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We’ve got a decision for you

Dear Mrs Myers

Thank you for speaking to me recently. I’m just writing to confirm some of the things we talked about and to send you our decision in writing.

Our Decision

I’m really sorry that you’ve raised the following things:-

  1. You’ve asked why your allowed to visit Brixton Branch shortly after getting a warning letter from us.
  2. You want to know what accounts both you and your husband hold with Nationwide.
  3. The threat of closing your account is clear evidence that Nationwide intends to steal your money.
  4. You’re not happy that your photo will be made public on your profile.
  5. You want a written apology and compensation for everything that Nationwide has done to you.

However, I’m afraid I can’t agree that we’ve done anything wrong.

How did we reach our decision?

To reach this decision, I’ve read all the statements…

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