Without Prejudice Preparing For The Ignorant Visitor Southwark Social Services Sending To My Home 25/4/2022 I Have Agenda Ready As Those Involved With LEYF HMPCTS CPS CJS Hate Crimes After Mama Lou Died 24/4

  Applicants Name  Carline Graham
  Referee Name  Mervelee Myers
  Referee Position / Title  Nursery Officer
  Company  London Early Years Foundation (LEYF)
  Position applying for  Teacher
  In what capacity do you know this person?  I have known Carline via her studies with the Open University where she completed her teacher training courses.  I also studied with the same institution even though my focus was early years.  Therefore we shared some common values about education.
  How long have you known this person and from what dates?  I have known Carlene since 2008 when I was completing my Foundation Degree with the OU.
  Is there any reason you feel we should not employ this person bearing in mind they will be responsible for a class of up to 30 children? Since I work in childcare there are no reasons.  
  Please feel free to make any further comments:  Carlene is an enthusiastic, highly motivated and dedicated teacher who is passionate about her role of educating the future generations of students in her charge.  She is trustworthy, reliable and is accountable for her roles and responsibilities in working collaboratively in any team.  She is able to multi-task and uses her initiative to manage her time effectively.  She is always enhancing and updating her knowledge and expertise, empowering her to plan the curriculum to meet the individual needs of the children with whom she works.          

Signature: MIMyers                                                     Date: 17.02.2013

Name:      Mervelee Ionie Myers          

Please tick to receive further details of the services Supply Desk offer.  

Supply Desk Ltd does uphold confidentiality with regard to any reference given however, you should be aware that in line with the Data Protection Action 1998, individuals are entitled to request access to Personal Data about them held by an organization, should they request it.

June O Copied by Mervelee Myers 20 December 2019

June O’Sullivan MBE, CEO of London Early Years Foundation, was recently shortlisted for the Veuve Cliquot Social Purpose Award. UK Fundraising asked her about her success in establishing the social enterprise and in generating income.

Q. What was your reaction to being one of the finalists for the Veuve Clicquot Social Purpose Award this year? 

I was delighted to be nominated as a Veuve Clicquot finalist. What’s more, it was particularly important that both social enterprises and childcare businesses are finally being recognised.

Q. Growing a new organisation is often one of the biggest fundraising challenges, how did you approach that?

We don’t fundraise in the traditional way. We have built a business model that enables us to use the fee strategy and cost controls to subsidise nearly 40% of children who come from poor and disadvantaged homes. We also ensure our model drives not just through our fee approach but also because we run nurseries in poor neighbourhoods as well as managing local authority contracts where we actively support children with additional learning needs or those subject to child protection concerns.

Q. What helped you choose the social enterprise model against the traditional charity format for your organisation?

I chose a social enterprise model because I realised that supporting children to access nursery education should be a business and not a charity. This needed to give me the ability to plan and innovate. I thought the dependency on an old-fashioned funding model would not work.

Q. Did you have a clear fundraising strategy at the beginning?

I wanted to build a model which had a core business model that delivered a triple bottom line; economic, social and environmental. I wanted us to have this as core to our business model. I wanted that approach rather than trying to make profit that could be used to support charitable projects.

That was too dependent on the annual profit, how people wanted to use it and more short term than an actual model where the purpose was core and profit would be used to strengthen the existing model.

Q. It’s interesting that you use the phrase “profitable” about a charity. Do you think that this focus has contributed to you and your organisation’s success?

Many charities, I’ve found, tend not to speak of being profitable.  For me it’s all about adding value to the core. Profit is the word that drives business.

Without it I can’t deliver improvement, pay for research, test new ideas, give staff pay rises etc. It’s what you do with profit that matters and I ensure we use it to our best advantage. Profit is central to actually delivering and growing the service. I did not
want to run the risk of a charity approach dependent on fundraising where you run the risk of mission drift where so many charities have to chase the funds – putting them at risk.

Q. Given the financial challenges faced by many charities, do you expect to see more social enterprises formed? 

Absolutely! Social enterprises do great work – whether it’s tackling social problems, improving people’s life chances, providing education, supporting communities or helping the environment. More must be done to shed light on this as many social
enterprises are often overlooked.

