Without Prejudice 18 Facebook Pages Mervelee Myers Create Community Hubs Sharing Stories FB Gave LEYF Abusers Access To Account 18/9/2015 Richard Harty Panic When I Was Accepted UEL Given Mental Health Practitioner Susan Davies GP Join Systematic Discrimination DWP HMRC UC Party To Breach Equality Act Protected Characteristics With Capability Work Assessment Am Qualified EYFS Practitioner Smart Teachers SENCO £46-55,000.00

Mervelee Advocacy

Hi Mervelee Myers, Thank you for your response. However, your identification of the specific copyrighted work at issue is still unclear. To identify the specific work allegedly infringed, answering some or all of the following questions will be helpful: What is the title of your copyrighted work? If your work is untitled, provide a description of the contents in the work. What type of copyrighted work is it? When was it authored? By whom was it authored? If portions of your work appear in this video, what are the specific timestamps in which this occurs? Please understand that we won’t be able to process your request until you have provided us with this information. Thank you very much for your cooperation. – The YouTube Team Here is the information you filled in: Copyright Owner Name (Company Name if applicable): Mervelee Myers Your Full Legal Name (Aliases, usernames or initials not…

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