Without Prejudice Caution Says If You Fail To Say… My Stories About Discrimination In The UK Written 28 Years Police HMCTS CCMCC… Must Accept Their Roles In Hate…

Be the first to read & weigh in with a post. MM Updates: This Law Breaker https://www.linkedin.com refused me access of my account on behalf of the ABUSERS of www.leyf.org.uk after Paedophiles like Neil King resigned before the https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 came to the ET. Let me input some fact about the DISCRIMINATION that started after I returned from burying my mother and transferred to BIB. So https://www.facebook.com was first to target me on 18/9/2020. I meet www.crec.co.uk and https://www.eecera.org on 19/9/2015. They endorsed me on 22/9/2020 the date I was called to LEYF CO for a chat with Neil King and Senior HR Dilys Epton. The purpose of my visit was for Neil King to harass, intimidate and bully me to write a resignation like what was done to others from 2013. When CEO June O’Sullivan changed Westminster Children Society into LEYF. Want to know more read the reviews on the website at https://www.google.com. LEYF must be charged with Modern Day Slavery and breaching www.ofsted.gov.uk EYFS Welfare Requirements.

 Arnold Tomlinson

We spoke with business leaders and experts about their trends and predictions for the year ahead. Now, we’re thrilled to present you with our yearly collection of Big Ideas. MM Updates: LinkedIn and cohorts at www.nurseryworld.co.uk are nothing more than CRIMINALS covering up for LEYF and cohorts. I sent a report to www.theguardian.com about the Modern Slavery Thriving in the UK. There is enough to convict LEYF for Crimes against Humanity. But https://www.gov.uk chose to look the other way.

Share Your Big Ideas
Arnold, what Big Ideas do you think will emerge in the year ahead? Share your thoughts in a post or article to your network. MM Updates: Arnold is a 97 year old whose Bank Manager wrote to his Solicitor “Mr Tomlinson have a small illusion that one day he can become a Property Tycoon”. See why I complained to http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk after the TERRORISM at www.moneyclaim.gov.uk. Where is https://www.39essex.com/barrister/samantha-jones who whore her way around the Judiciary of England & Wales hiding with her Big Ideas?

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Start a Post MM Updates: See https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more.

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Without Prejudice My Parents God Will Not Forsake My Testimony To Use Me As An Advocate For The Voiceless Vulnerable By Haters 28

We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on https://www.facebook.com, from the most recent to those long ago is my Defensive Practice that is how I have been Creating my Legacies from I joined after coming back from my Family Reunion in 2009. How many knew of my Nervous Breakdown after the death of BYRON? Reason Religion and Politics will not be allowed to cloud my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site from this day forward. Many are called but few are chosen and I don’t have a clue why https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 happened again after the death of my mother.

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I #think I #change my #mind about the #marriage proposal yah sah?
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Get #ready for #more engagements. The #scammer will #wait til #later for #exposure fi real. Fakebook a #breeding ground fi dem www.peachespublications.co.uk and https://www.ryanclement.com and www.jamaicalabourparty.com and https://www.gov.uk
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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard was #enslaved27 years in the UK. Now am #waiting for #compensations from #greedy to help the #needy www.moneyclaim.gov.uk
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I don’t #follow the #crowd. Because they are #led by CYBERBULLIES & TERRORISTS that #strip us of our #rights & #dignity https://www.linkedin.com and https://www.twitter.com and https://www.google.com and https://www.wordpress.com and http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk
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DISCRIMINATION on #any #grounds is against the #law of the UNIVERSE.
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Tell #Fakebook to stop let #scammers target Mervelee Ratty Nembhard via Messages. Mi de pon #benefits from Government…
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Tell #Fakebook I am not #scared of #copycats www.leyf.org.uk. My name is RATTY NEMBHARD! the #1girl!

