Without Prejudice Accepted My Lot In Life And Apreciative And Grateful For Those Who Can Offer Advice To Help Me Get My Voice Heard And Not Give Up 25/10/20

Dear Mervelee,
I suggest you switch your large screen with your laptop so that it’s next to you for your filming as it’s very difficult to watch your films when you keep panning the camera to the screen, it makes me seasick and I am a sailor so if it makes me seasick i’m sure for others it’s even worse.
If the large screen were next to you it would not be such a rollercoaster ride for the viewer.
I tell you this because I care that you should be heard out, perhaps this will help you to have a better response.
Thanks and soul blessings,
Sat 6:38 PM
You sent
21 hours ago
Thanks Cindy! Am a novice who hit, miss and appreciate people like U to guide me. I am getting a website so https://www.facebook.com & cohorts have no control over my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site Link soon!
12:43 PM

Cindy Barg
2 hours ago
I sooo understand dear, to figure all of this out on your own you are doing great…power to you!!!
See https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more