Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Authorise To Name LEYF MIC June O’Sullivan Richard Harty Abusers Rings Operating HOC Nursery Did A Voice Of A Child Aug 2010 After I Was A Participant Dr. Maria Hudson Research Paper The Experience Of Multiple Discrimination Dr. Juanita Cox Will Not Whitewash Windrush Oral History Resources Black Target Vulnerable Ancestors Sold Into Slavery I Find Grandma Elsie Bantu People With The Nose 10/4/2023


Refer to

Refer to https://fb.watch/c5NapiTXb-/ for more Only In The United Kingdom

Only in the UK does Black People get the opportunities to empower ourselves

Yet I am not allowed to use my empowerment to better myself

But others take credit for my work that I invested valuable time

And money and my passion to achieve and create over 29 years

My Intellectual Property and Images build BRANDS

And make headline news but am a victim of the SYSTEMS

Only in the UK employers breach the laws

Employees pay the price for the discrimination affirmed by the HMCTS

Because cronyisms are high on the list of agenda of the SYSTEMS

Covering up the horrendous crimes of abusers in the Early Years Sector

So, Richard Harty of the UEL must be put on watch

Like the cult pastor Kevin Smith in Jamaica

Only in the UK a GP will give me…

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