Without Prejudice Let Me Call Out PM Andrew Holness A Hypocrite Heal The Family Heal The Nation For The Changes In The JLP 31/5

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio.
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Oh, wow I am really chuffed to be getting #acknowledge for doing the things I am #passionate about. It’s no coincidence that today I attended the Early Years Alliance Conference and was saying that passion is the key word coming from people I was having conversations with to the Key Note Speaker who spoke about the day her life was changed www.ofsted.gov.uk.
I have had my journey with the BBC from the time I had the TV on in the background and heard this voice I recognized. It was none other than Mr. Welch, the husband of my Primary School Teacher, who was the Head Mistress www.jbsf.org.uk. And cousin to my mother. But what attracted me to Ground Force was the work they were doing refurbishing the Resident of the Old Soldiers in Mandeville. This was when I learned that Mr. Welch fought in the World War.
I have since written a tribute for him. Because I live close to the Old/New Kent Road where there’s the Commemoration for the Service Wo/men who served in the Wars. But something is very much lacking in the School Curriculum back home. We celebrated Poppy’s Day – Remembrance Sunday. But yet it took the BBC to tell me the story about Mr. Welch who is from my community, serving in the War.
I am on a mission creating legacies for the future generation. Thanks, BBC Radio London for this accolade. I will try my best to continue sharing stories and learning new experiences. By the way, I meet Vanessa Feltz www.express.co.uk (Hope I get the spelling right?) It was when she turned on the Christmas Lights at the Church Street Market in NW London. I have the photos in my archive.
BBC Radio London
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When https://www.facebook.com decided to manipulate you to spend money you don’t have. Why do I want X amt of like, afte

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