Without Prejudice South London And Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Party To Breaching Equality Act Systematic Discrimination Of Mervelee Myers HMCTS CPS CJS Career Criminal Cover LEYF MIC Richard Harty Paedophile Rings Operating HOC Nursery I Did 12 Sessions Trainee Counsellor Laura Tinsley 2 Year Mental Health Research Kings College RADAR-CNS Diabetes HEAL-D Use Google Search Mervelee Consultancy Contributions To Communities Of Practice Expert Authority Subjects Cradle To Grave 12/4/2023


This is to inform the sender of this email that I will be using it as evidence of the Systematic Discrimination that the Maudsley Hospital NHS is party to. For more information refer to https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site for why MERVELEE Ratty Nembhard-Myers-Tomlinson refuse to be a Voiceless vulnerable victim of LEYF http://www.leyf.org.uk Abusers and Paedophiles operating out of HOC Nursery. So Trina Philbert of Housing for Women the terrorist traffickers can refer me to the Maudsley. I have the videos and documentation to prove Maudsley is Breaching the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics with this invitation.



Mental Health & SEND Advocate


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From: Strategy <Strategy@slam.nhs.uk>

Date: 11/04/2023 15:16 (GMT+00:00)


Subject: Save the date! Aiming High; Changing Lives Strategy Event 2023 – Tuesday 6 June 2023, 1pm – 3pm

Save the date!Aiming High; Changing Lives Strategy…

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