Without Prejudice This Is What LEYF Done Charter Of Rights Is Robert Buckland’s Overarching Code For Justice 7 Years Owing To My Husband And Me Not Talking About The Interests, Emotional Anguish That Impacted My Family

Section 107 Copyright Act 1976 “Fair Use” By Mervelee Myers of Townhead & Adjacent Districts Of Westmoreland of MyJAMAICA. I Mervelee Myers will use this article from the Jamaica Gleaner to use as #therapy in line with the UK government “Charter Of Rights Your Overarching Code Of Justice” as part of the “Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristic” because of the discrimination I experienced after the death of my mother. Days before my 62nd birthday am suffering from the impact of 7 years of hate crimes from the Judiciary Of England And Wales and the Criminal Justice System. I have been to the Croydon Magistrates Court on the 16/4/2020 when the Judge failed to take my arguments in consideration. So I was convicted for an offence on the date when I was not at BIB, but walked past going about my personal business. I was not even near the vicinity of BIB when I heard the commotion and look back. I am using this incident to get my story across because of the differences in the circumstances of the www.gov.uk/dbs was quick to send me letter about the conviction despite my having to return to Court on the 4/6/2021. So basically the DBS must check my record from 1998 when I attended Lambeth College. Before going further let me give an insight into who is Mervelee Ratty Nembhard and my interests in the story.  

I am Mervelee Myers who was born at Townhead & Adjacent Districts Westmoreland and my EMINEMBHARDfamily have connections to the Townhead Baptist Church, however my brother ASHTER was the Counsellor for the Friendship Division now held by Kevin Murray my elder son. I am one of the foundation layers who was the person my brother relied on to do his writing. I am responsible for paving the way for #creatinglegacies because ASHTER was a visionary who mentored me.  When I was given the Facebook platform in 2009 after returning from the Family Reunion I funded I became an INFLUENCER creating a HUB where information was available to ALL. My posts were shared in double figures and when I debated the murder of Charmaine Mahabeir January 2018, I had 3,706 views, but I was trolled. By May 2018 PM Andrew Holness was with TVJ https://youtu.be/kJcomeREU2Q in Townhead & Adjacent Districts Of Westmoreland Group, but I have been debating these issues from 2 little girls were abducted and murdered at the shortcut I walked night and day. Let me see what I can address in this article hoping to keep positive instead of negative to address the violence and other issues affecting my beloved country, Jamaica. Where truths have to be told, I refuse to beat around the bush as people from the Prime Minister must be held accountable for turning a blind eye to situation.  

What is the JLP doing about George Wright?  Published: Sunday | May 16, 2021 | 12:13 AM George Wright Contributed George Wright

In the event the Jamaican Labour Party (JLP) has forgotten, it is now a month since it promised that its “requisite organs would promptly meet” to discuss George Wright’s membership in the party and to determine its “next steps” once a determination was made.

MM Arguments: The www.jamaicalabourparty.com must stop playing the fool and act about this matter. Because it is no secret that George Wright’s is not the only incident occurring since the JLP wipe out the PNP in Westmoreland. I will leave the JLP to answer about the MP who went to collect keys from a Business man, and the cover up. Mr Wright’s incident happen in the Public. So it can’t be covered up. This MP has a penchant for reaching for his gun, instead of debating. I don’t care who says otherwise, because the JLP bring badmanship to Westmoreland on 29/9/2019. They better not let me have to give the whole bill and receipt of how disgusted I am of the JLP because they are treating my family the same way I have been discriminated against during 2 miscarriages of justice. I have started compiling a document. I am not seeking no favours from any Politicians.  

Promptly, should the JLP’s brass need reminding, means immediately, or doing something without delay. So procrastinating for a month, if that has, indeed, been the case, wouldn’t satisfy the urgency with which the party led the public to believe it would handle the George Wright affair.  

MM Arguments: If the JLP don’t deal with this matter with the urgency that it is merited I can prompt them with reasons that are personal to my family and the matter as it stands that is contributing to my PTSD. I will give a hint as to why the JLP must act now. My brother was sent to Cuba and because he did not accept the gun on offer on his return, his life was not the same after. I witnessed Police turning up at my home with long guns because of a malicious report when my sons were young. So imagine my traumas when Police refused to act on my concerns about verbal threats, but come to section me from a malicious report on 30/10/2017. But what they did on 30/11/2020 was to murder me to say I committed suicide on behalf of www.leyf.org.uk and https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 for understanding of why I invested in Fight4justice to share my story. As I said am keeping the negativity, but if JLP don’t act am not going to give them time to act like LEYF where am now the convict after I was threatened with Criminal Record by the DWP www.gov.uk/universalcredit when I was denied my entitlement in 2015.  

