Without Prejudice Police Involve With LEYF Richard Harty MIC Housing For Women Deborah Agnes Gilchrist Racist Terrorist Junkie Of Alma Grove Neil Coyle Negligence As MP Who Use His Mother’s Mental Health To Get Sympathy At Area Council Meeting Black Smash His Office When I Visited It’s Proven Bermondsey Act Like Bible Who Walk On Other Side Let Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin Mediate 15/2/23

Mervelee Advocacy

The http://www.met.police.uk #murderers #kidnappers who tried to #section me will be named soon and #jailed with #richardharty MIC #paedophile RING #members My visit to Croydon Magistrates Court on the 9th February 2023 was tinged with mix emotions for many reasons. However I will temper the good with the negative so the world will get a clear understanding of why Mervelee Myers who is getting 100,000 and 60,000 views on 2 Google Maps will add Activist to my Mental Health & SEND Advocacy because of the way I was treated by 2 BLACK Employers at the Court. I will start by saying I arrived with my 99+ year old husband who the person at the desk carrying out his job addressed as Madam. Because I have been to the Court on numerous occasions I was following procedures ensuring was obviously new and have EAL to carry out his job. But he…

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