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Going home from the Maudsley Hospital http://www.radar-cns.org/. After my interview about about completing 1 year of the Mental Health #research www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk. Using Fitbit UK & Ireland to help with m disabilities www.diabetes.org.uk.
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This piece of #history caught my eyes at the Maudsley Hospital when I was waiting. As is the norms I was there way ahead of the interview. s at the M

Without Prejudice In UK 28 Years How Many Using My Intellectual Property And Making Me Victim 2nd Miscarriage Of Justice 11/12

We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on https://www.facebook.com, from the most recent to those long ago.
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A suh mi chat. Mi did write heina mi FILE when mi a wuck wid LEYF www.leyf.org.uk dat I write han chat Hinglish and Patwah www.ofsted.gov.uk EYFS. So yes if #RashidIqbal nuh know bout Backra Massah den dem better send him a di #PRESTIGIOUS_HOC fi guh larn how we mash dung Modern SLAVERY practices. MM Updates: I started publishing at http://www.myvision.org.uk with www.adwords.google.com. Also used with https://www.google.com G+. Like https://www.linkedin.com that refuse me access to my account I have also being cyberbullied by https://www.twitter.com that have blocked me out. But am not in the least bothered I have had cyberbullying and trolling on Social Media. All they are interested in is MONEY. Mi Mooma from mi was born when mi MOTHER gone a Frome Market. It was TonyCealy.com who saw my need to be empowered when I done FORUM THEATRE Six Day Training Course In The New Walworth Living Room Free For Local Residents 16-25 September Mondays & Tuesdays 10AM – 5PM Wednesdays 5.30 – 8.30PM. Maybe www.cardboardcitizens.org.uk can check their records before sending me anymore THREATS.
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The things they say… “Christmas is not only a season of rejoicing but of reflection” Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
Well nearly #37years on the #22ndDecember, I was blessed and had my Pre-Christmas rejoicing… Pretty soon it will be times of #Reflections for a life of #Experiences that have proved to shape me in the person I am becoming. I have been waiting on the directions from God all these years to go wherever I am led. It took the challenges, obstacles, constraints, limitations, etc placed in my ways to make me realise that I am an #Overcomer, and I was place on this earth for a purpose. Not only to do whatever pleases me, but to do the #WillofGOD.

MM Updates: Recent events involving www.met.police.uk opened my eyes to the EVILS carried out by the POLICE in Counter-terrorist policies which are only based on a narrow range of repressive mechanisms and military measures. Because this is the second time the POLICE chosen to treat me like a CRIMINAL after coming to my home and acting like TERRORIST. Refer to http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352 for why I must get help to make my Interview at Walworth Police Station PUBLIC.
The past #2years have not been the easiest of times http://www.policeconduct.gov.uk have done nothing but become like the terror cell representative of https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016. When I #Reflect on the last time I was involved in rejoicing as I #Narrated the BIB LEYF www.leyf.org.uk Christmas Play in #December2014 I am filled with sadness… That’s why I am spending the next few days organising my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site campaign to reach those who need to know about the #Coverup in workplaces that are causing #MentalHealthConcerns http://www.radar-cns.org/!

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This is my #GrandsonDonte son of my #2Son Mr http://worldreferee.com/valdin-legister/bio Whatsap Messenger Page. Need I say more? Food for thought as I make the #Decisions about the #ROML! God is pouring out blessing from many corners. I attended Donte’ graduation b4 I got back after #MamasFuneral. Then LEYF Nurseries decided they could destroy my life with #AllegationsNLies. MM Updates: Refer to https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/record-retention-and-disposition-schedules for why www.healthmanltd.com advised me to seek CBT. And why being a HAORDER is not anything to be ashamed of as I managed my Hidden Disabilities holistically from I was sponsored by http://unison.org.uk for the Health & Social Care Level 2 with www.open.ac.uk. That’s when I got my Chronic Anxiety diagnosis in 2006 to do the exam. My Fight4justice is in honour of my #Parents, #Children, #Grandchildren & the #Downtrodden!
I am not bothered about anyone withdrawing Friendships, et al… They were always #Fake like what #LEYF became b4 I realised? Refer to www.nurseryworld.co.uk and https://www.linkedin.com and http://communityplaythings.co.uk and https://eysmart.pacey.org.uk and www.morellomarketing.com and www.resourcesforautism.org.uk and www.hctgroup.org and https://mineconbayir.co.uk and www.crec.co.uk and https://www.eecera.org as some covering for LEYF.

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They were #Strangers from the beginning, with #UlteriorMotives www.jamaicalabourparty.com!
Pleasure P
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When JESUS say yes. Nobody can say no.

