Reasons I Will Focus On My F4J Against Discrimination On Any Grounds Due To Intolerance 28

To Whom It May Concern

Claim Number F03CL973


I would like the following to be on record for the reasons listed below is my investment.

I should not be going through this breach of my Human Rights six (6) years after the death of my MOTHER because my stories are part of my THERAPY coping with the HIDDEN DISABILITIES I managed until the two (2) miscarriages of justice by the Employment Tribunals Service.

Therefore, I would like the Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 to be considered. Also Ref: G08YJ214 Re: Help or support for people with a disability. In the Equality Act 2010 this is called a Reasonable Adjustment. This means we have a legal duty to help disabled people have equal access to our services and information. “Without Prejudice” can I just say that HM Courts & Tribunals Service have failed me from the time I represented myself at the ET. Hence why I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson’s “The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds for the Policy Studies Institute when I was interviewed at my home in 2010.

My employer at the time was from 1 September 2009. They say they have no data for me.

Here is my Argument listing breach of Copyright Act 1976 and GDPR 2018 training as per Continuing Personal Professional Development Plan (CPPDP).

Facebook – I was targeted 18/9/2015 when gave LEYF access to my account. I have taken out a grievance as a results of “Message from Facebook” Friday 18 August 2017. Now Facebook must disclose who is/was the third party involved.

LinkedIn – I no longer have access to my account. Considering I was an INFLUENCER who was endorsed by Dr Chris Pascal OBE and Professor Tony Bertram EECERA isn’t it time for the Inquiry Into the Early Years Sector? My Petition “Review of the Employment Tribunal Laws, stopping discrimination of employees” was rejected by UK Government and Parliament.

Google – I invested in for my when other websites used my PUBLICATIONS. Here is one that should be informative “My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s Disease” – Updated 17/8/2017 (Refer to the date when Facebook sent me Message re Third Party) as the ET/EAT claim I made up disabilities.

Twitter – I was contacted by the Legal Team on behalf of when judgement was posted online.

My Mobile Hacked – See for more.


Frequent Depressive spells – Refer  to

Reasonable Adjustments

Subject Access Request

Mental Health Research

Diabetes Research

Contributions to Daily Express Mental Health Crusade

ACAS Research

Responsibility for Discrimination

To be listed.

Mervelee Myers.

What more do they want now?