Q. If you were setting up a new organisation now would you opt for the social enterprise model or the charity?

I’d most certainly opt for a social enterprise. This year, LEYF celebrates 10 years as a social enterprise and a forward thinking, progressive organisation that is proud to be doing business differently.

We currently provide a service for 4,600 children, employing 680 staff locally – along with 50 apprentices across 11 London boroughs so hopefully we are doing something right.

Q. What’s next for LEYF?

Embracing our core values, LEYF will be pioneering some major initiatives during 2018 including:

• A targeted campaign continuing to support men in childcare – promoting the essential requirement for a mixed-gender Early Years workforce which celebrates diversity and integration.

• A partnership with Bikeworks, a social enterprise based in Bethnal Green, who will be generously donating 88 bikes for nursery children as part of a joint initiative to get children active and help curb the Capital’s escalating childhood obesity epidemic. With statistics showing that one in five children in the UK start school either overweight or obese and experts warning of an ‘absolute
crisis’ in child health leading to future heart disease, cancer and diabetes, the bike donation will be spread across 16 of LEYF’s 37 nurseries. LEYF’s long-term ambition for this initiative is for Sadiq Khan to follow Boris Johnson’s legacy but, this time, give every London child access to a bike whilst at nursery.

• Continuing the successful partnership with Drag Queen Story Time (DQST) to connect children and drag queens through the art of storytelling and fun interactive events. The project aims to teach children of all ages to spread a message of tolerance and kindness whilst providing fun and inclusive book reading for children –especially at a time when many children’s educational
development is being dominated by digital culture such as iPads and Smartphones.
• To look at building a school where we can extend our social enterprise model and pedagogy.

• Create the LEYF International Institute of Pedagogy.

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About Howard Lake

Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world’s first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp.

June OSullivan continues to deceive the Early Years Sector 14 April 2019


You are invited to the annual Early Years Conference taking place at the University of Wolverhampton.

The 2019 Early Years conference theme will focus on Pedagogy, curriculum and the art of teaching in early childhood. The conference has been developed for practitioners, professionals and students who are interested and work in the early years sector.

Keynote speakers:

  • Sir Albert Aynsley-Green – Sir Albert Aynsley-Green has over forty years of experience working with governments and organisations worldwide on children, childhood and children’s services. He has received many indicators of national and international esteem, and was knighted by HM Queen Elizabeth in 2006 for his services to children and young people
  • June O’Sullivan MBE – June O’Sullivan MBE is Chief Executive of the London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), a social enterprise which currently runs 38 nurseries across eleven London boroughs. An inspiring speaker, author and regular media commentator on Early Years, Social Business and Child Poverty, June has been instrumental in achieving a major strategic, pedagogical and cultural shift for the award winning London Early Years Foundation, resulting in increased profile, new childcare model and stronger social impact over the past ten years.

Free Event. Book your place now.


Things To Do In Walsall Conference Family & Education

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Our Approach to Learning

We’re focused on developing children’s natural curiosity and confidence so they leave nursery as inquisitive explorers who love learning. Using academic research, partnerships with international early years organisations and our own internal action research, we’ve created our own unique curriculum with seven key areas.

Leading for a culture of excellence

We believe in what we do and live our values every day.

Spiral curriculum

Extending and supporting children to reach their potential.

Enabling environments

Using the nursery space, indoors and out, to create exciting learning opportunities.

Harmonious relationships

Building loving relationships between staff, children and parents.

Safe, fit and healthy

Nutritious home-cooked food, encouraging our children to be active and keeping them safe.

Home learning

Conversations with parents to extend and enrich children’s development between home and nursery.

Multigenerational approach

Connecting with the local community so families grow together and find their place in a changing world.

I was under the weather lying in bed on Tuesday when I had the chance to watch Horizon – Living with Autism by Professor Uta Frit. This programme was a real eye opener for me as it transported me back to the time I had my first encounter with getting an insight in autism. This was an article in the Nursery World which I kept to date. I have since gone on to do studies to enhance knowledge and expertise. I realised that because of lack of knowledge children with diverse and complex needs are not getting support via early intervention strategies. Growing up and struggling throughout life with what I call my Hidden Disability that is one of the primary reasons I am so passionate about inclusion. Glad I found this group.

