Without Prejudice Santander Philosophy Of Brains Barclays Scam Me Twice Go Ahead Close My Husband Account Why Did They Give Him Old £50.00 Notes Now Triggering His PTSD Threats Via Defamation Of Character Like LEYF Richard Harty MIC Abusers In Reviews On Google During ET/EAT 100,000+60,000 Add To Face Of Windrush 70 Voice On App Border Crossings Audio Books From Face Book Memories Social Media Is Platforms A-Z Of Criminals Need ERT Time In Jail Deborah Agnes Gilchrist Housing For Women 100


The http://www.met.police.uk #murderers #kidnappers who tried to #section me will be named soon and #jailed with #richardharty MIC #paedophile RING #members My visit to Croydon Magistrates Court on the 9th February 2023 was tinged with mix emotions for many reasons. However I will temper the good with the negative so the world will get a clear understanding of why Mervelee Myers who is getting 100,000 and 60,000 views on 2 Google Maps will add Activist to my Mental Health & SEND Advocacy because of the way I was treated by 2 BLACK Employers at the Court. I will start by saying I arrived with my 99+ year old husband who the person at the desk carrying out his job addressed as Madam. Because I have been to the Court on numerous occasions I was following procedures ensuring was obviously new and have EAL to carry out his job. But he…

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