiting the report from the Medical Referral & the doctor suggested I get Cognitive Therapy. I asked for counselling & none was forth coming & the Union rep raised that at the Hearing. The chair was not aware about certain correspondence that passed between HR. Then they were not even sure whether I was disciplined under Gross Misconduct or Misconduct. 1 department don’t know what the other is doing. They only set out to get an outcome, so they have reasons to Sack me.
Nabeela Kerun: As therapy was suggested, you may wish to question why this wasn’t implemented as the employer needs to show on business grounds why the adjustment was unreasonable, otherwise it could be argued as a failure to make reasonable adjustments
Nabeela Kerun: Once you have raised these points, you can return to the service and keep us updated by quoting your reference number, however please be aware that under the EqA you have only 3 months less 1 day from the incident date (date of discrimination) to pursue a claim with the Employment tribunal
Mervelee Myers: Ta much, but I can’t face up to Tribunal as I won’t be able to cope.


Request Email Response


My Contributions To British Values

  • Professors Endorsement

Discrimination: Miscarriages of Justice

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is  feeling thankful with Dostan Nembhard and  3 others  in Jamaica.

Daily Express Page 13 – Jennifer Selway: I admire the no nonsense arguments of this columnist that I have chosen some of her articles to compare. What makes Theresa tick. The discovery I made is that the PM Theresa May was an only child. Therefore, as an only girl, I think we share those aspects of our life in common and that is more than enough for me. I was always headstrong and have a mind of my own. I believe that was due in part to the fact that I have to #Champion my own causes and did not always rely on anyone to do so for me. But I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impressions that my #7Bredas were not #Protective of me. However, I loved to do things my way. I have #5Bredas left and we are one united family. All when we just finish having a go at each other, please keep your distance!

Hands up if you agree: What can I say more than this was an example of why LEYF Nurseries decided to #Discriminate against me!

MM Updates: I must be honest in saying I have decided that to heal myself of the traumas that affected my life chances I must be honest and clear the cobwebs from my mind. I must speak the truth cost it what it is, s/he who hides the wrong they do will continue doing the wrong thing still. I never get over the fact that I was abandoned, rejected, and beaten up by some members of my family. I spent 7+ years of my life expecting my family and friends to help me out of the situation of discrimination forced on me by LEYF and the Judiciary of England and Wales, the Criminal Justice System, and the Crown Prosecution Service did collude with the abusers in the Early Years Sector over the years since my mother died.

Mervelee Myers with a former Colleague Cresella Rattary-Brown after attending training at LEYF CO.

Winsome Duncan Stole My Manuscript Sent Police To Section Me Malicious Report

Dear Mervelee,

Julia Elizabeth Gould reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star
25 March 2016 ·
I worked for this company for 2 1/2 years. I was grateful for them taking me on as a first job. But not for all the stress and health problems that came with it. I feel sorry for all the lady’s at my nursery who I left behind.
For a company who tells us to be brave, nurturing, inspiring and fun. How do you expect your staff to accomplish such things with all the over worked hours and piles of paper work that you so happily force upon them? We are there to nurture the children of the future but instead worry so much on how tidy the rooms are and how outstanding the learning journeys are. There is no time left in the day to nurture let alone have fun.
Maybe now the company has stop concentrating so much at making more money by opening more and more nurseries you would take a step back and see the amount of stress and over worked your older nurseries have become. Maybe think about staffing them too, to lift the weight of over ratio’s and 25 key children per person would just be a start.
I watched a handful of good and honest members of staff leave the nursery I worked at and finally came to the breaking point of where I ( at the age of 21) had to leave for my own health.

Ingrid Curuvija Townsend reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star
29 August at 18:38 ·
The staff turnover at marks gate has been awful causing so many other issues. Does nobody look at the effects of one person leaving before making the decision to move another 3? Now the deputy manager will also be leaving and she is the only person that reassured us during all of these changes that remained consistent and was always someone we could talk to. The children are unsettled and as a parent I feel awful leaving my child in the care of strangers I get my husband to pick up and drop off most days as I get too upset with all the chaos in the nursery.

