Without Prejudice Battle Lines In Brixton Bugle Windrush Scandal Red Coat Jamaica 1998 Hat 12-13 App Offers A Personal Musical Tour Of Brixton The Disgraceful Treatment Of Diane Abbott By Mayor Of London Keir Starmer Labour Party Bigots Note I Meet Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin At H4W AGM After Saying Final Goodbyes To Mum Systematic Discrimination Since 2018 Page 1 ITV News CPS HMCTS CJS Colluded Make Me A Criminal Need ERT June O’Sullivan Must Be Charged Sanction Hate Crime Against Me At BIB 28/4/23


Refer to

Refer to

https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more.

My name is Mervelee Myers and I discover myself in Brixton Bugle No 94. I was at Brixton Library today and asked to interview the person who was exhibiting his art work there. It was during the conversation talking about finding myself in the paper that he showed me End of an Era on page 7 ARTS.

I am in the photo on the Centre Spread pages 12-13. I am the person in the red coat, wearing the “JAMAICA 1998 Hat.

On page 22 “App offers a personal musical tour of Brixton.” I am the Composer of Brixton Market.

I created my own platforms and consider myself “An expert authority on subjects from the cradle to the grave”.

I am interested in contributing to the publication. I can provide more information if needed. Information can be verified at https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for more. My platforms…

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