Without Prejudice Over Internet In Variety Of Capacity From My Passion As A Person Who Did Not Allow My Challenging Experiences With PTSD To Stop Me Breaking Down Barriers Charged With CDA 1971, ECRO 2014, Equality Act Hide Medical Reports, Made Up Disabilities Charter Of Rights Is My Truths LEYF 5/4/2021

Without Prejudice UK Government Must Say Why LEYF Abuse Ring Is Operating Out Of HOC Nursery 3+ Years After ET Rejected Additional Witness Statement When Winsome Duncan Sent Me Abuse Reviews 5/4

Abuse Rings Barrister Samantha Jones HHJ Dight HMCTS Criminals ECRO 31 March 2021

How HMCTS Breaching the Rules of Laws Using My Mental and Physical Impairment To Discriminate Against Me To Cover Up LEYF Abuse In Reviews Online – Letter 18 March 2021

The Role of Central London County Court in Hate Crimes against Mervelee Myers

Letter: 24 February 2021 – This came about after I was targeted on Facebook by a James Jones resulting in being locked out of my account. The purpose of the trolling by a total stranger name James Jones goes back to FB giving LEYF access to my account on 18/9/2015 when there was a meeting at New Cross Community Nursery. The order of what follows can be accessed via the ET Judgment https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047.2016 which was the second miscarriage of justice by the HMCTS.

Statement From The Judicial Conduct Investigation Office Date: 19 May 2020

With regards to this Statement HHJ Dight does not have any Jurisdiction to be considering any correspondences from Barrister Samantha Jones – Defendant in F03CL973. The reasons are as follow:

1. HHJ Dight was the Designated Civil District Judge listed for the Claim at Central London County Court on 2/9/2020. I went to Court believing he conducted the Case only to realise it was HHJ Parfitt.

2. The Court was in breach changing HHJ Dight for HHJ Parfitt because I am the target of the HMCTS for not accepting the second miscarriages of justice.

3. There was whispering in Court between HHJ Parfitt and the Defendant Representative. “Without Prejudice” HMCTS taking advantage am a Lay Person representing myself.

4. The Case was concluded on 2/9/2020.  

Claim Number: F03CL973 – This was heard on 2/9/2020 before HHJ Parfitt. I have no case to answer with regard an ECRO. I am waiting to hear about my Complaint about HHJ Parfitt unprofessional conduct triggering my PTSD resulting in me having to call the Ambulance on 3/9/2020 and 8/9/2020.  

Role of Judicial Conduct Investigations Office in Institutional Discrimination

Caseworker – Vincent Umeukeje was assigned to CRM: 0055203 on 8 October 2020. The Case Reference: 33448/20 – When is due course for the Caseworker to contact me? Yet after James Jones trolled me for Facebook to take away my account. LinkedIn and Twitter have done it, FB is the only access I have to my Defensive Practice. Reason the cyberbullying and HMCTS joining Samantha Jones to give her access to having correspondence read by HHJ Dight who was issued on my DOB 2020 having a listing for ECRO one day after my DOB 2021. This is the working of LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan a former Mental Health Nurse who have DISCLOSURES in my FILE to target me in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics.

The http://judicialconduct.judiciary.gov.uk is another corrupt systems protecting Abusers in the reviews online. And press.enquiries@judiciary.uk will know about LEYF Abuse Rings in due course and why https://petition.parliament.uk/help#standards must be reinstated for an inquiry in the Early Years Sector.     

List application for an ECRO

Considering that the ET/EAT are in breach of the Rules of Laws presiding over the second miscarriages of justice those involved must be charged. My Claims have been in the Systems waiting to be completed. The Defendant’s was advocating on behalf of an imposter Mr John Fenton www.personnelconsultancy.com whose Business she used to conduct her illegal activities getting him to represent LEYF. Her case was heard on 2/9/2020. What about the other Claims I have listed at CLCC because the CCMCC and County Court at Clerkenwell and Shoreditch were party to the discrimination striking out my Claims.