Jyoti Sharma reviewed LEYF Nurseries – 1 star
12 March ·
I said Goodbye to LEYF couple of weeks ago but I feel that I left my mission unaccomplished and I am still struggling to overcome the LEYF addiction I have, however I do feel that by moving on I have done one of the best things for my overall wellbeing. Leyf is an organisation which has high aspirations and to achieve these aspirations LEYF likes to push its staff as much as it can without sorting the issues or giving them enough support etc. Staff at Leyf get dead busy and no extra help or time is offered to them to manage the enhanced work load. As a deputy manager I had so much to do with out having any admin day or some time off the room. I was working as a deputy, a Senco, was in the ratio 5 days a week, had key children, doing extra hours, deputy’s extra work and 3 hours a day commuting and on top of all this putting up a bully chef. I was also put in the ratio when manager was absent which also put extended pressure on the staff when I had to leave room. No doubt Staff will find themselves unable to cope with added pressure. They are already under huge pressure as due to large number of agency staff and few apprentices they end up having 15 to 20 key children each. Eventually passionate staff who want to do a good job get stressed, frustrated and drained and finally bound to leave. Unpassionate staff also leave due to sparate reasons. In addition to fix the staff problems which I mentioned above another important thing LEYF must do is to upskill and empower their management team as they are directly responsible for staff well-being for example I had to put up a bully chef which affected my mental state to the extent that it nearly put me off coming to work every morning and myself (deputy manager) and the manager could not address this effectively and fairly I believe due to lack of confidence and skill or may be sometimes management’s habit or a will to ignore issues like this but who paid the price undoubtedly me. There are job competencies there for the staff which everyone needs to meet but they are just a piece of paper. This ‘Chef’ does not meet any of these competencies, intimidates the staff however still comfortably working at LEYF under the nose of even Area manager who is (I hope so) well aware of his day-to-day actions.

My Take on the Review By Jyoti Bhardwaj Deputy Manager of BIB

All I am going to add is this is only one of the reasons for my Fight4justice campaign. But instead of getting the justice that I was looking for from the Employment tribunal, I ended up with this online… go to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. I am sure the public will not be surprised to hear that this is my second time facing direct and indirect DISCRIMINATION. I am part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper: The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute. Recommendations made to Acas. In this day and age when there is a Modern SLAVERY Act 2015, the ET reverted even further back than the SLAVERY ACT 1807. Is it any wonder I am suffering STRESS INCONTINENCE, so I am using the opportunity to tell the world the role that UNIONS play in keeping employees enslaved to the Modern-Day SLAVERY Masters and Mistresses who have been given sanctions to destroy lives? MM Updates 2021: ITV News Life Sentence For ‘Pure Evil’ Partner Guilty Of Baby Star Hobson https://youtu.be/hE_iO6Nxqnw for more of why Richard Harty must be investigated as the mastermind of Men in Childcare. .



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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Sam Coote and Roxanne Unruly Jones.

Just updated SKYPE & found out the Baby arrived? So now Ur mum Kadene have to mek sure she gives U Ur food in the PP (Pudding Pan) 4 U & the Baby – Breast Feeding is on the Menu I hope?

Chapter 16

The Windrush Generation

  • Dr Maria Hudson
  • – Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkins
  • – Mrs Gloria Cameron
  • – Dr Juanita Cox

How I Started Volunteering with Resources For Autism

On this day 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is  remembering those who are no longer with us.

Daily Express Page 7: Cleese tribute to ‘wonderful’ Sachs – Mr Sachs is said to have died in a London Care Home of Vascular dementia after four years. Now this for me is to go do more Research about the different types of Dementia. It is stated that John Sachs said his father used Manuel’s moustache to hide behind because he did not want to be recognised.

Then I noticed another thing about me, and it is that my spellings are not as good as I once thought it was? For the first time, I noticed how to spell moustache. It is not spelt the way I pronounce it as “mouthstash”. It took me all this time to realise.

I done Dyslexia training for the first time a couple months ago. But I have been aware of the different types of Dyslexia Centers from I was working at King’s College Hospital. So now I am of the opinion after the training that I have more than #1formsofDyslexia namely Dyscalculia, Disorientations & a little Dyspraxia UK thrown in for good measures. As proof of my Dyslexia, I am still to remember where I use the wrong hand to put the Training Certificate.

I guess it will show itself once I am through with the main purpose for my Fight4justice campaign?

I have an interest in this story because of my #Mother and an area of concerns I have re Multigenerational Working Partnerships. Meeting this Elderly Lady in East Street Market have given me much food for thoughts. I must have experience Dementia Friends without knowing from a young age. However, with knowledge comes power and I have to give thanks for the opportunities I have had since living in the UK. I studied with  The Open University, and is a force to be reckon with. That’s why I refuse to give LEYF Nurseries & the Establishment the satisfactions of destroying my life. The life that my mother worked like a Man to see her children make something of our lives.

Mama had Dementia which I diagnosed. I lived her dementia with her even when I was not home, because my Family made sure I had a telephone conversation every weekend without fails with her. But the most poignant memories I have is the time I spent with her during the time I was in Jamaica for my 1 Son Mr Valdin Legister & Naheel Julene Brown Legister wedding.

