Without Prejudice Reason I Ask White Privilege Judge At CMC To Amend Date On Criminal Damage As Anything You Say Can Be Use, If You Fail To Say… 28+ Years Of My Life Destroyed By Judiciary Of England Wales, Criminal Justice System On Behalf Of Abusers 7/5

The https://www.gov.uk just #win the #election but why is Mervelee Ratty Nembhard a #prisoner of #paedophiles and #abusers and #haters and #trolls using Social Media to #target me. But the UK government is #responsible for turning blind eye to Hate Crimes We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago.
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Do you think the news media are giving us the opportunity to speak out against the discrimination of Modern Slavery Practices that are triggering our hidden disabilities into Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)?
I am targeting a certain audience, so they understand my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site campaign. Later I will add to my stories. Because I have written Open Letters and challenge LEYF www.leyf.org.uk Nurseries, Bateswells & Braithwaite Solicitors www.bwbllp.com, & https://www.facebook.com and https://www.twitter.com Legal team. That’s before I done 3 GDPR trainings. I am about empowerment of others by #BreakingDownBarriers.
How do reporting helps..?
Are we too scared to act?
This poll has ended.
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What’s the reason why our children are being #murdered because no 1 care to act on our concerns? Victoria Climbie, Baby P, et Al www.ofsted.gov.uk.
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I listened to the #mother_talking about, her son, killed in London Borough of Southwark. That’s why I will write my review re the Rules of Law www.met.police.uk.

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Taurus: Don’t always assume that a challenging situation will end in disaster. You have a lot of expert help on hand. By swallowing your pride and asking their advice, you’ll make a good choice. Let this inspire you to expand your skill set.
Evaluation: I am trying to set up my online business, as a Mental Health & SEND Advocate. Here’s the deal, I think I know my family. Especially Mama Lou Wash Belly, more than he knows himself. My 95th birthday and 4th wedding anniversary is around the corner. We are always having our differences. Whether we want to accept, we inherited Mama’s stubborn streak of not talking. Instead of Papa’s kiss and make up before the day end.
Message to Ervin Nembhard, I miss not having him around sharing my defeats and triumphs. I am crying because he allowed others to tear us apart.
I would like him to take the advice he told me he gave to BYRON, when he and his wife had their differences. Because you know what, I have been the #Peacemaker….? But I would rather die than lower my guard for anyone to disrespect me again, like what happened from my own #Family because they don’t know their #1sister, #mother, #friend. I prefer take chances with total strangers. That’s why MNBF is Josephine Alexander. We are kindred spirits and understand each other.
People will always be putting their own interpretation on Human Relationships.
I have this conversation with #NathanMeylor yesterday, and he was talking about how it’s important for family to live good and how much he enjoys family gathering. So already, I am forward planning for the #FamilyReunion_60 www.ancestrydna.co.uk.

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Daily Express The things they say… “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
Time to give credit where credit is due.
Thanks to Jtfoxx & the Team for the empowerment I received attending the free trainings. The #JTFOXX team set me on the pathways recognising how much I use my #CPPDP & #Intellectual Properties building up other brands that were not of benefits to me from I arrived in the UK.
Now #GerryRobert_BootCampWorkshop Team of @Gerry.Robert1 provide the finishing touches that I need to create myself www.adwords.google.com.
I’m going on to making my dreams becoming visions of realities. But I will let these #Role Models be proud of the free training they invest in me by continuing my Fight4justice advocacy from #Cradle2Grave.

