Without Prejudice June O’Sullivan Is A Likkle Theif Dat Come To UK Same Like But Study To Get My Qualification For Homemade Books Pedagogy Teaching And Learning Tools Taken On Camera Sky News Visit LSCN 28/5/2022 RIP Mama I Will Collect Di Pardna

Mervelee Advocacy

8 April 2022 MM Theresa Salmon GDPR

ASHTER RIP https://youtu.be/vr4wzX4Ps14

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Mervelee Myers’s Tribute To Theresa Salmon

I will kickstart my New Series of honouring the people who have been on a journey of nurturing the young minds by completing the “Project” I started at BIB LEYF Nurseries with Theresa Salmon when I transferred there after the death of my mother July 2014. I followed “Ethical Guidelines” signing a permission agreement with Theresa Salmon during the time I was working at BIB. Before LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan MBE put her plans into actions. June O’Sullivan’s “Mask of Sanity” slipped to reveal the psychopath who started her campaign of hate getting rid of the women in leadership when I was working at Luton Street Community Nursery April 2010 to 22 July 2014. Because LEYF claim not to have any data for Mervelee Myers when I used Subject Access Request (1.SAR), the world…

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