I helped Mama rediscovered the life she once knew, even if she didn’t remember and recognise her 1 Daughter. Then I went back to bury Mama, came back, got transferred to BIB, LEYF Nurseries, where my life was turned into a living hell.

Therefore LEYF Nurseries & the Establishments must be heal accountable with my Fight4justice campaign. Some are pretending that they were not informed, or that I did not seek their support to stop the Discriminations. But time is the master in all we do?

The HMCTS & CPS & CJS & HMPPS Career Criminals must get their Emotional Regulation Treatment 

On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Let the world be aware of my situation. I don’t need to embellished my Fight4justice campaign against LEYF Nurseries. Since I join Facebook in the Summer of 2009, I have adhere to the Rules of Law and British Ethical Guidelines in every Contract and using my Moral Judgement to make decisions. I have my Defensive Practice to back up my stories. Yet the #EmploymentTribunals affirm the Discrimination and presided over another miscarriage of justice. Do they really believe I’m going to keep quiet or commit suicide to give them ammunition to fuel the RACIST Terrorism by the COWARDLY BIGOTS who are THUGS of the #ModernDaySlaveMasters_Mistresses. No way I will be writing…

 On this day 8 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

For those of U whose BD I’ve missed- Happy belated! & 4 those whom I will surely be missing take a bow on my b1/2 on the day? I am 1 Tired Wreck, but I am still Soldiering on. Have 2 work right up until my travels, but if my Ghana Sis Madonna can do it, so will I, even if I am about 2 Drop? Yesterday was 1 Interesting & Productive day & I got the opportunity 2 be Challenged from I left my home until I got back indoors… So BTU 2 all my colleagues at LEYF-LS – Suzanne, Michelle Hoofong, et al who supported me all the way! With Ur help I was empowered to brighten 1 Little Elderly Lady on the day she celebrated her 83rd BD.

I am sure my CEO who is an advocate of Multi-Intergenerational would be more than pleased about the work WE continue to do at LS to make this a Reality? Let’s hope Eileen Parker whom I sometimes escorted home when I see her at the BS at Alscot Rd really appreciated the card the children made 4 her? Next time I see her am sure she will tell me even if when I talk, she says “I CAN’T HEAR U, I AM DEAF…” So, it was from 1 end of the MIG process of the ELDERLY to the very YOUNG! Changes of any kinds do have an IMPACT on the Very Old as well as the Very Young, so these groups just don’t do things differently because they want to make OUR life a Living Nightmare? The morale of the story WE are never too OLD to LEARN?

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On this day 5 years ago  Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is  feeling blessed with Marcia Murray Royal and 4 others.

I am taking a different approach to how I interact on Facebook as of now. I will not therefore be sticking to anyone format, but whatever happens to take my fancy daily. Today I will start with reviewing the Daily Express to see if I have anything in common with #FeaturedStories?

Page 1&3: Please Don’t Go LEN – Meeting up with a former colleague when I was coming from the East Street market led me to realise the significance of this story. I worked with briefly this African Lady at #PeckhamSettlement from January – July 2009. We greeted each other and stopped to chat as is the norms with people of our generations with similar cultural backgrounds. She could not believe anything that I was telling her about what happened to me at #BIB, #HOC and #NewCross LEYF Nurseries with the #Establishment and the #System conspiring and colluding to making my life a living hell.

The lady stopping to chat, sharing of her experiences that are similar to mine and reassuring me… help with restoring my faith in the human beings that continue to let me down when I needed their support the most.

Telling me it was a good thing I left when I did, she related how she had to stand her grounds and demands her rights not to be discriminated against. She eventually left with her #RundantPay that they did not want to give her.

The #Moral of the story is “some will support you, but some wont”. Take it from someone who has been in a few scrapes where I believed that no matter the outcome, I am going to stick to my principles. I have had to face some consequences over the years. I would advise you all never to depend on anyone, no matter who to come to your defence when you reach rock bottom. You can make your marker and knows who will be at your side when the time comes?

When one is a celebrity and living in the public eye, then that is a totally different experience all together. Some of my experiences in the UK since 2004 have not left me with much faith in the Establishments, Systems or even the #HumanSpecies. So good on all those who are rallying around and saying, ‘Please Don’t Go LEN’!

My son Valdin Allan Legister’s Wedding – Allegations made at Rumi’s Wedding 4/1/2015 changed my life and that of my son and his family since.

Mertie Joy Legister-Bernard & Cassandra Bernard 

What role did these 2 played in triggering my PTSD?