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For all the men, if your pocket not deep, please contact my breda Dostan Nembhard to lengthen them. I am on a mission to promoting my book for its publication so I can officially add #Author to my #MarketBranding. I am desirous of joining WWW.BLACKCARDBOOKS.COM TEAM. Well everyone should know I’m most comfortable with the men…
But wow, I meet some role models female #Authors who I’d like to emulate. Thanks to Gerry.Robert1.
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New #Career change. How to avoid

Without Prejudice Discrimination When Black People Used As Target At Kings College Hospital NHS Was By Glendalyn Aboayge Led By Mary Curry, Southwark Council, Ofsted, LEA, HMCTS Must Be Book Miscarriages Of Justice Against Me After Bereavement, Losses Making Me Prisoner 7 Years 7/5

Let www.jamaicalabourparty.com be #aware of the #death of my #brother in #jail and what #AndrewHolness and the Jamaica Labour Party have done to my #family since the death of my #mother www.dementia.org.uk and what is happening to Mervelee Ratty Nembhard in the MURDER COUNTRY https://www.gov.uk. Then all I get is this to be #treated like #cattle https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk???  

Good morning, We hope this email finds you well. On May 25th 2021 from 13:00pm-15:00pm, Westminster City Council will be hosting the fifth BAME Pan-London conference titled ‘A Year On… ’.

MM Updates: I have had 7 years of HELL https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 and I am at the point where an TERRORISED for seeking support despite getting CBT at www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk but all am getting is emails to be in another GROUP that is not concerned about what is happening to me.  

At this event, there will be a panel of leaders representing various sectors. They will discuss how their organisations, processes and ideas have adapted to influence change for BAME communities across London in 2021.

MM Updates: See what am saying, why is none of these Leaders aware of my plight. I even sent a letter to the Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin who I meet at www.hfw.org.uk at the Annual General Meeting in March 2014 after coming back from Jamaica, saying my final goodbyes to her. What I discovered at the Meeting was my mother’s family http://www.ancestrydna.co.uk. But did I get a response? What do you think? I did not tell her that her Granny and Mama Lou were related. So much for Leaders Representing Various Sectors, because Black People have been against my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site campaign.   I must name Lovena Brown because she removed me from Frome Secondary School Page claiming she is a “Member of the Press” but forgotten my contributions to her BRANDS. I was the first on JA 53 at https://youtu.be/NwdExddlilw with other well known Jamaicans. I have been on Programmes where am not allowed to comment, so what is the point of me attending when no one has offered any support to me despite my stories in the Public Domain?   

 There will also be breakout rooms, where local authorities from across London will share best practice.

MM Updates: I am tired of this as am not getting support for my situation and feeling like a nuisance and reach the point where am having SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. Because the www.met.police.uk came to SECTION me from a malicious report from a SCAMMER www.peachespublications.co.uk after failing to act on my concerns of verbal threats. The threats were sent via email proving the threats were premeditated. Ms Duncan was working with https://www.ryanclement.com the Barrister who groomed her. Both are BLACK showing how the BAME Community targeting our own to benefit from our MISERY after we are made VULNERABLE by the Criminal Justice System and Judiciary of England and Wales colluding with Career Criminals, Abusers and Scammers and Terrorists. Refer to Counter-terrorism as a holistic approach 9 Preventative Mechanism http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352 for more.   

  This event is more poignant than many, as it marks not only a year of the Pan-London Programme but the murder of George Floyd and the recognition that BAME communities were being the most impacted by the pandemic.

MM Updates: Refer to https://www.faceboo.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/? for how I am positive that my Intellectual Property and Image Rights once used to build BRANDS can be detrimental to me. As proven by www.hctgroup.org Impact Report 2016 when I was once again refused TRAINING despite volunteering because www.leyf.org.uk was involved. So the statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment with my PHOTO on the other page led to the DISCRIMINATION using DISCLOSURES in my FILE about DISABILITIES was used against me.  

May 25th stands as a date for us to reflect on the impact of systematic oppression and continued exclusion of the most diverse communities living among us.

MM Updates: Look no further than https://www.voicetheunion.org.uk using Stephen Lawrence Day to gain from his MURDER. But at the same failing to represent me after the disappearance of Union Rep Darren Mahon who accompanied me to the Disciplinary Hearing. Coming 5 years later they taking my money. I was let down by http://unison.org.uk at https://careers.kch.nhs.uk where I had the first nervous breakdown after the death of my brother. When they overturned https://www.gov.uk Employment Laws in 2017, I contacted them they claim my Case was closed. I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson’s www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” in 2010.     

