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  Mervelee,  https://http://https;//www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/5/4/troubled-histories-uk-caribbeans-on-king-charles-and-the-royalss for more. That optimism? That buoyancy? Those feelings are brought to you by thousands of progressive organisers across the country.    Between them, they’ve helped elect hundreds of Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green councillors. They’ve given us a traffic light Britain.     Each party will claim that these victories are theirs and theirs alone. But local organisers know firsthand that we need all progressives to do well to unstick the glue of First Past the Post.   From Hazlemere to East Hertfordshire, from Stratford to South Gloucestershire, progressives are winning seats and councils by cooperating not competing.   This traffic light squeeze is maximising the efficiency of our anti-Tory vote.     In many of these seats, Compass local groups have been working to build trust and a united front against the Tories.   But there are no guarantees. Local elections expert Professor…

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