Without Prejudice Like Nelson Mandela Am Made A Criminal For My Contributions, Passion About Breaking Down Barriers 7 Years Taking Tolls On My Husband Me

Date: 12/05/2021

Reasons for Dispute  

Thank you for your letter and I want this to be taken as Reasons for Dispute in breach of my Human Rights under the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.

As part of my Rights included in the Charter Of Rights Your Overarching Code For Justice I will present evidence in my Reasons for Dispute that proves that the continuous checks resulting in DBS barring me is based on the continuing DISRIMINATION of LEYF www.leyf.org.uk and the  HATE Crimes of the Metropolitan Police www.met.police.uk and the IOPC https://www.policeconduct.gov.uk started after my transfer to BIB where the CEO June O’Sullivan sanctioned discrimination.

During one of these checks new information has been identified which has resulted in a status change on your DBS Certificate.

Let me refer the DBS to correspondence Sent: 21 May 2015 20:56. Subject: Application Withdrawn. Appendix 1. DBS email.

This is my argument that the DBS has joined in the discrimination of Mervelee Myers to cover up LEYF Abuse Ring. The information about the Abuse was sent to me by Winsome Duncan www.peachespublications.co.uk who sent the Police to section me on the 30/10/2017 from a malicious report. Ms Duncan was groomed by Barrister Ryan Clement https://www.ryanclement.com to find vulnerable BLACK people online for him to scam. I was introduced to him and he used information from HCT Group Impact Report 2016 www.hctgroup.org statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment to give Ms Duncan after they planned to harm me at her 40th Birthday Party. Because I was unable to attend due to the Judgment https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 I was threatened verbally via the telephone. Ms Duncan sent me an email with the threats to get me sectioned under the Mental Health Act before sending the Police to section me.  Ms Duncan was responsible for placing me in uncompromising situation taking me to Chelsea Football Club where she was keynote speaker. I reported the matter to those responsible and nothing was done. However, Ms Duncan continued her illegal activities claiming I was the Owner of her Business. Appendix 2. Abuse Reviews sent by Ms Duncan.

Number: 001506438948 of a new relevant matter, a new conviction, caution, reprimand, or warning that has been recorded on the Police National Computer (PNC). The Police is responsible for NEGLECTING their DUTY because they are involved in HATE CRIMES against me.

 The following must be taken into Consideration:

1. ET Judgment – 67 Pages Witness Statement. This was the second miscarriages of justice by the Judiciary of England and Wales. My adherence to renewing my DBS from 1998 each time I changed jobs must be considered for why LEYF used my email fraudulently for online DBS application. Appendix 3 List of DBS 1999 to date

 2. EAT Judgment – Refer to Claims sent to CLCC for Designated Civil District Judge to impose Restraint Order. HHJ Dight has a misconduct yet he has joined the TERRORISM with a Telephone Case on 20/5/2021. The Justice Secretary, Lord Chancellor is aware. What about the 12 Codes of Charter of Rights? Appendix 4. Letter about HHJ Dight misconduct.

3. Claims to CCMCC – More cases of Discrimination to deny me my Rights. Some are outstanding for extended time as they keep striking them out, even Claims that are defended. 5. Claims: LEYF, Police, IOPC.   

4. Subject Access Request – LEYF claim not to have any data for me. Here you will find my Additional Witness Statement request rejected when I was sent 3 Reviews about the Abuse online. Should the DBS not be aware of these REVIEWS and what did they do? Appendix 6. LEYF Letter re SAR.

5. Our Decision to Your Complaint – Police – The Police and IOPC are responsible for targeting me from a malicious report on behalf of a scammer. I am sure she is still operating with children, young people, and vulnerable adults. The Police come back to MURDER me on behalf of LEYF. MOPAC say I must wait 6 months for the Review. In the meantime, the Police is working to make me a CRIMINAL and my evidence is in Cyberspace. Appendix 7. Charge for 15/11/2020  

6. LEYF Reference – Flag Safeguarding but see online for LEYF record for safeguarding.

7. Reference from Parents & Colleagues.

8. Fundraising & Social Media.

9. Refused Access to LinkedIn Account.

The Terrorism of the Police

The Police is Responsible for Terrorism against me by colluding with LEYF to cover up ABUSE RING, lying, arresting me unlawfully and beating me up after coming to MURDER me to say I committed SUICIDE. Refer to the Report. Why is MOPAC taking 6 months for my REVIEW?  Appendix 8. GP Notes.


LEYF must be charged under the Equality Act 2010 Protected characteristics for denying me my ENTITLEMENTS. Refer to response by LEYF Senior HR to my email dated 14/3/2015. I have not had paid employment since I resigned with the 2nd nervous breakdown in a toxic workplace. I told Senior HR at HOC Nursery on 27/3/2015 about my family story and how I developed Childhood Traumas. I was passed fit for work. Appendix 9. Medical Report CBT.

Voluntary Positions

Voluntary Positions – I was unable to get Voluntary Positions after the second miscarriages of justice and LEYF influences. Yet when LEYF refused me access to update my DBS they expected me to bring my DBS from Resources For Autism to be copied. Why is there one rule for Employers and another for employees driven to the end of our tether after the death of my mother. Appendix 10. Letter to Martin Bunch.  Placing restrictions on me via Hate Crimes by Police is making me a PRISONER that will impact on my Mental & Physical Impairment. Refer to https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/? Appendix 11. Windrush70 photos & more.