Thinking of brand Mervelee Myers & the Case Studies!

I find this article interesting for a variety of reasons. Some day it will be made clear when I eventually clear my name. That’s why I have my Fight4justice campaign to get the UK Parliament to hold an injuiry into the Early Years sector, Ofsted and the EYFSLocal Safeguarding Children Board and Local Educational Authority. That way I don’t have to face another miscarriages of justice after being part of Dr Maria Hudson 2012 Research Paper Ref: 01/12 recommended to Acas www.acas.org.uk/research/papers.

That way the Employment Tribunal will think twice about posting online at https://www.gov.uk/…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda…. Because the ET Judges who take 5 months to cut and paste the Respondent’s summary can complain about lack of resources, etc… and disregard the Equality Act 2010Data Protection Act 1998, etc… Claim that Legal entity don’t dicriminate, people do. But it is more than obvious who are the people that discriminate, the way how the ET Case was handled from start to finish. Now I am waiting on the Employment Appeal Tribunal, before taking my Mervelee Ratty Nembhard Fight4justice www.MerveleeConsultancy.uk at WordPress to the world stage with my writing.

I have my CPPDP and Intellectual Properties from my Case Studies from I worked with LEYF 1st Septemeber 2009 to 27th September 2015. And what have been going on in my life since I was forced to resign with a Nervous Breakdown. The role of Voice: the union for education professionalsBates Wells & Braithwraite LondonDepartment for Work and Pensions – DWP, and others that will be named in due course…
Copied from Facebook and the Nursery World Magazine. 5th January 2018.

Call for ‘shared sites’ to bring young and old together
05 January 2018 by Meredith Jones Russell

A new report has called for the introduction of 500 intergenerational shared sites to unite young and old people and counter ‘age apartheid’.

Lexden Lodge Kindergarten in Colchester visits Oaks Care Home

According to think tank United for All Ages in its ‘Mixing Matters’ report published today (5 January 2018), urgent action is needed to create 500 shared sites across the country by 2022 to tackle growing social divides in ‘Brexit Britain’.

In the report’s analysis of recent research, it found that Britain is one of the most age segregated countries in the world, particularly for the oldest and youngest generations, and said this gap has widened over the last 50 years.

United for All Ages made three key recommendations for bringing older and younger people together:

Building multigenerational communities: supporting community businesses, making public spaces more accessible, opening community facilities to all ages, co-locating childcare and eldercare schemes
Mutual support through two-way relationships: online mentoring of younger people, advocacy for older people needing health and social care, ‘homeshare’ schemes where younger people live with older people, increased interaction between grandfathers and grandchildren
Better communication between generations: establishing a national council for all ages supported by an intergenerational convention, building bridges between generations using arts activities and street parties.
According to the think tank, shared sites such as housing schemes for the elderly co-located with nurseries should be prioritised in the fight to beat age segregation.

The ‘Mixing Matters’ report highlights the growth of shared sites in 2017, including the first ‘care-home nursery’ at Apples and Honey Nightingale in south west London, and mentions the significance of the Channel 4 programme ‘Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds’ in raising awareness of intergenerational projects.

Director of United for All Ages Stephen Burke said, ‘Brexit Britain is dogged by divisions – we are divided by class, income, race, geography and age. The mistrust that arises from such divisions is fuelled by the lack of connection between different generations. This can breed myths and stereotypes, misunderstanding, ageism and exclusion. That’s why we believe mixing matters.

‘The joy of mixing can unite Brexit Britain in these divided times. As surveys repeatedly show, older and younger generations have much more in common than some would have us believe. Now’s the time to make shared sites happen because mixing matters for everybody.’

Read an extended version of this story in Nursery World, out on 8 January.










