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Refer to

Dear Jenny Thomas

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your email after visiting the Brixton Branch of Nationwide on the 15/5/2023 and make it known I called a few times after returning from the DENTIST and the telephone was not answered except a recorded message.   I find it strange that you are saying you are going to log a complaint and organise a resolution after the letter dated the 10th May 2023. Let us take into consideration the SURVEY sent to me on the 2nd May 2023 that I am completed and submit.

Where “MI COME FROM DIS IS LIKE PUTTING DI HORSE BEHIND DI CART”. Let me share some pertinent information with you about MERVELEE IONIE RATTY NEMBHARD-MYERS-TOMLINSON so the SYSTEMATIC DISCRIMINATION after the death of my mother with dementia is laid to RIP during Mental Health Awareness  Week leading up to my 64th birthday. Despite the TRAUMAS that affected me from I reached PUBERTY I did what I had to do to get an EDUCATION. My English Teacher in grade 8A at Frome Secondary School was a Ms Anderson from England. Can you imagine what I can do if the photos she took of the group could surface. When I got pregnant my Class Teacher, Mr. Felix Rose advised me to go back to do studies. I passed O’Level English attending evening classes at Mannings High School. I never passed a Mathematics in my life but I functioned and help my MOTHER who was the BANKER for the PAWDNER.

Just so you know I have spent the past 9 years dealing with IGNORANT individuals like you dead set on making me the HCT Group Impact Report 2016 statistic of 1 in 5 of all SUICIDES are associated with unemployment. When I did not commit SUICIDE after the Police came to SECTION me from a malicious report by Winsome Duncan and Ryan Clement on 30th October 2017. Police came under cover of LEYF Margaret Horn Lecture to MURDER me to say I commit suicide on the 30th November 2020. I was pushed over the edge and made a CRIMINAL needing Emotional Regulation Treatment. The POLICE TERRORISM continued to 26th January 2023 when Police came to KIDNAP me on behalf of Deborah Agnes Gilchrist. I have recorded all I can as my DEFENSIVE PRACTICE. Just Google Mervelee Myers as reference for why Nationwide will be used as my example for why I am adding ACTIVISM to my Mental Health & SEND Advocacy.

Here is my list of the HATE CRIMES by Nationwide at the branch in Brixton and to put you on warning that I run from my home at Robsart Street in Summer 2000 to seek rescue from my former husband’s attempt to inflict injuries to me that could result in my death. My husband had used emotional abuse before. But the first time he became physical I realise I had to get out. That’s why I told the person I spoke to yesterday she is a LIAR. Therefore am not waiting for Nationwide to discuss the complaint and organise the resolution. This is the pattern of DISCRIMINATION by the Judiciary of England and Wales, the Criminal Justice System and the Crown Prosecution Service. Because from the outset LEYF CEO June O’Sullivan a former Mental Health kept my FILE with the SENSITIVE data about my MENTAL and PHYSICAL IMPAIRMENT to target me.