The Police Targeted me on Malicious Report to cover they Failed me

The Police must be charged under Charter Of Rights. Appendix 12. Complaints against Police & IOPC.

LEYF knows I have not worked since I resigned with a nervous breakdown and unable to get a job because of blacklisting and networking and discrimination after the death of my mother. Appendix 13. LEYF Long Service Award.  

LEYF set out from 2015 when CEO sanctioned the discrimination to deny me my RIGHTS. The Judiciary Of England And Wales & Criminal Justice System joined LEYF to deny me my ENTITLEMENTS after DWP threatened me with CRIMINAL RECORD. Appendix 14. Letter from DWP.

Appeal Certificate Status

I Was Not at BIB on 15/11/2020 Committing any Criminal Act.

 Status Change on Basis of Accuracy: Refer to the Charge of 15/11/2020. Despite correcting the Police at the interview at Walworth Police Station on 30/11/2020 when I was arrested unlawfully, the Police continuing to charge me. They have ulterior motives for this. The DISCREPANCY in “Our Decision to Your Complaint” is proof that the Police colluding with LEYF to continue the DISCRIMINATION after the death of my mother.

EYFS Welfare Requirement Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility

The discrimination started with ALLEGATIONS that LEYF used to trigger my PTSD from DISCLOSURES in my FILE they refused to return to me. I was sent to HOC Nursery when I raised concerns about my MENTAL HEALTH CONDITIONS, despite HOC is a place where you need Security Clearance to work. I was escorted out on 27/3/2015 with CLAIMS I did not have a PASS and SECURITY was HIGH. I was sent home to rest from my ordeals. My data was tampered with when I was invited to Disciplinary when LEYF tampered with my DATA: Address and am still affected by this. The fact that my email was used for fraudulent DBS online application must be considered. I was taunted by Lynne Kelly whenever I go in the vicinity and I was not tempted to fall for their plots. As can be verified to letter to LEYF Solicitor Martin Bunch after my email was used fraudulently for online application, I keep a paper trail. Appendix 15. LEYF invitation to Disciplinary.

Croydon Magistrates Court

I asked the Solicitors to ask that the Charge be amended, realising this was not done despite the Solicitors saying they did. I asked the judge permission to speak. The failure of the Court to act on my concerns and continue to charge me on 15/11/2020 is cause for concerns for the continuation in the DISCRIMINATION & HATE CRIMES against me. The same applies to why the Manager, a stranger made a Statement I was at BIB on 15/11/2020. Refer to the Reviews online. Appendix 16. Telephone Case 20/5/2021.  

Carer’s Role

I have not worked despite my Qualifications, Training, Experiences and do not wish to go back into any workplace to look over my shoulders for allegations. Appendix 17. LEYF on my Doorstep.  

Denying me my ENTITLEMENT

I have been a PRISONER in my home because of DISCRIMINATION, but I find activities to engage with. To place a BAR on me is to trigger my PTSD and make my life unbearable. Appendix 18. Contribution to Daily Express Mental Health Crusade.    

The impact on my 98-Year-Old Husband

Sometimes he is the Carer and 7 years of DISCRIMINATION taken tolls on both of US.

The fact that when I called I was given information about the Police role in the matter I will continue my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site campaign about the HATE CRIMES by the Judiciary of England and Wales & Criminal Justice System getting the DBS involved in the DISCRIMINATION of Mervelee Myers in breach of the Equality Act Protected Characteristics. And The Charter Of Rights Codes. Appendix 19. Letter to CRB 2004.  

The following will be copied to the Metropolitan Police and other relevant Departments of Government. Appendix 20. Open Letters to Prime Minister David Cameron & Theresa May.

My Mental & Physical Impairment

I have chosen to Word Process because of my disabilities and hoping this is acceptable as I was used as how LEYF Delivered Reasonable Adjustment at BIB to OFSTED www.ofsted,gov.uk in September 2014. Appendix 21. GP Medical Report 2006. As soon as I helped to get OFSTED result, the discrimination started at BIB. Appendix 22. Ofsted Report.

Awaiting a prompt response and not 6 months like the MOPAC Review while the POLICE, HMCTS, CCMCC, BSB, SRA, CLCC, JCIO, IOPC taking 2 years to address Reviews, complaints, and claims.

Kindest regards.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate.


1. DBS email Online Application.

2. Reviews on LEYF website.

3. List of DBS 1998 to date.

4. HHJ Dight Misconduct letter.

5. Claims: LEYF, IOPC, Police.

6. LEYF letter re SAR.

7. Charge wrongly on 15/11/2020.

8. GP Notes.

9. CBT Medical Report.

10 Letter to Martin Bunch.

11.Windrush70 Photos & more.

12. Complaints against Police & IOPC.

13. LEYF Long Service Award.

14. Letter from DWP – Universal Credit.

15. LEYF Invitation to Disciplinary.  

16. Telephone Case HHJ Dight.

17. LEYF on my Doorstep.

18. DE The Stigma of Mental Health.

19. Letter to CRB 2004.

20. Open Letters to Prime Ministers.

21. GP Medical Report 2006

22. Ofsted Report.

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