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson was Born for a Purpose

I was in my early teens when dad took sick and over the years I watched as the burdens of life took their tolls on MUM, but she never once shirked her responsibilities to her family.  It breaks my heart each time I called to speak to her and sometimes she has retreated to a world of her own where even I her only daughter cannot intrude.  And then when she has some clarity and says things like you are so far away and don’t have money to come and look for me…?  It makes matters even worse.  But I must deal with the realities of life and know that I must continue working hard in the UK despite whatever may befall me to afford to give MUM a better quality of life.  So, it is with a heavy heart I sit here and write this tribute to my MOTHER for the years of dedicated services she has provided.  I know I have inherited all Mama’s traits and there is no escaping, but I hope I’ll be able to conduct myself with as much Dignity dealing with what life throws at me.

My Sister-In-Law Denese Clarke-Nembhard had an operation for a tumour and ended up with a stroke last year. When I heard the anguish when speaking to my brother, I sat at the computer and learned to pray aloud for the first time.

In honour of MUM

When I was born over ½ of a century ago my mum and gran were the 2 most dominant females in my life as I was blessed with only brothers, so I was always surrounded by males.  This continued to be the norm as I was blessed with 2 younger siblings who turned out to be boys, and not the longed-for sister I had wanted all my life. However, I was later compensated for my lack of female siblings by the kind of long-lasting relationships I forged along life’s journeys.  These relationships have led to my having so many role models, some older, my age and even younger in a support network that span the different communities in which I am privileged to have lived.  Because of growing up in a household of mostly males it is no surprise that I grew up to be a typical Tom Boy until I hit puberty when mum tried to put a stop to my Tom foolery ways without an explanation.  However, after many reflections I can understand mum’s rationale for trying to rope in the stubborn child whom I had become.   I must confess that over the years I have morphed so much into my mum and granny that it is very much uncanny.  I keep reminding myself at times…, but that’s exactly what mum and gran would do in the same circumstances.  Reminds me of some of the sayings like chip doan fly fur from block, kettle a cuss pot black, pig did ask sow wat mek your mouth long suh and sow sey bambye you will see…

Spartan aka Babs Campbell – Mama Lou Family from Ms Agnes & Manny Brown Clan


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Stephen Lawrence’s Legacy

My Children And Grandchildren Missing Out

Emotional Regulation Treatment Entrapment!

Mervelee Myers Defensive Practice Proves

I was a Participant:

  1. Research Paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” by Dr. Maria Hudson www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers
  1. Mental Heal Research – Dr. Faith Matcham RADAR-CNS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pg102uQLUAY
  1. Diabetes Research – www.heal-d.co.uk

MAPS Mervelee’ Advocacy Pearls in the Sand

Mervelee Myers is an Expert Authority on Subjects from the Cradle to the Grave. Seven Years of Discrimination that Cause Me to Examine the Purpose of Life After the Death of my Mother, I have Decided to Take up Advocacy in my Parents Name.


Dedicated to Valdin Allan Legister a Son who was influenced by his grandmothers http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio I supplied the information in 2011 when I was browsing.

My son was an unknown referee at the time. He endorsed my work Colleagues in 2011 when I was on holidays in Jamaica. 2011 was a pivotal year for me when I was published in the Nursery World Magazine in July for transforming Luton Street Community Nursery working in partnership with colleagues into a beacon of best practice for the world to emulate. By September https://skynews.co.uk visited “The Cost of Childcare” and Mervelee Myers was one of the major contributors with the child of a colleague. The parent writes me and my colleague a letter for our contributions to her child’s development. I have several recommendations from parents I worked with at Mapother House Day Nursery. Am I not allowed to use them to clear my name of being a criminal needing ERT that is entrapment after the Legal Systems colluded against me?

Nelson Mandela is one of my Motivators

I created the Legacies from I joined Social Media before I was aware of Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others”.  I started a Community HUB on Facebook providing extensive coverage of news from my local communities after coming back from my “Family Reunion” in 2009. Despite what happened to me after the death of my brother with colon cancer in 2008 in a toxic workplace, I had made certain decisions about continuing to build on the foundations left by my family and friends who were no longer with us. My Facebook was where people go to be informed. I have 18 Facebook pages that were created for therapy to write especially since the death of my mother and the discrimination that denied me my entitlements and strip me of my dignity.

I was sent memo by the CEO to join SM to contribute to her blog. This is how I joined https://www.linkedin.com in 2012 and can recall one of my first publication was about tolerance. I later developed as an influencer because of my role at work as the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator who was in great demand for my Homemade Books. It is a fact I have it on record/photos that the CEO took one of my Homemade Books to develop into a Teaching & Learning Tool on the day Sky News visited Luton Street Community Nursery. My colleagues were disappointed that I was not acknowledged or compensated, but I guess my trust in others left me exposed to exploitation as will be proven at the end of my book and others I am planning to publish. Matters took a turn that is/was indirect and direct discrimination when I was excluded from the Nursery World FORUM and sent email by the editor Liz Roberts. I must make it clear how emails played a crucial role in providing the evidence that I will be using to clear my name from the time I sent an email to the Senior HR on 14/3/2015 the eve of Mothering Sunday in the UK. I was endorsed by Dr. Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram on LinkedIn the date 22/9/2015 I was sent to CO by the manager at New Cross Community Nursery for a chat with Neil King.

