I Was Ordered To Pay Samantha Jones For Discrimination On LEYF Website Verified By Parents 2/9

ON THIS DAY 5 years ago Mervelee Ratty Nembhard September 2, 2015
True Black Beautiful Nubian JA Warrior Woman. Back wey wid enuh bleaching creams.I can get market any where mi guh. Mi chat Patwah & hab English as additional language. But they have to check I when they need to get things done… Mi tap di freeness. Dem want mi services fork out di money. Been robbed blind b4.
Ratty Nembhard Mouth-a-Ma-see at Ur service. 6 years but no trace of I 2 be found. Meekly wait $ murmur not. Duppy know who fi fri-10!
6 years of dedicated services. But u’d not believe… But I don’t give a toss… Let them stop me celebrating. Dem nuh like mi & mi nuh loob dem!
Early Intervention Strategies: I’ve been forewarned that it is TIME 2 buy myself a Time Piece. Times gone I’d feel 1/2 naked without a watch, but after a Time it didn’t matter. But 2day this issue of Time whizzed pass my face & puts me back in Time. So asap I’ll be investing in that Watch because then I can beat them at their own games. I was warned about the Timely tricks they may have up their agenda & since this Time around no-Baddies going to make me a VICTIM I can’t take my eyes off the games they play any Time soon.
Oh wow I think I could be darned good at any darned thing I put my hands, mind & heart to any Time I wish. If only I had the Time 2 get some of the things I want 2 get done during this life Time, when the grey cells are functioning & I don’t run out of time.
My God I’ll have to add another status to my Timelines on all fronts? Time Waster would certainly not be included, but more pressed 4 Time.
& THYME did boil till it Teeth kin in the Time it was put on the Fire. But this Time the pickney did put the wrong Thyme in di pot?
Dat should be enough Parables for dem to ponder over in dem owna Time!
So now I am tasked with Preparing an Action Plan…? But U know wat… Dese days I refused from letting anything get 2 my Head! I have broken those darned Chains & Shackles dat ENSLAVED me all these years…! No way in hell will I be going back down dat Spooky Avenue dat Leads 2 DESTRUCTIONS!
My Credentials… I’ve waited so many Years 4 My chance 2 become Somebody!!! Send up Ur Prayers on MY Behalf plz…
Valdin Legister is with Mervelee Ratty Nembhard.
September 2, 2014 ·
Off to school they go……

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