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Board: Microsoft OneDrive Blog (5 Updates) Fonda_Law posted a new comment on Feb 01 2023 06:20 AM Re: Inside the new Files On-Demand Experience on macOS
Anyone brave enough to reverse that symlink and see if MS’ devs are really that ?

(Don’t do this‚—or anything that could have ‘unpredictable results’— without an actual backup outside of OD)

In another thread, a user mentioned using MountainDuck (https://mountainduck.io/, docs: https://docs.mountainduck.io/protocols/onedrive/ ) to live-mount cloud storage, as a workaround. (But same warning to have backups before you start using unofficial tools.)
Fonda_Law posted a new comment on Feb 01 2023 05:01 AM Re: Inside the new Files On-Demand Experience on macOS
a symlink in /Volumes/External that points to ~/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive

It’s been a while since I’ve had sysadmin responsibilities, but isn’t this backwards?
That is, if you want the files to be stored on the external drive (i.e. ~/Library/CloudStorage/OneDrive should be ‘pointing to’ as in ‘providing access to’ /Volumes/External )

A lot of us don’t have the option of switching to iCloud because of all of the SaaS products that claim to “integrate” with Office365 (and thus each other) by way of dumping their files into OneDrive. And because we are using Mac laptops along with Windows networks and workstations. The business world (beyond freelancers and small media companies) is not going to adopt iCloud. (And Apple discontinued its Server offering last year, so it knows that.)

This is software that is provided for both personal and enterprise purposes; and it’s a pretty fundamental issue with the usability of the Office suite on Mac OS. Pressure needs to be kept on MS to fix it (including as a proxy for Apple). Likewise, Dropbox and Google to the extent that inadequacies in the File Provider Extensions are ultimately to blame.
more_updates_more_layoff posted a new comment on Feb 01 2023 05:33 AM Re: Inside the new Files On-Demand Experience on macOS
I strongly recommend guys that who are writers or researchers that use an SSD not use OneDrive for important files, especially for Scrivener, and Mendeley users, don’t put your backup file automatically into /volume/OneDrive/.

I just don’t understand why there must be three files:

This ruined my life. Actually, I have been using a paid version of one drive for more than 5 years.
I have no reason to use it anymore as I have other free drives for small space and paid version of iCloud with 50Gb.
I put all my files in /volume/OneDrive/ and then Microsoft deletes my local files in /volume/OneDrive/ and uploads it to their cloud with all the local files deleted.
I’m angry because I have a lot of files. It costs me too much time to download it and leave this stupid OneDrive.
When I download it, it saves in volume/.ODContainer-OneDrive/ instead of /volume/OneDrive/
However, I have several files saved to /volume/OneDrive/XXX/ automatically by Scrivener, Mendeley, etc.
My files including the Scrivener documents and my Mendeley papers all in a mess.
Everything is a mess now!
I’m a part-time writer, and my backup files in /volume/OneDrive/Scrivener/ are a piece of **bleep**, so I quit writing for almost half a year as you know there will be contradictions of Scrivener for different versions. I have been saving the old version more than 20 times since this update. Actually, it was always **bleep** and I paid a lot of time to repair my Scrivener, and suddenly find it is because of this stupid OneDrive.
How could it be two files in both user/xxx/OneDrive-Personal/ and volume/.ODContainer-OneDrive/. You ruined my life!
I guess the employees are updating since they need to pretend to be working.
No doubt that a lot of guys are laid off : ) Because the system gets worse as there are more engineers.
The worst thing is that I find this update too late after I try to repair my mendely and scrivener many times. I lost almost the modification of my scrivener files more than 10 times with more than 50 chapters of my book. Every time I save it to/volume/OneDrive/, it has some problems. I also lost the modification of my Mendeley backup files for my survey paper for more than 150 papers.
Before I read all the explanations online, I just kept repairing my Onedrive, Mendeley, and Scrivener.
I stopped using Onedrive since I lost my Mendeley papers. And this week I tried to use it again and find this is all because of this stupid update.
I moved all my important files out of OneDrive.
So be careful if you find some problems with OneDrive files. It’s not your fault! Just stop using it!

Rimvydas-LT posted a new comment on Feb 01 2023 01:10 AM Re: Inside the new Files On-Demand Experience on macOS
I guess there is only one way to change this – to ditch OneDrive and to find alternative. I think that when MS will see that its loosing customers, only then changes will be made. I’m almost sure, that posts in this thread will not help to change this situation, because as for now – MS is simply DOESN’T CARE.
more_updates_more_layoff posted a new comment on Jan 31 2023 03:05 PM Re: Inside the new Files On-Demand Experience on macOS
What the hell Microsoft is doing? I think Microsoft is supposed to lay off 20% of workers to avoid stupid updates.
I have an SSD and I have two Macs with different /user/XXX/ names, I need to use my SSD in two Macs, but sync the files in my SSD.
I want to save a copy of the files in the cloud instead of making my copy in my SSD disappear but the files in the cloud. Are you kidding me? I have 200Gb files for my work, and it must be always in my SSD, are you kidding me?
This wastes at least more than a week to download my files and I need to pay extra money to find new cloud software.
I also lost some files during this process. This is arrogant for Microsoft.
No doubt that you have to lay off a lot of workers because you don’t care for the customers at all!
I’m going to download all my files and stop using office 365.
It makes me crazy and can not sleep when I first find this new update. What the hell are you doing?
It’s also crazy for mac. I guess there are some restrictions on the mac system.

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