Without Prejudice When I Die Of Slow Torture By LEYF Richard Harty MIC Paedophiles HMCTS CPS CJS Corrupt Career Criminals Families Friends Mervelee Myers Will Be Known For My Advocacy Activism 22/5/23

To Whom It May Concern

Nationwide Fairer Share Payment

Firstly, thank you for continuing the Systematic Discrimination after the death of my mother, Perline Louise Chambers-Nembhard with dementia. I am writing this in response to the £100.00 Nationwide Fairer Share Payment because “Without Prejudice” this is a BRIBE to cover up the DEFAMATION of my NAME and CHARACTER by persons with ulterior motives. I am raising concerns on behalf of myself and husband Mr. Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson, who at 100 years old has been TRAUMATISED to the point where we are both VICTIMS. If I am not careful we will both die an excruciating DEATH of SLOW TORTURE I reported to my former EMPLOYERS www.leyf.org.uk on the eve of Mothering Sunday 14th March 2015. In order to get my arguments across to Nationwide that I intend to take the matter further, yesterday was my “Wedding Anniversary” and I am DEPRESSED and not FUNCTIONING. The only thing I can do is WRITE like I did for THERAPY from my FATHER was stricken with Parkinson’s disease.

I find it ironic that after I came into Nationwide on the 28th April 2023 to conduct business, I was sent a SURVEY which I did and returned. Because I did not have any issues with Nationwide on the 28/4/2023 I want Nationwide to produce my response to the SURVEY to clarify their reasons for their ACTIONS against me with the letter dated the 10th May 2023.

How can Nationwide be so insensitive thanking me for continuing to be a member who banks, borrows or save with them, when they did not consider the implications of the ALLEGATIONS they made against me. Yes, I do know Nationwide is not a BANK, it is a BUILDING SOCIETY. But I do not see Nationwide doing anything differently from Barclays and Santander. In fact Nationwide has stooped lower than the lowest in making allegations and threats against me. If I was not determined to get to the bottom of the matter, Nationwide would not be offering this measly sum as a BRIBE. This only proves that BANKS and BUILDING SOCIETIES target the VULNERABLE. The differently Nationwide did is/was to TRIGGER me with the letter, making allegations. This is/was a DEFAMATION of my NAME and CHARACTER causing my husband and to be made unable to function.

In case Nationwide needs to do due diligence about who is Mervelee Myers, I would advise them to do their RESEARCH from when my husband and I have SAVINGS together. Since, I have never received any incentives from Nationwide over the years we had our savings, why is it only now I am offered Nationwide Fairer Share Payment? Therefore, I must come to the conclusion that Nationwide has taken the profits for themselves.

I must come to the conclusion that Nationwide has been taking the profits and since decided that because I am vulnerable and the next of kin of Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson, they would make allegations and threaten to close my account to push me over the edge. Firstly, when I went in the branch to do business, the teller was trying to get me to transfer money to an account that did not exist.

The reasons I have to take out a joint account with my husband is because of what Barclays did to me and close my account whilst I was locked inside for over an hour, waiting for Police to arrive. Since I told Nationwide verbally, if not in writing about the IMPACT of Barclays actions on my mental and physical impairments, I find it strange that Nationwide has employed the same tactics. But unlike Barclays that took my £1000.00 at the counter, hoping I did not realise. Then set out to make me out to be a thief, then the FOS joined in to push me over the edge. It seems that Nationwide went and did the RESEARCH and decided to DESTROY me to take mine and my husband’s SAVINGS. Making ALLEGATIONS and threats to close my account. Just for the records I ask the person I spoke to on the 15/5/2023 if the THREATS to close MERVELEE MYERS account extend to all JOINT ACCOUNTS with my husband and she refused to address the matter. Instead she was playing on my husband’s VULNERABILITY of being TRIGGERED and accompanying me to sort the matter out.

I went into Nationwide to seek advice about Santander trying to take my husband’s money, not allowing him to use his pin and restricting him access to his money and threatening him. I find it strange that after the money was transferred to Nationwide and some of the money was put in a SAVINGS ACCOUNT, Nationwide set out to target me with ALLEGATIONS and THREATS. How much PROFITS has Nationwide got from me and my HUSBAND. This seems like another USAIN BOLT case. Only I am in the UK and Usain Bolt is in Jamaica.          

About your payment

As stated above this is a BRIBE to cover the fact that Nationwide used ALLEGATIONS to THREATEN to close my account knowing I am the next of kin of Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson, who at 100 years old need support. More than likely Nationwide is using my VULNERABILITY to get rid of me like has been done via two (2) miscarriages of justice by the Judiciary of England and Wales to do with https://www.gov.uk/employment-tribunal-decisions-ms-m-myers-v-london-early-years-foundation-2300047-2016 for more.

I am not delighted that Nationwide think they can fob me off with £100.00 and failed to address my concerns in the letter that TRIGGERED me. How very SAD that Nationwide did not consider to offer me the £100.00 when they last checked on the 31 March that MERVELEE MYERS is a member eligible for the Nationwide Fairer Share Payment? But sent me a SURVEY on 2nd May 2023 about my experience in the branch. Because I did not have any negative experience on the 28th April 2023 I filled the SURVEY accordingly. I guess Nationwide plotted the ALLEGATIONS and was testing my reactions before sending the THREATS.

