Without Prejudice Gun Man MP In Westmoreland Richard Harty UEL Paedophile Mastermind Of MIC Who Pose More Threats To Me After The Death Of My Mother As Some Family Friends Must Be Kept At A Distance My Mental Heath Needs To Be Repaired To Help My Physical Wellbeing 3/12/2021

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The antics I got up to…

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Ratty is 1 PROUD Mother & she has 2 Share her SON with the WORLD. VAL Mum is so proud of YOU!!! ME Glad Bag is Full 2 the Brim. Keep on reaching 4 the Heights!!!

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May Memories From Your Story Archive

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My Last Month With My Mother Before The Final Goodbyes!

Jehovah Jerry – Sum Idiot Peeps still want fi tek me fi Big Head Bud! Ah sah me larn ebery tricks in & outa di Book from di 1 Satiday Mama Lou! Dese days me just cmre & kmrt & gwaan do me OWNA AGENDA!

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Walking down Edgeware Road I was just in time to see the London Transport Bus wind screen hit off this bloke’s cap because he was too close to the curb on his mobile phone! To my utter amazement saw the bloke go after the bus & started kicking it? Had to say to him “MAN BE CAREFUL OR YOU’LL HURT YOURSELF…” That is when he turned back to retrieve his cap! Now call me Foo-Fool & Ignorant, but if any hurt had come to him, he would be responsible for his downfall! Got further down the road & saw the Bus Driver stop to straighten the wind screen & off again on his merry way! Wat wid dese Frigging Idiots & dem Mobile Phone? When dem not shouting out dem bees knezz on Public Transport, they are making an Utter Fool of demselves! My MP is fi EMERGENCY & sumtimes fi over a week I doan switch either of dem on! YOU get me>>>> Suh any1 want fi get me & doan hab di Home Phone, try sum odda means righti-O!

Reasons Why CHARTER OF RIGHTS CODE FOR JUSTICE Must Address LEYF Discrimination

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August 9, 2012  ·   · 

Tun Me Han mek Fashion

Last Day of my Self-Imposed EXILE at Home – Working on My AGENDA? Wat a Blessing & Relief away from the Rat Race?

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Another NEMBHARD>>>

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Ella Gordon

Chatting about olden days.

CHIP & BLOCK – A suh WI dweet!!!

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Grandma sporting her shades!

Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Enabling & Empowering dah Masses!!! 

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard

Wat a Relief!!! Finally got Moi Project off dah Drafting Board http://www.myvision.org.uk.  Much more 2 be done…? So, Moi FAM plz keep Ur yais peeled…

Supposed 2b Summer…? Moi indoors, but haffi Tun up dah Heating fe WARM Up… Oh why worry at least I have LOVE, Health, Strength & is Vibrant!!!

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ME, Myself & I, will not Compromise unless 1 is prepared 2 meet ME 1/2 way!!! ME deas Serious 2…

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