Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Tell World How Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson 100 And Wife Victims Systematic Discrimination Cover Richard Harty MIC June O’Sullivan CEO LEYF Mastermind At The Prestigious HOC Nursery Where I Was Sent When I Raise Concerns About Mental Health At BIB Death Of Mother Dementia World Must Know Roles HMCTS CPS CJS Social Media In A-Z Of Abusers Pockets Play In Traumatising US 3/4/2023

Mervelee Advocacy

Let Mervelee Myers say that I will be taking my case to the public https://fight4justiceadvocacy.business.site so the world know about the SYSTEMATIC DISCRIMINATION of Mervelee Myers and Arnold Ebenezer Tomlinson.

I have read the letter from Lord Callanan which is full of the reasons www.leyf.org.uk and www.met.police.uk and all involved in the attempts to SECTION MURDER and KIDNAP me on behalf of A-Z of ABUSERS ranging from Southwark Council in 2008 when I was targeted by the NHS after the death of my brother with colon cancer.

Just so Lord Martin Callanan know here are relevant information. Refer to www.gov.uk Reference: JW894320A. 10 March 2023

From I was denied my ENTITLEMENTS am only getting Carer’s Allowance. I have received Warm Home Discount before. So can Lord Martin Callanan explain why this changed.

I have had my benefits stopped by CRIMINALS based at DWP that targeted me. All this has been…

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