As far as I am concerned I couldn’t care less if Nationwide pay me £100.00 between 13 and 30th of June. Because if I didn’t challenge Nationwide CRIMINALITY, I would not have any account to pay it into. The same way Barclays closed my account and left my life in disarray, picking up the pieces. But it did not end there. Emma Martin-Hamilton of the FOS get Trustpilot and YouTube to target me. But the straw that breaks the camel’s back is getting PC Edward Allen of the Peckham Police to be cyberbullying, harassing and bullying me via telephone. Sending me email I called him a BATTY BOY. This is no different from going into Nationwide on the 15/5/2023 and hearing that FEMALE saying she was the person who filed the report with the ALLEGATIONS. Therefore, I will put on record that my brother died age 37 years old in jail because of his SEXUALITY. I was made a CRIMINAL needing Emotional Regulation Treatment to cover for UEL Richard Harty MIC PAEDOPHILE RINGS operating out of HOC Nursery.   Nationwide will compensate me so I can set up JEVON NEMBHARD foundation to help SAFEGUARD children, young people and vulnerable adults around the world from DISCRIMINATION.

How you’ll get your payment

I don’t intend to do anything, am waiting for Nationwide to address my concerns and not do what has been done by those involved in the SYSTEMATIC DISCRIMINATION against me and my husband.

Here is the proof that Nationwide cannot hide. The THREATS to close my account with ALLEGATIONS defaming my name and character did not end in me not having an account. So, the young lady who tried to get me to transfer money in an account that does not exist was trained to target VUULNERABLE people at the counter, like Barclays did to me twice and Santander to my husband. What does Nationwide mean about just so I know…? This was the reason I asked the lady on the 15/5/2023 what will happen with other accounts. Even the account in question is a joint account.

I am not interested in anything else than settling my concerns about the ALLEGATIONS and THREATS to close my account. And giving my IMAGES to other members of staff.

If you prefer not to get the payment

I will leave this for Nationwide to deal with as I take my MAPS https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site to the world stage.

Kindest regards

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate & Activist       

Sent from Mail for Windows

From: Mervelee Myers
Sent: 20 May 2023 09:14
To: Imanii Zenawi
Subject: FW: £100 from us, for you

I will address this as the BRIBE it is and FAILURE to address my Concerns


Sent from Mail for Windows

From: Nationwide Building Society
Sent: 19 May 2023 14:30
To: ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com
Subject: £100 from us, for you

Nationwide Fairer Share Payment

  View this email online Your postcode is SE1 5PY      Nationwide Fairer Share Payment Dear Mervelee, Firstly, thank you for continuing to be a member who banks and who borrows or saves with us. As you know, we’re a building society, not a bank, which means we can do things a little differently. Like the Nationwide Fairer Share Payment, which allows us to share profits with our members. About your payment We’re delighted to confirm we will be giving you £100. This is because when we last checked on 31 March you were a member eligible for the Nationwide Fairer Share Payment. You can expect to receive the money between 13 and 30 June.     How you’ll get the payment You don’t have to do anything. So long as you still have an open current account, we’ll transfer it straight to you. Just so you know, should you only have a joint current account with us, this is where we’ll make the payment. You can find full details on who will be eligible for the payment and how we’re treating it for tax purposes in our terms and conditions.     If you’d prefer not to get the payment If for any reason you don’t want to receive the money, you can opt out. You just need to let us know by 7 June. Otherwise, we’ll simply transfer the money into your current account. We just wanted to let you know, so that when you see that extra £100 you’ll know where it came from and why. Thank you again for your ongoing membership. Your Nationwide Team          Download our Banking app        Find your nearest branch        Send us a message   Keeping your money and details safe We will: never ask you online, over the phone or by text for confidential info, such as your full account number, PIN or card reader codenever ask you to log directly into the Internet Bank through a link on an email or text or to update your details through a link. If you think the email looks suspicious, delete it straightaway. If you think you’ve revealed your personal or security details, find out what to do in our Help section. That’s the place to go for our latest guidance on keeping your money and details safe. About this email Please don’t reply to this email as the address isn’t monitored. If you’ve any questions, please visit nationwide.co.uk/help. You can change your personal details, including your postcode on the Internet Bank. Your updated postcode will show on emails sent from us within a week. We’ll always include your UK postcode at the top of any emails we send you. If your postcode is missing, it could be that we don’t hold one for you. Just so you know, Nationwide isn’t responsible for the content of external websites. We monitor emails to minimise the risk of viruses. Whilst we’ve taken reasonable steps to scan this email, we can’t accept liability for any virus that may be contained in it. And finally… Nationwide Building Society is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 106078. You can confirm our registration on the FCA’s website. Nationwide Building Society: Head Office, Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN38 1NW. EY77 523 ©2023 Nationwide Building Society

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