See more at ACAS.ORG.UK

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Pre-Valentines Memo to Detractors & Plotters

The Pen is mightier than the Sword & when all else fails I rely on Social Media to do my TALKING! So U 2 Dutty Crab LooSas who tink dat a fi enuh TINKING SHIT did a MEK HAMMONDS  pastry wey me used 2 nyam. I will let enuh know now dat dere was nuh way dat I MIN-M was going to tek dah baits & fall in di traps enuh set fi I? Enuh betta tank Jehovah GOD dat He spoke 2 me & I listened so am a Changed Person or else all hell woulda bruk loose 2day…!  I was so frigging bex I walked the 11 bus stops since I got back from hols to get rid of my pent up emotions. Just so U know I am 2 ole now fi guh stick my head under any ole tinking asshole fi kiss & even thou me ole peeps dem did larn me sey U haffi kiss arse b4 U cawn kick it… I refused to succumb 2 any such feats fi climb up nuh ladder, career or odda wise suh me nah guh reach nuh furda dan we me deyah! Me dun know how hard it is to get 2 di tap a any ladder & tank GOD me never tumble from di top a any b4 & doan intend 2 in me ole age yah now! Reasons are me ole bones dem nuh heasy fi set?

Dere is an old saying dat by dere deeds & wuds yeah shall know dem & I know more than most. Suh if enuh tink enuh reach wey enuh wawn fi go, just galong settle cause me is still on me journey. From me eyes dem deh a mi knees me a help wid me Madda Wash Belly & numerous nieces & nephews. Den me tun bad gal & have 2 picknies by di time me 20, suh me nuh need nuh piece a paper fi change a dutty nappy. & at nuh stage in my wukking life have I ever collected money under false pretence. I am a stickler to my wuk ETHICS & no 1 can complained dat I left dem in the lurch without doing wat I was supposed to. Got an emblemised record on many scores & refused to pay lip service & stab any1 in the back. I did see di 2 a enuh plotting wid me 2 eyes when me walk in di room. Guess U never expected me back then?

Just got back from hols where it was brought home to me so vividly about the diverse & complex needs of the VULNERABLE Young & Old in society. How di fuck can any1 profess to CARE if they are prepared to deny any Vulnerable persons a bit of FOOD in order to meet Managerial Targets? Then U tink that U gwine play silly games by challenging me over my Concerns because U claim U are AUTHORITY! Wat di fuck I proclaim Victory over the ploys of Satan & then U expect me to value & respect the religion dat U believed in.  My Guiding Entity God gave me the Strength today to keep strong & kept my Dignity intact & I guess I must have become more resolute after spending time with my Mother?

So the next time I bump into U 2, U means even less than a load of shit that I accidentally trod into & have to clean from my shoes! Just so U know I won’t be provoked again because I have travelled down these beaten tracks many times b4. I am a much wiser person who have the Scars to tell of my experiences & I swear never to lose my composer ever again. So I am prepared to turn the other cheek instead of fight my corners like a Bat out of Hell! I don’t suffer fools gladly, I will forgive but never forget, as I have this need to keep my Sanity. So next time U decide to come in my face, U better be prepared for the outcome if we are in public spaces! Dem sey if U a guh dead sumady who claims say dem know U haffi hab han ina it, or else U live til dem sun U. Di plots backfired big times!!

On Valentine’s Day 14th February 2014 the 34th years since my Dad was laid to rest. I LOVE di 2 a unuh the same way U Love Me…  LIKE HOW FLY LOVE SHIT! Hope I make myself clear enough?  

My CPPDP and Intellectual Property Updates 26 May 2019

Knowledge, Values, Beliefs. Studies, Qualifications, Trainings. Vision, Advocate, Openminded.

Copyright of Mervelee Myers (05/06/2018) in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 25th May 2018. As of now any uploads to MyJAMAICA must adhere to the GDPR Consensual and Legal Framework. I would be grateful if anyone with any legal knowledge could volunteer in helping me to manage my social media pages?

I am working on the setting up of my own business for the future. However I will have to write my horoscope here to remind me that I must take advice from the experts. Taurus Apr 21 – May 21: Working is a source of stress. You’re tired of dealing with an employer who takes all the credit for your wonderful ideas. It’s possible you want to start your own business. Now is not the time for such a bold venture. Keep building your savings.

Updates 26 May 2019: I have gone a long way since I write this in setting up my business. I have set up numerous Pages on Facebook, in addition to Social Media Platforms and Google. My card refers to me as “Mental Health & SEND Advocate”. With “Breaking Down Barriers” as my misson to promoting inclusion by sharing stories of my experiences. I was advised to add “Mental Wellbeing Advisor for Experts by Experience” as well.

