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Mervelee, celebrate Earth Day with these sustainability tips
At Google, sustainability is a core value. Here’s a few useful tips to help us all take care of our planet this year—like learning about climate change, choosing sustainable travel options, and saving fuel while driving.
Get around more sustainably with Maps Google Maps offers more sustainable navigation options, like walking, cycling, buses, and trains.

You can easily find shared bikes and scooters in over 500 cities around the world. And when you need to drive, Google Maps will show you the fastest and the most fuel efficient route, helping you save on fuel while reducing pollution. Rectangle: Rounded Corners: Try it now

Find sustainable travel options with Google If you need to fly, use Google Flights to find flights with lower emissions.

Need somewhere to stay? When you search for hotels on Google, look for the eco-certified badge, which means they’ve been certified sustainable from…

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