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I done this from #1stSeptember2009toOctober2014 to build up @LEYF. Then they turn on me. Now my Fight4justice will show the world that I am responsible for making them a BEACON. Please check the Web: http://skynews.co.uk and https://youtu.be/kJcomeREU2Q and http://jamaica-star.com/article/20161128/jlp-breaks-pnps-dominance-westmoreland and www.melissashabani.com and https://www.jobs.nhs.uk and JA 53 https://youtu.be/NwdExddlilw and https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos?302334554093821/?

Nelson Mandela
“Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet.” ~ Nelson Mandela upon receiving the Planet and Huma… See More
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Sleep after my Counselling. Spoke to Winnie E Jakes & another JA friend who will remain anon 4 now. Scribble sum bits. Watching Graham Norton on BBC. Will read Gloria Cameron Case Dismissed 4 1 hr & go back to bed. I am healing.

Without Prejudice Listened To My Interview With The Police Think I Represented Myself From Forced Empowerment Of 6+ Years LEYF Discrimination Taken Me To Edge

We hope you enjoy looking back and sharing your memories on https://www.facebook.com, from the most recent to those long ago.
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Sleep after my Counselling http://www.radar-cns.org/. Spoke to Winnie E Jakes & another JA friend who will remain anon 4 now. Scribble sum bits http://www.myvision.org.uk. Watching Graham Norton on BBC. MM Updates: I was working at https://www.bbc.co.uk – White City when I decided to apply to https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk for studies. I discovered the Workplace Nursery and realised this was the job I done as a Basic School Teacher www.jbsf.org.uk. I was tired of the uncertainty with Contract Cleaning because of my Hidden Disability. Will read Gloria Cameron Case Dismissed hansibpublications.com 4 1 hr & go back to bed. I am healing http://www.healthmanltd.com advised me to seek CBT when http://www.leyf.org.uk breach my Contract to send me on Medical Suspension. Refer to: My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s Disease – Updated 17/8/2017 https://plus.google.com/100939131463790195264/posts/YoJDpGvhGMG that was posted 3/4/2015 when I was on Medical Suspension.

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Told C at MH I started Ex. GOMP. I am going to take fotos to help… Took them along KING’S https://careers.kch.nhs.uk where it started 2004-2008. 1 man asked if I wanted my Spider Plants, etc back. MM Updates: Refer to: My Website http://www.youtube.com/Channel/UCBcqloBmT16XFBLAOPdvtFw where I posted my video after reading www.express.co.uk? Hit me that I be taking my PLANTS every where! MM Updates: I was published in www.nurseryworld.co.uk in July 2011. Then they tun mi out like a Criminal www.met.police.uk. They mistreated my MP same did to me & left to DIE… But I am a SURVIVOR https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more. More Stories to back up the experiences 2003 – 2015 in the UK https://www.jobs.nhs.uk. My plants are at King’s, LS, BIB, NC & not to mention the amt I gave away. 1 lady mentioned abt our shared love … See More

ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Tina-lee Buckham is with http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio and 22 others . Portmore, Jamaica
Before Herbalife, I was very tired with very little energy and overweight. Thanks to my Herbalife nutrition program, I lost 26 lbs and dropped 6 dresses sizes. Who wants to join me this month and lose 20 lbs? MM Updates: My Social Media was used by all to promote their Online Businesses JA 53 https://youtu.be/NwdExddlilw is just one such. On reflections my son was the only one supporting me. Reason www.jamaicalabourparty.com will be named.

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I have this old photo & I am sure my brother Balis Nembhard www.ancestrydna.co.uk would like me to publish it in honour of Ms Bernice Henry b4 her funeral on Saturday? So on behalf of Balis, Doreen Forrester-Nembhard & all of the Fraternity of the Local Communities of http://jamaica-star.com/article/20161128/jlp-breaks-pnps-dominance-westmoreland I extend my heartfelt condolences to Ms Bernice’s Family near & far across the Globe. Ms Bernice has gone home to rest from her labours & toils – RIP!

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Made this with the children for the LOL I have taken under my wings www.ofsted.gov.uk! Today they are making a Big Who Hah about DEMENTIA, www.dementia.org.uk. But for the likes of my Family & lots of others WE have been coming to grips with the Realities for Aging! MM Updates: Charities: http://www.justgiving.com/Mervelee-Myers and Walk for Parkinson’s https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/get-involved/events.

