without Prejudice Nationwide Jennifer Thomas Must Be A Coconut House Slave Thinking She Can Threaten Me After Ordeals Of Barclays Twice Santander Target My 100-Year-Old Husband LEYF HMPPS HMPS JCIO IOPC MOPAC BSB SRA CCMCC HMRC DWP UC CLCC Charities Individuals On List Dr. Juanita Cox Will Not Black Wash Windrush Oral History I Was Participant Dr. Maria Hudson The Experience Of Multiple Discrimination I Did A Voice Of A Child June O’Sullivan Mask Of Sanity Reveal Psychopath Want To Remembered As Disruptive Influence She Is Mastermind Of Richard Harty MIC HOC Nursery


Refer to

Public & Without Prejudice

Nationwide Building Society, Member Service, Kings Park Road, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6NW.

Phone: 01698737387 ext. 1798

Online: www.nationwide.co.uk Email: MemberRelations@Nationwide.co.uk

Reference: NBS7798058Myers

13 May 2023

Dear Jennifer Thomas

I am using this media to address your letter dated 10 May 2023 because asking me to do this SURVEY alerted me to the intentions of Nationwide Building Society. If Nationwide was not so intent on acting like Barclays and Santander in defrauding Mervelee Myers and Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson of our money, they would have taken into considerations the answers I provided for the SURVEY. In addition I posted the SURVEY to all my Social Media platforms for SAFEGUARDING.

Now let me address this OFFENDING THREATS from Nationwide. Without Prejudice let me say that whoever brings to your attention the allegations outlined in this letter is a LIAR. Who is this person to decide my…

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