Without Prejudice Disabilities Cannot Always Be Seen With The Naked Eyes We Have An Uphill Journey Breaking Down Barriers Of Discrimination Biases Making Some Inferior Treated With Hate!

Interview With A Homeless Person Consultation 29 October 2020

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My Interview Questions With Derek Sharkey

Submission to Cardboard Citizen Re CRISIS “Should Homelessness Be On List Of Protected Characteristics?”

How this came about? In line with GDBR 2018 I get Derek Sharkey’s permission during a video recording to carry out this Research. This is done with Derek providing answers in a video.   

1. Derek can you tell me how became Homeless?

2. What are the impacts of being Homeless?

3. Do you think Government Agencies are aware of the plights of the Homeless?

4. What are your views on how the Homeless are treated?

5. Do you know about the Protected Characteristics and would you recommend Homelessness to be added to the List?

6. Where do you see yourself in a few years from now?

7. Do you have any suggestions about tackling Homelessness?

8. Who do you think your VIDEO must be directed to?

Key Words

Cardboard Citizens

Crisis Research

Hate Crime

The Public Law Commission – 5 Protected Characteristics Race, Religions, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Transgender Status.

28 October 2020

This interview was conducted by Mervelee Myers with Derek Sharkey in two (2) parts outside the TESCO at the BLUE in Bermondsey Southwark South East London.

1. Derek can you tell me how you became Homeless?

 I was made redundant from my job and my Landlord evicted me because they did not want anyone who was unemployed in their property. I was an Engineer with British Airways and three years ago my life changed when I lost my job.

2. What are the impacts of being Homeless?

Homelessness comes with different impacts starting with the Disabilities of Mental and Physical Conditions. Homelessness causes Derek to be weary/nervous of some people. Because of their behaviours and attitudes towards him. He finds it harder to trust those who are quick to judge him. Homelessness makes him realise the importance of appreciating what you have. He refuses to take anything for granted.

3. Do you think Government Agencies are aware of the plights of the Homeless?

They do not fully understand and unless they have real experiences to go by, they will not understand the plight of our situations. Because each Homeless Person must be treated individually and not lumped together. The Agencies need to be doing more to address the concerns of the Homeless. Homeless People are individuals and should be treated as thus.

4. What are your views on how the Homeless are treated?

Homeless people are treated terribly by some. We are made to feel worthless and invisible. Some make us feel we are nuisance to society.

5. Do you know about “Protected Characteristics”, and would you recommend “Homelessness” be added to the “List”?

 No, but you have explained it for me to understand. I suggest Homelessness be added to the List of course.   

6. Where do you see yourself a few years from now?

Hoping to be back at work and owning my own place to live comfortably. I hate not working and having to depend on the generosity of others.

7. Do you have any suggestions about tackling Homelessness?

I would suggest they Open Empty Properties and give Homeless People opportunities to sort their lives. Provide Budget for Homelessness.

8. Who do you think your VIDEO must be Direct to?

The Video must be directed at all, but Government in particular.


Thanks, Derek Sharkey, for giving of your time participating in this INTERVIEW. I appreciate the fact that your willingly work in partnership with me in getting this story highlighting the plight of the HOMELESS to the public.

The Background to Derek Sharkey Story about Homelessness

This Saturday I decided not to shop at the Iceland in Walworth Road, but instead to visit the BLUE in Southwark Park Road. I walked past this Homeless Person before and I might have given him some spare change before. But this time it must have been the way he greeted all that draws my attention to him and engaging in a conversation with him. Derek showed me bruises on his face and said to me that he does not know why some attack the homeless and treats them like SCUMS. That resonated with me because of https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-23000472016 making me a victim.  

I asked if he would allow me to tell his story and he did not hesitate and agreed. I told him I would go to the shop and stop on my way back. I must have had another visitation from the Source that was Inspiring me. Because I left Derek and returned to get a clip of him agreeing for me to tell his story.

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