When I arrived, I was harassed, bullied, and intimidated by NK to write a resignation. But if the Former Employer was not so hellbent on getting rid of me before the date they gave me after I appealed the Disciplinary Hearing. They would have known I cannot write my name under such pressures, much more a resignation. But this is how the FE go about discriminating against former employees. This was done to Karen Walker in 2013 when the changes started happening at the FE, after the CEO was bestowed with an MBE. It was no coincidence that the Senior HR who was present sent me a LinkedIn request on the date I was called to CO when I was endorsed on LinkedIn by the persons, I introduced myself to at Middlesex University at LEYF Big Childcare Conversation. The CEO came to the group I was with, turned her back on me, when I acknowledge her, claimed she did not recognise me.  See my entries on Social Media to verify my story from when I was targeted and learning that the discrimination was sanctioned. Facebook gave the FE access to my account on 18/9/2015 in breach of the Rules of Laws before I attended Middlesex University on the 19/9/2015. On the 22/9/2015 I was suspended verbally at CO because I could not write a RESIGNATION because of my disability in the Chronic Anxiety diagnosis of 18 July 2006 to do my Health & Social exam for the Open University sponsored by http://unison.org.uk that was to overturn the government ET Law in 2017 for employees to pay fee to take employers to the ET. The question I would like to be answered is who is benefiting from my Intellectual Property and Image Rights via my publications on LinkedIn since I was refused access to my account?

Twitter has suspended my account because of trolls and persons involved in corruption in governments in the UK and Jamaica. I was contacted by Twitter Legal Team on behalf of Bates Wells & Braithwaite when the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 was posted online. The judgement made me a victim and whilst I had faith expecting to get justice, I ended up made a CRIMINAL needing ERT that is entrapment. However, as I said to the Dean of the UEL in the recording the seven (7) years I spent trying to get justice will be counted towards my empowerment. When I meet the professors at Middlesex University, I told them about my plans to gain my SEND Teacher Qualification before returning to Jamaica to contribute to promoting inclusion. Instead, I have spent the past 7 years a victim of institutional discrimination becoming the self-fulfilling prophecy in my letter to the Senior HR that I am slowly striped of my dignity and dying slowly. Yet the law in making me a victim is protecting abusers of children.

Mrs Connie Jordine-Legister – Refer to Social Media

Mrs Perline Louise Chambers-Nembhard – Refer to SM.

Father Alverie Michael Legister – Refer to SM

Wife Naheel Julene Brown-Legister – Refer to SM

My Grandchildren – Refer to SM

Extended Legister-Nembhard Clan – Refer to SM

The Charter Of Rights Your Overarching Code For Justice

Is Used Against Mervelee Myers Making Me HCT Group Impact Report Statistics. When I did not become 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment, I am not to be 600,000 older people in the UK say they get out of their house once a week or less. My photo across from the statistic was used to make me a victim when the Police was sent to my home 30/10/2017 to section me from a malicious report I wrote on Facebook I was feeling suicidal.  Forward to 21/10/2021 and the Police was sent to my home trying to force entry by the UEL claiming I told them I was feeling suicidal when they were forcing me off the campus on 5/10/2021. Why did the UEL wait so long to act? Because they were expecting me to crumble over the threats via email to remove the recording I posted in the public domain when I was called by a male sounding voice claiming to be from the UEL. My Poems that were published in Southwark & Lewisham Women’s Space Wellbeing Pack were written in 2017 when I was representing myself at the ET, arranging Meetings with the Police to resolve the discrimination that was none of my dong. So, in 2021 I am the victim of the Systems I write about in my Poems to cover the abuse in the reviews online.

How my Voice has been Taken away after Mum Died


On this day 2 years ago Elephant & Castle HUB Choir

Facebook Memories 11 June 2019

My “Personal Experiences” growing up in Rural Jamaica where it takes the Village to Raise a Child help me develop the Resilience needed from an early age to challenge the Social Injustices based on ignorance that were responsible for some of the rejections feeding into my “Childhood Traumas”. The way I was raised by my parents resulted in my old fashioned, values and beliefs, leading to my passion of writing, which is also part of the therapy of Early Intervention Strategies.

