LEYF LinkedIn Facebook Ofsted Nursery World Legal Entity And Government Systems Involved 28

Claim Number F03CL973



In the County Court Central London 2 September 2020 @ 10.00 AM

Notice of Hearing

I contacted the CLCC about the Notice of Hearing because it does not comply with changes in Law Legislation Codes of Conduct and Practices and the GDPR 2018. The narrative of the Notice of Hearing continues the DISCRIMINATION in the following manner

  1. Exacerbating my DISABILITIES – www.healthmanltd.com advise me to seek CBT
  2. Refusing to take Responsibility stating I am to be put at a disadvantage with maladministration by Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service – www.moneyclaim.gov.uk Refer to Complaint Reference: 2222367 from HM Courts & Tribunal Service www.justice.gov.uk at County Court at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch.  
  3. Please refer to www.ico.org.uk Subject Access Request – Data Protection Act – 117119 data.access@justice.gsi.gov.uk of 10 April 2018.
  4. LEYF www.leyf.org.uk claim not to have any data for me. Refer to Letter 2 January 2018.
  5. Refer to tvitale@wslaw.co.uk & www.wslaw.co.uk GDPR – How to be ready and 20 GDPR myths debunked Toni Vitale, Head of Regulation, Data & Information, Winckworth Sherwood.

 Skeleton Argument

Meeting Barrister Samantha Jones

Here is Barrister Samantha Jones’ Conclusion to her Response to my Complaint to the www.barstandardsboard.org.uk. Please come to your conclusion because this is part of her Defence.

36. I am very saddened by the complaint that has been raised against me, but I can assure the BSB that it is unfounded and sadly follows the same pattern of behaviour that Mrs Myers has shown throughout the litigation.

37. I do hope the information I have provided is sufficient and that BSB chooses to draw the investigation to a close. However, if there is any further information that I can provide then I would be more than happy to do so. I am happy to cooperate fully in the BSB investigation.

I know absolutely nothing about Samantha Jones until I have the misfortune of meeting her on 20 December 2016 at the Employment Tribunal. She entered the room I was sat in and delivered her diatribe that the offer was still on the table. I find it strange her telling me she was there to represent me, and the case would be strike out. She offered a Bundle of Documents and I informed her to put it on the desk, I would give to my Stepson when he gets back. I could see the change in Barrister Jones when I mentioned my stepson as she left the Room.

Barrister Jones Unprofessional Conduct

Here is the fact from first meeting her to conducting herself throughout

  1. Bundles of Documents: This is used to confuse me and bury me under additional Paperwork that is not Relevant
  2. Misleading Me About Her Role: This is the tactics used from the time I was contacted by www.bwbllp.com on behalf of LEYF.
  3. Using Intimidation: This happened from I meet John Fenton www.personnelconsultancy.com on 15/3/2016. Mr Fenton told me he knows I could not manage the STRESS. When I asked if he had seen my FILE, he indicated it is this thick. He got information from my FILE that LEYF refuse to give me access.
  4. Bribery: This was used by Neil King when I was called to CO on 22/9/2015 to write on spot Resignation. Refer to Subject Access Request for Additional Witness Statement
  5. Social Media: I am the VICTIM of Cyberbullying from Facebook and LinkedIn. I have no access to my LinkedIn account despite I was an INFLUENCER. It is www.nurseryworld.co.uk responsible for this. I was contacted by Twitter and Facebook Legal Teams on behalf of Bates Wells & Braithwaite after https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 was posted online making me a VICTIM.  V Barrister Samantha Jones 27 July 2020 

See https://merveleeadvocacy.com/2020/07/27/twitter-and-facebook-legal-teams-contacted-me-after-et-judgement-went-online-making-me-a-victim/ .

Day 1 of Employment Tribunal

  1. Telling the Panel, she did not prepare a CASE
  2. Ridiculing me about my DISABILITIES – www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/
  3. Asking my Stepson if he has Legal Training – Because Mr John Fenton is not a Lawyer. But www.sra.org.uk failed to act about my COMPLAINTS about those involved with LEYF discrimination.
  4. Obvious she did not prepare from her RAMBLINGS – See REVIEWS at www.leyf.org.uk
  5. Pretending to be SICK when the Panel decided to go to HEARING – Refer to https://www.southwarknews.co.uk/news/coronavirus-london-early-years-nurseries-unite#.

Barrister Jones unprofessional conduct can be verified from the DEFENCE of this CLAIM using the ET Judgement https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions/ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 and www.barstandardsboard.org.uk Response to my COMPLAINT.