Neither would – or should – Jamaicans be satisfied if they are told by the JLP that “its requisite organs” did in fact meet and arrive at conclusions on how to deal with Mr Wright, but that those outcomes couldn’t be shared because of internal party considerations. For, implicit in the party statements of a month ago was a promise to take the public fully into its confidence. Dithering would lead to a not unreasonable conclusion of further contortions by the JLP, after its facilitation of Mr Wright’s leave of absence from Parliament and its removal of the Government whip from the MP, to avoid dealing with this matter frontally.  

MM Argument: Tell the JLP to get in touch with me to sort out the matter at hand, instead of getting #Facebookcyberbullies to target me. MP Floyd Green must have been instrumental in Twitter refusing me access to my account. But I have my defensive practices to deal with Social Media when the time is right. For example a son not contacting his #mother in a year is cause for concerns and I have #recordings if I want to play their games.  

George Wright, it is recalled, is the parliamentary representative for Westmoreland Central, part of the cohort of first-timers swept into the House on the JLP’s election wave of September 2020. He, however, has been the centre of controversy since a video emerged last month of a man, alleged to be Mr Wright, violently battering a woman. The images on that video would, of themselves, cause outrage. The public’s anger was exacerbated by the video’s emergence after the spate of murders of women and intense debate over gender-based violence.

MM Arguments: There are causes for concerns where men are #captives of women and the #debates must start.  

Mr Wright has not denied that he is the beater in the video. He has publicly said nothing of the affair, although the JLP says he has acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations against him and their implications for his role as a parliamentary representative. The Opposition has a parliamentary motion for Mr Wright’s suspension from the House, which is yet to be debated. 

MM Arguments: The JLP should be ashamed of itself and am not surprised after hearing what happened on 29/9/2019 in Westmoreland. The JLP have the chance to clean up their act before I go public like what’s happening why I invested in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g as the Media refuse to give me a voice. My brother was the News Correspondence for the Jamaica Gleaner in his time.  

Our sense is the JLP is politically flummoxed on how to deal with the matter, hoping that it will just go away or become, as Jamaicans say, another nine-day wonder. That must not be. The JLP shouldn’t be allowed to shirk its responsibility and obligation to Jamaicans in this matter.

MM Arguments: The JLP will not get away with this. I owe it to my brother who died in prison for that not to happen. Am watching because the pen is mightier than the sword.   Section

Without Prejudice My Posts Got 3,706 Views, Andrew Holness, TVJ Westmoreland People Seek Peace I Want Nothing To Do With The Captives, Corrupt, Brainwashed Who Robbed Me, Why Are They In My House When Mama Told Me To Get Out When I Was Beaten Up


Without Prejudice CCMCC Must Calculate My Worth Valued At £46 -55,000.00+ Amounts I Have To Collect From My Claims Sent To CLCC For HHJ Dight Misconduct To Issue ECRO, Those Strike Out After Defended Reviews MOPAC BSB Outstanding, Complaints SRA, JCIO, IOPC, List Goes On 16/5/21 Robert Buckland Charter Of Rights

Without Prejudice DBS Checks Must Not Conveniently Forget LEYF Use Of My Email 2015 For Fraudulent Online Application They Not Aware Of Abuse Reviews, Duchess Kate Visited Stockwell Oshana Works Modern Slavery Allegations Enslave Him

Just #find my ex your #namesake when he came to my #house for a meal. His #daughter BD today!!! So www.ancestrydna.co.uk is appropriate as #family don’t have to be #blood only We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago.
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016  Appeals Tribunal and 5 others.
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Another day in the MP b4 I celebrate my BD? So I am off with a Spring in my Steps! At least I won’t have to be with SotFAB on dat SDiML? So 1 Day WIDH2LoMS!!!
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Emulating my son http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio in celebrating the month of May as being special! 2day is my ex-husband’s only daughter Davina Myers BD & my EX was also born on the 28th May! So 2day I am proud to revel in the good times WE shared as a Family? HBD Davina!
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