My visit to Nationwide 15/5/2023

  1. Does Nationwide issue a profile IMAGE of MERVELEE MYERS to staff? If so this is breach of all Rules of Law and the GDPR 2018. Because I have a RIGHT to be forgotten and since this is a case of another MALICIOUS report, I am arguing for DEFAMATION of CHARACTER based on being the face of ITV News page 1 of Windrush 70.
  2. The new Asian Teller questioned me and her behaviour indicated she recognised me. She lied and this is breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics because I had to take my 100 year old husband with me to Nationwide. We got separated after we attended an interview at the Walworth Police Station because of Deborah Agnes Gilchrist plots to get POLICE to MURDER me. I have been under STRESS because of the actions of the POLICE who visited my home on the date Jenny Thomas was writing her letter DEFAMING my NAME and issuing THREATS about CLOSING my ACCOUNT.
  3. I have worked in the SYSTEMS so who was managing if all SENIOR STAFF were on break for an hour and it was from I arrive in the branch? Was the new staff running Nationwide? Is it any wonder that Nationwide think they can get away with what Barclays did to me and Santander did to my HUSBAND?
  4. When I said I would wait, this person came out. What did Nationwide expect that when some Asian young person who was just trained to DISCRIMINATE against VULNERABLE Elder Persons LIED I would walk out? Next time please do the RESEARCH before issuing my PROFILE to would be PERSONS who can put a price on my HEAD. My husband have enough SAVINGS to warrant Nationwide getting rid of me.
  5. All I can say about the person who came out to talk to us is she is full of CONTRADICTIONS. She claimed she was the one who reported me. I wish she could have heard herself making a BLINKING FOOL of HERSELF. I might be tempted to get Nationwide to pay for a DOCUMENTARY to DECOLONISE the MOTHER COUNTRY not to be the MURDER CUNT£ targeting 100 year old CUSTOMERS for their SAVINGS. Because of what Barclays and Santander done. I will decide if part of the RESOLUTION is for Nationwide to fund the documentary.
  6. Well the person who reported me admitted she was the one who verified am a regular customer when I was pleading because I had changed bag and did not have my PASSPORT. Imagine how this young person I was PLEADING with was acting. What hurts me the most these were not WHITE people treating me this way.   
  7. The person who reported me said she was not aware I came back into Nationwide. Oh, no she was hide away making a MALICIOUS report whilst the HURRY COME UP TRAINEES mistreating CUSTOMERS.
  8. Madam is not aware of my DISABILITIES I should have told them. I explained to her about why I always come to get the “Personal Touch” especially when am struggling because of the impacts of the SYSTEMATIC DISCRIMINATION.
  9. Refer to most recent SAVINGS Account. Madam claim the letter was not a threat and refused to discuss other ACCOUNTS my name is on. Let me bring to Nationwide attention the Current Account is joint between my husband and I. Therefore they must address this as part of the RESOLUTION. Because like SANTANDER I believe “Without Prejudice” that since I opened that SAVING Nationwide have EYES on my HUSBAND MONEY and is making sure get rid of me first…
  10. I went in to do transaction I was told it is not done at the counter… Oh, yes more TRIGGERS because Barclays did exactly that to me. The transaction was done for me in Nationwide by the BLACK LADY who sat at the nearest end of the counter. More about that later…
  11. I was waiting when “Madam LIAR” came to offer to assist me with the transaction
  12. Whist she is doing the transaction I decided to play “Brer Anancy” on her… I asked her permission to talk, am sure MADAM LIAR did not know what is in store for her. I write and talk for THERAPY but sometimes if my life depends on it I can’t write to save my life. I have a “Chronic Anxiety” diagnosis 18 July 2006 as proof.
  13. I started at May 2004 when I begged the South London Press to publish my story about Barclays and left the SHOCK tactic of PC Edward Allen sent me email I called him a BATTY BOY… PC Allen was calling on behalf of the FOS Emma Martin-Hamilton who joined Barclays to SCAM me the second time. Emma Martin Hamilton get Trustpilot and YouTube to target me before.
  14. MADAM LIAR acting SUPERIOR throughout ask if I want to remove Balis Nembhard for the transaction and replace with mine.
  15. When she asked me to READ and SIGN I used another of “Brer Anancy” tactic on her telling me I TRUST her. She started SCHREECING like “PARSON PARROT” explaining that she had checked the previous transaction. Yet she is telling me CRAP the transaction is not done at the counter.
  16. Here is the proof that Nationwide have ulterior motives for the LETTER of THREATS and someone is trying to get rid of me to get access to my HUSBAND MONEY.
  17. The PATTERNS of BEHAVIOUR at Nationwide is same as Barclays and Santander
  18. The accounts are in mine and husband’s name. Am not sure if my HUSBAND name is in the latest SAVINGS.
  19. Will Nationwide be closing all accounts with my NAME if their trumped up  ALLEGATIONS to DEFAME my name is accomplished?
  20. Nationwide take your EYES off our MONEY.     

Mervelee Myers give Nationwide time to address this before going PUBLIC. Nationwide can get back to me if they think we can work to resolve this based on ARNOLD EBENEZER TOMLINSON long association with them. How about giving 100 years old Arnold Tomlinson an Award re Jubilee 75? I am willing to write a SONG or POEM to honour Nationwide. If any verification is needed check Border Crossings SONGSTREET and my Aljazeera interview.

Kindest regards

Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate


Sent from Mail for Windows

From: Member Relations
Sent: 15 May 2023 13:41
To: Mervelee Myers
Subject: Private and Confidential

NBS Confidential

Dear Mrs Myers

I’m writing to acknowledge receipt of your emails dated 13 and 14 May 2023.  I have logged a complaint for you so the matter can be looked into further. A complaint handler will then be in touch with you in due course to discuss the complaint and organise a resolution. The complaint reference is NBS7804091.

Kind regards

Jenny Thomas | Member Relations Consultant

Member Service

NBS Confidential

From: Mervelee Myers <ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com>
Sent: 14 May 2023 21:32
To: Gmail <ratty.nembhard1956@gmail.com>; Member Relations <MemberRelations@nationwide.co.uk>; Imanii Zenawi <info@blac.org.uk>
Subject: [Ext]Nationwide

Dear Ms Thomas,

I am writing to you with regards to the letter I recently received from your branch claiming that I was behaving inappropriately and swearing at your staff. Firstly, I would like to express my frustration with the situation as it was not reflective of my usual behaviour and I feel that you/your staff could have handled the matter a little differently.

