Without Prejudice Eve Of My Father, Auntie, Uncle DOB I Prove How Money Is Root Of Evil And Family Will Act Like Bible Times

Went to East Street Market and the first thing I hear is “I see your Man yesterday”. I asked which one? Because I told her “I have lots of Men, but my #Husband is number one”. The Turkish one comes the reply.A suh dem lob tell lies pon people. But since dem a gi mi him, mek mi tek him den nuh? Man don’t even chat to me. They don’t understand that I grow up with 7 bredas so I feel comforable with MEN than women any time. If I want to know what he’s up to I haffi guh fass hena him Facebook. But I will keep them guessing? Oh let me text Sergio Italiano that I am not going to that Party after all. Now I go to my bed. The the shock from the CON still taking its toll on me. Time for rest and repair. I have work to catch up with. Here’s is another one of my Turkish Men. He is a #Phtographer! See https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more

Without Prejudice Governments Must Take The Lead In Stomping Out Discrimination Disguised In Rules Of Law Keeping Us Enslaved To Politics And Religion As Paid Up Members Of Corruption 26/10

The following are responsible for the Gross Professional Misconduct of HHJ Parfitt at CLCC on 2/9/2020 because they get away with 6 years of Institutional Discrimination on behalf of LEYF and Unscrupulous Legal Entities that discriminate. My Horoscope is an example of me living in hope. The Daily Express RUSSELL GRANT Taurus: Show caution when dealing with a friend who is in an impetuous frame of mind. You might sense something they are involved in could get them into trouble. Go out of your way to get them to think twice and you will be doing them a big favour.
Refer to https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more.

ET https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/m-m-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 was drawn out over 5 months which exacerbated my PTSD. As can be evidenced Barrister Samantha Jones contrived made up Contagious Disease was classed as unfortunate illness. I was made a VICTIM by the Panel & Judge Freer to whom I handed my Medical Reports at the ET. Judge Freer is a liar who gave Samantha Jones reference to be on Grenfell Tower Inquiry Panel.
Telephone Conciliator – John Hidlebrand tried to stitch me up with NDA £58,000.00 saying LEYF have to protect themselves. But HMCTS presided over 2 miscarriages of justice. Refer to http://www.ico.org.uk SAR.
Judge Martin strike out my RACISM Claim after Judge Baron recognize me on 15/3/2016 and sent it back. Proof of how Dr Maria Hudson’s Recommendation to http://www.acas.org.uk that I was a Participant in was not implemented. Like the Windrush Generation this has been removed from Government Website Permanently. It’s not a coincident I was page 1 of ITV News for Windrush 70, despite what LEYF done to me. I was labelled using my data as per the Contract I signed on 7/10/2009 to DISCLOSE in line with Date Protection Act 1998. A former Mental Health Nurse used information about my DISABILITY to label and trigger PTSD.

County Court at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch: The Judges & District Judges who dealt with my CLAIMS starting with http://www.peachespublications.co.uk to sending all my CLAIMS to Central London County Court have breached my RIGHTS not to be DISCRIMINATED against. They are listed in DOCUMENTS submitted.

Employment Appeal Tribunal: Justice Simler – Sent my case to EAT with Caveats. What FACT did she deal with when she claimed that Paul Kernaghan and his Unprofessional cohorts at http://www.judicialombudsman.gov.uk deal with fact? She was in http://www.express.co.uk advocating on behalf of CRIMINALS not to be DEPORTED to Jamaica. My FACT is I contributed to DE Mental Health CRUSADE.
HHJ Shanks – Described as the “Shouting Judge” did not read my FILE and bring a BLACK MAN to hear him say I MADE UP DISABILITIES. He should be jailed for what he and https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones done to me and my husband.

Sally Robertson: I am not complaining but was she at the EAT to say I have REPRESENTATION because I was abandoned by 2 Unions and left to represent myself?
I am grateful for her advising me to report https://www.ryanclement.com. But http://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk & http://www.courtenforcementservicesltd.co.uk are involved in allowing SCAMMERS to get away with targeting VULNERABLE PEOPLE. Reason I was aghast when HHJ Parfitt said I have no say in the matter of the JUDGEMENT to pay me back.

CLCC: I was sent information HHJ Dight would conduct the Claim on 2/9/2020. Without Prejudice I must assume that because I publish information about his misconduct why he was replaced with HHJ Parfitt.
When will I get a RESOLUTION about Case Number: CAS-6342024-S0J4C9?
When will I hear about the other CLAIMS sent to CLCC?

Time for actions as LEYF was supported by http://www.bwbllp.com to breach the Rules of Law when they contacted me on 24/9/2015. And again on 17/8/2017 and get Twitter & Facebook Legal Teams to contact me.
LEYF employed http://www.personnelconsultancy.com acting as a Lawyer when he is nothing more than a CON MAN.
What was the role of http://www.7br.co.uk when Samantha Jones operated under their umbrella?
The http://www.barstandardsboard.org.uk is yet to get back to me about the REVIEW of my COMPLAINT. But HHJ Parfitt think I have no say in the matter of HMCTS involvement in 6 years of DISCRIMINATION that ruined my career and destroyed 28+ years of my life.
My Fight4justice continues.