My Page will showcase my Continuing Personal Professional Developmental Plan (CPPDP) and Intellectual Properties. That I am hoping to copyright to take back control of my work over the years, working in the UK. My creative talents and initiatives that were used over the years in contributing to building brands for former employers and mentoring of others. I will be focussing on my own personal experiences from childhood. When I was brought up in a home by my extended families, with parents who were Christians. I was raised from the old fashioned values and beliefs of my parents that it takes a village to raise a child. And not to spare the rod and spoil the child, as I am a testiment to good parenting skills. The parenting skills from the teachings of the Bible, with a few old wives tales thrown in for good measures.

Coming to the UK afforded me with the opportunities to enhance knowledge, gain additional experiences, studying, training and working in a number of sectors. I was empowered to develop the capitals needed to help me become qualified to the highest levels as an Early Years Practitioner. I have qualifications in Health & Social Care, done trainings to be a SENCO, EYFS Coordinator, Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator and a Volunteer. I have done additional trainings as a Volunteer and a Learning Support Assistant and have done volunteering with different age ranges. I have been enhancing knowledge, doing trainings with providers. Also with other Charitable Organisations and with the LEAs, online and at Annual Shows and Conferences. The most recent is for “The Expert Patients Programme” as I am now a Carer.

Hopefully I will be able to go back into using my passion for writing, photography and doing research to making my dreams becoming the visions of realities as an Advocate of Inclusion. By writing and sharing my stories about how I am able to still be overcoming some of the adversities, challenges, deficits and limitations that prevented me from achieving my potentials when I was attending school. I will be seen as an inspirational and motivating influencer, for whom giving up was not an option.

One of my mantra is ambition can take you through the world. I grew up in poverty because of a number of things that were/are beyond the human control. That’s only one of the reasons which spurred me on, ensuring I helped each and everyone who has ever ask for my support in any ways needed. My passion for working with young children is second to none as I get a sense of pride, knowing I help to lay foundations.

That’s why I can sit back with pride even though I have been forced out of the job I love, and congratulate myself on my achievements. Now I am a Carer, I know I am an Expert Authority on subjects from the cradle to the grave and it would be a waste if I did not share my knowledge and expertise with others. That’s why I am putting my stories and experiences out in the public domain so others can benefits. My talents and creativities are many and I will be using them to help others. Feels free to help yourselves. All I ask is that you acknowledge the source.

I am now a Pensioner on reaching 60 years old. I no longer have to be worrying about the future. I am working at put the past 5 years behind me. I have so much to live for and contributions to make to society.

Mervelee Myers FD (Open), Cert WTC (Open)

Sister, Mother Grandmother, Auntie, Friend, Wife

Basic School Teacher

Early Years Practitioner: SENCO, EYFS Coordinator

Volunteer, Informal Carer, Multigenerational Approach Work Facilitator, Research

Learning Support Assistant

Charities: Fundraiser

Advocate: Writer, Photographer, Mental Health &

My 2 Husbands Are Alive in 2020 on 1 January 2020

 — https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/v3/yB/r/ISdICFSgG8g.png?_nc_eui2=AeFbrryyDHKjXz_BERgl-VhjkBuQKVtPWacKgTmu3OaWvjhvt4l4ufIbruQkwebBD3VG4HlD4_2MhGENd1JS6t1Sm4pTrLpE09_DkmkmTzk_Wwfeeling blessed at Bermondsey.