Facebook gave me the perfect platform to develop my skills as a keen photographer and writer after returning from my “Family Reunion” in the Summer of 2009. The year 2009 is a significant one in my life and this is the reason I am challenging London Early Years Foundation and their cohorts with the Charter Of Rights. Your Overarching Code For Justice because of the two nervous breakdowns after bereavement and losses in toxic workplaces. For there to be no doubt about my Fight4justice campaign let the Judiciary Of England And Wales And the Criminal Justice System note that CASE DISMISSED by Gloria Cameron MBE is my reference of why Nelson Mandela “The Purpose of Freedom is to Create for Others” relevant in the next phase of my journey with support from the experts.

I have been creating the legacies since joining Social Media, even investing in my own website My Vision and publishing with Google AdWords on G+ from 2012. I created my first YouTube in January 2012 but was so busy giving 100% of my best to my former employer despite the discrimination that caused another meltdown and me deciding I could not deal with any more triggers to my PTSD. But my experiences teach me to be careful of those using my Intellectual Property and Image Rights making me a victim of my VULNERABILITY. Please subscribe to my Various Media to join the “Support Network” am creating for “Breaking Down Barriers” of discrimination where in the UK some BLACK People with DISABILITIES are treated less favourably than an animal. I know because of the two miscarriages of justice and HMCTS hounding me…

Facebook joined targeting me from 18/9/2015 when access was given to my account. Presently I am blocked out despite having eighteen (18) pages on Facebook. Facebook has become a platform where haters, scammers, trolls, are given access to trigger my PTSD so I am locked out and to wrestle control of my account away from me to cover for ABUSERS. LinkedIn has stolen my account to cover for the Early Years Sector and editors. Twitter suspended my account on behalf of Politicians and trolls and haters. But in due course when the truth is revealed about the roles of HMCTS and the CPS and the CJS, I might be dead. But the Daily Express columnist stated, “Tech Don’t Lie”.

I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health Crusade. I self-referred to the NHS Occupation Health Service after the death of my brother and was passed fit to resume work. I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s research paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” recommended to ACAS. I was advised to seek counselling to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations by Dr. Laura Crawford after the death of my mother. I did 12 Sessions at the Maudsley. I participated in Mental Health research and is on the website using the gadgets. I participated in Heal-d Diabetes research and in time the world will be informed about those in need of Emotional Regulation Treatment for leaving children at risks of developing traumas from the abuse that the ET Panel refused my Additional Witness Statement and Theresa May Government rejected my petition for an inquiry into the Early Years Sector.

I was advised to use my Assignments for my First BOOK by Tutors at Lambeth College 

I have been publishing stories on various platforms from I created my website “My Vision and YouTube” in 2012. I joined Social Media in 2009 the year I graduated from the Open University. My publications are integral to my range of reviews. The fact I was a participant in Dr. Maria Hudson’s research paper “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” in 2010. Is the same year I did “A Voice of a Child” research for the CEO of London Early Years Foundation? I have since participated in Mental Health Research and Diabetes Research. I can be found on the internet participating in fundraising and interviews. My background is Early Childhood Education from Jamaica and can be found on the VMBS and JBSF websites. My husband is 98 years old, and I have been writing about stories of interests like meeting Mr Walters who travelled on the Empire Windrush in Brixton. I was page one of ITV News for Windrush 70. I discovered my Primary School Head Teacher Husband fought in the WAR. Listening to BBC Ground Force. We were not taught this as part of the Jamaica School Curriculum. My sons were Cub Scouts. One who was misdiagnosed with multiple disabilities is a Councillor for the Division my brother holds before him. Another son is the Vice Principal of his School. He was a FIFA Referee. My history goes back to great grandparents who were Land Barons in Jamaica.

14 December 2021 FB Memories

To https://youtu.be/s2jl2cVmghA

Celebrating The Life Of The Legend Ms Turb 2 December 2019

From the Legister-Murray-Nembhard Family & All Of Townhead & Adjacent Districts Of Westmoreland Westmoreland Parish & MyJAMAICA Jamaica.

With the Dixon-Johnson Family Celebrating the life of an Exceptional Woman Who Will Remain In Our Hearts Forever. Leith Johnson & Sainty Johnson, et al…

Creating Legacies With Memories

As I am thinking about what to include in my tribute, I am stuck by how much Social Media has changed since the time I joined Facebook in 2009. I remember signing up with my AOL account before changing to #BritishTelecom. That’s why I am vigilant that the #cyberbullies do not deny me my rights to be heard. I have been creating legacies for everyone who played and is playing important roles in my life. Whether to help me develop the #resilience to survive the storms or like Ms Turb, not to accept injustices without challenging the perpetrators.

