Without Prejudice My Data Was Used By A Mental Health Nurse To Trigger My PTSD In Breach Of Equality Act Section 60-Mum Died

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ON THIS DAY 7 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 14, 2013· London·
Why is it when U buck sum peeps & U share sum news from Yard, dem expect U fi know di while Sordid Details? Well even thou sum peeps tink I am JAH-In-TELL & BT fused 2gedda… Dese days I have me fare share of me OWN bizz fi ponder bout> Suh not enough Thyme fi mine oddas peeps bizz Giht? Nubady nuh badda pass dem place wid me again & accuse me a spreading nuh Rumour pon FB https://www.facebook.com allowed TROLLS! Time longer dan Rope & my Time is taken up dese days wid Concerns bout me Nearest & Dearest! My MAMA is top of my list & every1 else can join dah queque & wait dem tun http://www.dementia.org.uk>
Wat a BlessED ting mI nuh hab no 1 fi tell mI fi TUN roun, ova, up, sideways, etc. Else mI woulda b inna ST & heading fi dah DC!!! mI doan hab a blinKING used 2 mI mI cusSID self dese daze www.leyf.org.uk?
If Unuh c dis & it nuh contain mI Seals den it bound fi b fAke http://www.ofdsted.gov.uk EYFS!
SW 4 mI 2moro suh let mI guh get sum SE…? Need anedda day fi mIself!!! Now dem change dah Laws pon Us https://www.gov.uk? Dwag a guh nyam WE SupPA!!! Dem hab dah Hangle & We heng on pon dah sharp BlAde fi!
Guess humuch mI LOVE Unuh http://www.leyf.org.uk first GRADUATION at Luton Street?
Suh dem waan cum Teach BOMB new Tricks https://www.lambethcollege.ac.uk GRADUATE 1999?

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