Without Prejudice Mervelee Myers Son Valdin Allan Legister Must Be Doctor For Principal Charlemont High School He’s Face Injustice By JFF Education Politics Refer To The Statistics Of Mother Son Jamaica UK Face Of Windrush 7 Voice Of SONGSTREET 30 Years Systematic Discrimination Traumatise 99+ Husband After Mum Died 1/3/23


Refer https://fb.watch/cERJS_gazq/ for more eflection: I look on the last few days and it’s just been really really sad. So many families mourning the loss of loved ones. Makes me think it necessary to just say, sometimes we need to learn to forgive and move past our differences. If you live your life complaining and holding grudges everyday, you are already dead but just existing among the living. Sometimes we need to just take a chill pill and realize that being bitter/ mad with others really benefits no one and causes more harm to us than good. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so live today with love and forgiveness. My heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones but especially those young men who died so tragically in the last two days. Prayers!!! Let us # livelovelaugh and be grateful we are alive and have our loved ones…

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