Day 2 of Employment Tribunal

Barrister Jones did not come to Court

  1. The Oath: Mr Fenton got the OATH lifted to pervert the course of justice refer to https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for why I invested in Clearing my Name.
  2. Adjournment – How was Barrister Jones manufactured illness unfortunate? Refer to www.express.co.uk my contributions to Mental Health CRUSADE.  
  3. Quarantine: Use of Law and Policies & Procedures in perverting the course of justice – Refer to “Is Modern Slavery Thriving In The UK?” Sent to www.theguardian.com in 2018 after attending The Guardian Live. I paid for Standard ticket £16.28.
  4. I am a Lay Person: Mr Fenton admits he is not a Solicitor and making Ridiculous DEMANDS – www.open.ac.uk is my source  
  5. The Judiciary of England & Wales Is Participant In Discrimination: Refer to Judgement and www.acas.org.uk/researchpapers by Dr Maria Hudson “The Experience of Discrimination on Multiple Grounds”.   

ET Resumption

Mr Fenton shows that he is corrupt from the first time we meet on the 15 March 2016. Refer to Subject Access Request.

  1. Mr Fenton was out of the UK and take no further part in the Case
  2. The ET takes 5 months to deliver the JUDGEMENT
  3. It was sent to Mr Fenton – Why?
  4. I was contacted by BWB reminding me about the threats of 24 September 2015. What is BWB role in the matter? Refer to www.sra.org.uk claims that employers can discriminate against employees using any grounds to gain advantage.
  5. I was contacted by Twitter & Facebook Legal Team on behalf of the Respondent – refer to REVIEWS at www.leyf.org.uk website that of Jyoti Sharma known to me as Deputy Manager of BIB.
  6. The list of those involved in DISCRIMINATION covering up for LEYF must be Publish – www.ofsted.gov.uk must act
  7. Solicitor’s Regulation Authority www.sra.org.uk is party to DISCRIMINATION

The Employment Appeal Tribunal

The Case was sent to the EAT by Justice Ingrid Simler, but as soon as she was promoted to President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal. She turns PSYCHOPATH like June O’Sullivan of LEYF.

  1. Case was sent back on Disability Discrimination with Caveats – What Fact did Justice Simler use? Refer to http://www.radar-cns.org/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pg102uOLUAY Research.
  2. Winsome Duncan www.peachespublications.co.uk sent www.met.police.uk to section me.
  3. Barrister Ryan Clement https://www.ryanclement.com groomed Winsome Duncan to find VULNERABLE people for him to SCAM. He is a BARRISTER. It was www.cloisters.com that advised me to REPORT him.  
  4. Barrister Jones argue the Case on Parkinson’s disease – Refer to www.parkinsons.org.uk for my photo in EVENTS CALENDAR 2018/2019
  5. Judge Shanks claimed I made up DISABILITIES – Refer to www.diabetes.org.uk re my participation from I was diagnosed in 2012  
  6. Barrister Sally Robertson – Was she party to cover up?
  7. JACO Judicial Ombudsman www.judicialombudsman.gov.uk is not fit for purpose
  8. Bar Standards Board www.barstandardsboard.org.uk   Still waiting for response after last email from Michael Carter
  9. EAT – John Boothe – Give me the run around taking a YEAR to send me my FILE. Reason I will not accept the Her Majesty’s Court saying they will not take responsibility for maladministration. See www.southlondonpress.co.uk 2004 On Balance A Happy Ending  

 County Court Money Claim Centre

They are not fit for purpose and set out to exacerbating and triggering my traumas into PTSD.

  1. My Claims were strike out until I got advice at Royal Courts of Justice CAB to Make a Relief from Sanction Application
  2. Application Form N244
  3. Applied for Reasonable Adjustment – FAO: Reasonable Adjustments Team 2nd Floor – CCMCC. Date sent out 07 November 2019. Refer to www.hctgroup.org.uk Statistic 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment that Barrister Ryan Clement and Winsome Duncan used to sent POLICE to section me. Yet www.policeconduct.gov.uk failed to act after my COMPLAINT and strike it out.    

County Court at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch

The Gee Street Courthouse, 29-41 Gee Street, London www.justice.gov.uk  Case Reference: G08YJ214

Case Reference: Mrs Mervelee Myers -v- Voice the Union for Education Professionals

Complaint Reference: 2222367

This is a clear case that WITHOUT PREJUDICE I am the target of the District Judges who set out to DISCRIMINATE against me for whatever motives I am not sure.  