I guess my first memory of Ms Turb, must go back to moving from near the Townhead Cross Road where I was born to GaGa Street in late 1963. And #proving my clumsiness didn’t happen overnight, my #memory is of how I got the #scar in my forehead that will last me to my grave come about. In my excitement discovering the new environment, I ran from where we lived, only to fall flat on my face and hit my head on a rock stone #protruding out of the ground at the entrance to the Street. Hopefully, this will give the younger generation an indication of the lifestyle we had growing up. I did not stay down, I got back up and despite not remembering much else. I have the scar in my forehead as reminder.

The Influencers

As a girl growing up in Jamaica, I guess there are/were people who are/were destined to play important roles in my life. Ms Turb was one of those persons who help to #influence me to be the #woman I am today. My reflections will be tinged with fond memories of a woman I #admire, for the reason we share much in common. We are women, who are #misunderstood for the fact we are #outspoken. And not prepared to conform to whatever norms others expect us to.

As far as my memories go back, Ms Turb’s home was open to me and anyone who needs a place to rest for a while and have a chat. I remember going there when it’s dinner time and everyone, scrambling for the utensils. The joke is/was if you are not quick enough, you must eat with your hands. Because the utensils put away for special occasions would not be used.

There were star apple and guinep trees in the yard at the front. Of course, during season, Ms Turb sold the items. But truth be told, more was given away than sold. Ms Turb’s #jokes should have been #copyright and #patent back then, so she can get #royalties even in death. Back in the days when Mass Diamond travelled to Farm Working, Ms Turb told some risqué jokes about how she maintained #fidelity in her #marriage. Anyone wanting to know more will have to sign up to GDPR training and the Royalties will go towards a Project in Honour of Ms Turb’s Legacies about Teaching Young People to Protect themselves from Discrimination.

Not Just An Ordinary Woman

Ms Turb was no ordinay woman, she was on the side of the underdog. I carried water from their yard as they were #privilege to have some of the comforts that I aspire to at the time. On becoming a woman my son Kevin Murray and Ms Turb’s granddaughter were born the same date. These of some of what we remember, especially if you are a writer like me. Before I forget, everyone is/was Ms Turb’s #cousin. You don’t necessarily have to know how it came about, but she could explain. I recalled, she told me her mother came from the same District as Ms Connie. Amly D Nembhard and I used to joke Ms Turb cousin stop at Mama Lou and don’t reach us. But you can’t get away from Ms Turb Wicked Sense of Humour and Dry Wit.

Another thing is no one keep vex with Ms Turb for long, she would not allow it. She was that jovial kind of person, who speaks her mind, curse if she must and forget about it. Wherever you live, it takes the village to raise the child. I recalled hearing that my sons Valdin Legister were hopping the cane carts to go swim at River. I warned them and when they did not take heed, I take matters in my own hands. I waited out by the Johnson’s for them and if you know Ms Turb any at all, you know this was just up her Street. When they arrive, I called them over, take my shoes and clobber VAL and he run off. That boy was always running away from everything from the time I used to take him to Dr Campbell, and he mentioned #Injection. But Kevin stands up, take his licks and walks away.

Getting Endorsed Is Not A Mean Feat

After they went, Ms Turb said “Ratty I think Kevin was going to hit you back?” But you are a good mother and your boys #respect you. I am proud of you and them mi daughter. For some reasons she calls you different name to suit the occasion. To have Ms Turb #endorsing my parenting skills is no mean feat. Sometimes I would go run jokes with her and Mass Diamond that I was going to marry Pam-Pam. I will leave you guessing about the jokes to spare your blushes.

Getting the opportunity via my sister Joy Mertie Bernard to come to travel to the UK, I didn’t have money to spare for a new suitcase. But Mass Diamond came to my rescue, when I told him my situation and sawder the clip back to the case. I was like a Brand-New Second-Hand Gal, and he didn’t #charge me a penny. If we are lucky, we will live to a ripe old age like Ms Turb. I admire the fact she was this #cheerful woman whom I knew from I was a little girl, until I became a mother and grandma.

Whenever I visit, she was playing dominoes with Mass Windsor and others and getting up to all kinds of #mischiefs. As the years went by and some of her friends departed, she never lost that kindred spirit of loving to be in the company of others. I would spend time with her, #comb her hair and letting her be the person I always knew she is/was. I was joining in with her jokes and sharing life in the community that’s home as I know it.

I recalled her daughter Toogoods asking me how her mum let me comb her hair and won’t let her? But the #trick is to ponder to the wishes of any older person who you are dealing with. Remember it’s not about our needs, but theirs. So, whenever I am with her, I #comply with her commands. There is no two ways about it.

