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Mervelee Advocacy


King’s Health Partners have three upcoming events which we think you may be interested in, details below.

Women and Children’s Health Seminar. ‘Using electronic healthcare records to reduce inequalities and improve services for children and young people’.

Thursday 16 February, 4pm-5pm. More information and to register visit Eventbrite.

Primary Care Webinar. ‘Tobacco harm reduction and e-cigarettes’.

Wednesday 1 March, 1pm-2pm. More information and to register visit Eventbrite.

General Paediatric GP Conference. Topics include neurology, allergy, neonatology, acute presentation, and tongue tie issues.

Friday 31 March, 1pm-5pm. More information and to register visit Eventbrite.

Many thanks

Rachna, Jen, Heather and Wenda

The KHP Learning Hub now has an increased selection of resources relevant to primary care colleagues, take a look here (free registration required).

If you no longer wish to receive communications from us about the King’s…

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