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Mervelee Advocacy

Refer to

Dear Jenny Thomas

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your email after visiting the Brixton Branch of Nationwide on the 15/5/2023 and make it known I called a few times after returning from the DENTIST and the telephone was not answered except a recorded message. I find it strange that you are saying you are going to log a complaint and organise a resolution after the letter dated the 10th May 2023. Let us take into consideration the SURVEY sent to me on the 2nd May 2023 that I am completed and submit.

Where “MI COME FROM DIS IS LIKE PUTTING DI HORSE BEHIND DI CART”. Let me share some pertinent information with you about MERVELEE IONIE RATTY NEMBHARD-MYERS-TOMLINSON so the SYSTEMATIC DISCRIMINATION after the death of my mother with dementia is laid to RIP during Mental Health Awareness Week leading up to my 64

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