Told LEYF Hilda Miller Is Not GOD When I Came From My Diabetes Check 10/9/2015 HHJ Dight 18/8

HM Courts & Tribunals Service, The County Courts at Central London, Central London, R.C.J, Thomas More Building, Royal Courts Of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL.

18 August 2020

Case Number: F03CL973 Mrs Mervelee Myers v Barrister Samantha Jones

Hearing Date:  02/09/2020

I am writing from the above address regarding the above matter.

As a person without any Legal Training except what I picked up doing research over the past (6) six years of DISCRIMINATION by the Judiciary of England & Wales and the UK Government Institutional RACIST SYSTEMS. Let me address the Designated Civil Judge for Central London and City of London Courts (His Hon Judge Dight CBE). Since I did not get a response to my email and has been on the telephone the last on Thursday 13 August 2020 asking about the matter. I will put my concerns about the continuing Institutional Discrimination that (His Hon Judge Dight CBE) Without Prejudice has become a party to. When I made the first phone call, I was told I would get a response in 6 days. When I made the second, I was told it is seven “Working Days”. Today, I am addressing the letter I received 15 August 2020. The letter dated 11 August 2020 for me to respond to in 5 days. Why is there one rule for me, a “Lay Person” with disabilities that can impact on how I am able to carry out normal day-to-day activities and the COURTS?

Mervelee Myers listing of Individuals and SYSTEMS of Legal Entities are as follows: Without Prejudice

  1. His Honour Marc Dight   The Designated Civil Judge for Central London and City of London Courts (His Hon Judge Dight CBE).

MM: In light of the Statement Date: 19 May 2020 From The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office that “His Honour Judge (HHJ) Dight has been subject to an investigation into his following complaints of a serious delay in producing a judgment. The Lord Chancellor and Lord Justice found that the delay was unacceptable and concluded that HHJ Dight’s behaviour amounted to misconduct having fallen below the standards expected of a member of the Judiciary. They have issued HHJ Dight with formal advice”.

Following my experiences with regards to the two miscarriages of justice by HM Courts & Tribunals Service as can be verified by and Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119. I am hereby requesting that I am protected from Conscious and Unconscious BIASES by the Judiciary of England & Wales with the appointment of HHJ Marc Dight to deny me my ENTITLEMENTS after 6 years delay. Sending my CLAIMS to the Central London County Court is in breach of my Human Rights because I have exhausted the Employment and Employment Appeal Tribunals to the the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office The Bar Standards Board colluding with in perverting the course of justice. From the letter dated 11 August 2020 it is evident about the intentions of HHJ Dight in the matter. Therefore, I am requesting that an Independent Professional is in attendance on 2 September 2020.  

Like with all my dealings with said Court SYSTEMS, I have not been given any clear directions to know what I am supposed to comply with. Please refer to Notice of Hearing Do Not Comply with GDPR 2018. This is a 3 Page Document sent to the Court asking for clarifications. I did not get any response to help me with COMPLIANCE. Because now this will be use saying I did not comply.

MM: Let me direct the Court to Collins Pocket Dictionary Definition of “Effective”adj 1 producing a desired result. 2 operative. 3. Impressive. Want to know more go to and and all my INVESTMENTS sharing my STORIES about the two miscarriages of justice. And why I was a participant in Dr Maria Hudson Research Paper “Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds” for the Policy Studies Institute.

1. Producing a Desired Result is for be out of BUSINESS because they pose SAFEGUARDING RISKS to children, young people and vulnerable adults. Please read reviews on website and I have 3 copies as evidence. The one from Jyoti Sharma, former Deputy Manager of BIB will nail LEYF.

2. Operative is what I have been forced to become after the death of my mother with Otherwise I would not be alive today.

3. Impressive I will have to claim this status because I have singlehandedly tackled to CORRUPT Institutional Discrimination in the Courts at the expense of my health and that of my 97-year-old husband.

JACO Kernaghan & Adam Jones

EAT Mrs Justice Ingrid Send my case to EAT with Caveats. Was in advocating for CRIMINALS not to be deported to Jamaica. See my contributions to Mental Health CRUSADE.

Judge Clarke – Dealt with my EAT. How come they did not see my Documents?

John Boothe – Take a year to return my FILE.

HHJ Shanks – Described as the Shouting Judge. Claim I made up DISABILITIES despite Subject Access Request and claim not to have any data for me.

Judge Brian Doyle – London Central Employment Tribunal Presidents_Office_Employment_E&  

The above name are involved in the Institutional Discrimination of the past 6 years applying contingent Employment Laws that is not within my remit as a Lay Person to confuse me.    