So, join us and share the event with other members of your organisation/networks.

MM Updates: Am at this place in my life where after being imprisoned 7 years after the death of my MOTHER am the target of the Judiciary of England and Wales & Criminal Justice System intent on issuing me with ECRO and Criminal Record on behalf of www.leyf.org.uk and https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones to cover up ABUSE RINGS in REVIEWS online the the ET Panel rejected my Additional Witness Statement. I was then rejected with https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards despite the Open Letters to 2 UK Prime Ministers. Is it any wonder there is the story in www.express.co.uk about Dilian Atkinson who was murdered by the Police. Now you should read the “Our Response to Your Complaint” to see the pattern of behaviours with regards to the mention of TASER.  

Sign up here. MM Updates: I am seeking support in sharing my stories because I only have my https://www.facebook.com account but is getting CYBER BULLYING. I was an INFLUENCER at https://www.linkedin.com that refused me access to my account. The https://www.twitter.com SCAMMERS done the same. I need platforms to share my stories. 


Michaella Palmer

BAME Pan-London Coordinator Westminster City Council64 Victoria Street, Westminster, London SW1E 6QPTel: 07375389511

Email: mpalmer@westminster.gov.uk

Website: Westminster.gov.uk    


Westminster Connects – bringing the community together in Westminster If you want to volunteer visit: https://www.westminster.gov.uk/coronavirus-how-you-can-help and register with us. If you need help or you know of anyone who needs help as a result of COVID-19, email: westminsterconnects@westminster.gov.uk or call us on 020 7641 1222. If you are concerned about an adult who you think requires social care and support or you have a safeguarding concern, phone 020 7641 1444 or 020 7641 1175 or email: adultsocialcare@westminster.gov.uk If you are concerned about a child and you have a safeguarding concern, phone: 0207 641 4000 or email AccesstoChildrensServices@westminster.gov.uk***********************************************************************************Westminster City Council switchboard: +44 20 7641 6000.www.westminster.gov.uk***********************************************************************************This E-Mail may contain information which is privileged, confidential and protected from disclosure.

If you are not the intended recipient of this E-mail or any part of it, please telephone Westminster City Council immediately on receipt.

You should not disclose the contents to any other person or take copies.*********************************************************************************** 

Without Prejudice The White Privilege Judge At CMC Who Thinks It’s Okay To Use Racial Profiling Refusing To Change The Date Will Have Me After HHJ Marc Dight The Paedophile For LEYF, Samantha Jones CLCC 20/5 The Racism Getting To Much In 7 Years If Hate Crimes By HMCTS

Refer to http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio for more We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on Facebook, from the most recent to those long ago.
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New #Career change. How to avoid a #Divorcee b4 the 3rd Wedding Anniversary? Deciding to put your #Spouse needs above everything and everyone else http://www.myvision.org.uk. So I am supposed to be at #BootcampWorkshop at the Doubletree By Hilton London Victoria for 9.00 am starting… I am still waiting for my #Husband to write a bet for me to stop by the #Bookies.
Now my #PAPA_IS_NEMBHARD would be against to this especially on the #Sabbath.
That’s another #MarketBranding for me at as the emerging #Author www.adwords.google.com was my first investments. Keep you posted…?

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So much to Shout about when one is MOTHER of 2#Sons Kevin Murray www.jamaicalabourparty.com and http://jamaica-star.com/article/20161128/jlp-breaks-pnps-dominance-westmoreland & Valdin Legister who pursue their Dreams despite the odds. Well done & if I am not Story I think I might know Mr Washington. In the West there is More Land to help our children Roam & develop their skills. We had Phantom Park in GaGa Street that was the Hub of the Communities.
Westmoreland Primary Sports Association is feeling proud.
Congratulations to Westmoreland’s born and raised Mr. Valdin Legister and Mr. Richard Washington for being awarded the Top Referee and Top Assistant Referee respectively in this season’s Red Stripe Premier League! Keep up the hard work and continue to make our parish shine!

