Without Prejudice Housing For Women Terror Cell Traffickers, Deborah Agnes Gilchrist Racist Bigot Junkie At Alma Grove Will Know The God My Parents Serve When My Life Was Changed By Disabilities Poverty When Dad Was Stricken With Parkinson’s Meet Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin After Said Final Goodbyes To Mum Those Involved Will Get Charge

Mervelee Advocacy

Refer to https://youtube.com/live/k2vN433Brn4?feature=share

Complete the survey for a chance to win either a 42” Smart TV, iPad, or £100 worth of John Lewis vouchers. MM Response: Housing For Women think they can buy me. This is breaching my RIGHTS after the terrorism of Samantha Gibbs and Trina Philbert who referred me to the Maudsley. But Samantha Gibbs visit to my home on the 12th January 2023 with a young man she claimed she bring to introduce as my Housing Officer is in breach of the Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics. The young man tried to assault me at my door. Since the incident was recorded I will use that as part of my evidence against Housing For Women. I called the Police 3 times before they turned up and did not come because of my call. They came to harass, bully and intimidate me on behalf of Housing for…

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