  • Bar Standards Board – Michael Carter – Since Barrister Samantha Jones is using the strike out of my COMPLAINTS to as defence, it is important that BSB role in the DISCRIMINATION is highlighted. There are other relevant correspondence.  uu please confirm the time estimate for the hearing?
  • Solicitors Regulation Authority Here is Ref: POL/1251547-2018 for one of my Complaints. All they colluding in doing is dragging out the process until you give up or your memory fading. Then they claim you did not adhere or comply with their Contingent Policies and Procedures which they refuse to clarify.

1. Judge Freer & ET Panel

2. Judge Hidlebrand who conducted Telephone Mediation

3. Judge Martin strike out my RACISM Claims repeatedly after Judge Baron recognises me at the Preliminary Hearing 15 March 2016 from the ET Case with Kings College NHS Foundation Trust  

4. Judge Baron recognizing me from the first ET was very supportive because he could have dismissed my CASE

5. Judge Elliott’s Case Management was not complied with by the Respondent. The ET Panel of Judge Freer, Ms Fennell and Mr Dixon went on to make a FOOL of the HM Courts & Tribunals Service taking 5 months to copy and paste the Respondent Summary.   

6. Judge Freer – giving Barrister Samantha Jones REFERENCE for the Grenfell Tower Inquiry PANEL.

7. Dilys Epton – 6-line Reference flagging SAFEGUARDING means I have not worked since.  

MM: Considering the HELL I have been through the past 6 years, is the Court expecting me to do their job for them? Can the Court refer to that was adjourned as the result of Barrister Jones made up Contagious Disease. Which the Panel listed as unfortunate illness. Yet despite handing my Medical Reports to Judge Freer, he claimed in the Judgement they take 5 months to copy from the Respondent Summary. That there were no other Medical Reports Subject Access Report. Since the Court have a habit of chopping and changing where I am concerned, I am not the person to be making the decisions. Like the EAT Caveats that sent my Case back on DISABILITY, this is a trap.

Employment Tribunal Services – 1. Judge Freer & ET Panel 2. Judge Hidlebrand who conducted Telephone Mediation 3. Judge Martin strike out my RACISM Claims repeatedly after Judge Baron recognises me at the Preliminary Hearing 15 March 2016 from the ET Case with Kings College NHS Foundation Trust  

  • Samantha R Jones is not to be trusted and “Without Prejudice” this Barrister is a threat to VULNERABLE EMPLOYEES  

1. John Fenton – Anyone prepared to advocate on behalf of Mr Fenton is as CORRUPT as he is. Barrister Jones conducted Business on behalf of LEYF from in breach of BSB. My COMPLAINT verifies this.  

2. News & Events:  I use the internet to track Barrister Jones to &

3. Samantha Jones (SJones 7BR)

4. Finally because she bragged to BSB about her STATUS after maliciously destroying my life and career.  

The role of Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP, 4 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AU at as the Legal Entity is a hotbed of CORRUPTIONS.     

MM: I find this very patronising. Considering I was threatened with CRIMINAL RECORD by the DWP Access Denied You don’t have permission to access on this server. Reference #18.d6d4dead.1530619220.d9f948. Yet Justice Ingrid Simler who sent my Case to the EAT with Caveats re DISABILITY can agree with that I made up DISABILITIES and Judge Shanks deal with the fact. What fact was she dealing with when she was in advocating for CRIMINALS not to be deported to Jamaica. The only witnesses I have are my SONS. One is campaigning for the Election on 3 September 2020. The other is the Principal of an Academy and therefore unable to make the journey at such short notice, even if we could scrape the fares together. By the way I contributed to the Daily Express Mental Health CRUSADE.  Here is an example of stories that were used by other websites because of investments with for My Personal Experiences of Parkinson’s Disease – updated 17/8/2017 I Know More About Parkinson’s Thank Most was published on 2/4/2015 when I was on Medical Suspension in breach of the Rule of Laws.

  • Have any relevant interpreters been booked to attend the hearing?  I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO, and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator at LEYF. Refer to REVIEWS on LEYF website.   

MM: These smacks of NEPOTISM (n favouritism in business shown to relatives and friends) and TOKENISM (n policy of making only a token effort, especially to comply with a law). “Without Prejudice” may I suggest that from beginning I questioned the Respondent’s Representative understanding of the English Language. I did advise John Fenton of seek EAL Classes solely on the basis I was the EYFS Coordinator, SENCO and Multigenerational Working Approach Facilitator. In the end the ET was adjourned for Mr Fenton to confess he was not a Lawyer. Despite him not taking any further part in proceedings the ET/EAT Judgement were sent to him.