January 1, 2018 · London · 

My 2 Husbands are still alive and kicking. Accumulative ages of 180 years. I usually go after the #FatherFigures.
Next time I am going after my #equal on the Toy Boy side. Qualities: Be a kind gentleman. Treats women like Queens and Daughters like Princesses. Sown his wild oats and ready to be with me only, unless given permission, if I am unable to do di wuck. Only Jamaicans need having aspirations to have a look in. Repartiation back a YARD, preferably Westmoreland.
What he can expect: Dedicated & loyal partner, looking for 3rd time lucky in marriage, but willing to meet half way. On account of Mama’s failure to capture Mass Victor’s heart to change him from the dedicated Marriage Phobe like son’s Father.
Oh yes Mass Victor aka Clement Baker who used to live at Bamboo. Later at Barnes house in Burnt Savannah going towards Tolegate. He introduce Mama to Ms Christie, who used to sell cook lunch at Frome across from the Moo Young theatre. Mama forgot me, but never forgot Mass Victor. Tells you that when my women folks #love our men, it’s for life or death do us part with Jesus blessings.Mass Victor never returned to Clarendon where he was from. Buried on the same day as my mum 26th June 2014.
Inclusive Package: Like no other, inclusive of cow & the calves, 2 sons & their families.
What not to expect: I am not moving in with any man wholely and solely owing to past experiences of being locked out of my home. Can share accommodations, visiting each other.
Applicants: If your pockets are not deep, don’t waste your time. My sons will be vetting all applicants. I have been taught well by Mama Lou and GanGan, who to look for in a Man, Future Husband. You are already half way to the winning posts if you have some endearing qualities and attributes like my Father. It’s very easy to start the research about him. GOD comes top of Papa’s list every time. So I am not bothered if the Man puts His God before me. I am willing to settle for second place behind his God. I have started reading a passge from the Bible daily, along with my horoscope.
Enlisting help: If you know of anyone who might fit the bill, please feel free to recommend them and put names forward. I have been my Papa’s only girl, so already you know what that means. My Myers and I shared same initials, Malachi & Mervelee MYERS. I skip to Arnold Tomlinson. I am very superstitious owing to certain beliefs and old wives tale. So what chances are there that I end up with any of my intials from birth to marriages. I am already trying out the surnames that might go well with Mervelee N, M, T…
Robbed of my Pension: See if LEYF Nurseries did not rob me of my birthright the same way my MOTHER, Father Mass Claudie & Missa Banny were robbed of the Spanish Jar. I would have to be preparing to go back to the Modern Slavery toxic working environment. To deal with the #ModernSlaveryMasters_Mistresses, tomorrow- free paper bun… The damn Panyah Jar mek one spin and turn back when excitement grab Grandpa & Missa Banny and they began to sing…. So the saying a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush is more than factual, like my Bundle, inclusive of defensive practice, witness statements and Medical Reports..
That’s why I am taking the Employment Tribunal to task about the fact they claimed to have dealt with. First they failed to mention one of the witnesses #IsabellaGlen in the judgement posted online at https://www.gov.uk/…/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-founda… in the Appeal they are talking about RACISM, what Racism? The claims was rejected by Judge Martin despite been sent back for review by Judge Baron. So see Dr Maria Hudson of the Policy Studies Institute recommendation to Acas www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers fall on deaf ears and is like any other Rules of Law that are there for employers. Despite UNISON overturning the government law for employees to be charged to take employers to the Employment Tribunal.
I think I will leave this here for now. My cousin Osbourne Nembhardt just corrected me about the breaking fown of my NEMBHARD DNA. Poopa JESUS, I am just understanding the reasons I am such a mix up mix up Mervelee Ratty Nembhard with my #Multiple_Identities. Well if you love taking risks, you are welcome to have a go. I am slowly changing, but you might have to put up with me questioning GOD, and I sometimes break out into singing or use of colourful language of Jamaican poorpisspotproportions.
You are welcome to tag yourself. No one with #obligations, #private persons, #marriagephobias, nor bruck pockets need apply. I will not be your #SugarLazy or #Couga under any Sir-Cum-Stances.


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/v3/ym/r/pGk1iv2HCRu.png?_nc_eui2=AeEpBAtDSmqw4HF3t_jcOnGDzRwLo78XQYYPkogaMARvoDpEDdonBRmXFMo5PlMm0k8LjvzLpQ_fhPbWfFguZNhu_wFBB6fx_prRXOfDCEYI4gthinking about a lot of things.

January 1, 2017

Accepting the #Challengesof2017. They start with my #Paramount_DutyofCare to my #Husbandof15years! For those of you who have never found yourself in a #Caring_Roleb4, it’s not the easiest of posts. But I am more than blessed, because God decree that I be given some #Compassion as I deal with the #Obstacles that were placed in my way after having to cope with yet another #Transition. Spending the last #Poignant_Time with Mama who Dementia robbed me of, the same way Parkinson robbed me of #Papa.
Mentally & Physically #MrTom is able, but it’s dealing with his #Sensitive_Delicate_Stomach that pose the main challenges. So I have to be using my #Initiative all the time, or else I would fall short of my duties.