I would also like to request a copy of the CCTV footage as proof of what I am being accused of. I understand that CCTV footage is recorded for the safety and security of your staff and customers and I hope that it will provide clarity on what actually happened on the day in question.

Furthermore, I would like to suggest that your staff, including yourself, go on a diversity course to understand how some people from other cultures may react to certain situations. As a person from a different culture, I believed, and still believe that the situation was not handled in a culturally sensitive way and I hope that you/your staff can receive further training to better handle these situations.

Lastly, I would like to bring to your attention that I am a vulnerable adult, and I have proof of this. Without Prejudice I must say that based on mine and my husband’s experiences with Barclays twice and Santander recently I have to come to the conclusion that BANKS and BUILDING SOCIETIES have set out deliberately to target us because of our vulnerability. The patterns used by Barclays and Santander are similar to what Nationwide is doing. Here are some of the facts to verify my arguments. My money was taken in a similar fashion when I went in to transfer money to an account which I sent money to. It seems as if the person dealing with me was new to the job. The black person ask for help from her white colleague and they were joined by a brown colleague from the back of the premises. When none of them could help me carry out the transactions I explained I would leave the money in safe keeping in my account until I return to sort the matter out. I told them how STRESSED I was from getting the phone call from Richard Harty of the UEL. I had to go back to the GP because my Disability Form was not filled correctly. This was the only reason I went into that Barclays branch and not the one in Walworth Road where the staff know of my DISABILITIES and help me. After I begged the staff to help me because I left my passport the lady sat next to her intervene and told her to carry out the transaction without the passport. I had recently transferred money into a SAVINGS ACCOUNT which was done by her. I was never served by this staff before. Her attitude to me was demeaning, but the REDFLAGS was raised when she said there was no account and if I wanted to continue with the transaction. If there is no account why did she expect me to continue. I told her no, the person I was sending the money to lives local so I would try and get her to come in with me. When we got back she was free but told me that I must wait for someone else.

If I behaved so disgracefully as to warrant such a letter, why was I allowed to re-enter the bank a short while later? I would appreciate a response to this question.

I became SUSPICIOUS when I got a letter from Nationwide to do the SURVEY. Let Nationwide produce the response to the survey. Because I made no mention about anything in the letter, I think that’s why Nationwide is acting this way. Here are more facts to back up my arguments that Nationwide DEFAMED my CHARACTER. I took out a JOINT CURRENT ACCOUNT with my HUSBAND after Barclays closed my account. I have spoken about my ordeals whenever I go in the branch and encountered any difficulties. Whenever I am triggered I do not function and I cannot always rely on my own WRITING at times. I have a CHRONIC ANXIETY DIAGNOSIS from 2006 to do my Health and Social Care examination with the Open University. I went into the Nationwide to seek advice about transferring money to the account after Santander targeted my husband. Nationwide must REVEAL how many accounts MERVELEE MYERS and ARNOLD TOMLINSON have with them. Am I to understand that by threatening to close my account this is not clear evidence that Nationwide intends to STEAL OUR MONEY. As for threatening to make my PROFILE available to staff is breach of the laws, legislations, codes of conduct and practices. Might I refer Nationwide to the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics, the GDPR 2018 and the Charter of Rights. In light of the Systematic Discrimination I experienced twice after bereavement and losses and Nationwide plots during the time I am on another journey losing my brother to CANCER, I must ask Nationwide nicely to issue me with a WRITTEN APOLOGY and COMPENSATION based on the SURVEY and letter. Failure to do so will lead to further actions on behalf of MERVELEE MYERS and ARNOLD TOMLINSON.     

I hope that we can resolve this matter in a timely and respectful manner and that we can work together to ensure that similar situations are avoided in the future.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Mervelee Myers FD (Open)

Mental Health & SEND Advocate


Sent from Mail for Windows The contents of this email are intended exclusively for the addressee. If you are not the addressee you must not read, use or disclose the email contents; you should notify us immediately [by clicking ‘Reply’] and delete this email. Nationwide monitors emails to ensure its systems operate effectively and to minimise the risk of viruses. Whilst it has taken reasonable steps to scan this email, it does not accept liability for any virus that may be contained in it. Nationwide Building Society is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 106078. Nationwide Building Society, registration no. 355B. Head Office: Nationwide


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