Without Prejudice Visit Trustpilot Nationwide Target Vulnerable People Like 100 Year-Old Arnold Tomlinson Mervelee Myers Next Of Kin Is To Be Rid Of Malicious Defamation Of Character Norm Of 30 Years In UK A-Z Of Systematic Discrimination Listed HMCTS CPS CJS Members Of LEYF Abusers Rings At HOC Nursery On List


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17 May 2023 Nationwide Review

MM will write a comprehensive review so Nationwide and the world know that I will not tolerate any more systematic discrimination from any individual or institution in the UK or abroad. Therefore, I will do colonization in reverse based on the Right Honourable Louise Bennett-Coverley’s poem. I will go down in history as the person who takes my “Fight4justice” campaign to the attention of the global audience, so there is an understanding of how there is a “Brer Anancy” system operating across the banking and building society around the world. We look no further than the disappearance of Usain Bolt’s assets. I must advise people to find MERVELEE MYERS online to get a better picture of why Nationwide will be used as my template for safeguarding the vulnerable from those who target the elderly, taking advantage of whatever situation they trump up to…

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