Without Prejudice Some Will Be In Denial Am About Looking After Me When I Need Help They Don’t Say I Did Not Do Anything For Them I Bury Mama Byron 29/6/22


The Impact of Discrimination on the Windrush Generation
The story I want to share is how being a participant in RESEARCH because of discrimination empowered me to apply my personal experiences in trying to break down the barriers of exclusion imposed on me. Because I refuse to accept the “Experience of Multiple Discrimination” via the Employment Tribunal research when I was interviewed by Dr Maria Hudson for the Policy Studies Institute at my home in 2010 is key to why I must use my personal challenges with my Fight4justice campaign eight (8) years after I sat in the church where I feel I did not belong and listened the send-off that told the story of the woman who was my mother who I did not know. Until I heard her story in January 2014 before she died on the 1 June 2014. It is hard separating myself away from the…

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