Reasonable Adjustment:  FAO: Reasonable Adjustments Team 2nd Floor – CCMCC. Date sent out 07 November 2019.

Refer to www.hctgroup.org.uk Statistic 1 in 5 of all suicides are associated with unemployment that Barrister Ryan Clement and Winsome Duncan used to send POLICE to section me.

Yet www.policeconduct.gov.uk failed to act after my COMPLAINT and strike it out.    

Registry Trust Limited: Our ref: Myers/011119/NICEACK/AD

I had to spend money and the time to track Barrister Ryan Clement with 15 Companies Registered online. Reason CLCC must clarify LISTING POLICY: If it is not possible to provide a judge to hear your case, the court and Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service will not be responsible for any costs incurred in the absence of any departure from listing policy due to maladministration.

Court Enforcement Service Ltd: All I will say about www.courtenforcementservices.co.uk is they are party to SCAMMING. In the words of Bianca Porter Ryan Clement is a CAREER CRIMINAL. How does she come to that conclusion?

Behaviours Re Barrister Samantha Jones Response To BSB

The www.voicetheunion.org.uk joined with www.leyf.org.uk to DISCRIMINATE.

Chronic Anxiety: Diagnosed 18 July 2006 re www.open.ac.uk for exam sponsored by http://unison.org.uk Health & Social Care

  1. GP said he could not give me Medical Report for Parkinson’s disease because I did not have Medical Diagnosis.
  2. GP failed to give me a Medical Report for my ET Claims refer to Subject Access Request www.ico.org.uk   

Death of my Brother with Cancer

This was when ALLEGATIONS were used to trigger my TRAUMAS. I self-referred and was pass fit for work.

  1. I started supporting Charities – www.cruk.org/ as a result
  2. Find me at https://www.google.com for more
  3. Realise the Abnormal Papsmear in 2004 might have been a Cancer Scare after learning about my Family History with CANCER
  4. At one stage I was paranoid I would not live to celebrate my 56th Birthday like my brother.

Progressive Health Conditions Linked To Aging

Arthritis: Linked to the Back Pains that affected me from Jamaica

  1. Reason I do not work with under 2s and make this clear at interviews. Refer to Equality Act Section 60.
  2. Childcare Act 2006: Gave people with disabilities more rights under law, and further prevents discrimination. Also places duty on public bodies to promote disability equality   

Diabetes: My Dentist advised me to seek support from my GP because of my Dental Problems

  1. See www.desmond-project.org.uk from 2012
  2. See www.slimmingworld.com
  3. See www.carbsandcals.com
  4. See www.nhs.uk/nhshealthchech
  5. See www.nhs.uk/livewell/loseweight
  6. See www.southwark.gov.uk/getactive
  7. See www.selondon.nhs.uk
  8. See www.heal-d.co.uk Diabetes Research

Allegations used to trigger my Traumas by LEYF

Data from my FILE was used to DISCRIMINATE against me. I was refuse access to my FILE and later https://www.facebook.com and https://www.linkedin.com join LEYF

  1. Refer to www.nurseryworld.co.uk Liz Roberts email
  2. Refer to http://www.myvision.org.uk PUBLICATIONS
  3. Dr Laura Crawford of www.healthmanltd.com advice to seek CBT to find out why I react to certain situations the way I do, led to www.slam-iapt.nhs.uk/    

LEYF Failure to Provide Support

Refer to how I was left to represent myself at 2 Employment Tribunals and the miscarriages of justice.

  1. LEYF did not update the Contract I signed on 7 October 2009 in line with the Equality Act 2010
  2. I was not given the support promised by LEYF when I raised concerns about the impact of Discrimination on my Mental Health
  3. Refer to Worklife Support www.worklifesupport.com  

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) Article 14 states that it is a basic entitlement of humans to enjoy their rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds.


I went to LEYF with a Foundation Degree In Early Years and after the death of my mother with DEMENTIA was labelled Uncooperative Unprofessional Rude Intimidating Confrontational Aggressive Lacking Empathy to trigger my traumas into PTSD.

I was given a 6-line Reference flagging SAFEGUARDING and have not worked since. However, Judge Freer can give Barrister Samantha Jones a reference to be on the Panel of Grenfell Tower Inquiry. I rest my ARGUMENTS.

Prepared by: Mervelee Myers FD

28 July 2020.        

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