I am the Claimant in this ECRO I must refer the Court to when my email was used fraudulently to apply for DBS. Since this Claim was dealt with on 2/9/2020 and resolved I must say HMCTS joined the Defendant on a vexatious vendetta covering up the miscarriages of justice. The Legal Entities continue perverting the course of justice from 2008. I am the Claimant in a case given a judgment 2/9/2020 and I have no knowledge who is a Litigant. Because of the deterioration in my Mental and Physical Impairment since attending CLCC and the unprofessional conduct of HHJ Parfitt I have to call out the Ambulance on 3/9/2020. By 8/9/2020 I had to get support from the NHS for suicidal thoughts triggered by HHJ Parfitt conduct after reading my Medical Report. I sought help from NHS and in contact with other Services. But on 26 March 2021 I had a meltdown. My Facebook Memories show that I had a meltdown on 27 March 2020 consistent that there are triggers to my PTSD. HHJ Parfitt is responsible with his attacks on me on 2/9/2020. Why is JCIO failing to act after allocating a Caseworker on 8/10/2020?

Medical Reports: It has taken reaching CRISIS point and reaching out for help for the Systems to be put in place to support me after my email to Senior HR Dilys Epton on the ever of Mothering Sunday 2015.  The ET/EAT are responsible for allowing Samantha Jones to get away with Hate Crimes against me.

The Role of the Bar Standards Board

The BSB is party to the Institutional Discrimination of Mervelee Myers. 1. I submitted a complaint Date 2 October 2020. 2. There is a Review against Barrister Samantha Jones that is outstanding from Michael Carter. 3. Response to BSB – PC 2018 0469. I have email correspondence from Senior Case Officer Michael Carter 15 November 2019 –. Why is the BSB acting unprofessionally covering up for Barristers and Legal Entities discriminating against Mervelee Myers who they make vulnerable victim after the death of my mother?

Barrister Ryan Clement – Judgment

Here is how HMCTS Continuing to Penalise me to Exacerbate and Trigger my PTSD

Judgment passed in Claim Number: F56YJ215 and Court Enforcement Services Ltd failed to collect the money. I am expected to pay to abort the Claim despite saving up to pay for the Case and paying to find him with 15 Companies registered online. What did HMCTS do, send his Claim back with multiple others to CLCC for Civil District Judge to impose Restraint Order. What about the judgment that was passed? HHJ Parfitt told me I have no say in the matter. Is this not another case of how HMCTS is taking advantage of my Mental & Physical Impairment to discriminate against me?

The CCMCC is Responsible for Discrimination in Breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristic

I applied for and granted: FAO: Reasonable Adjustments Team 2nd Floor – CCMCC Please pass to them for processing.

The Role of the County Court at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch in Institutional Discrimination

Discrimination in Reverse: Please refer to the pattern of the Conscious Biases in each Claim and the date and Judge involved. There is also the fact that the Court was using my Mental and Physical Impairment as a Lay Person to Confuse me whilst ABUSING the Power of their Authority.  My Claims are held up whilst HMCTS is colluding with Samantha Jones to deny me my entitlements to getting JUSTICE.

General Form of Order: 1. 17 February 2020 Claim Number: G08YJ214 Defendant Voice The Union For Education Professionals. Date: 17 February 2020. District Judge Manners. Strike Out. Here is a clear case of “The Experience of Multiple Discrimination” in Dr Maria Hudson www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers of which I was a participant in 2010.

The Defendant Defending the Claim:  I was contacted by Pattinson Brewer www.pattinsonbrewer.co.uk on 5 February 2020 EXB/JCO/MYERS/2030.1 to act on their behalf in the matter. On 6 February 2020 Kennedys at David.summer@kennedyslaw.com at kennedyslaw.com.  Ref: DAS/T2606-977472 (DAS) contacted me claiming they were representing the Defendant. Can District Judge Manners and HMCST state the reason my Claim was strike out if it is defended? Is this not DISCRIMINATION on all GROUNDS by the County Court at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch?

2. 12 December 2019 Claim Number: F45YM082 Claimant Mrs Mervelee Myers Defendant – The Metropolitan Police Services. District Judge Bell Date: 12/12/2019. HMCTS failed to honour the order made on 5/12/2019. That is why the Police can turn up on 30/11/2020 to MURDER me because they know nothing will be done.  Because I complained am charged with CRIMINAL DAMAGE ACT 1979 for their failure to act. In the meantime, SARAH EVERARD was murdered.

