Without Prejudice Wrote To LEYF I Am Depressed Slowly Tortured To Death Eve Mothering Sunday 2015 8 Years Later HMCTS CPS CJS DBS IOPC JCIO MOPAC BSB SRA CLCC Housing For Women Social Media Families Friends Made Me Victim Of My IP/CPPDP/IR/CR 11/6/22

Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Know Who I Am Must Remove Me From Toxic Relationships As Am Targeted By My Vulnerability LEYF Created After Mama Lou Died CPS HMCTS CJS IOPC JCIO BSB SRA DBS MOPAC HMPPS Entrapment


Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Feels Like A Lost Sheep Shepherd Left Behind To Be Killed By The Hyenas Preying On Vulnerable