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From conversion rates that fizzle to conversion rates that sizzle! Whether you’re a digital marketer, product manager, or website owner, you want to be on the sizzlin’ 🔥 side at all times. But how?

Have you ever created a punchy meme for your landing page that had sass, spark, and a super furry animal? The clicks should have poured in—instead, it sank like the Titanic (whomp whomp).
We’re not saying you should forgo the witty puns and cheeky calls to action (CTAs), but increasing your conversions is a balancing act of letting your creativity shine and giving customers what they actually want and need—aka the difference between getting website visitors to become paying customers, subscribers, or registrants.
One of the fastest ways to do this is to perform a conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit. Think of it as an investigative…

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