3. Claim Number: F21YM003 Defendant Ms Vinette Julie Powell Date: 10 December 2019.

4. Claim Number: F22YM276 Defendant Ms Winsome Duncan. This Claim went to Telephone Mediation and the following: District Judge Rand, Zimmel and Sterlini are responsible for perverting the course of justice striking out my claim.

5. Claim Number: F09YM907 Defendant London Early Years Foundation. This is the former Employer that Barrister Samantha Jones represented using John Fenton’s Business Place and him to act as if he is a lawyer even after they get an Adjournment faking an illness. Ms Jones told the ET she did not prepare a Case because it would be strike out. The ET claim her fake sickness was unfortunate and hide my Medical Reports I handed to Judge Freer. Because the Respondent Representative did not comply with Judge Elliott’s Court Management Order. Notice the pattern of STRIKE out or REJECTION or FAILING to address my Concerns from the Judiciary of England Wales and Criminal Justice System. Refer to https://www.southwark.co.uk/news/coronavirus-london-early-years-nurseries-unite/#.XpWQfd4vU6lc.mailto about CORONAVIRUS: ROW OVER UNION CLAIMS OF ‘APPALING WORKER MISTREATMENT’ AT ORGANISATION RUNNING SOUTHWARK NURSERIES. I commented and contacted the Newspaper and the Union. This refers to the first place I worked and was mentioned at the Et. See https://www.facebook.com/memories/?source=bookmark for the way LEYF operating. The reason they get https://www.linkedin.com and https://www.twiiter.com to close my accounts. Now it is https://www.facebook.com where I have my Defensive Practice they are after.

6. Claim Number: F20YM999 Defendant – The Personnel Consultancy LTD. Mr Fenton is an unscrupulous person who represented LEYF as a Lawyer. After the Adjournment he claimed to be away and take no further part. The judgment was sent to him and so the EAT. I have an email sent to me by mistake that Mr Fenton is unprofessional and might be responsible for CRIMINAL ACTS “Without Prejudice” like the ABUSES in the reviews online about LEYF.

7. Claim Number: F21YM001 Defendant County Court at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch. This is self-explanatory and I will give additional information about the UNION.

8. Claim Number: F21YM135 Defendant – The Independent Office For Police Complaint. I have been contacted by Lawyer Andrew Truby defending the Claim. With the MURDER of SARAH EVERARD can HMCTS understand my concerns of how the Police failures to act on my concerns but come to SECTION me from a MALICIOUS report on 30/10/2017  led to the attempted MURDER in my home on 30/11/2020.

9. Claim Number: F56YJ215 Defendant Barrister Ryan Clement is the clearest case of Institutional Discrimination available. Judgment was passed after the aggro I was put through by HMCTS and CCMCC. Why is it back at CLCC when I have not collected my money? Career Criminals under the umbrella of the Judiciary of England & Wales are given powers to discriminate against those of us made vulnerable.

Conclusion: So District Judge Bell can make decisions about my claims because I am the target of the SYSTEMS covering up for LEYF ABUSES.  The ET Panel is responsible for making me a victim of Ryan Clement.

Can the Court explain what is to be the Content of the Bundle in Advance? Last time at CLCC on 2/9/2020 HHJ Parfitt refused me to argue my Claim, stating I have no say in the matter.

Since I am the Claimant the Court is using my DISABILITIES against me at 4. When I attended Court on 2/9/2020 no notice was taken of me except HHJ Parfitt unprofessional conduct that triggered my PTSD.

For a person with Protected Characteristics Impairment under the Equality Act 2010 the ET hide my Medical Reports and the EAT say I made up DISABILITIES. Attending Court will be TRAUMATIC because of my experiences representing myself at two ET. Witnessing what HHJ Shanks did to Barrister Sally Robertson leaves me having Panic Attacks knowing the Legal System is stacked against me.

Safeguarding is Everyone’s Responsibility       

I am safer in my home protected from Judges and Police I encountered covering up LEYF ABUSE RINGS. Am mindful the ET tried to stitch me up with Telephone Consultation with Judge Hildebrand who claim LEYF has to protect themselves from me.