One’s Upbringing Is Key To Our Values & Beliefs

The last time we spent any time together was after mum’s funeral. She came to visit when I was with VAL, who offered her some drinks from what was left over. Ms Turb showed us her #knife in her bag which she said was for her own protection. She told us her life story but hearing her version of the “Cornmeal & Rum Saga” was a revelation of who Ms Turb is/was as a person. That’s when it dawned on me not to underestimate a clever, determined woman. Because I have some of her traits in me and on reflections there’s no doubt that we are related.

On a more serious note, after sharing stories about her life, she went into other aspects of her upbringing. This time I had to ask her #permission to repeat the scripture so I could record it, I was that impressed by her. I have no memory whatsoever. The recording is on social media if anyone is interested as her LEGACY. As we celebrate, I want her Legacies to help us not to pigeonhole and judge others. Because in the time spent with Ms Turb in the presence of my son. I learned so much about this woman who is/was a legend and a treasure.

I am positive we take the people we know for granted, until there is a reason to view them in a different light and other circumstances that might cause us to examine our conscious and unconscious biases. Realising that Ms Turb was much deeper in her #spirituality than I thought. I could identify her weaknesses, but her strengths were more revealing of who she is/was. Our strengths and even our weaknesses help to make us unique. Listening to her talking about periods in her life, what struck me the most, was her need to go to Church to fellowship with others. For me her scripture passage is my testimony that she had a Christian Upbringing that she reverted to during time when she needs comforting and solace from a Supreme Deity. I want the last time we spent together to be my lasting memory of her.

Learning Lessons From The Stalwarts Who Are Legends

Ms Turb was a woman of #courage who stand firm for her beliefs. She was the loving person who tried giving of herself to make others happy. She didn’t think twice about sharing jokes at her own expense to make us laugh. Not much bothered her, either. She did not pretend to be someone she was not. Ms Turb went on before us, but her LEGACIES remain.

We salute Ms Turb, the LEGEND who lived life to the full.

RIP Cousin!

What Will Be Your Legacy?

Realising how much I am like the strong women from the generation who are now dying out, I am conscious of the fact that we are not aware of our history. Therefore, we are not able to create the legacies for the future generation. I was lucky my father was a Storyteller. But part of my history was lacking because my mother wasn’t much of a talker. I am thankful to my brother Balis and Ms Connie for filling the void and sharing mum’s stories, months before she died. Please start capturing the history of your family, otherwise there will be questions left unanswered.

RIP Cousin!

Compiled by: Mervelee Myers aka Ratty Nembhard.

On this day 4 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Where mi bound, mi mus obey? My Tom, just call, asking wat mi doing. Dat means time 4 bed. All it is, is Mr AT is concerned…?

Refer to https://www.facebook.com/100000722790256/videos/3865491723484883/ for more.


Dr Maria Hudson – University of Essex https://www.essex.ac.uk

Maria, Hudson (2012) Research Paper “The Experience of  Multiple Discrimination”. Ref: 01/12. 2012 Maria Hudson Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster. ACAS Research and Evaluation Programme Telephone: 02072103673 Email: research@acas.org.uk Publications: www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers

Mervelee Myers – Author http://www.myvision.org.uk

Mervelee Myers – Early Years Practitioner – Google: www.google.com

Mervelee Myers – Carer, Volunteer, Advocate – There are lots of People with Mental health Walking around. When I… 3 April 2015  https://plus.google.com/10093913463790195264/posts/7RvPjYropAy

Mental health and Mental Illness – www.mqmentalhealth.org/Mental-Health/Mental-Illness.

Dr Maria Hudson – University of Essex https://www.essex.ac.uk

Maria, Hudson (2012) Research Paper. Ref: 01/12. 2012 Maria Hudson Policy Studies Institute, University of Westminster. ACAS Research and Evaluation Programme Telephone: 02072103673 Email: research@acas.org.uk Publications: http://www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers

Mervelee Myers – Author http://www.myvision.org.uk

Mervelee Myers – Early Years Practitioner – Google: http://www.google.com

Mervelee Myers – Carer, Volunteer, Advocate – There are lots of People with Mental health Walking around. When I… 3 April 2015  https://plus.google.com/10093913463790195264/posts/7RvPjYropAy

Mental health and Mental Illness – http://www.mqmentalhealth.org/Mental-Health/Mental-Illness.

 About The Author

Mervelee, is a qualified Early Years Practitioner, former Basic School Teacher who did One-year National Youth Service as a Teaching Assistant at Townhead Primary School. 5 (EYFS) for over 18 years. She specialises in Special Educational Needs and Disability and is a Mental Health Advocate. She is passionate about working with children and families.

She has been involved in implementing multi-generational working approaches.

My Skillset can be Accessed Online:

Former basic school Teacher.

Mervelee is of Jamaican descent and lives in the borough of Southwark.  She is an avid writer and is a full-time carer to her husband, Tom and has two sons and four grandchildren.

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