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Rubbing Shoulders!!!! Church Street Christmas Tree Lightening! MM Updates: With www.express.com Columnist. But I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health CRUSADE. Refer to reviews on LEYF website and https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 PANEL made me a VICTIM?

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Woow every part of my BEING is Hurting https://www.diabetes.org.uk and https://www.arthritisresearchuk.org and https://www.sicklesociety.org…. The Blessed CURSE is back!!!! I aint going Quietly either https://www.cancerresearchuk.org and https://www.alzheimers.org.uk and https://www.macmillan.org.uk….

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Without Prejudice Police Come To Terrorise Me 30/10/17- 30/11/20 And They Expect To Get Away With Exacerbating Disabilities On LEYF Behalf To Victimise Me 11/12

Good afternoon Mr A

I just want to put on the record that the www.met.police.uk acted unprofessionally from the time they phoned my home on the 29/11/2020 and called me a criminal without giving me any clear guidelines about the nature of the call. MM Updates: This is how I have been treated by https://www.gov.uk Legal Systems from I decided not accepted discrimination from another employer that ruined my https://careers.kch.nhs.uk after the death of my brother with Colon Cancer www.cruk.org/ in 2008.

I called the number in the morning and there was no answer. MM Updates: Let me refer the reader to why I have to take www.policeconduct.gov.uk to the www.moneyclaim.gov.uk too. Because after the Meeting I arranged at Southwark Police Station I was treated like a CRIMINAL. After I made clear I did not want to be on my own. My stepson could not get access and later I was assaulted by Owen Pyle who was in www.express.co.uk. About his behaviour at Notting Hill Carnival and bragging about it on https://www.twitter.com. Let me make clear I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health CRUSADE. My Publications on https://www.linkedin.com I no have access to because I am refused access to my account. The https://www.google.com G+ that I published is no longer available. Now who is benefitting from my Intellectual Property that I have an account with www.adwords.google.com to publish at http://www.myvision.org.uk too? What the Police failed to understand is I have my Defensive Practice I learned about at www.open.ac.uk 2004 to 2010. I can take the Police back to 1998 at https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk when I did Data Protection Access at Brixton Police Station. In 2000 I ran there for refuge, but as I said during my interview I have no trust in the POLICE now.

The answer given on the 8/12/2020 for why there was no answer is not acceptable. MM Updates: This behaviour by the Police is indicative of how the Legal Entities have operated from the time I challenged https://www.jobs.nhs.uk about discrimination. In the end there is no record https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/record-retention-and-disposition-schedules why www.leyf.org.uk can claim they have no data after refusing me access to my FILE. Please refer to www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers when I was interviewed at home by Dr Maria Hudson “The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds” for the Policy Studies Institute.

To turn up at my home on the 30/11/2020 and behave the way they done is worse than what happened on 30/10/2017 when they came to section me about a malicious report. MM Updates: My life is an “Open Book” and what happened with www.peachespublications.co.uk and https://www.ryanclement.com is documented in the Public Domain. I have to spend two weeks trying to report to http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report-fraud-about-you but I was the one getting treated by the Police. No actions were taken by the Police and I became their target rejecting my complaints and continue LYING. I was verbally assaulted by Ms Duncan out by Tesco on Old Kent Road and she keep on calling for people to call the Police because this woman is Mentally Unstable. Therefore the Police and her must have planned this. I reported the matter and like with the verbal threats resulting with the Police coming to section me, nothing was done.

I have tried to resolve the matter going to the Independent Office for Police Complaint (IOPC) and arranging a Meeting at Southwark Police Station. MM Updates: All I can say is the www.policeconduct.gov.uk is no better than any Government Departments involved in the discrimination in the latest after the death of my mother with www.dementia.org.uk and LEYF started the allegations leaving me a victim.

I was told by my husband that whilst I was handcuffed and in the van PC SWEENEY searched my bedroom. MM Updates: The actions of the POLICE turning up at my home on the 30/11/2020 is nothing less than TERRORISM. Refer to http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19434472.2015.1108352 for Counter-terrorism as a crime prevention: a holistic approach. And how the POLICE Counter-terrorist policies were used against me on behalf of LEYF.