I will use Inspired Thinking “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can” Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe (1943-1993) to see if I can convince myself I am doing my #Best.
My #2Husbands!

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Mervelee Myers Reviews 29 December 2019 For Research

Lambeth College 

I attended Lambeth College 1997-1999 and graduated with BTEC National Diploma CHILDHOOD STUDIES (NUSERY NURSING) July 1999. I was helped into a job at William Wilberforce Lambeth Walk Day Nursery straight after finishing studies. Of note is the fact, I left with Mervelee Myers was selected, on the basis of progress and achievement, to represent the College’s 1998/1999 students from the area of Childhood Studies: BTEC National Diploma. Lambeth College Awards Evening Clapham & Tower Bridge Centres. Signed by Principal. Date: 6 December 1999. LAMBETH COLLEGE Sharing Success. An Equal Opportunities College.

I could add so much about how I started at https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk, after witnessing the scene of the Early  Years Setting when I was working as a Cleaner at BBC in White City. But since the information can be accessed at GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE, will use my time more wisely. Because I am on a mission via my various WEBSITES to be the person making the sacrifices in breaking down barriers erected by the systems and establishments and individuals from the heights of http://www.gov.uk to employers like http://www.leyf.org.uk believing that it’s acceptable to ruin careers and destroying lives.

When I started at Lambeth College, I was frustrated with the uncertainty of being a Contract Cleaner, whose life was disrupted from one day to the next. With my HIDDEN DISABILITIES, I needed the certainty of continuity, familiarity and consistency to lead a life as close to normality as was possible.

If anyone wants to know more about my journey from Lambeth College to my https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site, feel free to type MERVELEE MYERS into SEARCH ENGINE? I would welcome your feedback with a REVIEW. In the meantime https://mervelee.wordpress.com is CREATING the LEGACIES to stop another person having to go through my experiences from 2004. 

Mervelee Myers New Year Resolution 2012  7 years ago


Mervelee Ratty Nembhard is with Department for Work and Pensions – DWP and 2 others.

December 31, 2012 at 10:50 PM · 

New Year Resolutions 2013

Dearest Father once more I E. Mervelee I. Nembhard-Myers come

before thee with my prayers and wishes for a New Year. If you could consider even 1 of my supplications I’d be eternally grateful.

This New Year means a new me is prepared to negotiate and meet half way…

Every day pleas make my life continues to evolve as I try to embrace my callings towards new thinking and evaluate the ethos by which I was brought up…

When will I see my loved ones again? If not on earth We will meet at Jesus’ throne…

Yester year was like an evening gone, but I intend to make 2013 even more productive as I stop yearning for the impossible…

I know Eternal and everlasting life is promised to believers and I intend to let my let shine so others may see my better qualities…

My intention is to Arise take up the cross and follow Jesus…

I’ll always Remember my past, as this will enable me to deal with the future revelations…

I’ll always Resolved to revel in my family and friend’s achievements and reward those who are precious, ensuring I revere those who have stood by me through thick and thin over the years…

Please Empower me to enlist support and encouragement in times of enlightenment when I am in doubt…

I’ll always Seek solace in God our soon coming King to see me through the sorrows and tribulations which are bound to come my way…

I’ll always expect you to Observe and help me take stack and remove obstacles that are coming my way, and enable me to obtain my dreams if it is your wish dear Lord…

I’ll always expect you to Listen to my fervent prayers and turn my dreams into reality…

Please let my Utterances be tempered with tolerance and thoughts of others, so I don’t intentionally offend. I promised not to take umbrage when others are unintentionally unpleasant and unprincipled…

Please remove Temptations I pray and will you ensure they are banished forever…

Please Inspire me to reach my goals…

Omnipotent and majestic I’d like to be, if only to fulfil thy will oh Lord. So I can be of service to God and those who need me most…

Never leave me to my own negative thoughts for longer than necessary…

Saviour hear my call and empower me to be of service to those who are depending on me…

Just a few wishes as I struggle with the tasks which confront me again this year. I am pleading your intersession and ask that you continue guiding and protecting my mum and 2 children for yet another year.

Lord oh my Lord make me an instrument of your peace… A bright & prosperous New Year 2 ALL!!!


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