The County Court at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch

1. Set out to discriminate against me from my Claim with Winsome Duncan who scammed me and sent the Police to SECTION me.

2. Repeatedly striking out my Claims after Judges intimidation, harassment, and bullying.

3. Please note the Patterns of Discrimination.

4. This Claim is completed but it is used like the ET/EAT because I want justice.  

If The Case Is Settled

The Case was settled on 29/9/2020 and I do not understand what is going on with CLCC when I have all these other outstanding Claims.

I will have my records to prove HMCTS is corrupt and aiding CRIMINALS that I have taken to Court to be using my DISABILITIES against me.

Set Time in the List

I will do whatever needs to be done, however, can the Court note that I am a CARER and experiencing Mental & Physical Impairments presently.

GDPR 2018 Training

Done training since HMCTS hide my Medical Reports and say I made up disabilities I use www.ico.org.uk SAR. LEYF claim not to have any data for me. How did Samantha Jones and I come to have this Claim if she was not representing ABUSERS and possibly PAEODOPHILES? I asked HHJ Parfitt about Ms Jones representing her Client knowing LEYF is a MURDERER. LEYF is an ABUSE RING for PAEDOPHILES and the evidence in the reviews online.

Margaret Horn Lecture

Reason LEYF use the MHL to send Police to my home to MURDER me on 30/11/2020. Who MURDERED SARAH EVERARD?

Mervelee Myers is the Victim of LEYF CEO

 1.  At the Nursery World Show 2018 she had a plot with the Organisers to have me Sectioned at her Seminar.

2. I was assaulted by a young white girl wearing LEYF shirt the first day, who when I walked away, ran claiming she was going to get the Security.   

3. CEO June O’Sullivan using my IP/CPPDP & Image Rights to build BRAND LEYF – Evidence from 2010 – 28/1/2015 at BIB and Professors Chris Pascal & Tony Bertram LinkedIn Post.

4. DISCLOSURES in my FILE used by June O’Sullivan a former NHS Mental Health Nurse to trigger my PTSD.


As the Claimant in this Claim, it was dealt with so why is HHJ Dight who was charged with MISCONDUCT allowed to be in cohorts with a KNOWN LIAR who is perverting the course of justice on behalf of known ABUSERS allowed to use HMCTS as a vendetta against me?

CASE DISMISSED by Gloria Cameron

Refer to the Book to find out how BLACK people are still been used by the June O’Sullivan who wants to be remembered as DISRUPTIVE INFLUENCE get HMCTS to cover for her.

Can the Court set out plain so a Lay Person can understand the purpose of the ECRO? I have no intention of making more claims. Should those in the SYSTEMS not be dealt with?

What correspondence did the Defendant present?

My Arguments why ECRO is in Breach of the Rules of Laws

1.  Awareness that LEYF and cohorts target me from 18/9/2015 when Facebook gave LEYF access to my account – Data Protection Act.

2. Contacted by Facebook & Twitter Legal Team on behalf of BWB www.bwbllp.com on behalf of LEYF.

3. What is BWB role in the Discrimination as they contacted me on 24/9/2015. Mr John Fenton said LEYF did not retain them.

4. The SRA www.sra.org.uk say LEYF can use my discrimination against me and failed to act about BWB.

5. LinkedIn refused me access to my account – I was an INFLUENCER – British Values.

6. Targeted at Nursery World Show2017 & 2018. I am not safe anywhere in my home or going about my business – Counter Terrorism & Security Act.

7. Social Media become a Terror Cell for Cyberbullies to Troll me.

8. Twitter suspended my account – Freedom of Speech.

9. Facebook give Troll’s platform to target me – Have 16 Pages and started Fight4justice. 10. Facebook locked my account after James Jones targeted me.

11. Reason for HHJ Dight and Samantha Jones colluding with ECRO – I refused to let James Jones and FB trick me.

12. View the patterns of TROLLING and FB plots to close my account.

Conclusion: Refer to Counter-terrorism as a holistic approach –    

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate

31 March 2021.