Without Prejudice Meeting Chris Pascal And Tony Bertram At LEYF Endorsed On LinkedIn Was To Be The Start Of Gaining My SEND Qualifications June O’Sullivan Had Other Ideas Re Discrimination 28

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Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is feeling concerned in Bermondsey. Shared with Public
The www.moneyclaim.gov.uk I am raising will go towards buying resources and helping to pay fees. I have not worked since the 27th September 2015 when I have to resign from my job owing to suffering a Nervous Breakdown. It was www.healthmanltd.com Dr Laura Crawford who advised me to seek Counselling to find out why I react the way I do to certain situations The former employers LEYF www.leyf.org.uk are responsible for this state of affairs. I worked with them from 1st September 2009 to when I was forced to resign www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk

I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Facilitator www.ofsted.gov.uk. But after coming back from burying my Mother and transferred to BIB on the 23rd July 2014, the discrimination started. I have my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site, MyJAMAICA, My Professional Development Portfolio, Mervelee Myers Supporters, Merveleeconsultancy, EMINEMBHARDfamily, et al to help me share my stories about why I want to get my SEND Teacher Qualifications, in preparations for returning home to Jamaica.

My sons Kevin Murray www.jamaicalabourparty.com and http://worldreferee.com/referee/valdin-legister/bio are my inspirations. How could I raise 2 such young men and be the person that I have been labelled as #UURICA_LE by LEYF after my ordeals at BIB, HOC and New Cross. But the https://www.employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 Law can give employers the right to destroy my Mental and Physical Health and Emotional Wellbeing. This is despite the Judges Court Management Orders stipulate I must provide Medical Reports www.ico.org.uk SAR. But what did they do, take 5 months to give me a judgement and posted it online to nail down the coffin with me alive in it. Good luck to those of you still prepared to judge others, because of their own conscious or subconscious biases.

Without Prejudice Am On Mission Taking Back Control Of My Life After 6+ Years Of Hell Making My Childhood Traumas Seem Like A Blessing That Prepared Me For My Calling As An Advocate 25/12/20

My Tom is under the weather. Family is a source of #Comfort & Joy!

I Wonder by Jeannie Kirby
I wonder why the grass is green
And why the wind is never seen
Who taught the birds to build a nest
And told the trees to take a rest
Or when the moon is not quite round
Where can the missing bit be found
Who light the stars when they blow out
And makes the lightening flash about
Who paints the rainbow in the sky
And hangs the fluffy clouds so high
Why is it now, do you suppose
That dad won’t tell me if he knows.
So see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taA14IVIm9g for why the world must wake up to the discrimination affecting US.

Let the world wake up to http://www.leyf.org.uk that is been shielded by https://www.gov.uk DEPARTMENT that prefer to turn a blind eye to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Let the http://www.met.police.uk explain the TERRORISM of Mervelee Myers in my home on behalf of LEYF and the role of www.policeconduct.gov.uk from 2017..