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I sew the Skirt myself – Contributions www.ofsted.gov.uk.
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Department for Work and Pensions – DWP https://www.gov.uk and 5 others.
I am Modest enough, but I will still extol my Virtues – I managed to set my targets & achieved the milestones!!!
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Taurus Your popularity ratings are rising this week and life is at last beginning to take on a much rosier glow. You are successfully getting your life back on track, both creatively and romantically. Call to hear when to avoid a disappointment.
4:03 / 5:46

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Election results coming in. Hoping 4 Mass TOM sakes, he gets the results he wants? TOM don’t want no blinking Hung Parliament – Well I’ll let it be known later if he gets the result he is expecting? Coming here in 1956 has given him lots of background Knowledge to what’s best 4 Great Britain. With God’s blessing I hope 2 see the dawning of a ND. Mr Mark Stephens I have U on my radar 4 8.5.15.
Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Valdin Legister and 4 others at NEMBHARD’S Photo Albums.
Politicians of the Era
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Please go out to VOTE & don’t let the Pioneers who gave up their Freedom & even their Lives to give US Our Basic Human RIGHTS Vision & Advocacy go in vain https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016! I went out to Vote & is proud to exercise my Rights to be given a Voice.

Without Prejudice Police Systemic Murder Of Black People Is In The Daily Express Proof Of My Letter To Mental Health Crusade Why Nikki Wright Can Claim I Grabbed Her Taser After They Arrested Me Unlawfully 3 Years Malicious Report To Section Me 7/5/2021

The #murder of Dilian Atkinson by www.met.police.uk in the www.express.co.uk for more must not be taken lightly because https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk is  in the cover up by http://judicialconduct.gov.uk to issue me with ECRO and Criminal Record to cover up www.leyf.org.uk Paedophile Rings and Modern Slavery. 

We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on https://www.facebook.com, from the most recent to those long ago.
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Please go out to VOTE & don’t let the Pioneers who gave up their Freedom & even their Lives to give US Our Basic Human RIGHTS Vision & Advocacy go in vain! I went out to Vote & is proud to exercise my Rights to be given a Voice https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site.
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation.2300047-2016 and 5 others.
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Time to go out & VOTE & when the time come 4 my #1sonkevinmurray I hope I’ll get some time 2 go home & join him?

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Don’t lose the RIGTS that the Pioneers lost their Freedom & even Lives to give Us!
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Decided to focus on my Own Agenda 2night & get sum Work Done – My Writing capturing my Memories www.adwords.google.com! I am sure as GMM & DS on meeting all the Targets I set myself? Have another 2 weeks to prepare a Leaving Report & Card 4 1 of my KC who goes back home on the 22nd May 2014 www.ofsted.gov.uk. Those are the kinds of things I love to do which make certain things worthwhile in my DWL! At the end of the day I consider myself the Consummate PRO in everything I set out to do!

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Starting out early as I have a LW2T on the congested R&U! I 4 1 don’t like to keep JA Time, so prefer to be presenting & waiting to start? 6 of 1 1/2 a dozen a di odda! Have a good day every1? So MOTHERS’ Day is round the bend, & I’ll have to think of supn to write for Mama Lou! Still counting down 2 a few important dates in May http://www.myvision.org.uk!

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UK Mother’s Day passed & am Officially celebrating Mother’s Day from my ROOTS with ALL the MOTHERS Globally. We have so much to be thankful for, so let’s give praises to JAH 4 giving US the BLESSINGS Big Time http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk!!!
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May be an image of 1 person and smiling
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard added 12 new photos to the album: Royal Wedding Celebrations May 7, 2011 — with Winsome Duncan: Author, Artist & Book Confidence Coach www.peachespublications.co.uk and 8 others .
Doing what I do best in my Professional role

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