I am DEPRESSED and seeking support, but when it comes to me no one cares. MM Updates: What the Police failing to understand that my Defensive Practices can be found across Social Media platforms. I have a few pages on https://www.facebook.com that should be the first Port of Call for any Investigations. Therefore, I am calling the Police bluff about investigations as they joined LEYF to discriminate against me. Refer to https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 for why there will have to be a petition in the Judiciary of England & Wales and HMCTS in particular.

As for the matter about the dates the Police is once again caught LYING. This proves that they did not do any investigations of CCTV and was working with LEYF. MM Updates: Here is a few of those involved with LEYF from the date http://www.bwbllp.com sent threats to me on 24/9/2015. I meet www.personnelconsultancy.com at the ET on 15/3/2016. It is proven fact he is a Con Artist who represented LEYF as a Solicitor and he is not. I don’t know why www.7br.co.uk was party to the discrimination as I was defending myself from the entire Legal Entities. There is https://www.39essex.com/barrster/samantha-jones who must have slept her way around the Courts from her response to my complaint to www.barstandardsboard.org.uk. Least of all www.sra.org.uk as I don’t understand their role. But www.womblebonddickinson.com/legal was implicated and this tells you about the calibre of Samantha Jones and the http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk am waiting on about my complaint re HHJ Parfitt who replaced HHJ Dight at Central London County Court. Because he has a misconduct.

Because PC SWEENEY keep saying I was seen by employees on the 15th, means there was no use of CCTV for any investigations. MM Updates: Visit http://www.youtube.com/Channel/UCBcqloBmT16XFBLAOPdvtFw for more. I was in the vicinity of BIB on the 15 because I collected my laptop at PC World.

The discrepancies about how the Police colluded with LEYF can be proven from my Defensive Practice. MM Updates: Creating Mervelee Myers’ Legacies https://myaccount.google.com/b/107858638420456774272/email for more.

I would like to know how long to wait if the Police don’t contact me. This waiting is adding to my DEPRESSION. This has been the situation since I transferred to BIB and as I said in my letter to Senior HR Dilys Epton am slowly dying of TORTURE in the form of DISCRIMINATION. MM Updates: I was advised by www.healthmanltd.com to seek CBT to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations. LEYF is using data from my FILE to discriminate against me still. I have had www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk and done Mental Health Research http://www.radar-cns-org/. Also http://www.desmond-project.org.uk and www.heal-d.co.uk for www.diabetes.org.uk but the HMCTS claimed I made up disabilities after the ET Panel hide my Medical Reports. Justice Ingrid Simler sent my claims to EAT with caveats and agreed with www.judicialombudsman.gov.uk that HHJ Shanks deal with the fact. I have no Legal Training and LEYF used my data to exacerbate and trigger my PTSD.


Sent from Mail for Windows 10

From: JA
Sent: 11 December 2020 10:29
Subject: Re your case 8/12/20 at Walworth Police Station. Released under Investigation re allegation of Criminal Damage.

Without Prejudice Am Doing The Therapy Responding To Threats From Those Who Think LEYF Made Me A Prisoner Aided By HMCTS For Me To Be HCT Group Statistic 1 in 5 Of All Suicides… 11/12/20

From: Geetha Rabindrakumar
Sent: 03 December 2020 18:21
Subject: Follow up to phone call today

Dear Mervelee

I am contacting you after your phone call with Matt Lucas, Membership Manager on 3 December, who was calling you to discuss your blog post from 24 November, which mentions Kiri Grant in a derogatory manner. MM Updates: Collins Pocket Dictionary www.collins.co.uk derogatory adj intentionally offensive. I will let the reader make up their mind about this.

We understand you use social media and writing blogs as a way to express your views and to help deal with challenging issues. MM Updates: We will have to explore this further in light of the timing of the phone call from Matt Lucas. I will refer them to Graded Qualifications Alliance Ofqual Regulated register.ofqual.gov.uk for more. All I have done in 28 years in the UK from I graduated with a Student of the Year Certificate from https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk is others using my Intellectual Property and am made a victim.

