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Join us today (Tuesday 11 April) at2.30pm inWindrush Square as we launch a brand new immersive app experience for Brixton.

Encounter the characters, stories and songs that make Brixton resonate, in an intimate, moving and ultimately uplifting performance experience. Led by the knowledge of Black Brixtonites, we journey into the heart and fire of what empowers this unique place.

SONGSTREETS is accessed via the Aswarm XR mobile app, don’t forget to download using a strong Wi-Fi connection before you come down to the launch. Please note, SONGSTREETS is designed to be experienced with earphones. About the project During October 2022, Indigenous Australian musicianJessie Lloydundertook a residency in Brixton, working with the community to discover songs and stories from the 75 years that have passed since the Windrush brought the first post-war migrants to London from the Caribbean. Applying the methodology she evolved to work with Indigenous Elders in…

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