That is why I want explanations about the role of the following.

1. Martin Bunch of to LEYF (NEPOTISM).

2. Ruth Jones of with Barrister Samantha Jones (NEPOTISM).

3. Samantha Jones and why they did not respond to me (TOKENISM).

 4. The role of advocating on behalf of John Fenton (NEPOTISM).

5. Michael Carter (TOKENISM).  

  • Are there any expert witnesses due to attend the hearing? If so, can you please provide details?

MM: It is known fact that I have represented myself at the ET/EAT on two occasions with only family and friends to assist me. I have two persons who I have confirmed will be accompanying me to the Court. They can be called as WITNESSES and I will be relying on them for support especially if my DISABILITIES are triggered. Refer to Subject Access Request and because advise that I seek CBT to find out why I react the way I do to certain situation.  

Expert Authority on Subjects from Cradle to Grave  

As a result of my ordeals of dealing with the two miscarriages of justice I invested in myself as an ADVOCATE. The results can be found on my Websites.

Please Respond to this email, answering the questions above, within 5 working days of the date of this email, failing which your case will be referred to a Judge who may vacate the forthcoming hearing, give further directions or strike it out.

MM: Once again the Court set out to confuse me and trigger my TRUAMAS. There are no clear guidelines setting out a specific date for the 5 working days.

MM: As stated in my letter asking for clarifications. Collins Pocket Dictionary Meaning/Definition of Maladministration: N- inefficient or dishonest administration will lead back to why I consider NEPOTISM and TOKENISM on the part of the COURT. If you go to my Websites, you can find the lists of Judges involved in the INSTITUTIONAL DISCRIMINATION. What guarantee that my case will not be given to one of these judges who are prejudice and will therefore not even look at my claims. Remember, all CLAIMS have been sent to Central London County Court for Designated Civil Judge to impose Restraint Order. By the way this is against my Human Rights in line with claim they have no data for me and withholding of my FILE from the past 6 years.

MM: This is just another ploy to strike out my CLAIM.

Please could you confirm your phone number and email address in the reply so the Court can more swiftly contact you during the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic.

MM: Let me state that knowing now what I did not know then, Barrister Samantha Jones used her Legal Knowledge against a Lay Person to get an Adjournment. The purpose of this was so John Fenton could tell me he is/was not a Lawyer and get me to accept the offer under DURESS. Ms Jones claim she was quarantine not to leave her home for 48 hours. I am carer for my elderly husband and on top of the DISABILITIES the ET/EAT claim I made up have other underlying Health Conditions.

MM: Telephone – I have no problems letting the Court having my number. Just be aware that I am unable to use my mobile outside of my Home the past weeks and I do not know why. In addition, I have been getting calls from scammers on both home and mobile phones. This has been happening the past 6 years and is adding to my STRESS. Because of my DISABILITIES, I would prefer to be sprung any surprises like this letter as this triggers my CBT. Mobile: 07950618083.

MM: Emails: I have 2 but the main one is very slow unlike which is quicker. I would suggest using both. I complained about another Court that did not respond to my emails or answer the phone.

Please note that this email account is solely for identifying the effectiveness of trials. Any email received not relating to this will be deleted.

MM: As far as I am concerned this is yet another THREAT.

Hearing via Telephone or Skype

MM: Considering my experiences over the past 6 years and participating in Telephone Conciliation with Judge Hidlebrand and John Fenton re LEYF. This is another way to stitch me up. The Telephone Mediation with Winsome Duncan was another farce and means to pervert the course of justice.

MM: Senior HR Dilys Epton of LEYF tried to trick me and my email was used to apply for online DBS in October 2015. In line with Section 107 of Copyright Act 1976, I have documents that I want the COURT to view. Because although I prepared a 67 Page Witness Statement for the ET, they can take 5 months to give a JUDGEMENT making me a VICTIM. How do I know the JUDGES can INTERPRETE my case over the telephone or via skype?

For clarifications and in line with GDPR 2018 just be aware of as Section 107 of Copyright Act 1976 Fair Use Only is in place.

Targeted by Cyberbullies from the INTERNET

  1. Facebook – 18/9/2015 to date
  2. LinkedIn – refuse me access to my account
  3. Google – removing my POSTS.  

Yours sincerely

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)