As Matt has discussed with you, naming individual staff members goes against the spirit of our Member Code of Conduct which aims to create a safe and trusted space for Members and staff to work together. MM Updates: How has Cardboard Citizens managed to breach the spirit of our Member Code of Conduct in the case of Mervelee Myers? Please refer to correspondences with myself and Cardboard Citizens from I joined Power: Inside and Out. Of significance is the email dated: 13 October 2020. Subject: Chat with Effie tomorrow. For clarification I want readers to know that I continue my Defensive Practice. Because from beginning the way I was spoken to via mobile when they managed to get my email wrong, put me on my guard. Please note also the date of the phone call from Matt as I was under extreme pressures. After my ordeals with the TERRORISTS from www.met.police.uk after I was ASSAULTED in my home.

Please could we request that you remove Kiri’s name from your blog (24/11/20) and any linked social media posts as soon as possible. MM Updates: As far as I can read into this, it is a veiled threat. Because during one of the Zoom I joined because I just need an outlet and help with my DISABILITIES that ended in me seeking support from Cardboard Citizens. I realised Matt had singled me out to ask if I had gotten a copy of the Member Code of Conduct. Because of my current predicament with http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk where am left waiting in limbo am an the alert for any entrapments. Since Cardboard Citizens have time to be monitoring my Social Media, how about I refer them to the Bee and Spider videos. Because Kiri Grant is so proud of her input, but obviously not prepared to accept that she was not involved in any of the sessions I attended. That leaves me with the impression she is behaving like my former employers www.leyf.org.uk that made me a victim like the Bee in the Spider’s web.

We always want to understand any poor experiences that our Members may have had in our work, so we can address the issues. MM Updates: Oh yes, how come you were not made aware of these. Since Matt omitted to call me, and did call too when concerns were raised. Because as per usual I am only to be under the dictates of others that produce https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-vlondon-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 the second miscarriage of justice.

We would like to remind you that if you have experienced issues in our programme or any interactions with particular staff, these can be followed up with us directly through our complaints process, and you can access support to do so from our Member Reps. MM Updates: Since Matt has chickened out and left you to take over. Let me direct you to my Zoom Meeting with Effie Makepeace and what the meeting was about. Also emails from Vic Cc: Keri Grant Subject: Workshop updates and Illustrations. So who is fooling whom? Somehow you and Matt seem to be conveniently forgetting about other telephone calls and me clarifying what he wrote in his email about our conversation. I have been stitched up so many times that am just weary. Hence, https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site and more.

We have really welcomed your involvement in recent activities, and would like this to continue in future if you are interested in the programme, but we would very much like to resolve this issue before we move forward.

MM Updates: How like you making it sounds as if you have done me much favours by my involvement in recent activities. Please refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g that is my investment to share my story about discrimination and why I asked for support from Cardboard Citizens for my survival. Because I am the target of the entire https://www.gov.uk SYSTEMS. Maybe this should help https://www.facebook.com/PembrokeHouse/videos/302334554093821/? you understand my journey from SOTY 1997-1999 at Lambeth College and journey to become a graduate www.open.ac.uk 2009 and sponsored by Cardboard Citizens at www.morleycollege.ac.uk to be ASSAULTED by POLICE in my home on 30/11/2020 after I was called a CRIMINAL over the phone on 29/11/2020. Then taken to Brixton Police Station on 1/12/2020. That left me to reflect on my life in 1998 I applied for Data Protection Access and in 2018 after www.ico.org.uk LEYF claim not to have any data for me. But most painful was I run to BPS barefoot in the rain in 2000 for rescue when I was attacked by my ex-husband and made HOMELESS. For a minute stop to think of the turmoil I have been through the past 6+ years. Because I participated in the Consultation for CRISIS. Somehow after telling Adrian Jackson I swear, but not under these circumstances, I promised. He alleged that I swear in the session. So who is responsible for my Paranoia with Cardboard Citizens? When it suits you lot you get in touch. But am not scared, I use writing for therapy. Right now am FUCKING DEPRESSED, but it will pass as I refuse to be www.hctgroup.org/ Statistic of 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment. So don’t you dare THREATEN me.

Please do let me know if you would like to discuss with me or another staff member. MM Updates: Do you think am MAD?

Best wishes

Geetha Rabindrakumar
Director of Social Change

Please feel free to do whatever you think best.


Mervelee Myers.